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tv   Road to the White House 2020 Michael Avenatti in New Hampshire  CSPAN  August 21, 2018 12:36pm-1:35pm EDT

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my remarks here on c-span, starting at 7 p.m. eastern. remarks here on c-span, starting at 7 p.m. eastern. >> join us at c-span3 for a special call in addition for a feature, lectures and history. our topic is the presidency of andrew jackson, with arizona state university professor jonathan mark leading the conversation -- jonathan barth leading the conversation. tonight on c-span3. michael avenatti. event hosted by hillsborough county bent -- democrats. while he of not decided his political future, he talked about his opposition to president trump and how he
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wanted the democratic party to take a more aggressive track and its 2020 challenge to president trump's reelection. spoke withemarks he attendees and also posed for photographs. this is an hour. >> that's good. >> that's good. >> i am glad i could do my part. nice to meet you. beautiful area. >> you are jack, right?
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>> what is your name? >> stephen. >> let's do it. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. >> how are you? >> coming to new hampshire. >> you live in this area? >> i do. >> afterwards, i have a lot to say. >> i am a good listener. what is your name? >> nice to meet you. thanks for having me. beautiful day. spectacular. this is god's country. >> we are working on it. >> it is a cool and unusual process. >> nice to meet you. >> can i get a picture?
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>> thank you guys for coming. [laughter] >> no, no, no. get out of here. this is for my facebook page. he's going to do this for me. >> ok, thank you. >> excellent. good luck. >> i appreciate it. >> thanks for coming out. -- -- >> i'm a veteran i live out in boston. >> 48 hours ago in l.a.. >> beautiful. >> thank you for coming. >> thank you for having me. i am happy to be here. marian? it's nice to meet you.
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>> thank you. >> thank you. >> my pleasure. hi, diana. how are you? nice to meet you. thank you. thank you. a pleasure. you want a picture? >> i would love a picture. >> let's do it. thank you. nice to meet you. >> we are teachers. >> what grades do you teach? >> seventh grade. >> sixth and seventh grade? we don't do enough for our public school teachers. >> i totally agree. >> the job you guys do is unbelievable for our kids. >> thank you so much. >> i am an advocate of it. >> we need to absolutely fix that. appreciate it.
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>> we are going to do our best. we are going to do our best. of course. let's do it. no problem. >> can i grab a picture? >> of course. >> my 10-year-old daughter could not be here. she's bummed. >> how does she know who i am? >> she watches the view with mommy. >> she is why educated. well-versed in politics. >> thank you so much. >> nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you. thank you. >> you keep working. >> nice to meet you martha. >> i am always an early adopter.
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>> we like early adopters. >> good luck to you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> ok. so is everybody having a good time?
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beginning of the good times, because we have some good times coming, and that will be starting september 11, and the november 6. so i am going to introduce you to our state party chairman, raymond buckley, who will in turn introduced you to our special guest of honor. here we go. ready? big round of applause. roger, county chair. [applause] >> where does the toilet paper go, roger? [laughter] >> hello, everybody. are we ready to win? >> yes! >> are we going to be chris? -- beat chris? >> yes. >> are we going to reelect -- >> yes. >> are we going to win the majorities of the council, the house, and the senate? >> yes. >> are we having the best day in six months? i want to thank you offer coming, supporting the county -- thank you all for coming, supporting the county democrats is the most effective way you can utilize your money in helping elect democrats in 2018. this is all about the grassroots. we need you to volunteer. you cannot hear? you really cannot hear or you are just funning me?
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i am using the mic. how about this? how about that? i guess if they can see, they can hear. if you let them all see, great. we need all of you to show up at the headquarters nearest to you to volunteer, to go door-to-door talk to the voters. , we are going to have a very successful year if we reach out to all those democrats to make sure they turn out. so please give a great granite state welcome to donald j. trump's worst nightmare -- [applause] >> you can do better than that. >> donald trump's worst nightmare! [applause] >> michael avenatti!
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michael: it is great to be back here in new hampshire today on this beautiful day, and i want to thank ray and roger for hosting this event in this incredible venue. it is unbelievably picturesque. it is this a sincere honor. thank you. today, i want to talk to you about the fight that i believe that we are in for the soul of our republic. i want to talk to you about what we are fighting for, and more importantly, how we fight for it. but before i get any further, i want to deal with the elephant in the park, or should i say, the donkey in the park?
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some of you may be thinking what is some porn star lawyer coming to us to talk to us about our republic and our party? let me tell you why we are here today. in normal times, i would not be with you today. i would be back in los angeles, enjoying my good fortune, but these, as all of you know, are anything but normal times. i grew up to a modest family in missouri. when i was 12 years of age, i started working a variety of jobs. i mowed lawns in the summer for our neighbors, and in the winter, i shoveled their snow. i worked a variety of part-time jobs. i worked at mcdonald's, at marshalls. my parents taught me at a young age the value of hard days work.
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let's be clear, i was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth, and we never had a gold toilet in our house. in 1989, i witnessed my father, who had worked for a company for 31 years and moved his family four times or five times. i witnessed him come home and announced that he had lost his job. why? because the company had decided that it was cheaper to replace him with someone younger. these are not normal times. i was later first in my family to graduate college, and i have since become a very fortunate man. and again, if these were normal times, i would not be here with you today. i would not have had this honor
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to appear before you today. but a strange thing happened to me earlier this year. because of an accident of fate, i was handed a client who had been wronged by the president of the united states. headline writers know her only by her occupation, but i have come to know stormy daniels as someone that believes in truth, justice, and has an incredible degree of courage and fortitude. and in the course of our fight for justice for stormy, something remarkable happened. americans of all walks of life reached out their hands to us and began to provide us with information. and without ever planning to, i suddenly found myself face opposite the most powerful man in the world, fighting not only for stormy, but ultimately other
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women and countless families who had had their children stripped from them on our southern border. i also found myself fighting on behalf of every american that believes in facts, evidence, and justice. now, i am not exactly a stranger to politics. when i was in my 20's, trying to figure out how i was going to pay for college and ultimately law school i worked on over 130 , democratic campaigns in over 100 states across this nation. when i left politics, i never thought i would be standing before each of you talking about our republic and our party. but the trump presidency has
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galvanized me, as i know it has galvanized so many of you and so many millions of other americans. i do not know how yet i will step up, but i am reminded about our founding fathers, when they founded this nation. you see, our founding fathers did not envision career politicians. our founding fathers envisioned a system where, when called upon, individuals of our society would step up, rice to the -- rise to the occasion, serve their country and then returned , to their lives. let us be clear. donald trump does not have the knowledge, wisdom, compassion, or fortitude to serve as the president of the united states. [applause] michael: there was a time when i thought that the office would change the man, but unfortunately, we now know that the man is changing the office, and this must end.
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[applause] michael: what we democrats are fighting for is nothing short then the survival of our republic. we are fighting for the ideals that made america, america. that made america, america. what we are fighting for is each other, our children, our families, our neighbors, and our cities. we are fighting for the ability of hard-working people to earn a decent living, to pay their health care expenses, and to send their kids to college so they have a shot at a real american dream. what we are fighting for is the ability of our children to go to school and not wonder if they will make it through the day without being shot. [applause] michael: what we are fighting for is roe v. wade. [applause]
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michael: equality, women's rights, transgender rights, and gay-rights. that is what we are fighting for. what are we fighting against? we are fighting against a man who wants to usher us back into the dark ages. a man that wants more pollution, more disregard for the downtrodden, and those with disabilities. more disregard for women and minorities, and more billions for billionaires. a man who, if reelected would put our supreme court in favor of the strong over the weak, in favor of corporations over people, and in favor of old men with ideas about women's bodies versus women themselves. [applause]
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michael: among us democrats here today, nothing that i have just said is controversial. we are more united than not on the question of what we're fighting for. but we often seem to be a party that is divided as to how we should fight. i believe that there is no question more important to us here today as to the question of how. this president, no matter how corrupt or cruel he is, he knows how to fight. he may be the worst president is -- this nation has ever known, but he also beat 17 opponents, many of whom were experienced, many of whom were smart, many of whom were very well-qualified, and many of whom told us how bad he would be. how did he accomplish this? because he knows how to fight. he is a fighter. what i fear most for this democratic party that i love so
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much is that we have a tendency to bring nail clippers to a gunfight. [applause] so today, in this beautiful location in new hampshire, i want to propose a different course. i believe that our party, the democratic party, must be a party that fights fire with fire i believe we cannot be the party of turning the other cheek. i believe we must be the party of marshaling the law and the government to bring those who hit that cheek to justice. [applause] michael: so i say, when they go low, we hit harder! >> yes! [applause] michael: now, i know that there may be a number of you here today that disagree with me.
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you may say that the answer to donald trump is to be the exact opposite of donald trump. be noble, be kind, be classy. and i am for all of those things. but today, with our nation under an unprecedented attack by a con man who only fights for himself and degrades the vulnerable, i ask you whether those that we fight for can afford our gentleness. there is no question that we are the party of love in america. [applause] michael: of loving thy neighbor, of loving whomever you want to love. policies that extend a loving hand to those that find themselves without a job or at a
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place a weakness, we are the party of love. but what i believe is when you are the party of love, and when you are fighting on behalf of those that depend on us, you cannot afford to fight lovingly. if you want peace, prepare for war, the old latin saying goes. and in that spirit, i say if we want a more inclusive, tolerant, compassionate, welcoming, gracious, and kind of america, we must be willing to do battle to achieve it. if we want the american dream for ourselves, our families, our children, each other, and our cities, we must leave it on the field every day, and we must be willing to fight for it. [applause] michael: here is what i believe the democratic party is in the
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-- is, in the eternal battle of david versus goliath, we are the party of davids. we are the party of people who want to live their lives, chase their dreams, do their jobs, raise their children, leave the world a little better than they found it, and who so often find themselves up against goliath. they find themselves up against employers who do not treat them right. they find themselves up against an economy rigged to take the profits and froth at the top and give it to a chosen few. they find themselves up against an outrageous immigration policy that seeks to strip children from families and destroy families in the interest of bigotry. they find themselves up against racism and sexism. we are the party of davids. davids come in black and davids come in white. davids are asian and latino and
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arab. davids speak spanish and davids speak english. davids are christian and davids are muslim. davids are men and women and gay and straight. [applause] davids are people who never would ask for a handout, but who require a helping hand from time to time when they find themselves in trouble. davids are people that struggle to get enough hours at work, so they can figure out a way to pay their bills. davids are families that struggle to find a place for their kids to go to daycare. and try to figure out how they will pay for it. davids are people who want to provide their family with a better life, but in trump's america do not know how. yes, we are the party of davids.
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and when you are the party of davids, you cannot afford to show up without a slingshot. [applause] michael: you know, the trial lawyers get a bad name, and many of us deserve it, but i can stand here today and tell you that i am not just some tv lawyer. i have fought on behalf of davids for nearly 20 years in my career. for those years, i have represented people who have found themselves on the wrong side of power. i have battled conmen and fraudsters and corporations that hurt people simply because they thought they could get away with it. i have fought on behalf of of jewish families who learned that the remains of their loved ones had been scattered in a mass grave because the publicly traded cemetery company wanted to make more money.
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many of my clients survived the holocaust only to end up in a mass grave on u.s. soil. i have thought on the behalf of first responders and doctors and nurses who risk their lives treating those with ebola and hiv and other deadly diseases and relied on surgical equipment they understood to be safe because the company that made that equipment did not tell them a secret and the secret was that they have moved the manufacturing to honduras in order to save money and that the surgical equipment was defective , thus doctors and nurses and first responders were risking their lives day in and day out. recently, i have fought on behalf of dozens of families who appeared on our southern border in search of a better life for them and their kids only to run up against the ultimate goliath, donald trump, who wanted to send a message to the world -- don't
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come to america because if you do, we will take your children from you and you may never see them again and we will destroy your family. this is not our america. [applause] here is what i have learned over the last 20 years battling goliaths. goliaths do not readily see the error of their ways for stuff they don't just roll over one day and admit they are wrong. they don't just roll over and do the right thing. when you are battling goliaths, you have to fight every day and you have to bring them to justice. there is no other way when you are raffling goliaths like donald trump. -- when you're baffling goliaths like donald trump. battling goliath like donald trump.
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of the dumpster fire, it is the trump presidency and make no mistake about it, it is one large dunster fire -- we cannot afford as a party simply to fight against him. david's.lso fight for we democrats must fight to put americans back to work in good paying, solid jobs through in infrastructure plan, a real infrastructure plan that rebuilds our roads, our airports, our public transportation. we must fight to make college affordable for every american [applause] . no one in the greatest country on earth should hesitate to send their child to college because they cannot afford it. we must fight for medicare for all [applause]
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. our men and women in the leave a fallen soldier behind the battlefield and when one of our own experiences health care problems, we should not leave them behind either. [applause] we must fight to ratify the equal rights amendment. it has been too long. [applause] we must fight for sensible gun control in america. we should never have another school shooting on u.s. soil. [applause] we must finally invest in our public school teachers who sacrificed so much day in and day out for the future of our children. [applause] fight to secure our
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border while at the same time, honoring the values and principles that founded this country and pay homage to people like to my great-grandfather who came to america in search of a better life. [applause] successful ine connection with these fights, we must do something that many of you may oppose. we must figure out a way to welcome some of the voters who voted for donald trump home. ini believe they were wrong 2016? absolutely. do i believe that there choice hurt millions of americans and put our children at risk? absolutely. do i believe their choice resulted in significant disrespect abroad for this country? absolutely.
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believe, we must figure out a way to bring them home if we are to be successful in each of our fights. i am concerned that if we shame wrong, wee make them may lose them forever. so today, let me propose a different way of thinking about some of these voters. let me suggest that for our own sake above all, because we need and we must win that we think of asm not as evildoers but of a great [applause] we have all been taken of advantage of before. there is one thing i have learned in nearly 20 years as an advocate is that smart people get conned all the time. let's admit it, donald trump is a great con man.
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he sold many of us a bill of goods. as the snake oil salesmen and he promised millions of americans everything that would cure their ales. we must welcome some of these voters back home. let me also say this -- you see trump is hoping that millions of americans fail to see the connection between their struggles and the struggles of others. this cruel and unusual president would not be in power had he not convinced two thirds of people who look like me that their success depended on the trampling of women, minorities, african-american, muslims, immigrants, the disabled, and so many others. and he does this because he hopes that if we are whipped into hatred, we will forget all of the broken promises, all of
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the jobs he promised that have not materialized, that we will forget all of the embarrassment he has brought us here domestically and abroad. you see, too many of us have forgotten that old phrase, their their walks i for the race of god. too many of us have trouble putting ourselves in the shoes of those trump is hurting. too many of us have failed to ask, if it were me, how would i like to be treated? too many of us have been standing on the sidelines and allowing injustice to be done because they are not us. the vulnerable populations whom trump is targeting are fighting for their very survival, but it cannot be there fight alone. -- be their fight alone. it is imperative for us to stand and say, enough, these are my
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people too. [applause] michael: if we americans can stand and say this, and say it loudly, if all of those who have forgotten the phrase that there but for the grace of god go i, if we can muster the will to fight, we can defeat president trump's unusual cruelty. we can and will make the american dream real again. we will make america gracious again. [applause] michael: we will make america fair again. [applause] michael: we will make america dynamic again. [applause]
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michael: we will make america respected again. [applause] and above all else, we will make america america again. [cheers and applause] michael: thank you. >> i want to make sure all of these people get pictures. why don't we make the press wait for a minute? i want to make sure everybody gets pictures. >> can i get a couple? >> we would like to thank mr. abernathy -- avenetti for his wonderful speech. it's time for a raffle so get your tickets now. there will be arapahoe in about 10 minutes, thank you.
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just there will be a raffle in about 10 minutes thank you. >> thanks for coming out. >> great message. >> how are you? >> so nice to meet you, too. >> you are a powerful force for good. >> thank you so much. it's a pleasure, thanks for coming out. >> go tigers. >> how are you? >> that's so nice of you, thank you. >> we exchanged emails.
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>> yes, thanks for reaching out to me. >> can i get a picture? if i can figure out how. >> absolutely. >> thanks very much, good seeing you, take care of yourself. >> good luck. >> thanks for coming out. >> thank you so much. keep doing good work. would you mind taking a picture? thank you. >> thanks for coming out. >> where you from? how long of a veneer? >> thank you for having me.
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>> i think i'm going to volunteer. >> how are you? >> i'm good. >> i like your shirt. fight ifght the good you remember. >> yes, we were in the trenches. >> i was the business manager. >> hopefully this doesn't and like that case. >> good luck to you. thank you, nice to meet you. >> i want to shake your hand. >> do you want a picture with him? >> what do i need to press?
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>> press the white button. >> ok. >> thank you. >> it was a great presentation. >> thank you very much. >> are you going to run for president? >> i don't know, yet. the courage and the knowledge in the values you have to fight president trump -- >> that's very kind of you. >> thank you very much, great speech. >> do you want some watermelon? >> thank you. enjoy your weekend. it was a better presentation than last time.
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do you want to take a picture? >> thank you so much. >> keep up the good fight. >> you guys are great. thank you. term emotional stability? he is a zero in a lot of ways. >> one last one. >> that's good to know. >> you are a patriot, michael and i have been applauding you
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for a long time. we need fighters. >> we've got a lot of talent, we need more fighters. >> this is my husband. >> i'm from st. louis. >> widen it out a little bit, say cheese. >> [inaudible] if you decide to iran, dish of used decide -- if you decide to run [indiscernible] >> let's do it. >> i watch you all the time on tv. my question is, how do you get through to our congressman? >> republicans don't have any backbone.
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they are not putting country first, they are putting party first. which is not a good thing. >> thank you. >> thank you, good luck. >> thank you. >> thanks for coming out. >> that was good. that is my camera. we've got a close-up to her that was good. that's my camera so -- two pros there. paisans. >> how are you? >> i'm well. >> thank you for coming out. >> we need a better picture? >> we do. [indiscernible] >> there you go. >> can you see it? >> yes. >> thank you.
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thank you very much. >> thank you. >> michael. >> hi, how are you? >> i'm fine thank you. i wasn't >> interested in listening to what you had to say. i thought you were to washington -- too washington, but now i am going to pay attention. >> what do you think now? i will sit up and continue to pay attention. >> all i ask is for you to keep an open mind. >> let's take a selfie. >> i think somebody has to. >> maybe somebody can take this for us. >> that would be good. >> if there is one thing i am not, it is washington. remember that. >> all right, i will, i will. >> would somebody mind taking this for us? thank you, sir. that would be great.
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we are good right now. >> ok thank you, mike. ,>> june, where are you from? >> new boston. good luck. >> you did a great job. i was the mc today and i had planned to introduce you, but the schedule was different for you did not hear my introduction. you can keep that. >> i appreciate it. it is a pleasure. i hope you will come back. >> i think i will come back. >> i do a little tv show. >> thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> nice speech, i want to say thank you for coming and for fighting. >> we are going to go ahead with
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the drawing. -- we are going to go ahead with the drawing. and the first drawing is for a box of vintage books. where do people go to get the prizes? >> face this way? i will face that way. >> thank you. >> get ready, ask your questions. >> one second, please. go for it. >> is this a beautiful place, or what? >> it's beautiful. backey say it's good to be have you been here before? , michael: three times prior. the first time was in 1992, i was a student at penn and a friend of mine came up with the brilliant idea to take a road trip in the dead of winter to new hampshire to visit a friend working on the clinton campaign. we got two flat tires and dealt with ice and snow, but he was a good trip. that was the first time and i have been back a few times.
1:20 pm
>> are you closer to making a decision? michael: no, i was in tampa last night, at a hillsboro county function. it's the hillsborough county of the south. maybe i should go to every hillsboro county in the united states and the know will make a decision. no, i will continue to travel and talk to people and listen and figure out what i'm going to do. >> it sounds like you are considering this seriously. michael: i am very serious. when i first showed up in iowa, people asked whether it was a sublist -- whether they thought was implicitly stunt. which is offensive to me and to the people of iowa. this is not a lark. i'm going to seriously consider this, the 2020 election i think it is the most critical in modern times, there is a lot at stake and i want to make sure the democrats ultimately nominate someone who can be -- beat donald trump. >> how would you bring the fight him in a campaign? michael: the same way i have
1:21 pm
done it over the last five to six months, but i think even more effective, where i would throw my hat in the ring. there is one thing i can promise you, donald trump does not want to debate me on a national stage, no question about that. >> why is that? michael: he is a bully and he does not like people who punch back and i think i would be incredibly effective against him. i don't think he is quick on his feet or that intelligent, and i think he is completely outclassed. >> where is your next stop? michael: iowa on wednesday. then in chicago at a function for the dnc, and likely back here in new hampshire in late december for two events. -- in late september for an two events. i've been invited to speak at an event in california. i'm going to go back to ohio, i'm going to be very deliberate about the process. >> you said these are not normal
1:22 pm
times and you would not be here but for the lack of normality. what does it say that somebody like you is all of a sudden pitching themselves as the most effective fighter in the democratic party? michael: i don't think that's an indictment on the party, more of a reflection of the individual in the white house. this is a very finite set of circumstances i think we find ourselves in. i believe this is all about matchups. i would propose that hillary clinton would have beat likely anyone else in the republican primary other than donald trump. it just so happens that was not a good matchup at the time for her. this is all about the matchup. if the democratic party proceeds to nominate the person that would be the best president, that would be a mistake. we had that individual in 2016. hillary clinton without a doubt
1:23 pm
in my mind was the most qualified individual to ever run for the white house in the history of our nation. think about that for a minute. that is an incredible statement that it happens to be true. unfortunately, she could not beat donald trump in the electoral college. all of the experience in the world, all of the qualifications in the world, all of the policy positions in the world to not mean anything if you can't beat donald trump in the general election. >> what you think are the champions -- the chances that president trump will run again? michael: i think those chances are significant. i have said in the past that he will not serve out the balance of his term, and i maintain that, a lot of things have to fall in the place for that to happen. it is a dynamic situation and we don't know what mueller is going to conclude and what congress is going to look like. in answer to your question, absolutely. >> do you worry that democrats
1:24 pm
are surrendering to the politics of trump? michael: no, i think you need to change your tactics depending on the circumstances you find yourselves in. these are very unusual circumstances, as everyone knows, and i think they call for a change of tactics. in 2016, the democrats did not necessarily know ultimately who they would run against. now we present what we know or have a good idea. the party needs to nominate the person who can best match donald trump. >> you don't worry that doubling down on those tactics will have a negative effect over time? michael: i think whoever beats donald trump would be more of a unifying force than donald trump or someone on the republican side. i think it will be critically important that in the event democrats prevail in 2020, that whoever wins seeks to unite the country. it will take somebody to really
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bring the country back together after the election. that election will be brutal, knockdown, drag out street fight. if someone is not up for that type of cap, they do not need to seek the nomination. in >> tell us more about what you think you can win and why you would be good at being president? michael: i've dealt with a lot of obligated issues over almost 20 years and legal practice. i've tried cases all over the country. i believe i am a good communicator, and know how to surround myself with high-quality people, and more importantly, i know how to listen. the problem with this president, apart from that he is not smart enough and has no compassion, he doesn't want to work with anyone. people don't want to work with this guy. he promised people the best and the brightest. people don't want to work with this guy. he can't get himself competent
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counsel, let around -- let alone people in government. when he does surround himself with people like that, he doesn't listen to them because his ego will not allow him to have costars on the stage. that's a problem. when you are president, it is not a solo position, you need to surround yourself with people who need -- no what they are talking about, and then you need to listen to them rather than behaving like a buffoon. >> your law firm just settled recently with the federal government. republicans beat you up a little bit about the irs. are you worried? michael: i'm not worried about it. show me someone who has had great success and i will show you someone who has had great challenges. anything else? >> [indiscernible] michael: i've already stated that in the event i will -- that i run, i will not accept corporate pac dollars. anyone who accepts the nomination in 2020, it's one thing to say they will not
1:27 pm
accept corporate pac money, that is not good enough. if you been accepting it all this years, you will use it to run for president. every potential nominee, as soon as they announce, they should refund, disgorge every dollar of pac money they have received. we are going to find out if there is some fear about not wanting corporate pac dollars impacting elections. we will find out if they will meet that challenge. >> any last questions? michael: thank you for coming out. i appreciate it. [indiscernible]
1:28 pm
>> i think you would make a great president. i'm little worried about mitch mcconnell and his gang of thieves and criminals. >> they stole that supreme court seat. will you be prepared to have a team that can fight all of that? michael: absolutely. i think whoever the nominee is, if they are able to ultimately beat donald trump, i think they will have a wide selection of competent and qualified people. i think the most important thing is not only that the legs -- the next president surround themselves with the right people, but listens to them. >> i like your idea of 11 versus nine. >> you got that? some people don't understand that. michael: we are going to get that seatback that was stolen. >> this is my story. if you become president, i would like you to do away with statute of limitations on children who have been abused able to report.
1:29 pm
michael: i will look at it. thank you for coming out. >> thank you so much. michael: thank you for coming out. thank you. >> thank you. >> if you need any help, let me know. can i just take a picture? let me ask you a question. >> i am a candidate stop >> one of my angles is legalization of cannabis. where are you? michael: i think it should be declassified as a schedule one. >> that's all i need here. no more schedule one. thank you, nice to meet you, thank you for all you are doing.
1:30 pm
michael: what your name? i like your shirt. >> my name is margaret. it's a new movement. if you are upset and can do -- and can't do anything, write a check. we are all with you. michael: thank you. i'm going to put it in my back pocket and we are all here. >> thank you very much. michael: i like your shirt. >> i like it, too. michael: thank you for coming out. a pleasure. what's your name? thanks, jim. >> i appreciate it. [indiscernible]
1:31 pm
yes? >> are you -- what specifically are you doing in new hampshire? michael: here with all of these people in this beautiful setting. >> and we're happy to have you here in this welcoming state. [indiscernible] michael: helping democrats raise money. [indiscernible] michael: we raced good money last night, we raised good money and iowa and ohio. i'm going to go back to iowa and help democrats raise money for the midterms. >> and you're helping children find their way back home? michael: yes. absolutely. >> i'm really happy about that. we are in an uproar about that. >> rightfully >> so, it's an outrage. the federal government, if trump
1:32 pm
do -- to solve this, it would be solved. >> don't even get me started. [laughter] michael: he asked the aclu to fix the problem he created. while he was degrading women and weeding, people like me are busting their butts to solve the mess he created. it's a disgrace. >> it will take a long time to solve the mess he created. but i am glad you came. thank you. [indiscernible] >> thanks for having me. thank you. >> could you please, thank you? [indiscernible] >> thank you.
1:33 pm
>> five minutes. michael: ok. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2018] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] coming up later, join a discussion on cyber threats. we will have that live starting at 2:30 p.m. eastern. presidentarks by trump in west virginia at up make america great again rally. and theused on jobs economy, live on c-span at 7:00 p.m. eastern. saturday, the democratic national committee will hold its summer meeting in chicago with sessions on potential changes to residential nominating process including the role of superdelegates. you can watch that live saturday at 11:00 a.m. eastern. join us this evening at 9:00 p.m. eastern on c-span three for
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a special call in addition of an american history tv feature, lectures and history. our topic is the presidency of andrew jackson with arizona state university professor leading theth conversation and answering your questions. watch lectures in history tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern on c-span3. next, the director of the center on american politics at the university of denver talking about how political parties aact to election losses with focus on the democratic loss of 2016. the discussion was hosted by the u.s. capital historical society in washington, d.c. this is about one hour. noon. high we will kick this into gear with welcomes first. i am the chief historian here at the u.s. capital historical society.


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