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tv   U.S. House of Representatives Debate on Immigration  CSPAN  June 21, 2018 11:12pm-12:27am EDT

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secretary today, 10,000 of these 12,000 children who are in the detention center came without their parents. that means 10,000 came without their parents. and who are their guardians? the drug traffickers, the smugglers, the coyotes. as they made the dangerous journey from central america all the way up through mexico and into the united states. i have seen the horrors of that. in this bill -- this bill will provide the deterrence to stop that from happening because as we know, they are abused on the way up. that journey, they are abused physically and sexually and demoralized and recruited. that has to stop. and mr. speaker, this bill will stop that. with that, i urge my sleegs -- colleagues to support i
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the gentleman from washington is recognized for one hour. >> thank you, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, during consideration of this resolution, all time yielded is for the purpose of debate only. i yield the customary 30 minutes to the gentleman from colorado, mr. polis, pending which i yield myself as much time as i may consume. mr. newhouse: mr. speaker, i ask unanimous consent that all members have five legislative days to revise and extend their remarks. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. newhouse: on wednesday, the
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house rules committee met and reported a rule, house resolution 953, providing for consideration of h.r. 6136, the border security and immigration reform act. this legislation demonstrates a pivotal moment in our nation's history, one in which we can choose to, for the first time in decades, make significant improvements to our nation's broken immigration system. mr. speaker, i've been in this body for just about 3 1/2 years and throughout that period of time and even before, as i was working to become a congressman, i have always been clear with the people of the fourth congressional district of the state of washington that fixing our broken immigration system is a top priority.
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one that i believe my district, our constituent, and the entire nation desperately need. mr. speaker, i can barely hear myself. the speaker pro tempore: the entleman will suspend. please take your conversations off the floor. people in the back of the chamber, please cease conversations. n both sides of the aisle. the gentleman from washington. mr. newhouse: with the rule we bring forward today, i can look my constituents in the eye and with certainty i can tell them i believe that this legislation, the underlying bill, this consensus legislation that we have before us, is the best
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opportunity this body has had in many, many years, in fact, decades, to get something signed into law and to make a true, lasting, substantive difference to improve our broken immigration system. it may not be perfect, few bills are. but h.r. 6136, the border security and immigration reform act includes several main tenets to addressing our immigration crisis. i should adds the only bill, the only bill that we are considering which includes all four pillars that the president on numerous occasions has stated must be a part of any legislation that he will sign into law. first, legislation includes desperately needed appropriations for border security. the bill appropriates funding for further construction of the
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border wall as well as technology, personnel, and modernization of our ports of entry. our border security system is broken and must be fixed. so i would look to my fellow conservatives and say, this is our one shot to get this done. this is our one opportunity to live up to the commitment we gave to our constituents when we said we would secure or borders. mr. speaker, i truly believe that this is our only chance and we can't waste, we can't quander it. let's get our border secured once and for all and keep our commitment to our people. it also includes a desperately needed solution for the daca population. i've shared with many of my colleagues time and time again, i have the second highest number of daca recipients in my district in the state of washington out of the entire republican conference.
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a full third of washington state's daca population lives in my district of central washington. i can tell you i've met with literally hundreds of them, including just this week, monday afternoon, i met with about a half buzzen of these young people. they're smart. hardworking. respectful. caring members of our community. people that you would be proud to call your own constituents. i am proud that this legislation provides them with the certainty that they need so that they can continue moving forward with their educational, professional endeavors and continue to be productive, upstanding members of society. you know what they told me they wanted? and that they need? they would like hope. we can give toyota them with this bill. mr. speaker, this bill also importantly addresses the terrible situation we've all been witnessing regarding family
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situation -- family separation at the border. children should not be taken away from their patients. we can enforce our laws and enforce our border while also keeping families together. the situation has shown one more broken piece of an immigration system that is not working for anyone. and another example that shows why reform is so desperately needed. it makes clear that minors at the border must remain with their parent or legal guardian. so mr. speaker, i want to share an excerpt that comes from an interview that i just watched with one of our border patrol agents, a mr. chris agrara. if i may quote him, mr. speaker, we have had the situation going on for four years now. and for some reason we have not fixed it. i don't think you can necessarily blame it on one
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administration or another. it hasn't been fixed and it needs to be fixed. right now we have this beacon of, we'll leave the light on for you and let you come illegally into the country. if you have seen some of the stuff we've seen down here you would understand just how important it is to have a tough stance to divert people from coming here. when you see a 12-year-old girl with a plan-b pill, her parents put her on birth control because they know getting violated is part of the journey. that's a terrible way to live. when you see a 4-year-old girl traveling completely alone with just her parent's -- her parent's phone number written across her shirt, you know something needs to be done. we had a 9-year-old boy last year have a heat stroke and die in front of us with no family around. that's because we're allowing people to take advantage of this
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system. so let's be honest here. if we want this law changed, then that's on congress. that's on nobody else but congress. they need to get to work and change the law, end quote. so i would respectfully challenge my colleagues on both sides of the aisle, but on the other side of the aisle especially, do not join senator shumer who says there's no need for a legislative solution. there is a need. i urge you to reject much of the rhetoric that i've heard on the floor just today. rejecting funding for border security. it can be easy to make this a political and refuse to move a solution forward that actually has a chance of being signed into law in an effort to score political points. that's really ease by. but this is just too important. congress can legislate on this. congress must legislate on this.
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and with this bill before us, we can fix this. now to me, something important this legislation does not address is the desperate need for a reliable, efficient, and fair program for american farmers to access a legal, stable supply of workers. our broken h-2-a's and guest worker program has hobbled much of the agricultural industry from obtaining a reliable work force. chairman goodlatte of the house judiciary committee has been a steadfast advocate for reforming this system and i thank him for his dedication to this matter over the years an i'm heartened by the commitment the speaker as well as the majority leader have given to me and others for a stand alone vote on agricultural work force legislation before the august recess. i pledge to chairman goodlatte to work with him and all my colleagues on that legislation.
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so while this bill does not fix every broken aspect of our immigration system, it does take a major consensus-based step toward addressing several main components, including providing certainty for daca recipients and finally securing our border once and for all. honestly, mr. speaker, many of my constituents are asking me a pretty hard question, why isn't this bill bipartisan? why aren't any democrats supporting it? i can't -- i don't know the answer to that it may be as simple as this. because it is actually something the president will sign into law. even though it provides certainty for the daca population, which we all want, even though it addresses the terrible situation with family separation at the border, which i hear is something everybody wants to fix.
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anything that actually fulfills the president's goal of securing the border my democratic colleagues seemingly refuse to vote for. i don't engage in hyperbole. useful butnk that is i don't think it's hie hyperbolic to say my democratic colleagues may not want to secure or border or enforce our immigration laws. that's what i see. it's clear to me their desire to not give the president a, quote, win, is more important than their desire to actually fix and find a solution to these issues. mr. speaker, compromise is hard. it's tough stuff. consensus is always difficult. both of these things seem to have become four letter words. the same goes for cooperation and negotiation. but these are values that i and
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many of us have tried to espouse as we have worked together with colleagues from both sides of the aisle for these many months to find a solution to daca while also securing our border. but at the end of the day, we should all be operating under one reality. one thing that maybe somebody don't want, some people do not want to accept or admit, whether you like it or not, the president has made it clear that what must be included in any bill in order to be signed into law, he has told us what he needs. now i've acknowledged this and admitted it may be easier for some of us to admit than others but that is the reality. my colleagues refuse to accept that the president's top priority of securing the border, then consensus, mr. speaker is just not possible. . i believe our president has shown good faith willingness to compromise on an issue of daca.
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he's come a long way. unfortunately, we have not seen that same good faith effort coming from all of our colleagues. it's disappointing. my friends on the other side of the aisle refuse to work with us to try to find a solution here. mr. speaker, history will be our greatest judge. it is always easy to say no. but i will always strive to get to yes for the betterment of our nation's future. here is simply too much -- for too much for us not to work as hard as we can can to get to less. the people of this country deserve nothing less. i urge my colleagues to support this rule and support the underlying legislation. i reserve the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves the balance of his time. the gentleman from colorado. mr. polis: mr. speaker, i yield myself such time as i may consume. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. speaker, i'm
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strongly against this rule and the underlying legislation. we have a human rights catastrophe on our hands. in less than 90 days the trump administration has ripped 2,500 children out of their parents' arms. i'm the father of a 3-year-old and a 6-year-old. i can only imagine what it would mean to have them taken to parts unknown, perhaps even locked in a cage, not knowing, not being able to find out what's happening to them. this was a conscious decision that president trump and attorney general sessions made to separate children from parents. it was not the congressional intent of the law, it was not the way that president obama implemented the law, it was not the way president trump implemented the law until 90
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days ago. but then president trump made this mean-spirited decision to literally take little children, even babies, away from their mothers. in our country to place innocent children in facilities that have mats on the floor or thermal blankets for warmth away from a loving embrace of a mom or dad. the president called this a zero tolerance policy. it was simply the only reason that these families that are fleeing to the u.s., who are trying to keep their children safe, are being treated like criminals and having their young children taken away from them. comminch children -- children are being moved around this country faster than the office of refugee resettlement can even track. we already know that the office of refugee resettlement has a history of literally losing children, losing track of them,
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while they are in cuss -- custody. now they are responsible for more young innocent lives. young children are being placed with host families as far away from the border as michigan, washington. parents don't even know where their children are. and young children are simply happened about what to their loving mom and loving dad and how our country the united states of america could be complicit in separating them from the only parents they know. this is an embarrassment for our nation, and it must end. it's offensive when these bills before us are talked about as consensus or compromise when no democrats were involved. it may be a consensus between far right republicans and right wing republicans, but it's not a consensus among moderates, independents, or a single
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democrat. when it comes to caring about these kids, i know my republican colleagues care as well. so show it by supporting a true compromise bill like the dream act, like other bills that we have had before us, like comprehensive immigration reform, that of course will get votes from both sides of the aisle because they are the right thing to do for our country. there are long-term consequences for this shortsighted policy. the very act of separating a family has traumatic and long lasting impact for young girls like this. taken away from their mom and dad, their culture, their support system. they don't even have the tools process g age to what's going on or the trauma or the reality of the situation. one colorado pediatric emergency doctor treating children removed from their parents said, quote, the children clung so tightly and completely to their foster mothers both at the emergency department and at home that they were literally unable to
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put them down. they were terrified their world would be broken for a second time. end quote. the trump administration is creating a generation of thousands of kids, many of whom will grow up in our country, whose first and sometimes most formative memories is somebody wearing the badge or flag of our country tearing them apart from their mother or their father. while they are screaming, while they are crying out in the void of a fluorescently lit warehouse funded by your taxpayer dollars. accordingly, the office of ref few -- refugee settlement, many of the children remain in the shelters 57 days on average. it's further disturbing that president trump would willingly pull families apart and not have any plan for reuniting them. even with this executive order, no plans to unite the over
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2,500 children who have been torn apart from their parents. according to the former director of i.c.e., these family separations may become permanent, literally leaving hundreds of kids here in the u.s. left in an already stressed an underfunded child welfare system, where they literally have a mom or dad fully capable of giving them care and loving them, that has been forcibly separated from their own young children. my office has been flooded with calls. i knows yours has, too, mr. speaker. some callers crying on the other end demanding we do something. ensuring we provide resources families need and reunite them and heal the trauma, instead the republicans are bringing to the floor partisan bills that would detain families indefinitely and criminalize even more immigrants. this is what happens in this i broken, failing, unaccountable
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immigration system. on that we agree. so please, begin the discussions of compromise, of consensus. that doesn't mean yourselves, republicans. you control this body. you get to say what we vote on. it means involve caring independent, unaffiliated democrats, moms and dads, the faith community, law enforcement community. don't just have this discussion behind closed doors and come out with even more draconian measures that tear even more families apart. so instead of bringing two bills to the floor that have widespread opposition even in your own party, republicans failed to pass their own bill, there are bipartisan solutions that would not only pass the house, but would get a large majority of the house. we can could probably get to 2/3 of this house voting for compassion and love if we only were willing to try. bills that truly balance and border security and
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safety. and the values of our country so we know that we as americans and as taxpayers are border not complicit in tearing a young girl's world apart. in congress we often argue on policy issues. i respect mr. newhouse, my friend from washington. and i would tell him that what a compromise means, mr. newhouse, is not you compromising with steven miller, it means you compromising with luis gutierrez, or zo lofgren, or me, or the faith community. it's not a compromise when reasonable people like mr. newhouse and mr. curbelo go in a a backroom and have the reason beaten out of them by hateful fear mongering that is frankly un-american. look, i urge my republican colleagues to imagine that these children were theirs, because they are ours. they are our wards. they are in our country.
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this cannot be allowed to continue. we need to reject this rule. i urge my colleagues to oppose this heartless, inhumane bill, and begin a true process of compromise and consensus that can can secure our borders, fix our broken immigration system, unite families, restore the rule of law, and reflect our values as americans. i reserve the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves the balance of his time. the gentleman from washington. mr. newhouse: thank you, mr. speaker. just for one minute i'd like to remind the gentleman that the dream act that he says is supported by many people on this chamber would do nothing to address the issue that's happening at the border right now. the only piece of legislation before us today is the bill that we have in front of us, h.r. 6136, if we pass that would solve that situation now. i'm very proud at this point, mr. speaker, to yield three minutes to the good lady from utah, mrs. love.
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the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady from utah is recognized for three minutes. mrs. love: thank you, mr. speaker. in the past few years we the american people have been presented with false choices. between following the rule of law or showing compassion to people in need. i have had the privilege of being born in the united states. but i grew up with parents who faced the hardships of living under a dictatorship. they came to america hoping that the peace and opportunity they heard about really did exist. they worked hard jobs scrubbing toilets. they learned our language, studied our history, learned our system of government, and our constitution. and after many years, when they finally had the privilege of taking the oath of citizenship and pledging their allegiance to the american flag, they knew exactly what they were saying and they meant every word of it. they were not just enjoying the blessings of what this country had to offer, but they were
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willing to take on the responsibilities that came with it. they gave me an appreciation for this great nation and told me every day that i was blessed to be born in it. i urge everyone to attend a naturalization ceremony and see the journey and sacrifices that people have made to achieve citizenship. i think every american should take that oath of allegiance. the goal of any immigration reform should be about family, safety, economic, and community stability. the practice of separating loving families from their children at the border is heartbreaking to watch. which is why we should support this bill. we're a nation of laws. we should provide laws that create certainty about the fate of these families. although h.r. 6136 is not a perfect bill for everyone, it does end the practices that make it easier to be here
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illegally than it is to be here legally. and it hits a sweet spot, allowing us both to follow the rule of law and show compassion to those who seek freedom and the blessings this country has to offer. we cannot hide behind procedures and posturing. we must take a vote. we must be accountable to the people who we represent. it is our turn and our time to follow what the constitution says in article 1, section 8, to create a uniform rule of naturalization. i am a daughter of immigrants. we're a proud american family of patriots. we believe that this country is worthy of all of our greatest efforts. and i urge my colleagues, all of us, to support the rule for this bill. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from washington reserves the balance of his time of the the gentleman from colorado. mr. polis: before i further yield to my colleague, ms. jayapal, for the proof
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question, i want to commit -- for the previous question, i want to submit an article entitled u.s. centers force migrant children to take drugs. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. polis: mr. speaker, immigrant children, quote interesting this article, are being forcibly given a range of psychotropic drugs at u.s. government funded youth shelters. taking multiple psychotropic drugs can can seriously injure children. many youth in detention facility are being given nine different pills in the morning, six in the evening. you are paying for them all, mr. speaker. taxpayers are paying for bills and injections and drugs. 2-year-olds and 4-year-old that is have been stripped from their parents. one mother said she nor any other family member had even been 2-year-olds and 4-year-old daughter being given powerful drugs. held down, being
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forcibly given injections, when they refuse to take medication. that our tax dollars are paying for. we need to stop this, mr. speaker. you don't need a bill to stop it. president trump needs to stop t he wasn't doing it until 90 days ago. then he started to do t it's not the will of congress, it's not the letter of the law. it is a policy that is un-american and far outside the intent of republicans or democrats. in this body. if we defeat the previous question i'll offer an amendment to the rule to bring up ranking member nadler's bill h.r. 6135 to keep families together act which i'm proud to co-sponsor. this will prohibit the department of homeland security from separating children from their parents. of course, except in extraordinary circumstances and limit the criminal prosecution of asylum seekers. i ask unanimous consent to insert the text of my amendment in the record along with extraneous material immediately prior to the vote on the previous question. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. polis: to discuss our proposal i'd like to yield two minutes to the the gentlewoman from washington state, ms. jayapal.
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ms. jayapal: the keep families together act is the only bill that is a real solution to the human tragedy of abuses of children, of family separation at our border. this bill prohibits the separation of children from their parents, limits criminal prosecutions for asylum seekers, and requires d.h.s. to reunite children and parents, something that the trump administration has no plan for. mr. speaker, the keep families together act is the bill we should be sending to the president's desk for signature, not h.r. 6136. h.r. 6136 does absolutely nothing to address the abuses of children and i want to make it clear that it actually makes things worse. does anybody really believe that incarcerating children with their parents is the solution to
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family separation? or making children more vulnerable to trafficking or eliminating basic requirements for confinement like clean water and toilets? mr. speaker, 11 days ago, i met with mothers detained in a federal prison after cruelly being separated from their children -- their children and one of the mothers told me how she made the devastating decision to leave her blind child behind and take her other child to safety because she knew that the blind child would not be able to make this journey. these mothers and fathers are making impossible choices to come here to this country seeking safety. and 6136 does nothing to reunite these children, screaming mama and papi with their parents. the best case scenario is they'd be incarcerated in a family prison champ. the president is responsible for this tragedy and he has not reversed this policy. d.h.s. has said they don't know
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where this child is. mr. speaker, h.r. 6136 does not even address the crisis of dreamers. i believe my colleague from the great state of washington when he says he wants to fix that but in fact, this blocks -- the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady's time has expired. mr. polis: 15 seconds. ms. jayapal: it blocks them from citizenship while revoking aproved petitions for three million family member who was paid fees and waited for years. this is not a moderate bill, it is wrong. let's stand up for these children, let's bring the keep families together act to the floor for a vote. let us stand up for america. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady's time has expire. the gentleman from washington. mr. newhouse: i yield a minute and a half to the good gentleman from illinois, mr. davis. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for one and a half minutes. mr. davis: thank you, mr. speaker. i wish i could use that picture my colleagues had up because we're debating a solution to an
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issue that congresses for decades have not addressed. immigration is a difficult issue. it invokes strong feelings on both sides. it's an issue that's long overdue this vote today is important for showing the american people that we can govern. the president supports it because it's strong on border security. provides a permanent solution for the daca population. supports herries-based legal immigration. and it codifies the law to allow families to stay together. frankly, these are all issues i have heard republicans and democrats talk about fixing. i hope some of my friends on the other side of the aisle will vote for this bill and i think if we were in a different time, many would. but i'm not sure that's going to happen. that's why we need every republican to be with us. it's not an easy issue but we were elected to lead. by passing this bill which has the best chance of making it through the senate and being signed by the president, we could be the leaders who finally secure our borders prorkvide
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certainty for people who were brought here as children through no fault of their own, move our legal immigration system to a merit-based process and keep families together. all issues of both sides have talked about solve bug today with this vote, we could be the ones who solve these problems for decades. i urge my colleagues to vote yes because it's a vote to govern. governing is hard but i'm confident that we can get it done. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from colorado. mr. polis: i'd like to yield two minutes to the gentleman from new york, the chair of the democratic caucus, mr. crowley. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for two minutes. mr. crowley: mr. speaker, we were so close. so close. some republicans were finally willing to work with democrats on a bipartisan way forward to give certainty to dreamers, young people want to be able to work and go to school here, free from fear. we needed just three more
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republicans to tell their party, enough is enough. just three more republicans to support our bipartisan effort to hold votes on an array of proposals and let the most popular one win the day. sadly, when the time came they abandoned that effort. they abandoned the dreamers. they came -- caved because the republican leadership twisted their arms. because the most hateful elements within their party, they don't want to fix these problems. they thrive off them. they don't want these people who deserve citizenship to get it. we do. they don't think families deserve asylum or protection. we do. they don't think these people deserve a chance at the american dream. we do. the bills we have before us today are a disgrace. they do nothing to stop the trump orphan creating machine
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taking children from their parents and doing nothing to reunite them. ultimately they won't fix any of the problems we have because they won't become law. my colleagues on the other side of the aisle are wasting time. wasting time while people and children suffer. the american people won't stand for this. they won't stand for corrupting the law. and twisting the bible and verses to justify splitting up families. they won't stand for torturing, psychologically torturing refugee children. they won't stand for cowardice annika louseness. that's not what america is made of. yield become. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from washington. mr. new it is house: at this point i'd like to yield two minutes to the gentleman from lorida, mr. diaz-balart. mr. diaz-balart: thank you very much, mr. speaker. i heard so many interesting
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words on this debate. the last gentleman who i respect said how the democrats care so much for these individuals. nd yet, let's be perfectly clear. they had ample opportunity after ample opportunity to solve the problem. 2009 they promised that they would do it within 100 days. then the president said he would do it. democrats had 60% of the votes in the senate. they had huge majorities in the house and they had a bipartisan bill ready to go and yet they refused to do it. this is not a moment to point fingers, as my colleague just spent all of his time doingfuls that moment to find solutions. look if you believe, like i do, that these folks who are here, no fault of their own, should have an opportunity to stay here, to be part of society, to e legalized and to yes, obtain citizenship, this may be the best. it is the best.
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potentially the last chance for a long time to get that done. and this bill does that. if you believe that minor kids should not be separated from their families, and if you believe that the best way to guarantee that is through legislation, this is the best and potentially last opportunity to get that done because this bill does that. and if you believe that the united states has the right, no, the obligation, determine who comes in and who leaves, this is then also the best and potentially last shot to get those three things done. so again, a lot of rhetoric. but this bill does three things. it allows dreamers to stay here and allows them to become part of society forever and with pathways to citizenship. it stops legislatively the separation of minors from their parents. on the border. and it secures the border. that's what this bill does. everything else, mr. speaker is
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cheap rhetoric. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from colorado. . polis: mr. speaker, my friend, mr. diaz-balart, and mr. newhouse and so many other well, stand ready to work with you. instead you chose to work with steve king, louie gohmert, steven miller. come talk to us. we're ready. democrats to a person are ready to support something we don't fully agree with because we understand the republicans control this body. so come talk to us. and stop talking to steve king, louie gohmert, and steven miller. i'd like to yield one minute to the gentleman from massachusetts. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for one minute. mr capuano: this bill also authorizes $24 billion to build a stupid wall this bill also says it's going ton harder for family reunification by repealing two laws that already allow it. this bill also says that three
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million people have done the right thing, are in line to become citizens, are going to be shunted aside. don't kid yourself about what this bill says and doesn't say. this bill also is a shame. you know it and i know it. a previous speaker said history will judge us. you're right. they will. on this issue, god is going to judge you as well. when you go to those gates, there's a little thing in there that says you, went out of your way, to choose children for your political purposes, you really think that's a good mark to have in your book? i don't think so. when you talk about compromise, takes a little bit more than just looking in the her ror and compromising with yourself. it actually means you have to deal with people who sometimes don't agree with you. this bill is a lousey bill. you know it, we know it, and america knows it.
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the speaker pro tempore: the chair would remind mens to address their remarks to the chair. the gentleman from washington. mr. newhouse: thank you, mr. speaker. the previous speaker just made the point i was going to. if you're going to negotiate in good faith and arrive at consensus, you have to accept who the president is and what he requires in order to sign legislation. whether you like it or not. one of the priorities that he has made is clear as day is that there will be border security and a wall. refusing to accept that fact pretty much closes the door on the opportunity or any possibility of negotiation. mr. speaker, i'd like to yield three minutes to the -- another good gentleman from the great state of florida, mr. curbelo. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for three minutes. mr. curbelo: thank you, mr. speaker. i'm relatively new to this body but i've been following politics
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in this country for quite some time. if for -- for many years i have been hearing members of congress, both sides of the aisle, but more so this side, promising the country that we would secure the border. that we would disrupt the drug traffickers who are poisoning our people and that we would disrupt the human traffickers which abuse, rape small children and others, as they take them across the desert. this is the opportunity to fulfill the promise of securing our country's border because this country just like any other country in the world has the right and responsibility to secure its border and enforce immigration. for a long time i've been hearing people talk about dreamers, the victims of a broken immigration system. young immigrants brought to the country as children, grew up here, went to school with our own children, pledge allegiance to the same flag and today are contributing to this great
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country. and a lot of people in this chamber on both sides, more so on the other side of the aisle, have been promising a solution for dreamers for 17 years. with nothing to show for it. this is our opportunity to make sure these young immigrants are treated fairly and guaranteed a future in america. exact -- we take the criteria the obama administration laid out in the daca program. that's in this legislation. this bill will also help us end family separation which i think there's a great deal of bipartisan support for in this chamber. our country should have the ability to enforce its laws and to keep families together. which is exactly what the obama administration was attempting to do until the courts got in the way. we can fix that here. and lastly, we need to modernize our immigration system. we are a nation of immigrants.
11:55 pm
i am the child of immigrants and i am so proud of them. but our immigration laws are outdated. our immigration system has to be modernized so it's better a elined with our economy. so that immigrants who come to this country have the best opportunity to grow, to prosper, and to contribute. the alternative is the status quo. a vote against this legislation is the status quo and what is the status? a po rouse, lawless border. uncertainty for dreamers. young people who could lose their status within months. families separated at the border. and an outdated immigration system that dishonors every american. so this is our chance to come together, is this legislation perfect? every member of this house could find an excuse to vote against this bill but that's the problem with immigration, that nothing has ever been good enough and when nothing is good enough you get nothing and that's not fair to the american people.
11:56 pm
that's why i've been at the table for weeks with good people like mr. polis, we sat long hours to reach a compromise. it's always elouisa. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from colorado. mr. polis: i want to remind my friend from miami, we have several compromises we reached. he and i am part of the problem solvers caucus. i am proud over 25 republicans, 25 democrats, we agreed, we reached a compromised bill. border security, addresses the needs of the dreamers. i think it would get 60%, 70% of the votes on the floor of this house. let's bring that up. unfortunately, republicans sat mr. curbelo's work, my work aside. mr. speaker, i yield one minute to the gentleman from texas, mr. doggett. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas is recognized for one minute. mr. doggett: thank you.
11:57 pm
last september president trump took our dreamers, those incredible young people who are contributing so much to america, he took them hostage. and then this month, he added to the hostages by ordering that babies literally be yanked out of their mom's arms. today with his republican enablers, he's basically saying, give me my $25 billion wall ransom and give it to me paid and full but i am not promising to release the hostages. today's bill is wrong for dreamers, it's wrong for taxpayers, it's wrong for those families that have been torn apart by this government-sanctioned child abuse. how great that with his latest u-turn today the president is dispatching his wife, a mother herself, to the texas border. i just happen to feel that the kids that are tied up in those cages, they don't want to see a mother. they want to see their mother.
11:58 pm
and tonight they will cry themselves to sleep again because the self-described stable genius didn't bother to include anything in his executive order. may i have another 15 seconds. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. mr. polis: 15 seconds. mr. doggett: the stable genius didn't bother to include anything in his executive order to reunite those families. i would say, instead of taking these hostages and passing this bill, they need to build a great mirror and look in it to see how they have become willing accomplices to this wrongdoing. i bet mexico would pay for that. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. the gentleman from washington. mr. newhouse: thank you, mr. speaker. i'd just like to respond to one thing that was said previously. you know, all of us have been using examples of young people and how they're being treated at the border. i take exception to the implication that we will all be judged accordingly by our maker for doing so in a negative way. let me just repeat in my opening
11:59 pm
marks what i said, quoting a border patrol agent, chris. he told us, if you've seen some of the stuff we've seen done here, you would understand why it's important to have a tough stance to deliver to prevent people from coming here. when you see a 12-year-old girl with a plan b pill that her parents put her on birth control because they know getting violated is a part of the journey, something has to be done. and that's exactly what we're doing here with this piece of legislation, mr. speaker. if we pass this today, that will help solve this problem today. that's what we as congress need to do. we need to be responsive to the plight of people trying to get here as well as to citizens of our own country. with that, mr. speaker, i'll reserve my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves. the gentleman from colorado. mr. polis: mr. chairman, i have an article i'd like to submit for the record, trump considers
12:00 am
using military bases to house immigrant children. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. polis: the trump administration is now looking to house up to 20,000 children taken away from their parents at military bases. they are looking to take 10 times as many children away from their parents as they already have. it's time to stop president trump. mr. speaker, i yield one minute to the gentlewoman from california, ms. lofgren. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady is recognized for one minute. ms. lofgren: mr. speaker, this bill wouldn't end the separation of children from their parents but would also provide parents could be put in jail with their children. the alternative, which is false, seems to be, put the mother in the cage with the toddler or they run free and we'll never see them again. it's not true. there was something called the amily case management program. 100% attendance rate at the immigration hearing. that's not my figures. those are figures from the department of homeland security office of inspector general.
12:01 am
100% of the people showed up at their hearing, either to get relief or to be removed. at a cost of $36 a day, as compared to $711 a day to keep a child in a temporary tent facility. we don't want to see the equivalent of internment camps, as we saw in world war ii, for these asylum seekers. we need the orderly administration of the immigration laws. this bill will lead to mass incarceration of mothers and their toddlers. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from washington. mr. newhouse: i would reserve my time but just inquire how many speakers the other side has. mr. polis: we have several additional speakers. the speaker pro tempore: the chair advises both managers, the gentleman from colorado has 11 minutes remaining. the gentleman from washington has six minutes remaining. mr. polis: isn't that amazing, republicans can't even find
12:02 am
elected representatives willing to come down here on the floor and defend taking kids from their parents. they are out of speakers because republicans are embarrassed. they know they can't face the american people, no less their maker, knowing they are complicit in tearing innocent children away from mom and dad. mr. speaker, i yield one minute to the gentleman from california, mr. thompson. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for one minute. mr. thompson: mr. speaker, the president created a humanitarian crisis that inflicts lasting trauma on children when he mandated that they be taken from their parents at the border. the president's executive action just trades one trauma for another by locking up children indefinitely. this is about the lives and the well-being of children. there are over 2,000 kids who were taken from their parents. i want people watching this to think about those children, the president chose to put them through this to push his harmful
12:03 am
and abusive immigration policies. the speaker could allow a vote on bipartisan immigration bills today to reform our immigration system and to put an end to the president's policy of traumatizing these kids. congress needs to stand up and fix our broken immigration system and put an end to the deplorable tactics of this administration. this isn't who we are as a nation. we need to fix our immigration system and save these kids. i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from washington. mr. newhouse: thank you, mr. speaker. let me just say that i am proud to represent my conference and stand here with this piece of legislation that will provide the certainty and the hope for over 1.8 million daca recipients and dreamers in this country. something if you vote no on this bill, you will be denying those
12:04 am
individuals what they've for so long have been wanting. i am proud to be here representing my conference to do just that, to give them that hope, mr. speaker. with that i'll reserve my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from washington -- from colorado. mr. polis: mr. newhouse may be proud but there are other republicans came to the floor to join him. we have so many democrats who want to reunite families. ask mr. newhouse if he will yield me his time. mr. newhouse: should i respond to that, mr. speaker? the speaker pro tempore: no. mr. polis: well, republicans know they are not working to solve this issue. they are working to tear people apart. they are lying about it, mr. speaker. i yield one ming to the gentleman from new york, mr. eng -- one minute to the gentleman from new york, mr. engel. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for one minute. mr. engel: i rise in strong opposition to the rule.
12:05 am
i am dess maid and embarrassed that the republicans -- dismayed and embarrassed that the republicans think this is a compromise. this partisan, anti-immigrant legislation is the opposite to the idea of compromise. if republicans were serious about compromise and protecting the dreamers, they would have allowed the bipartisan discharge petition and queen of the hill rule to move forward. instead, republicans have spent the last 10 months ignoring the will of the american people and holding dreamers and young immigrant children hostage to implement their hard-line agenda. this legislation does not provide a path to citizenship. it eliminates asylum protections, drastically cuts legal immigration, removes basic requirements for safe and humane detention, fails to end family separation and does nothing to reunite the children who have been separated from their parents. some of these children are being held 2,000 miles away from their parents, including in my district in new york without any idea where their parents are or if they'll ever see them again. this is cruel. what we need is a compassionate
12:06 am
solution with a path to citizenship and reunification of these families. instead, this bill is an attack on family values and an insult to our country's beacon of freedom and opportunity to all. thank you. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from washington. mr. newhouse: thank you, mr. speaker. it's an honor to be able to recognize and allow a couple minutes, three minutes to the gentleman from dallas, texas, the chairman of the rules committee, mr. sessions. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas is recognized for three minutes. mr. sessions: mr. speaker, thank you very much. i want to thank the distinguished gentleman from washington, a member of the rules committee, for yielding me such time. mr. speaker, i really came down this debate part in because yesterday for seven hours we were at the rules committee laying out what are known as goodlatte one and goodlatte two, these two bills. this is the rule on what might be called goodlatte two. this is a rule and a piece of
12:07 am
egislation that represents several years worth of work that was done by members of the republican majority to approach daca, e that is known as is to take some 700,000 young people and slightly older who came to america, not because they did it on their own fruition, as even a young adult, but as a child where they could not make a decision and they came with their parents. they came to this country. we've been struggling for years to find the right answer on how to answer the question of how to deal with these dreamers. that the republican party
12:08 am
was challenged by our president who said, i would like for congress to tackle this issue. it was the president of the united states that began debate and discussion on a bipartisan basis with republicans and democrats, senators and house .embers down at the white house it found itself to a point where then members came back here and began working together. it did fall apart, but it did not end. did not end because the republican party and our majority have groups of people that are from all across this country, as we have congressman curbelo from miami, florida, as we have a dan newhouse from the state of washington, and each of
12:09 am
these members have care and concern about people who live in their district and who have come and petitioned them, please, congressman newhouse, do something. what did they ask for? ey asked for two things very simply. they asked, please allow us to come out of the shadows and recognize us. and secondly, to give us legal status. that legal status -- if the gentleman can give me two additional minutes. mr. newhouse: i can give you 30 seconds. mr. sessions: we're out of time. i came down late. mr. speaker, that is exactly what these bills do. they address the issue in a compassionate, fairway.
12:10 am
they address the issues of coming out of the shadows, and they are given permanent legal status that gives them options for the rest of their life. i think that what we have done, mr. speaker, is more than what we were asked, and to not be a part of taking a vote on this today and voting yes is another opportunity that we're giving here today. i hope the members understand the importance. i yield back the balance of my time and yield it back to the distinguished gentleman. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from colorado. . mr. polis: i yield to the gentleman from virginia. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. connolly: i thank you, mr. speaker, and i thank my good friend, mr. polis, for his leadership in the rules kevment i respect the chairman of the -- rules committee. i respect the chairman of the rules committee but i respectfully disagree. he's presided over a rules committee that has the most
12:11 am
closed rules in the history of the united states. competing ideas, opposing views were not allowed to be considered in either of the two bills the republicans are going to put before the congress. one was dispensed with already. i oppose the rule and i oppose the underlying legislation. we're facing multiple immigration crises of the president's own making. and we must not be fooled by plans designed to cover that up. this is not the fix we need for migrant families separated at border. president trump's inhumane and morally repugnant policy, to forcibly separate children from their parents as they seek refuge in america, is beyond the pale. we cannot rely on the president's sudden change of heart. we must for bid this barbaric -- forbid this barbaric policy by passing the keep families together act, not this bill. and this is not the fix we need for dreamers, despite what mr. sessions, my good friend from texas, just said. there are nearly 800,000
12:12 am
dreamers, including 2,400 in my district. they need an opportunity to work, to attend school, to contribute to our communities, and to become the americans they in fact are. i had a dreamer as my guest at the state of the union address. she came to this country at the age of 1. she's never been back to her country of birth. she thought she was an american. until she applied for a driver's permit at the age of 16. she's a proud american and we would be proud to have her. i urge my colleagues to oppose the rule and to oppose the underlying bill of i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from washington. mr. newhouse: mr. speaker, we have to many members coming wanting to speak. how much time do i have left? the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from washington has two minutes remaining. the gentleman from colorado has 6 1/2 minutes remaining. mr. newhouse: mr. speaker, i'd like to yield one minute to the good gentleman from california, mr. denham. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for one minute. mr. denham: i thank the gentleman for yielding. i rise in support not only of this rule, but on the underlying bill.
12:13 am
it is time to get something done around here. both parties have failed to address this issue for decades now. and we finally have an opportunity. for the same kids that are in your district, they talk to me in mine. the kids are just looking for this certainty of being able to have a job, being able to go to school. some of them even want to sign up for the military and show their greatest act of patriotism. these are kids who are just looking for a path forward. this bill protects them on day one. the day that this bill is signed into law it not only protects the daca recipients that signed up under president obama's executive order, but some of them didn't trust that executive order. some of them didn't trust that their information would be secure. this protects them too. now, there is another group of people here that did not qualify , they did not -- they were not
12:14 am
of age at the time, this will protect them too. if you care about the dreamers, $1.8 million will be protected on day one. you should support this bill too. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. the gentleman from colorado. mr. polis: i'd like to yield myself the remainder of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for 6 1/2 minutes. mr. polis: you know, mr. chairman, i want to go to the definition of the word compromise. because i think that there needs to be education regarding what these words mean that are being tossed around. a compromise is an agreement or a settlement of a dispute that is reached by each side, making -- each side making concessions. it doesn't mean looking yourself in the mirror and conceding to yourself. it doesn't mean republicans going into a closed-door meeting and coming out with a bill that makes things worse. it means republicans and democrats working together, each giving up some things, each living with what they can accept. i've worked hard on compromise.
12:15 am
with many of my republican colleagues through the problem solvers group, to solve and provide a pathway to citizen for dreamers, while securing our border. you know what, this bill makes things worse. it gets legal immigration. it eliminates two family immigration programs. married children of u.s. citizens and sibling of u.s. adults. it doesn't even grandfather people already in the system waiting to be reunited with their families. meaning that it will eliminate the current legal way that families can be reunified. this bill raises the credible fear standard for asylum seekers to begin the process. by raising the standards to more probably than not. this bill does nothing to prevent the trump administration's grotesque policy of separating parents around children at the border. in fact, it simply removes protections for those families who are currently not separated at points of entry. and now we're hearing that
12:16 am
president trump is preparing military bases to house up to 20,000 more kids that he plans to snatch from their moms and their dads. we can do better. this humanitarian crisis is entirely of president trump's making. he didn't do it before the last 90 days. he just started a misinterpretation of the law. his recent executive order is not a solution. over 2,300 kids have already been separated from their parents and there is no plan to reunite them. this order doesn't even require any families be detained together and the order doesn't contain any prohibitions barring family separation. you know, we know that separating kids is wrong. i hope americans agree that this is bad for kids. but let's also look at science. the american academy of
12:17 am
pediatrics said that the incarceration of families and the separation of families has long-term consequences for the health and well-being, mental and physical, for children and parents. separation consequences include posttraumatic stress disorder, developmental delays, poor psychological adjustment. i dare say that these policies of the trump administration who on their own decided to tear one and two -- 1-year-old and 2-year-old and 3-year-old kids away from their parents is going to create even greater needs for these next generation of kids. many of whom will grow up here legally. those who successfully pursue their asylum claims. and while those immigration claims are being adjudicated, some might have to return to their native countries, some will be able to stay. families should be together. no parent should have to see
12:18 am
their own child stripped apart. this bill is hemorrhaging support, mr. chairman. i have an article for the record from "politico" that the coke net -- koch network won't support the house immigration bills that i'd like to submit. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. polis: i don't agree with the koch network on much. i do know that they fund many republicans. but maybe now the republicans are taking children away from their parents, the koches will stop funding republicans because i'm glad to hear that they are people of principle. and i'll quote from the article. they push for a more moderate approach toward immigration and they have called on trump to simply stop his administration from splitting up immigrant families. which this bill does not do. in fact, this bill ends those who are waiting for family reunification today. so there's a legal way to unite families. this bill eliminates that and will lead to more families being apart.
12:19 am
this is a false crisis entirely of president trump's making. i hope that even he has recognized that the american for e will not stand 3-year-olds and 4-year-olds literally being put in cages, strapped down while they're given drugs and medicaided and njected -- medicated and injected with americans complicit in this atrocity. it needs to be reiterated one more time that the votes we take on the rule today are more than procedural. they have a significant impact on young lives of innocent children. they will show, which members of -- show which members of congress care about fixing our immigration system and are willing to complo mice and work in a bipartisan -- compromise and work in a bipartisan way. and which members of congress vote to make all the problems outlined here today worse and more widespread.
12:20 am
we need to reject these bills, reject this rule. we need to keep families together. we need to begin the sometimes challenging work of compromise and consensus building. between republicans and democrats. between mr. newhouse and mr. curbelo. and me and ms. lofgren and others. not with steven miller, steven king or louie gohmert. reject these bills. keep families together. and let's work together on border security, on fixing our broken immigration system, on uniting families, on a permanent solution for dreamers to ensure that this horror and affront to our american values ends and doesn't repeat itself ever again. i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. the gentleman from washington. mr. newhouse: mr. speaker, don't believe me, i would say don't
12:21 am
believe mr. polis either. believe the border security guard that i quoted earlier who said that the situation we have at the border happened under the previous administration, as well as this one. mr. trump, our president, did not manufacture this crisis. but this bill before us will solve that situation. which is why we need to pass this rule. and it takes -- that whole issue takes away from one of the most pressing issues of our time. immigration reform. we will solve that but we can also address immigration. i'm proud of the bill we have before us. i'm proud that we had so many speakers come and speak on its behalf. this is the only bill in front of us that has any potential chance of becoming law. the president will sign this bill because it addresses his four main pillars. it provides for border security, which the american people want.
12:22 am
certainly as we've talked a lot today, it provides for those 1.8 million daca recipients and dreamers. it's a good bill. i urge my colleagues to support this bill because it's the right thing to do. mr. speaker, i yield back the balance of my >> here are some of the live events we are covering on friday. at 9 a.m. eastern, the house needs to debate opioid legislation. on c-span2, a house hearing on commercial satellite technology commerce secretary over ross,
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the head of nasa, and u.s. strategic command. and on c-span3, a house panel looks at the horse racing industry, and whether to hire a uniform anti-open program for the horses. the c-span bus is in alaska for the 30th stop of our 50 capital store. we are in juneau with the help of our cable partner. we are thrilled that c-span has chosen to visit alaska for the first time in 22 years as art of its 50 s store, so a big shout out to c-span. [applause] we have offered c-span2 our customers because we believe in the network mission for open resources, and we support their ash -- effort to educate the nation.
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hopefully take it back, we like the idea. it is like having visitors in the summertime. >> be sure to join us when we will feature our visit to alaska. weekend." on c-span or listen on the radio at -- app. this language of attack, of harm, of damage. that by expressing an opinion that people don't like, you have inflicted an injury. i found that very striking, and frankly rather frightening, truth be told. and quite emblematic of the way that the left is now responding to any sort of dissent, and especially one that entrenches on identity grievance politics,
12:26 am
which of course, is everywhere and has infected everything. >> university of pennsylvania law school professor spoke about the limits of free expression on college campuses. at eight eastern on c-span's q --. -- q&a. a cabinet meeting, president trump called on congress to pass an immigration reform law. from the white house, this is a half hour. president trump: hello, everybody. thank you very much for being here. this is a cabinet meeting and we have plenty of things to discuss and plenty of success. we had a tremendous amount of success. we're working however, right now on immigration, which has been going on for many years. we have come up with a lot of solutions. but we have


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