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tv   Washington Journal 06182018  CSPAN  June 18, 2018 7:00am-10:04am EDT

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deficit has eral grown by almost 25% over the last year. later, we look at the week ahead washington with roll call reporter lindsey macpherson and "the atlantic m magazine." [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2018] host: good morning. welcome to "washington journal." melania trump es, bush adding their voice. they say a face-off is looming to resident trump prepares head to capitol hill tomorrow to talk about house members about two competing bills. get your thoughts on immigration this morning. specificly thepresident's so-called zero tolerance policy. immigration. here are the numbers to call if president's the policy, which is being called zero tolerance, call
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202-748-8000. f you oppose it, 8001 is your number. if not my phone, weigh in on social media. you can post a comment at .com/c-span. here's the front page of the this t wallet journal monday morning, immigration face-off looms. they write here that a trump administration policy of immigrant children from adults at the border is putting pressure on republicans engulf eatening to broader negotiations on the hill about dealing with those already illegally.. the administration's zero tolerance policy of detaining adults, attempting to cross into resulted in the division of families traveling with children and the federal run nment is beginning to out of space for its detainees. they talk here about congressman texas, republican whose district spans 800 miles ith the mexico border and locked with a competitive race for a seat. he toured a temporary facility and the uthern border administration constructed to house the swelling number of separated children.
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used the tour to distance himself from the administration's policy. "this really isn't a republican democratic issue, he told cnn. you is an issue about how should treat children." that's on the front page of "the wall street journal" this morning. "washington post," fight for detained children expands. democrats expanded their ampaign on sunday to spotlight the trump administration's fourth separation of migrant children from their families at u.s. border trying to compel a change of policy and gain political advantage five months midterm elections. against a notable silence on the art of many republicans who usually defend president trump, democratic lawmakers fanned out the country, writes "the post" visiting a detention center outside of new york city to inspect to texas facilities where children have been detained. where s us to texas several democratic lawmakers toured a facility, representative gonzalez of texas saw about 100 he children younger than 6. "it was orderly, he says, but it what i would call
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humane. that's in "the washington post." jackson-lee, heila democrat from texas who is part of the congressional tour yesterday of some of those facilities. here's what she had to say. >> let me just quickly say that when you have a mother tell you she's in fear that she will never see her child the united hen nations human rights commission indicates to the trump administration you're violating you know whatthen we are saying today is president desist because you are moving the arc of justice to the heap of despair injustice.ash heap of cnn yesterday, tour in texas. another headline. atlanta journal constitution or g the many headlines -- many reports on this story. steve bannon,ormer ite house strategist. that the president doesn't have to justify these border separations. here's what he had to say one of the morning shows.
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>> it's zero tolerance. i don't think you have to justify. this ties into korea and everything to took place this week. to elites in the city want manage situations to, you know, donald trumpes and is not going to do that. he's not going to kick the can down the road whether it's tariffs, ther it's whether it's korea and whether it's southern border. very simply.olicy, to stop mass illegal immigration get our sovereignty back and to help our workers. ok? so he went to a zero tolerance policy. a crime to ce, it's come across illegally and children get separated. i mn, hate to say that. the law and he's enforcing the law. image.e a look at this we have this image of a young 2 years old, facing the possibility of being separated from her parents. >> jonathan, jonathan, jonathan, you have the human traffickers, this is a huge business now
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up from central america. you just are goi to exacerbate the problem. the president has said, give me a border wall for security. give me border wall security and we won't have this problem. has a zero tolerance situation. he's drawn the line in the sand and i don't think he's going to back off from it. abc's steve bannon on this "this week" program. melania trump tweeted this to erday, mr. trump hates see children separated from their families and hopes both sides. isle can finally come together to achieve successful immigration reform. she believes we need to be a all laws at follows but also a country that governs with heart. office.elania trump's laura bush last night wrote this to "the sent it washington post." it posted last night before 9:00 eastern time. he writes that i live in a border state. i appreciate the need to enforce and protect our international
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zero but the tolerance policy is cruel. it is immoral and breaks my heart. in government should not be the business of warehousing children in converted box stores to place them in tent cities in the desert outside of el paso. images are ear i will inturment t of the camps in world war ii. inflicts is treatment they have been more likely to die than those that interred. on both sides think the immigration policy is not not the ut it is answer. i moved away from washington almost a decade ago, i know there are good people at all levels of government who can do better than this. there, washington post" laura bush. on to your calls now, tom, you're up first from brooklyn, maryland. good morning. caller: yes. i have two things.
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worried about parents being separated from their children. think before they came to america? ok. they didn't care about their across mexico. top of that, we have to foot the bill for these illegals pay and i live maryland. 80% illegals. ok? last year smashed from no insurance. my insurance had to pay it. no licensed driver. she walks away. ok? we shouldn't have to worry about their children in general. send a message very clearly and re gonna be separated that's the law. if i don't bring my kids to a
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robbery, ok? so why should they get any special treatment. right, tom from brooklyn, maryland there. let's go to the lines for those he president's policy to bob. morning, bob. caller: good morning, sir. i'm a ten and it deplores me hat these illegals can now break our laws that we defended, ok? of laws.nation no one said president trump ants to separate his children forever. that black lady spread lies as do a lot of democrats. notice how they show their children crying. as a kid, i cried when a police officer stopped my mother. i didn't know what was going on. look at the danger those parents children in.heir how many children have died trying to come here? smugglers have money., molested, stole if we stop that and obey our we lessen that.
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i believe all immigrants should immigrants illegal should be deported period. because we are a nation of law. name me one nation that does not have an immigration law. mexico has armies on the south border. mexico let those people walk through without helping them? without giving them shelter? blame mexico. blame their governments. do not blame our president. do not blame our nation. support and i'm a very proud american. i'm no immigrant. i was born here. american. god bless america. i will defend it at the border! moving from bob on to herbert now. herbert is in georgia. you're on the oppose line., caller: yeah, good morning. good morning. you know what? don't haveperson who a conscious for human being. every american that came into
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from the beginning was fleeing some type of depression or whatever. european-american to the irish and to the germans, to everybody. come on man, , everybody was -- that was coming this country for a reason, was the his country president or whatever. you know what? this is the republican party and they don't have no conscious. look at that policy, it's 80% white americans. don't -- that party do not represent the mtiltural united states of america. i'm a blackan and if anybody just look at it, us, you have a conscious man. where are the conscience of people? god says love thy neighbor. do unto others that you want done on to you. and this republican party, they believe from white they're dividing this country. until the other people come around and you know what i'm going to be honest with you.
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i've been lisning to c-span every year for 18 years, you know what? ou all need to stop putting republican party. you all neeto say white why?can because you know 87% of them are white americans on c-span. ain't no -- we want to hear some other people. blacks, hispanics, native americans. host: all right. herbert there from georgia to washburn, maine now to wesley. wesley, what do you make of what you've heard so far? you like to say? caller: our country is slowly eing destroyed by overpopulation and low -- we need to stop the invasion. our country is in trouble. we're being overrun by immigrants. even italy is shutting i borders because they can't handle it anymore. europe is being destroyed by flood of illegal immigration. i believe that if we don't borders, we're going to lose all our countries
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especially ours. we had a death in lewiston, aine last week between multiculturalism and immigrants. ost: we read a little bit from laura bush's op ed. people on all sides agree the system isn't working but there levels ofeople at all government that can do better than this she's talking here about not separating the children. caller: i believe we need to build a wall. i believe if we don't have a wall, we're going to lose our country. look at how bad california is. they're even having massive crime in syracuse, new york. they're averaging three to four shootings in new york. i'm originally from northern new york. i live in maine now where it's nice and quiet. host: ok, more from the administration over the weekend. specifically the director -- the secretary of homeland security. series of tweets out there for us to consume. she wrote, in part, this misreporting by members, press and advocacy groups must stop.
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irresponsible and unproductive. as i've said many times before, if you are seeking asylum for there's no reason to break the law and illegally cross between ports of entry. he goes on to say you are not breaking the law by seeking asylum at a port of entry. she's making that point again. do not have a policy, she says, of separating families at the border, period. tweet from the secretary of homeland security. for those seeking asylum at entry, we have continued the policy from previous administrations and separate the child as if the child is in danger. there is no custodian elationship between family members, family in quotes there or if the adult has broken a law twitter yesterday. from the secretary. let's go to kevin. virginia.oodbridge, what do you think of all of this? caller: good morning. good morning. caller: yes, i, too, am a combat and aim a veteran. and i am appalled. the best way i can put
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it. listening to the support, that ters that i've heard support this law and everybody, you know, talking about that we build a that we're being invaded. i have one question. if the situation or the exist where e to they were in the same or similar condition or situation, would it to be treated that way? i mean, i don't think -- i'll happens, if an american family were to have -- were to be -- if we were to be a situation where american families were to be separated kids were to the be separated, everybody in america would be up in arms. the declaration of independence nor the constitution support this. to the attorney general, that does not support this. this is bad. this is atrocious. and we're -- and problem is is going to judge us for this. appalled that t
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our citizens would even allow this and reminds me of kids in sly.parated i'm sorry. that's my comment. host: ok. caller mentioned, we do have a short clip of the attorney general jeff sessions made a t week where he whole bunch of news where he defend this le to policy of separating families. here's a look. >> i thought i'd take a little digressi here to discuss some concerns raised by church fries about separation of families. many of the criticisms raised in recent days are not fair, are logical and some are contrary to plain law. first, illegal entry into the united states is a crime. it should be and it must be if you're going to have a legal system and have any limits whatsoever. of our te the law nations are subject to prosecution. if you violate the law, you subject yourself to prosecution.
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apostle ite you to the paul in his clear and wise obey then romans 13 to laws of the government because government ined the for his purposes. orderly and lawful processes are good in themselves. consistent, fair application of is in itself a good and moral thing. and that protects the weak. it protects the lawful. from also this morning twitter. t.j. says if you don't want your child taken from you, do not country, the s u.s.a. illegally and you can't use asylum as an excuse for being here. asylum in ave sought mexico. same time, b.c. venice writes zero tion is approaching tolerance for trump. traitorous
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activities don't belong in a leader's role. they left their patriotism in a distant past. we have cedric on the line that opposes the government's policy. traitorous activities don't belong in a leader's role.cedric. caller: how are you dng? host: doing well, how are you? great. doing host: good. caller: my comment is i really that they're using for those who c don't understand political policies and procedures. veteran of n, i'm a the united states army, combat theran, and to hear and see it gs that they're doing brings not a fear of, you know, fear of descent but fear of what are the children going to experience mentally later on you know?ine, and it just -- it doesn't make any sense. can't find any validation for what they're doing but it's all a fear tactic, in my opinion. host: all right. on to jim now. im is calling from berwin,
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illinois, supporter of the president's policy. tell us why. goodr: well, first of all, morning. host: good morning. caller: the reason is i don't it says they where separate the children. the person deported came here group.lly as a he can leave as a group. they can totally take the person with them. host: anything else, jim? caller: nope. host: all right. let'show you this story. against this backdrop, there is story out of texas yesterday being reported by news 4 san antonio and oths. dead afr an s.u.v. being chased by the border patrol crashes. some of the details here. authorities had five undocumented immigrants are dead involving chase border patrol security agents. sunday afternoon. it was in texas. the crash happened off highway noon.about the agents were apparently chasing s.u.v. when it lost control and overturned.
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was traveling at more than 1 is00 miles an hour when it crashed. people were inside they write here including the driver and passenger. 12 immigrants were ejected. four died at the scene. when the car crashed and rolled over. wells, texas ig this morning. here's a tweet from the president on all of this. get emocrats should together with their republican counterparts and work something ut on border security and safety. don't wait until the election because you are going to lose. gary.hear from gary is in atlanta, georgia. good morning. gary, are you with us? caller: oh, yes. hello? when i think of president trump, think of the word incorrigible, number one. hey thought about it in the 1970s and 1980s. that's all i have to say, you know, people have to get take care of their
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business. that's all i have to say. thank you. host: all right. hear what annie has to say here. annie is in sugar grove, north carolina. good morni to you. are you doing?goodness. host: doing fine, how are you? caller: i'm upset. when you played that clip of new ons and i noticed it a days back as it was being played and played. did anybody notice the evil as he quotes ace the bible? i've got a new name for these people. they're fake christians. and then the guy from wisconsin, who claims merican to support this policy, really? i don't think he was a real native american either. it's just unbelievable that we're doing these -- doing this this children. they are coming here seeking asylum. that protect them. this is a trump policy. then for tom cole from oklahoma to say oh, he's
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confused. at the g7 summit and then the north korean, whatever that was over there. and then he just couldn't keep everything straight. i thought he called mself genius. that he knew the best words. that he has the beords and he has a really high i.q. this man is diabolical. he is doing this stuff on purpose. he can't stand the fact that we are becoming a more brown and black country. and to quote the bible? that's what was used to take slave children from the slaves! and oh, by the way, the native meran indian in wisconsin, that's what was used to take children from native americans boarding em in schools. i'm 63 years old. into stuff was happening the 1970s. where they were supposed to be christianized. and then the wardens would rape and sodomize them and say oh, no believe you. look, blood is coming out of you. you're of the devil. their needs to learn
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true history. native d 14 million americans. and then as far as like the buffalo soldiers, that's when government sent the buffalo soldiers out to kill so they ve americans were once removed from killing native americans. this country is going down the tubes. cat believe i'm witnessing this! nd last point, laura bush, laura bush, the first lady ibrarian of the country promoting reading calls it "cruel and immoral"? phone calls, many i can hardly stand it. i'm not going to quit. and oing to keep calling keep calling. thank you for your time. host: thank you for taking part in the conversation. l.a. calling from supporter of the president. up quite early. hello to you, eddie. morning.hey good how are you, mr. paul? hope you had a great father's day. host: same to you. call.: i had to that guy from virginia who said europeans azy when
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like to use this situation where their parents have control. they have a choice. a choice to either go o the ports of entry legally and domestic abuse and those types of things and gang violence. asylum, eeds for everybody in chicago and half of the country can apply for that. is the it a country of laws and it's of constitution of whole nine yards. when these politicians put their hands on the bible, they swore constitution. we've been invaded, man. there's so much we can do. etting back to the man from virginia, this reminds me from slavery. that's a lie. no slave walked up here and asked to be a slave. these people are walking here. hese people are coming there illegally. you know what i am saying? we was picked up, robbed and brought here. use another analogy when you start coming in here because they're already trying that.
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the whole problem with america is they don't want any color -- citizens.color so when they got tired of the blacks,mericans and the now each family was with the hispanics, man? really got compassion and care about people, they take care of the first ones. did a a tina happened, white person say something when they separated the children from their families and put them on send them cross country to different states and didn't know who they were. you need to check yourself about that. the whole thing about illegal slavery is still going on. trying to put black people out of business. that's the bottom line. of eddie voice there from los angeles this morning. robert writes on twitter, everybody is worried about not all on but civilians we killed overseas previous to trump. also, congress makes the laws and holds the purse strings. that from robert simpson this morning. writes the republicans should get with their democratic
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counterparts but that is never going to happen, donald. here is the housminority week talking st about this so-called zero tolerance policy. of five children and grandmother of nine, anyone barbaric but this is the policy of the trump administration. they put down this practice to me is theseay mothers should never have taken their children across the desert. trying to ke the law get them into the u.s. so they're criminals. we're separating the children them. do they have any idea the impact on families, on children? maybe they do. care. they don't but the fact is they should know policyy should lift this that they have just put down -- that they put down. they've been cooking it up for a while.
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never mind to them when they say these moms took these children, hese parents took these children to escape possible violence, e, gang where they live. and they have no alternative. to try to seek asylum the united states. they know better. they said these words. we know better. e know how to take care of children. we're taking them away from their parents and put them in homes or some place. host: we will do this for about afl hour more. e're asking viewers about the trump administration's zero tolerance immigration policy. to the hill to go tomorrow. here's a washington times front page headline. seeking a ers are meeting with trump on immigration. they got their meeting. e set it up there tomorrow, we're told, it should be during the 5:00 p.m. hour to talk about couple of competing bills in the house that we'll get to in some detail in just a little bit on the show. germantown, maryland
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you're on the air. good morning. hi, thanks c-span. i would just first like to say veteran and i did not sign up for this. i signed up to protect and defend the constitution. not the bible. first off. to second off, people need take a better look at our country's history. an entirety is rich white men telling working with class white people that our enemies are black and brown. this is who we are. we took children away from the them inmericans and put concentration camps and they're still in concentration camps, if you want to call it that. children away from blacks during the sle period. we're doing the same now. this is who we are. and finally, last but not comes to the whole trump sue these supporters drinking the kool-aid. that's putting the band-aid over the gaping wound.
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our entire country's history has foreign policy negatively impacting these countries where these people are asylum.o seek and we have to look back at a selves and say we played role in the current geopolitical and issues that are going on down in the south. nd building a wall isn't going to fix the underlying problems. it's our foreign policy first and foremost. that is going to really fix the to invest in ave supporting foreign governments in the e to hope that end, people are going to stop illegally.e so this -- people need to take a step back and look at the bigger overall picture. host: chase from germantown, maryland. mary from south carolina the president. we have that right? ahead, mary.
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caller: ok. the zero tolerance because i think this country has immigrants it e can take in. ok? e have taken in so many of these illegals and let them stay and send their kids to school, ok, no kids, health care where we can't take own country anymore. as far as these parents being separated from their children at the border. you're a citizen of the country and get arrested, you have a child, your child will go family services or something like that. we're not doing anything to those people there that we don't own citizens. and i don't think anybody gets that. and i feel like my country has invaded. and it's the federal government's job to stop the invasion. ok? that's in the constitution.
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wall.o it with the do it with guards on the border and shoot the people coming across the border. i know that's ridiculous but i can't help the way i feel. host: all right. south s mary from carolina. to our facebook page, mary rites we need to protect our borders but this is definitely not the way. over the past two years, this many stration has broken rules and laws and our congress and senate do nothing. e need commonsense sanity and facts brought back to the country. writes.wn below, bruce follow the laws. as they are written. if you oppose the lawyou have forth a esentative put bill to change it. "the wall s story in street journal" this morning where they take us a little bit house was what the planning to do earlier or last week, they had planned this week to take up immigration. we're still watching out for a schedule note. but this is part of the reason president is heading to the hill. they write that the g.o.p. controlled house may vote on two
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republican drafted immigration measures this week said the ffice of majority leader kevin mccarthy. one bill is assembled by negotiators from the g.o.p.'s conservative wings and another is more conservative. both aim to address the fate of young s of thousands of immigrants brought illegally to the u.s. as children as well as seeking to increase border security. also broadly allow children arriving at the southern border to be detained with their parents in the same the release of a child to a relative. the white house has said that trump would sign either bill if passed and in the senate, mitch mcconnell was bruised by the collapse of an immigration bid earlier this skeptical thaten the senate would take it up again. republicans remain in possession majority.51 seat they go on to write a decades ld court settlement bars t u.s. government from jailing igrant chi families across the border were often released into the u.s. while their cases are pursued.
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d.h.s. said friday if it separated 1,995 immigrant kids 1,940 adults whom it scribed as alleged adult parents. between mid april and the end of may. that was from "the wall street journal." alan is calling now from york.n, new good morning, alan. caller: good morning. thank you. first on sessions biblical quotes. quotations that cuts the other way. pursue. justice the repetition is interpreted to mean not just the letter but the pirit and common sense of justice and certainly no common sense of justice in punishing children here. there's also parts of the bible about prohibiting animal suffering. ofcan't separate the egg out a nest to harvest the egg while the bird is watching because it
7:33 am
the bird and to ot allowing to yoke a mule and ox in the same yoke. we had more respect for the suffering of animals we might have more respect to the sufferineople. then zero tolerance. here's been no tolerance of violations to extreme limits of the clause and the fact that has decided to say there's no real binding court decision on this part of the constitution yet. make believe to it means nothing. if they really have zero tolerance, they'd be pursuing exactly what this president is himself in ich and the individual rights rights. group why not treat the people coming across the border as individuals instead of some part as a mass or collective. if they would have looked at there ases individually,
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would be no mass incarceration of anybody. there's so much inconsistency here. thank you. calling, alan.r busy week here in washington. we have mmigration, federal spending in the senate. defense department programs. possible revote on the farm bill week in the house. a couple of big hearings, one starts today in the senate committee. senate hearing on the inspector general's report. michael general's orowitz on the 2016 election that they put out last week. there are a couple of hearings. f.b.i. director chris ray will horowitz at this hearing at 2:00 p.m. eastern today on c-span. if you don't catch it live, we'll repeat it at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. clinton hdog report on e-mails isn't the last word, according to lawmakers. isn't done with the clinton e-mail investigation of 2016. despite this independent
7:35 am
that found no itical bias by the f.b.i. or before it was released on senate and house judiciary committees set hearings to question its author. mr. horowitz and mr. ray were testify.d to the committee has the hearing at 2:00. on c-span 3.t live despite widespread partisan praise, some house republicans enged his ol conclusions. here's one quote. the inspector general report confirms that former secretary state clinton received special treatment from the obama justice department during its her use of a of private e-mail server. this is from the house judiciary chair. justice department and f.b.i. didn't treat her like any other didn't suspect and follow standard procedures. the headline says this won't be the last word. senate hearing today. house hearing tomorrow. we'll do them live. steve, macon, georgia. good morning.
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caller: good morning, sir. host: yes, sir? can't see why y people don't see the real picture this. picture?at's the real caller: the real picture is they're bringing the children in knowing that they're going to be taken from the families. and they're putting them in a better situation. wants to separate a child from his mother. understand don't what's going on with social down.ty is going we may have until 2030. from 's retirement companies is going down, too, all se they're paying for this assistance that these people coming into the country is getting. ou stand there and you see the picture on the tv about people being separated from their families. want.s what these people they're giving their children a better life. yes, they're going to be away from them for a while but they will connect again. rump has had nothing but
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negative aspects, negative spect, negative aspect pointed at everything he's done since he's been in office. either been sexual or something time al from the entire that he's been in office. person, the what the president has doneo put a positive aspect on this country. there.voice of steve let's hear from robert in massachusetts. hello, robert. 1970s.: goes back to the at one time, they told puerto they didn't want them in this country. they were american citizens. that's how dumb it is. 1970s, i used to be a disco d.j. in the 1970s. there were a lot of black, white puerto ricans. all different types of people on floor dancing with each other. boys metimes the white couldn't dance. sometimes we just laughed at them make a fool out of themselves.
7:38 am
when you see, like when you go to the disco club in got along. everybody when donald trump in the 1970s, he is bringing it now. tell you what, because nowadays mexicans are marrying white women. if you look at commercials on tv today, you will see black and white couples with a baby! driving the white man crazy since the 1790s. 1970s.ver got over the i remember one time they useed to go to a big baseball stadium disco record and blow them up! and put it on tv. mean, this is where all this stuff started. what, no morel you white babies are being adopted, too, today that's anoth phathe white folks have. white girls in college having abortions by the time they get ut of college, they have two abortions. no more white babies to be adopted. that's the problem that we have now. russia says no more white babies are going to be left in russia.
7:39 am
it started in the 1970s. 1970s, the problems come to people's houses and take babies on of the house. used to come to the house and the bed for shoes. if they's fou clothes in they would throw them out of there! ost: robert there in massachusetts. washington times, charles hurt writes want to stop parent-child separation? the wall. he writes that there is one thing that will put a halt to all of it immediately. the wall. be build you do that and the human trafficking industry evaporates immediately. no more hopeless children at the border and no more slavery and rapes along the border. no more death trains and rape trees. members angs and spilling in at the border. that's what voters loved and office.em into it was the only sensible answer before the election. t is the only sensible answer today. build the wall writes charles hurt.
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morris calling from san diego morning. welcome to the program. caller: thank you. amen, charles hurt. i love that guy. i think that donald trump is probably going to be the best president ever. he's already right up there. but i have a couple of things to say, you know, it gets lost in conversation a lot of times hat illegal immigration is a felony. it's not, you know, overstaying your parking meter. felony. these mexican people aren't completely stupid. they hey come over here, know what they're doing and it's a way to get their kids into some mexican family in the and never be seen again. anyway, you have a question. what would happen if any the country of these -- whatever country these from, whatever it is. and we committed the same violation of law that they commit when they come over here. done to us?e any country in the world? take any country. you know, it's a pretty obvious answer. -- the of these people
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poor kids. poor kids. give me a break. they just as soon put our kids if they were 5-year-old americans going over to try to go to another country -- the poor illegally, they would have any compunction at all of doing whatever with them. not respected as a people. americans. yet, we go overseas and we're expected to bend over ackwards for these illegal aliens fortunately one other thing i would like to mention, it gets lost also in the e-verify.ion about i wish you guys at c-span would where some expert on e-verify could come in, explain everything, take questions. of the park.t because e-verify will be one of the big keys to illegal immigration. that's the last thing they want to have happen and some republican elites don't want it to happen. the cheap but e-verify would put an end to this massive illegal immigration can't get work when they come over here because they had to be illegal, you won't see many of them crossing
7:42 am
border illegally anymore. that's all i have to say. thank you. have a good day. thanks for watching. "washington post" editorial page, moderates fail at dreamers again. they're talking about the house.ation in the as all of this plays out, remember that a generationf immigrant tlaz has known no but the u.s. continues to suffer in unnecessary policy limbo. both bills fail in the house, hey're talking here, the moderates can add -- can and should resurrect their effort to force votes on better bills. republican leaders might like issue to disappear from the legislative calendar for the but the months sunnenable reality on the ground cannot be wished away. that's in the "washington post" we have paul ryan here being asked last week if he's comfortable with this zero policy.e here's what he had to say to reporters. >> ni'm not. court because of a ruling. so this, i do think, ought to be addressed. we believe it should be immigration legislation. what's happening at the border and the separation of parents and their children is because of
7:43 am
ruling.t that's why i think legislation is necessary. >> mr. speaker on that point, a policy change from the trump administration for zero tolerance. >> there's also a court rung involved. this is something that we think should be addressed in the legislation. came out us leaders and said it was humane. do you agree? >> we don't want kids to be separated from their parents. made that clear and we believe because of the court ruling this will require a legislative change. host: meantime, over the weekend, "the new york post" editorial page wrote this. to stick a r is change of the law into the two big immigration laws. he adds the house voting on this week. way the senate will pass either one. indeed, not much chance the house will. so immigrationit and customs enforcement can detain the kids along with their is only a minor improvement since ice is already running out of space to hold at so-called king tent cities as a supposedly temporary expedient. will n bet that critics start calling these trump's concentration camps and the term will catch on if they are full
7:44 am
kids. the polls were starting to suggest that republicans might not lose big in this november lection but they'll turn back the other way if this keeps it's not just that this looks of the in the eyes world, writes "the post" it is terrible. at least 2,000 children ripped arms, eir parents' st themes literally in ju first six weeks. maybe the white house figures stop coming once word gets out but they won't all stop. some are fleeing truly horrific back home. that's in "the new york post" over the weekend. we have jerry on the line now illinois. vernon, good morning. caller: good morning. host: you're on the air. caller: i think that this isn't law. this is a policy. done by the trump administration. they said that yesterday on the news shows. and i think 's terrible. host: so what's next?
7:45 am
what we've been reading this morning is that the house agree to able to anything. the senate may not agree to anything the house does. next, if anything, legislatively? ain't gonna to do anything. they're going to sit on their hands because they're scared to death of trump. host: all right. thank you for calling. our next n maryland, ll. good morning. caller: calling just to say when immigrate from one country to immigrate into another legally then you are an immigrant. if you do it the opposite way immigrate and then come over illegally to any country, you illegal alien. we have rules. and if you don't want your away to that better place you dream of, teach off to start first doing things legally.
7:46 am
i don't understand first off why the wall isn't built yet anyway and that has nothing to with race or black or white or mexican or whatever. we have laws. and everybody, everybody from op to bottom needs to follow them. and it's not what they call a policy. it is called the law. that's all i have to say on that one. host: all right, appreciate you calling. on to diane in chelsea, michigan. hello, diane. caller: hello. silly of 's kind of melania to complain of she feels so bad for the children. she ought to have a serious talk with her husband. like they said, with one phone call, he could change this. nothing but a political ploy. wonder if the world is even going to recognize the u.s. four years after a four year term with president trump.
7:47 am
and i just hope our institutions can survive him. really surprised at the comment of the lady saying that she'd like to shoot the people coming over. and you didn't reprimand her or stop her or cut her off or anything. i mean, is this where we stooped make statements like this over a public airwaves? and that's ok and acceptable? i mean, i just -- i'm really worried for our country. thank you. host: thanks, diane. in 22 years, time c-span is going to visit alaska s part of the 14 month, 50 capitals tour. our c-span bus is touring the tate for the next two weeks ith stops in juneau, fairbanks and anchorage, alaska? we'll be producing programming for the networks including the and also for rnal our ongoing c-span cities tour. you can follow the bus's travels
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twitter page on c-span bus and learn more about these 50 capitals tour and see our interviews along the way. you can check out c-span's community page at have about 10, 12 minutes left of your calls on the topic of administration zero tolerance immigration policy. some other news out there. times, in the washington a judge has blocked a village's ban on semiautomatic rifles and magazines. gun rights advocates scored a notable win last week when a judge blocked the enforcement of suburb's new ban on semiautomatic rifles and high magazines nition saying the village of deerfield law further than state allows. second amendment supporters said stopthe law would not only new purchases but the basis. the ordinance approved in april amounted to a new ban on weapons. delegates such authority only to the state. that's in the washington times this morning and back to the f.b.i. story. "the washington post" tells us
7:49 am
f.b.i. agent removed from the probeor anti-trump to s says he's willing testify before congress. here's the story. petere talking here about strauck. they say he was singled out in a for the port politically charged messages would be willing to testify without immunity and he would invoke his fifth amendment rights in response to any question. this is from his attorney. the attorney says that he wants the chance to clear his name. and tell his story. he shows up at a hearing, we'll be sure to look to cover that and give you information on it.e to watch we'll wait and see. josh, norwich, connecticut, thank you for calling. josh. caller: how is it going? you: doing fine, what would like to say? caller: first of all, with regards to the last lady where talking't like the lady about shooting people coming wonder if they worried about kathy griffin with
7:50 am
the decapitated head. wondering if she cares as much about that. there's great gnashing of the libals renting their clothes and ashes. this is great. rump is an "avatar" for people like me and he won and he's going to win again. -- get with at are it. guess what, as the beast goes liberal beast, the media, the establishment epublican has this whole thing goes down, they're going nuts and they just can't stand it. it's like fingers on chalk board. they cannot stand trump because disinfectingunlight the wounds. i swear to god it's on that level. thank you. i appreciate it. host: thanks for calling. bob is calling from california. hey there. caller: hi. to start with something from jesus that let the children come unto me. but i really wanted to get to the point of the congress that's
7:51 am
involving of the constitution. violation een in under the act of 1929 is an not an amendment. this has thrown our whole house f representatives and the electoral college out of whack. gettingwe are no longer the proper representation in congress. the money, hey, want to spend that money on wall that could help the immigrants and oney, we got people in this country so rich they can support poor people en the in america. but when you've got a government and basically has been from the ery beginning when you only have 5% allowed to vote. we've had this continual thing. host: thank you for calling. want to get other voices in here including the voice of tom holman, director of immigration
7:52 am
customs enforcement at a recent event in washington talking about the crackdown.tion's here's a look. >> the separation is happening by c.v.p.der i'm not throwing under the bus. f families come to the port of entries to claim asylum which they have a right to do, they won't be separate. hey have a right to claim asylum and get their due process and they'll have the same judicial process they should have. who choose to violate the law come between the ports of entry are committing a crime. police officer in new york. children and parents get separated every day when a arent is charged with a criminal offense. i've taken fathers out of homes for domestic violence. it's sated to see the children you take a parent out of the home. but because it's sad doesn't mean we ignore the law. it's unfortunate. i've said it many times. >> i have four kids. what laws can i get away with breaking? so every -- i just want to make it clear, we're not talking
7:53 am
bout separating them because they enter the country illegally and just an immigration issue. no, they're being separated because the parent is being with the crime. and they'll be taken into custody with the u.s. marshalls. go into the n't facility. children, you need to detain and at our centers are high standards for children, ducational, you know, pediatrics, all these things that are required. according to law has to have custody of children. so it isn't separating children separating sake of them. you are prosecuting aarent. and even american citizens get when you prosecute a parent. host: reminder that president trump is headed to capitol hill tomorrow. meeting with republicans happening at about 5:30. 5:00 hour tomorrow, the house is considering possibly taking up two bills. being called a conservative one a more moderate bill that we'll hear more about guest.ur next
7:54 am
it's not on the schedule yet. we'll wait and see what's there. the president is doing a rally duluth, minnesota on wednesday. on wednesday evening. we have fred on the line from florida.l, hello, fred. hello, thank wow, that guy that you just played, spoke exactly what i was say. to i wanted to add that if we are type s about limiting the of guns that come into this country, then we absolutely ve trump's rt president immigration policy. i don't think if you're democrat, republican, conservative, liberal. more guns are coming from the outhern border and if we want to stop gun violence in the u.s., we want to stop gang violence, we really have to do that. democrats have never talked about limiting the border. heard them say nothing about 13. they've killed so many people. back to the point of the previous audio that you just played. every day, a parent and a child
7:55 am
when that parent breaks the law. these children are innocent. they did not do anything. hey are not political footballs. but at the same time, to sit and say that these people ho come this country illegally did not break a law is ridiculous. there's the ones that are to be their kids separated from them. we have a decision to make to fighting because we like trump or we dislike trump but fact remains is it a law that these people are breaking? the answer is yes. and we g has to be done have to demand better from our congress before we sit here and see what they're doing. host: thanks for calling. is bracing for another showdown. the commercen over giant. the senate is speeding towards a confrontation with president rump over his plan to revive the chinese telecom giant. enators are posed to pass
7:56 am
part a mammoth defense bill sunday. to block the administration's pushback from the aks. commerce announct to lift penalties against z.t.e. in exchange for the company paying a billion dollar fine and embedding a u.s. elected compliance team into the firm. but that plan by the administration quickly drew backlash on capitol hill and allies in the senate pitting the president against otherwise vocal supporters. again,s this is part of the defense authorization bill that has been up for debate for the senate.eeks in they'll be back this afternoon. up final votes, we think on this bill. over on c-span 2, the senate is 3:00 and those votes are at 5:30. north carolina, tyrone, good morning. good morning. let me speak my peace and i'll you.ghty appreciative of i'd like to see some of your
7:57 am
bring an s callers illegal alien up there. see an illegal president trump is not president. kid in there g controlling this country. republicans have control of three branches of government and do this and to that when obama was in there. they haven't done anything but can go out and trump and kill all the children right there and his supporters will still support them. and disgrace what's going on in this country. gentiles.s and those people are not aliens. i'd like to see one. i'm 67 years old and i've never an alien. supremacists te stop calling them names. we are all neighbors. e got to stop this divisiveness. they say that oeb obama caused this. obama tried to bring us together nd i wish c-span would tell these republican callers what's going on. sit there and tell republicans call in. call in. you don't do that to a tv show. she was asking for republicans
7:58 am
in and voice their opinion but never said that the emocrats and the bible don't say nothing about democrats and republicans either. we're human beings. stop this crazy mess that trump all in. anything trump does, his and rters will support him god will bring this country further. one call or e for two more. looking for comments from viewpoints, inall this case supporters and opponents of the president's williston, st is in north dakota. good morning. caller: good morning. my statement is very simple this morning. the law is already there.ump di. it.s just enforcing it's a law that needs to be enforceed and he's looking for an effective way to do so. i noticed that these democratic callers are calling in talking gender bias and semantics ldren and like calling the immigrants
7:59 am
when's they're not from outer space. this is ridiculous and smoke and mirrors, trying to draw away hand.he subject at different subjects from their own mayor knit their own form. but this discussion this morning is very simple. do we want to allow illegal immigration? do not.y we that law has always been there. their we are only trying to enforce it now. a more effective way than we've enforced it in the past. host: all right. john, final caller from florida. good morning, john. caller: we're talking about the settlement, 1996, where federal judge ruled that illegal families cannot stay together. children cannot stay in the same room. the same prison bars that their illegal parents stay in. i don't know why this country is so damn ignorant. it's not a policy. it's a judge ruling. room. the same the speaker of the house touched on this. you have to abide by a judge's ruling. 1996 is 22 years ago. it started in 1985 under the
8:00 am
reagan administration. so this has been going on for 33 years this debate of whether a stay behind bars with their 1996 is 20 two years ago. it staed in 1985 under the reagan administration. so this is the debate over wither a child can stay their parent if they are an illegal alien. the word has been around. it means foreigner. outer i can't believe how stupid the people are calling into the show. moment, ang up in a report from the treasury department shows the federal deficit so far this year's climbing to $532 billion. we get a look at what is driving the numbers with shai akabas. picks upr, immigration in congress and we preview that will and other headlines with
8:01 am
from lindsey mcpherson and rosie gray. more of your calls with the washington journal. we will be right back. ♪ >> tonight on the communicators. federal judge, approving and $85 billion merger of at&t and time warner. theing us to talk about deal is the president of the american antitrust institute and a george mason university global antitrust institute. >> no mention of the word market power. issue here. the key in a vertical merger and a horizontal merger. how does this change the
8:02 am
companies incentives and the ability to exercise market power. time tove looks a long find the vertical merger opinion toea t students but there isn't one. in the modern era. i think whatever the way this , being the first fully litigated opinion in a long amount of time, i do think that even though it is one onerict court judge with specific opinion in one industry from one merger -- it does give it some degree of importance. other judges, should there be another vertical merger -- challenge -- they are looking around to see what their colleagues have done.
8:03 am
they can't miss this one because there is nothing else. >> watch the communicators tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span two. "> "washington journal continues. host: with us now is shai akabas . 532nted to talk about this billion dollars that is the federal deficit for this year so far. let's put that number in perspective? guest: cumulative so far for the fiscal year 2018 which started last october. we are more than halfway through this current fiscal year. we are heading on a path this year up to $800 billion deficit. that number of the total deficit is year after year.
8:04 am
so a $1 trillion deficit is around the corner. keep going, it will up. it is a matter of spendingoing up and revenue going down. we have seen decisions over the .ast few months from a tax bill made the situation worse. not only do we have a situation in the future but every time congress passes major legislation. data headline "treasury reaffirm deficit climbing rapidly." what does this mean for the country, the way the government operates, the way we live our lives? guest: the biggest issue is that we are in economically strong
8:05 am
times. the eighth or ninth year after the great recession. --t we should be during that should be doing during that time is increasing spending and getting revenue up so when it comes to another bad time we have the flexibility to implement policy to get us out of that situation. but instead we have an irresponsible policy. and what this will mean eventually is that in economic times that are bad or a conflict overseas, when we need that or to cut taxes or to stimulate the economy or fund any situation overseas, we will be in a position as a country where we are not able to do that because we have take part of the larger fiscal issues. host: the phone numbers are on the screen. .his is shai akabas
8:06 am
you mentioned the better economic times that the country has right now. but republicans would say that these good economic times will create a lot of revenue, coming in and that the numbers may not be as bad as they seem? guest: all projectors who made wereates last year accounting for the economic say it will when account for $10 trillion. a similar case is for the discretionary programs pass this spring. certain things we can do to the tax code which will make us better economically. but this isn't a strategy when it comes to debt.
8:07 am
our avenues.crease host: explain what the policies might be? the bipartisan policy center recordation? a debtfirst, we had reduction task force that is bipartisan during 2010 when they wasthe fiscal commission led. and we had a group that come out with a conference a plan to increase revenue for the federal government and reduce spending over time on programs like social security, medicare and medicaid. implementing those policies in the future would go a long way.
8:08 am
host: we talk about the deficit all the time. remind us of the difference between the debt and the deficit? guest: it is the annual shortfall that we take it as the and what we spend down on the government programs in place. and that difference is the annual deficit. each year, it accumulates and it leads to our national debt. so our national debt in a growth space is around $21 trillion. a number that is almost impossible to comprehend. it isn't the size of the economy, that is roughly the same size. so in and of itself isn't a big problem. we are headed in a direction where we can keep bringing that up. next generation will have to figure out how to solve this.
8:09 am
is the president and congress serious about reding the deficit? guest: i don't think so. they poritizre than the other party but less than their own. on a large passion for reducing the deficit because they don't agree with the other priorities priorities that thee using to cut taxes or reduce spending. but the party in the majority, that has gotten worse. on that makes us focus more decisions that are difficult to make. because they do not convince people to go and focus on these difficult political choices. that is difficult for the current well-being but also for our children and grandchildren.
8:10 am
host: let's get our calls. you are on the are. people andh the -- senate has tried to get the expenses down. what is causing this if it isn't illegal immigration? tightness to immigration. what is the case? guest: immigration helps with fiscal issues. because the people who come do not rely on the benefit programs but they are working age. so most people come in --
8:11 am
although this isn't an argumen for certain immigration policy -- they are contributing to the economy by producing labor to increase gdp which is what benefits all americans. it is really on the direct spending program that we have, which run on autopilot until congress decides they need a change. and that is social security, medicare, medicaid. social security -- we are starting to draw down the trust fund for the first time in 35 years of that program. we are on the slow road to exhausti the fund in the trust fund. at that point, all beneficiaries will face an across-the-board to a different percent cut in benefits. right now that is projected for
8:12 am
2034. we need policies in the near future that resolved that before we get to a point where we don't have those choices. let's go to ross, an independent collar. my, does this. back in the 1980's when reagan took over, and republicans complained about the big deficit under, and it ballooned reagan. and there were all kinds of horror stories about that. and bush with the war against iraq and we have heard more of this and now we hear more. on.oes on and wiki. the doomsday scenarios and yet, , 40 years now, the economy is stable. what is going on? it just seems like we keep hearing the horror stories and
8:13 am
is happening. present lot of people this as a catasctrhi thing that will go off the rn the two years or three years. i don't think that is the biggest risk. this is something that creeps along to become more and more of a problem overtime. it happens in two ways. peoplest is when we have paying taxes and seeing benefits now. medicare and medicaid are crowding out other investment portions of the budget that are the vehicle for future economy growth. if we had another overseas conflict or great recession, we would be constrained in responding to the circumstances because we would be worried that a major spending increase or tax cut could have the catastrophic
8:14 am
outcome on the fiscal front that we are worried about. for the future generation, we rry about it in the long-term. because it crowds growth over time. so we are just accumulating a bigger problem for children and grandchildren. i do agree that this is not a problem we will likely see karine off the rails next year but it is something that is slowly eating away at our economic growth. $4 federal budget is trillion. host: of that, how much is spent on interest? $300 billion. 7% of spending. the projections, that is the fastest-growing piece of the federal budget. at the end of 10 years when the cbo does the projection, we are ourected to have 13% of
8:15 am
budget spent on interest and it will continue to rise. spend money on interest, we do not spend money on infrastructure,ducation, scientific and medical research, defense. we can have arguments over where or notspending enough enough in certain areas but if a circumstance arises and we need the spending because we have a here and now, we are in a tough situation. host: the monthly treasury --ort for may on the debt is debt and deficit. $532 billion. is higher than at the same point in 2017. from 2017.than may
8:16 am
carol is on the line from philadelphia. and i: i am very scared think it is very unfair about the security and medicare. work for the money. my pension has been cut twice. it feels like there is nobody fighting for us. i see people getting section --ht, food stamps, medicare at the end of the month i barely have enough to feed myself. there are homeless people who are elderly which would be me too. us.dy seems to care about we hear about immigrants and children. i love children but we will be .ut in the street and tent city
8:17 am
why don't you give us a break? we're going to be in the street. caller: fixing them doesn't mean that we have made the situations better. but what it does mean is that in the future, among those who can't afford it now, asking people to take less in benefits if they are well-off or pay somewhat more in taxes if they , otherwise we will be in a situation whe we can't possibly are t situation. tom from virginia. a republican collar. caller: when you all are projecting the increasing of what deficittime, of rate in growth are you estimating and what rate of growth could the u.s. economy
8:18 am
the growingovertake deficit and work it down? guest: good question. most forecasters forecast 2% gdp growth over time. y lookconsistent when at various projections like the federal reserve and the .conomists over there, they cbo the office of management and budget has higher projections that they expect to stem from the tax cut of last year but i think most others are believing that is not going to necessarily come to pass. but those are around 3%. sustained growth at over 3% then we would be able to make serious growth at reducing the debt and deficit without direct policies. but the 1%, which sound small, that is a big difference.
8:19 am
we don't know what policy will get us from 2% to 3%. so it is easy to say that the reality is that we have such a a gap between our revenue that we are collecting and the spending we are sending out that we need direct decisions to close the gap in addition to the growth increase the size of the economy and diminish the size of the debt relative. "st: kevin writes on twitter deficits are what happens when the tax rate for millionaires is zero." it reminds us of the talk of the second tax cut. what are you looking for and how much shows that concern you? caller: it is concerning when you look at future policies that all parties are concerning. the second tax cut or what the democrats propose on the spending side. the issue isn't so much that these are priorities for one
8:20 am
party or another -- they're very good ideas -- but the problem is that they are not paid for. what we get is a policy that would at sometimes become reckless policy and endanger the well-being of the american economy and those who depend upon it. from janice on the line hudson, florida. caller: good morning. who am i speaking to? akabas froms shai the bipartisan policy center. caller: my question is, they talk about the money issues and the money issues, down at the c-span-- on the news, the other day, they said this is $607 a day for a child to go to disneyorld or miniature golf. who pays for the little girl who
8:21 am
came up on the campaign caravan? the news media was all over her. she's sick, she's sick. yes, she's sick. but nody heard. get millions of dollars worth of medical treatment that taxpayers pay for? how much does it cost us to house, take care of, entertain, feed and take care of the medical problems that these people who don't take vaccines bring up her to our country and then our people get sick and we have to pay for our own vaccines? host: your perspective there. relative to the size of the problems we talking about is relatively small. when we look at the major programs that are causing deficit intoand
8:22 am
the future, social security, medicare and medicaid makeup 50% of all federal spending. that is an enormous amount. if we don't do anything about that portion, which is growing , if we on autopilot don't tackle those problems then there will not be anyway we can get spending under control. host: what are the most reasonable ways in your view to rein in the spending? guest: if you look at one thing that was put into place with the affordable care act -- and it was a controversial piece of legislation -- but there was the advisorynt payment board. it was supposed to help us rein in health care costs by making recommendations in years where health care costs exceeded a certain threshold. what congress did recently was to repeal that and say that we wouldn't have that in existence as a backstop as spending
8:23 am
continues to grow. the reason for that was because spending cuts for health care ngst eherular party because they don't want to go home and tell constituents that they make changes to reduce the size of the generosity of your health care benefits. in the future, we need policies that, frankly, they don't need to be discovered -- they are out there. we have put them out there. other think tanks and interest groups have put them out. on social security, everyone knows what the solutions are that it is enacting them. speaker ryan is leaving congress. he was one of the big proponents of reducing spending on the entitlements. what does his departure mean to the dynamic in this question and issue? guest: it signifies that it isn't a priority for either party. to, -- i don't want
8:24 am
to comment specifically on his that, butissues on over the last 10 yrs, he has represented among republicans a voice that has been calling for fiscal responsibility but the change made was a reduction in taxes that made it worse. hole deeperng this hereby year. we are playing with fire here on the fiscal front. what point thet programs and the direction they are headed will cause us to have a reckoning. will makeint, we difficult choices that are not attractive and that hurt our future economic growth for the next generation. host: william is on the line. where are you calling from? caller: connecticut.
8:25 am
i agree with the people saying -- i am a retired elderly veteran. us elderly are getting the shaft. is first thing i have to say that i disagree with all the military spending we are doing the united -- doing. the united states spends more than the next 10 nations and we have a buffer of the atlantic and pacific ocean. theit is the actual -- perpetual wars corporations want to keep going but they want to take it all out on us? we paid into social security and that money was stolen to put into the general fund. when we had reagan, he set it up so that we should have been all right and now they want to blame us and they are on the other end with all of the daca people and welfare people into social
8:26 am
security who don't work and want to blame us for that. wante liberal side, they to make everything easy for criminals. jails are like country clubs. two things will happen. military countries went down the tube eventually. you live by the sword and you die by the sword. those countries went down from babylon and libya and all the way up. interest rates are high. it is all with the housing crisis -- interest rates are up if you buy a house and everything.
8:27 am
that is because of the deficit. brutal economics. when i worked in the 1970's, reagan had big tax cuts. when i looked at my paycheck, it was down to dollars. and ia three dollar raise have five dollars taken out of my social security. from clinton and trump -- a big waste of money. nobody is going to jail. host: we get the point. anything to react to? he raises a point about the intergenerational -- we have
8:28 am
generated a large amount of debt which is primarily the a b gen x.and je but the population that pays for it will come after. we already pay a disproportional ournt of our budget to elderly and less to our young children. when we look at that compared to enter spending, for example, interest spending will exceed the spending we do on our children and the federal budget in a couple of years. -- this is something that will i think it is difficult to square that with the current senior population is getting shafted. it doesn't mean we don't have to stick with the programs to make sure that people are supported
8:29 am
in the retirement but if we just look about protecting the generation who is retiring now and leave the next generation to pay the bill, that isn't equal. you are notitter -- " being truthful if you are not talking about military spending." 20% ofit is about 15% or the budget spending. we are closer to the lower point of our economy that we have been in the modern era when it comes to military spending. the impeccable have on the deficit going forward, that is relatively small compared to the entitlement program or taxes on the other side of the equation.
8:30 am
caller: i would like to introduce a couple of facts. look at the almanac each year which presents the federal dg if you look at one of the misleading statements your guest has made is that entitlements are half of the federal budget. but it doesn't mention the fact half of the revenues come from employment taxes. if you look only at the rest of the budget, income tax, isitary, the entire deficit attributable to the military spending over 40 years. the way these figures get misleading is by calculating the percentage of military spending
8:31 am
on a revenue base that includes social security, which is fully paid for. if any of your listeners look at the social security report since 1937, there has never had a deficit. some of the entire deficit is due to other things. employment taxes have paid for all benefits since 1937. that is why the trust fund has a balance. guest: the color is correct that social security has run at a surplus. it has run at a deficit certain years that the trust fund does not run out. the issue is what we talked about it the top of the show. as of this year -- we just have t fundport that the trus -- is drawing
8:32 am
down the ballots. and that will grow every year into the future until the trust fund is exhausted -- 16 years from now is the production. host: one more call. caller: two points. i have made a good salary and i always met the national on the deduction for the medicare. and the thing was. [indiscernible] maybe -- i made good money.
8:33 am
but congress always knew that people were getting older and and for years -- older older for years. so they could've done something to change the amount people paid into social security. people talking is social security benefits. and i see how much blue cross now io pay for drugs and look at what they are paying in. i would like to know how much problem would be if congress would give up its staff. and let the government to negotiate with drug companies. host: thank you for your call.
8:34 am
we have to move on in a moment. but back to congress. it is a tremendous part of the path we are on right now. willy knows what policies control those policies. but purchasing based on value and not just the services provided. the drug issue was an issue that has a lot of complexities when it comes to this issue. but there are a lot of improvements i can be made which could bend the cost curve going forward. been shaiguest has
8:35 am
akabas. thank you for your time and insight this morning. it is monday, june 18. 1.5 hours left in this edition of "washington journal." when we come back, immigration take center stage in congress this week. we preview that with other highlights from lindsey mcpherson and rosie gray and a lot more of your calls. we will be right back. ♪
8:36 am
>> c-span. wher history unfolds daily. c-span was created as a public service by america's cable television companies. today, we continue to g you unfiltered coverage of congress, white house, supreme court, public policy events in d.c. and around the country. today c-span is brought to you by your cable or satellite provider. tonight on the communicators. last week's decision by a 85eral judge to approve the billion dollars merger of at&t and time warner. joining us to talk about the deal is the president of the american antitrust institute and joshua wright. >> no mention of market power.
8:37 am
that is really the key issue. how does it change a companies incentives and the ability to exercise greater market power. time --ve looked a long there isn't one in the modern era. i think whichever way the case came out and whichever way it -- the firstppeal vertical merger challenge in a long time -- i think that even though it is one district court decision, it does give it some degree of importance. other judges, should there be another vertical merger
8:38 am
who are looking around to see what the article three colleagues have done with these opinions can't miss this one because there is nothing else. watch the communicators on c-span 2. "> "washington journal continues. host: we take a look at the week ahead in congress and elsewhere with our two guests. our first guest is rosie gray from atlantic magazine. we also say good morning to .indsey mcpherson from rollcall let's start with lindsay. the a specter general's report came out last week on the senate side. who will be there and what are we looking for? the doj, michael horvitz,
8:39 am
will be there. andrew mccabe will also be there. answering questions and i think we are expecting democrats to continue to probe on the comey findings. it was found that comey was negligent in some of his decisions that were against normal policies. the attorney general or the to come outthe time and it announced the additional emails from the anthony weiner probes. so you have to prove what they the election at the end and i'm sure they will be asking questions along that line.
8:40 am
from the republicans, you should expect to hear about the text messages related to the officials,ith fbi also involved in the russian investigation, texting, showing bias against trump to show that they didn't want him to be elected. since those officials were involved in the russian investigation, i think the public will want to know whether there is bias in the russian investigation. host: lindsey graham from rosie gray from atlantic magazine. guest: the president's allies have used this as a munition and the ongoing case against the fbi. even though what the report says fbi behavedthe actually benefited hillary clinton in the end. basically it played into the long-running narrative that the white house has pushing the biased -- not
8:41 am
acting virtually. and trump is pushing the message that it exonerates him and the russia probe that it isn't about the russia probe. it is about the investigation into the clinton emails. phone numbers are on the bottom othe screen for our guests. lindsey mcpherson and rosie gray. we invite your calls and will listen when they come in. once these hearings are done, what is next in this case and story? guest: i think republicans have beeng fo askinmore documents. the russia probe and they are expecting those soon. and if they don't get them soon then they warned they will start to do something here. and there are different members on the conservative side who have previously called for impeachment of the deputy attorney general, rob rosenstein, if he can't deliver what he is legally obligated to
8:42 am
commit to congress. so i think they have a couple of weeks he to deliver before ress starts questioning them . as far as the clinton probe, i'm not sure how much further they want to go beyond these hearings. i guess it depends on what they reveal in the hearings. host: how will the white house use these hearings to its advantage the rest of this year and beyond? guest: it depends on how it goes but these hearings will be part of the push to show that there is bias against trump in the justice department and the fbi. it indicates that there should be some sort of reshuffling at the department of justice, which is that something trump has done yet that is something that has been suggested through the air that he could potentially do at some point. let's get immigration on
8:43 am
the table before we go to our first call for our two guests. the house is supposed to be taking up to immigration bills this week. and it was off again and then on again. the first layout, two bills that the house is considering, what do they do? guest: very similar in the border security aspect. there is a bill by the house judiciary committee. it goes further on the enforcement side. and then there is the compromise bill that moderates and conservatives have sat in a room for the past two weeks and negotiated. they both provide for money for the wall. one of the big differences is that this bill only authorizes the money and the other one, the compromise bill, provides an advanced appropriation of the money. the big difference is on the dock aside, how they treat those populations. daca side, how they
8:44 am
treat those populations. them at thedes ability to stay here with her deportation but it never provides a path to citizenship that the compromise bill provides six years of daca and the abilitto apply for a merit-based visa which would lead to a path for citizenship. host: taking you back to the white house when the president was followed by a bunch of reporters as he was heading over it was askedx, it if he agreed with the policy of children being separated from parents. here ia look. ? i hate children being taken away. the democrats have to change their law. quiet. quiet. that is the democrats law. we could change this tonight. do -- democrats have to
8:45 am
>> you control that. need 60 votes. we need 10 votes and we can't get them from the democrats. you can't do that with executive order. one question at a time. can be taking care of quickly and beautifully and immediately but the democrats force that law upon our nation. i hate it. i hate seeing separation of parents and children. the democrats could come to us as they actually are -- in all fairness, we are talking to them -- and they could change the border security. we need border security. of catch andt rid release.
8:46 am
we have to change la. democrats have controlled because we don't have the votes. republicans need more republicans. which is why the we will do so well in the midterms. guest: -- rosie gray now from the atlantic -- the president saying he might not signed either of the house bills. that said people scrambling. the white house walks that back late last week. where is the white house now on the bills? there has been mixed messages about the bills, as far as the white house decision on them. he does go to the hill tomorrow afternoon to meet with house republicans about this. and i think we will have a lot morety tn. as far as the message with the family separation situation that is happening. the clip you just showed, that showed him blaming it on the
8:47 am
democrats. but there has been a pattern of trump and white house official shifting the blame to other parties, democrats or congress not being able to come together and trump actually could end this if you wanted to. the implication is that it has become a point of leverage in these negotiations on the hill. let's go to tony. we are talking about the week ahead. go ahead. caller: good morning. i have a couple of quick points here. first of all, blaming the democrats for their policies that he is putting forth with the immigration? we all know that is a bunch of baloney. so the republicans are in charge of everything now. number one. number two, i don't know why nobody is pushing back against him blatantly lying? nobody is pushing back on this.
8:48 am
i find that troubling. republican, democrat, independent. a lie is a lie. investigation, when they want to keep saying -- it started with papadopoulos and how can they didn't ever say that this was something that was troubling to me? if they were investigating hillary clinton, i don't care if she did wrong. put her in jail. thator them not to say trump was under investigation also, i find that troubling. host: lindsey mcpherson, the two bills you described earlier, where is paul ryan? guest: he has provided no guarantee that either measure will pass. this bill has been out there for
8:49 am
months but they have not brought it to the floor is because they don't believe it does have the votes to pass. speakerromise bill, the says he hopes it will pass they are not sure. they delay this amid the confusion over the president's position after he said he certainly would not sign that bill. so they will revisit that after he visits with the conference tomorrow night. after the company meeting they will see if it happens. host: let's go to sears in milwaukee. good morning. good morning. rosie gray -- she commented nationalhat only
8:50 am
reopening the emails investigation, she said it helps clinton and she misspoke, it hurts clinton. secondly, i am concerned about the socialy ficit. and what would be the best thing to do to correct that? a large income, you only pay social security taxes on a tiny percentage. get more benefits back havea poor person w taxes on all of their income? right you are absolutely that i did miss being, it did not benefit hillary clinton. guest: the ways and means committee has had an impact. republicans feel strongly about entitlements. they have been working on democrats working with that.
8:51 am
there needs to be entitlement changes before congress take that up. jeff froms go to mississippi. caller: my comment is on the discussion about illegal immigration. everything that is going on -- in the't they put -- system? lawyers have to have verification? [indiscernible] that was slow down the illegal crossing because -- that is common sense. host: what is the status of e-verify? guest: it was in the bill and it butd've made it mandatory my understanding is that they take it out of the bill before
8:52 am
they vote this week and the house will take up a separate bill in july. host: rosie gray from the atlantic, can you remind us what the the pillars are president has talked about. the wall, border people areure that entering through legal ports of entry -- i'm blanking right now. bil onas immigration the hill, he will be looking for part --ings to be able to be a part of them. but there is a question over and he can accomplish
8:53 am
supporting the compromise bill a topic this week. the wall with the mexican border. the diversity visa program, limits on family immigration. and we also had stories last bek that the president might willing to shut the government down later this year if he doesn't get money for the wall. is that realistic? guest: they talked about this before. i don't think we could rule out think -- ig but i don't think it is necessarily at the top of mind at this moment. host: let's go to meet. caller: one thing i'm waiting theyour wisconsin is supreme court decision. because we had e f the state legislature with
8:54 am
gerrymandering. that is something that has been going on in different places across the country. so michigan or north carolina or , politicians have rigged the elections using gerrymandering so that people get out and vote for one party and the other party has seats when they shouldn't. i have seen this up close in milwaukee county itself. also statewide. so this is the undermining of democracy. it starts at the state level. and it can also go up to the house of representatives. either way it is a blot on democracy across the country. this ye and pennsylvania, we saw when the state supreme court ruled that it could have a big effect on the elections. a lot of people running back to the democrats, the court true
8:55 am
the map so we have the supreme court decision that could affect a lot of other states. more action in washington this week in clues the defense authorization bill. picking up in the senate this afternoon. the hill has this headline that the senate is bracing for a trump showdown over a chinese giant, what was the arrangement that the president made with the chinese and why does that cause so much chris pratt? -- cause so much push back? has raise questions over whether the president has played improperly with business deals. moreis also becoming germanic because we are in the
8:56 am
midst of a heightened trade conflict with china. the president imposing tariffs and the chinese responding. the situation with china is becoming more heightened. explain how this plays out on the senate floor? it is in a manager's amendment. the ministration has asked the senate to remove it. and so thatrs have shown no sign in doing that. saying that there is not a strong case were that. it looks like it will house -- it will pass in the senate. it would have to be resolved in a conference committee. host: then what does this move onto? the firsty take on package of appropriations bill. it is three packages that include a measure for military construction and affairs.
8:57 am
the congress budget and energy and water. any major issues with those? in the house there is an issue with the funding. they're looking at the senate as the guide on this. the house has been able to this with primarily republican support. back tofore we get calls. we talked about the president's insistence on funding the border wall. when it comes to a spending bill , what priorities does the president have? guest: of art from the border wall, i think theresident sure onke to -- i'm not the details of each of the specific bills. a high border wall is priority. to make sure want
8:58 am
there is a certain amount of money going to the defense and i'm not sure on the exact civics -- exact specifics. i wanted to ask rosie gray, what is her evidence that stephen miller is the reason th thearation of families?uation guest: i point you towards the new york story -- the new york times story in which stephen miller defense policy and the times reports he has been behind the scenes, pushing this at the white house. host: you sound skeptical. the new york times, did you notice who their sources were? these days, i am a little
8:59 am
skeptical about sources whether they are anonymous and his stephen miller the only one in in supportouse to is of this policy? it sounds like they are all against it but they have been it, am i enforce wrong? guest: there are certainly other thegration hubs in president, including the president himself. as far as the policy, you are correct that not everyone in the trump administration necessarily supports this. there is a split in the republican party in general over this. but it is also true that the administration could decide to stop separating the families if they chose. it isn't the democrats forcing these separations to happen. host: preston, you are on the line. wondering where
9:00 am
someone finds the requirements for the rules on entering our country? host: why do you ask? caller: well, i don't know what they're required to know or not. i don't appreciate the fact that my telephone on something it says to press one for english. which it should be our countries language regardless. people that come in, whether or not they are legal, i know that some of the children have to have tutors in school. they get medical treatment. they get food stamps. they get a lot of privileges just because they're here. and another thing i've always wondered, like mexico, these are centuries-old countries. they have gold. they have things in their countries. why is it that we come a one of the youngest countries, has to support half of the world?
9:01 am
these people have their own things to deal with just two there is, but somehow it comes down to the aricans supporting the world because they expected, and we do it. host: all right. lindsay, want to take that one? available if you just google immigration laws. i'm sure you can find it online. thell just say republicans, what they are looking to do this week is not change every law on the books. they are trying to beef up enforcement to make it harder to cross illegally, as well as once people are here, to make people -- to make sure they can catch people. host: what has been the role of the democrats so far with these immigration bills, and what might they be in the weeks ahead? republicans have been
9:02 am
negotiating on their own. democrats aren't really involved in these negotiations. negotiations were born out of discharge petitions about moderate republicans forced to vote on other bills more supported by democrats. thatrats did sid discharge on to make sure measures got to the floor. actually havethey the votes this week. they basically can say we oppose the bill, and mitch mcconnell that have no incentive to take it up if it is not going to pass. host: how potent have the democrats been in recent days? do they matter much to this debate? certainly they've raised the profile on the separation of the border issue. that is addressed to some degree in the republican bill. the settlement in the court case republicans p oint to as one of the recent
9:03 am
separation is occurring. because children can be put in a safer spot when their parents are attained, that is why they've been separated. that's what republicans are pointing to. democrats believe the administration can change it on their own. there are different viewpoints on that. certainly have raised the profile of it. it was all over the sunday shows. that is what they were all talking about this weekend. there's a lot of pressure for the admin efficient to address this. how much is this impacting the white house? >> it is certainly calling issue -- calling attention to the issue of family separation. it is becoming a really hot button issue that clearly could have some impact in the midterms. -- democrats seemly
9:04 am
certainly seem to think it could have an impact on the midterms. host: melania trump and laura bush were active over the weekend. op-ed inh wrote an ."he washington post "i know there are good people at all level of government who can do better to fix this." we can also that melania trump's tweet on the air as well. her office put out this tweet. "mrs. trump hates to see children separated from their families. she believes we need to be a country that follows all laws, but also a country that governs with heart." >> both of those are notable on different levels. the laura bush op-ed is part of what i referred to earlier. there is starting to be more push back in the republican world against this.
9:05 am
melania trump very rarely comments on policy, so it is notable in that regard. it is definitely a critique of what they are doing, although it is still her wording that both sides need to come together to fix it together. it is not a fairly a criticism of her husband, but it definitely indicates distance between her and this particular initiative. host: the president is up and tweeting. "why don't the democrats give us the vote to fix the world's worst the -- world's worst immigration laws? where is the outcry for the killings and crime being caused by gangs and thugs, including ms 13, coming into our country illegally?" caller: i want to know why the media keeps putting donald ismp's blatant lies that it
9:06 am
the democrat laws causing the separation at the border. earlier on call in the deficit talk. donald trump has been in office for 512 days. 158 of those days have been spent at his properties. 116 of them at his golf properties. these are definite, verifiable facts. i want know why the american people have to pay for him to and trashity to go the people that he doesn't like, and imocrats and whoever, just think the media is definitely messing up showing donald trump daily telling his lies, that it is democrat law that has caused this problem. i thank you for your time. but one more thing i want to
9:07 am
say. host: callback after about 30 days. i'm sure some other issues will come into your mind. we do want to move on. let's go to lindsay mcpherson. can you pick apart this whole issue the color brought up, where the president is blaming the democrats for the laws that are in place now? can you give us a little bit of the modern history so we can understand this better? >> there is a human trafficking law they point to. i am not super familiar with it. the fact that we haven't seen this until recently suggest that thlaws a noto blame. other presidents certainly didn't use those laws to take this approach. the attorney general jeff sessions with the zero tolerance policy, that has caused more
9:08 am
detention of the parents, that has caused more separation of the children. the detention where the parents are being held, sometimes the jails and stuff, is too restrictive to put the children in. they can put them in a less restrictive place. the republican bill would make it so that they can be detained together, but that puts the children in jail with their parents. it is a catch-22. but there are different laws you can point to. the point is we didn't really see this in mass force until the attorney general's decision, so it is hard to point to anything but that is the main cause. host: that last caller also took issue with how the president spends his time. we know he is headed to duluth, minnesota for a ral will that be typical as to what we've seen in these rallies? how does the crowd look? why is he going to minnesota?
9:09 am
>> from time to time he's done these campaign rallies around the country. he did one in nashville recently. are again tohey the sort of rallies he held during the election. areas typically where he has a lot of support and a lot of his fans come out. it is a sort of exercise in maintaining his bond with his base and pushing a lot of his issues i also think it is something he -- you know, he clearly sort of enjoys doing these rallies. host: anything else you can add about the president's schedule this week? a meeting involving the naonal space council y. he is going to the hill tomorrow afternoon. he's got some stuff on thursday that i am completely not remembering now. host: let's hear from thomas in
9:10 am
texas, republican caller. good morning. caller: good morning, america. how can you pass a military budget and they don't even want $9 billion because they are not even asking for $9 billion,ut we are autho $9 billion? for central, you would have to go down there and kick almost every american company out of their. columbia has legalized marijuana. i think they are going to make $5 billion this year. and people are moving back to mexico, if you look at the stats. thank you. host: let's hear from edwin in chicago. good morning. caller: good morning. i'd like to ask two of your reporters that are there. why isn't every news
9:11 am
organization which can be in contact with each other at the snap of a finger, why aren't all of them taking the day and coming out and saying the separation of young children will have anrents effect that will last with them all of their lives? that we has aible particular place in texas where they have two-year-old children that are walking around with no one able to take and change their pamper or give them the comfort they need? if you are a parent, you know that if a child gets excited or frtrated, the normally will use the bathroom. that means they are walking around with stained pampers, which is not only detrimental to their health, but also to the people around them.
9:12 am
and we all know that the president can stop this by saying stop. so why aren't all the news organizations coming together, take a day, and to say we will not stand for this> pressure from the outside can stop this president from taking advantage of people who are coming from another country, asng to tace that they can have a better life. host: thank you for calling. to our guests come explain what is in the president's control ontrol on thisc issue. >> this is part of the zero tolerance policy that attorney general jeff sessions is at the helm of. my understanding is that they now treat -- there is a push to prosecute anyone who comes into the country illegally. once that happens, they start
9:13 am
prosecuting and the children are considered unaccompanied minors and are kept separately. lindsay talked about some of the rer this, which facilities they can be sent to. lindsay might able to speak more knowledgeably about what congress is able to do. >> congress could pass a stand-alone bill. dian feinstein has one. i believe there are some ght ur t introduced in the house this weekend. there is that provision to roll back the settlement on the lease restrictors on the payment detainment the silly these. certainly -- detainment facilities. certainly nancy pelosi believes the administration can change it just like this, and snapped her fingers. i democrats beeve leslation is a necessary.
9:14 am
house republicans and senate republicans i think are starting to feel the pressure, so i expect action in congress on this probably within the next couple of weeks before the july 4 recess. host: here are some tweets from secretarhouston nielsen, the ,hs -- terry kiersten nielsen the dhsretary the miss by members, press and advocacy groups must stop. it is irresponsible and unproductive. if you are seeking asylum for your family, there is no reason to break the law and enter illegally. you're not breaking the law by seeking asylum at the port of entry. we do not have a policy of separating families at the boer period. seeking asylum, we have continued the policy from previous administrations and will only separated child is in
9:15 am
danger, there is no custodial relationship between family members, or if the adult is not present." don't --true that they there isn't necessarily a policy that says children must be separated from the parents. the separations are a result of this zero-tolerance, sort of a byproduct. but it is sort of, there's a lot rospective or tweets on that because it is a sort of de facto policy. host: george in columbus, new jersey. independent. good morning. caller: good morning. basically a to say lot of billionaires have come out in favor of universal basic income. basically a this is
9:16 am
graduated capitalism where our is ready to retire or moved to the next level of capitalism. also, as far as the immigrants , we have embassies in their countries, so why don't we use our embassies? if they want to come to our country, we could use -- if we ,now where they are coming from we should make it so that they can get a visa before they can come to our country in the country where they came from. know where they
9:17 am
are coming from. host: thanks for calling. anything you want to add? come, universal basic in that is not really my area. i am not really if i completely understood your point about embassies, but certainly there are legal ways of trying to come that oneited states can begin doing from one's home country. >> there are ways to apply from your home country. i think that some people just don't want to wait. the process takes a long time, especially if yodon't meet some of the qualifications for employment visas and stuff. that is an individual decision, i guess. host: let's get some other issues on the table for our viewers. the bill is something we will be looking at as a revote later this week.
9:18 am
remind us what happened with the farm bill, when it came up, and what might happen this week. is proposed byl democrats -- is opposed by democrats because of the changes it makes to nutrition and work requirements for able-bodied adults to qualify. without their support, republicans had to get it on their inside. some moderates oppose the work requirement issue as well as have voted against it. on the other half you have little more than a dozen -- conservatives pu are opposing it is to make a point about immigration. tieervatives are trying to the goodlatte bill to the floor over the farm bill and didn't get quite the commitment they were hoping for, so they voted against the farm bill. host: where is the senate in this process? >> i believe the senate has
9:19 am
marked it up and is going to be voting on it before the july 4 recess. if they vote on the goodlatte enoughhat is going to be for the republicans to vote on the farm bill on friday. host: the house has been working on many opioid related bills in the. last week -- in the last week. what has the white house said about their priorities in tackling the problems of opioids in this country? >> this is something they have spoken about quite a bit command something kellyanne conway spoke about quite a bit. i think they've addressed it as the major crisis that is.
9:20 am
cannot sure to what extent be addressed legislatively versus other means. it is something the white house has at certain points made a priority. host: was behind the strategy of many, many different bills as opposed to packaging them together at something pele can look at, one may be big bil that deals with the issue? >> allows individual members to sponsor each of these individual bills. that looks good for political is put outuch money by congress in these bills to deal with the issue? what are the significa policy
9:21 am
matters happening? i'mnot sure offhand -- >> not sure offhand if there is any money but in these bills. they would still have to be appropriated. i haven't looked too closely at the details. callslet's get a few more in and wrap things up for this hour. alan from misery. death from missouri -- from missouri. you are on the line. to remindwould like everybody that republicans and democrats are supposed to be citizens of the united states of america. i am against separating children from their families. i don't think that' r. i am a little bit worried about keepsident that
9:22 am
blaming past administrations for what he is responsible for now. host: any questions for either of our guests? one covers the white house. one covers the hill. caller: no. host: let's go to daniel in minnesota. caller: yes. my dad was a green beret and war too, and i am next instead of land, handed down to a government entity was would devastatingly take it away, as far as what all got going on by actuality, they are just going by how they filter at all. like, the name tag beyond
9:23 am
the doors, that is where i'm lost. it gets me to where i am not any help at all in the last three years supporting it. the guy was last of kin at his propty. as far as doing what i have to , that is what the country needs as far as something as far as patriotic and coming right from the heart. that is coming from the heart because my dad would be here farm, and i'm from country. and i can't do anything. understanding that come eyes you can actually relate to the problem before, then that is what i'm all about. host: so what is your message to
9:24 am
cong and the white house this week? caller: listen up, and chain of command doesn't really matter as long as you got the topics and issues handled. stuff when i with can't go into myncesrs heritage or geniality. we get the point. he is telling everybody to listen up and do something. >> i think a lot of people in this country fth w about a lot of different issues. host: let's take one last call from new jersey. democratic caller. caller: good morning. i'm calling about the immigration problem that we seem to have now made worse with this zero-tolerance policy. is that there's no way we should
9:25 am
be separating minor children from their mother, their father at the southern border -- separating migrant children from their mother, their father at the southern border. it is not helping their psychological development and it doesn't really protect us as we protect them together. i also think that this policy, regardless of what congress does -- and they seem to be better at not doing been doing -- will disappear shortly after the november election. i think this policy is simply get theident trying to vote from his base in november. it will have either done that or failed to have done that the day after elections, and it will disappear from the horizon and probably will be implemented at all. but the damage done to the
9:26 am
children, the parents, and the cost of such a venture are going to be laid on the backs of the american people. get ak we need to just sensible immigration policy and follow it. host: all right. thank you to everybody who called for this hour. we have time for one final thought from each of our guests. but go to what you will be looking for out of the white house this week. >> i would just make a larger not many ofhow these colors have been talking about the family separation issue. i think that shows how much of a hot topic it is and how much it is going to have to be a priority in both. the administration and the hill to address >> in the house it is a big deal that they are going to vote on an immigration bill, an issue that has long divided republicans in the house.
9:27 am
the fact that they are taking action is a big step they ve not done a long time. outeeing how that all plays will be interesting, and it does relate to the family separation issue. if these bills fail, they might look to move something individual. i don't think the last caller pointed out that congress is willing to play this out all the way till the election because there are some horrible republicans. are guests have been lyndsay mcpherson for "roll call and rosie gray. thank you both for your time this morning when we come back, we will do some open phones. you can respond to anything you've heard on the program today. the numbers top call. we will also take your comments on social media. we will be right back with more of your calls. ♪
9:28 am
announcer: tonight on "the communicators," last week's decision by a federal judge approving the $85 billion merger . of at&t and time warner joining us to talk about the deal, diana moss, president of the american antitrust institute, and josh will write of george mason university's global antitrust institute. >> how does the merger change incentives and exercise -- and ability to exercise law? >> we've looked at long time to .ind a vertical merger opinion after a litigated case to teach the students there isn't one in
9:29 am
the modern era. i think whatever way this case the firstand even litigated opponent in a merger challenge in a long time i think , even though it is one district factory withone mostly one guy does give it some degree of importance. there should be another vertical merger challenge who are looking to see what their article three judicial colleagues have done in these opinions. can't miss this one because there's nothing else. announcer: watch "the communicators" tonight at 8:00 eastern on c-span2. host: open phones for this next half-hour on the rest of this monday edition of "washington
9:30 am
jourl." love because cuppi and. jay to -- love the calls coming in. jayna is on the republican line. caller: i would just like to point out to the previous s, i would caller like to ask them, did they not listen to what the president told the reporters, that the bill was in the congress and he could not get enough votes from the democrats to pass the bill? yet they keep calling in and saying a previous obama bill is the president's's fault when the democratic congress won't cooperate with him? how could they legitimately blame this on president trump? host: where do you? think this is all going -- where do you think this is all going? .aller: to hell [laughter]
9:31 am
host: simply put. charlie. caller: thanks for taking my call. i would just like to say that the immigration thing, most of the congress and senators -- not all of them that are bought and paid for by corporate and banking interests. .hey don't care about illegals or the american citizens -- illegals were ameran citizens. they only care about the bottom lines. they don't care about how many citizens they send into poverty. that is exactly what is going on. most of these young people can't find jobs today when they get out of college. they don't exist anymore. they are having to work in restaurants waiting tables. i talked to them all the time. now they need the wall, they
9:32 am
need e-verify, and you need to ship all these illegals back home. they don't belong here. host: host: caller from north carolina there as we took a look at the u.s. capitol. the senate's back in today at 3:00 eastern time. on the agenda, final action on the defense authorization bill. is been on that for well over a week now. we understand the senate will move on to individual spending military affairs in the house. back tomorrow to on more opioid bills this week we think there might be some butgration bills for vote, it is not officially. on the schedule as we just talked about, a revote of the farm bill expected this friday. sylvia in virginia, republican. caller: thank you.
9:33 am
i don't believe we need to be blaming this on republicans and trump. when he to blame this on the leaders of the people coming from those countries. i think president trump and the congress needs to be talking to those countries to find out why they are coming here in droves. just like we talked to china, we and to talk to honduras wondering why these people are in such bad shape. that is all i have to say. host: do you think those countries will be listening to the message and perhaps do something about the issues there? caller: be embarrassed by these dear people trying to come over here. they are sick. they are not feeling well. . they need jobs. it makes those countries look horrible, not us. thank you. host: bill is in georgia, democratic caller. caller: thank you for taking my call. i was calling about the immigration.
9:34 am
tactics thethe same republicans are using, the nra. they would remove my child from my cold, dead hands. host: anything else? no.: but that is the approach we need to take. they need to be as serious about this as they are with their guns. host: on to jackie now in eastlake, ohio. caller: hi. thank you for taking my call. we have a president who enjoys the company of dictators and despots. he wants to be one. donald trump wants to be a dictator. host: how do you know that, jackie? caller: all you have to do is look at it. presidentred with putin.
9:35 am
kim jong-un. the calls them a sweet and wonderful man. nose at g7 he snubs his allies that have stood with us, died with us in wars, and turned his back on them. as an american citizen, i said here an old lady. i've been around a long time and i've seen a lot of presidents. but never in my life have i seen a man turn on his allies and embrace his adversaries like donald trump. it is wrong. it is immoral. one of these days we are going to need these friends again and they are not going to be there. then what? do you think putin is going to
9:36 am
help us out, or come in and help donald trump further destroy our republic? thank you for listening. ariff terror is the lead editorial in "the washington times" this morning. "it is the rule of the busy streets of new york that if you don't like getting jostled, stay home. the man who moved from new york city to the white house started shaking up everything to disrupt the nuclear games of kim jong-un. the two men have returned from the first meeting of their mutual admiration society. if the u.s. and north korea can set aside their historical and ty and-- historical enmi ms rather than trading punch for punts, they
9:37 am
should accept the challenge to get to a trading system with no tariffs."o tony is calling from santa clarita, california. host: canada should not be in the g7. brazil has a way bigger economy. if canada loses general motors and chrysler, they are going to go down to the mexico gdp level and brazil is going to be even way bigger. this past week, president trudeau says he wants to nationalize the ketone pipeline. that is part of the reason they are up there so they can bring in their own metal and trucks or heavy equipment to build that thing. they are going to have to pay a big tax on everything they bring in here to try to build. host: ok. joy is calling from savannah, georgia. caller: yes. on my mind is where is the outcry for children that are familiesm legal
9:38 am
because they try to discipline their kids, and if a teacher or anyone says that a child has a bruise on them, they show up at your door, snatch your crying children out of your arms, and you have to pay money to get your children back and prove your innocence. where is the outcry for that? i would like to know. we've had those experiences before, and these children suffer as much as the illegal children on the borders suffer when they are taken. that is what i want to say about that. host: terri has been waiting in boone, iowa. and is in a collar. hello. caller: glad to be on. what part of it illegal to people not understand? about thesey and children, but the law says if
9:39 am
you come here illegally, we are going to separate you kill we figure this out -- separate you till we figure this out. is a criminal in the united states has children, what happens to those children? they are separated from their parents because they did something illegally. why is that any different than a person crossing our border where we have places of entry where they can come legally for asylum to say i want to be an american citizen legally with their children, but yet they choose to come in places where it is we say, and then when you are here illegally, everybody out ties -- everybody outcries and says we can do that. then quit breaking the law or change the law. it is that simple. we just need our congressmen and senators to change the laws, put it in writing, and enforce it. that is the problem with
9:40 am
america. we make laws and we don't enforce them. host: that is terry. a remindethprident is headed to capitol hill tomorrow to talk with house republicans about those immigration bills they have planned on debating later this week. we understand the meeting is about 5:00 or 5:30 this afternoon. here is a "new york post" headline. as aeast five people dead border patrol vehicle crashes. ad suv carrying more than dozen people crashed while fleeing from border control agents in south texas. the suv went out of control at more than 100 miles per hour and overturned, ejecting the folks that were inside.
9:41 am
most of the occupants were believed to be living in a country without legal permission ." a driver and one passenger believed to be u.s. citizens, both in custody. paul is in frankfort, illinois. good morning. caller: good morning. i agree with the democrats with this one i believe we need as many refugees and illegal immigrant laborers as possible. what it does is great for the economy. everybody soes for that corporations and business owners and shareholders make more money. are the tens of millions of working class americans. and who really cares about them? it is about making more money.
9:42 am
we need more and more of these illegals and refugees to come into this country and break our law because that is what the country is about. it is about corrupt politics. it is a good thing for the country. it lowers wages for all of us so it brings us down to latin american standards, which is where we want to be, right? host: john from pennsylvania. democratic caller. caller: yes. how are you? during the civil war, there were white poor people and middle-class people fighting to keep slaves in the slave states, and they were illegal immigrants brought here as slaves. member that -- remember that? white people are calling today about these broad people coming across the border and their children being illegals. there is something wrong here. the whole dichotomy of the argument doesn't make any sense. they fought a war to keep the
9:43 am
slave states. what happened to that argument? now all of a sudden the argument has changed around. we are the pro-lifers. where are they? i don't hear any of them calling up on your show. i will leave it for someone else to call now. host: thanks for calling. we will do this for about 15 more minutes,. talk about any public policy issues you would like. we would like to show you this tweet from aboard the c-span bus. withave arrived in alaska our cable partner gci. see you soon." bus, 45 feet long, is touring the state for the next few weeks. we will be hosting community events with our cable partner in producing programming for the
9:44 am
next few networks, including this program and our ongoing cities tour. follow the bus on our facebook page. , you canout this tour check it out at we hope you will join us. but go to tiny in -- let's go to tiny in brookshire, texas. are you with us? go ahead. good morning. host: if you could turn off the sound on your set we will hear you a lot better. caller: thank you for taking my call. good morning. happy belated father's day. children, i agree with
9:45 am
what donald trump is doing. president obama never should ve wrote in daca. he never should have done that. he broke the law by doing that. i wa president trump, if they do not have e-verify, if they do not have the wall, if they do not have the lotto or the family train migration, i don't want him to even signed the bill. right here in texas come our wanting to give the children a better place to live. he's going to tell them not to do it. so it is the democratic party because they accused the president at every turn. they don't want to help because they want to see this country go -- so theyy can say control us like north korea
9:46 am
does and all these other nations do. they do not want the u.s. to be a free nation. the democrats has never wanted free.s.a. to be >> i just have to comments. i have been against illegal immigration for quite a while. i am puerto rican by birth and i am active military. i traveled through south america and saw the poverty these people live in. i married a venezuelan. we were kind of here alone in the maryland area and said let's bring your mom over so she can help. we saw what the process is like for people that do want to go that legal route, and it changed my perspective. to get a visit at a u.s. consulate, to get seen to possibly get a visa to visit the u.s., you have to pay $160.
9:47 am
you go and look at the minimum wage and income of people around the world. that exchat most people make in a year. it is really difficult for peopleo y to come here legally. i get that now. at the same time, i am torn because there is a legal process. some people they don't have access to the border that do need to come here and are living in the same or even worse conditions can't simply cross the border and say i am here, having a bad situation, take me an. is a tricky subject that should be left of the people who have a higher intellect than some of us do. that is just my comment. host: all right, angel, thanks for calling. a tweet this morning from president trump. "we don't want what is happening with immigration in europe to happen with us!" other news outlets reporting this morning on the status of
9:48 am
the german government, particularly chancellor angela merkel. "merkel seeks eu crisis talks as migration rocks berlin coalition." electrical fights to a vertical axis -- to avert the collapse of her coalition government. she is locked in a battle with her longtime bavarian ally over how to handle the refugee crisis. social union, sister party of the christian democratic union come a was to give german police the power to turn away refugees at the border if they are already registered as a silent seekers in other eu countries. ms.missed markle blocked -- merkel blocked the proposal last week, setting off a fierce public spat with the interior minister and csu chairman. their disagreement has split
9:49 am
germany's conservative bloc dummy metal and raised questions over the future of merkel's coalition. caller: good morning. i am a little bit nervous. host: take your time, tony. used to work with a lot of hispanic people. i went to school for quite a while to be a chef. there's a lot of hispanic people that work in the kitchen, for mexico and places like that, so i got to know them quite a bit. you get to understand them. they want toit is come here to work, and they want to pay them cheap wages. if you ever watch that movie "selma" with martin luther king, i think he said it the best. rich people want to divide us.
9:50 am
is bythey divide us hiring illegals. when they hire illegals. , they pay them cheaper wages when they pay them cheaper wages , hispanic people take the wages because they are used to cheaper wages. they take the jobs. that is what we are working against as whites and blacks minimum and -- black men and women. hispanics take the jobs. and rich people know that. whenoor people get upset they take the jobs, but they just trying to feed their family, just like white and black people are just trying to feed their family. that is why they are coming across that border, and that is why people are getting upset with them. but you got to realize they are just trying to feed their family just like we are trying to feed
9:51 am
our family. that is why rich people are hiring them. look at the chicken people. tyson chicken, purdue chicken. that is who hires them. look at restaurants. that is who hires them. you look in nearly 1990's when the democratic party was in charge. they made it where they can join unions. if you didn't want them people here, they wouldn't be here. host: all right, tony. going to let you go. we do want to get a few more calls in before we wrap up. want to remind you about some of our live coverage today. we will be on the senate side of capitol hill for a hearing of the senate judiciary committee at 2:00 p.m. today. it is the inspector general report on the 2016 election that came out last week from michael horowitz over at justice.
9:52 am
he will be joined by fbi director christopher wray. that is on this network live at 2:00 p.m. if you miss it, we will area tonight at 10:00 p.m. there's also a house hearing happening tomorrow morning you can watch on c-span3 live. lots of action from the committees on that ig report this week. jeremy, ohio republican. good morning. caller: thanks. it is such a privilege to get on. i actually just have two little comments. one, i was wanting to talk about .rump and how proud i am of him we had the last president. some people loved him, some people hate him. but i was afraid about our border issue. anybody and everybody was allowed to come through our borders, and it was quite scary
9:53 am
because all the isis stuff was going on. asce trump has got in president, you don't see and hear that stuff as much anymore in our country. i feel a lot safer with prident trump. i think he has really showed that he is serious about what he would do to them if they continue on being a threat that they was to our country. it seems like it has basically went away. just a couple years ago we were all stockpiled in our basements. i was. all this canned food. and i don't feel that threat in our country anymore. that is a. big improvement to me i feel like -- that is a big improvement to me. i feel like it as a whole different world since trump got in office. i am not sure why the democratic party wants to wipe this guy out.
9:54 am
he just wants to help our country be a better place, and the democrats want to wipe them out. i'm not sure about that. host: all right, thanks for calling. president trump, by the way, is attending the space council meeting today. he is going for the first time to be part of a public meeting of the white house's top the council, underscoring a personal commitment to the human exploration of the moon and eventually mars. "it is intended to highlight and help boost momentum for joint explorationvernment concepts." if there is any coverage out of that, we will bring it to you. charles is calling from texas. caller: sure. i wanted to comment on the children being separated from the parents. we separate the children when we go out on a drug bust and pick
9:55 am
up the parents. we don't let the kids go with them. i don't understand why everybody is so upset about them separating those children from the parents. they are illegals and they are violating the law. we just have to try to take care of those little children to we can get them with someone that will take care of them. that is what they are trying to do. -- if they are concerned about their children, they should not bring them with them when they crossed the border. those kids don't have a choice. our drug along through the brush and every other place and kept out there in hiding. host: your calling on the democrats line, correct? caller: yes. host: ok. what do you think the answer should be here? is it something the president or congress should be doing now? host: know.
9:56 am
i don't know what they could do except for what they are doing now. we don't know who they are or where they are coming from or anything. host: ok. julie is on the line from st. louis. republican caller. hiler: high c-span -- c-span. the more people we take in, the more will come. this is a never-ending situation. we have enough people on welfare without allowing more to go on welfare. andink president trump attorney general sessions are great for facing up to this problem. i hope people will support them. thank you. host: down to our last couple of calls here. stacy is in silver spring, maryland on the independent line. caller: hello. believe that taking
9:57 am
the children away is wrong. they need their parents. and -- host: keep going, scy i think we lost stacy. let's go to linda in north carolina. another independent color. caller: i would like to respond asked wheree that were all the pro-lifers on this question of the children being separated? yes, it is terrible that the children are separated, but it amazes me that no one ever talks about the children who are ombdered in their mothers' w in the abortion. these children aren't being murdered.
9:58 am
they are being cared for. but thank you for taking my call. host: thanks for your dissipation of the program. now to arizona, democratic line. it is jake. caller: how are you doing? we don't need a wall on the border. there is a wall that has been there for 80 years, and the wall haam was going to give licenses to all these drug dealers, but he didn't say what sentence he was going to give to the employers hiring all these illegals. i think $5,000 ahead would do it first time. second time, $10,000 a head. once it's come here and find out there's no work, rumors spread quickly to mexico. the rumor will go to mexico, there's no jobs in the united states. they won't come over. drugs, take care of the
9:59 am
we could use technology. drones, helicopters, borders control. but we don't have to hire 10,000 border patrolman. it is already done. host: elizabeth from aten island. you get the last word this morning. caller: thanks for having me. this is pretty disturbing to me. would like to mention three quick things. about three months ago, i saw on andnews in new york city -- we get various news programs -- i saw the honduran election there is protest in honduras right now because there was someone put in leadership who was backed by the u.s. trump said that he wasn't going ,o meddle in people's elections wasn't going to get involved in
10:00 am
foreign affairs that way. but the republican party had a history of in chile and i believe in the980's, it is very similar to what just recently happened in honduras, what has been going on in other countries's electio, and no one is talking about why these migrants are coming to the border. and some of it involves america's hand in people's elections. i wish the media would talk a little bit more about that. host: thank you for calling this morning. we are out of time. thanks to everybody who called. the conversation continues tomorrow, 7:00 eastern, "washington journal"," as it does every day so we will see you back your tomorrow, and enjoy the rest of your day. ♪
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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2018] >> here is what is ahead today. joining us this afternoon when the justice department's inspector general michael horowitz and christopher wray testified before the senate judiciary committee on the i.t.'s report on the guy handling of the clinton investigation and the 2016 election. tomorrow there is more from the justice department's inspector general michael horowitz. he will be testifying before the house oversight and government reform committee. you can see live coverage of that beginning 10:00 a.m. online atd also or listen with the free c-span radio app. looking at the agenda for congress this week,'s senate is back today at 3:00 p.m. eastern to continue to debate on
10:02 am
legislation that authorizes $716 billion for defense programs and responsibilities in 2019. today, p.m. eastern senators will vote on final passage and whether to move forward on the spending package for energy and water projects. also be a operations in 2019 -- v.a. operations in 2019. also combating the opioid epidemic. it is possible members will take up border security legislation and also hold another vote on the farm bill, which failed to pass last month by a 15 vote margin. house live one c-span and see the senate on our company network c-span 2. finally, coverage on a forum around leadership around the world and programs on the u.s. economy and national security. among the speakers, madeleine albright, tom daschle, and barbara lee.
10:03 am
this event hosted by the u.s. global leadership coalition starts live today at 10:30 a.m. eastern on c-span 2. >> ton on the communicators, last week's decision by a federal judge of proving the $85 billion merger of at&t and time warner. joining us to talk about the deal, diana moss, president of the american antitrust institute, and joshua wright of george mason university's global antitrust institute. >> no mention of the word market power really in the decision. that is really the k i here. in a vertical merger and a horizontal merger, how does the ies'sr change the compan incentives and ability to exercise greater market power. >> i have an antitrust law casebook. we have looked a long time to find a vertical merger opinion after a fully litigated case to teach the students.
10:04 am
there is not one in the modern era. i think whatever way this case came out and even whichever way cppeal, again, should there be one, these are the first fully litigated opinions in a vertical merger challenge in a long time. i do think even though it is one district court judge, one specific opinion, and one industry for one proposed merger does give it some degree of importance. i think other judges, should there be another vertical merger challenge, while looking around to see what the article three judicial colleagues have done and these opinions cannot miss this one because there is nothing else. >> watch the communicators tonight at 8:00 eastern on c-span 2. republican strategist and former trump campaign advisor


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