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tv   House GOP Leaders News Conference  CSPAN  July 18, 2018 5:00am-5:20am EDT

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, one of the loan republicans to do so -- one of the loan republicans to do so, his concerned leadership for our country is but a blessing to our country and so it was with great gratitude that i think senator mccain wants again for being there for thethank you al. >> house speaker paul ryan also weighed in on president trump's meeting with vladimir putin. speaker ryan was joined by other house republican leaders.
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>> ok. there you are. all right, good morning everyone. booming economy, americans and their families are better off. now some said tax reform was going to be armageddon. after years of sluggish growth, a stagnant economy, more take-home pay, more jobs, it is a different world and is -- it is not the end of the world. we were told by the left it would be bad for women. when you looked at the last job report they say -- it was women driving the numbers. they said it would be bad for individuals with disabilities. you see those with disabilities entering into the workforce.
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wages and bonuses were crumbs for middle-class families. more but -- more money in your bank account and we see consumer confidence at a record high. less scare tactics and out of touch rhetoric has not matched reality. you can get all of the facts, see the results, and people's lives are improving because of our agenda. while the democrats may want to look back to the days of 9.9% unemployment and promote unpopular ideas, the people's house is going to stay hard at work. this week we are continuing to lead on solutions that will strengthen our communities. we will be sending legislation to the president that will provide pro bono legal services for those involved in sexual and domestic violence. we will advanced credit -- advance critical funding to
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combat the catastrophic wildfires and continue our work to appeal -- repeal obama era regulations. with us today is representative me out love. she is a dynamic leader from utah. she serves on the financial committee and she has been promoting impact that it is having on our growing each economy. -- economy. rep. love: thank you. i am pleased to be here to help spread the word about how americans and people from utah are better off now. thanks to our policies we have led our economy to an upswing. me, asko not believe people in utah, ask the mothers and fathers who are struggling to make ends meet. today it utah's economy is
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booming with one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation. our state policies, has added 50,000 jobs over the past year. thatighbors are telling me the new tax law is allowing them to keep a little bit more of their money that they earn. tax reform is helping small businesses. they are the lifeblood of our communities. the house will vote on a package on a bill that will create more jobs and help more businesses get off the ground. it is expected to pass with strong i partisan support. keep an eye out for jobs -- with strong bipartisan support. so keep an eye out for jobs. economy -- we our support our economy's long-term growth so that americans are better off now and in the future. it is exciting to see the great economic news that
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continues to happen because of the tax cuts that we have passed and families are recognizing that they are better off now. when you look at the retail sales numbers, driven by a americans drive -- buying new cars and finally to be able to get better vehicles to get around. you are seeing millions of people getting back into the workforce and are now going into their first job which may give them an opportunity to buy their first home. americans are better off now and you are seeing the results. jobsll keep working with 3.0 to make it easier for people to have a piece of the american dream. we're doing a lot of other things to address the problems facing this country. it is crime, and opioids continue to infiltrate this country. we're bring a resolution to stand up for our ice agents.
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aredemocrats are get -- talking about getting rid of the people who keep our country safe and get rid of people who are criminals here if you look at ice last year, 100 thousand people came here illegally and they were removed. pelosi and hercy allies want to get rid of. those agents, men and women, law enforcement officers that are protecting this country. stopping human trafficking, keeping terrorists from coming in when they get into the interior of our country. that is what we are standing up for. my colleague from -- me and my colleague from louisiana. those are the people that the democrats are talking about getting rid of. it shows a contrast about what is at stake. we stand up for our ice agents. they want to get rid of them. it is a radical idea and this
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resolution is important. thee is another resolution, resolution to oppose a carbon tax. there are still people trying to talk about imposing a carbon tax which would be devastating to our economy. one of the bright spots where we are bringing jobs back, and a carbon tax would destroy that. we will have everyone go on record with a resolution. twolly we will bring in appropriations bills as we continue to move tells through the process to rebuild our military. three bills are now in a conference committee. more, they have real important policies. repealing waters of the u.s., that is making it harder for americans to develop their own private pop -- property. we also have tom graves's
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provision that creates a fun for america's kids and grandkids. it is important to start reducing the deficit in this country. good morning. every day we see new numbers of the economy being stronger. more people working and more opportunities for the future. watched 600,000 more americans enter the workforce. they were outside and they came back in. we found two new reports where retail sales up half a percent in june. 6.6% from june of 2017. another example of growth since the passage of our tax cut bill. and economists, expect more sales to grow and pay to rise with them. the paychecks are rising and
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more than one million new jobs. unemployment at one of the lowest levels. this is an economy we want to continue to build up. jobs 3.0, i was one of the authors of 1.0 in 2012. it was about the formation of entrepreneurship. those young companies and individuals who of never thought about -- you have ever thought about opening a business have the capital to do it. the unique opportunity, but a very important bill and a very take vote when we make sure that becomes law. i want to thank mia love for her work. one other point, we watched the democrats talking about removing ice. introduced a bill. if they were giving the opportunity to bring the bill up, and they want to vote against it. people ford 2000
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human trafficking. than 900,000 pounds of people will die today because of an addiction. bills become law and we want to -- that we want to become law that are sitting in the senate. fentanyl, one of the most , comes acrossents our border. ice is the first line of of -- of defense. ms 13 gangs, they are stopping them from coming to our community. we will have a vote on the floor. we have a bill that lays out what ice has been doing and announces this action to abolish ice. opportunity, your base may say you want to have it.
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i want to see where people stand on it. it is too important for the safety of our communities that we maintain ice. other elements that you will find as we continue to work through the process, we are already into conference and we will vote to go to conference on the farm bill. continuing to get the work done and to make america grow and more opportunities for the future generation. good morning. i recently had the chance to visit a couple manufacturers up in minneapolis, st. paul. the story there is similar to what we are seeing around the country. more people are finding work. companies are expanding and confidence is surging. our policies have helped create this climate. the american people are better
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off now. this week we will consider legislation to make it easier for small companies to access the market. this is where most jobs come from, new companies. we'll cut down on regulations holding back small businesses. it is the third piece in a line of critical bipartisan bills. this will help us sustain the positive growth that we are seeing. this gets us back to creating an environment where entrepreneurs can succeed and workers can get ahead. love for commend mia her efforts in bringing this bipartisan letter -- legislation to the floor. is theng i heard about need for more workers, especially workers with the right skills. this is a new problem we have these days. we have jobs that we need workers with skills. nextwe will be taking the
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step on the farm no. program retool the snap to encourage recipients to enter the workforce. this is a model we should be moving to. helping more americans reach their potential and getting on the latter of life. ofre is not -- the ladder life. questions? >> [indiscernible] >> let me be clear. let me try to be as clear as i can. allies and our nato all of those countries who are russia aggression. how may times of i stood up here and told you what i think about vladimir putin. he does not share our interests, or our values. we just conducted a year-long
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investigation into russia's interference in our elections. they did interfere in our elections. there should be no doubt about it. it did have a material effect on our elections. toughesult we passed sanctions on russia so that we could hold them accountable. i understand the desire and need to have good relations, that is reasonable. russia is a menacing government that does not share our interests or values. that should be made clear. do?hat could you . you are an equal branch of government what will you do? >> we will put sanctions on russia. you just saw the indictments. i have already ecb intelligence -- i've already seen the intelligence. we have already put in place sanctions. if the financial services
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committee or the senate thinking committee think that there are other sanctions that we have not yet pushed upon russia, i more happy to consider those. speaker ryan, obama's cia director said that president --mp's -- >> -- excuse me? obama's cia director said that president trump's conference was close to treasonous. >> i do not. >> you are talking about your year-long investigation. in the report, it was the assessment that he wanted trump to win. yesterday he would said he wanted trump to win. did the republicans make a
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mistake? >> what the intelligence committee was concerned was the trade. when we review it we believe that there were some mistakes made by the ic. let us be clear, russia did metal with our elections. not only in our elections, but around the world. russia is trying to undermine democracy itself to delegitimize it. for some reason i could look but good like comparison. -- for some reason they could look good by comparison. that theye reason interfere in our elections and we have passed sanctions to hold them accountable. we intend to make sure that they do not mean to get away with it again and to help our allies and --p the mockers sees democracies. we will be facing this aggression again and we meet -- we need to make sure that we will equip them with tools.
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>> some of your colleagues have called the press conference in bear saying and damaging to the united -- the, the the press conference in embarrassing and damaging. do you think the president needs to come out and clarify and say exactly what he has tried to accomplish? >> i have not spoken with him. ice -- i put out a statement that speaks for itself. >> in light of the new indictments and the president's comments. viewny of that change your about protecting special counselor mueller or backing off the attacks on the department of justice. >> we had a compliance issue. that goes to the legislative ranch conduct -- branch conducting oversight.
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unfortunately i had to get involved in that. they are coming to compliance and we are trying to close out those items. they were not complying with our subpoenas and we are making sure that they do comply. on the mueller issue, i have been clear. he should be allowed to finish his investigation, nothing has changed. ♪ washington journal, live every day with news and policies that impact you. morning, this bloomberg's chris on the federal reserve policy.
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-- californiac democratic senator talks about vladimir putin and the republican -- and the mueller probe. and then russian relations. be sure to watch washington journal at 7:00 a.m. eastern this morning. joined the discussion. c-span where history unfolds daily. in 1979 c-span was created as a public service by america's cable television company. youontinue to bring unfiltered coverage of congress, the white house, the supreme court and the public policy even's and around the country. c-span is brought to you by your cable or satellite provider. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says that there were indisputable evidence


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