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tv   National Security Adviser John Bolton Press Conference in Moscow  CSPAN  June 28, 2018 5:21am-5:33am EDT

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own research at our public hospital to see what was happening to our children's blood levels. it was the easiest research project i have ever done, looking at the change in children's blood lead levels. what we saw was alarming. >> sunday night on c-span on book tv. >> while visiting moscow, john bolton announced an upcoming meeting between president trump and russian president vladimir putin. his announcement comes after a series of meetings with russian counterparts to work on details of the summit. this part of the press conference is 10 minutes.
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>> president trump asked me to come and speak to russian authorities about the possibility of a meeting between him and president putin. there will be an announcement on that tomorrow simultaneously in moscow and washington on the date and time of that meeting. [speaking foreign language] >> with any luck, i won't give away either of those pieces of information today, so that the kremlin and white house can announce them tomorrow. [speaking foreign language] >> i should also say i was pleased to be able to meet with the fifa president to discuss the u.s.-canada-mexico hosting
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the 2026 world cup just to get an early jump on our preparation. [speaking foreign language] >> with that, i would be happy to answer your questions. [foreign language] >> are you sure they haven't given you a multitude of questions for the summit? [indiscernible]
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i'm sure you will be talking to us about more topics, but philosophically speaking what is the [indiscernible] [foreign language]
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hii think both president trump and putin feel it is important for these two leaders, these do critically important countries to get together and discuss their mutual problems and areas of cooperation. it is something that i think both deals will continue to improvements to on bilateral relationship and stability around the world. i don't think it is anything unusual for the presidents to meet. if you just look at meetings in the past year, the leaders of the united kingdom, germany, france, greece, finland, austria, belgium, and italy have all had bilateral meetings with president putin. so just taking europe as an example, many, many leaders in europe have met with president putin.
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i think president trump felt that president putin agreed that now is the time the two of them got together. [foreign language] [foreign language]
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>> i'm from "the washington post." a year ago when president putin in germany, president putin denied to trump that russia had interfered in the u.s. elections. after that, he wrote an article calling russian interference a true act of war. you said that this episode in germany was an instance of putin lying to trump and you said it showed the perils of negotiating with today's russia. today, after the meeting with putin, one told us that the
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interference did come up with putin today, and that the russian side denied ever having interfered or interfering in u.s. domestic politics. i'm wondering if you would say back then that this was an instance of putin lying and whether the still shows the perils of negotiating with russia. thank you. [foreign language]
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>> i appreciate all this research into my prior writings. [foreign language] [laughter] >> and, as i've said many times in washington, i'm now happy to
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say this in moscow, i don't really address what i've written the past or what i said on television. it is all out there. right now, i'm an adviser to president trump and it is his agenda we are pursuing. that is the agenda that i intend to advance. we did indeed talk about russian interference in the elections, and i expect it would be a subject of conversation between the two presidents as well. [foreign language]
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[foreign language] bolton, we would
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like to hear about any specific results you expect from the meeting between the president's, specifically in the area of arms control on the treaties. we certainly discussed these issues today and various meetings that i had. the purpose today was not to reach any conclusions but to help lay the basis for the conversation between the two presidents. i expect between them they will proceed along the issues that they regard as most important, but i don't think we expect necessarily specific outcomes or decisions. it is important after the length of time that has gone by without a bilateral summit, for as long as it has gone on, to cover all the issues they choose either in the one-on-one or the expanded meeting. we will follow their lead after the discussion. >> at a hearing on the state department budget


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