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tv   Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Question Period  CSPAN  June 18, 2018 1:14am-2:06am EDT

1:14 am c-span's washington journal, live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. will join us tothe bipartis talk about the 23% increase in the federal deficit last year. then the rollcall house leadership reporter and the atlantic magazine white house reporter preview the week ahead. wahed c-span's washington journal monday morning. join the discussion. >> after hosti the g-7 summit, canadian prime minister justin trudeau and members of his cabinet took questions from canadian lawmakers. topics included nafta negotiations, canada's andtionship with the u.s., clean energy initiatives recommended by paris climate agreement. this is just under an hour.
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>> the honorableemr. [applause] reports -- sorry. reports that president trump withdrew the five-year clause negotiations. can the prime minister indicate whether this is true? >> the prime minister. [applause] >> allow me to begin by thanking members of the opposition, indeed, all cadians, for demonstrating when the moment is right we all stand togethe [applause] across party lines. [applause] we are continuing to discuss
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modernizing and approving nafta. we continue toake it clear that i final -- we cannot sign and trade deal that automatically expires every five years. we continue to look for ways to move forward, to modernize nafta for people on both sides of the border. >> we understand canada's position that it is difficult to find a trade deal that sunsets after five years. did the president of the united states remove this demand negotiating table? yes or no? [applause] >> i had a meeting with the president on friday afternoon. we had a very constructive conversation on a broad range of issues. we have continued to impress upon how important it is to modernize and improve nafta. we will continue to aid -- engage on a broad range of issues where canada is standing firm, where the united states is
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looking for concessions. we are going to continue to demonstrate that, no, we will not accept a sunset clause. without the prime minister indicating to the canadian people whether or not this is removed from the table, we have to understand the question is yes. -- a significant impact on canadian families. --ompany in ontario >> order. the member from milton has the floor. >> a projected trade war will have a significant impact on canadian families. a company has indicated it is rms of appliances, butcost not also to their own bottom line. putting him a jobs in my community. recognizing --
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affordability is so important and making sure payroll taxes are reduced. [applause] ? i want to cn th previous question. itsu.s. has not removed demands for some sort of sunset clause. on the issue of tariffs, our issue we have said is they move forward with punitive tariffs on trade, not only are they putting a threat on canadian workers and industry, they're going to hurt american workers as well. american consumers as well. this is not in the interest of countries that have the closest and best trading relationship in the history of the world. we're going to continue to stand for that. >> mr. speaker, the economy was doing well.
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the president of the role bank a capital to wonder countries -- other countries. we have seen foreign investments drop since this prime minister was elected. i have not even talked about the impact. how can the prime minister say he is supporting our economy? election,last canadians had a choice between a conservative government that was proposing austerity and cuts and a liberal government that proposed investing him a crime canadians and giving more money to the middle class -- investing in canadians and giving money to the middle class. we are creating economic growth. in 2017 our growth was the
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we will continue to makees. hundreds of thousands of jobs. we are building a strong economy that works for all. >> mr. speaker, here are the real facts. billion that$71 our children and grandchildren will have to pay for. a carbon tax will increase the cost of living. a massive loss of investment which hurts our economy. election -- the liberal government was elected, 80% of canadians pay more taxes than under the former government how can the prime minister accept this? what will you do? conservatives do not want to talk about the benefits.
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this is an important thing to talk about. what we did is we gave more money, to nine out of 10 families across the country. giving breaksot to the wealthiest families and we were able to move hundreds of thousands of children out of poverty. that is the approach we took. is an approach the conservatives did not want and that they voted against. [applause] >> we will be building the largest project in british columbia. , -- on the other hand, by the federal government. billions of dollars on publicly
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funded pipelines. will the government admit a failure of leadership? >> the federal court of appeals was clear when they said the government had insufficiently consulted with indigenous peoples. our government has completed the deepest conversations with right holders ever. we established a codeveloping monitoring committee with indigenous communities. three indigenous communities have signed agreements. we would have listened and we will continue -- we have listened and we will continue to listen. for the first time, indigenous people have been involved in will benefit. >> this purchase of pipeline, you are on the wrong side of history, mr. speaker. >> workers need to be at the heart of this transition, which will create thousands of long-term jobs.
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the jobs of the future. sending billions of dollars to buy a five-year-old pipeline without the consent of an indigenous community, that is not a vision of the future, mr. speaker. how to the prime minister think he will help canada keep i commitments when buying the pipeline? speaker, support of the environment plan forgot what what was in that plan. a cap on development, and a pipeline to get oil to markets other than the u.s.. that is real leadership on climate change. we are imposing a price on pollution. we are phasing out carbon. where investing in green technology. that is what progressives understand. it is unfortunate to see you do
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not. >> the environment and the economy go hand-in-hand. buying a pipeline is a bit like well -- why would you need to invest in a shared energy transition? mpanieare ready. we need to create workers for the jobs of tomorrow. $4.5 billion on an old pipeline does not. >> you still think we need to choose between the economy and the environment, but that is not the case. progressive leaders have understood that. that is why in addition to a limit on development and a price on pollution, the plan included having a pipeline to get oil to markets other than the u.s.,
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something canadians can understand. >> that is in addition to investing in renewable energy and the greater economy. we also invested a billion dollars in that. >> the prime minister just doesn't get it. climate leaders do not spend billions of dollars to build new pipelines. they certainly do not put canadian pensions on the line to do it. we're hearing the canada pension would invest in the reckless pipeline plan. it has never been used to back political projects. as one reporter puts it, it is bad, bad, bad. instead of investing into a clean energy economy, why are the liberals putting canadians money and their pensions at risks? [applause] reminder, they applauded
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for the plan when she got elected. they forgot what that plan contains. it contains a cap on oil. it contains a price on pollution. it also contains a pipeline to get resources to markets other than the united states. something we can all agree on is probably a good idea. that's what real leadership on climate change looks like. the canada pension plan investment board operates at arms length. that is something we respect. >> donald trump has been clear that he wants to take our money and our jobs. this governments taxes and red tape are helping him do it. build a factory in canada, you will have to pay a carbon tax and higher payroll taxes you will not have to pay south of the border. build a pipeline in canada and you will be blocked like they
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were with energy east. other problems that don't exist south of the border. why is this government helping donald trump take away our jobs? [applause] >> when it comes to jobs, we absolutely stand with canadians. what we found what we found when we came into office was the previous government left a situation where we had 7.1% unemployment. where are we now? 600,000 new jobs in the last two and a half years. our unemployment rate among the lowest we have seen in 40 years. mr. speaker, we will not listen to the hyper conservatives when they talk about jobs. we will listen to canadians. what we are hearing as they have good jobs. they have a better economy and a better future. [applause] >> mr. speaker, the reality is this year canada has actually
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lost jobs. since this government took office, canadian investment in the united states is up tw thirds. american investment in canada is down by half. when money leaves, jobs leave. tax increases are driving both out of canada. will the finance minister agree at least to suend his new carbon tax on till get through this crisis? [applause] >> i would like to -- mr. speaker, i would like to start by recognizing. we have all heard the very sad news about paul and we are thinking about him and his family. while we may sit on different sides of the isle, we are all colleagues here together. [applause]
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i would encourage everyone here to come together to support his new initiative. speaking of you, you care about the environment. we're going to continue tackling climate change, we're going to continue protecting our environment and creating jobs. >> on behalf of the entire conservative caucus and my constituents in pol's home time -- hometown, we offer him all of our -- [applause] mr. speaker, the reality is the tax burden under this government has risen. for 80% middle-class taxpayers, they are paying more than they were when this prime minister took office. how much would this new carbon tax cost the average canadian family?
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>> honorable minister of finance. >> mr. speaker, we need to call out the opposite member from 's not doing the analysis he should do. the report he's referring to has two fundamental problems. it doesn't look at that canadian child benefit. number two, what it does is it looks at the payments that people make into the canada pension plan and calls it a tax. so mr. speaker, what we can say is we lowered taxes on middle class canadians. it's clear from our standpoint what we've done. we've helped our economy by putting more money in people's pockets. nine out of 10 families are better off. >> actually, the finance minister hasade two factual errors. number one. with regards to the benefits he claims he's providing, the promise of the liberals was not at they were going to raise taxes on middle class families and give a little bit back through government spending. they promised the taxes would go
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down for the middle class. they've gone up. secondly, the report to which i referred has nothing to do with cpb payroll taxes. it's said that middle class canadians, 80% are paying more income tax since this government took office. how much more will these same families pay under the new proposed carbon tax? [applause] >> honorable minister of finance. >> mr. speer, i ink maybe where we can go with this is we can think about what's happening by writing bases. for example, a member from carlton there's about $48 , million in canada child benefits going to that. what does that mean? that means 18,000 children are better off. more than 10,000 families get an average more than $4,000 after taxes. perhaps you should talk to people to understand how they're doing. they're doing better, mr. speaker, because we've helped canadian families to raise their families for together.
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[applause] translator: thank you mr. speaker. it's nice to hear the liberals talk about the money they're giving to children. but the money we don't have or they're borrow is what children will have to pay for later. that's the reality for the liberals. they've been in power for two and a half years and we can say that trade relations between canada and the u.s. are in more favor of the u.s. than canada. for two and a half years, 50% of american investments in canada decreased. 66% of canadian investments in the u.s. increased. so how can the liberal government be proud? [applause] translator: general minister of finance. mr. speaker, the conservatives
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have chosen specific numbers, but the numbers that count are the numbers for canadiansism. every family is in a better situation. we know our rate of growth is the highest in the g 7. it's important to remember that last year business investment in canada increased by 8%. those are the true numbers. we are better off because of our policies and because of the world economy. translator: the real number is that these people were elected saying they would run a tight deficit and today that deficit is three times bigger. they said there will be no deficit by 2019, but they have no idea how they'll balance the budget. those are the facts and numbers. where's, today canadians pay 80%, or rather 80% of canadians pay more taxes. how can the liberal government claim this?
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[applause] translator: mr. speaker, unfortunately, that is really not the situation. the numbers are clear. with the canada child benefit, niut of canadian families 10 are better off. furthermore, we cut taxes for the middle class. that's the truth. and because of our policies, we are better off economically. that means that our economic growth is better today than before. and that is good for families today and tomorrow. >> in signing the paris climate agreement, this government committed to establishing a national climate change plan, including measures for quality jobs in a clean energy economy. yet, this strategy makes one a commitment to strengthen skills development in support of this transition. only under pressure from workers and environmentalists was a group struck this spring but limited to coal workers. when will this government make real investments in the
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transition strategy for all canadian energy workers? [applause] >> honorable minister of environment. >> thank you, mr. speaker. we agree. we need to grow our economy and create good jobs with canadians. we also need to tackle climate change. that's exactly what we've been doing. whether it's making a historic investment in clean technoes -- and i'll like to give a shoutout to all the canadians who are working in clean tech companies. we've jumped from seventh place in 2014 to fourth place in the world as a clean technology innovato we also are making sure that we work with workers, we work with union unions. -- with unions. we set up a transition workforce so we can support workers who are in tsehe coaor so they can transition. we will continue doing what we need to do. translator: the ntt is fighting to create good jobs and protect the environment. the liberal government, though, just wants to make a texas company richer by using our money to buy an old pipeline for $4.5 billion.
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every dollar invested in renewable energy will create six to eight times as many jobs. it's true. six to eight times more than those invested in the fossil fuel industry. when will the government stop investing in the past and finally start investing in the energy of the future? [applause] : thhonora minister of the environment. or rather national resources. >> the honorable member. >> the low carbon economy fund, $200 million to support clean technology and natural resource sectors. $220 million to get rural and remote communities off diesel. $20 billion for public transit and $21.9 billion in green infrastructure to improve energy efficiency and to help canadians save money. translator: mr. spker, dairy
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egg, and chicken producers are on the hill today. there have been a lot of photo ops for all parties. now let's get to work. the liberals have been repeating the same talking points for two eks clming to support supply management. mr. speaker, which version of the prime minister will dairy farmers meet today? can you tell us now which concessions have been made to the americans and what is his plan for farmers who, unfortunately, feel betrayed by this hypocrisy? [applause] translator: mr. speaker, despite all the efforts of the leader of the opposition to try to hide it, it's clear that the conservatives do not support dairy farmers and supply management. our government is united in supporting our dairy farmers, unlike the member for lebose who wants to end supply management and who describes dairy farmers as dishonest millionaires.
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unlike the conservatives, our government fully supports canadian dairy farmers and our supply management system. [applause] translator: mr. speaker, instead of playing partisan politics when there are farmers here, who are waiting for real answers, nothing's happening. the canadian government does not subsidize milk, egg, or chicken production. the u.s. secretary of agricultal conrmed the prime minister had made concessions. the prime minister received the support of all members of this house in the face of the threats from the u.s. president. can he now be frank with member s and with canadians? yes or no were concessions , offered to the americans? how much market share was given up and what is the plan to compensate farmers? [applause] translator: it was the liberal government that created supply management, unlike the party
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across the way who want to abolish supply management. we will continue to defend it and to defend the interests of canadian farmers and their families. as well as all of our dairy farmers. the prime minister and the minister of agriculture, the caucus, everyone supports supply management, mr. speaker. we set up the system and we will defend it. [applause] >> honorable member from foothills. >> mr. speaker, when it comes to u.s. demands on canada's supply management system, when it's in the united states, the prime minister says he's flexible. when he's back here in canada, he says he supports the system. but we know that an offer was made to the americans as part of the nafta negotiations. so my question is, which version of the prime minister is going to be meeting with the canadian dairy farmers this afternoon? is it going to be the one that's using farmers' livelihoods has a bargaining chip? or will he simply recite liberal
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talking points? >> honorable minister of agriculture. >> thank you, mr. speaker. we proudly support dairy farmers. unfortunately, the conservative opposition has indicated quite clearly that they call for the end of supply management. he called dairy farmers nefarious millionaires. you can't have it both ways. you either support the dairy farmers or you don't. canada's farmers locally produce -- >> the honorable member. >> canada's farmers locally produce the highest quality milk, eggs, and poultry in the world, maintaining canada's system of supply management is critical to the farm families who make up the backbone of my community.
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these families were worried when the prime minister went on american television and said he was willing to be flexible when negotiating with the united states on supply management. just how much access to the canadian market was the prime minister prepared to give away in order to get a deal with donald trump? [applause] mr. speaker, i can assure my colleague that on this side of the house our government fully understands the important of supply management. as i indicated quite clearly, we're the party that fought to implement it. when you have the minister of economic development indicating quite clearly that supply management is a nefarious paper millionaires, that dairy farmers are nefarious paper millionaires, mr. speaker, that is inappropriate language. as a government we fully support , supply management. we need opposition support.
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>> translator: order. the honorable member? translator: mr. speaker, paper, aluminum and the list could go longer. the trump administration is going after our industries one by one on the pretext that we ,nfairly taxed their farmers but an intact supply management system is crucial to our farmers, especially those who work every day. could the government confirm once and for all it will fully protect supply management and not just partially? translator: the honorable minister of foreign affairs. translator: mr. speaker, we've been clear we will defend supply management. unlike some members of the
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official opposition, including the member from lebose, we have always defended supply management. our position is unequivocal. always defended this system and we do it at each and every opportunity, including in the nafta lks. >> thank you, mr. speaker. it was the last nafta talks where this government -- liberals sold out our auto industry, so there's not trust to be gained there. in fact that's why the industry , and workers have been calling for a national auto strategy for over two decades. it's fallen on deaf ears on the conservatives and liberals. what is clear about the situation now is that this prime minister has dedicated endless time and energy and billions of dollars for an idea nobody wanted. a 65-year-old leaky pipeline. now, mr. speaker, the trump administration has threatened tariffs on our auto sector and manufacturers, what specifically is this prime minister going to do for our auto sector and the workers? >> the honorable minister of economic development.
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>> make no mistake, we'll back our autoworkers 100%. we always have their back. since we formed the government, there's been a total investment of $5.6 billion in the automatic sector. that's because we stepped up to support the sector, to support the workers. we have a plan, the plan is working. like i said, we will always defend our auto workers. >> honorable member for brampton center? brampton center? >> mr. speaker. on the business of citation, --
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[indiscernible] stakeholders from coast to coast to coast. $2 billion towards this plan to tackle homelessness. how will you tackle homelessness in canada? [applause] >> thank you, mr. speaker. i would like to start by thanking the member for his support in the fight against homelessness. i would also like to thank and congratulate the member and all members of the homeless committee for their hard work and excellence. yesterday, we announced the next federal plan to invest in the fight against homelessness. homelessnesshronic is down. this is another sign, mr. speaker, that we are reestablishing federal leadership, federal partnership in providing safe and affordable homes to all canadians.
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>> mr. speaker, media reports that the finance minister's new york based pipele sales team is trying to sell the transmountain pipeline to the canada pension plan. are these reports accurate? [applause] >> honorable minister of finance. >> mr. speaker, i'm able to say that the canada pension plan investment board operates as an independent entity at arm's length from the government. should they decide to be involved in any potential acquisition of any equity, it's not something we would be involved in goverent. >> order. the time to answer someone is when you have the floor. not when you don't have the floor. the honorable member from lakeland now has the floor. >> mr. speaker, the existing pipeline was worth $2.5 billion. but the prime minister gave them $4.5 billion in taxes to walk
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away. the finance minister has said that pension plans would be a likely buyer for the pipeline. he appoints the cpp board. so having overpaid for this pipeline, is the minister expecting canadian pensioners to bail him out and the liberals out for all their failures? >> the honorable minister of finance. >> we believe that it's important in our country we have the ability to get our resources to international markets. it's why we move forward on the decision to insure that the transmountain expansion project gets de. we know this is canadian's best interest. it will help our economy. it can create thousands of jobs across the country. we hope that the members opposite would see the advantage this creates for workers in alberta and british columbia and across the country. thank you. translator: mr. speaker,
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officers have always done a good job. problem is the prime minister in his misguided priorities refuses to tell the house what his plan is to cree solve this crisis. all he does is send his minister on trips abroad. some things the government needs to negotiate like the safe country. when is the minister going to get the negotiations started? translator: thank you, mr. speaker. i'm glad my colleague recognizes the excellent work. fact, i'm very happy his leader went to la cal for the first time last week and acknowledged outstanding work of those organizations who have been working over over a year to ensure that we process asylum seekers applications. and of course, we are constantly in contact with the u.s., our
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southern neighbor. translator: mr. speaker, yes, our leader and myself visited visited -- we visited and we saw that illegal arrivals were being made very comforble. but the problem is the renegotiation of the safe third country agreement, is that happening yes or no? >> minister of transport. translator: mr. speaker, we are continuing to discuss this issue with the united states and we have undertaken some discussions, but there is nothing official to announce yet. we are working very closely with them. of course, we are working very closely with ontario and quebec. once these asylum seekers enter the country they have to be integrated into society. >> there is an interest -- inquest into grant faulkner, who died homeless. for too many canadians, the lack of housing is a matter of life
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or death. despite yesterday's announcement , the national housing strategy does not invest money specifically for homeless canadians. we need permanent support of housing, and a national housing benefit to help the most vulnerable. will the government commit today to a national housing strategy that ensures housing for homeless canadians? [applause] >> the honorable minister of social development. >> thank you, mr. speaker. i would like to congratulate the member for her interest in the fight against homelessness and in ensuring the homeless have a home. however, i would like her to look closely at the national housing strategy and important announcement made yesterday which will have immense impact on homelessness in the next 10 years because while work with a large number of stakeholders that have worked very hard with us in the last few months to make sure that not only do we have the first ever national housing strategy, but we will set the most important, most significant resources ever in our history.
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translator: mr. speaker at committee, over 100 organizations underscored the importance of having concerted poverty reduction strategy. the minister himself said so in a document, what we heard so far. the minister said it would take a strategy based on obtaining tangible measurable results. piecemeal initiatives like yesterday's plan on homelessness is not going to be good enough. it takes an actual genuine isolated piecemeal strategies. my question is where is the , strategy? >> thank you, mr. speaker. i would like to begin by thanking my colleague for her interest in this matter. i would encourage her, however, to look closely at the content of the strategy announced yesterday, and i would encourage her to look at stakeholders all across canada, particularly in
1:52 am
quebec. they were delighted not only with the results we've achieved so far, but also by the incredibly inclusive process we used in recent months. that's why so many canadians will be able to get out of poverty in the next few years, because we have a solid plan, a cooperative plan, with the involvement of a great number of stakeholders all across the country. >> the honorable member. translator: mr. speaker, on the weekend in toronto the cleric , called for eradication of israelis. he said he wanted to put them in body bags and he hopes one day israel would be a now related -- annihilated. these hateful statements are totally unacceptable. why did the liberal house leader support and approve funding for this organization? why hasn't the prmime minister thatmned the statements are hateful and out of place in canada and in the world? [applause] >> our government is incredibly
1:53 am
proud to support the program, in fact double it as compared to the conservative government. we believe the youth deserve that very important first experience in employment. as i said, all programs that receive approval must adhere to the terms and conditions of the program. if tmemberasoncern he can speak to my office afterwards. >> honorable member -- order. for thorn hill. >> mr. speaker, hundreds of worthy candidates for summer jobs employees were denied funding for thousands of young people this year because they refused to accept the liberals ' imposed values. now the islamic humanitarian took the box and funding was personally approved bit liberal -- by the liberal house leader. the shaik of this organization now calls for genocide, eradication of israelis, and says you will leave in body bags. mr. speaker, doesn't the minister believe those words clearly violate the liberal
1:54 am
values? >> minister of employment. mr. speaker, as i said, clearly,e and me again in this house, all recipients of canada jobs funding must adhere to the provisions. and that includes not undermining the rights of other canadians, and ensuring young people have jobs that are quality jobs and that will help them move forward in the future. if the member is concerned about that organization, he can bring it to my attention. thank you. >> honorable member -- order. order. the honorable member for carlton trail eagle creek. >> this prime minister's rigid ideology is hurting nova scotians. sawmillk, the historic museum announced it was closing its doors because it wasn't
1:55 am
refused canada's summer jobs funding. this is the loss of a current attraction and opportunity for young people in that community, and all because this nonreligious museum refused to sign the prime minister at atn. does the prime minister not see that his thought policing of nova scotians is hurting communities? [applause] >> minister of employment. >> i want to put the members mind at rest. in fact, they have doubled the program. that means over 3000 jobs to nova scotia compared to the 1800 jobs that were improved under the harper conservatives. clearly, young people in nova scotia will have more opportunities than ever to have excellent job experiences this summer. >> honorable member. speaker, the government has a responsibility to protect the private information of canadians and the integrity of our critical infrastructure. budget 2018 committed $155 million towards a new canadian
1:56 am
center for cyber security for unified government source of unique expertise and support. could the minister of national defense update this house on the government's next steps to ensure canada is able to address the cyber challenges of today and tomorrow? >> honorable minister. >> mr. speaker, i want to thank the member for the unwavering support to ukraine. strong security is critical to canada's competitiveness, economic stability, and long-term prosperity. today i announced our new , national cyber security strategy with creation of the canadian center for cyber security as a key element. the new center will provide businesses with a trusted source for advice and build on canada's already world-class cyber security expertise. thank you, mr. speaker. >> the honorable member for durham. ago, canada
1:57 am
established airport codes for each country. unfortunately due to international pressure from china, some companie including eptefrina, have the use of these coded are identifying taiwan as china. will the liberals respect the integrity of ikao and make that a pillar of their bid for the you and security -- u.n. security council seat? [applause] >> honorable minister of transport. >> mr. speaker, we are very proud that it's located here in canada and has been since 1949. and we have been very involved workit and all the good and us to adopt international standards with respect to aviation. we will continue to work with them as we move forward. in fact, we have taken positions of leadership with respect to the question of carbon emissions from international flights and we will continue to do so. >> the honorable member for
1:58 am
timmins. >> speaker on this fifth anniversary, the minister for indigenous affairs continues to fighcybet e virus of saint anne's. she has instructed officials to target the lawyer and who had suppressed evidence of child rape thrown out of the hearings. i was in the meeting where the minister said she would end the intimidation tactics. she gave her word. so i'm asking her will she tell this house why she told angela she would end these tactics and yet she continues to attack the lawyers and the representatives of saint anne's? the honorable minister. >> mr. speaker, our government is committed to ensuring justice for the victims of this dark chapter in our history. canada has not and will not seek costs against individual claim ants. but in exceptional circumstances, costs can be
1:59 am
sought against lawyers who do not appear to be acting responsibly. as justice peril noted in his recent directive, counsel's repeated and deliberate attack on the integrity of this court threatens to interfere with the administration of justice. counsel will be responsible for any costs awarded and they will donated to a fund that supports former students. translator: mr. speaker, according to some estimates, there could be up to 22 hundred homeless veterans in canada, and from talking to them and their families, we learned there are many factors from unsuccessful transition to sudden changes in physical and mental health that could land a veteran on the street, homeless. organizations like the mission old brewery in montreal are working to reduce these numbers in our communities. what is our government doing to help lower the number of homeless veterans and prevent others from becoming homeless in the future? >> mr. speaker, i would like to
2:00 am
thank my colleague from saint and for her support to veterans and their families. homelessness among veterans is unacceptable. homeless,ns who are one is too many. many. for the organization to work to produce the numbers this will improve our ability >> last earthquake, i met organizations that worked to numbers of homeless vets. and this will improve our services to ovide homeless vets, and help provide programming for them. hong speaker, yesterday kong democracy acted as someone was sentenced to six years in prison. dictatorship in
2:01 am
action, in defiance of the one country two systems framework that china agreed to. liberal government claims to care about human rights around the world, so will they condemn the imprisonment hong kong's -- >> m spe, for our overnment, the promoonnd protection of human rights are core priorities in our ngagement with china very much including hong kong which has such close human kegses with our country. rights the human situation in china with chinese officials at every opportunity nd we'll continue to encourage china to live up to its international commitments. you. >> mr. speaker, the quebec -- is all angles by om donald trump who is firing on everything that moves. kill our aeronautics industry. he's threatening our griculture, he's slapping tariffs on our paper, our steel
2:02 am
aluminum. the cleanest in the world. short it's all of quebec that's taking hit. stand up to trump and we will stand behinm when he does, the fact remains our workers are our being left to fend for themselves. what's taking government so long? affairs. of foreign >> mr. speaker, i would like to out that our government is determined to modernize nafta in beneficial to all parties. when i comes to aluminum and a, i would like that erscore the fact canada understands that these ariffs are legal and unjustified. ur government will defend our workers in our industry. speaker, the
2:03 am
municipalities on the lower north shore are stranded because federal wharf no longer meets minimum safety standards supply shipments can no longer dock. in a month the power plant will no longer be able to provide electricity. because of federal negligence links to the ies mainland aren jeopardy. there be a modicum -- fearing for their very survival to at the very least keep them informed and say when an ntends to deploy emergency plan? for the y colleague question. are our priority. they remain so, and they serve this community. will be tand that work done this weekend but we're toking on a lasting solution
2:04 am
fix this problem. >> mr. speaker, everyone in this prime upports the minister standing up to president trump, the government retaliatory tariffs targeting american districts. unlike previous american presidents, trump has made by not vulnerable divesting his personal business apply further pressure, has the government considered retaliatory sanctions targeting the trump organization people?han the american >> honorable minister of foreign affairs. > mr. speaker, the tear rivers imposed by the united states on steel and aluminum are illegal unjustified. and the national securities pretext is absurd and frankly canadiens.o in putting together our we have been st, easured and we have created a perfectly -- list.
2:05 am
we're now in a consultation and we welcome ideas from all canadiens on what should and our retaliation. thank you. >> tomorrow, former secretary of madeleine albright and former senate majority leader among the are speakers at a forum on u.s. global leadership and diplomacy 10:30 a.m. on c-span 2. later in the day the justice epartment inspector general michael horowitz is on capitol hill outlining his report on the into investigation hillary clinton's emails and the 2016 presidential election. f.b.i. director christopher ray also testifies at the senate udiciary hearing which gets under way at 2:00 p.m. eastern live here on c-span. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2018] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. you unfiltered coverage of
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house, and he white events in washington, d.c. and around the country. is brought to you by your cable or satellite provider. >> next, a look at russia's military strategy with defense the rand rom corporation. they talk about recruitment ia't in syria and the military relationship between russia, india and china. hour.s just under an >> okay., it's nice to see some smiling faces on a friday morning bright and early. jamie -- i'm the irector of congressional


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