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tv   Deputy A.G. Rosenstein FBI Director Wray Testify on Clinton Email Probe...  CSPAN  June 29, 2018 3:14am-3:46am EDT

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the committee voted to waive the seven-day notice rule, which required seven days notice of the hearing to be sent to all members of the committee. the chair of the committee and ranking member gave their opening statements. the committee recessed for votes on the floor. this portion is 30 minutes.
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>> members of the media, >> if members of the media would retreat, we're going to start this hearing. good morning.
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begin the hearing this morning, we need to vote to weigh the seven day here in notice requirement. clause a of rule three. the question is whether there is good cause to begin today's hearing less than seven days after it was was noticed. aye. in favor, say i -- >>aye. the clerk will call the role. -- roll. [calling roll]
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>> the gentlewoman is recorded as no.
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we are going to wait another minute or two for the ranking members area -- members. ?re you recording >> mr. johnson votes yes.
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inquire of theto basis of the emergency and cause that has generated this resolution to ignore the regular order of the seven-day notice. it is not an emergency. it is good cause. the gentleman from maryland. >> how my recorded? >> not recorded. >> no. could you state for the record what the good cause is? the fact that we work very hard with these two gentlemen, who i very much appreciate adjusting their schedules to be here. i know the gentleman from new -- the clerk will report he
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votes no. 17 voted yes, 13 voted no. could you continue your sentence? you said the two gentlemen -- >> i am going to first declare that the vote is approved and the notice requirement is waived. now, i am going to recognize myself for an opening statements, and i will begin that statement by saying to rosenstein and ray that i am appreciative of the fact that they have changed their schedules to be here so that we inld have this hearing today a reasonable amount of time after the inspector general's
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report and testimony before the committee. i would like to acknowledge the president -- the presence of john walsh, who was appointed to facilitate the production of documents which were not being produced in a timely fashion. complaints that the situation in my opinion has improved considerably. we have new issues we will address here today. waschurch committee established on a bipartisan basis and shared by frank church in 1975 to review surveillance abuses, including the improper surveillance of an american icon, looking jr., and other prominent -- martin luther king jr., and other prominent individuals. the church committees finding
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resulted in the foreign intelligence surveillance act. secrecyk to balance the of agents with americans civil liberties. we have found ourselves once before in a situation where intelligence agencies violated their oath to uphold and defend the constitution. the agencies exercise their responsibilities in a manner unworthy of officials. often happen because of power. power to influence and collect tositive information and wield surveillance tools in improper ways. that power can and has been abused in the past by individuals at the highest and lowest levels of our government.
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fortunately, the power of our intelligence agencies are used overwhelmingly to protect us. that is the conundrum. we need the agencies. we need them to have the tools and techniques to safeguard our nation. we have to be constantly vigilant to ensure these tools are not manipulated by unscrew bless actors. unscrupulous actors. fbi agents, lawyers, and agents held profound biases against donald trump and in favor of hillary clinton. those on the other side of the aisle maintain this had no effect on one of the biggest
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investigations, i wonder if the same members would say the same if text messages had turned up to the tune of hillary is a oraster, or cursing her stating that parts of the country smell of hillary supporters. these types of comments were originating from people who are the factfinders in the investigation. these profoundly inappropriate comments were coming from the individuals who were making decisions on whether to provide immunity to people who had already lied to investigators and if subjects of a investigation could sit in. these were individuals who were in positions of great power with opportunity to place emphasis on certain facts and interpretations of law. these actions led to complete legal exoneration to everyone
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involved. actions led to exposing at least one classified email to a foreign party that risked serious damage to our national security. amazingly, considering the overwhelming biases, these people were the same who were assigned to investigate the man they hated, then candidate donald trump. reference to the church committee is appropriate because it reveals abuses by individuals, including the fbi director, but it focuses on surveillance abuses. here we face the same allegations, yet in a manner that goes to the heart of our democracy. it is right out of a novel. there are reports of informants that appear more like spies and an application of surveillance
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powers to collect on a u.s. person once associated with trump's political campaign. but this is not a novel, it is really. we're here to understand more about why we now must review law enforcement agencies engaged in activity that appears not only wrong but also illegal. we have a responsibility to the american people to conduct oversight of agencies within our jurisdiction to ensure that agencies operate lawfully. our oversight is only as good as the information we are provided. this oversight has been hampered ofthe fbi and doj lack consistent production of documents. recently,has improved it has felt like pulling teeth much of the time to review
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documents. we just recently learned that some documents the inspector general received have been interpreted by the department of justice to fall outside the first subpoena i ever issued. emails and communications of doj officials have not been produced at all. we have not received any emails between prosecutors working the clinton case. potentiallyreceived enlightening communications between prosecutors themselves, prosecutors and doj management, including former attorney general lynch, or commit occasions between doj and the obama white house. this is unacceptable. particularly because we requested all documents provided other than once pertaining to grand jury material.
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the doj and fbi are not mentioned in the u.s. constitution. the president and congress are. institutions like the fbi and this is not negotiable. we must assure the people -- the agencies under our jurisdiction operate. damage to the fbi idea j reputation is not something any of us desire, but now that both agencies have been on the front pages for so long, we must all work to ensure those stories are able to focus once again on the great men and women performing her own jobs to protect our country.
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i expect to hear today have the fbi and doj will hold people accountable. i look forward to hearing from rosenstein and director ray. nadler? >> the events that led up to this hearing are unacceptable. tuesday, our committee meeting started when our lake, without notice to the minority. you allowed mr. jordan to offer an amendment that was not germane. then you stood at a view in the cameras in the hallway while ms. the maturity offered to overturn the amendment. wednesday you dropped all committee business. meet so the majority
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can criticize the deputy attorney general to his face about his failure to produce documents you know we cannot produce. you will take a break so that we can go to the four -- floor. it is a measure without pretextt and clearly a against a move that the majority has already planned. what is the great emergency that justifies this last-minute hearing? the tired story of hillary clinton's emails, plus conspiracy theories about a special counsel. while we are actively separating families at the border and ripping children from their parents, that did not merit an emergency but meeting by this committee.
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now thousands of children are still separated and there is no clear plan to reunite them. where's the emergency hearing on that issue? russia who interfered in our 2016 elections is actively working to interfere in our next one. our intelligence agencies have informed us. and yet the intelligence agencies have received no instructions from the white house to protect the integrity of our election system. have we scheduled an emergency beating for that -- emergency meeting for that? what about protecting dreamers? what about the supreme courts decision to undermine workers rights? the presidents ongoing conflict of interest?
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amid other pressing issues? no. as with so many issues, this committee stay silent. but on hillary clinton's email, sound the alarm. the outcome of the clinton investigation was not affected by any bias. . the republicans seem desperate to prove there was an anti-trump conspiracy within the fbi, when in fact the evidence shows the opposite. action, the public comments on the clinton octoberation, the decision to reopen the clinton
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email investigation, it ultimately harmed the candid sisi of clinton -- candidacy of clinton. according to the republican memo for today's hearing, today is an opportunity for members to consider the justice department's compliance with the march 22 subpoena. subpoena that was not issued and therefore cannot be enforced. even if it were properly issued, it is boiled down to certain --uments the republican's no the republicans know the doj cannot turn over. documents outlining specific lines of inquiry and the identities of sources still working undercover in the field. that is the whole point.
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republicans are requesting documents that they know they cannot have. they find themselves in possession of sensitive and those documents and up in the possession of the subject of the investigation, namely president trump, and then shortly on fox news. they do their best to undermine the credibility of the department of justice and of the special counsel. they will try to hold mr. rosenstein in contempt. they may argue he must be removed from his role of the special counsel. thatis an investigation has already yielded five guilty pleas and led to the indictment of 20 people so far.
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the president and some of his closest advisers are under investigation for having indicated in a criminal conspiracy with a foreign power against the united states. that is an emergency. the president practically holt ond to lester firedsion when he said he this rush of of staff with trump in -- this russia staff with trump in russia. that is an emergency. this is been a hard week for the majority. i know it must be tempting to change the subject and rally your base with yells of lock her up. but we cannot hide from our responsibility. hide from our constitutional duty to protect
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our country from foreign interference. hide from our responsibility not to interfere with a proper investigation. i ask you to consider this question. when the special counsel's work is complete, when the enormity of what he finds has been laid bare, how will the american people judge her actions today? >> we will stand in recess and return immediately after this vote to hear the opening statements of the general director.
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announcer: when the hearing resumed, deputy director general rod rosenstein and fbi director christopher wray gave their opening statements. then they took questions from committee members. this portion of the hearing is just over an hour.


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