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tv   Senate Republican Leaders News Conference  CSPAN  June 19, 2018 9:16pm-9:28pm EDT

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agree with us. they are feeling the heat. republicans are saying how bad this is. laura bush said how about this is. they are feeling the heat on this issue and they are squirming, as you saw a few minutes ago. last question. >> what you think of the republican charge that democrats just want to give people a get out of jail free card? it is not required to separate children to enact rule of law for everyone who crosses the border. everyone knows that. it was even done that way in the first year and a half of the trump administration. plain and simple. thank you.
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>> good afternoon. and all of the members of the republicanonference support a plan that keeps families together while their immigration status is determined. we discussed the need to fix the problem. i understand the president just .alled on us to fix the problem for that to occur in the senate would require multitude of discussions.
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senator cruz and others are working on it and we hope to reach out to the democrats and results, whichet and not justa law getting into a sparring back-and-forth that leads to no conclusion. >> we want to keep families together. some people have suggested the only way to do that is to not enforce the law, which i believe is a false choice. togetherep families while we expedite their ability to appear before an immigration judge. qualify, they get a benefit sooner.
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right now there is a backlog of immigration cases. we would move the families to the head of the line. in the interim, they would be in a safe and secure family we will, and hopefully get the problem addressed right away. my hope is this is not something that will happen over weeks or months, but over a matter of days. hopefully this week. we had a spirited discussion about the subject at lunch today and there is strong agreement upon -- among republicans that we need a solution that enforces the law and also a solution that allows families to stay together. i think we all agree the immigration system is broken and that a secure border is important.
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it is something we have been trying to get our colleagues on the other side to work with us to achieve. so far unsuccessfully. i think we all agree been to enforce the laws in the country. i am hoping that the democrats this time around will realize that the best path forward is to work with us in a bipartisan way to create a new law that addresses this problem and gets us to a solution and not just a political talking point. this is a real issue with real consequences. it is a byproduct of an immigration system that has broken for way too long. we need a solution that specifically addresses the problem we see on the border today. our members are in a serious way working together to try to come up with that.
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this is the six-month anniversary of the president signing the tax-cut law into effect. as a result, look at the gallup poll this past week that shows the satisfaction with the direction of the country is at a 12 year high. things, thee of the impact that the law has had. people are keeping more of their own money because of tax cuts. unemployment is at a low. consumer confidence is at an all-time high. this is a result of the tax law. satisfaction is that the president has taken us back from the brink of war as a
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result of a successful summit in singapore with kim jong-un. there is an optimism and positiveness. i think everybody knows it is better to get health insurance as part of a group. the department of labor is going to put out more specifics this week as to how that can happen. in missouri we have had the ability for small manufacturers to have their own associated health plan. it has worked great for them and it will work for people who work in restaurants. getting to be part of that group is a huge solution. if associated health plans are people will million
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get insurance as part of a group that do not have that option today. i look forward to seeing those plants come out this week. -- plans come out this week. this should be a bipartisan solution. i want to follow-up on accomplishments. put an end to the practice of fire borrowing. we traveled to southwest to visit the 416 1100 firefighters are on the scene right now, thanks to congress passing a bill that put an end to fire borrowing. they can make better decisions result of theas a passage of our legislation.
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it is saving structures on lives and that is one of the many accomplishments this congress has had. when you look at the family , do you feellicy that this is so onerous that it will be a problem? >> the president says we need to act, the democrats say we need to act, and we say we need to act. so we will act. this is a week where hopefully all of us can come together and fix the problem. clarify. to this will be a stand-alone bill just to address family separation? >> first we have to see if we can agree and then how to
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process it. you said senator hatch has called for a pause in the zero tolerance policy while you work on legislation. do you agree that there should be a pause in the policy near-term? >> i don't have anything to add right i think we need to fix the problem and it requires a legislative solution. we need to come together and fix it. this would be a narrow proposal. my assumption is, in order to fix this problem, you cannot fix all the problems. we have wrestled with this for a into februarywent wide open for an agreement and we couldn't reach one. this requires a solution.
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be ausly it would need to narrow agreement to fix the problem that needs to be fixed. >> the photographs and the audio of the children at the border [indiscernible] i have already said we need to fix the problem and we are going to work on it. i don't know how many times you want to hear me saying the same thing. a problem has arisen and we all know it needs to be fixed. an only way to guarantee agreement on this issue would be a narrow solution of this particular problem.
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announcer: on the senate floor, new jersey senator bob menendez joined democratic voices on speaking out against the policy on separating migrant children from their families. here's a look. >> mr. president, today at him here in condemnation of the inhumaneinistration's policy of separating children from their parents when they seek asylum at our southern border. i do so as the son of refugees who fled their homeland and came to his country because -- this country because they longed to be free. i am appalled


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