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tv   Washington Journal Marc Morial  CSPAN  August 2, 2018 1:23pm-1:53pm EDT

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an unbeliever that under the right policies which provide economic opportunity and freedom and incentives we can grow the american economy at least it's historic rate which since world war ii from more or less 1950 to the year 2000 we of yearthree point 5% after inflation and i see no reason why we can't replicate that with proper policies. kudlow on c-span. host: the president and ceo of the national urban late joins us from columbus, ohio today. -- marc mori al is the president and ceo of the national urban league, joining us from columbus, ohio.
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guest: let me thank you for having me and say good morning to you and all of your listeners and viewers across the nation. this year's state of black america, we took a bit of a different cut. we decided to look at the technology sector, what we call the digital revolution, and examine the effect it is having on the nation and its effect on black people and urban communities. here is what we found. we found that african americans are much more likely to own a smart phone, to be at the forefront of using social media and those sorts of online tools, than any other ethnic group with the exception of asian americans. that was a very interesting and powerful finding. secondly, we found that for many of the large silicon valley companies, african-american employment levels at those companies is really below par.
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it is not a significant percentage and there is a tremendous amount of work to do. where does this lead? this leads to the very important question, and this is what we are examining in columbus as part of our conference -- how will this digital revolution benefit everyone when it comes to the jobs it is creating, the economic opportunities it is creating, and the wealth it is creating? we have got a lot of things taking place. we have a tech zone. we have a number of competitions for young people developing apps. we have small business matters which is designed to lift up small businesses focus in the african-american community. we are focusing on looking at the problem and defining, lifting, and energizing the solutions. host: president trump often focuses on job creation. can you talk about almost two years since the election of
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donald trump, what has been the trajectory of african-american employment in those sectors you were talking about? what impacts has the trump administration had? guest: i like to think the obama recovery has continued. this recovery we are in, this unprecedented streak of job creation began in president obama's first-term. up agan slowly and picked mentor, and we have been averaging about 200,000 jobs per month in terms of being created. this is continued into the trump administration. the growth a bit has increased, but let's look at the fact that the trump administration has boosted the economy with its own stimulus. the tax cut was a stimulus. the increase in defense and domestic stimulate -- spending
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our stimulus is that will add to the debt and deficit. job growth and expansion is good, but we want to underscore that the black unemployment rate is still twice as high as the white rate, and that african american homeownership and homeownership for all americans is at historic lows, lower than it has been in multiple generations. that paycheck, people who are working, they still do not feel like they are getting ahead because wages have been stagnant for many years in america and they have not significantly increased. they are taking up a little bit now and that is good, but it wagesake a long uptick in for people to feel as though they are earnings -- their earnings are giving them a chance to live a dignified life. host: african-american employment came up yesterday at . white house roundtable
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the president talking about it but also darrell scott, and african-american pastor, was at that forum. some of the comments he made about the trump administration and its impact. [video clip] >> this is probably the most proactive community we have had in my lifetime. i am almost 60. i have a good makeup artist. to be honest, this is probably going to be -- i'm going to say this -- the most pro-black president we have had in our lifetime because i try to analyze the people i encounter. this president actually wants to prove something to our community, our faith-based community and ethnic community. the last president feel like -- felt like he did not have to. this president and this administration will probably more proactive regarding prison
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reform than any present in your lifetime -- president in your lifetime. do not pay attention to these guys back here, and i promise you, we will do something -- this administration will continue to make history. it will be a lot of positive change, great things on the horizon. host: marc morial i want to get your response. guest: it sounds like a paid political advertisement to me, it really does. it is a gross exaggeration. it is a gross exaggeration to speak in such exaggerated terms for a president who has been in office only 18 months. we don't have enough time to compare or to talk about the obama administration or even the bush administration or even the clinton administration, in terms of the steps they took to advance urban america. i have been on the scene, i was
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mayor of new orleans during the clinton and bush years. i was president of the urban league during the bush, obama, and trump years. if there was a window of opportunity where the trump administration could make a difference, it is in prison and criminal justice reform. i think there is a determination by many in his administration to put their markdown, but that does not take away from the rollback of civil rights titans is taking place at the justice department or department of education. those rollbacks have a long-term, deleterious effect on the body politic of the nation. nor does it take away from this charged up climate in the it isy of rhetoric and extremely divisive. i do not have enough time here to just go point by point with this particular pastor, but it
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was a great paid political advertisement. host: we are taking your calls , the ceo andial president of the national urban league. republicans, (202) 748-8001 is the number. democrats, (202) 748-8000. independents, (202) 748-8002. this was the 42nd report of the state of black america, focused on the digital revolution. that is the focus of the conference that marc morial is heading up today in columbus, ohio, joining us to take your calls. james is first in hyattsville, maryland, a republican. caller: good morning. , i wondern to you what you might think of an idea with the president's supposed idea about the capital gains and making the inflation adjustment in the stock market.
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i am just thinking that african-americans and minorities are underrepresented in the stock market. foret them into investing the betterment of america, if instead of proposing that tax wealthy or to increase the incentive, how tax returns are under a certain amount, $40,000, $50,000 a year, to have zero capital gains for your investments in the stock market as a way to stimulate interest and get them investing in themselves and in this country? thank you. guest: that is an interesting idea that i have not heard, which is to create a capital gains rate for people whose income is below a certain level. that is an interesting idea.
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i would study that sort of idea and would not dismiss it out of hand. what i have always thought about the capital gains tax, and there was a positive provision in the recent tax bill which created the opportunities on program -- opportunity zone program, which will create capital gains relief for investors who invest in distressed areas. those distressed areas which will be designated could be rural or urban. i have always been open-minded about the idea of creating tax-based incentives for investments of private capital in urban areas. that is the key. how do we redirect private ,apital that will build housing create affordable housing, retail opportunities, support small businesses, into areas that are distressed? your idea is interesting. i am going to take a look at it.
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i think a broad-based cut in the capital gains tax, however, is not necessarily a good thing. there is no suggestion that the money is going to be reinvested back where we need the money to be reinvested in america, and we have also got to watch the deficit. we have to watch the deficit and debt in this country, and make sure that the steps that we take are not unduly burdening that. i want to thank you for the idea , and certainly, we are going to take a look at that thought. host: kevin is a democrat in chicago, good morning. caller: good morning. so very interesting. sector, andnd that what it means for opportunities for african americans. it just so happens that i work for a technology company in
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human resources. we are global in scope. here is the challenge i think that faces african-americans in that sector. low, not because skill sets are low necessarily but because of unconscious bias we know exists. when we do look at our global numbers, since we are a global company, i can't say who, we are looking at other diversity metrics, particularly gender. females and gender because of our global scope. we are also multiethnic since we operate in over 27 countries. that complicates those diversity metrics, but much like affirmative action -- and a lot of white collars do not know this and need to know -- the number one beneficiaries of
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affirmative action are indeed white, females, not black women or men. that needs to be clarified to everyone. one other thing, please do not get off police brutality. there needs to be a laser focus on that, beyond this administration. it is scary for us. cops,n gangs, crime, and we can't lose sight. we can win the american people over on this. we got to stay on it. those are my comments. host: marc morial? guest: i appreciate his passion on police brutality and misconduct. he is from chicago. chicago is now debating a police consent decree, which i think is the right step to reform the chicago police department and get away from some of the bad history of awful
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unarmed black man being killed by the police. host: history quickly? guest: basically it is an agreement between the department of justice, usually, and i believe it is between the state of illinois and chicago police department. that is an agreement to take certain, very specific and concrete steps towards reforming a police department with the possibility of judicial , andight, penalties sanctions, if the parties do not follow the written agreement. it is an excellent way to get everyone to the table who is willing to work on reform. i would just say on his other question, this challenge of diversity is a multiethnic challenge, but here in the united states we have got to understand that the legacy, if , african-americans and latinos, we found there is an
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incredible reservoir of talented, young african-americans studying computer science and technology like -- at students like howard and i could name anymore, tuskegee university, as well as places like georgia tech, university of maryland. we have got to make sure we are doing everything to lift them up. he talked about unconscious bias. we have to kick unconscious bias in the you know what and end it in america. host: eric is here in washington, d.c., independent. caller: thank you for giving me the chance to speak about the state of black america. i am an african-american myself. my comment is if we really need to change our community, we need to be honest with us first. first of all, black on black crime, i always hear about
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police brutality but if i take baltimore, if i take chicago, citiesrican-american where african-americans are the majority, we have our own people killing our own brothers. i do not see the outrage. the outrage is only there when it is a white man killing a black man. also, a lot of my fellow ged,ers do not even have a high school diploma. it is as if we do not really understand that education is the key. the only time i hear about my black brother is when they play basketball or saying. -- sing. we need to understand that we need to educate our own. how many african-americans are born to a single home parent? we need to go back to our values. we need to start a change with
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our self first and then we can continue. host: marc morial? guest: i wonder if the caller has heard of freemen rebel ski, the president -- freemen ruboq ski? this conflation between black on black crime and police brutality is based on an illogical comparison. we know, and there is a tremendous amount of outrage and pain in the african-american community when it comes to black on black crime. if you are part of the african-american community, you would see it in community organizations, churches, grassroots organizations. that does not get seen by the mainstream of america because it does not get the media attention. second to that, we know with black on black crime that when in fact soone is caught, they are going to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
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the issue with police brutality is lack of accountability. the officers can engage in illegal acts, they can engage in killings of unarmed black man and suffer no sanctions. it is an accountability issue that raises the ire and concern. if there was accountability, then these issues would not raise the kind of protests and the ire that one speaks. i have to push back on this false stereotype, this false stereotype that every african-american doesn't have an education, every african-american is born of an unwed mother, and try to create a pejorative image of black america. that is not true. we have an incredible, the highest high school graduation rates in black america in american history. that happened under the bomb. .- president obama
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we have one of the highest college matriculation rates among young african-americans than ever before. it is a myth there are more african-americans in jail than in college, african-american men in jail than colleges. that is a myth and it is not true. i have to address some of the caller's points are based on stereotypes and myths that simply do not hold up to the facts. since we work in this space and look at these numbers, and our organization is immersed in the community, i always appreciate the chance to speak to c-span's viewers who want to be open-minded, to clear up and clarify, are there issues in every community? the number of children born to unwed mothers is up among all races, not just african-americans. we have got to understand that the broader societal challenges we face in a country, but
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whether a child is born of a single mother or two families, the issue is, will we provide the support and love and caring for them to become the type of person, the type of adult we want them to be? that is what the urban league works on. host: we mentioned that criminal justice roundtable at the white house yesterday. were you invited to join that? guest: i don't believe i was invited to be a part of that. --i was -- i doubt if i was i could not have been there anyway. jared kushner, the president's son-in-law and a number of other the ideave lifted up of criminal justice reform and prison reform within the administration. i have had a number of conversations with him. we worked together with congressman hakeem jeffries and
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in november -- a number of republican members of the house to pass the first step act, a prison reform bill which is just a piece of criminal justice reform. we need broader reforms, sentencing reforms, bail reforms. we need more support for the public defender system in america. the first step act is something we have worked with, and we have also worked with them on the concept of expanding the commitment to reentry. notwithstanding the fact that i have got a deep disagreement with many of the administration's policies, i am never going to have a closed door to finding ways, means, methods, to benefit our community. it could very well be that there is some opportunities because there is a democratic, , leftican, independent
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right momentum to do something significant around criminal justice reform, if we can get the politics straight. the ideas are there. the will outside the political spectrum is there. when we get the politics straight, there is a chance to do something significant in that area, and there are allies within the administration, and certainly a tremendous coalition of people outside who run the ge political spectrum. we are looking forward to that continuing. host: we have time for maybe one or two more phone calls before you start your day in columbus. david has been waiting in chicago, a democrat. good morning. caller: good morning. i'm sure you are concerned about african-american tech hiring. i'm not sure if you are aware of this, but in silicon valley there are very eager just jim crow hiring practices. for instance, they are using
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workers to report to the government, and this is illegal. you only have 2% hiring of african-americans in silicon valley, which has been going on for a long time. and then to help make the 14th amendment means something, what about representative yoder's quota in that amendment basically rubberstamping the legal test the legal executive order by president obama? just look at those two things. start enforcing the law for a oc reporting. eocs best for -- for reporting. it is out of control. guest: excellent points.
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we are certainly going to take a look into those items. thanks for bringing them to our attention. host: last call from james and pensacola, florida, a republican. caller: how are you doing, sir? pensacola is not too far from my hometown. caller: it is kind of rainy right now i'm cloudy. i have a question. i think the whole russia investigation is overblown. to tell you the truth, i'm an african-american trump supporter under 35. i know what goes on in cities like new orleans, baltimore, where the crime rate is outrageous. nothing is really done about it. witha had nothing to do the election. i think it was democratic failed policies that put trump in office. if you look at everything since
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the clinton administration, it hasn't been good for the african-american community. the african-american community has to take -- will look at itself for change. the wholennot change destiny for a group of people. change has to start within, sir. that's all i'm saying. i know you work for the urban league, and i appreciate what you do, sir. if peoplekind of like are not getting along in the community, there will never be any peace. i think it is the mass media and propaganda that spread it out to the masses of the black community that promote ignorance. host: that's james in florida. guest: let me just quickly respond.
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i think that there is ample, overwhelming evidence that's been reported from our own intelligence community that russia engaged in a pattern and practice of activities to try to interfere in our american election. we also know from revelations made just yesterday that foreign actors are seeking to impact the 2018 election cycle. i am not in a position to disagree with them. how can i disagree or watch it i disagree with these preliminary findings? i also think that people need to understand that the mueller investigation needs to be allowed to run its course. there's no basis to shut down an investigation in the middle of callsrticularly if the come from people who may be the subjects or targets were people of interest. we need to let it run its course and judges result aced on what the results are.
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mr. manafort is on trial in northern virginia. whether his actions had anything to do with the trump campaign, what we do know is that he had close ties with russia and powerful people in russia related to his work in ukraine. we need to let this investigation run its course like any other normal investigation. is that,been notable notwithstanding all of the attacks and opinionated, mueller has taken a highly professional approach by not publicly commenting, not calling press conferences, not standing on a podium to sort of talk about the investigation and where he is. we should allow it to run its course. i believe our intelligence agencies and the reports i've seen that there has been an appearance. today people who may be supporters of donald trump may say i don't think there's any russian. tomorrow another foreign power
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to try to help somebody else or some candidate you don't necessarily support. that's what we've got to understand. at the bottom line, we got to cut this off, this idea that russia or any other nation can participate in interfering and seek to manipulate american public opinion around democracy. they don't have democracy in the country like we have. we've got a protectorate. we've got to -- we got to protect it. we've got to treasure it. we have got to preserve it for our children and our children's children. host: announcer: at 2:00 p.m., we will be live from the national conservative student conference. ben shapiro addresses the group. and net rootsual
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nation conference and we will hear from cory booker, as well as tom stier. it starts at 6:00 p.m. eastern and you can watch it live here on c-span. ivanka jump discussed workforce issues and her work for her father in the white house. you can see her conversation tonight at 9:15 p.m. eastern on c-span. of the consumer product safety commission with the acting chair of that agency, ann marie buerkle. what is the mission of the cpsc, and what you try to account wish? guest: thank you for having me this morning. our agency is often described as a small agency with a large mission. we have a statute we enforce that was enacted in 1972 and moderned


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