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  President Trumps Rally in Great Falls Montana  CSPAN  July 5, 2018 6:05pm-7:42pm EDT

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judges will refuse to answer these questions. in that case, we have their answer because trump has made a guarantee. >> that's right. >> yes? i'm sort of wondering, are there other gop senators you are targeting beyond susan collins to ask for this personal liberty standard? also when you tell, us more about the august 26, whatever you are doing that? >> i can start there and i'm happy to pass it to dawn. the august 26 day of action -- recordedl leave this news conference be you can watch the entire event at president trump is in great falls, montana, holding a campaign rally. he will be on stage after an introduction. it looks like it is by donald trump jr. live coverage here on c-span. >> wow. i don't mind.
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you can keep going. thank you. thank you so much. wow, you thought it was my dad. that junior gift and every time. thank you very much. i feel like a was just here to weeks ago headlining this building. i it has to do a lot of political events, but when they ask, we brought to montana? how do you say no? but this is the first time i have not been able to turn it into a full week of an excursion, that is a disaster. this is just this. you guys make me feel welcome. this state means a lot to me. as many you know, i'm a big shooter, big hunter, big fisherman.
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why i also the ridiculous in this suit. so, i've been coming out here since i first got a car. every summer, i would drive out west and fish the rivers in the west and got to know the state and the reason i got into montana politics was because i met your senator steve daines. in elk camp. i was in elk camp. i brought my little son, thanksgiving a couple years ago, my six-year-old, we were doing a family fun trip. ran into steve. did i shoot o ne? come on, man. unlike jon tester only started buying hunting tags when the gop call them out for not being a hunter. won 15 years he without a hunting license a pretense be like he is under. he--- a hunter.
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that is why we call them to face tester. you can't say you are one thing, show up in orange without having bought a hunting license 15 years. that does not work in montana or you can maybe make that work in new york city but that is about it. not this side of the mississippi. i was in hunting camp with steve dance and we had this great french of going in so many of the great outdoor experiences i been able to have on the rivers, in the woods, in the mountains, and with mike son -- my son. that is the weighted to know someone. not in the boardroom, not in negotiations, not even in politics, but sharing time around a campfire in hunting camp, you get to know someone. and i got to know steve. theygionforte, said, don, what you come out to montana? rom new york city.
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it worked really well. we have a great time, we moved the needle, we got to do some shooting, and we ought to do some prairie dogging. but by the time the new york times got a hold of it, we were shooting pregnant dogs. not prairie dogs. that was your fake news media. i don't remember doing that. they're here. steve, greg, get up here. these guys are the real deal. i have gotten to know them and hunting camp, having a good time. say something.
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up and imorning i wake say thank god hillary clinton is not president of the united states. then there is another thing to say thanks for. thank god donald j. trump is. so, i want to thank you, don, for making the trip. i want to thank you for bringing your dad along. flight outa great with the president, seeing the beautiful landscape of montana, as we landed up to the airport a few minutes ago. thank you for coming out, thank you for making america great again. --le we >> you have to say couple words, also. >> thanks, don. hello, montana! well, i got really clear marching orders from you all.
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that was to protect our precious way of life and drain the swamp. serve with this great president but we got some more work to do. presidentship, this has given this country hope again. and we are going to make america great again. am honored to serve as your only voice back at the house. blessess you and god this country. >> thank you, guys. so, why are we here? here because we are going to make america great again. you look at what is going
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on in this country right now, we are winning for the first time in a long time. the people of montana, they got it. they saw it in 2016. going on,hat was they had heard the lies that had been fed time and time again by our representatives and they voted to put someone in there who was going to take on that -- someone who is actually going to fight for america, someone who was actually going to put america first. now it's hard to believe, it's hard to believe that we live in a time where are talking about putting americans first is like a bad, thing. stupid when i turn on the tv and listening to these people, people who hate our guys, hate our freedoms and hate our religion, these people are more concerned about their
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feelings, their feelings than they are about the safety and well-being of our kids and grandkids. and that does't work. when i look at the democratic platform, isaac, i don't -- i sa looking atknow, i'm the numbers, i see all time low unemployment, when the new york times says we do not have the words to describe how good these job numbers are, trust me, that was not easy for them to write. they did not like it. not one little bit. i'm saying, what is the other side's platform? hate is not a platform. hate doesn't put food on the table. hate does not educate your kids. hate doesn't keep you safe. all of the things that we are doing, i cannot think of a single management -- measurement where we are not better off today than we were 18 months ago. and yet -- and yet --
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they run on this platform. everything trump does is that. bad. if donald trump came out in favor of oxygen, the democrats would come out against it. maybe a good tactic. but this is where we have gotten. when a look at jon tester in this race, he says all the things he voted for trump on. takes full-page ads. wait a minute, where was he on justise gorsuch? where was he on sanctuary cities? to be want montanan to a century state? ary a say sure -- a sanctu state? >> no. he wasmost important -- with chocolate the in nancy pelosi. the big one, the one that puts money in your pocket. takene that allows you to
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care of family, put food on the table, he was not there for that one in the said he was one of the expletives worst bills ever put before the senate. think about that. the bill that is allowing all of these companies to bring back this money, that is paying bonuses to all their employees, that is employing tens of thousands of people, all-time thoseb numbers -- a whole positive things because of this bill, he was against it. remember that because when all this california money, when all of this new york money starts pouring into this race to feed his campaign and those lies, remember where he was, remember to stay motivated because the one thing is, i see a lot of trump people in this room. but -- you got to stay into it. you got to have the same enthusiasm for all of these guys. and for rosen dale and for
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everyone that you have for donald trump because just because donald trump is not on the ticket in 2018, does not mean that everything he has accomplished is not on the ticket. the other side wants to get rid of all. fight,e to stay in this you have to stay motivated, you have to get your friends out there and you have to turn up the vote in november. that's going to make the difference. that's going to be everything, ok? i'm going to becoming coming a lot out here this fall helping all of these guys. i would rather be doing it with a bow or a fly rod, but we will do that in november. but we are going to be out there fighting for montana. we are going to do what we always said we are going to do -- and we are also going to be fighting for public lands. that's one of those things. trump's selling them off. we added. but that is their big soundbite. the reality is not true but nobody will look beyond that. remember what we are doing. look at the policies, do not you buy everything that
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read. advertising can buy a lot and sell a lot of garbage. very true. there's a lot of it these days, man. that is the reality. think of the amount -- if you actually have cooperation with immediate. if they were half as friendly to us. of thet even need all friendly that they were for our predecessor, which was he can do no wrong. if they were a tent friendly to us as they were to him, you got rid of the noise, think of how much more you can do. that is why you are so important. that is why montana is relevant. that is what these guys are fighting for every day. and that is what matters will be fighting for come -- mat rosedale will be fighting for come november. i want you to remember that. i want you to remember what was in your hearts in november 2016. keep that going. keep that fight. keep that spirit get out there, bring your friends.
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make sure you send the message to washington, d.c., that you want djt to continue what he is doing. this is what is going to help our kids, our grandkids, and as the father of five young kids, i want to leave them in an america that we know, that we have gotten used to because the one i see ntb these days is a foreign country -- see on tv these days is a foreign country. remember, keep that fight in her heart and thank you very much a having us out here and being so welcoming. it's awesome to be here. thank you very much, montana. thank you. ♪
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♪ child of mine" playing] ♪
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[song ends] is live in great falls, man 10 a, where president trump is posting a campaign rally to support the republican candidates this fall. state auditor matt rosen dale is running against jon tester who is seeking a third term. and here is the president. this is the first time he has visited montana as president. it looks like he has now arrived and will be on stage shortly. ♪ usa" playing]e ♪
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president trump: thank you. usa!
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usa! usa! usa! usa! usa! president trump: well, thank you, montana. what a place, what a place. to be here tonight with thousands of proud, hard-working american patriots. thank you. and outside you probably know what is going on. there are thousands and thousands of people, and we've decided from now on we are going to put up screens and loud speakers so people can stay around. my people, why didn't you get a larger arena? we can't. but those are great people outside, and i apologize that there are thousands of them. yeah, we really love them. but you people know real estate
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better. you know real estate better. it is pretty good stuff that you are inside and i am inside, and we love each other and it is going to stay that way. thrilled to be joined by some great people. he just heard steve daines, has been so helpful, he has been so helpful in washington on the tax cuts and everything else and hisnted thank steve and family. they have been incredible for me in washington. thank you, steve, i appreciate it. steve and i are running again. 2020 he comes up. so, we're running together, steve. i want to thank greg gianforte. he's a member of congress who has been 100% with us. incredible success story, a lot of people don't know that but greg is an incredible success.
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doing a really good job and he says he wants to give back. greg, you have been fantastic. thank you very much. appreciate it. montana attorney general tim fox. thank you, tim. secretary of state corey stapleton. thank you, corey. montana republican party chairwoman deborah lamb. superintendent of public instruction, elsie arnsen. and finally, the person that we are here for tonight, a very special person ran an incredible primary, wouldn't you say? incredible. anytime you win it's incredible. against a very tough and good competition. and, hey, he's going to be your
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next senator from the incredible state of montana. matt rosen dale. come up, matt. come up, matt. >> hello, montana. do we have an incredible president or what? we actually have a president who fights every single day for the people across this great nation. here at home, he's fighting for
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our military men and women, serving here at mammoth air force base and across the country. for all of our veterans and our seniors, he is for folks working in the timber industry and energy production. he's fighting for working farmers and ranchers across the entire state. you know he's fighting for our butte and those core workers who produce that beautiful clean coal. he's also fighting for everyone across our state who feels their voice isn't being heard, including the unborn.
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i will be that voice for you if you elect me to the united states senate. will fight for you every day, because i mean business about standing with president trump to make america great again. what is good for america is great for montana. vote so ask for your that i can help president trump continue his good work. trump.ou, president thank you, montana. may god bless each and every one of you and the great united states of america.
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[chants of "usa"] pres. trump: thank you very much. that was great. this is a really good man. this is a man who loves the people of montana, loves the people of this country. it's time to retire liberal democrat jon tester. you're going to get on your side a real montana fighter. you see it. you've been watching for the last six months. he is a tough cookie. he's a fighter, matt rosen dale. jon tester says one thing when he's in montana, but i will tell you -- i'm a testament to it --
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he does the exact opposite when he goes to washington. tester is a vote for chuck schumer, nancy pelosi -- [crowd boos] and the new leader of the democrat party, maxine waters. [crowd boos] where have they gone? on repealingted no obama care. you all remember that evening somebody came down with a thumbs down after campaigning for years he was going to repeal and replace. that's ok. for the most part, we have already done it, and we have great health care coming out, as it just came out two weeks ago,
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and we got rid of the individual lots of other things. sometimes, we have to do it the hard way. jon tester voted no on tax cuts for montana families. he voted no on cutting the estate tax or the death tax for your farms, your farmers. think of that one. you got it anyway because we got it passed. for the most part, you will have no estate tax or death tax. you can leave your farm, leave your small business to her children, or whoever you want to leave them. don't always leave them to the children. if the children aren't good children, don't leave them. tester voted against it. jon tester voted no on
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legislation to stop late-term abortions. . if th you can write you are wrong in november. jon tester voted no on case law. do you know what case law is? -- kate's law. steinle was gunned down by a five-time deported illegal immigrant. you deserve a senator who doesn't talk like he's from montana. you deserve a senator who actually votes like he is from montana.
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do you believe this one? what is going on with that? the democrats want open borders, which means lots of crime. we are going to protect ice. they protect us, and we protect them. you saw that clown yesterday on the statue of liberty or did you see the guys who went up there? i was going to say, let's get some nets. do you see the bravery?
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ice and our border patrol and law enforcement and our fire department. we protect our people. jon tester opposed our travel ban to keep america safe, which, by the way, i'm proud to report, the supreme court of the united states just upheld the trump travel ban. they gave us the authority to protect our nation. as you know, there's now a vacancy on the supreme court. if you tune in monday at 9:00, i think you are going to be extremely happy.
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they are all great. i want to thank justice kennedy for his lifetime of extraordinary service, and he had confidence in the. he left because he said, you're going to pick somebody great. a great gentleman. jon tester voted against neil gorsuch, the incredible justice who supports fully our constitution. that's a hard one to vote against, isn't it? tester opposed many of our amazing judges, and yet i see jon tester saying such nice things about me. he never votes with me. i'd rather have him say bad about me and vote. liberaler voted for obama judges who tried to take .way your second amendment
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tried to take it away. tester doesn't share your values. his truer showed colors with his shameful, dishonest attacks on a great man , a friend of mine, and demand that i said, why don't you run the v.a.? you'd be great. navy admiral ronnie jackson. out -- ijust came should've brought it because i would've read it, but it's beautiful and long for ronnie jackson. secret service are all over the place, and they wrote a report that what he said was so false and so untrue. it never happened. they could've ruined a lesser man. dr. jackson -- should i call him admiral ordered doctor?
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he's a doctor. he's an admiral. his son is a top, top student at annapolis, graduating this year. incredible wife. incredible family. i feel guilty. admiral jackson was getting ready to leave service, and he served many years admirably. he actually said i was healthy. he was the one. when the fake news said, why isn't trump getting a physical, dr. jackson and his staff, they went out and gave me a physical. it was a physical. very healthy. the news was devastated. they were devastated. they didn't want to hear that.
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, and igreat family man said to him, i feel guilty. i said, hey, doc. why don't you run the v.a.? you're a leader. your admired. he said, sir, i wasn't really thinking of that. i said, you'd be great. sir, whatever you order, i will do. even if he didn't want to do it -- he said that to me. fact, your great first lady said to me that same day, did he want to do it? i said, i don't know. when i thought about it, i don't know. will do if you ask, i it, but he didn't really want to do it. about thiseel guilty whole thing. what happened is, he said, sir, if you'd like me to do it, i'll do it. i put him into the world of politics. how vicious is the world.
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but jon tester said things about him that were horrible and weren't true. [crwowd boos] that's probably why i'm here. i won montana by so many points. i don't have to come here. a lot of people from states where we had these crazy big leagues, we won by 44 points over a democrat. it was crooked hillary, but still, she's a democrat. she gets special treatment under the justice department. up"]d chants "lock her
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sorry, sorry. she gets special treatment under the justice department. -- how else in america about that fbi agent, how about that guy? do you think he likes me? think he was just a little biased? man, did we catch him in the act. it's a rigged a deal. i am going to tell nato, you've paying your bills. is not goingates to pay for everything. toare paying 70% to 90%
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protect europe. they make it impossible to do business in europe, and yet they come in and sell their mercedes and bmw's to us. we have $151 billion in trade deficits with the eu, and on top of that, they kill us with nato. we pay for percent of a huge gdp, which became a lot bigger since i became your president. germany, which is the biggest country of the eu, european union, germany pays 1%. i said, you know, angela, i can't guarantee it, but we're protecting you, and it means a lot more to you than protecting us. i don't know how much protection we get by protecting you. then they go out and make a gas
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russia,l and gas, from where they pay billions and billions of dollars to russia. want to protect against russia, and yet they pay billions of dollars to russia, and we are the schmucks paying for the whole thing. i have to say this. since i can, which was a year and a half, almost $33 billion more is projected to be paid by those nato nations, but it's not enough. do they ever tell you that? no. i will tell you, the secretary-general's trump's biggest fan. he says, those nato nations are going like this. less money, less money. when you started talking, it went like a rocket ship.
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anytime i suggest anything -- we've got $33 billion -- it's going to be a lot more money than that. let's see, he's angry at nato. i guess he loves russia. i love russia. i will say this. i am meeting with president putin next week and getting along -- let me tell you, getting along with russia and getting along with china and getting along with other countries is a good thing. it's not a bad thing. it's a good thing. i would say for stupid people or -- they aren'te stupid at all they are good at is obstructing or resisting -- there thing is resist, but every time it comes up -- i'm going to have to ask them this question.
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how bad has it been since trump team in. -- came in? we just increased our military spending. we are at $700 billion. ways become a nation exporting energy for the first time. you look at the money nato is getting now, they are probably saying in russia, if we did like this guy, we made a big mistake. we'd rather have crooked hillary clinton. getting along is really a nice thing. we have the greatest military. hopefully, we will never have to
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use it. the only way you are never going to have to use it is if it's so powerful, so strong that nobody wants to play games, and that is what we are doing. then of course, we have north korea. administration, it seemed like a missile a leak. a lot of nuclear testing. they thought there was an earthquake the size of something they had never tested before. what we check? it was a nuclear weapon. we had very tough rhetoric. wouldn't you say it was tough? remember, they said, he's too tough. he's going to cause war. too tough. he's too nice.
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i got along very well with chairman kim. that's a good that i got along well. we got our prisoners back. i didn't pay $1.8 billion in cash, by the way. pay $1.8 billion. we paid slightly less. we paid nothing. yet it was a very smart deal for north korea. goodwill is important. we signed a wonderful paper saying they are going to denuclearize. it's going to happen. i was back, i think, six days. why hasn't it started? obama was very close to going to war. you have 30 million people in slow.
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thousands of cannons. i'm not even talking about nuclear. guess what you have now? nuclearnths, no testing. mike pompeo is over there right now. they say he -- meaning me -- these guys, the crooked press, they are so dishonest -- [crowd boos] fake news. they are the fake news media. what do they say all the time? i didn't give anything up. what do they say all the time? he went there. i went to singapore.
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we had a meeting. by agreeing to meet -- they can't come up with anything else -- i didn't give like clinton or obama would have -- obama wouldn't meet. they wouldn't see him. clinton wherelet they gave him billions of dollars and got nothing. they couldn't find anything. what did they do? they say, he met. that is what we lost, folks. by the way, obama would've loved to have met. they wouldn't see him. one of the first questions i asked when i was over there. they wouldn't see him. i met. now they are saying it with putin -- putin is highly prepared. trump, will he be prepared for the meeting? trust me. we will do just fine. fake news. bad people.
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i might end up having a good relationship, that they say, president trump, will he be prepared? president clinton is kgb. you know what? putin's fine. we are people. i've been prepared for this stuff my whole life. they don't say that. you really do -- i'll tell you what -- i see the way they write. dishonest, and i don't mean all of them. some of the finest people i know are journalists. it's hard to believe when i say this. i hate to say it, but i'll say
6:54 pm
it. 75% of those people are downright dishonest. they are fake. they quote sources. "a source within the trump don'tzation said" -- they have a source. they never use names anymore. jim smith said that donald trump is a bad guy. they don't do that anymore. they say, "a source within the administration." they make the sources. they don't exist in many cases. i saw one ofay -- them say, 15 on anonymous sources -- i don't have 15 people in the white house. i don't get it. these are really bad people. here's the bottom line. we're here. how the hell did we get here? how did we get here? tester, he at jon
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signed up for the democrats radical immigration agenda, which is, let them come in, and they said, in sanctuary cities where they house the criminals and others. we believe in strong borders and no crime. it's very simple. we believe in coming into this country legally. we believe in the merit system. when you have a business, and somebody comes in -- i hate to tell you this -- got to go with it -- so many businesses are moving back to this country. some in a car companies are coming back into michigan and ohio and pennsylvania and north and south carolina.
6:56 pm
we need people. or don't have the workers anymore. that is something that is unique. wages are going up, rising, but we need people. we need people who come in under the merit system. a vote for the democrats in november is a vote to let ms 13 run wild in our communities. drugs pour into our cities and to take jobs and benefits away from our hard-working americans, and we are not letting it happen. democrats want anarchy. they don't know who they are playing with. i said it the other day. is a low eye q individual, maxine waters.
6:57 pm
i will impeach him. even the democrats are saying, how do you say that he echoed stay away from that word. no collusion. million, it's $22 awfully tough. the house just left and said, there's no collusion. this is an excuse for democrats who lost an election who actually got their ass kicked.
6:58 pm
306-223. that's a pretty good shellacking. take wisconsin. i just left wisconsin. building,hey are foxconn, they make the apple laptops and iphones -- they are incredible -- they are going to spend like $11 billion. it's going to be a $15 billion plant or there will be nothing like it in this country, and frankly, outside of china, there will be nothing like it. but $15 billion, 15,000 jobs in wisconsin, but think of wisconsin. reagan had his big win. he won every state except one, the great state of wisconsin.
6:59 pm
i won wisconsin, the first time since dwight eisenhower in 1950. and we won michigan! and we won pennsylvania, north carolina, south carolina, florida. you had a run up the east coast. winning the electoral college is much for republicans, tougher than winning the popular vote when people vote for times or whatever. not since dwight eisenhower, 1952 -- was that one of the great evenings? i always say, because the ratings they are getting are beyond belief -- "the new york times" was ready to fold. i came along unfortunately, and they sell. when i leave in seven years from now -- [crowd cheers] they'll fold.
7:00 pm
when you see "the times," how dishonest they are, when you see "the post," how dishonest they are -- i will say this -- they are doing numbers like they've never done. they are going to endorse me. should i lose, they are out of business. who are they going to cover? are they going to cover bernie? are they going to cover sleepy joe biden? are they going to cover pocahontas? think of it. she of the great tribal heritage -- what tribe is it? me think about that. in the meantime, she's based her life on being a minority. pocahontas. they always want me to apologize -- pocahontas, i
7:01 pm
apologize to you. to the fake pocahontas, i won't apologize. even the liberals are saying, take a test. i like to not give away secrets. let's say i'm debating pocahontas. you know those kits they sell on television for two dollars? learn your heritage. i was born in scotland. it turns out you were born in puerto rico. that's ok. the guy says, i was born in germany. he wasn't born in germany. he was born someplace else. in the middle of the debate when she proclaims she is of indian heritage because her mother said that's high cheekbones
7:02 pm
her only evidence. --ll take that can't and say we have to do it gently. we are in the #metoo generation plant we will gently take that slowly toss it, hopefully it doesn't hit her or injure her arm, even though it probably only weighs about two ounces, and we will say, i will give you $1 million to her favorite charity, paid for by trump if you take the test and it shows you are an indian. i have a feeling she will say no. no hold that for the debate. the press is very honorable. please don't tell her what i just said.
7:03 pm
democrats are launching outrageous attacks against our incredible law-enforcement. the new platform of the democratic party -- by the way, i call it the democrat party. it sounds better. a great i'm not speaker. why the hell do so many people come. -- come? why? why do they come? i guess they like my policy. you never hear that.
7:04 pm
there's got to be a reason. i by the way don't have a musical instrument. i don't have a guitar or organ . for basketball, hockey. we break all these records. really, we do it without musical instruments. this is the only instrument, the mouth. the brain, more important than the mouth. the brain is much more important. do you ever hear something? we had a case -- last week, we
7:05 pm
were in a great place in wisconsin, and we had tremendous crowds. have the choice of a 22,000-seat arena, and in retrospect, we would have packed it, but the people said to me -- very said, theyople -- i filled up a 7000-seat arena. walked away, thousands of people. i said, why didn't you use the bigger arena? they said, sir, we knew if you -- if youacant seats had five empty seats, they would say, donald trump was unable to fill the arena. i said, you know what? you are how about the one from "the washington post"? they got their four hours early, and the arena hadn't started letting people in. there were just a few people. you all saw that, i hope.
7:06 pm
hour -- their four there quarter hours before. this writer said, donald trump had an empty arena, except when i showed up, the place was packed, and they had to walk away thousands of people. i didn't see the story. you know who saw the story? the people in the arena. they went nuts. they apologized. you know where they apologized? they apologized on twitter. trump, not very good crowd, and they show a totally empty arena. hate to lookt -- at the pictures for the inauguration. we have some monster crowd. big monster. take a look at that. they show an arena, before the
7:07 pm
people started coming in -- there were a few people -- and they apologized. let me just tell you. the democrats. we call them the democrat party. you know why? the democratic party sounds too good. i always say the democrat party. actually, the name is the democrat party. the democratic party sounds too good, so i don't want to use it, ok? the new platform of the democrat party is to abolish ice. in other words, they want to abolish immigration enforcement entirely. that's what they want to do. they want everybody coming in. the beauty with ice, they are so tough, when you have these ms-13 thugs come in. ice goes in and wipes them out. they are much tougher. towns in long
7:08 pm
island and other places. your occupied. it's like a nation is occupied in your country. these are savage gangs. that includes our great border patrol. that includes our military. always fighting against funding for the military. we will always stand by proudly the heroes, and there are heroes in ice and border patrol. president, we will track down the gang members, drug dealers, child
7:09 pm
predators, and criminal aliens. we will get them. we will throw them the hell out of our country or put them in jail. this year, in november, if you want to save ice, and frankly, if you want to save your law-enforcement, if you want to save your military, getting military funding -- we got $700 billion -- we saved our military. fromng military funding these democrats is almost impossible. they don't care about our military. they don't care about our law enforcement. you better vote republican. we need more republicans.
7:10 pm
if you want to protect your community, then you have no choice. you have to vote for republicans. if you want to have a country, if you want borders -- how about borders? wouldn't it be nice to have borders? ["build that wall" chants] yes, we are already building the wall. it started in california, san diego at $1.6 billion. we asking for $5 billion. it's brutal with these people. right thing's the to do, but they think you will help me. they think it will help trump
7:11 pm
said if we do it, it's good for trump. put have great americans every day, we are keeping our promises. we have created 3.4 million jobs since election day, which nobody can even believe. it and i always say, if i would've said that on the campaign trail, when i was here or anyplace else, it would've been brutal. they would've said, how could you possibly say a thing like that? 3.4 million new jobs. unemployment claims are at a 45-year low. african-american and hispanic american unemployment have reached the lowest levels in the history of our country. remember, what do you have to lose? what do you have to lose? people didn't like it when i said that. guess what?
7:12 pm
we were right. a new poll came out last week, we were up 10 points with the hispanic unity. -- community. they want to be safe. unemployment among women is at the lowest level it has been in 65 years. our economic policy can be summed up in three very simple but beautiful words -- jobs, jobs, jobs. since the election, we have lifted 3 million people off of food stamps. by the way, on a humanitarian basis, that's a great thing. do you know how much money we saved doing that as a country? 3 million people.
7:13 pm
the first time in 18 years are rising again. people can go out. they can actually choose a job, and they have wages that are rising. six months ago, republicans passed the biggest tax cuts in american history, the biggest in american history. everybody in this room is better for them. everybody is better for them. taxes for working families and saved family farms. we saved family farms. as a result of our tax cuts, $300 billion poured back into the united states just in the first quarter of this year alone. we are going to have a lot more than that. monday that, would've never been able to come back into our country -- it's coming back. i think the number is going to be $5 trillion, but $350 billion
7:14 pm
has already come back. $350 computer is spending billion on new campuses, new facilities. they are bringing back $350 billion. they are putting up their own money. they are going to have subject to the tax code $230 billion coming back. areof u.s. manufacturers optimistic about the future. that's the highest number ever. think about it. 95%. you don't hear that. despite thealed, thumbs down at 2:00 in the we also repealed the most horrible aspect of the failed obamacare health care. it's called the individual mandate. it's gone.
7:15 pm
that was where you had to pay a lot of money for the privilege of not having to pay for bad health care. ripoffs, but we got rid of it. how many people were paying not to have it? a lot of people. they paid not to have health care. we are allowing businesses to join forces to buy better health care for less money through association health plans. they just came out two weeks ago, and they cross state lines. they are going to get very low prices. millions of people are already signing up. after decades of waiting, we opened anwar in alaska for energy development. they have been trying to get that approved for 40 years.
7:16 pm
we have eliminated record numbers of job killing regulations. the assault on our farmers, ranchers, hunters, energy producers, and our great and loving miners. we love our miners. we put our miners back to work. clean coal. we are proudly and strongly protecting our public lands for future generations. you see that. you see that all over. you see legislation. you see what is happening. we approved the keystone and dakota access pipelines right away, 48,000 jobs. 48,000 jobs. we withdrew from the job killing paris climate record.
7:17 pm
one of the most unfair deals -- i said, i'm going to get killed when i approve this one. it sounds so pretty, the paris climate -- who wouldn't do that? except it's horrible for deals . great for other countries, but horrible for us. we took historic action to safeguard your constitutional freedoms, protecting religious liberty, defending the second amendment, and confirming a record number of circuit court judges. we are bringing back our wealth from foreign countries. you know this, right? we are bringing back our wealth from foreign countries that have been ripping us off for years. for too long, we watched and waited, and we saw as other countries stole our jobs,
7:18 pm
cheated our workers, and guided our industry. here? even here. england, youto new still see the remnants where they moved down to mexico under nafta. that we are negotiating, and i have a feeling they will come along. if they don't, we will actually do better. wasunited states of america the piggy bank that everybody was robbing. let me tell you. our allies in many cases are worse than our enemies. we opened our country to their goods, but they put up massive barriers to keep our products and our goods the hell out of their country. they didn't want to that competition. that's not free trade. that is stupid trade. we aren't going to do that.
7:19 pm
fair ando have reciprocal -- that being the more important word -- we need receptacle. they charge a 50% tax. we charge a 50% tax. then we say, let's bring it to nothing. do whatever you want. i will have people complaining. it's incredible. we have countries ripping us off for years. when i said, we are going to put tariffs on them because they have been ripping us off -- we have trade deficits, they have surpluses -- that would be unbelievable. i say, we are going to do something about it, and i get a call from some politicians -- that's terrible. i said, we are going to make great deals. please, leave it the way it is. i say, no, no. we have all the cards. we are the bank everybody is stealing from.
7:20 pm
you saw it with china. $50 billion, another $200 billion waiting. nobody has ever seen this before. china -- i have great respect for president xi and for china. you have to respect them. they will say, donald trump loves china, loves china more than he loves the united states. these people. but you have to be careful with what you say. if i say i respect china, and i respect president xi, but they $507been killing us -- billion in trade deficits last year, $507 billion. you want to do something about it, and you get attacked. that's not nice. that is not free trade. the war was lost on trade many years ago. when they say, not free trade. i say, no, the war was lost.
7:21 pm
now we are going to win it. we have all the cards. it's always helpful when you don't have the little ones nipping at your heels. it's easier to negotiate when you have support. you don't have some senator who was forced out of office because he didn't like me, saying bad things like, we shouldn't be doing that against china. we shouldn't be doing that against so-and-so. we are in such a great position. other countries are calling us. do you know if we knocked down the trade deficit, the trade deficit, by just a little bit, 25% -- we can do that -- if we do that, we pick up 1% in gdp? does anybody know this? that is treat -- $3 trillion and 4 million jobs. we pick up one point. speaking of gdp, remember when i
7:22 pm
said it is going to go to 3% quickly. now the atlanta fed just predicted 4.8%. who knows? who knows? can only tell you this. it's going to be a lot better than you had with obama, and if these people got elected, you would've gone down. they wouldn't have taken the regulations off. they wouldn't have given you the tax cuts. you would have had an economy that was going to crash and burn. it was ready. now we've got something that is a rocket ship. every time i meet a leader of another country, they always say, sir, i would like to congratulate you on the incredible job you have done with united states economy. korea.south every time, they say, i would like to congratulate you. others are actually studying
7:23 pm
what we've done. they are studying what we've done. we have the greatest people in the world, and we are doing good. those beautiful, beautiful hats, make america great again. "keepo be changed to america great." i can't use "make america great again" for the second run. they said, why the hell did you do it the first time? it's called "keep america great." what we are doing is incredible. this created -- think of -- since the election, we have created in wealth $7 trillion. $7 trillion. we are the fastest growing basis -- an economy maybe it is the big nations --
7:24 pm
we are the fastest growing economically nation in the world. think of that. i add "big nation" because they are probably back. we are one of the fastest, and i actually think we are one of the fastest-growing, and we are certainly growing our military and power and strength. we are taking care of our vets more than anybody has ever taken care of veterans. thanks to republican leadership, america is winning again. remember, i tell you the story. againa is being respected .
7:25 pm
steve daines came up, he said, the people of montana, they are tired of all this winning. too much. they can't take it anymore. i said, steve, go back to the people. we are going to win, and we are going to win more. we are going to win like we've never one before. like we've never one before. we are finally putting on america first. thousand points of light. what the hell was that he echoed thousand points of light.
7:26 pm
i know one thing. "make america great again," we understand. putting america first, we understand. we are indeed doing things for like nobody believed. we are rebuilding our economy, at the same time, we are restoring our security. we have people flooding our borders like they haven't flooded before. they are doing an incredible job, but we haven't had a rush like this. people want to come into our economy. the problem is, you have to come in legally. all of that money that we have secured for our military, all of
7:27 pm
the pentagonected to begin a process of creating a sixth branch of the united states armed forces called the space force. you know the air force? you will have the space force. people are so excited by that. it's not just sending rockets to the moon and mars. also a military endeavor. in fact, in russia, they said, we consider that very threatening, and others did, too. i'm sorry. if it's a part of the air force, the air force is going to focus -- the air force, we need a separate branch. it's called the space force. people love it. they get it, and they love it. we passed a landmark v.a. accountability law that everybody said could not be
7:28 pm
passed. i won't blame the unions, and i won't blame civil service. beryone said it couldn't passed, has not been able to be passed for 45 years, and we just got it passed, the day accountability. now you can fire people when they don't do a job. we can fire when they don't do their job. get them the hell out. they are taking care of their vets. -- our vets. they are out of there. the other thing that we just passed a few weeks ago -- you have heard me talk about this -- i've always said, our greatest people, they are the greatest people, the vets. some of them have suffered greatly. we weren't taking proper care of them. for 12re waiting in line
7:29 pm
days. anybody in this audience, go to the doctor. i'm sorry. we can't see you for 12 days. people were going in with nothing much, and they were coming out six months later. you can't see a doctor. they were coming out with a terminal illness that could have been corrected easily. i said, why are we sending people who can wait for lung of time yet go send them to a local doctor, and we pay the bill. said, we've been trying to get that passed for 40 years. i got it passed three weeks ago. i am good at getting things past. -- getting things passes. we had repeal and replace passed except for one person, and all the democrats. one person plus all the democrats. we got no democrats, including tester. he wasn't there for us.
7:30 pm
president trump, he's a great man. you've got to vote for us. we also believe that american foreign aid interest and values. we don't need to send your hard-earned money to countries that vote against the united states consistently in the united nations and other laces. we don't need that -- and other .laces we don't need that. remember with israel. remember we had two votes. with all the aid from all these countries, we are watching. we ended up getting 68 votes. they are ripping us, they are taking our money, they don't even vote for us because they didn't respect our country but now they respect them a lot more. and in many cases, they are not getting that money anymore, too. we've stopped.
7:31 pm
instead of apologizing for america, we are standing up for america. and we are standing up for our great american flag. [cheers and applause] president trump: how about the nfl? i do want to cause controversy but they passed the stupid thing. you don't have to do this anymore. if you don't respect the flag or like the country, just go into the locker room. in many respects, that's worse. isn't that worse than not standing? they say go into the locker room. readynd them is getting to play, they run into the locker room, then they come back out. that doesn't play.
7:32 pm
i actually think in many ways, it's worse. they were so happy, the owners. the commissioner, they are paying him $40 million a year. and their ratings are down 20%. but you know why the ratings are down? the flag. , inpeople find politics other words, hitting trump -- incorrectly, but hitting trump. they find that meaner and more interesting. they are watching the cable networks instead of football. thing0% since this'll started with the flag and the anthem. us,ington tried to change but instead, we are changing washington. and now, we need matt rosen dale in the senate to continue our
7:33 pm
fight, to drain the swamp. we are going to get it done. we need to work every day from now until the election. the country and your constitution. this november, i need you to get your friends and your colleagues, your neighbors, and get your asked out -- your ass out to vote. get your ass out to vote. vote for matt. not will say, that was presidential. watch. that was not presidential. it did i ever tell you how easy it would be presidential? me, you, we are really smart people. i have the most loyal people in the world, the smartest people. they are the greatest people in the world.
7:34 pm
but they will say something like , that's not presidential. acting presidential it's so easy for me. it's much easier than what i do. you walk up to the microphone. those in the great state of montana. you have to put on a little emphasis. be with youful to tonight. thank you for being here, goodbye. now the people of montana, they know. loyal citizens like you helped build this country. and together, we are taking back our country. returning the power to where it belongs, to the people.
7:35 pm
[crowd chants "usa"] president trump: our proud american ancestors crossed oceans, scaled mountains, defeated empires, and built the modern world with their own two hands. they were brilliant. montanate, the state of was forged by incredible pioneer men and women that braved the cold and paved the wilderness to bearded -- to build a beautiful life out here in the open. i looked at those skies. i heard so much about your skies. i heard so much about your skies, i wrote in and looked at
7:36 pm
those skies. not seeing pollution is a wonderful thing. those are beautiful skies. these montana pioneers were tough. they were strong, they were brilliant. they didn't have a lot of money and they didn't have a lot of luxury. they had heart, grit, and they had each other. else, they love their families, they love their country, and they loved their god. we stand on the shoulders of american patriots who knew how to fight, and they knew how to win. you talk about winning. they knew how to win.
7:37 pm
help, your voice, and your vote, we are going to keep on fighting. and we are going to keep on winning. and the truth is, you will never ever get tired of winning. we won't back down. we won't give in. and we will never, ever surrender. we will never, ever quit. we go forward to victory. because we are americans. and our hearts bleed red, white, and blue. we are one people. we are one family. and we are one glorious nation under god. and together, we will make america wealthy again.
7:38 pm
, we will make america strong again. make america safe again. and we will make america great again. thank you, montana. thank you. ♪ [music playing, "you can't
7:39 pm
] ♪ys get what you want" ♪ i saw her today at the reception hand s of wine in her i knew she would meet her connection feet was her footloose
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man ♪ ♪ you can't always get what you want you can't always get what you want you can't always get what you want but if you try some time you might find you get what you need ♪ but i went down to the demonstration to get my fair share of abuse , we are going to vent our frustration if we don't, we don't, we're going to blow a 50 at fuse -- 50
7:41 pm
amp fuse ♪ ♪ you can't always get what you want you can't always get what you want you can't always get what you want but if you try sometimes you might find ♪ mccain'ssenator john daughter meghan mccain except the lbj foundation's liberty and justice for all award on behalf of her father. she spoke during the ceremony that was held at the lbj library in austin, texas. her father was diagnosed with brain cancer last year. on today's washington journal, goldman, executive director for the center of law and social policy talked about her group's report on how the trump administration's immigration policies are impacting immigrant children and families.