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  Presidents Remarks on Job Training  CSPAN  July 19, 2018 3:08pm-3:42pm EDT

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terms of determining access to its waters but we also have the opportunity, as you say, to see fishing communities being built up. and the benefits that that will bring. >> and the very final question is. as we get those fishing rights back and that fish back, the quid pro quo is a lot of that is traded into the european union. so therefore, the deal on making sure the food market works on an extremely perishable product is even more important. prime minister may: yes. >> take you live now to the white house momentarily. president trump signing an executive order on job training in the u.s., including a creation of a national council for the american worker. live coverage here on c-span. >> we are joined by so many incredible men and women who work across the nation. i want to thank the leaders in government, in business and education who came together for
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the launch of this landmark work force initiative. the president pledged to fight for the forgotten men and women of america and that is exactly what he has done. and that is what today is all about. we want to open new pathways for all americans to secure better jobs and bigger paychecks. i'm honored that the president has asked me to lead the white house's effort to spur job creation and economic opportunity to -- through vocational education and work force development. over the past year and a half, our administration has taken action to expand apprenticeship, increase access to stem education for all k-12 students and ensure that our work force programs deliver real results for our citizens. we are also working with members of congress, many of whom are here today, to pass important legislation such as the perkins career and technical education bill to
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modernize work force development and support over 11 million students and workers across the country. in my travels over the past 17 months, it has been an amazing honor to meet with men and women across our nation who helped build our cities, pioneer new industries, and start businesses with little more than their grit and imagination. their talent is unmatched, their drive inspiring and their tenacity is truly what makes america's work force the best in the world. last week in syracuse, new york, i met several recent high school graduates who join us day, lily law, william dejesus, and robert defelder. lily, william, robert, will you join us? [applause]
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ivanka: through the pathways in technology program, they each graduated with more than 20 college credits and experience interning in fields such as science, manufacturing, and electrical engineering. [applause] last week robert's grandmother was with him and robert, i hope you don't mind me sharing this story, but i personally was just blown away by the way she looked at you with such pride and admiration and that's an admiration everyone in this room shares. lily, william, robert, you are truly an inspiration to us all. your ambition, your grit, your perseverance is really inspiring so thank you for being here. >> thank you. [applause] anka: america's vocational
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education, whether for high school students like lily, william, and robert, or for mid to late career workers such as innovative, dynamic and successful as our people. and that is why today the president is launching a national work force strategy. we're calling upon government and the private sector to equip our students and workers with the kills they need to thrive in the modern economy. i want to thank all of the companies and trade associations who are here with us today in joining for the launch of this bold initiative. thank you for your partnership over the previous weeks and months as we have prepared for this important day, and this is really just the beginning. really, just thank you. with that it is now my honor to introduce the 45th president of the united states, donald j. trump, to share today's
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announcement. [applause] president trump: that is a very good group, i will tell you. i am looking at these people. i see them on the covers of the magazines every week, every month. hi, fred. that's great. well, thank you, ivanka, very much, and for your incredible
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leadership of the white house, work force -- white house work force initiative. you have done an incredible job and you have worked so hard. i want to tell you that we are all proud of you. especially these folks back here because that's the future. so i want to thank you, honey. i'm thrilled -- [applause] president trump: i'm thrilled and honored to be here today to launch the national council for the american worker. joining us for the announcement is secretary wilbur ross. secretary, good. secretary alex acosta. betsy devos. everybody knows education. acting secretary peter o'rourke. peter, great job you're doing. director mulvaney who has worked so hard with those budgets but they are coming along. right, mick. linda mcmahon, administrator,
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small business. thank you, linda. jared, fantastic job. chris, incredible. what a group this group. nobody knows kellyanne. nobody knows. all stand up. fantastic job. please stand up. [applause] president trump: really great. thank you. i want to thank you, also, we have some very special people here. house education and work force chairwoman -- now we say chairwoman, right? we like it better. virginia foxx. virginia. [applause] president trump: and we have -- thanks, virginia. great job. representatives rick allen, jamie herrera beutler. thank you. thank you. [applause] >> -- president trump: sean duffy. my friend. jim renacci and claudia tenney.
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we have some very special other folks here in a very high administrative capacity. we have a favorite of mine, governor scott walker. what a job he's done. [applause] thank you, scott. nd montana state auditor, matt rosendale. hear you're doing good, matt. i hear big things from matt. we're really especially grateful to be joined today by the top c.e.o.'s, union leaders, trade associations, and educators from all around the country. these are the biggest, these are the best, these are the most talented. among those -- and i am going to be introducing them and go around the table with them as they sign their pledge, but i have a friend of mine for a long time, the really founder and creator and i heard he did a report at his school and he got low marks because they said it couldn't work and he ended up getting very high marks because it's a company called
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fedex. is that a correct story? pretty correct, right? that professor didn't know what happened. fred smith. thank you, fred. [applause] i think we have to give that professor low marks because it worked out. [laughter] it worked out well for you. home depot c.e.o. doing a fantastic job. craig manier. thank you, sir. . ckheed martin c.e.o. marilyn how is the f-30 doing? on time? raytheon c.e.o. tom kennedy. tom, thank you. thank you, tom. rup runnion president, kathy warren. i will introduce everybody in a little child. an england, trucking
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association. johnny taylor, human resource management. they've been fantastic and really worked hard with us. everyone here today is united to e same goal, to train, recruit, hire american workers. thanks to our tremendous economic success -- and we've had a lot of them and we never had -- i have to tell you as a country, we have never been more successful than we are exactly right now today. the numbers coming out are beyond what anyone thought possible. [applause] and so there's never been a better time to hire and grow in america. we've created 3.7 million jobs since the election. in the month of june alone, we grew the work force by more than 600,000 workers. i say if i ever mention this -- [applause] if i ever mention this during the campaign they would have said there's no way. there's no way. no way that could happen.
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well, it's happened and far more than we ever thought. we're in the longest positive ob growth streak in american history. african-american unemployment has reached its lowest level in american history. hispanic unemployment is at its lowest level in american history. asian unemployment has reached its lowest level in american history. women's unemployment -- oh, this is too bad, marilyn. this is very sad. has reached the lowest level in only 65 years. but within about two weeks i think we will be able to say in american history because it's moving quickly. ok. 65 years not so bad, right? [applause] consumer and business confidence has reached its all-time highs. the highest ever recorded. and 95% of manufacturers are
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optimistic about the future. that's the highest number ever recorded. so a lot of good things are happening out there. every day we are lifting our forgotten americans off the sidelines, out of the margins and back into the work force. we're giving a second chance at life to the 620,000 former inmates who re-enter society each year. there's nothing like a great, great jobs market to take care of that situation. it's incredible what's happened with people that were in prison that previous to this could not get themselves a job. and now they are being hired and people are loving them. it's been really incredible to see. [applause] but to keep this momentum going to continue this economic miracle -- and that's what it is. it's a miracle what's happened in the last year and a half.
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we must invest in job training and vocational education. the fact is that companies are pouring back into our country. companies frankly left 10 and 20 years ago and they're coming back and we need people to work pour those companies. we need talented people. we need with training. that's why in a few moments i will be signing an executive order to establish the national council for the american worker. that's the first. this council will be made up of top officials across the government. we're also establishing an outside advisory board of industry leaders and experts which we will announce in the coming weeks very shortly. a lot of people want to be on that board very badly. have some great people going on that board. together, their task will be able to develop a national work force and strategy to equip americans of all ages and at all stages of their career with the skills they need to thrive
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in the modern economy. whether it's a high school land that ing to first job. now they're landing their first job. or a late career worker who wants to learn a new trade, we want every american to earn a great living, doing a great job that they love and they can't get to work fast enough. a lot of people know that feeling. that's why they're in the position they're in. in that spirit, i'm proud to announce an exciting new challenge. at the beginning of a new national movement. we're asking businesses and organizations across the country to sign our new pledge to america's workers. today 23 companies and associations are pledging to expand apprenticeship.
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that's an interesting word for me to be saying, right. the apprentice. i never actually put that together until just now. that was a good experience, i will tell you that. isn't that strange? ivanka, i never associated but here we are. can't get away from that word. that's a great word. for on-the-job training and vocational education. they will sign the pledge committing to train and retrain more than 3.8 million american students and workers for new obs and rewarding careers. [applause] this is only day one and we far exceeded our initial goal of 500,000 students and workers. we thought it was going to be 500,000 and it's close to four million. by the time the day ends it
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will probably be well over four million. in the days and months ahead, hope that hundreds of companies and organizations will join us in this effort. i want to thank all of the wonder companies and associations who are about to sign the pledge and we're about to introduce. i applaud your civic leader. it's incredible. know so many of you. i know how committed you are. you're great people and your commitment to training and recruiting american workers. also here with us today are american workers who know firsthand how job training transforms their lives. i'd like to invite a couple of them to speak. brian, briana. where is briana? come on over here. briana deangelo from greenwood, indiana. an apprentice for gaylor electric. is it a good company? you better say yes.
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>> of course. hi, everyone. so i was a former college student turned mother turned electrician. i was given a great life-long opportunity from gaylor electric and their partnership with the associated builders and contractors. i'm standing here today for my daughter, 3-year-old. has got a long ways to go but i'm standing up here for her and for women that they can see they don't have to conform to what society says they have to. you can do anything. i'm going to be an electrician in two years. [applause] > thank you. president trump: very nice. also here today is janita mcnair from orlando, florida, who is completing the american
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hotel and lodging association's apprenticeship for managers. and there are a lot of talented people coming out of that program. lease. [applause] >> thank you. so first i'd like to say thank you for having me. i think i fall under the column where the older workers. i'm a late bloomer but that's ok. i'm here. and in 31 years in the hospitality industry has been good to me. so my motivation is to be good to my generation that's following me. my grandson came to me after his father was murdered and he said, i'm not going to have a role model. yes, you will. i can't teach you how to be a man but i can lead you in the right direction. [applause]
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so thank you for creating this. a lot more people can have this opportunity. thank you. president trump: thank you. great story. that's great. i'd also like to ask carl green to come up. he's a truck driver and a military veteran and he's doing really well. arl. >> this is my fourth career. i started off as an army helicopter pilot in vietnam. [applause] >> i went to the defense industry and then to banking and investments and retired. i was bored. bored.
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i found c.r. england. thank you, sir. and found my last and greatest career. i enjoy driving my big rig across this great beautiful country delivering food to hungry people. [applause] president trump: thank you, carl. and thank you to everybody. you've really been very special. we know every one of you and the great job you've done. thank you all very much. fantastic. thank you. great careers. america is blessed with the greatest workers anywhere in the world, and today we are taking historic steps to ensure that every american has the chance to realize their full-time potential. by signing the pledge to america's workers, these great companies -- and they are
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great. these are the greatest in the world -- are affirming their equipment to train american workers for american jobs. because america's strength, america's heart and america's soul is found in our people. more than anything else it's in our people. it's their love, their pride, their patriotism that makes this magnificent land our beloved home. and together with the help of everyone in this room, we will truly make america greater than ever before. that's what's happening. greater than ever before. and i think it's happening faster than anyone ever thought. it's moving rapidly. we have numbers coming out and past and present and hopefully future that are far beyond anybody's wildest expectations and i think, frankly, you haven't seen anything yet. so i will now sign the executive order and then i'm going to go around and say
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hello to these incredible people and they're going to be giving their name, their company, and many of you know them already and they're going to be signing, taking on almost four million people. that's very exciting. so thank you all very much. i'm going to sign the executive order. [applause]
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[applause] >> mr. president, ladies and gentlemen, it's my distinct honor on behalf of the aerospace and defense industry, the voice of the world's greatest aerospace and defense industry association is committed to creating new opportunities to the tune of 48,000 for our students and workers over the next five years. president trump: thank you very much. thank you. >> mr. president, kathryn lugar. all right. let's sign it. [laughter]
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president trump: i didn't want anyone speaking out. >> on behalf of the american hotel and lodging association and our 26,000 members, in addition to our management track apprenticeship program, we are announcing 130,000 new opportunities with scholarships, certifications, cost of college program for the great men and women of hospitality. president trump: that's a big number. thank you very much. thank you. [applause] >> my in an of dan england of c.r. england trucking and here representing the american trucking association. we're committing to 50,000 new opportunities over the next five years. president trump: that's big stuff. thank you, dan. thank you. that's fantastic. thank you, dan. >> mr. president, on behalf of the associated builders and contractors and our 21,000 members, we pledge to educate nd re-educate 500,000 workers.
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president trump: that is fantastic. and you'll do it. you'll do it. i know you will, greg. thank you. >> mr. president, on behalf of the associated general contractors of america, we pledge to train or upskill over 172,500 construction craft workers and professionals over the next five years. president trump: that's great. thank you, brian. thank you. that's beautiful. hello, fred. this is some man right here. i'll tell you. >> fedex will train or reskill 512,000 people over the next five years. president trump: that's great. thank you, fred. thank you. [applause] >> mr. president, sir, good to see you again. >> scott walker, you know who this is, right? he's building the most incredible place you've ever seen in wisconsin, right, scott? i just left. that's going to be -- tell us about that for a second. go ahead. >> yes, sir.
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we're building -- bringing an industry back to america that hasn't been here in probably of at least 30 years which is advanced electronics manufacturing and we're going to bring that into southeast wisconsin. as part of that i'd like to pledge today to provide enhanced career opportunities for 13,000 americans in wisconsin. president trump: that's great. that's fantastic. thank you very much. [applause] >> mr. president, general motors is proud to offer 10,975 work force training opportunities over the next five years. president trump: thank you. [applause] thank you very much. >> mr. president, home dei bow is pleased to provide enhanced training and opportunities for 50,000 associates at the home depot for the next five years. president trump: give my regards. you know that. say hello. >> mr. president, on behalf of i.b.m., we're proud of programs like ptec, apprenticeships and reskin in preparing 14u7bd,000.
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president trump: that's fantastic. and i heard your company is doing great. you're doing great. thank you. [applause] >> mr. president, michael deckerman, recognizing the internet industry. today we're announcing over 30,000 opportunities and this is just the tip of the iceberg from the internet industry to make sure the american workers have the skills to compete in the economy of today and tomorrow. thank you. [applause] president trump: thank you very much. >> mr. president, on behalf of lockheed martin, i'm proud to say that today we pledge to provide career opportunities, new career opportunities for more than 8,000 employees over the next five years. resident trump: thank you, marillyn hewson. she makes a plane that you can't see. it's stealth. >> mr. president, on behalf of microsoft, 10,000 opportunities, and really proud
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o be their representative. [inaudible] president trump: very good. you're right. they're great. they're great. thank you very much. >> mr. president, my name is randy knoll, representing the national association -- noel, representing the national association of home builders. and through our home builders institute, our educational arm, we pledge 50,000 new workers to building the american dream. president trump: thank you very much. [applause] >> mr. president, my name is rob gifford and on behalf of the national restaurant association, we pledge to train 370,000 people over the next five years. president trump: that is good. thank you. [applause] >> mr. president, matt, on behalf of the national retail federation, we're pleased to be here. thank you for your leadership. we're committing to train, certify, upskill 250,000
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workers, at least, over the next five years. president trump: i know it will be even more. >> thank you. thank you. >> mr. president, north america's building trade unions. on behalf of our unions and contract partners we commit to invest $6 billion and train and recruit and register 250,000 apprentices over the next five years. [applause] >> mr. president, i'm cathy warden. we commit to 7,500 new apprenticeships over the next five years. president trump: thank you very much. >> mr. president, don kennedy from raytheon and we pledge 39,000 enhanced career opportunities over the next five years. president trump: thank you. >> mr. president. ceiling alliance. we pledge through the car pen terse union and jointly trusted fund 50,000 upgraded training
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opportunities. president trump: i know the union. >> mr. president, johnny taylor. good to see you. president trump: my friend. >> on baft of the society of human resource management, we have 300,000 members, and more importantly, we touch the lives of 100 million workers every day. we're dedicated and committed to creating 127,000 new opportunities over the next five years for america. thank you. [applause] >> mr. president, my name is scott price, pleased to represent u.p.s. where we're committing to 51,750 new roles through higher education and apprenticeships. president trump: thank you very much. [applause] >> mr. president, i'm julie murphy from wal-mart and we commit to train and develop over one million associates in the next five years. [applause]
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president trump: thank you very much. that is fantastic. thank you. so that's a big beginning. that's much bigger beginning, ivanka, than anyone thought possible. we're very proud of everybody in this room. you folks for so many years i've known so many of you but that is really a great commitment so we appreciate it. we're just getting started. we need people to be trained. we need people that are going to go out and really love their job and that's what you're going to do and those are great jobs. thank you all, fred, thank you, everybody. this is a big, big day for our country. there's never been anything done like this before. and you see the numbers. so we're going to need all of these people. and most importantly in the room, good luck to you. good luck. thank you. [applause] president trump: good luck.
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[captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2018] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> ladies and gentlemen, please remain in your seat while the president departs.
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>> earlier today from the white house issuing a statement about the president's response to vladimir putin's request to interview u.s. officials. this is the senate voting this afternoon. a tweet here from c-span, seen on c-span2. u.s. senate approved nonbinding resolution to oppose allowing russia to question u.s. diplomats. that vote was 98-0. the issue was brought up earlier today by one of those who was requested