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tv   U.S.- North Korea Summit  CSPAN  June 12, 2018 2:08am-2:37am EDT

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everybody. [applause] host: that was a short while ago with the president and north korean leader. there as thepompeo north korean delegation departing the location. to set the stage, the meeting took place in singapore, a four hour session. the wall seet journal with this headline, the president signaling the summit with a signing. a team of reporters writing, president trump declaring a summit meeting with kim jong-un had gone better than expected as he emerged after four hours of talks with the north korean leader aimed at bringing about pyongyang's nuclear disarmament. we are now awaiting a presidential news conference that will take place. we will have it for you live.
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the meeting began this morning just after 9:00 at the resort hotel, followed by a bilateral meeting and a luncheon, and that joint signing ceremony. alex is joining us, austin texas, independent line. what do you think? dynamics of president trump i truly believe has brought all this to the forefront. it is unprecedented. it relates to john f. kennedy speaking to khrushchev in 1961 in vienna. with president nixon opening the doors with mao zedong. reagan and mikael gorbachev. he has opened doors to something that is unprecedented. since 1949, north korea has been
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blockaded from the rest of the world. i would have t think even all the naysayers have to give him credit. they are talking. if they are talking, it's a very good thing. it's a very positive thing for peace. and who knows? open trade. we are vacationing in vietnam in this generation. who would have thought that? it is unprecedented and it's unbelievable. this is history in the making and we are witnessing it right now. i give all the credit to donald trump and his dynamics of this presidency. host: we go to clifton from louisiana. democrats line. good evening. you're going to have delayed because of the volume on your set. turn it down. caller: sorry, i was listening to something else.
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ow, i have to say this about president trump. i did not vote for him. i thought he was a rich dog -- thug. i have come to realize he is a more sensible man than i thought. not only he has shown something that other presidents did not, he has shown humility. i have high respect for him because of that. like -- andimself decided to have a talk with north korea. the korean leader wanted was for someone to treat him like a man, to give him some respect, sit down and talk with him and work out some plans for his country. trump,, signed a comprehensive document, but the white house has yet to release details about this
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document that comes on the heels of the president's first meeting with kim jong-un. from akron, ohio, on the republican line, donald. caller: thank you. i'm 57 years old. this is the first time i can see a president and say i am proud to be american. i see people saying the things they are saying, and it changed me in those areas. i see this presidents as an outstanding hero. as far as arnd the world, we are only asking for what's fair. we have failed everybody out forever. we have always been there to help everyone. where has everyone been to help us? this president is proving to the world we deserve as much as anybody else. we are an credible country -- incredible country.
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he has brought us out of this misery of the last three presidents. i am so proud to say i am an american. as far as this russian thing they spentay too much money on this for not having any proof. and letnding our money this president do what he has to do. give us back our country and give us back the pride we need, and to all the soldiers who have died, it is stupidity. we have a president that is not going to stand for that. thank you for your time. host: we have shown you a lot over the last couple of hours, beginning with the motorcade arrival earlier today. all of it is on our website. you can watch as we have been getting these feeds from the networks to share with you how all of this is unfolding, including the departure.
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here is president trump and the north korean leader as they were walking in the colonnade area. the tropical breezeway. facial cans one last time before concluding their meeting -- they shook hands one last time before completing -- concluding their meeting. [video clip] >> mr. president, what surprised you the most about chairman kim? is he a worthy negotiator? worthy,ump: a very negotiator. we have had a terrific day. >> what did you learn about him? pres. trump: [inaudible]
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>> what did you learn about him? >> i learned he is a very talented man. he loves his country very much. >> when will you see each other again? [inaudible] >> will you be meeting again soon? pres. trump: thank you very much. president parting his resortke after the island hotel a macron singapore. -- in singapore.
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ron is next from california, independent line. caller: thanks for taking my call. i am out here in california. , c-span ise to say great. ,f you turn to cnn or msnbc they are just pitching a narrative. all those questions to kim jong-un and donald trump it was a bit ridiculous if you ask me. i'm very hopeful for this. kim jong-un himself said there's going to bring change, he wants the world to see change. we should all just hope for the best. and send our best wishes. host: thanks. it is sentosa island.
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this is the headline from the l.a. times as president trump becomes the first u.s. president to meet with a north korean head of state. you can get more details at l.a. tommy joining us from tennessee. good morning. democrats line. caller: thanks for taking my call. from myte my politics judgment on what people do. i am totally for any benefit this meeting can provide the nation and the world. thatnk it is disgraceful president trump is -- he is trying to destroy the justice system and he is on tv with a mass murdering psychopathic dictator. it is like watching two evil people. i wish the republicans could find somebody else to get their agenda passed. i don't automatically feel ill towards anyone.
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but i feel like this is nothing but political photo ops for both of them. north korea is going to benefit in ways, and we lose. this could have been done without all this propaganda on tv worldwide. i am disgusted. it's like every day we are diluted with all of this stuff and nothing actually good is being do the country. it's all talk. where are the people who are benefiting? its trump. i'm tired. i'm all for something good happening. i guess i'm repeating myself. i feel like it's just a photo op fo.u for kim jong-un. how can he say he is honored to be in the same room with a mass murderer dictator? that could be hitler's or stalin and he could say the same thing.
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oh, they are very talented. thanks very much. thank you for taking my call. i wish everybody good look on this -- good luck on this. host: we are waiting for a news conference that will happen. the schedule has it listed at 4:00. things are somewhat fluid. we now know the president will then travel on air force one, his first stop will be guam and then hawaii before returning to the u.s. early wednesday morning. hillary is joining us in dallas, texas. republican line. caller: thank you for having me. the last guy, where has he been the last eight years? before, about the guy the ohio guy, right on. he was on target. this last guy, what the heck? where has he been the last eight years?
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talking about shame? talking about all of that -- that is ridiculous. this man, this president is obviously for america. he is not a photo op. he had that for his whole life. this is not what his goal is now. his goal is to protect us. his true heart is for america. people understand these who -- anti-trump, i totally don't. i totally believe in what is happening. he is a man who is calm under pressure. a true leader. host: thanks for the call. how the looking at white house limited the number of u.s. journalists at the trump -kim summit. we saw a earlier more than 2600
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reporters credentialed to cover this event, and logistically, a small group allowed to come into take those pictures, to share video fromheeeng that took place this morning, the one-on-one meeting, the bilateral meeting, the luncheon, the signing ceremony of that document, we will get more details when the president briefs reporters. colette is joining us in pennsylvania. democrats line. both of the last colors, i have to agree. i love our country no matter what happens. this summit that just happened, dear heavenly father. trust me when i tell you there is something sneaky. that's my opinion. i don't even know what they signed. do you know? host: we don't know. caller: right on. that's what i'm talking about.
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gentlemwith the earlier before this lady. point, though, where do we go from here? i want to see what he signe that on looking for as a true american. host: thank you. let's go to christopher, clearwater, florida. caller: thanks for taking my call. this is the best time i've ever had in my life as far as being a trump supporter. i think it was great that we are finally doing something with north korea. i assume -- in south korea we have a lot of guys who want to not have to worry about the north koreans every single day. don't know why democrats just can't get on board with the president.
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we did not like obama when he was in office. but we were not out there rioting in the streets. whenever i wear my trump hat or my thirt, i get people who throw rocks at me and you let me. i feel him is like a second-class citizen for wearing my hat. there is a lot of vitriolic this country. i'm over it. as a veteran i should not have to fear for wearing my hat, walking down the street. it is distasteful the way people treat each other. we have candidates here that want to push a make america great agenda and the democrats want to stop us at every single turn. i understand they have a different point of view, but we should be able to come together without being violent towards each other. on cnndennis rodman break down in tears. because he had the idea we can have peace with north korea and
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-- and justman to because he had a different opinion, it shows how divided our country is. whatever agenda we have, whether it's wanting to make america great again, or the democrats, that's fine, but stop attacking us because we have a different opinion. kanye west has a different opinion now and everyone is going to attack him. it's ridiculous. and does not mean we are second-class citizens who are nazis. my girlfish a'md called a not to because i wear a -- nazi because i wear a trump hat. host: let's go to the new york times. kimp opening talks with welcomes what he calls a terrific relationship. democrats line, good morning. caller: thank you for taking my
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call. i like what is going on very much. the best. trump my concern is there are only few dictators that can speak for the whole country like north korea, saudi arabia, a few others. , evenountries like canada a rock, as a parliament, to have , you have to get consensus of different groups for a treaty to work. and i wouldork it, but i personally do not think this is the proper talks withtiating
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different nns. i like the way mr. obama did it. european, even china on his side when he went to the u.n. to sanction iran. anyway. i liked his foreign-policy better than mr. trump. but i wish him success in this matter. thank you. host: now we go back to the new york times. president trump shut cans with kim jong-un of north korea on tuesday. hailed the start of a terrific relationship, a momentous step in an improbable courtship has opened a new chapter for the world's largest nuclear power and the most reclusive one. rash, impulsive leaders who a few months ago taunted each other across the nuclear abyss.
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mr. trump and mr. cam set aside in hopes diplomacy can counteract decades of mistrust. the president and the north korean leader strode towards each other in the red carpeted reception area of the singapore hotel built on the site of a british colonial outpost. the first time an american president and north korean leader had ever met. let's go to north carolina. good morning. caller: thank you for taking my call. i am a veteran. officed to respect the of the presidency. , youu want to hand out didn't get it because hillary did not get elected. if you want the country to be great again, let the man do what he needs to do. point that this
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is the first time ever a u.s. president has negotiations with someone from north korea. everybody is quick to jump on trump. he's goinglize that to do things for our country that have never been done. you can complain or you can do something. do something. get off welfare, get a job, don't be just asking for handouts all the time. that's what makes america great. that's what brought us out of the great depression. i watched my brother be spent on when he came back from vietnam -- spit on when he came back from vietnam. my whole family is veterans. we fight for people that just want to have freedom. we fight because the president instructs us to. with this
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photograph of the closing handshake between president trump and the north korean leader that took place in singapore. francis from florida, republican line. caller: good morning. mr. president, you will get this message. we are all praying for you. you are doing a great job. keep it up. there is so much jealousy in the united states now. the breakdown of the family unit , not honoring the flag, there are so many things these liberals just want to criticize. they are setting terrible examples for their children and their friends. by the way they are acting. they have lost the election. let the president take over and do his job. he has done so much already.
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everybody should be watching fox. do you want me to stop? host: we are getting an echo. we ask thayou turn the volume down. let's go to st. helens, oregon. democrats line. caller: yeah, i keep hearing all this stuff about how donald trump has done this, he has taken credit for this, all about him taking credit for the job right getting low. what about what obama did? ready to go getting into a depression, we are what is -- in what is called a recession. host: this is the headline from the japan times. president trump in kim jong-un -- ang an unprecedented
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conference of agreement at unprecedented summit. the first agreement to come out of their summit in singapore. hadid learn the white house been on the phone with the north -- the south korean president, president moon, and also with the prime minister of japan. all in advance of this summit that lasted about four bank hours. daniel in tennessee. independent line. go ahead, please. i wanted to basically say, trump, the only reason hillary clinton would have one or trump, whoever made this decision -- we don't negotiate with people like that. people, bute with
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whatever. if it benefits the country, that's what i look forward to. all this back and forth, it's crap. i was raised democratic, most of my families, but now i feel like others. it's just back and forth childish. they need to continue to make this country better and quit fighting and worrying about this and that. it go backe to see to the 10 commandment or whatever. doing right by our brothers. host: thanks for the call. we begin our coverage shortly before -- shortly after 8:00 when the motorcades arrived. it is now 2:31 in the afternoon in singapore.
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event is the president's news conference. the handshake that took place at the hotel in singapore, this is what it loed and sounded like. [video clip]
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host: earlier today as the north korean leader and president trump shaking hands for the very
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first time. we're going to put together a compilation of the day's and show that you momentarily to give you a sense of how all of this unfolded before we continue with live coverage of the president's news conference. he will depart singapore. a very long trip with two stops in guam and hawaii before returning to the white house wednesday morning. robert is joining us from virginia on the republican line. caller: how are you doing tonight? i wanted to say that it was very upsetting a couple years ago, to see the country being torn apart with a lot of misunderstandings. they are saying all this bad stuff was going to happen. two years later, we have people getting along. not awkward when you are walking around crowds anymore. he's trying to do a good job. i don't see why people gave him such a hard time from the beginning.
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we should learn from last election cycle that we should not altered against each other -- all turn against each other with incorrect facts. host: we go to andrea democrats orleans, line. caller: my main point is just i'm a little confused from everyone where, we don't even have the full details of what was signed. we don't know if anything of any substance has actually gone forward. i personally really hope this is a step in the right direction, but it is interesting seeing everybody's reactions when we don't even know what's going on yet. --seems like we are just
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legitimizing someone who is a dictator. host: thank you for the call. we go to our last caller, from texas, independent line. from what you have seen, what's your reaction? ntil we my reaction is actually seen what is in the document, i consider this a photo op. the first time the north korean president and our president. until we actually see what is in the documents, it's just the first time for each country. that's just my opinion. host: thank you for the call. the president indicated he had a , a one-on-oneng meeting followed by an expanded , thenand then a luncheon a signing ceremony and a walk along the colonnade area of the hotel.


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