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  President Trump on Made in America Event  CSPAN  July 23, 2018 10:38pm-11:02pm EDT

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cable satellite corp. 2018] [indiscernible conversations] announcer: now we will get president trump's take on jobs
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and the economy. he spoke after touring a show at the white house which featured american products. >> ladies in gentlemen, the president of the united states. ♪ [applause] pres. trump: thank you very much, everybody. please. this is a lot of fun. i just took a trip around that you looked at the merchandise. nobody makes it better. we are working on this now. make our farmers great again. that is what is happening. we are working on the barriers. they send them in and take
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advantage of us. this is the way it is going to go. make our farmers great again. i just had them made up and that is the way i feel. we will give them to some of the farmers here. i want to thank and welcome everybody to the white house to the second annual made in america showcase. made in america, made in the usa. what do you like better? made in america? maybe in the usa? .oth pretty good made in america, all over the place when i was growing up. a little bit, made in the usa, in america.ade it is happening again, as you know. we are here to celebrate the greatest products in the world american a america
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heart, and sweat. we have snowboards from colorado. where's the snowboard person? those are nice snowboards. 10 years ago i was perfect, now i don't know. beautiful job. cowboy boots from texas. who has cowboy boots? i like those boots. baseball bats from pennsylvania. i used to play baseball. ship. cars, space you know about the space ship. an case you have not noticed, there an f-35 stealth fighter outside parked on the south lawn. i know it did not land on the south lawn. but it is something very special. can't see it. where's lockheed? maryland, yeah. it is incredible. i said, how do you compare this with a certain other plan from the enemy?
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they said, the differences when we fight they cannot see our plane. i think that is an advantage. it is called stealth. super stealth. all of these have something in common. a big, beautiful seal, with the sign "made in usa." joining us today is nasa administrator jim brayton stein. where's jim? thank you. marilyn, thank you for being here from lockheed martin. after many years of decline, american manufacturing is coming everto her, stronger than before. it is happening. we are in the midst of a great economic revival in the united states. we have added 3.7 million new jobs since election, including and than 370,000 manufacturing alone.
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remember they said, you are never going to add manufacturing jobs? that is obsolete, they would say? i said, to make rings is obsolete? i guess they were wrong, right? we are adding a lot more. almost a million americans disappointed with the policies of the previous and frankly, other administrations, have now returned to the workplace. unemployment claims are now at the lowest level in almost half a century. inc. of that. the lowest level, unemployment claims. think about that. unemployment rates for americans, african-americans, hispanics, asians. americans, all of us, lowest ever. these are the lowest levels for african-americans, for spanish, and for asians ever recorded. inc. of that. ever recorded.
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recently reached the 65-year low. we think that is the lowest level ever. in two weeks or three weeks it will be the lowest in history. pretty bad when you say the lowest and 65 years and i say, that is not as good as history but pretty short time from now it will be. manufacturing is expected to grow the fastest rate in more than 17 years and 95% of american manufacturers -- which is what i love, american manufacturers -- are optimistic about the future. the highest level ever recorded. 95%. we have achieved in the last 18 isths something that entirely unprecedented. for decades, the united states allowed other countries to steal our jobs, close our factories, and plunder our wealth. what was happening was horrible. i used to talk about it for 20
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years in the private sector. i said, how did they let this happen? little did i know i would get my shot. and that is what is happening to us because it has been really positive. our leaders in washington did nothing, they did nothing. they let our factories leave. they let our people lose their jobs, given to workers in faraway lands. that is not free trade. that is falls trade. fool's's -- that is trade. stupid trade. the e.u. is coming to see me. we might have to do something with the millions of cars they send in every year. but maybe we can work something out. we are talking to china, who had a $375 billion trade surplus with the united states last
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year. 300 summary $5 billion, or looking at it differently -- we had a $375 billion trade deficit. that's not good. and we're talking to china very seriously. we are talking to mexico on nafta. i think we'll have something worked out. the next president, terrific person, spoke to him at length. the great job. got a tremendous vote. they have a lot of confidence in him in mexico in that is good, but we are talking to him about doing something very dramatic, very positive for both countries. we are demanding fairness with the world trade organization. it has been a disaster for the united states and we want fairness. we lose court cases. we always had a minority of judges. they gave us fewer judges than other countries. we will lose cases. no one knew why. i said, i knew why.
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we're 3-2 judges, with three being on the other side. what is better lately with winning cases? america never waves the white flag. we waive the red, white, and blue flag. the era of economics writer for the united states is over. it is over. in, you people have been leading the charge. americans fighting back and we are when he again. you know my story? we are going to win so much you will get tired of winning. i don't think you will get tired. washington, jefferson, hamilton, lincoln, mckinley, evil don't know too much about mckinley. -- people don't know too much about mckinley. take a look. it was an incredible time. people had to pay for the privilege from taking from our country. we all understood that to be
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strong -- and every one of them -- our nation, we really had to be a manufacturing nation. you really have to be a manufacturing nation. i am really proud to say our steel industry is coming back at a level nobody thought was possible. factories are opening up all over. no matter where i am going with this thing -- you know, we just reopened a steel plant that was open for five years, 10 years, 20 years in some cases. u.s. steel is opening up and expanding in some places. very proud of that. we were being dumped on. you know what that means. they were dumping over this country. now our steel industry is coming back. in, you need a steel industry. that is not like a normal thing where you make some of your products -- we need steel. we need in case of an emergency of the wrong kind.
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my administration is reclaiming our proud manufacturing heritage because we are finally putting, first.america we are tearing down barriers to our exports. protecting our intellectual property. in, protecting our companies from unfair foreign trade practices, of which there are many. we are putting the trade cheaters on notice. nobody rips off the united states of america anymore. it has happened too much, for too long. we have cut record numbers of regulations. country,story of our nobody has cut more regulations they in media and i've been here less than two years. sans talking about two years, four years, 16 years, eight years, does not matter how long we are here, with that more regulations than any other president and we have just been here for shorter than two years.
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we passed the biggest tax-cut .nd reform in american history we have gotten rid of the individual mandate from health-care care, which was a disaster for you and your businesses. the people had to pay for the privilege of not having to pay to get bad health care. sounds complicated, but it is actually pretty basic will stop you pay for not having to buy. and a lot of people wondered about that one. that is gone. that is a big thing. that is gone. that was the most unpopular element of obamacare and obamacare is very rapidly fading away. we had it done, but we missed it i one vote. somebody change their mind in the middle of the evening. i wonder who that was. but we are very far progressed and we are now opening up health care policies and making it possible for people to buy great health care yet -- at a low cost and we are very proud of that.
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and secretary of labor costa has done a great job. and secretary eyes are is in the process of doing something -- in secretary azard is in the middle of doing something very big and all of your business will be happy about that. some of you have received a very substantial bonus in some cases and they very much like it. we are creating several trillion dollars worth of business for our company. largest economy in the world by a lot more than what i took over the presidency. small businesses can now deduct .0% of their business income manufacturers can now immediately deduct every penny spent on new equipment. you never thought you were going
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to see that. so you go out and buy new equipment or if you are selling equipment even better. i know a lot of you folks make the equipment. a one-year deal, think of it. one year expensing. did you ever think you would see that? yet, people are buying in record numbers. as a result of our tax cuts and $300 billiontself, in foreign profits have been brought back to america home where it belongs. in the first quarter of this year alone, apple is spending 305th d billion dollars -- $350 billion on a new campus. other companies are doing the same. in maryland, i think lockheed martin is doing a very big investment i heard the other day . every day, jobs are returning to our shores. every time we buy a product made by our own american neighbors, we are renewing the bonds of
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love and loyalty that link is altogether as americans. is in ourndous spirit country right now. sometimes you do not see it, but it is. yet, you are producers. you produce like nobody else. and the spirit does incredible. esprit de corps. it matters to me where things are made. like, it is ok to close a car factory or a car plant in michigan. yet, it is ok to move that plant to texaco and higher different workers and fire everybody in michigan but it is not ok for me . to me, it is a very bad thing. and that is stopping. plants are moving back to michigan and they are moving back in big numbers. and, they are moving back to ohio. coming back to iowa in a lot of
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different ways. .eaps and bounds a lot of things are happening. pennsylvania, you see what is happening there with steel. pennsylvania, incredible what is happening in pennsylvania. look at steel. and you hear steel is doing well you know pennsylvania is doing well. but for plants are moving back to our country at numbers that will soon be records like we have never set before. the more we make things in america, the stronger america becomes. that is why we will always live by two crucial roles -- by american and higher american. these principles gave rise to centuries of american prosperity f-150ord's model t to the i just saw which was beautiful. from the wright brothers to that beautiful orion space capsule on the south lawn. you have the space capsule and
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every part is made right here in america. that was my first question. in common that say is, is really in a position that it has not been in in decades. people are excited about it. and for some reason, rich people love rockets. they love them. i said, let them spend. lease them the pad. get a lot of money, they don't care. they just want their rocket to go to mars. they want to be the first. so let them do it. these rich guys, they love these rockets. i never liked it as much as them. that's ok. but we have the real estate. you know, you cannot send too many rockets up from too many locations. we have the places. we have the best places there are. so we have a lot of work being done by nasa that is being done by nasa. we also have a lot of work being done by these very rich people
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that love sending rocket ships up to various places. and we are going to learn. and we are give them a lot of credit were doing it. if they want to do it, we think it is great. american ingenuity brought the railroads, linked the highways, put a man on the face of the moon. we can only imagine the incredible new marvels the century will bring. can you imagine? when you look at some of the things being done today. i look at simple computer screens and what you have today that you did not have two years ago. can you imagine what it is going to be in the future? , you know,arvels and you look at them -- they've been america, theyn will be made by the great, hard-working patriots like the people in this room. incredible people, i have to say. you have been through a lot over the last 10 years and now every
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single person i met outside showing up there project and displaying their pride are saying it is better now than ever before. they have never had a time like this. i am happy to hear it because that is what i'm here for. they've never had a time like this. limitary something come in is going to get better. it is actually going to get better. you can't even and vision. it is actually going to get better. it is really good right now in a lot of ways. it is going to get even better. so i want to thank everyone for showcasing your amazing projects. we love our country. we love our people. and, we love our great american flag. god bless you and god bless america. keep up the fantastic work. really good job. thank you. ui. -- thank you. thank you. ♪
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[applause] caller] officials testify, live house oversight beginning at 10:00 a.m. eastern on c-span three. mike pompeo is on capitol hill talking about north korea, the president's recent trip to the nato summit, and the meeting with russian president putin. beginning at 2:30 p.m. eastern wednesday.
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♪ watching 10-span's journal, live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. discussing the future of the affordable care act and talking about the trump administration's foreign industry policies. then we will talk about the democrat's role in the midterm elections. that is tuesday morning starting at 7:00 a.m. eastern and be sure to watch wednesday morning when members of the agricultural committee talk about how president trump's tariff issues are impacting their bottom line. then, a discussion about the opioid crisis live from baltimore, maryland will stop >> there are lots of people who are
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like, i don't want my kids to read stories that are set, disturbing, downbeat, whatever. that is not a totally legitimate thing to say. , for my kida parent not to see what brings them grief but they are like 14 now. when will you bring them to the understanding things are not perfect outside of your all-white suburb, right? all of these things swirled mass -- to make this addition-depth fiction august 5. doctorow will interact with the audience by phone and
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facebook. on august 5, p.m. booktv on c-span2. secretaryouse press sarah sanders spoke to reporters. is 15hite house briefing minutes. sarah: good afternoon. in the two weeks since president trump nominated judge kavanaugh, he has met with 23 senators. all of them are republicans. that is because senator schumer is urging members to not even meet with the judge. for members of opposing parties to refuse to even meet with a qualified supreme court nominee is unprecedented. senator schumer should stop these political games and meet wi j