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tv   U.S. Withdrawal from U.N. Human Rights Council  CSPAN  June 23, 2018 1:16pm-1:32pm EDT

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announcer: president trump is in las vegas where he will make appearances, starting with a speech to the nevada state republican convention. watch his remarks live on c-span. communicators, stc commissioner michael o'rielly joins us to look at the end of net neutrality, what that means for the internet. he will also talk about a proposal to change federal rules , setting the weekly minimum of children's programming. watch the communicators on c-span. haley announced the u.s. is leaving the united nations human rights council.
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in a news conference, she along with mike pompeo talk about the reasons. >> every individual has writes that are inherent and an viable. they are given by god and not by government. statesades, the united has led global efforts to promote human rights, often through multilateral institutions. four -- for far too long, we have waited while that process
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comes to slowly. too many commitments have gone unfulfilled. president trump once to move the ball forward. he has called out institutions who say one thing and do another. that is the problem with the human rights council. as president trump said, to the massive source of and their -- it is ae nations massive source of embarrassment. today, we need to be honest. the human rights council is a poor defender of human rights. worse, the human rights council has become an exercise in hypocrisy with many of the world's serious offenders sitting on the council. the only thing worse than a council that does nothing to protect human rights is a
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council that covers for human rights abuses. process --stacle to progress. both the condemning those who have committed no offense. look around the world. its membership includes authoritarian governments with a records,man rights' such as china. there is no competitive election process and countries have colluded with one another to undermine members. since its creation, the council has adopted resolutions condemning israel. the united states has no opposition to multilateral dust to protect human rights. we desire to work with our partners on this objective that
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reflects america's commitment to freedom. when organizations undermine our interests, we will not be complicit. when they speak to international sovereign tree, we will not be silent. will notd states s take -- from hypocritical bodies as america selflessly gives their blood to help the defenseless. ambassador nikki haley has spent more than here trying to reform the human rights council. she is the right later to drive our efforts in this regard. her efforts have been tireless. she has asserted leadership on everything from the has sought regime's chemical weapons juice and propagation's in the middle east. ambassador haley has been
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fearless and she has a sincere passion to protect the humanty's dignity and beings around the world. she has been a fierce defender of human rights. i will now turn it over to ambassador haley for her announcement. >> thank you. good afternoon. i want to thank secretary mike pompeo for his partnership and leadership as we move forward on these issues. one year ago, i traveled to the united nations in geneva. i outlined u.s. priorities for dancing human rights and i declared our intent to remain a part of the human rights' counsel if reforms were achieved. these reforms were needed in order to make the council a serious advocate for human
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rights. the council has been a protector of human rights' abusers. our call forar reform was not heeded. serve andts' abusers are elected to the council. inhumane regimes continue to escape scrutiny. the council continues scapegoating of countries with positive human rights' records in an attempt to distract. said to your ago, if we did not see progress, the united states is officially withdrawing from the u.n. human rights' counsel. i want to make it clear this step is not a retreat from human rights' commitments. step because our
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commitment does not allow us to remain a part of a hypocritical organization that makes a mockery of human rights. we did not make this decision lightly. when this administration began 17 months ago, we were aware of the enormous flaws in the human rights' counsel. --council. we could have withdrawn. we made a good faith effort to resolve the problem. we met with masters. last september, in president trump's speech, he called states to' support human rights council reform. we led a session on human rights' council reform cohosted by the british and dutch foreign ministers. our efforts continued through this year where my team met with
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war than 125 member states and circulated draft text. almost every country we met agrees with us in principle and behind closed doors. the human rights' counsel needs systemic changes. no other country has had the courage to join our fight. council hasn on the gotten worse, not better. one of our goals was to prevent the world's human rights' abusers from gaining membership. year, the democratic republic of congo was elected as a member. the drc is known to have one of the worst human rights' records in the world. even as it was being elected to -- continue tos be discovered.
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what happened? the council would not have a meeting on the human rights' conditions in venezuela. why? because venezuela is a member of the human rights' counsel as is cuba as is china. the council failed to respond in december and january when the uranium regime -- iranian regime killed hundreds of citizens. when a human rights council cannot bring itself to adjust abuses in venezuela and welcomes the democratic republic of congo as a new member, the council ceases to be worthy of its name. such a council damages the cause of human rights. the biasthe matter of against israel. the united states made it clear we would not accept the
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continued existence of agenda item seven, which singles out israel in a way no other country is singled out. year, the human rights' counsel passed five resolutions against israel. more than the number passed against north korea, ironic, and syria, combined. this hostility towards israel is is motivatedncil by political bias, not by human rights. for all these reasons, the united states spent the past year engaged in an effort to reform the human rights' counsel. it is worth examining why our efforts did not succeed. there are two reasons. there are unfree come -- countries that do not want the
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council to be affected. a credible counsel poses a threat so they pose steps that we created. look at the membership and you see an appalling disrespect for basic human rights. resist anyries effort to expose abusive practices. run for a seat, to protect themselves from scrutiny. we made it clear we would pursue council reform. these countries came out of the -- russia, china, cuba, and egypt all attempted to undermine our reform efforts. the second reason our reforms did not succeed is in ways, even more frustrating. there are countries on the council who do share our values.
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engaged.d us to remain they are embarrassed by the mistreatment of israel. they share our alarm with the hypocrisy of countries like congo and others serving. however, many of these like-minded countries were unwilling to challenge the status quo. we gave them opportunity after opportunity and months of consultations and they would not take a stand unless it was behind closed doors. blatante fine with the falls with the council as long as they could pursue their own agenda. a moralot agree with compromise when the previous commission was disbanded in 2006.
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many countries argued the united states should stay on the human rights' counsel because american precipitation is the last shred of credibility the council has. but that is precisely why we must leave. if the human rights council is going to attack countries that upholds human rights and shields countries that abuse human rights, then america should not provided with any dos provided with any credibility -- provide it with any credibility. the presidencyng of the security council, we initiated the first security council session dedicated to the connection between human rights and peace. despite protests, we did organize an event on venezuela outside this past january we had a
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security council session on iranian human rights in new york. i have traveled to you and refugee and internally displaced congo, camp in ethiopia, turkey, and jordan. and met with victims of atrocities in those regions. we used america's voice to defend human rights at the u.n. everyday and will continue to do so even as we and our membership in the human rights council we will keep trying to strengthen the frame work and we will continue to strongly advocate for reform of the human rights council. should it become reform, we would be happy to rejoin it. america has a proud legacy as a champion of human rights. a problem easily as the provider of humanitarian aid.
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a profligacy of liberating oppressed people. while we do not seek to impose american system on anyone else, we do support the rights of all people to have freedoms the stowed on them by their creator. that is why we are withdrawing from the u.n. human rights council, an organization that is not worthy >>its name. thank you. [indiscernible] meanwhile over at white house, president trump and the first lady welcomed the king and queen of spain. here is a look at their visit. >> it's


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