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tv   National Conservative Student Conference - Andrew Klavan  CSPAN  August 3, 2018 4:12am-5:11am EDT

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thank you all so very, very much. good luck to you. [applause] >> i hope you recognize there's a squabble going on in the aily wire. that those young whipper snappers, they're just not working hard enough. [applause]
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>> my very first speech was in a conference just like this one it was a complete disaster. yet, you have to realize i spent my life as a novelist and screen writer. a job is to sit it was a comple yet, you have to realize in a r make stuff up. kids kissed the wife and good-bye, to a tiny office. became a ware ware wolf tom. but i did well at it and i finally started making my books into movies and went to hollywood. that's the same job. but after 9/11 happened the movie industry started to churn
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out these anti-war movies depicting our soldiers as rapists, killers, victims, manipulating their patriotism. not right. i were in the field. you not right. i don't care what your opinion is about the war but hollywood had never made anti-war films know? while our guys you don't make propaganda for the enemy while our guys are being shot at. so i started to write about that and i lost all my friends in hollywood but i started to make new conservative friends. finally, the earned who runs the reagan ranch asked me to give a speech like this one. i said sure. remember, identify been in a room thinking i have ware woves and i said what is young -- what do young college students want to hear about? i was a college student. i studied the culture. i studied i studied it deeply
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wrote this intricate speech about how the culture convinces the idea of the individual why that matters to conservatives and how that underlies our principles. so i arrive at this and there are all these practiced conservative speakers delivering, the muslims are coming, they're know? you don't make going to kill us. the mexicans are going to kill us. the homosexuals. homosexuals mexicans. and i got up and gave this speech about the idea of the individual in western culture. i'm five minutes into what's going to be a 30 minute speech and i look out and i'm dying to death. these young people have their phones out playing mine craft. hey're hooking up. you know, they're conservatives. they don't have sex, they're having sex because they're so bored with my speech. the sweat going down my
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back. anyway i finished and i got the light applause and stumbled off the stage. about five the sweat going down hand, age and embrace my that was the hand, that was the most wonderful speech we've ever heard. i said they hated me. you know? and they said well they're conservatives, they're all usiness majors and engineers and poly-sci majors. who are you? english majors. so i went home, i was so upset i called my pal and ru breitbart. and i said what a day i just tried to talk to conservatives about the culture. there was this gust of laughter over the phone. so for the next several years i went around to conservative groups giving speeches about how we ought to care about the culture and how the culture
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works and what it does and why ought to have think tanks that think about that think about tvs and movies and books and we ought to give awards and build -- because the thing about the culture, you know, is while conservatives are worried, everything is an emergency. if we don't win the 159th congressional district in missouri, the constitution is gone! you know? but the thing about the culture is it's a slow wave and it eats away the world you know and it comes in and sweeps under your feet. you know stood on the beach and the sand gets eaton out from under you that's how the culture work. how else do you explain the fact that we live in the greatest, wealthiest, strongest nation that has ever existed on earth and twice we elected a guy who promised to fundamentally transform it. i'm going to transform this country. yea! we're too free, too strong, too happy. stop us.
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that's the culture. you know? convincing ulture them this is an oppressive place, ab evil place. and trump, too. trump is not a political phenomenon. he's an answer convincing to the culture that has hated the central values of this country for 50 years. people say, oh, to the culture that has hated the central values of this country for 50 years. people say, oh, they eelectriced trump because they're angry. in 50 years every movie, every tv show has been telling them that their country is to the ga the culture is garbage. look at me, i'm jim mccosta, was he cannled at the meeting. he said i don't feel like an american. yes you do, pal that's what it feels to be an american. but i used to tell my wife that giving speeches to conservatives like this was when i talk to my wife and tell her if you buy something on sale it still costs money.
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she looks and me and says man you're adorable and i love you but i have no idea what you're talking about. so eventually i gave up. stopped giving that speech. at first i had thought that we weren't in the culture just because we were black listed. it was kind of like black baseball managers. they've been kement out so long that when you opened the door no one was in. and it took a while before they came in. and i thought no. think about it. conservatives believe in facts. facts don't care about your feelings. they're always pointing to the facts. whereas the left seriously believes there is no such thing as a moral reality. it's just the narrative. it's just the fiction. there's a book out now called -- bill gates ch
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loves this book. what he says about human beings is they create fictions. they create these crazy stories like god. there's a god. carpenter. ose from the dead. money is a fiction. discountries are a fiction. it's useful but not true. now, this theory is complete garbage but i'm not going to talk about that. my only point is if you have one side that believes in facts, and the other side that . e truth is fiction it matters more to them that it matters to us. you can see it with paul ryan in his doomed attempt to reform entitlements. i'm a big paul ryan fan. i think he got burned by the right and people who thought he wasn't conservative enough because he didn't talk harshly. but he had the guts to try to
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reform entitlements. his basic points is when you started social security, kicked until 5 and people lived they were 63. so you could afford social security because most people weren't getting it and there were a lot more workers supporting it. he said we should move up social security, i don't remember 68 and he had his charts. classic conservetiveism. so they made a video of paul ryan pushing a wheel chair off the cliff. who do you think is going to win? that's how you create culture. i laugh at that because the whole point of that is a 65-year-old woman is taking tennis lessons, taking kick boxing. and if paul tryian tried to push her off a cliff she would kill him. but i gave up because i looked around and here's what i saw and i see it now.
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he complained about hollywood but we don't go to hollywood. now we're complaining about twitter. conservatives being shadow band ed on twitter. i get banned on you tube. my videos they won't let them commercials. they pick on me anywhere else at the daily wire. i'm a culture maker. i know how to tell stories. they put up saying no sponsors right away every single day. so we complained about it but we didn't build yeah tube. so that meebs that you guys are living in a world where the culture belongs to the left and are going to continue to be doing that for quite some time. ok? so what i want to talk about is what that means to you personally. what is that going to be like to you personally? then i'm going to give you some advice as an older guy. which i promise you will be the worst advice you have ever gotten in your entire life.
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i will give you advice that will ruin your life. but it's worth it. the thing about the culture, what culture does over time is it creates what the left has deemed called the narrative. and the narrative is that cloud of knowing that surrounds you that you don't even know is there. it's the ideas that you breathe in and hold fast and you believe that they descended directly from god and you don't really know where they come from. the best example of culture i have is i love to tell briefly the story of george washington, because here's a classic example of how the narrative works. george washington was the greatest hero of liberty who ever lived except maybe jesus. ok? george washington at the end of the revolutionary war was worshipped by the entire country. he had an army at his back that marched through hell
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for him. that had marched through hell for him. if he wented wanted to be king of america he could have been king. think what that meant. king of a continent that had never existed before, about to become the next great country, the first king of that country. instead, he was a man of such virtue he traveled to annapolis, maryland and handed his sword over to the civilian authorities and went home. if you walk -- i believe there's a mural in the rotunda and there should be. just because of his virtue and belief in liberty he took the ideas of the geniuses around him and he gave them what local eer would call a has beentation and heroism that history does not local ther example like has beentation and name. he gave liberty a realistic being in the united states of
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america. that. an act of virtue and george washington could not understand why his slaves didn't work harder. george washington could not understand why his slaves didn't work harder. ok? he was blind to this. i have a quote from the great biography from him. he suffered great biography from him. he suffered from conceptual blind spot. he regarded it as a fair economic exchange. in return that's what a narrative does to you. washington because he was washington by the end of his life he broke through it, he ts only one of the slave holding founders who let his slaves go. but think of the power of narrative to take a man like that and render him blind to a
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central injustice of his time. so how is that happening to you? let me give you some examples and then talk about what they have in common. i hope i will have a chance to offend each and every one of you. i think abortion is the most obvious one. i know a lot of you are conservatives and oppose abortion. but 3,000 babies in america are being killed every day and i don't think any one of us really feels the urgency of that. what's most particularly urgent is many of the women having these abortions are decent, good, moral people who, like washington, are swept away in a narrative about that child. and they don't feel it. and i'll be honest, neither do i. i do not feel the crisis at the level we should feel our crisis. that is because of the
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narrative. drown out the sounds of people watching c-span whose heads just exploded. i'm an individualist. i believe everybody should do what they want. but i never pay attention to what feminists say about men. what they do te to women. i've seen so many women -- so many women -- live out dreams that they were told they were supposed to dream and not about the dreams that were really in their hearts. i think that's a tragedy. i think that is a terrible thing to do to you. and that's a narrative that is
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obviously taken over the country. atesdzism is another one. this affects a lot of smart young men who are just absolutely certain that the logic of science and the discoveries of science have disproved the existence of god. this is untrue, by the way, and it's so apparent that almost everything you believe and everything you think and every live your life requires there to be a god, that it's obvious. but the narrative is so powerful that they just live yo absolutely certain that if you're smart you're sam harris, you're steven thinker, and they deprive themselves of the joy and wisdom and guidance of knowing their creater. and the other one, the big one i guess is victimhood and it kills me. it kills me to see especially i guess it kills me to see a
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young black man who is strong, healthy, intelligent, abled worrying about microaggression, worrying about the fact that people tense up when he walks into an elevater. if you're a man and worried about microaggression, you have allowed someone to take your manhood away. -- [applause] a microaggression is something a man steps on on -- [applause] his way to doing what he has to do and he doesn't even notice it happens. ok? now, let me point out what all of these things have in common. what all of you have in common s the opposing voice, is silence. abortion. if you're in a room with a woman, an aborsist an unborn baby there is only one person who doesn't have a voice. there's only one person who has
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no choice about what's going to happen. a woman can go on tv and say i was raped and i got pregnant or i can't afford to have this child. this child is damaged in some way. man, that's a sad story and you will not hear me say otherwise. that is a tragic story that moves my heart. but the child, the baby cannot go on tv and said, i would have cured cancer. i would have written beautiful news. i would have had four children of my own. a child can't do that because you don't hear that story. so it doesn't have the urgency of the tragic mother's story ho has an urgency as wl. fenenism also baked into the ystem the women who have the voices are not going to be the women who promote family life, motherhood, home life. when you see a news -- fox news, it doesn't matter where, a voices are not going to
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be the women who promote family life, motherhood mother had a b weeks later weighing 112 pounds. she's not going to be saying the best thing for a child is to have its mother at home. at home other who is is not going to have time to tell you that. so you're not going to hear that life elevated, people talking about the power that women have. when they say the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world, i'm not kidding. home makers are the most mpowered women on earth. and of course atesdzism is also built into the system. christianity is in fact anti-thetcal to the world. it opposes the world. how can you appeal to the culture? it's easy. just stop preaching. you will appeal to the world
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like that. i live in hollywood and really in west hollywood which is virtually a gay ghetto in one it. of it is. and this is nothing against gay people. really. but when you go to the churches on gay pride week or month or year, but the churches are deck rated with rain bow flags. and one had affirmation in front of it. i just thought, again, not against gays but one should have in rainbow letters pride it's still one of the deadly ins. so the christian voice is never going to be -- what christians have to do is tell the truth worldcom to them.
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they can't really go out to the world except to speak their piece. and victimhood they have just created this beautiful system where you're not -- if you're not one of the victim class you can't speak into the question. the i'm a white guy so i can't speak to women or blacks. they silence everybody. they go out of their way to do it. they really work hard to silence anybody who speaks up against the victo crath system and society. this brings me to my bad advice. my bad advice to you is tell the truth. if you're not going to build you tube or twitter, make movies or tv shows, then each one of you is holding a little piece of the culture in his hand every time he tells the truth. the reason this is a bad idea is it's going to cost you. it is going to cost you. it's going to cost you in social media. they're going to beat the hell out of you. it's going to cost you in cleng.
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this is the biggest question i get is what do i do with the leftist college professor? what they really mean is how do i answer my leftist college professor without paying a price? the answer is you can't. you've got to pay the price. they go out of their way to destroy the lives and reputations of people who speak. if you don't think the right -- if you don't think the left is stroying the oo lives and reputations of everyone who opposes this consider this dan rather, destroyed his career and his reputation and in my opinion his honor by getting forged documents to prove that george w. bush had committed some minor piece of infraction when he was in the national guard in 1973. that's what he spent his honor on. that's all. it's like mitt romney. this is the power of donald trump.
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you can't assassinate the man's character when his stroying the has already committed suicide. trump has lived a life that i don't think we can approve of. he's bragged about commiting adultry. but that gives him this strength because they attack your character when you speak. of course, the biggest power they have and how they've anaged to do this is race. i know strong outspoken conservatives who quail and turn white at the idea of being called racist. my pal, citizens united he had to apologize because he was arguing with a black congressmen tater and said, you're out of your cotton icking mind.
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and you're not allowed to do that. you can't treat him like an equal. you have to treat him like a fragile victim or you're not a true american. so he had to apologize. dave would do many things. but here's the thing you have to remember. ideas are not a race. if you believe that ala wants you to kill the infidels you're nuts. ok? i don't care what color you are. and if somebody kills the infidel on that philosophy and you u.s. him, you're an accomplice. and everyone who supports him is an accomplice and deserves to be attacked for their ideas. and i should say this. i do want to say this. i don't know if you listen to my show you've heard me say this before. people -- men and women are made in the image of god.
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i always love when people say what you believe. rnie sanders always does this. this. [applause] i believe that everyone deserves free health care. who gives a rat's ass? i happened i happened to believe i can fly. you know? [applause] i don't believe we were made in he image of god. i know we were i know we were made in the image of god. all reason proclaims it. if you hate a man because of color of his skin you are spitting in the image of god. it's a free country knock yourself out just don't sit too close to me. but ideas are not a race.
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ideas are not a race and actions are not a race. you know, i've worked my life in the arts. i've been friends personally and politically with gay people all my life. 1970 m talking about in when it cost you personally and professionally. homosexual whether acts are immoral are not is not an act of hatred. that is what we're here to do, debate whether ideas and actions are immoral. that's our whole point and purpose. and culture is not a race. ok? if you're a black guy in a culture where you knock a woman up and leave her alone to take care of that baby you are a knuckle head and can't hide behind the color of your skin. well that's my culture. you know? the culture's wrong. nobody ever said -- in the south they keep slaves, that's their culture. you know?
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the culture is wrong. you've got to change the culture. criticizing actions, criticizing ideas, criticizing culture is not racism and they will use that term racism to shut you up. i'm going to stop so i can talk to you but i want to reiterate this again. we're not good at culture apparently. we have some of the greatest writers alive at this moment are conservatives. we have great -- tom wolf just died unfortunately. but still. we have great culture makers. but we are black listed and there's something inherent in the conservative philosophy that keeps us from making culture. so if you're going to live in a leftist culture you owe it to crours and your country to tell the truth. and that means to pay the price. you know, i made a lot and you're not allowed to do of
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in hollywood. i don't make a lot of money in hollywood any more. i have not lost a minute's sleep about it. i haven't lost a minute's sleep about it. my wife's never said you're not making as much money any more. why? because the left has built with their power, with their academies and news organizations and hollywood, they have built an empire of lies and the only way to live lies is to tell the truth and pay the price. jesus said the truth will set you free. but i'm going to tell you also that only the truth will keep you free. and that's to tell the truth and pay the price. my charge to you and ill that is what you're going to have to do. thank you very much. cheers and applause]
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i know that was just for my bernie sanders imtation. >> we are young people and as young people we're very sexually driven. but on the other hand a lot of us like to think of ourselves as social conservatives. however, in culture marriage is in decline. how can we as young conservatives, one, succeed in our marriages? and two, wrap the culture back owards marriage and sexual conservityism? >> i'm actually a good person to ask about this.
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i've been married -- i've been years. wife for 40 [applause] but my marriage is a miracle. i mean, i'm not kidding around. my marriage is not like other eople's marriages. my wife and i had one argument. we disagree all the time but we had one fight 30 years ago, lasted five minutes. and i'm still chasing that woman around the room. a little more slowly but i'm crazy about her. people ask me what the sook rhett to a marriage like that and i'm telling them you've got to marry my wife. that's part of it. and that is part of it. you are a walking advertisement. i live in a town in hollywood where people are sleeping with each other right and left. they envy you. they come over to my house and say how do i get that? they do. so you are a living
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advertisement for what you do. and you can't do it by preaching to my charge to you a that is what you're going to have people. you certainly can't do it by throwing stones at people. you've got to live that life and make sure it is a joy to behold. you've got to make sure it's a joy to behold. one of the ways you should do this is talk to each other about what a marriage really is us se feminists have told these lies. i got a letter from a guy who said i believe my marriage is a partnership and now i'm yelling at my wife. yeah, because your marriage is not a partnership. partnering in 's marriage but a marriage is two people becoming one flesh. that's a very, very tough thing to negotiate. and i will just tell you this. that by the old time that by the
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time they catch me i'll be dead. i will just tell you that every happy marriage i've ever seen a leadership role. and a leadership role does not mean you're telling people what to do and you're a tyrant and you're bullying people and lording it over people. a leader is somebody who works for the good of the people he leads, somebody who knows that the responsibility for the good of the people in his sphere is on his shoulders. sometimes -- listen, my whole thing in life is i want my wife to be happy every single day and my wife has live it had life she wanted. and i have something to do with that, ok. but there are times i made made her made her unhappy. so you've got to talk about that before you go into a marriage because you do not want to go in on feminists terms and then find out not liking what it's about, because then you're going to be unhappy. so dedicate yourself to the happiness of your marriage and that will be an advertisement. you will not have to preach it, you will live it and that will preach it for you.
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[applause] >> along similar lines, it's kind of hard to convince the other side that you're right if there's hypocracy. i've noticed young the young conservative movement that students will proclaim socially conservative values but not practice them. so how can we kind of win the battle leadership role. and a leadership role does not mean you're telling people what to do and you're a tyrant and w our side but our side is not on our side. >> that is such a great side. my pal wrote this wonderful piece talking about the archbishop -- the cardinal who was tossed out for molesting young men. he said, individual corruption is what saps good ideas of their validity. when communists come into a country the whole point of communists is they're fanatics so they're less corrupt than we capitalists are in power and that's how they win adherence.
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here's a guy who is not corrupt and they follow the communist into hell. so you're absolutely right that you've got to live the way -- what you believe. so all i would say about this -- i'm not here to tell you how to live your life. i really do not care how people live their lives. i've made a lot of mistakes that made me who i am that i don't radio gret. and you're going to do that. but no -- make sure your ideas make sense. make sure your ideas make sense. if you are living in a certain way and it doesn't jibe with your ideas, either change your ideas or change the way you live. that's what i would say to those people. because it's the hypocracy and the corruption that destroys your point of view. it's hypocracy and corruption that makes you a bad advertisement for the good. you can say to people, no, i'm not that culturally conservative. this is what i believe and why. but if you can't say that don't do it. if you can't explain it don't
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do it. that's what i say. live out the meaning of your creed. [applause] >> i go to baylor university. my question is similar to the first question but it relates to the libral powerful industry many tearing down conservative values among men's sexuality and also tearing down the porn end stri. how do we as conservatives come up with a way to show that the porn industry is of the liberals' making? and how do we fight it the best? >> i'm not sure that's quite fair. the porn industry has been with us -- go to ancient rome. us forever.with
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i don't want to tag the liberals. what the liberals have done is torn down every sexual more that we have. and i saw it happen. the world that they created is a mess. tear down tear down people's sexual morality? the same reason -- i never call liberals liberals. i always call them them leftist. the only reason is they're not liberal about anything but sex and drugs. why? because sex and drugs make you a slave. when you are promiscuous, when you use drugs ultimately you're going to crawl to the government and say help me i have aides. help me i have children i can't support. help me i'm addicted. that's why they love that stuff. again, you have to live out the meaning of your creed. you have to live the things that you believe in and show that it gives you joy. it's not about condemning the other guy. it's about celebrating what you do. condemning the other guy never works but celebration is a great draw. [applause] >> this statement i get all the arguing about culture arguing
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with people from the left. if we would only get rid of racist mizz only nistic institutions we would have equal representation among women in congress or ceos or within any other field. so how would you go about us answering that? >> what's their evidence? it's never happened so what's their evidence? nothing is like that in life. there's nothing in life where people are equal, where things gather a qually. nothing is like that. things have disparities. more tornadoes in america like 90% are in america. how did that happen? if we were just more fair to tornadoes they would just spread out everywhere. so it's a false idea. i sometimes think that the left is so afraid that they don't blame things on racism they're going to have to blame them on race. i think underlying their fear is racism. they think that blacks
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underperform in this country -- it's got to be because of racism or their race is actually infearier. it's neither. it's a culture that promotes getting an not education, not marying the woman who has your children. that's what keeping people down. and it keeps people down in white hill billy culture, too. so that's what i would point to. i would take race out of the equation. i would refuse to even argue with people about race. look at the behaviors. that is what -- your behaviors cause outcomes. and that's the truth of it and that's what's going on. >> thank you. [applause] >> i go to florida state university. a couple weeks ago, we had a campus moved from because it was thomas jefferson's grandson who helped establish our university, because he owned slaves is why
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the statue was removed. so i just was wondering how we stand up against that while not being portrayed as supporting that person because they owned slaves. >> i like to tell that one day -- and it's going to be in your lifetime. one day everybody who had abortion is going to have their statue attorney down. there's not going to be any nancy pelosi statues in america because when people -- [applause] when people see the science, when the science becomes irrefutureable all those people who said go ahead and kill your kid, they're going to look like what they are but that's not fair either because we live in the narrative we live in and you have to respect that about people. we have to say look -- in ancient egypt they had everything they needed to make
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a light bulb. were they stupid? o. e learn over time. and to disrespect our ancestors because they made mistakes in their time because they lived in the narrative of their time is incredibly cruel and unforgiveing. it's going to block back on you. so you and to disrespect our ancestors because they made mistakes in their time because they respect in their day. you don't have to respect what they did. you respect them in their day because you want yourself to be respected 30 years down the line when it turns out you were doing something wrong as well. >> thank you. >> sure. [applause] >> something you said a week ago is jefferson's words in the declaration where he said we hold these truths to be self-evident. can you expand an what exactly they meant? if they were seft evident they would have existed. also how can that be used as an
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example of how there is maybe a god or an external objective moral standard that we need to compare the past to the present, that these things are self-evident? >> i don't think that self-evident means obvious. i think it means axe yo matic. axeion means it can't be proved but everything else depends on it being true. in math one eion plus one equals two. if they were obvious they would have been discovered long before. you have to think, fight, argue, die to bring ideas to birth. and once they come to birth that's self-evident. there's no way to prove that but we know it to be true because everything else depends upon it. that's what i think he means by self-evident. yes so much of what we find self-evident is dependent on there being a god. the fact that we have values,
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that when things have meaning, if i strangle a child that's not just one piece of meat something to another piece of meat that's evil. we know it's evil. everything you do has meaning. the very fact that we can understand a parable something there's a god. you know it has a meaning, it has a spiritual mean. where did that come from? the very fact that you know you're you and i know i'm me over time. athiests tely the have to make the argument and they do make the argument that you and they are an illusion. and i love that because i love a guy telling me athiests have to make the argument and he doesn't exist but i should listen to him. i hope he's picking up the drink. you know? they have to make the argument that you and every individual is an illusion. and that's an absurdity. [applause] he doesn't
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exist but >> i've got a bit of a random question. on a recent episode of the conversation you mentioned that you enjoyed playing video games in the past. -- do deo games does the enjoy? >> i've always wanted to write a movie based on video games. i remember walking into a dormitory and seeing pong. and where i felt like my life is over! when space invaders came out i was a newspaper man i played space invaders so much i got a bump on my wrist. i went to the doctor, have you boon making any repeated pressing motions? unfortunately because they've gotten so sophisticated i can't
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play the first person ones, i really like the third person shooters flt so basically i love the new god of war. anything like that. i also love all puzzle games. i'm a puzzle fanatics. there was one called inside or outside. i can't rerl. inside. i love that. so those are the ones i look for. [applause] now it's absolutely clear that the left has done with safe legal and rare if it doesn't exist under the left any more. what is the pro life movement's most effective response to persuading more people to join the movement after the left has countered? > first, i think science is onw our side. i think science is going to increase and we'll see what's there. but i think more people should be talking about what i've been
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talking about today about the that the -- that the -- i made speech to liberals once and they challenged me on abortion. i said i'm always for the smallest guy if the room. how does a liberal fight against that? but the important thing is to tell that kids' story. every time a republican says he's against abortion and somebody says what about in the case of rape or incest? but they never say well do you believe in abortion if the child is a girl? because the kid has red hair instead of black hair because it's going to be cap corn instead of sadge tear yuss? our side. i think so the thing is you should for the child because that voice is silent. and you've got to be that voice. you know, it's not about condemning. it's about bringing that other narrative to life. h >> one of ronald reagan's best
4:58 am
tools was the ability to disarm opponents both with humor and stories about his opponents politically. why don't conservatives -- why haven't we used this more in the 25, 30 years since? >> conserveism is anti-thetcal to government. if somebody's in government he's probably not going to be a natural conservative. conservatives are saying you should have less power. a person in government is somebody who wants power. so they don't use reagan's tools because they don't reagan's agenda. and that is kind of a wonderful thing about donald trump is they keep calling him a nazi. he's made the executive branch less powerful. he keeps pleading with the legislative branch to make law and chuck schumer's waving his pen around saying you make law. you're the executive. so they don't do it because they don't believe it. this is one of the things. the bushes were wonderful people. but when george bush row placed
4:59 am
took over from ronald reagan he said it's going to be a kinder gentler resolution. orge bush said i'm a compassionate conservative. why are they apologizing? they don't use reagan's tools because they don't have reagan's certainty of philosophy. he knew he was standing up for great ideas, for the one great political truth that has come out of history. it was easy for him to be relaxed. plus, he was an act sor that helped, too. >> i was wondering what your vision of the future of the pro life movement is and what cultural changes need to take place in order for abortion to be ended in our time. >> i do think it's important that row v. way be overturned if for no other rans than to
5:00 am
start the conversation again. you know, the "new york times" keeps saying if row v. wade is overturned you're going to be carted off. no. decisions will be made in the states. that's where those decisions are supposed to be made. then you get to have the argument again. again, i really am hopeful about this. it's going to go one way or the other. either abortion is going to go the way of slavery as it should or we're going to be living in a post human world and it's not going to be fun. good luck because i'll be gone. but i'm very optimistic. i think science is on our side and i think our voices -- we've learned how to talk to people. when it started out people were so angry and they were raving, pounding on their bibles. that doesn't help. you have to make the argument, you have to win it slow by slow. but i do believe that we're going to win this because i yust believe the facts are on our side. [applause]
5:01 am
>> you mentioned a lot about abortion and hopefully overturning it. what do you feel are the odds of brett cavanaugh getting into the supreme court based on resistance from the left? there definitely still is hope. >> i think he'll get in. i think he's a washington guy. he knows how to do what he's doing. there's nothing they can pull against him that is going to destroy him. and we've got the votes to do it. and i think he will get in. i think the left has already overplayed their hand. they're calling him evil. they're saying oppression. people know this already. the good thing is they shoot their wad on this, the next replacement is ruth baber ginsberg who i think is now what 157 years old.
5:02 am
you know. nobody's going to believe them. they keep putting out pictures ruth bader ginsburg doing a how strong she is. i want to know how -- when was the last time she moved. it could just be rigger. but i think kavanaugh will get in. i think having shot their wad it's going to make it harder for them to fight the next appointment who could actually replace a liberal which would be great. you could wait and shap iro would give you the bad vrgs of the future. i give you the good version. >> good morning. hank you for being here. what is the key to making a conservative movie studio that doesn't have to rely on religious or political movies in the how strong she is. i want to know how -- when futu? >> see, the thing is, art is not made by politicians. it's made by artists. i'm an artist who happens to be
5:03 am
a conservative. that's how you get art. it's not a guy sitting around saying how can i sl our values? but -- but -- if you don't start to put money behind culture, you know, if you put the money behind the culture -- if you build it they will come. if you build a place for conservative artists they will come. there may not be as many of them but they're just looking for a place to go. ok what happened when they built tv. oh, he wants us to be funny about conservatism? knock me out. that's what bright barlt was trying to build. he asked me to be the president of the new think tank he was building in hollywood. he said i just want artists to come together and talk to each other. so i think the money can come from political people but you've got to let artist bs artists. the thing is artists are not going to be straight down the line conservetive.
5:04 am
part of being an artist is criticizing your culture. but they are going to support values that you can get behind. and that does happen. it still happens in hollywood. the only problem is when you see like the dark knight movies, those are deeply conservative movies. it does happen. a i think we need conservative money to allow artists to be artists. it's very hard to do because the minute you start cursing, the minute you have a character use the name of jesus in vain they start to say no. but that's art. art is doing -- the most conservative work of art of my time i think is the sop ranoings. it is filled with violence, nudity. foul language. yet it support cls servetive lues if you watch it closely
5:05 am
and carefully. and it's great. that's the problem we have. that's the problem we have to overcome. we need a billionaire to come ong and say
5:06 am
5:07 am
>> conservative arts don't look like conservative life but they preserve the values. >> thank you so much for coming out and giving a beautiful talk. i think one of the best things about your show is the theme song. joyfully expresses that life is -- so i'm wondering what advice do you have for students who get caught up in the oftentimes depressing world of politics and not get depressed? >> you need to stop. 'm a technical genius.
5:08 am
yeah. you've got to stop. the left has managed to politicize everything. when you politicize what a man is and what a woman is, you know you've pretty much politicized everything. you've got to walk away. you really do. you have to spend some time every day with the people you love, with the arts which are a great sourt source of joy. you just have to stop. because you know what, charles made this point that the thing about politics is it makes -- it's only important because it makes the things that matter possible. that's what politics is supposed to do. it's just supposed to create a framework in which you can do the thing that is matter. politics is not the point. the point is life. and so you've got to live your life even while you're fighting hem.
5:09 am
thank you. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national able satellite corp. 2018] >> senate confirmation hearings for brett kavanaugh to be a supreme court justice is expected in september.
5:10 am
on tuesday at 8:00 p.m. eastern c-span's lark cases. we'll also here on tuesday at 8:00 from los angeles times supreme court reporter discussing kavanaugh's nomination and the abortion issue. >> here is our coverage from the first day of the coverage with democratic candidates, mayors, organizers andon


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