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tv   Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau News Conference  CSPAN  June 21, 2018 1:42am-1:53am EDT

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steve king talks about child separation. be sure to watch c-span's washington journal livat 7:00 eastern thursday morning. join the discussion. ♪ canadian prime minister justin trudeau spoke about a number of trade issues with the u.s. fluting the nafta renegotiations and tariffs on canadian products. trudeau was critical of president trump's policy of separating migrant children of u.s.-mexico border. >> you told us -- [indiscernible] to what extent does that remain your conviction? justin: one of the things we have seen from the president is he prides himself on a certain degree of patentability. the challenge for us is that we
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the that certain actions, movement on steel and aluminum for american workers as well as cost challenges for canadian industry and canadian workers. i have to continue to believe that leaders will function in the interest of their own country. i have a hard time accepting that any leader might do the kind of damage to his own auto industry that would happen if you were to bring in such a tariff on canadian auto manufacturers given the changetion of the supply -- supply chain to the canada kind -- canada-u.s. border. this is something we are going to continue to demonstrate to our partners in the united states and hopefully we will continue to demonstrate it is
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better to work together than to create various guests create various. -- create barriers. have's desk you have spent a billion dollars -- you have spent $1 billion in lumber. bailout.have an auto at what point are you concerned this will have an effect on the budget? prime min. trudeau: i am going to stay focused on supporting canadian jobs, canadian workers. we continue to invest in the kind of high quality skills, training and education that canadian young people and canadian workers continue to need and to compete in the global economy. i will never apologize for
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making sure that we are there to support canadian workers, canadian industry. >> in a week, retaliatory tariffs. any conversations that you may have with mr. trump. what we were clear about imposing tariffs because of american actions. our foreign affairs minister is in constant contact with mr. lighthizer and people in the administration who know that we ,re going toward with the steps we regret having to go forward with these measures but we can't let things stand as they stand at the moment. we are continuing negotiations to improve nafta and will
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continue throughout the summer. with respect to nafta negotiations, will there be other meetings planned? >> yes, we have planned meetings, i don't have the exact dates but this is the intention of both canadian and u.s. negotiators, mexican as well. during the presidential transition period in mexico. >> the president's twitter attack on you. evenaints about derry and wearing american shoes. why do you think that candidate is suddenly so much and donald trump's crosshairs?
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is it a tactic to drive a hard a bargain on nafta? prime min. trudeau: i recognize the relationship between canada and the united states is closer and more complex and deeper than the relationship in any two countries in the world. collaboration between our two economies leaves lots of issues that one could pluck out and tug on if one wants to make points or push a certain narrative. i am going to remain focused on how this relationship has also one of the most successful trading relationships in the history of the modern world. where two countries have worked together, grown together and prosper together in innumerable ways over the past decade. over the past century and a half to the tremendous benefit of citizens in both our countries. there will always -- there have
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always been challenges in our relationship as deep and complex as this one and my focus remains on tremendous benefits that we can draw if we work together thoughtfully in ways that create the win's that are out there. >> what is the narrative you ink is behind this? prime min. trudeau: i am not in a position to opine on the innovations of the president. i'm going to stay focused on the relationship that we are building on defending canada's interests. looking for ways to further push the benefits of improving and modernizing nafta that will accrue to people in both our countries. >> canadian press. you talked about president schultz predictability --
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president trump's difficulty in respect to these children who have been separated from their families and what is preventing you from suspending this agreement with the u.s.? >> well, we take action based on not on fears are worries. we are working closely with the americans on many issues, having to do with security, with agreements with our on all kinds of things. we will continue to work with the americans. we will continue following closely how the united states behaves in this situation with the children, as i have said. it is unacceptable. we see that the president made statements today or has given certain directions. i don't have anything more than
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that. we do hope that the americans will protect people. but it is a fact that 2000 children have been separated from their parents. and they are being kept in cages . what more do you need? >> as i have said, it is unacceptable. what the americans are doing. it is not just me who said it. all kinds of americans, saidding republicans have this is unacceptable. it seems they want to change their approach. we hope that they will improve the system. this cannot last. the situation cannot last. >> the relationship between the u.n. president desperately the u.n. and president trump.
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have you spoken to them personally? who i have not. -- prime min. trudeau: i have not. we continue to make sure our folks are in regular contact to work on nafta renegotiations. the next time i will be seeing him is at the nato summit in brussels. i look forward to continuing to have a constructive relationship with him in which i continue to stand up for canadian interests. my approach on this relationship is very much aligned with what canadians expect of me. the firm -- be firm and standing up for canadian values and interests. and the nature of our integrated economies. when he personally attacks you? prime min. trudeau: as politicians we develop thick
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skin. i stay focused on what we need to do to advance the common cause. to personal react comments. i'm going to stay focused on the work we need to do together. >> the c-span buses in alaska this week for the 30th stop on our 50 capitals tour in juneau. there's morning, alaska governor will be our guest during washington journal starting at 7:45 eastern. >> c-span where history unfolds daily. in 1979, c-span was created as a public service by america's cable television company and today we continue to bring you unfolded coverage of congress, the white house, the supreme court and public policy events in washington dc -- washington, d.c. and around the country. c-span is rt by your cable or
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satellite provider. by yourought to you cable or satellite provider. >> congress secretariat wilbur ross defended the administration's hearings. he testified before the senate finance committee. members from both parties voiced their concerns over tariff and the potential impact on constituents and the economy.


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