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tv   U.S.- North Korea Summit  CSPAN  June 12, 2018 3:44am-4:14am EDT

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pres. trump:hank y very much. that is ntastic. [applause] thank you very much, erybody. we will see you a little bit later. we are very proud of what took place today. i think our whole relationship with north korea and the korean peninsula is going to be a very much different situation than it has in the past. we both want to do something and we both are going to do something and we have developed a very special bond. people are going to be very care of a very big and dangerous problem for the world. i want to thank chairman kim. spent a lot of time together. very intensive time. i would actually say that it
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worked out for both of us are -- far better than anybody could have expected. i watched there is news reports. far better than anybody ever predicted. this is going to lead to more and more and more. it is an honor to be with you. great honor. thank you to all of your representatives. [speaking native language] pres. trump: thank you ry much, everybody. absolutely.
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>> mr. kim, would you like to come to washington? [applause] pres. trump: thank you. thanyou, everybody. >> mr. president, what surprised
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you the most about chairman kim? pres. trump: great personality. >> is he a worthy negotiator? pres. trump: a very worthy, very smart negotiator. we had a terrific day and we learned a lot about each other. >> what did you learn abhim? what did you learn about him, sir? pres. trump: i learned he loves his country very much. >> when will you see each other again? pres. trump: [indiscernible]
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>> will you be seeing each oth again soon? host: c-span is live continuing the summit of cash in singapore. -- phone lines and are open in singapore. our phone lines are open. a reminder that we will have live coverage of the news conference scheduled to get underway in 12 minutes. if the schede holds, the president will depart singapore around 6:30 in the morning for the airbase to travel to guam and later the air force base in hawaii before returning early wednesday morning.
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air force one landing at andrews. these are pictures of reporters cap. we will take your calls but cnbc highlighting the question key points of what the u.s. and the north re gernment had to. let me go through each of them. the u.s. and dprk commit to establish new u.s.-north korean relations in accordance to the desire of the people's for peace and prosperity. point number two, the u.s. and the dprk will join the efforts to build a lasting and stable peace regime on the korean peninsula. the third point, reaffirming the 27th, 2018 declaration that the dprk commits to work toward complete geek nuclearization of the korean peninsula just complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula. some question whether that will happen.
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the u.s. and dprk commit to recovering the ma remains just the mia remains -- the mia remains. those were key points outlined by the administration and signed by the north korean leader and president donald trump. let's get your phone calls. on the republican line and ben rausch, louisiana -- baton rouge, louisiana. caller: i just bury my uncle jack who was in the korean war. just one month ago. my father was stationed there as well. i wish both of them were alive right now to see this. i really do, because this struck my uncle so hard when things started escalating last year. he was afraid. i wish he was alive right now to
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e oing on and how much it would have maybe gave him a little more hope. maybe he would've been here with us a little longer. on our side, just seeing this, this is to start. in 24 hours, all of this is going to be demeaned. every channel, smc -- msnbc, they're going to demean this. they're going to make it like it is something we are bending over backwards for to give this leader something that we don't know anything about besides but you read of the paper. they are going to insinuate their something else going on. i will not be up to take it. i've tried tweeting. to try and stop this from happening. we are paying cable companies were these channels but we don't watch. yet we have to pay for their
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shows on our cable bill and satellite bills. with our tv is on that channel or not, they still get a check. i don't think that is right. i don't think that is right we are paying f their propaganda and negative attitudes. what we voted for and what we are seeing happening from this. i say we stop it. i say we sent emails, checks, letters, tweets to the fcc that we can help president trump or this administration are our country by stopping these cable networks from just making money off of their negative attitude. what we saw on the tony awards, what we have to deal with. on withtching was going president trump in the summit over and three of. they are seeing the f word on national television.
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thanks for the call. ajit pai is the name. we will go to kenneth from burning him, alabama. democrats line. caller: yes. my name is kenneth. trump.oud of president he inspired me. seeing things change, i like that. i'm glad that north korea offered to meet with president trump. probablyt the show was -- i like the change. i don't like to hear negative things about why some americans becauseis is a set of thate cable tv, but really
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is a stepping stone for us to make changes as a world. peace. body and world i am loving that. host: let's go next to david in pennsylvania. -- actually in california. caller: i would like to bring up -- i have been watching all day. something people have noticed -- if thistrump leads to something good, possibly donald trump and kim jong-un and president moon in south korea, this could be a nobel peace prize. i would argue that president obama didn't do as much with what potentially could be happening with the summit. i saw a few other callers discussing the media.
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i have to agree with them on both sides. us as the public, when we have news, i would have to agree that they are very biased. it is hard to get strict fair point of what is going on. i would like to thank c-span because it gives an opportunity to lay it all out there. these untoward -- these scenes.upted you don't see that. you will see 22nd clip on cnn or fox news in just a spin either attacking trump are being super approach of. i would like to point that out -- super pro trump. one other thing, the office of the presidency, regardless of whether you support trump or against trump, think people don't -- have not respect to the
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office during obama's term and during trump's term. that is something people need to think about a lot more. agree with don't donald trump, you still have to respect the office of the presidency. from this is a stall justices story from japan times. signing a conference of agreement at an unprecedented summit. president trump and enough three meters signing the document would leave the past behind in the first agreement to come out of the summit in singapore. some saying the two sides have developed a special bond and would announce details of the document later while kim calling it an historic encounter when we decided to leave the past behind. , a news conference that will take place in this role in singapore. if all goes as scheduled, it will happen at the top of the hour. the schedule has a fluid. the president is scheduled to
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leave in 2.5 hours for the long journey back to washington, d.c. sandy from pennsylvania, republican line. good morning. caller: i got up at 3:00 because i want to see president trump speech. i even saw the lse jus list of to 11:00 last night. i am so happy that we have a president that is not afraid to stand up for the american people and for peace. that is l have to say. i have been pranks are for this to settle -- i have been praying so hard for this to settle. caller: let's go to sharon joining us from deal city, florida. caller: thank you for taking my call. i am curious about what is going to happen with this press conference because in the past, trump only seems to take questions that put him in a good
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light and kind of avoid the difficult questions. i'm hoping that some really pertinent questions will be asked and answered. moment and we need to have a little more transparency. a little more information about what has gone on, especially during the private times. ilso -- maybe i'm a little negative here but i feel like alienating our allies and butting up to desk but eating up to a leader -- but eating up to a leader is not good. stage --y in the world one more thing, your one color who says we don't respect the presidency. it is hard to respecthe office when the person sitting in the office is not respecting it themselves by putting out these
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horrible tweets with foul language. you got to look at every thing starts at home. that is what i want to say. herald has this story, a longtime. trump and kim jong-un ditch aids to meet one-on-one the details at the world awaited president trump and kim jong-un set b themselves for the better part with theu alone company of interpreters who became the witness. , bodyguardsf aids and diplomats who accompanied the leaders waited elsewhere in the roughly 40 minute session in singapore. some nasa secured veterans raise concerns of the risks of holding such a monumental meeting solo. details available at the korea herald website and from the associated press. next up is david joining us from
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wisconsin. good morning. caller: just happy they were able to pull up their peanuts and be meant about it and do what is best for the world. how many people would died if we had gone to war with each other. see they are getting along and we will come to an agreement where we will get along. north korean people need salvation. they need help. i'm really proud of kim jong-un for trying to make an attempt
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with mr. trump, even know they were both arguing. it sounded like nuclear war coming. now we will have peace. thank you for taking my call. host: we appreciate it. now we go to cape coral, florida. caller: thank you. i'm republican from florida. it has been a fabulous night, i've been up a night waiting for the president to speak. he has a fabulous team together that took the time and energy comeortitude to make this to pass. secretary of state pompeo has gone to north korea and made the initial negotiations. i am sure the document that is about to be presented here had been done long ago when he went that. i'm sure of
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host: or he is in the center of your screen as we wait for trump. singapore at from the white house press secretary in the room. continue with your comments. quite a whileeve, ago actually when mike pompeo went during the holiday weekend, it's been a long time in coming. were tougher than they have ever been imposed. one of the many reasons this has come to pass, this summit, and hopefully it's successful completion is that the country cannot continue to live the way it is living. losing money because people are poor. i would like to see north and south korea be one country someday and it will be a
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peaceful conglomeration of the nuclear peninsula. the korean war will finally be over. hostu are g at geral john kelly and mike pompeo. these are life pictures from singapore as they take their seats. let's watch for a moment. we can only assume the news conference will get underway in a moment. live coverage from singapore. the first time a sitting president has met with a north korean leader. we will see what he signed and meet with reporters who are traveling with the president to singapore. >> the president has a commitment to denuclearize, this may just be the beginning not the end. >> good morning.
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[icernible] >> -- might even have to verify theenucarization [indiscernible] -- u.s. military action -- chapter -- bottom line -- verifiable conversation]
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>> you also look at the obvious. first of all, atingit.s. president. remember, smiles, body language. this is a leader who -- around --tanding ]indiscernible
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>> know, we have not. so -- ♪ [speaking foreign language]
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