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tv   Washington Journal Open Phones  CSPAN  August 12, 2018 12:07pm-12:28pm EDT

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who do not want that spoken. so it is about who has the power in different digital spaces. >> it is a great point, a great thing to consider. going back to one of my points about technology, that is where whatever we decided here, it gets messed up very quickly because, as you said, what if it is a bot that did it? most of us would say these expressions do not go through the bot. in a world where this would run through artificial intelligence, expressions, the designer, the speaker, the bot with hate speech on behalf of a russian government, domestic actor, hate activist, whatever it might be, we have seen how complicated is questions are today.
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that is my fear with technology now and especially the next five or 10 years. we're already there, and this will be a different panel every two or three years that we do it. moderator: that is a perfect way to end. thank you, panelists, and thank you, audience members, for attending today. [applause] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> as white nationalists gather in washington, d t this week in or a united right really come a counter protest is planned called d.c. united against hate. later, live coverage continues with the united the right rally,
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one year after a similar develop -- similar event in charlottesville. you can see that a five on 30 a.m. eastern askedshington journal" we viewers to comment on recently in their community. here's what some have the same mike, good morning. caller: good morning. unfortunately, race relations, in my opinion, have not gotten better. in fact, they have become a little more blatant. , people feeling more comfortable in blatant racism. i don't know if i would directly tied to trump. it is just the openness now that he may give people to say exactly what they want and not consider that almost every issue we deal with has a racial component to it.
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and that is what we failed to recognize. so, i just think it is a highly unfortunate situation. and candidly, i don't see it getting better. host: mike, do you feel in your town of south carolina, have you -- sincehat since of the election a president trump, have you noticed it locally? caller: i have noticed there is a continuing us/them, open kind of thing. to justmajority wanting ignore the reality that those less fortunate than some of us do suffer out there because of the racial issues. host: appreciate that. let's hear from glenn in florida.
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202-748-8000 for those of you in the eastern time zones. caller: how are you doing? host: fine, thanks. caller: as far as race relations in the country, they have not changed. trump has given a voice to people who have always had those issues within their heart, but it in a can express more hateful way. you look at what they are doing, calling cops on black people just for the fact that they are being black. and what trump does, he actually emboldens the people that are doing those things. and if all of these voters were personcan -- this is a who is been in the open as far as how he dialogues every day. he will not go against them as far as what they do. they do certain things and he
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says nothing. host: we will be talking to a professor and missouri region and a couple of hours. and we will be talking to others about race relations in places that have been impacted about racial violence, flashpoints for racial tensions. we go to st. louis and hear from dennis. good morning. caller: i want to make a very brief comment that has been said over and over again. the words of the president matter. he is the symbolic head of our country. and simply cannot speak to our nobility. he never speaks the language of unity, inclusiveness. it is over and over again. he simply promotes division. heardu know, we have all examples from birther risen with president obama to lebron james, twolemon, calling
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african-american, one athlete and one journalist stupid and returning to the nfl issue deliberately for obvious reasons, just to whip up this space. it just never stops. i don't know where we go with it. i just hope for a peaceful day nbc today. i am worried about what will happen. host: here is a reporting from the washington post and are headline -- trump condemns racism ahead of supremacist rally. the president on saturday afternoon condemning all types of racism. on the first anniversary of the deadly white nationalist rally in charlottesville. remarks wereat the in stark contrast to his comments a year ago when he declared that both sides were to blame for the violence in charlottesville, and followed a week of racial statements this
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past week by the president. president trump insult of the intelligence of nba star lebron james and cnn anchor don lemon, both of whom are black. reignited his crusade against black football players protesting police brutality and told group of business leaders that chinese student studying in the u.s. were fine. we expect to hear more from the president. studentshinese studying in the u.s. were spies. we expect to hear more from the president. he says, the right in charlottesville your ago resulted in sinful step and division. don is -- donna is next. caller: good morning. host: good morning. caller: i have not encountered any type of blatant racism. i had one incident where a white
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man was in your laundry mat that i usually frequent. i happened to pull into a handicapped space just to run my close in. and this man that was very big and so boastful. he was talking to me and a very, very hateful manner for me pulling into that candy cap space -- for me pulling into that handicap space. he said he could call his police officer friends to come out and give me a ticket. i have never experienced anything like that before. i can laugh at it, but it wasn't funny in the moment. host: how recently was this? caller: just last month. this was just last month. and i have never encountered anything like that before. you know, what the previous caller said, this is the president of the united states. and his words do matter. you know?
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i could easily compare him to maybe george wallace and away -- in a way. just blatant disregard for almost anyone. whether it is a woman, black says, ithe things he is like what a bull he does, you know? things that able he says. position, in his mind, he says, i can do this. he is tripping off of the fact that he is president, so he is in a position where he can say these things without any regard to the consequences that will take place because people are listening to him. host: what can the president do personallylly pulpit to help improve race relations? caller: i don't now. once you light that fire, it is very hard to put it out or
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simmer it down. he has already sparked it. array of people taking his words to heart. you would have to literally, you know, grasp those people to actually do make them understand that, ok, you know, this talk is not appropriate. especially young people who are this. it is not appropriate. it is not a good thing, you know? incidents,ing more like with the lebron james' thing. it is absolutely ridiculous and it is very sad. it is a sad thing that a grown man, you know, speaks like that. host: we are asking for your thoughts one year since charlottesville. last year's violence in charlottesville and the death of heather heyer and the two police
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officers killed in a helicopter crash. there were demonstrations yesterday in charlottesville. we will hear more about that in a minute, but here is a reporting from and their headline. clans go hand-in-hand was the chant they showed. they came with torches last year. fisher, they came with badges. joshua kaplan with breitbart writing, march attended by antifa to commemorate last summer's charlottesville positive rally evolved into an ati-police protest before preplanned evening rally to mark the anniversary of a campus confrontation between torch carrying white nationalists and counter protests. unfurled a banner that read "last are they came with torches. this should they came with badges." from wind and -- from connecticut, go ahead.
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caller: good morning. you can see some of this racism reflected in the polling, especially going into the midterms. you have this huge divide with women went to elect the urban voter. i think that plays into the sexist comments. there was a visceral reaction to that. and with like immigration and mexicans. this whole reaction among a certain percentage of the population that, you know, they don't like people of colored -- they don't like people of color, hispanics, asians, african-americans. it is true. populationcertain that is really touched by this. i want to point out. doug jones in alabama, the
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african-american -- [indiscernible] was really -- [indiscernible] host: we have to let you go. you're breaking up a little bit. he did mention the upcoming midterm elections and wanted to point out, one of those races, the race in new york, chris collins, the congressman from supporter in congress for donald trump. chris collins cass plans for a gop district into turmoil. this is the buffalo news. let me read a little bit of this article about the announcement yesterday by chris collins. he says, congressman collins, who faces felony insider-trading charges said his decision not to seek reelection is a tough thing, but a tough thing for republican leaders.
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collins withdrawal from the race on saturday left them with a complex legal effort to remove the lawmaker from the ballot and settle on a replacement candidate from about a dozen possibilities, including the lightning rod buffalo developer and 2010 gop candidate for governor. we go to athens, georgia. good morning. caller: good morning, how are you, sir? host: i am good. how are things in athens when it comes to race relations? caller: honestly, the have not changed. i have three points if you would allow me, bill. first, i love c-span. i love america. i love being a black man in america with the ability to watch c-span and engage in the political sphere. --ondly, the ignorance of the ignorance out there, the lack of intelligence coupled with the volume that social media and mainstream media has
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given to different opinions that people have about people, and it is not the good, decent people who are saying these things. it is the ignorant people, or the people who have no sympathy or empathy for anyone else. and my third point, bill -- i don't think the president is the problem. the president is a reflection of those same individuals i talked about. those ignorant, and compassionate people with that volume behind them where they can put their ideas out there. is aport trump because he behavior that he has displayed is what negroes are doing being loud come across, and unapologetic. anyone upset with his antics are those middle-class people who
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have respectability. who have some semblance of intelligence. and they are following blindly behind this negro in the white house. host: back it up for a second. you say you support president trump. did you vote for him and 2016? -- in 2016? caller: i did not vote for him or hillary actually. i fully supported hillary, but i could not vote for her. but i did not want to step out there and vote permissive to. only because -- i did not want to step out there and vote for mr. trump. only because i saw his behavior what it was leading to. myave lived around negroes entire life so i know how they behave. a lot of people should not be upset with mr. trump because you have been around negroes all of your life and you know negro behavior. upsetople who should be
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with mr. trump, they should be in lockstep -- host: to be clear, you are a black man in athens, georgia, correct? caller: that is correct. i love being black and i love c-span. i am 41 and i understand america is a wonderful place. we have had are issues with the racism and the racial divide all stemming from slavery. but what can i say, bill? you know? we have evolved. we have grown. some of us have devolved and become dysfunctional. that do you think devolution is in city every? -- devolution is in city every? caller: they are going along with what has been presented in front of them. there is always one side, another side, and then the truth. we as thinking people,
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critically-thinking people, have to try and think for ourselves, and decide for ourselves, what is truthful? what is accurate? what is factual? and then make a decision from what we take from the information. we cannot go lockstep behind a false narrative, and then expect something prosperous or proper to develop from that. get: we will continue to your views on across the country, your thoughts on race relations in your community on this one year anniversary of the charlottesville violence. 202-748-8000 for those of you in the eastern and central time zones. 202-748-8001, mountain and specific -- pacific. steve, thank you for waiting. caller: hi, bill. regarding race relations like in my community, they are pretty well normal.
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and it is spans about seven miles outside of york. i want to comment upon the charlottesville and how it was covered by the press. especially what was omitted and has been omitted was the first group that was protesting in the who, group of local people were protesting against the removal of the statue. taking the statue down doesn't matter one way or the other. but there was a group of local citizens who were not affiliated klan.uckland -- with the this group has been omitted in wasnews coverage, and trump referencing two, saying their people on both sides could include those people. many of the people who were counterprotesters has also been
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omitted. regarding the counterprotesters, many of them, excuse me, were anarchists and the hate group, black lives matter. , they were showing many flags. they had a sign up there. the one up there with the raised fist. the communist group. also the group called "answer." , yoursteve, you just view, i think you said the group black lives matter, you called them a hate group. is that what you said? caller: yes, sir. host: why do you say that? caller: i was in new york and they were coming down the street protesting in manhattan, -- --ing how they wanted
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screaming, what do we want? cops. how do we want them? dead. groups.e ignored these the press has ignored the communist elements with the flag being flown down there. host: is it fair to say that more violent or some violent >> we are going to break away from this portion of washington journal. you can watch it online. gather is expected in washington today for the unite the right event. in response a counter protests taking place in the city today including this one.


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