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tv   Unite the Right 2 Rally  CSPAN  August 12, 2018 4:01pm-5:05pm EDT

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conclusions about public policy. these similarities are significant. there are also differences in how each apply these philosophies to the policy issues that are facing our nation. we are here this evening to investigate and to debate these principles from different angles, different viewpoints, and from different frames of reference. points scored, arguments defended, and refuted, and there will be a lively exchange. there will also be a discussion afterwards about who won and who lost. that proposition is, is libertarianism or conservatism the superior political philosophy? this is not all about policy or political glass of the or differences of opinion or who wins or loses.
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as we move across the landscape of public discourse, there is a sense that the lines around civil free speech are hardening. we are going to take you live to lobby at park where an organizer of the unite the right rally is going to start speaking. i organized last year's unite them right rally. i will tell you why i did that. i would like to make a few things clear. i am not doing this to disrespect the memory of people who were hurt or died. my condolences are with the .amily i would like to thank the law enforcement community of the washington dc area for
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andecting my free speech the free-speech rights of all americans. been an imperfect process. the main thing is, i am not aware of being -- anyone being hurt. my second priority was to uphold free speech. it was very dangerous luster for a number of different reasons. people toant to allow use violence to shut down the speech of people they do not like.
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there were a lot of people last year who are scared of this year. whenfelt like last year they express their point of view, they were attacked. and they were prosecuted. refused toent prosecute the other side. the way this is going to work is i am going to speak a little bit -- i'm going to answer questions that the media might have. that i will talk about the civil rights that happened last year that were kept from the american public. topic of speak on the white civil rights and the fact that white people should be allowed to have advocacy for their civil rights like other racial groups.
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some people who are not white will speak about the benefits of tolerance. they're going to talk about a lot of different things. let me tell you about the day i have had. . i had people attacking me. we had a guy who was going to be driving a bus for us. we did not know who he was. we showed up and he was not there. there were a lot of sketchy characters. andent to the train station we were not told by law enforcement that as soon as i arrived, we had to go. i apologize if people got left
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behind. we were supposed to have the train station open from 2:00 to 3:00. a lot of people may have traveled from all over the country and got left behind. i am going to give to speeches. the first is about the civil rights abuse that happened last year in charlottesville. maybe even some people who were not even thinking about speaking. we have had to fill in gaps. some of our speakers how their tires slashed on the way and. we had people who are going to speak -- a guy from south africa who was going to speak about the rape and mutilation of the white farmers in south africa. friends in the alt right told him not to come. a lot of these people who are tough guys, one of be nazis said
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do not go. you will be hurt if you go. zis, i am, tough guy na standing here will you are in your mommy's basement. what happened last year in charlottesville was i organized a unite the right event. the purpose was to say that white people deserve to be able to stand up for their rights. like other people are able to do. the tearing down of the robert e lee statue was symbolic of a replacement that is going on in the u.s. where white people are being jilted for slavery --guilted for slavery and war. every racial group on the planet has engaged in it. teardown robert e. lee. they are not seeing to tear down
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the great wall of china, bill with slave labor. they are not saying to tear down the mayan and aztec pyramids, with slave labor. it is only white people. it is only our countries which have to be flooded with too many people to the point where the host populations do not exist anymore i am not a white nationalists. i never claimed to be. i'm ok with sharing this country with people from around the world but if you bring into many people at once, it is not the a lot of white people agree. if you like the country they are waking up and is very different from the one they woke up in in the 1960, 1970, 1980. therefore, the face of white advocacy is different than it was in the past.
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a lot of folks are deliberately misconstruing white identity politics today as a something that endorses the kkk or neo-nazis. there are a lot of people in the alt right who are encouraging that by trying to be these cartoon neo-nazis and deliberately stupid and hateful. right for waking me up to the fact that my people have a voice. a lot of the jokes are not funny anymore. give it a rest. we have to be honest, sincere. there is a way forward to help white people. we cannot be associating with haze or violence or oppression. year, iottesville last tried to do a demonstration for the robert e lee statue. fromited a lot of people
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the alt right, trump supporters, american heritage supporters, a lot of folks were scared to be associated with the more extreme speakers like richard spencer. it ended up becoming a more extreme event than i had intended. nevertheless, even if some people have ideas which were offensive at that rally, the vast majority of people on my side were nonviolent. even the other side, even though they came prepared to use violence, to shut down the unite of the right rally, they would have been nonviolent, too, if law enforcement did what they were supposed to do. we were dealing with a city where the vice mayor, who was trying to tear down the statue, was pretending to be doing it in the interest of the quality or tolerance. at the same time, his tweets were saying that he hates white
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people. my favorite thing about being downtown is seeing little white men when they have to look up to a black man. this is a racist antiwhite big it. this is why he was going after our heritage. a lot of people who hate white people are hiding behind this false credo of a quality when they are not for equality. they are for supremacy, they are marxists. they see the white man is being on top. not all white people are on top. i'm a white man. i'm not rich. i am not privileged. i have had a hard time. i have an army of people trying to stop me from being able to -- speak. it was a review done of the charlottesville conduct last year by federal prosecutor tim. he said that the cause for the
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violence was the charlottesville government. as the first fights broke out last year, the police chief how thomas said to let them fight, it it will make it easier to declare unlawful assembly. that is why i wanted to speak to president trump at the white house. it was criminal misconduct by the charlottesville government. they shut down the event by allowing violence. they promised caps on the back of the park. they do not show up. they promise them at the front. they did not show up. started, theynce were allowing people to write it , point rifles at people in cars , eltek cars. that is why people lost their lives last year.
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i'm going to live another person an opportunity to speak. one of our speakers -- any of the other people who were scheduled to speak, do you want to come up? charles? do you want to,? andrea harris was a miscarriage of justice. the andre harris attack an innocent man. --was with a group of people these were black men who were taken advantage of by racist liberals. antifa, they came equipped with flamethrowers and gave them to these black men so they would attack people. that is what the andre harris and corey long said when they were in court. and corey long
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were attacking people with confederate flags, letting them on fire. lighte harris took a mag and while his friend grabbed a confederate flag out of his hand, deandre harris hit an innocent protester across the face. the violenceng done to john jay was proportional. it was clear that deandre started the violence and the parking garage incident was -- would not have happened if he were nonviolent. it shows the civil rights abuses happening in charlottesville. call the 14th amendment. they implemented the 14th amendment because after reconstruction, they said a black man should not be hung for something that i white man would not be hung for. charlottesville was the opposite.
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i white man will be hung for something a black man is not. aandre his friend fired flamethrower at my crowd of people. >> in a parking garage. -- if i had done that, i would be in a penitentiary for the rest of my life. he got disorderly conduct. said get that black. when corey long grabbed the flag out of the peaceful protesters hand, deandre came across the head. i do not condone violence. he did very well. he got himself newsmakers and a rap video. good for him. he attacked one of my guys. it is hard for me to have sympathy. i do not condone political violence. i disavow political violence.
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i am sorry mr. harris got hurt. i am sorry his victim got hurt. , will met my next speaker charles edward lincoln, a civil , where they have also been tearing down confederate history. instead of backing down and allowing history to be tarnished and smeared, mr. lincoln is one fighting back.le he is filing a lawsuit against the city of new orleans. mr. charles lincoln. i have a complex background. i do not even know exactly where
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to start. i am not used to speaking on a microphone, i'm sorry. first, i need to apologize to everyone of my former colleagues at harvard and the university of chicago antillean university who are undoubtedly very embarrassed to say me up. . -- see me up here. i have been well-educated enough to know the vast majority of the power lead in this country is corrupt. this is part of my agenda today, to talk about that total corruption that comes from the power elite based in the ivy league base at major universities throughout the country, that is trying to destroy everything that was ever good about the u.s. one of the things that was best about the usa was the constitution and the bill of rights. there is no doubt about that.
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our freedom with precious. our freedom was no longer really an issue at all. repressivethe most -- there is still north korea, there is still saudi arabia -- we live in one of the most repressive and controlled anti-freedom countries in the entire world today. .t is worth comparing which country was freer, the u.s. in 1860, or the u.s. today? that may seem a strange question to you, especially the mom of people who have been beaten into a media frenzy by this whole concept that we are all nazi s.
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i deplore that concept. i ridicule it. i think it is a show. this whole thing is bizarre beyond belief. let's think about real freedom. even counting the existence of channel slavery, which country was freer, united states in 1860, or the united dates today? today, we imprison a larger population than existed in the u.s. when the constitution was adopted. [sirens] we imprison more people per capita than any other country in the world. [helicopter sounds] it is mostly minorities. that is an interesting point essence, we are not anywhere close to being as free for any rights today as we were
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in 1860. how has that happened? it has happened through a very slow but progressive implementation of the communist manifesto. in car allely live marks his dream country today. arx's country today. . 20,000 policeman or however many we have out here today, it's a scandal. it's exactly what benjamin franklin was warning us when he people who will trade a little security for all their freedom never deserved to be free. i may be quoting that wrong. the point is, this whole situation is we have traded our freedom for security.
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how did the transformation take place? the transformation took place right where jason kessler was talking about. it took place with the immediate postwar amendments to the in 1865, 1866, 1868. that was the beginning of the trade-off. that was the beginning of the trade-off of security. not just physical security, but for liberty.rity of the 14thtation amendment through the courts and through the congress is what has led us to where we are. one interesting thing about the 14th amendment, jason did not represent exactly what the 14th
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amendment did. it was not just supposed to be -- it is not articulated as a race based amendment to the constitution. neither is prohibition on punishmentcept as for a crime. this anybody doubt the 13th amendment -- does anybody doubt the 13th amendment is what gave rise to the prison industry? does anyone doubt it is the 14th amendment that has created a situation where the courts can use the concepts of race to divide people against each other. in new orleans, what we have mayor, mitchormer landrieu, and the current mayor, latoya cantrell, we have seen
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them use the issue of monuments to create a racial tension that never in my entire life existed in new orleans. new orleans was always one of the most peaceful, friendly, multicultural, multiracial cities in the u.s. aat was never, never, never land of hatred. the black people and the way people of new orleans cherished our history and enjoyed it tremendously. they have set up a situation where they denigrate the past anotherit up as communistic welfare program where we are advocating that you will be better off if we destroy all of these monuments. you will be better off if we forget history. you will be better off if we do
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not understand the constitution or what was at stake in 1868 -- 1865. this is what we need to talk about. the real constitutional issues and the real tensions that existed. let me say, the real struggle of any quality is not black versus it is not christian versus non-christian. the real struggle for any is lawyers versus nonlawyers. i say this with authority. i am a disbarred lawyer. if you google me, you would find out. i tell you now, i am disbarred because i have been fighting for civil rights for people who are not supposed to have any. namely white people. judges have told me that. fbi agents have told me that. the civil rights laws as they are implemented are designed to
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be black against white only, never white against police. this is part of the problem that we have. -- whene law is written civil rights laws were implement it in britain, they were written to set black against whites. that is a disaster. it is a betrayal to the original 10 commandments of the constitution. the people who do the most the trail are lawyers and judges. i have three programs i want to introduce to you. today and then i will step down. programs are, we must abolish judicial immunity. right now, judges can get by with violating your rights and
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there is nothing you can do about it. in essence, what we need to do is restore power to the people by having decisions made, not by single judges, but by juries. the original concept in this country, it is an ancient concepts of indo-european people. the concept of judges comes out of the bible. it is a concept moses appointed one judge for everyone of the 12 tribes of israel. it was a middle eastern model. we need a european model of community decision implemented by juries. are not evenies adequate. maybe we need a larger system of juries. the old new england town house, town council had traditional functions. the vikings had judicial functions. until recently, england preserve
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this by the final court of appeal in england used to be the house of lords. elite- a group of decision. thomas jefferson originally believed the constitutionality of any issue should be decided by the senate. we need to go back to those issues. abolish judicial immunity because once you abolish that and restore power to juries, the entire profession of law will become different. it will become a class of specialists instead of a class of parasites. right now, it is the lawyers who are controlling and perverting everything. i say this as a proud former lawyer. the second issue i want to point out is what jason mentioned about how everybody in the right
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, i considern right trump a very moderate president, he is not radical, he is the press president since ronald -- best president since ronald reagan. he is not a radical conservative. by any stretch of the imagination. he is attacked. there are people in the press giving me dirty looks because i am saying he is not a radical conservative. that's hilarious. . they want to not so much silence us as make sure no one listens. that is the big thing. the internet is the public forum of today. this park is a very bad place to try to share ideas. the internet is the place. when amazon, google, youtube are taking people down because of
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their participation with jason or even smaller groups, the man who should've been here, sean everyone is shocked because of big name comes down, alex jones. we need to understand that these people google, amazon, are acting as agents of the government. when they do, they are violating our civil rights, our constitutional rights. we need to have these issues addressed in the courts. what court will do it? in my most recent case that is the u.s. district court for the eastern district of louisiana, the judge has issued an order -- i am told to shut up. >> hello.
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i am going to introduce out -- alan. i want to bring something up. this is a moderate demonstration. weeke been in d.c. for a and they have been talking like we are going to bomb pearl harbor. they have said a lot of things about president trump that have not been true. let me ask you something. is this racism epidemic a real thing or are people making it up to manipulate the american public? he was the intolerant one? expressing her first amendment rights, or these folks who showed up by the thousands to stop us from being able to speak? they are completely indoctrinated. we are walking down the street and people are being attacked by white liberals. you're a traitor.
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like they own them. you do not own me. the media needs to get real about how they report race. narrativeg this phony about the racism academic -- academic. they want to clamp down on the speech american citizens. bringing up my friends was done a lot of good volunteer work to help make this event possible. athas been a loyal supporter a time when loyal supporters were hard to come by, when people were turning on me. very few people seems to want to stand up for what was right. i'm going to let al speak before it rains. >> my name is al. to go by an online handle.
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i could say so many things about what i think is wrong with the world. --has occurred to me that limited and finite. you have to unlock their hearts before you can get them to see the world as you see it. i was a very bitter young man. now,was 14 right [inaudible] i felt suffocated under the pressure. as i got older, i got so bleak about it and realized i need a of bringingeans communities together and ending the identity politics, call me
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crazy, but it is driving socioeconomic inequality in the u.s. it is a smokescreen for the abuses and accesses of global capitalism. i am not opposed to globalism fundamentally. capitalism could use a little bit of tweaking. it is not so far from human nature. to save usportunity from a great catastrophe. here, many ofver them are blindly hating us. -- duringnority inauguration, i was there, walking amongst protesters. richard spencer showed up.
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i was there. when a guy punched spencer, i peacefully to challenge his ideas. i did not pension. -- punch him. and i got death threats. people went after my family. they called my sister at her work. my mom was on a plane to ecuador and i said i was in a coma in d.c.. they were insisting that she go there immediately. i can only assume they were getting to her to get to me. i see how severe things are and how blinded people are. if they do not want to fix -- if you are stuck in a
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riptide getting pulled out to see, you cannot flail your arms. and appreciatese the situation and relax. and think about what is going on. if you want to solve it physics problem, you do not do math immediately. you figure out what problem your modeling. mind, the excesses of the [inaudible] is intended to draw attention away from the real problem. while there are still some people who believe in a world without identity politics, bernie sanders, even he is being pulled through the muck and a driving society apart. this timeguration, --
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last year, i was in hungary. i just got back from india. it occurred to me, this is a very serious age to live in. but i am forzy white people having rights. i want a world up its together in one piece. these people should think about we are ultimately trying to change. some of our hearts are filled with hatred, maybe it is because we have not learned how to express the correct way, maybe a way they can understand.
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i'm not a nationalist. i'm not all right. --alt right. ok. >> what? >> no. >> i don't want thunderous applause. yeah. i have something to say. friend inll, think my the new jersey european heritage association for giving me a great time on the east coast. policeto thank the d.c.
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for the free vip escort through the capital. this is my first time here. i want to thank antifa for giving us such a warm welcome. i hope they got something out of their system today. to live in a country where a man can take a walk in the park and talk about controversial ideas. is anly thing he needs legion of 10,000 highly armed guards. i want to say to donald trump, that i appreciate the job you are doing making america great again. i have a few suggestions. all, if you want to ensure the integrity of our society, it's a good idea to put
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women in the workforce to lower the female unemployment rate. that will help us increase our and stop the native population from being displaced. that is my priority. then we will be able to justify a continuous wave of immigration, as joe biden put it. continuously replacing the native population. it is a great idea to bring in people who are out there in the .rowd as soon as they get to the country, they start attacking its core values and believes, underwriting ourselves of ourselves -- sense of ourselves as american. a group of people who have no sense of cohesion.
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also, i think another important thing you should take a look at, people in south africa. they are the first generation of a social experiment we are undergoing. if you want to help people out, who couldew of them use compassionate immigration reform. if you would a dress the rate of 40,000 white woman every year, interracial rape of black men -- by black men, that would go a long way as our great white hope. i am not a capitalist because i see the logic and what the system is doing to my people. i am not a communist because of the people out there and what they're doing to my people. jason kessler brought us here to
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talk about love. i have great love for my people. it gave them an excuse to persecute my people by claiming that we are hateful to protect our heritage. that is another thing that is important. if you want people to fight for your country and protect it, this honor the previous generation of men who were drafted and had to fight and die for this country. so thator veterans those who fight for the country and our generation look forward to the disrespect and displacement of our people in the future. that will create a really strong national character, i think. if you could look into those dear mr.r us, president, that would help us out a lot. i appreciate your time and the
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efforts that were spent here today to give us this opportunity to talk about important things. i bid you good night. screeching] >> how is everybody doing? media, everybody. i came here to stand up for free speech. i will always stand for free speech. i will fight for it. i do not care what reese or religion you are -- race or religion you are. there is a problem going on in america where people like him are being attacked when he wants
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to peacefully assemble in this country. why? people are afraid of the country being predominantly white. and i said to myself, if every speaker was white, why should that bother me? why would it bother you? i don't have to tell you what reese im, what gender, there are only two, i do not need to tell you what religion i am. i am an american. are you an american? do you love this country? if you love this country, then you are a nationalist. loveu are white and you this country, you are a white nationalists. there is a big difference between white supremacy and white nationalism. ok? stop using that word to describe someone who you believe is a nazi. i say that because there are , people others
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great right for politically correct. that is the problem. -- what'sationalists the problem. they want to preserve the culture. theirsupremacist want culture to be dominated. whether you like it or not. it is not fair that my family can go back to the island and wave their flag and say that they are proud. somebody from here says they are proud to be an american and they are white, you are a nazi. that is bs. i do not stand around with a sign that says blacks for trump. i do not stand for that because a white man held a sign that says blacks for trump, why should i hold the senate says latinas for trump? that crowd out there. i've been yelled at by so many white liberal. they are not even liberals. i tell you this, i do not care what race you are.
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you have every right to get on the stage and speak. whye should be no reason you excommunicate people because you do not agree with her message. you are allowed to get on the stage and speak your piece anytime. we do this in new york city. we make it happen. i do not care what whether it is. i have spoken in sun, rain, mud. no matter how much but i tried through, hayes will not tread on me --hate will not tread on me. wake up america. he's going to be our president until 2024 because of people like that. donald trump is your president. you have tot mean separate ties than someone like the president. we'll keep it carrying on. i am from new york city.
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i do not care how many people told me not to come. i came for a reason. i traveled from biggest to be here. i am going to make it happen anywhere you can. it is such a shame because the only time i see predominantly white groups is a black lives matter rally. it is ridiculous. it was only white people here, america is not color blind. we are blinded by color. we have to open our eyes. i want to make america great again. stay american. if you are not american, don't you want to be?
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not america only. -- god bless.t press here right now have to be rotated outside. everybody here right now except for these two, everyone else can go -- everyone else has to go. all the rest of the crowd. please rotate out safely, politely, respectfully so the other press can come in.
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[indiscernible] >> are you good?
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>> we have to start breaking everything down for everybody safety. please work with the police. thank you for coming out. thank you for saying peaceful.
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we did a peaceful rally. people were really scared of coming out after last year. they were scared that we get attacked. they were scared they would get arrested when they fought back. i do not care about the turnout, whether you have 15 people or 15
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million. they protected my safety and my speech. they protected the rights of the counterprotesters safety and speech. that is something i am proud of. what happened on the bus today? i am not an all right. all right is broken. they are over the top and legitimately hateful. right washink the alt what it was when i first got into it. it was more moderate. i am not a white supremacist. we were marching with white and black people and hispanic people. i watched as white liberals were coming up to my hispanic and black friends and giving them the finger and saying you sold out, you betrayed us, you
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betrayed your people. why do these white liberals think they own people? there have been a lot of lies. the splc and adl have been ofing to make the citizens d.c. scared. i have been listening to news coverage and it was like a terrorist attack happening. it is just speech. >> because of what happened last year, that's why. >> this charlottesville government allowed that to happen. people do not know we had a permit. people do not know that five days before the event and charlottesville, i talked to the city manager.
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he has admitted under oath that i said i was afraid police would stand down like they did in berkeley, california. they did not give a damn. they stood down just to spite me. they through antifa into a mill of violence. they promised me eight squadrons of police officers. they promised me they will create separation between the protesters. there were people on both sides who can armed. this has got to stop. thatlone the civil rights happened over the charlottesville government. we have to stop attacking each other and shouting over one another about things we disagree about. i have been constantly on the radio trying to tell people that i am willing to talk about white civil rights for people who want to talk to me about black civil rights or black lives matter. we have to start having these conversations. the bad elements of the alt right who are legitimately
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neo-nazis they are extreme. there are more moderate voices with which a minute remittances of white america and we are not allowed to be expressed without being called -- [indiscernible] why are we dividing this into races? >> people only use that criticism against white people. i will be patient and explain. there are already advocates for black people. they have the naacp, black lives matter. they have white people standing up for them. jewish people have adl. there are no advocates for white people. >> what about the kkk? >> i am not condoning the kkk. and their time, they were massed vigilantes to use ratio motivated violence -- racially motivated violence.
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nt but is doing the same thing against white people. and teeth are the only masked vigilantes attacking people because of their race. have you seen the ante by burning crosses like the kkk? peopleher you hate white -- the fact that we cannot acknowledge that antiwhite racism is just as bad. it's part of what is holding us back. we have to respect one another. i have to decompress. this was a big step. was peaceful, man. that's the main thing. people got speak. it was not perfect. i people got left behind. we thought we were going to be able to bring our flags and they change the rules. [indiscernible]
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i don't know whether messages. i think they are confused. i have been listening to the same new sports they have. they got a terrorist attack was going to happen. they thought we were going to hurt people. this rally is not about hurting people who are black or brown or jewish. this rally is about standing up for the rights of white people. people could be on allowed to be unequivocally standing up for their rights without causing hatred and have a conversation with people who are civil rights advocates for other racial groups. we can come to more understanding. a lot of people are having trouble getting on board. people like me are trying to unify. trying to be more modest it. trying to extend a hand in
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friendship. you are only going to frustrate people. the white identity movement -- [indiscernible] i disavowed neo-nazis. we did not want them at this rally. >> how are white people civil rights -- [indiscernible] i asked people what do they know about you? 99% people said i have no idea. why are they here processing? they said i am here because white people hate black people. i have been to your website. people haveed by the right to express their opinion. the crowd has the right to express their opinion. i am a as a white person, have the right to express my opinion. [indiscernible] >> listen.
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i as a white person, experience racism. just because we are asking for -- this man is able to express himself. and having people listen to him. thank you some from being a national nazi. this guy is right. >> do you want an all white america? >> i am not a white nationalists. i'm a civil rights advocate. [indiscernible] [whistle] >> head back to your area. head back to your area.
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>> i'm going to send your picture to the local news and you will never get in. you will never get in. >>[chanting]
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>> go home, nazis, go home.
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>> nah nah nah, hey hey, goodbye. you can obviously see that your horse is in distress. why don't you get off your horse? you are breaking the law. you are abusing animals. you should know better.
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your horses are in distress. keep sitting on them. keep hurting them.
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[cheering and booing]
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>> so there is the scene across from the white house in washington dc. a line of pretty severe


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