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tv   Patrick Kelley  CSPAN  June 26, 2018 9:05pm-9:16pm EDT

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she should obviously apologize. andhen we are suggesting disagree on policy views that we should resort to violence, harassment and intimidation, that is dangerous for our society, democracy. she should apologize. there is no place for that in our public discourse. >> petra kelly considering the
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defense department spending bill. one of the main is the house. bill in many ways exceeds what the pentagon and president asked for. funding will approve the chair of the opposed toe has said the pentagon's request to track down the cost. they also happen to be assembled at a lockheed martin facility. also, the bill -- in the bill,
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the appropriators have funding or two. communitieshat the in wisconsin and alabama >> what has been the view on the associations process so far? >> this year, probably a bit easier. back i believe it was in march.
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really fluffed up the funding for the pentagon. mores allowed them to get of what they wanted. as the debate is underway and there are over 130 amendments , what are some of the key ?ssues you're looking for >> they have in a minute that would decrease the overall funding. it is probably not going anywhere. the amendment i'm interested in american -- an arizona republican to be winning
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the a-10 warthog. cinnamon wants to fleetorate the existing and that is something like $65 million over what the pentagon had requested. she is looking to be winning the air force and that will be a debate. >> that will be them accredit priorities. democrats target defense bills for immigration. tell us about that. >> there are more than a dozen in the midst that relate to president donald trump's immigration policy in some way or another.
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there are a handful of amendments that would do that. that is not what they are trained to do and also putting resources away. it will be interesting to see an amendmentff has that would ban any funding used to build facilities that house migrant children and also ruben gallego has an amendment that would ban any pentagon funding. the democrats covered all the bases. whether they consider it is
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and anonymity that would ban chinese telecom companies and it would also ensure the penalties that were initially put in place would remain in place. see will be interesting to what the rules committee and the doing. , how do youcerns think democrats will vote? >> like we spoke about earlier with the budget agreement come that has given them a lot of what they wanted and this year's i'm sure there will be
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some democratic by end. there will be some no votes. i would not expect this would pass. kelly covers defense issues. .e is also on twitter thanks for the update. washington journal live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. leahg up wednesday, reviews the results of tuesday's primary. congressman onn immigration policy. ted hassan discusses the supreme court decision to uphold president trump's travel ban. c-span'so watch
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washington journal live on seven eastern -- some talk eastern. here's a look at what is live wednesday. the house is back at 10:00 a.m. eastern. on c-span2, the senate continues debate on the bill and on c-span3, housing and urban development secretary ben carson testifies. then, president trump's pick to lead the veterans affairs apartment leads a confirmation hearing at 2:30 eastern.
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friday, a conversation with chief justice john roberts at 3:30 p.m. eastern or listen on the free c-span radio app. >> this past week, the c-span alaskaveled to haines, and as part of the bus continues, our next stop in fairbank. >> c-span is viable. they are proud to carry c-span for a number of reasons, especially education. the program offered smany resources to teachers in the
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classrooms. >> thank you for being part of it. that was just incredible. and the things and iaw coming to alaska understand it is an awesome trip. we are so glad that your bus came here and using it as a tool. me.-span is much older than what i appreciate about c-span is it is nonpartisan. there is a lot of sparring that takes place. it is extremely iormative and very educational.
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if you go and look at the video screens, people can learn about government. avernment doesn't have to be bad learner. actor and former football player terry crews told the senate panel about his experience on sexual abuse. he is known for the television show brooklyn 99 and testified before the senate judiciary committee. senator chuck grassley chairs the committee.


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