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tv   Newsmakers Sen. Ben Cardin  CSPAN  July 29, 2018 6:00pm-6:36pm EDT

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have. nominations, and they say all the right things but don't get things done. people about most people can afree we can get the right things done for the country then that is a better lace to talk to you about the right thing. 9:00 eastern.
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thank you part on, for being with us. , thanks. be with you it.we have ann garen and
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and i know you and your colleagues spent a good part of the three-hour hearing trying to mike >> i don't have enough
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confidence about the meeting. what he wants to do. national security did not just the level as to what happened to russia itself. you do know the public setting there is a meeting. and it's sort of accepted resident putin said he's not involved in the interfering in election of 2016. about american was not plomats and ealt the system and it was not
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regarding strong statements republican my broader question of congress e role here? he what is the ability of t answers? to find >> we look at the democrats and republicans standing up saying no. it was the president implying in we did pass a resolution
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egards to nato and to protecting our former diplomats. e're looking at legislation increased sanctions against russia. and i think the level and to ress is that we have conserve ourselves. ctions law san requiring the president to and alliance ns he continues to alk about sanctions about russia up we interactng
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what r rubio and senator did you think is the likelihood at re would be both on th bill, that there would be at or other th
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>> we took support this morning ent negotiations over the imprisoned pastor. what have we learned about the negotiating style and ability to conduct on the world stage. aways you ere take by?e surprised is a pattern we've seen now that he has no ding our closest
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allies before going into major summit meetings we saw that in regards to russia. alliance means nothing to him as far as getting before meetings with leaders that are strong. you see he's willing to give this type of leader credibility only to north korea and he believes in the president and will fully support
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him. ibility.uestion his cred the sanctions imposed are required by congress and the president said such nice things about mr. putin. so i think we've learned that secretary of state will defend president. >> have you seen changes to this president in regards to nato or other countries? critically line is important in the united states and the stress of the eu is important. the president has jeopardized all of that unity and what he did in interfering with the uk, ime minister, dealing with brexit issue. leader of with the le in undermining
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her credibility. all he did as far as saying g 7 should become the g 8. aking it impossible for successful summits among our canada.allies in all of that has questioned the president's sincerity in regards to our relationship with our closest allies that are always there for us. yes. think the u.s. had questions about it. credibility tates has been damaged. an n just a moment there is issue of trade and national security context. ertainly canadians were offended. and many other people surprised,
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among other sident things, you don't classify that a national security it is so for someone to say regional and bilateral trade agreements that es.l with our closest alli the president is questioning even those arrange manies. the world question trade organization which controls the trade among the global community as it relates to what china is doing has not
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been affected. we need to take action against china. oblem has been the major pr for u.s. manufacturers to do rs.tain farme if the president would have started with china, worked with ding allies to ble g up china's unaccepta trade practices including their stealing of intellectual roperty and including the fact of what they do incur yensy manipulation. arted with ld have st that rather than starting with and cana inst drugs canada, would you have had redibility.ort and c he didn't do it that way. we have concerns that fair trade. er one example of that is china. >> what do i make of this strategy? a number were up to the white d you on trade issue an
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know they were very concerned for them. talk esident was able to to them about this agreement with the eu. and sort of explain this step by step the the end of the day, strategy will not work. modernize the to nafta agreement? absolutely. and the way he went about it, i hink caused a lot of
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unnecessary anxiety. and not to do things with a type of control for the president ill never for america. the truth is that they cannot a lot of republicans on the of the aisle raised concerns as well. >> there is. he trade t start of t agenda is president trying to $12 million remaining a
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stabilization fund. we have had heard farmers want to be able to sell their locally and welfare. the question is what happens in manufacturing sector? and president has indicated no to that. ant i think congress will w to see exactly why they're using tound that we've established the department of agriculture to are with when the markets not stable because of supply and demand, that is not what congress intended as problem was the tariff policies go far farming.ust hope congress will intervene in that regard. you indicated that and
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annoyed that you haven't heard , re about the summit in june in singapore, and what had been agreed to there? istration e admin planned to proceed. i mean, you do seem to know a out that than we putin summit. how confident are you that north korea will continue to ement that this made? and others have described it is ossible >> i want the president to
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succeed as all americans do. the only sensible way to deal the negotiation is a meeting between talks and a meeting between america and north korea is something positive. results of thehe to we do have nd and it's nderstanding op.marily a photo and the very first progress, ogram in e nuclear pr north korea is both north korea r make a declaration in thei program and let us know what they have and where they have it
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eyes on the nt frowned and a game plan to am.minate that progr none of that has been achieved. my force is south korean has een reported that after that has gotten no reply. that is from a south korean source. are not t means you thinking it's likely? or not? so so i understand from the resident he got a commitment
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ing understanding to hav that. talking about the president ment how ork and commit that denom do you think it's inevitable for to have the concern set? like to see all of
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rd that va gnaw's reco has opinion a struggle to try to get the white house to use those better s to have a understanding of his philosophy. to me, will the judge be an f dependent voice on behalf o the american people and protect the constitutional right about the powerful president of the united states and congress or corporate america. we're talking about protecting seen ights and what we've o far is reason of concern cavanaugh. ern, will he be a et e independent voice to l the muller investigation reach a conclusion? should en the president
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not annoyed by investigations of a setting president? we want the american people to them and and think every senator should makeup his line.r own pendent branch of government. erious concerns about that >> there is an entire document trial to go through pieces of paper, where do you stand? are you prepared to meet with him or not yet? >> what senator schumer said, he wants port on this, to make sure we have an of rstanding on production documents.
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>> do you expect they'll be august? at the end of when do you think is most likely? to have hearings? he said 11 months is not long enough. do expect by september, it's likely to have hearings >> thank you for being this appreciate maker, it. >> thank you. just rn to two of you and begin with foreign policy with then that we have senator. what do you think happens next? >> the senator indicated there that is er interest
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certainly public interest in the senate. in the house as well, and asked about the rrangements, deals, conversations the president is i think it took a while and he's declined a similar invitation to the house ouse is more white h willing to do that. we'll continue to see a push and from republicans what want wers.ans she hatudes to h
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heard desire from both parties to go on on this issue hether that is trying to get legislation past to warn russia is a more narrow slice of this broader issue of trying to get to an what happened.f amountre was an enormous that is ack and legislation, and what about more hearings? >> i don't know.
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> house lawmakers were not released they didn't come and he push is having hearings and have answers. i don't know if that will be filled in. narrowing now. right? o we'll see from white house per suspect jiff? what is next? generally the cy house is that white looking at now is north korean files. they'd like to be able to demonstrate what foreign policy tion to a ss considera policy able foreign
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victory. he has something to sign on there and able to turn their relationship inside out, that we don't ay know yet we'll be able to s complish something but he wa able to pull both sides back ed to be a ppear brink.ous >> remaining to u.s. soldiers their way back to the are other es is what things to continue to know about?
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doing here th korea is resuming a practice it had is giving something new. main thing they can do beyond that is begin to give accounting senator carden addressed and to show and south korea. right? schedules with ongoing meetings and they've for some and some don't show up. going to be a long
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is ess and the white house starting to get it's nose bloodied a little bit. he managed to change the paradigm from the beginning >> we'll continue to follow on capitol hill for associated press. thank you for being part of "news makers".
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>> credited with changing a johnson'se that saved tale. and and saving johnson, i think moment. a heroic > former white house press secretary sean spicer to the book politics, press and president. he's interviewed by republican ational committee chairman michael steele. reagan and donald trump are 180 degrees away. we navigate that? dance?a little bit of a
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how did you do it? to the respect president? and he no question connects to people in a way that iticians never have. he talks mruntly in his own style. in the case of trump there is a ings tun and g th people saying i didn't like this tweet or interaction. are doing ow people better and is the country safer? i would think most people would the that if we can get ight things done for the
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country. . advocate iowa taxpayer on the senate finance subcommittee to discuss issues and irs operations. his is an hour and five minutes. reform you talk about irs today? i know my ranking member has before long.ement we're going to try to go through this quickly and when it comes time for questions we're going ask fer to him so he can questions


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