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tv   Washington Journal Alayna Treene Lisa Mascaro  CSPAN  June 25, 2018 11:49am-12:01pm EDT

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is to get a long-term sustainable fiscal plan in place for our state which has ongoing revenue outside of our nonrenewable resources and really, primarily because we need to stabilize education. our educators need to feel that their funding, which is the constitutional duty in alaska, is stable so they can stabilize their schools and most important for all of us is to educate our students and the best way to do that is a stable school. announcer: be sure to join us at july 21 and 22nd when we will feature our visit to alaska. watch of alaska weekend on c-span,, and listen on the c-span radio app. shortly, the u.s. house will gavel in at noon eastern for general speeches, legislative
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business happening at 2:00 and most of the week will be spent on the defense spending bill. members are also expected to vote on whether to go to conference with of the senate to work on a bill authorizing fornse spending and policy the next fiscal year and it is possible the house will bring up a vote on immigration and border security legislation. you can follow the house live right here on c-span. the senate is back at work at 3:00 p.m. where they will resume debate on a spending package for water and energy, military construction, and the v.a. fornal passage vote set 5:30 will be followed by another vote on whether to begin debate on the farm bill. you can see live coverage of the senate on c-span 2. while we wait for the house, look at the week ahead in washington. joining us in a roundtable discussion about topics happening in congress in washington dc -- washington,
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d.c. is a reporter. also joining us is lisa mascaro, the chief congressional correspondent. thank you for joining us. topic last was a big week, especially in the house. there was some bills voted on and some did not. where are we in the result part of this? bighis is going to be a week for immigration in the house. house republicans have been trying to craft a bill on their own pretty much without democratic input to present something on immigration that president trump could sign into law. they got a little close last week, they voted on, they were set to vote on two bills. one was a more conservative measure and it was supposed to do a compromise measure, something that has been negotiated between the house conservatives and the more moderate republicans.
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what happened last week is what often happens on this immigration measures among republicans and they cannot get to it on their own. struggling with immigration for years and last week was no different. they voted in the house on the conservative measure and it failed and did not receive the majority threshold needed and they punted on this compromise measure because it was sort of hanging in the balance about to fail and they wanted to see if they could take one more swing at it and try to craft different provisions that would bring on more support. as soon as they did that on friday, president trump jumped in and said quit wasting your time, let's get through the elections and then we will deal with immigration. that do to the republicans that have to vote on that? >> it makes it so much more difficult because all along he was saying putting the pressure
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on congress and lawmakers to fix this crisis that his administration created and they put forth this bill, calling it the compromise bill and he is saying wait until after november, wait until the midterms and that is when we can fix it. he said there is going to be a red wave. we will have difficulties and -- we are seeing sources are seeing republicans want to put forth another more narrow bill looking at ending family separation first, something the administration said from the beginning we want to do more comprehensive legislation. then the president watching cable news during his executive time looking at images of children and a got to him as well as melania and the bunker -- melania and ivanka. there are still so many things up in the air they need to fix.
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now lawmakers are looking at doing a more narrow bill and want to put an have a vote on the compromise vote. for republicans. 202-748-8000 for democrats. .ndependents, 202-748-8002 would that narrow approach satisfy the freedom caucus? is that something both sides can come to an agreement on? what bill it depends is going forth. we have also been told ted cruz are alsoor feinstein looking at creating these separation bills they had before trump signed the order. you are seeing people come together from very different factions of each party because everyone wants to end this. it is not just moderates that want to this or democrats, we have people like ted cruz pushing forward. >> even if some compromise,
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narrow or wide, what is the likelihood in the senate to follow suit and make something happen? >> the senate has introduced a bill that would address this issue on a very narrow basis of what to do with the families at the border and how to keep families together while they -- immigration cases are being adjudicated or being sent back to their home countries. house republicans are expected to introduce a similar bill today to address that. the problem for the house republicans and just a backup on that, there is widespread concern among house republicans and democrats, both parties in congress that they need to have thise not only to end policy or heading into the midterm elections to show they are on record voting against what the president, his
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administration has done with the zero-tolerance policy. they are concerned a number of lawmakers have said they are oncerned that having this them and not taking action ahead of the election does not look good for them. there is a lot of pent-up interest in passing voting on it, passing it, i think something could get widespread support. they are racing against time, this is the last week they are in session before the fourth of july break and paul ryan has modern republicans a promise he would vote on this other broader compromise bill dangling out there. he has got a lot to do to try to resolve this and i think there's a lot of interest trying to get to the skinny bill. >> one of the voices on the sunday shows yesterday was mike mccall.
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currentsked about the status from one of the sunday shows yesterday. we will play you a little bit of that. [video clip] >> under the bill i helped pass providek, we have -- we a solution. the problem is we treat people from other than mexico, central americans different than mexicans. we don't want to treat them the same for it when you come in from mexico as a child, you are detained and immediately removed from the country. if we can do that with the central american population, that would go a long ways to this incentivizing the smugglers and cartels and traffickers from bringing kids up in the first place. >> is there talk and serious thought about if you cannot pass your bill you go to a skinny bill that just deals with family situation? >> i think at minimum we have to deal with the family separation. i am a father of 5 and i think this is inhumane and the pictures we have seen, that is
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not the face of america. >> that addresses the skinny bill part of it. i want to ask both of you about ambitions because they went into this with the ambition of widespread reform. -- can't make these large-scale changes to immigration such as what we saw in 1986? >> it has been such an -- a difficult issue for congress. under president george bush and again under president obama with the bill in 2013. realizingl sides are to fix the immigration problems will require bipartisan consensus and that is difficult to get to in this congress. republicans wanted to try to look at this on their own, bring something that president trump would sign to law.
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the problem is the republican party has what we have sort of been calling the irreconcilable difference on one main issue, what to do with the folks that are here living illegally whether they are the young people, the dreamers who came to this country at a young age, or others, the broader illegal population and there is a divide within the republican party that some republicans are willing to consider not only legalization, citizenship, especially for the young people who have in or miss empathy -- enormous empathy. people support them. they say they are here illegally and should not be given any legal status and that is the bridge -- the divide they have been unable to bridge and shows if they want to address that issue, which is at the core of so much of the immigration debate, they are going to need
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and within democrats the republican congress and republican president, they have been unwilling. >> what are democrats willing to compromise on? democratsny ambition -- announcer: we will leave this conversation to take you live to the u.s. house of representatives. the chair lays before the house a -- a commaun case from the speaker. the clerk: the speaker's rooms, washington, d.c. june 25, 2018. i hereby appoint the honorable jody c. arrington to act as speaker pro tempore on this day. signed, paul d. ryan, speaker of the house of representatives. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to the order of the house of january 8, 2018, the chair will now recognize members from lists submitted by the majority and


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