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tv   House GOP Leaders News Conference  CSPAN  June 20, 2018 7:11pm-7:35pm EDT

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eastern. texas democratic congressman vicente gonzalez discusses border security and u.s. immigration policy. then iowa republican congressman steve king talks about child separations. be sure to watch c-span's "washington journal" live at 7:00 eastern on thursday morning. join the discussion. >> house speaker paul ryan with other g.o.p. leaders held a news conference before president trump signed the executived orer that keeps families crossing the u.s. border illegally together. speaker ryan also talks about the immigration bill scheduled to be on the floor tomorrow and the six-month mark of passing tax cut legislation. this is about half an hour.
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speaker ryan: good morning, everybody. we do not want children taken away from their parents. we can enforce our immigration laws without breaking families apart. the administration says it wants congress to act and we are. tomorrow the house will vote on legislation to keep families together. under this bill, when people are being prosecuted for illegally crossing the border, families will remain together you should d.h.s. custody throughout the length of their legal proceedings.
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additional funding is also going to be made available so that d.h.s. has sufficient resources to house and care for families during this entire process. this is obviously something we discussed last night with the president at our conference and i hope that we would be able to pass this tomorrow. bottom line is this. we are going to take action to keep families together while we enforce our immigration laws. second, i want to provide an update on the steps that we have take ton grow our economy for working families. six months ago this week, six months ago this week, historic tax reform was passed and signed into law. in just this short time, we have started to see real results. tax reform has helped improve the lives of so many americans. which is exactly what we set out to do when we passed this in the first place. since it took effect, one million jobs have already been created. unemployment is at its lowest level in a half century. wages are rising. utility bills are going down.
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tax reform has been every bit the game changer that we are hoping, that we envisioned it would be. it has helped replace uncertainty with growing optimism. people are grow manager confident and in control of their futures. that's what this is all about. not just these six months, but six months after that, and six years after that. it is about creating an economy where it is possible for families living paycheck to paycheck to finally get ahead. it is about getting people in the land of opportunity and truly maximizing their potential. tax reform is a big start. it certainly was one of the biggest starts we could have had. but it doesn't mean we are done. we are going to continue working to strengthen this economy even more. so that working families can prosper. ms. mcmorris rgers: good morning. in addition, the people's house is continuing our work to combat the opioid epidemic, prevent addiction and stop the flow of fentanyl coming from china and mexico. these drugs are extremely dangerous and potent.
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and it underscores why it is so important that we stop these drugs at their source before they cross the border. at's another reason why border security and national security is a priority as we fix our broken immigration system. let me also be very clear. i do not believe the government should be separating families and children at the border. as you all know, the president was here yesterday and i'm encouraged by what our members put forward to ensure that we stop the practice of separating families, we keep our borders can secure, keep america safe and find a daca solution. the immigration issue is not going away. the president wants a solution. our members want a solution. the american people want a solution. so we ne solution. my priority right now is to be continuing to work with our members to find that solution. i want to switch gears a little also and remind everyone of the -- as the speaker did that friday is the six-month
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anniversary of the tax cuts and jobs act and in just six months, we've had over a million jobs created. wages are growing at the fassest rate since 2008. consumer confidence sup. small business owners are optimistic. we have record low unemployment. 3.8%. it's the lowest we have seen for a long time. i'm so glad the chairman of the ways and means committee, kevin brady, as well as mike johnson from louisiana, could join us this morning to further highlight the impact in america s well as in their district. mr. brady: thank you, kathy. x months ago, republicans in congress joined with president trump for the most sweeping tax cuts and redesign of our tax code in a generation. we were determined to make sure our families and local businesses kept more of what they earned. we redesigned the code so our local businesses and local workers can compete and win
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anywhere in the world. especially here at home. we created tax code built for growth that leapfrogs america back into the lead as one of the best places on the planet for the next new job, next new manufacturing plant, the next new headquarters. so to show you the difference between then and now, we have gone from a nation that is asking where are the jobs, to a nation asking where are the workers? main street is roaring back. growing and hiring. businesses are bringing their dollars back from overseas and investing in america again. families are not just only keep manager of what they earned, in many of them, their utility bills are lower and their benefits at work are better. but now there is a new hope and new optimism that wasn't there before. remember where we started. for the last decade, america
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has been in the slow-growth mode. it was like our economy was going through a school zone. every sign post, high taxes, uncompetitive tax codes, uncertainty, slowed america's economy down. now we're back on the highway where america used to be. where every sign post says we're hitting on all cylinders, let's grow faster. and we're seeing this around the country. there's literally, i can't go to a community, i can barely talk to a business, that isn't looking for more workers. and looking to pay their own workers more. all this is incredibly portant. under the old tax code, every economist told us, that slow growth from the last decade, just get used to it. those american companies moving overseas every month, get used to it. students coming out of schools couldn't find good paying jobs, they told us, get used to it.
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that's the new normal in america. we refuse to accept those forecasts. this new tax code has delivered really i think a new era of prosperity for america. and i believe the best is yet to come. because so much of this work with congressional republicans and the president was designed to change where businesses put their manufacturing plants. their research. their patents in technology. to create a giant sucking sound back to the united states of these jobs and investments. that's exactly what we're seeing. i was in new england the other day. visiting with a medical company. that has had three breakthrough medicines and working on its fourth. their c.e.o. said look, this new tax code has changed everything. our research won't be done in london. it'll be done in the united states. our patents won't be located in ireland, they'll be here in america. and if we can find workers, the
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advanced manufacturing of our products will be done here in new england. we're seeing this all throughout the country. so there's new hope and new opportunity. i -- we're going to continue as the speaker said to get better every year. we are changing the culture in washington. where congress waits 30 years in between improving the tax coat while our global competitors continue to distance themselves. those days are over. america is going to stay in the lead, every year we'll work to make america more competitive, more innote vave and make sure our tax code is more family friendly every year. so there's only one party looking out for the pocketbooks and the hopes and the paychecks of middle class america, and that's the republican party. period. thank you. mr. johnson: this is a rah, mr.
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chairman and the progrowth policies have helped support local businesses across the nation. we are feeling that everywhere and specifically the tax cuts and jobs act helped us lift the excessive burdens on business and providing more economic growth and opportunity that leads to economic mobility so people can move up the ladder. that's part of the american dream. i've got a prime example for you, just one this morning of the bill's success in my district. i'll tell you about the canal coffee shops, owned and operated by a bosier city, louisiana, native, roderick james. starting in 2016, mr. jamente and his partner priscilla mayfield opened their first store in louisiana. he built the business from the ground up, never took a loan. teafs -- he was a risk taker, an entrepreneur herm expanded his business to include shops in observer lynn, louisiana, and shreveport, the largest metro area in the district. now with the pro-breath, pro-business policies, mr. james says he plans to open a nourt and now a fifth location
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in the near future. this is a success story and what we're seeing around the country. our nation is full of people like roderick who work long hours and give their all to achieve their version of the american dream. this congress has delivered a fairer, simpler tax code and that's allowed small business owners to keep more of their hard-earned dollars and reinvest in their employees, businesses and communities. i completed my 28th town hall last week when we were home for a day. i can tell you everyone from all walks of life and across the country are feeling the effect of this. they're feeling and tasting the success and they want us to do more of it. we're proud and honored to be part of that. thank you. mr. scalise: this is another exciting and busy week here in congress as we continue to address the various problems we're facing throughout our country and we started where we left off last week, that is addressing this opioid crisis that's plaguing our nation. there are a number of bills that we're going to be
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packaging together this week that confront this problem in many different ways and allow the federal government to be more effective and efficient at addressing this crisis as well as helping local communities. where this problem really has hit every single part of our nation. then we move on to looking at this great success we've had. the great work chairman brady and his committee did in putting together a tax cuts and jobs act that is working for this american economy. rebuilding the middle class, that's something president trump set out to do from the beginning he said not only do we want to cut taxes to make our country competitive again, which we had lost our competitive edge as americans, but he wanted to make sure that people that wanted to get a chance to have the american dream, to be able to get real opportunity, would be able to succeed as well. and all that is working better than expected and i do agree that more is going to come from this. the good news is, as we saw two weeks ago, today there are more companies looking for workers, more job openings, than there
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are people looking for jobs. that's a real important sign but it also shows us why it's important that we get this farm bill passed this week. not only does the farm bill have real, important continuation of laws for our nation's farmers so we can continue to be the wld's leading bread basket for the world but it also has reforms to our welfare system that say, somebody is looking for a job, they ought to be helped and we're going to provide great career opportunities and great job training for them. but if there's a job open right now and somebody is able to work, they shouldn't be able to sit on a broken welfare system. it's time for them to help be a part of the growing economy and get back in the work force. these work requirements we have in the farm bill are equally as important to getting this economy growing as the important farm policy. and i want to thank president trump for coming to our conference last night and being very clear, number one that he wants to fix our broken immigration system. i don't think anybody is surprise about that. it was a pillar of his
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campaign. he said he wanted to build the wall and the reason he is wanted to build the wall is so we could get back to rule of law and securing our border like every other country does. we're a nation that embraces immigrants: we let in over a million people a year today. by far the most generous nation on immigration policy in the world. but there are broken parts of our immigration laws. so we worked to put together a bill nationally there was the goodlatte-mccall bill. and the votes weren't there to pass the bill. really good policy in the bill. our objective is not just to have good policy in a bill. it's to pass a bill. ultimately to get a bill on president trump's desk that he will sign. so we went back to work. working with some of the same people as well as other members of our conference. we'll work closely with president trump to do a new bill, chairman goodlatte and mccaul are the leads on this as well. if you look at the triggers to make sure that the wall is built, there's even more strong components in this second bill
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that ensure that the wall will be built. then you take existing visas, this visa lottery system that everybody looks at and agrees is bad legal policy, today under current law, 55,000 people a year come into our country where their names are literally plucked out of a hat. let's move that to a merit based system. it allows us to solve the daca problem without adding one new visa. not one new person, not one additional person will come legally. ountry we move to a merit based system by reforming barts of our broken immigration law. on this final point, and i think as the country is see, as has been highlighted in the last week, the problem that we have with current law relating to separation of children and their parents. this goes back to a 2008 law that congress passed, plus court decisions like the flores decision on top of it, that forced this policy. this is law. and we want to change the law.
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we don't think it's good law. president trump agrees with us. he's called on congress to work to fix the law. before this crisis was highlighted in the media, we had already started to fix it and it was in our original draft of this bill. so this bill in the only addressed our immigration system but ensures we reunite families. so parents and kids come back together. look forward to getting that bill moved through and also look forward to our members of congress, republican and democrat, our female members of congress, beating the press tonight in this charity game of softball. we're going to beat the press. mr. mccarthy: this is a big week in congress. we'll tackle many issues, from combating opioids, different bill december baited, farm bill and of course what we talked about with the president last night, our broken immigration system. i say ours because it's not a republican or democrat problem.
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it's an american problem. something that this congress has talked about for quite some time. as the speaker was clear, i want to be very clear. we do not support the separation of children and their families being broken apart. that's why we worked on this bill this bill doesn't just solve that problem. it solves border security. it goes through every issue we talked about when it comes to immigration. this is a bill that has consensus. it's a bill that the president supports. it's a bill that can become law. we're going to have an opportunity to vote on it tomorrow night. the question will be, do people want to play politics or do we want to put people before politics? do they want to solve an issue we've all talked about for quite some time? this is an issue that needs to be solved for decades going forward for america to maintain their strength. also when you look, as we move forward, opioids. 174 people will die today because of addiction. those will be family, those will be friends, those will be
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loved ones. that same number will happen tomorrow as well. this is breaking the fiber of our country. we have moved a number of bills and i believe these can become law as well. farm bill, we know the importance. not just of having a secure agriculture for our food and safety but also putting more people into the work force. friday is a big day. there was a reason why when kevin brady worked on this bill the way it was titled. tax cuts and jobs act. for too long people don't go back and see, did the title actually match what the bill was supposed to achieve? i think it was titled just correctly. americans have seen they kept more of their paychecks. they go look at it, they're bring manager home. for the first time in a long up, the raise is moving what they're getting paid. for the first time in history,
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there are more job openings than people are looking for. one of the statistics that's most telling, look at the last 49 years in this country. the last 49 years in america, unemployment has only been below 4% seven months in 49 years. two of those seven months were april and may of this year. so unless -- so in less than six months this bill is working. the one millionth job has now been created so the jobs act and the tax cut is proving to be correct. but there's more to do. when you look at small business, the greatest creator of new jobs this ewhole history they've taken the poll, is it a good time to expand? the higst level of -- highest level it's ever been since they started taking the poll. gallup recently came out, the right track is at the highest it's been in 12 years. can we use that as a catalyst
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to make sure we solve immigration as well? will one party sit to the sidelines, complain like they've complained for decades an not step up and solve the problem. that's the question that will be answered tomorrow night. questions? speaker ryan: baseball players. as a consolation. reporter: so hard not to take a dig at your team, but i'll try. speaker ryan: you just did. reporter: can you talk about -- we're awaiting the resulter of the immigration package in the house, but in the meantime can you talk about the issue emotionally, your own response, and should the white house have put this policy on pause as congress works this out? or a pause for small children under 2 years old? speaker ryan: let's make it clear. we don't believe families should be separated period. we've seen the videos, heard the audio.
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when we were working on this bill for the last number of months, we saw that this court ruling was wrong and we had put this fix in the bill to begin with. let's look at what's going on. this court ruling goes back to, i think, 2008. and the law should not have our government choose between enforcing our borders and enforcing our law, securing our borders and keeping families together. that's a ridiculous choice. tomorrow we're going to have a vote on legislation that makes sure that we can enforce our laws and keep families together. it's about custody. it's d.o.j. vs. d.h.s. a lot of you cover this issue and know that we're saying stick with d.h.s. and we're going to finance facilities for families to make sure they can be taken care of so we don't have to have this ridiculous choice -- ridiculous choice between enforcing our borders and enforcing the law and keeping families together. we think it's a false choice. reporter: mr. speaker, two
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questions. if the bill is unable to pass tomorrow night what's plan b? and also -- speaker ryan: everybody asks that. this is plan b, by the way, for us to begin with. by the way, it solves daca in an el gent way. a very good solution for daca. we're few cused on getting this bill passed. the president came to our congress and asked members to support this bill. that is our focus. if other things happen we'll cross those bridges when we get toyota. reporter: have you ask the president to put a pause on the policy? speaker ryan: he asked us to stop this legislation for good. reporter: your legislation allocates $7 billion for new family detention centers. that's going to take time to build. what happens until those are built? and a followup question, has the president guaranteed he will put a pause on it until you get the legislation implemented. speaker ryan: i'll wherever you
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to secretary neilsen but the court case is the key thing for us. we have to change the law so that custody stays with d.h.s. that's why we're voting on this tomorrow. reporter: would you entertain a narrow, emergency bill that would -- speaker ryan: again, we are trying to pass this legislation right new. this is good, compromise legislation that solves the child separation issue at the border, it alsosoevers the border. it solves daca. it solves a lot of broken immigration parts. right now we're focused on passing this legislation that's coming to the floor tomorrow. when other situations arides, whatever the circumstances are, we'll cross those bridges when we get to it. reporter: will it send the message you're using the kids as leverage, if you're saying, if you want to reunite these families, you have to vote for this. speaker ryan: i said this last week, we don't think anybody should be -- families shown separated a at the border but we shouldn't make the
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government choose between support the law d secure the border. they ought to do all of those things. that's why we're having a vote reporter: you could have a vote on a narrow fix today if you wanted to. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2018] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. isit] >> we are live in duluth, minnesota where president trump is about to hold a rally ahead of the mid term elections. in minnesota's eighth congressional district. the democrat who holds the seat, rick nolan, announced in february he's not seeking re-election. president trump is supporting republican candidate and former professional hockey player pete stauber. there you see the scene in duluth. live coverage now on c-span.


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