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tv   Leo Shane  CSPAN  June 23, 2018 2:41am-2:52am EDT

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the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. for what purpose does the gentleman from california seek recognition? mr. mccarthy: i ask unanimous consent when the house adjourns today it meet on monday june 25, 2018 when it shall convene at noon for morning hour debate and >> the house next week takes of the $675 billion defense spending bill. leo shane with "military times". what are the main priorities versus the president's request? >> it is pretty close to the president's request. and looking at the same level of military end strength. and same level for the military pay raise. and generally the same level of funding. little bit lower than what the administration asked for. we have gotten a note from mick
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mulvaney and wants to see those accounts fully restored. but it is pretty close. the two places that we have see the administration, this bill would purchase two extra lit oral ships with the administration we spent money offer and j-star program and another $00 million. minor things in the larger scope and pretty much in line with what the administration was looking for. host: reading some of your reporting,, the headline. here's what the appropriators want. you quote the chair of the appropriations subcommittee, last year, we took the first big step to he rebuilding the military.
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what are the improved improvements to the military we see in the chairwoman's bill? >> she is talking about this idea of rebuilding the military from trump and the republicans. we are talking about healthy increases, another $16 billion and continued end strength and more soldiers and more sailors and airmen in this and seeing more investment in the accounts that started to get thinner. this goes to the issue of sequestration and budget caps and the department has been restrained and so, we are going to see a big boost in purchases and in things like the f-35 and combat vehicles. lawmakers are hoping they will get another deal around those spending caps. host: the lines have been drawn in terms of the provisions in
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the bill but there are 100 amendments that have been filed in the rules committee and two days for floor debate. what are the issues you are focused on? >> the biggest debate on the house floor is immigration. quite a few amendments are money being used for national guard restrictions and money that may be connected to housing migrants on bases and jag officers. so we'll have to see whether or not those amendments are ruled in order and how much this immigration debate spills over into defense appropriations. also a couple of other issues
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like transgender policy. there are a couple of democrats who are pushing for ways to undo the new restrictions on transgender individuals joining the military and there is a n ongoing fight over f-35's to turkey and turkey's latest actions in the region and the u.s. relationship with that country. so there will be more attempts to restrict. host: democratic whip steny hoyer said democrats were shut out of the debate. on immigration. how about on the defense spending bill? how do democrats feel about it? do they get a say? >> in the appropriations subcommittee, there was not as much consternation. there was back and forth and there were a handful of measures they were hoping to add on.
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in the markup of this. but it hasn't been as polarizing as it has been in years past. a lot of it is lawmakers have agreed on the top line defense spending. it was part of the two-year. budget agreement. there is a lot of back and forth, how much money will go to defense and nondefense programs. in the budget. this year, that is sort of settled. a lot of those debates have been muted. host: where is the senate in the process of the defense spending bill? >> little bit behind but still trying to move their appropriations bill along and we've seen a handful of appropriations bills starting to move over there. and a vote early next week on the construction bill which incorporates this military spending, too. the goal of lawmakers is to move these more quickly. typically this is taken late in the year and in this year's case, even into the next
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calendar year. we hear from a lot of lawmakers that say they think they can get it done before the election and before the start of the new fiscal year. we will see if they can actually do it this time. >> leo shane, deputy editor with "military times." thanks for joining us. >> c-span's washington journal, live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up saturday morning, a discussion on the recent supreme court ruling allowing states to online sales tax on purchases. and if the u.s. is ready for the next plague. bloomberg agriculture reporter on the house passed farm bill including the stricter requirements for food stamp recipients. be sure to watch "washington
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journal" live on c-span saturday morning. join the discussion. c-span bus is traveling across the country on our 50 .apitals tour it stopped in juneau, alaska, asking folks what is the most important issue in alaska. >> what i think is the most important issue facing alaska right now is we are in the middle of a budget crisis. there are other revenue streams that need to happen, but it doesn't seem to be happening very fast, and i think there's political reasons people are worried about implementing taxes . without additional revenue coming in, the alaskans are facing crisis in a lot of areas.
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the more our economy goes down, the more people get upset and their lives moving away they are not happy with, and the more they get to self-medicating, and i think that is a problem, too. >> i think child hunger and lack of medicine. it's all linked to poverty. food insecurity for children in the state. we went down, and now we are going way back up. we have to stop giving all our money to the oil companies and start spending it on children for the future. >> [indiscernible] industry. it's a huge part of the economy, growing by leaps and bounds. thee very concerned about ability to grow the state at any kind of large level.
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, one ofr as i can see the big social service issues i see in alaska is homelessness. it seems to be a big issue with .he city a lot of them are not actively seeking help, but the ones that are seem to be moving from place to place looking for what they can get, but one of the big issues is homelessness and how we can come that it in the city. ? from our perspective, the most important thing in alaska is to long-term fiscal plan in place. really, primarily, because we need to stabilize education across the state. our educators need to feel that , which ising
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constitutional and alaska, is stable. most important, i think, from all of us is to educate our , and the best way to do that is a stable school. >> be sure to join us july 21 of july 22 when we feature our visit to alaska. watch alaska weekend on c-span,, and listen on the free c-span radio app p p -- app. >> pulitzer prize-winning columnist, dr. charles krauthammer died recently. his death was announced by two former employers, foxnews channel and "washington post." in 2005, he was a guest on c-span's q&a. this is one hour. brian: dr. charles krauthammer, what is a medical doctor doing writing a column and appearing


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