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  President Meets With Republican Appropriators  CSPAN  June 27, 2018 1:17am-1:58am EDT

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administration's travel ban. he made the remarks during a white house meeting with republican lawmakers who serve on the house and then it appropriations committees. he spoke about border security, spending levels, and the ongoing opioid abuse crisis. president obama: thank you very much, everybody. president trump: thank you, everybody. for oura great victory constitution. we have to be tough and we have to be safe and we have to be secure. at a minimum, we have to make sure that we vet people coming into the country. we know who is coming in. we know where they are coming from. it just have to know who is coming here. all of theshows that
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attacks from the media and the democrats, politicians are wrong and they turned out to be very wrong. what we are looking for is republicans, i can tell you, his strong voters, no crime. with the democrats are looking at is open borders which will bring tremendous crime. it will bring ms 13 and lots of others that we do not want to have in our country. it will bring tremendous crime. i will always be defending the sovereignty, the safety, and security of the american people. that is what we are discussing today. which weng of the wall very much in need. we started the wall with spending a lot of energy and a lot of time and started up in san diego and other places, it is under construction. we're going to ask for an increase in wall spending. so we can finish it quicker.
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it stops the drugs, it stops people that we do not want to have, and it gives us security and safety. with that, i think we might just take a quick spin around the room and talk to a couple of the folks. and maybeu,f you want to say a couple of words about why we are here and what we are doing. leadership of chairman shelby, we are try to get these appropriations bills to the floor and get them on your desk as you have insisted, not in an omnibus. we had a conference report on the senate floor. this would be where the house passed a bill and we -- it was 2011. we just passed the first three bills yesterday that the house had already passed and we are doing our best to get back into business in a transparent way so that people can see what their government is doing. we are in the first quarter
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of the appropriations process. if you want to use a foot all analogy. we are doing well right now. we're working together. i think both sides, democrats and republicans realize it is in their best interest and in the interest of the american people and bring it back to regular order, to avoid crisis to crisis and threatened shutdowns and all of this. we are making progress. we are hoping to stay the course. you are saying and you said it several times, you are not signing and that resonates with all us and it makes sense to the american people. >> we got military taken hunt bestaken care of. billion,wing year 716 nobody at this table love so we did last time but we loved the fact that we got more for the
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military than anybody thought was possible. we also got $6 million for the if you look at the drug problem and all of the problems that we are having with drugs at every level. $6 billion for that. the opioid epidemic and other things. that was a good thing. and then we had to do some things we do not want to do. this time we had to get our military funded and now it is not only funded, it has never been funded that well. we're happy about that. do you have anything? >> thank you for having us. bills, wepropriations had two parts to our budget. one part is going through the roof, the part we are working on has gone up over the last 10 years about the rate of inflation and according to the cbo, we are at the rate of inflation.
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these are things that you have advocated. more than half his defensive that is good for you and another thing that is good is our national laboratory. we are in a competition with china to see who has number one supercomputing. thanks to the last two appropriations bills you signed, we are now another one in supercomputing in this country, which we need to be. senator blanche has chaired a committee that reported after the fourth consecutive year record funding for the national institutes of health. you have great people over there working on curing cancer and other things. items forggest -- the our appropriations. there are two appropriations ills that do that. that fits your america first agenda. a lot of what we are doing is on your agenda and it is going up at about the rate of inflation,
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just a little bit more. we're watching the budget as we do this. president trump: you mentioned entitlements, we were all set to andal and replace obamacare then we were surprised by one gentleman who decided to vote against it after campaigning for it for 14 years. or since its inception, eight years. that would have saved about $1 trillion. despite that, we are cutting and do you have seen some of the association plans we have,. -- we have,. >> you saw him the next day, that is a great step forward. president trump: it is a great plan that the secretary is coming up with which is going to be a phenomenal plan. they will not cost the country anything and they are fantastic health care plans and i'm glad
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you got to see that. these are really good plans. step by step, we got rid of the individual mandate and we could have saved $1 trillion in entitlements with one more vote and we did not get that so that is too bad. do you have something? [indiscernible] we are getting our budget done in time, morneau -- no more on the buses. these men and women want certainty. a great increase in defense spending, a great job defending our country. keeping us safe as a deterrent. it is a great lace. susan collins. >> i want to emphasize how much progress we are making in the
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senate appropriations committee. by the end of this week, we will have approved every single one of the 12 appropriations bills. it is 50 years since that has happened and that is under the leadership of chairman shelby. that is great progress that does allow us to avoid continuing resolutions for you lock in last year's priority and end up spending more. which you rightly have vowed to never sign again. and to also the threat of the government shutdown. i see it as tremendous progress. area, wenfrastructure are working closely with your secretary of transportation. we have the money for grants programs that can be matched by state funds and it will be a down payment on your
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infrastructure program. that went through the committee 31-0. president trump: that is right. we have done infrastructure that no one knows about. we are doing it in little chops which is better. it is a much better way of doing it. thank you very much. we were together in south carolina last night. that was an exciting eveng, those were excited people. they must have been excited to see you. >> thank you for coming to help henry. the number one job of the government is to defend the nation. you have taken a broken military and rebuilding it. we are on track as the smallest army since the 1940's, the smallest navy since 1950, now we are on track to have an army that is consistent. every bill has been passed with bipartisan support. if you want to keep this country
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strong, we are going to have some trade-offs. i'm willing to work with democrats to get to yes. yes has to be consistent with being strong. president trump: have you ever changed? >> not on this. president trump: but he is right . >> it was a pleasure to work with chairman shelby. we have a very strong working relationship. we both believe in regular order and on the floor today, we do the house defense appropriations bill. wehave worked to do that and are going to make sure we get that passed with bipartisan support and address our defense needs and our intelligence needs. president trump: thank you.
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>> we're moving on and are. thanks to the good folks at the apartment -- department of interior. trump: how is our beautiful little road doing in alaska? >> we're moving along incrementally, not as fast as either you or i would like. we recognize the process is going to be important here and we are standing by the process. thank you for asking. roaddent trump: this is a that been trying to build for 30 years. we are getting it done quickly. >> that is what we have been fighting about for 30 years. >> we will get it done in the next couple of months. they can go ahead and build and they will have a good safe road which they wanted for a long time. on with the follow process.gment of
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process is not a very interesting or sexy thing to talk about, but it is so necessary within this legislative process to have some semblance of what we call regular order around here. that does not mean a lot for people on the outside other than that through a regular order process, there is a level of transparency that comes. you can see what you are signing so others can see what we have been working towards in terms of priorities. that process is only successful if we are able to work with our colleagues on the other side. i want to highlight what lindsay has just noted. it is exceptional that we have been able to move these bills through. it is exceptional and it does not come without hard work and it does not come without a standing down of significant priorities. some alaskans are saying, i thought you supported this, i do an i cannot in appropriations process. in order for us to do the business of appropriating, we
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have got to work with our coeaes on the otheride. it means that those who are in the authorizing area need to be working to advance these priorities, whether it is taking care of our public lands. we have got to be able to work with our colleagues on the other side sometimes as hard as that is. thank you for encouraging us to do that because i think that makes a difference. president trump: it has been a great group of people to work with. we are not finished but it has been a great group of people. >> the american people and a lot of our colleagues do not understand what the appropriations process is all about. one of your priorities has been infrastructure. if you look at what we have done through this process, the appropriations process and
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infrastructure, it is a huge down payment on a priority of the american people, a priority of yours and a priority of congresses. it is important to have regular order. i feel optimistic. we are led by our chairman who very aggressive about getting the bills done, getting them done on time. it is important to all of us to let our colleagues now that the appropriations process is the way to get a lot of our priorities done and done quickly every single year. we are getting our job done and we thank you for your help. thank you.rump: scott, anything? >> thank you for your time. i want to speak to what the senator was speaking about. i appreciate the senate and my chairman and the rest of my peers on probation and how we are moving along.
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i want to caution us and make sure that i cannot leave without stating we cannot have resolution and government shutdowns when it comes to defense. you have done great work in negotiating as our folks in this room to make sure we have the funds needed to have the maintenance and readiness and training for our men and women who are out there every day. we have to make sure we are shepherding this process and make sure we don't do that again. trump: we all agreed. >> your statement from a few months ago about the omnibus bills having to stop when a long way and sent a message to the democrat colleagues that we have to get the bills done. and not waste the taxpayers money. your statement in saying, "no more," that goes a long way. president trump: we will be sticking around in august. a lot of work will be done in august hopefully. we have made a lot of progress. here is roy.
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things --d get done things done earlier. president trump: that could be possible, but we have to get appointments done. >> i think all of us would probably say that defense is the number one priority and the number one bill. would probably say that defense is the number one priority and the number one bill. it is probably the only reason you signed that omnibus, it is probably the only reason you signed that omnibus, but i sit next to the key. for republicans, defense is number one. for democrats, labor, health and human services, and education are number one. they will hold you hostage in the senate until we move this. we have to move this. i think that is what we should do. president trump: it would be nice to work at her with demos and would be nice to work better with us. we will see what they can do. this whole campaign is based
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around the word, "resist." ours is based around, "getting things done -- the proper things." this omnibus was a miracle. when do we need a stronger military than now? hopefully, we will never knew it. but, if you n'have it, you will have to use it. >> 61% of the spending was defense and you throw in the homeland and you are better than 70%. most of the bill was priorities we fall for an we were out of the 1-for-1, dollar for domestic and dollar for defense plan. >> v.a. choice, they thought that would never happen. getting account to be --
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there was aty done, long line and we now pay for the doctor for the great veterans and it is less expensive. you have people standing in line for so long that they have a minor problem and it ends up becoming terminal because i cannot see the doctor and those days are over. nobody would have thought we would get accountability or choice. that has been talked about for many years. 35 years and it never happened, but we now have it and it is all good stuff. go ahead. >> i echo what everybody else said. we are in the first quarter and we are driving and making good headway. the idea that you get into march with a fiscal year that started in october and you don't know
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what the budget is makes no sense and it does not matter if you are talking to defense or any of the cabinet agencies. they will all say the same thing. continuing resolutions make no sense and cost money and i think that the good news is that we are working hard to get this done. president trump: >> there has been a lot of teamwork. not perfect agreement, but pretty good. we are going to ask for additional money for the wall and border security and i think it is probably deserve it. -- deserved. we need border security and we are going to run on that. they are going to run on open borders and nobody wants that. >> i want to thank you for your work on opioid abuse. we are losing thousands a year to the overdoses and we have made some progress on introducing a pill -- reducing the pill part of the problem,
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but all of this comes from mexico, along with fentanyl. heroin with fentanyl makes a user have no idea the size of the dosage. thank you for your work on the problem, especially on closing the border. we hope that takes place and we want to be of help. trump: the fentanyl used to come directly here, but it now comes from mexico. so, we are going to close the border and dual we have to do and everybody understands it. >> thank you for having us and alabama seems to be
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well-represented in the room today. i just want to say, to add to everything, that most people in the house have never seen regular order, when it comes to the appropriations process, and we spend a lot of time back in our districts talking to constituents about having an open and transparent process that does not end with people negotiation -- negotiating how to fund the government. the voices of the people we represent are heard in the bills going through committee and to the full course. so, i am just grateful that we had this chance today to discuss this and i am very encouraged by how much action is taking place inside the house and the senate and i look forward to getting these bills across the finish line. president trump: thank you. i would like to hear what you have to say. >> thank you. your engagement on appropriation is distinct from other
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administrations and it results in a better work product. we are tough on spending, make sure that we are not spending more than required. taayers require us to do our job and the oversight is making a difference. you are seeing the invesents in defense and some of this is historic. the work done on medical research, have thick a lot of credit. -- some of this is historic. you have to take a lot of credit for it. we are seeing an increase in cancer and alzheimer's research and people do not know the work we are doing in that regard and you want to take credit for it. securing the borders, that's something that both parties want. you ought to take credit for being a unique leader in that regard.
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we get to homeland security and securing our borders, that is something botharties in this country want. when you see $64 billion worth of drugs coming across the borders, across the ports of entry, and coming across the ports of entry, you need to do a better job of that and your budget speaks to that. the budget stops the mexican cartels from trafficking the drugs and the humans into the country and abusing them, which leads to an abuse of the american people. doing that requis all of us around the table to get our jobs done. trump: thank you very much and an important thing is "right to try." we have these incredible drugs that will not be approved for two or three or four years and people have to leave the country, most did not have the money so they had no hope. have the right to try
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where you can take some of these experimental drugs, people who were ternally ill it took 35 years and it is incredible. i would have said that was easy to get done. there are the pharmaceutical companies and we have it approved. everybody worked very hard. we got it approved. congress and the senate, they did incredible jobs. virginia, there has been a lot of progress on opioid, but i hear that we have made a dent. >> i want to add what was said about the opioid crisis. you have been great and melania has been appreciative.
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there is some portion of the bill that is -- the three of us met last week and i want you to know that your message is loud and clear and the message that you carry is one that we all share and our bill once out and did not go out unanimously. that message you carry is something we all share and we , itour, our bill went out did not go out unanimously but it did go out with robust democratic support at about committee. if we were to reflect that hierarchy and to frustration we see
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in and around our different states. a strong homeland security, strong tsa, strong secret service, this is all really important to the american people. trump: it is important to republicans, i am not sure it is import to the democrats. we will be able to do something. >> the omnibus is not acceptable. this is something that we have fought against. thank you for recognizing that it lacks transparency. so, we are working through that. thank you for that. there is a different frustration that we have recognized in the fiscal frustration with the country. american people are upset about the trillions of dollars in debt and trillions in deficit. we took a different direction. we decided that just because you
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can spend money means that you should not. so, we have saved money and put it into a fund that cannot be spent unless we are deficit-neutral. to show them we are serious about this. i want to thank mick for his assistance at o.m.b. andrew team has been great to work with. president trump: i want you to look at the penny plan. as small as it sounds, it is very effective. you cut a penny out of a dollar and i cannot imagine that these secretaries cannot cut a little bit. i would like you to look at that. mick, take a look at that. anything to say? >> we need water security. we have to get going. a lot of bad things are happening. i think we are doing it well. we have bad laws we have the
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, worst immigration laws in the history of the world. it is a joke and people cannot believe it. other countries look at us and say, "how is that possible?" someone touches our land, we take them to court, to a judge. they want us to choose 5000 judges. how do you choose 5000 judges? can you imagine that corruption? just from a common-sense standpoint. go to the barbershop and grab somebody and make somebody a judge! they want 5000 judges and it is crazy. in other countries, it is called, "you cannot come in here and you have to leave." in this country, it is insane and we have to change everything. i was saying, in south carolina, i came in and i inherited some things. north korea is going well. we inherited horrible trade
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deals and it is going really well. nobody knows what is happening behind the scenes. these countries that have -- i do not blame them, i blame our people but they have been ripping us for years. they want to negotiate so badly, you have no idea. them, it makes the least sense. it is a hodgepodge of laws that have been put together over the years. we have to change it. it is so simple. it is called, i am sorry to my you cannot come in. you have to see a judge where the judge is going to take three years before you can come back. in the meantime you never come back as you are already in the country. you're simply in the country but it would be bad that it is really bad when it is a criminal. we have plenty of them coming into the country this way. and they are ung the children. they use these young children for their own benefits and we have to change the whole picture
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and we will be able to do that. we need the border wall and we need the border and we need border security and we need modern equipment and we will get it done. i have no doubt. anyone want to say something? we will let these guys go to lunch. >> on trade, there are people saying that the tariff threat threatens to launch the economy into a recession. harley davidson is going to -- president trump: they announced it this year. they are using this as an excuse and i don't like that because i have been good to them and they are using this as an excuse and i think of the people who ride the motorcycles are not happy and i would not be. mostly, companies are coming back to our country. i explained to harley davidson about the tax in india, where there was the tariff of 100% and i got it to a lower number.
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it is 50%, but they were paying 100% and the prime minister brought it down, but it is high. i will say that other countries are negotiating and, without the tariffs, you could never do that. if they don't want to do that, we will do the tariffs. remember that we are the bank that everybody wants to steal from and wonder and that cannot be that way anymore. we lost $500 billion with china and we lost $151 billion with the european union. they put up trade balers and make our farmers not trade. we cannot send the farm products in and it is hard to send in cars. in india, they charge as much as a 100% tariff and we want the tariffs removed. what i would like to do and what
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i offered at the g7 is dropping all the tariffs and all of the barriers. is everybody ok with that? i said, let's do that and they could not leave the room fast enough. you are complaining. you are on your own. let's do it. >> it is a risky business in here. you could tip the economy into recession. what do you plan to do -- president trump: we are very high up and we have picked up numbers. it is up nearly 40%. the real market is the overall and the overall is more, but we have picked up a train dollars valueut $8 trillion in doing what we are doing and we have some uncertainty from trade. to me, there is no uncertainty. other people who are smart have no uncertainty. we cannot allow the european
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union to take out $151 billion from the united states and we cann allow mexico to have a deal that gives them $100 billion. i call that "profit." divide that however you want and call it profit. we cannot we cannot allow mexico or china to get billions. it depends on your formula, but it is $375 billion or $504 billion and it is a tremendous amount of money from our income and we have to straighten that out and what is happening is that we are putting steel tariffs on and our steel industry is going through the roof with u.s. steel announcing new facilities. last night, in south carolina, right, georgetown steel, the
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factory plant was closed for how long? >> three years. a manufacturer in britain purchased georgetown steel to make steel here. >> tariffs on solar panels. they were all getting made in china and we have 32 different factories and they are starting to open. solar is a new technology. we had two of them open and everyone else was closed because of what happened and what came in from other places, in particular, china. now, we have seven opening and many more being considered and the ones that were going to close are now thriving. washing machines were getting dumped all over the country. not good ones. ones that do not work well. now, they are opening up washing machines and the tariffs can be a positive thing. in the old days, we didn't have
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the income tax. you look at william mckinley and people came in and did have to pay a price. if they wanted to raid the treasury, they had to pay a price. we didn't have income tax. so, we are doing this. any country you mentioned has been nice and they want to negotiate the deal. so, we are open to that's and it is going to be very strong. we are putting those tariffs on certain industries. we cannot lose our steel industry. our aluminum industry wa to go out of business. now, our industry is thriving.
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united states steel is actually expanding and going up and is building new places. georgetown steel announced this after being closed for four years. no, we're doing the right thing. 100%. some people are green some people do not agree, but the bottom line is that countries are coming back to negotiate, including the european union, who want to negotiate and, if they don't, we will tax the cars and they pay almost no taxes. we send the cars to the european union and they charge the tremendous tax that is greater than what we are charging them and they don't want our cars. if we get it in, we pay the tax. with china, if we sent the car to china, they charge us a 25% tax and, if we want to compete, that is not free trade.
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that is "stupid trade." when they send the car here, we charge them 2.5%. so, we get 2.5% and china gets 25%. that is not fair or free and is just stupid. >> in terms of chinese investment restrictions -- president trump: we don't want people saying -- hey, look, we are a smart country with incredible people and we don't want china and other countries -- not necessarily other countries. there was a leaker who did know his business well and they gave this to the wall street journal and it was a bad leak and they probably made up the story.
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i am not really sure. i think a lot of the leaks are not leaks and they are made up by the writers. this was off and we want to have the jewels. we have to protect those companies and cannot let people steal those companies. people copy this and steal it. we have to protect that and we are going to and that is what we are doing and what we are doing. where going to protect it and that is what we would do. that can be done, we have a lot of eggs we can do and we're working that out. the bottom line is that we have charged a substantial tax to some and they are coming to some people, they are coming back to negotiate and, frankly, if they do not, i am ok because i would rather just get the tax. any other questions?
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so, the supreme court ruling was a tremendous victory for the country and the constitution and the supreme court ruling was a tremendous victory for the country. >> will you go ahead with it? president trump: >> of cours >> what about deporting people without due process? president trump: >> we need a system where you don't need thousands of judges at the border. other countries look at us and think that we are crazy and say, what kind of a thing is that? they have other countries where they don't have people pouring in. you look at the european union and they are meeting to toughen up immigration policies because they have been overrun. frankly, a lot of the countries are not the same places anymore and i am sad to say that. we had a tremendous victory
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today and it was a big victory and i can tell you that everybody at this table is happy about it. it was a victory for our country. i think that is privileged the final word. they are the supreme court. we just waited for the supreme court. do i want to go in with a different variety? it is a very strong variety. >> you say you wanted the increase. president trump: there is a plan for another $1.6 billion and i would like to increase that, in light of what has happened, with the drugs, the human smuggling, all the problems, we have to have the walls. you have ports of entry and that is where people come through and they can come through legally.
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by the way, i want people to come into the country because it is doing so well and we have companies moving into our country, like it numbers that nobody has seen in a long time and we need the workers, so i want the people coming in, but they have to come in through the merit system. so they can help our company and those -- country and those companies. in wisconsin, you have a great company of the world that makes the laptop for apple and the iphone and a lot of -- they are building a tremendous plant right now in wisconsin and people need to come in through merit that love the country and can help the country. thank all of you very much. >> [inaudible] president trump: