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tv   Washington Journal 08222018  CSPAN  August 22, 2018 6:59am-10:06am EDT

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doing their job. thank you very much. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2018] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] on the c-spansday networks, on c-span at 10:30 a.m., the senate rules committee holds a meeting marking up the secure elections act. that legislation is an election security grant program that would give money to states and direct the creation of voting cyber security guidelines. p.m., a coalition of women's rights, workers rights, and civil rights organizations host a rally opposing the nomination of brett kavanaugh. members of congress will join the event from the steps of the supreme court. at 3:30 p.m., president trump towards the medal of honor to the late air force technical sergeant who was killed in action in 2002 in afghanistan. on c-span2, the senate continues work on 2019 federal spending bills. next, cenk uygur, host
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of the online program, "the young turks." coultera.m., ann discusses her book "resistance is futile!" on liberals and president trump. ♪ host: good morning. it is wednesday, august 22nd, 2018. the senate is back in session with court proceedings scheduled for 10:00 a.m. today. until then, we will spend our three hours on the "washington journal" discussing an extraordinary day in federal courts. .aul manafort and michael cohen these two have been found guilty of a total of 16 felony charges and attorney michael cohen implicated president trump as part of his guilty plea. we will talk about all of this
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and as we do, we want to hear from you. republicans can call in at 202-748-8001. democrat, 202-748-8000. independents, 202-748-8002. you can also catch up with us on social media. on twitter it is @cspanwj. on facebook it is a very good wednesday morning to you. michael cohen pled guilty to 8 campaign-finance bank fraud and tax evasion counts. paul manafort was found guilty on 8 counts of bank fraud and tax fraud. here is how it played out in the news sites from the left and right side of the political aisle. cohen onguilty, guilty. the breitbart news headline is democrats energized after manafort verdict, cohen plea.
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the huffington post went with " crime time" with pictures of president trump, michael cohen, and paul manafort. from usa today, legal spotlight turns on trump. from the front page of the " washington post," convictions tighten the squeeze on trump. " in "the new york times their news analysis piece, a one-two punch puts trump back on his heels. they write in two courtrooms 200 miles apart, president trump's almost daily attempts to dismiss the criminal investigations that have engulfed his white house all but collapsed. mr. trump mocked the investigations as witchhunts. even the staunchest defenders big knowledged privately the legal setbacks could open fissures among republicans in
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capitol hill and expose mr. trump to the possibility of impeachment. at adent trump was campaign style rally in west virginia yesterday to encourage republicans in that state to come out to vote for the republican running for senate against joe manchin. he did not say very much at all about either of these two developments in the manafort and cases, but -- cohen he talked briefly about the russia investigation. president trump: fake news and the russian which hot. russian witchhunt. where is the collusion? they are still looking for collusion predefined the collusion. -- we want to find the collusion. host: if you want to watch that event, you can do so at we will be spending most of today's program talking about this guilty plea yesterday and
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this guilty verdict yesterday. you can join the conversation. republicans, 202-748-8001. democrats, 202-748-8000. independents, 202-748-8002. joined now from -- by roll call reporter richard comley -- griffin conley. thank you for being here this morning after a busy day yesterday. walk us through what the 8 counts paul manafort was convicted for our about. guest: thanks for having me on. we will jump right in to it. manafort was convicted and lots of legal experts following the case have anticipated this. he was found guilty on all charges against him for filing formstax reforms -- tax when he was working for the ukrainian president at the time,
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who was deposed in 2014. manafort was also found guilty of failing to file a foreign bank account report to the treasury department as part of the tax returns, but only in the year 2012. not 2014.not 2013 and additionally, there was a bevy of bank loan fraud and bank loan fraud conspiracy and prosecutors were only able to extract guilty verdicts out of two of those count 27. and count 27 was a $3.4 million loan from citizens bank for a property in new york that 27 wast owned and count also a guilty verdict for a bank fraud charge from the bank of
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california, a $1 million loan. host: and the jury couldn't reach verdicts on 10 other charges in this case. explain what happened legally from here with the 8 counts they found him guilty on and these other counts. guest: absolutely. one more quick note about the bank loan fraud. manafort faces up to 80 years in prison and the two big ones prosecutors got him on worthy bank fraud charges. those carry a -- were the bank fraud charges. as to your question about what happens to the other 10 charges, what will happen there is the prosecutors have a week from whetherey have to file they intend to retry manafort on those 10 charges, which the judge in arizona -- alexandria declared a mistrial.
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we have about a week until we get more clarity. host: there's another trial coming up in d.c. explain what those charges will be about and what the mueller team -- in that case. guest: that will probably be a little more juicy. they are slated to begin in september 17 in the d.c. district u.s. federal court and the judge in that case will be amy jackson. judge ellison in the alexandria court case was well-known -- became well-known for being a thele bit prickly with prosecution. we are not expecting that from this judge. if all sort of goes according to plan and we end up going to trial, these 8 guilty verdicts could throw a little bit of a wrench into those plans
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depending on how manafort and his legal team proceed. mueller is facing seven charges relating to conspiracy to defraud the united states, failing to register as a foreign witnessoney laundering, tampering, and making false statements to the fbi. host: these are charges much closer to the heart of the russia probe. guest: exactly. exactly. legal experts are expecting a bit more of fireworks and also expecting a longer trial. prosecutors have even more potential exhibits of evidence to submit in front of the jury, so this one could go even longer than the three-week trial we have just seen. host: griffin connolly, before you go, these 8 charges he was found guilty on, these are federal charges so a possible federal pardon from the
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president could be in play, correct? guest: absolutely. trump said in july of last year in a series of tweets, the president has the power to pardon, has the absolute power of pardon. it is absolutely within his power to do that for paul manafort on these federal charges. anyone convicted of federal crimes. we have seen he is not a verse verse to making politically charged pardons. some believe he could do so in a tweet. it remains to be seen of what will remap -- what will happen. i am sure that will be a question a lot of reporters will want to ask lawmakers when they get back on the hill when they react to trump exercising that power. host: griffin connolly covering it all for roll call. thank you for joining us after a
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busy day yesterday. guest: appreciate it, john. host: chuck schumer with his tweet directed at the president, "my message to the president, you better not talk about pardons for paul manafort or michael cohen at any time in the future." the president did not talk about pardons at the rally, barely mentioned the russia investigation at all. we will be talking about it all morning long and we will start with a built in florida, and independent. -- an independent. caller: good morning, drawn -- john, the trump administration is starting to unfold. it is starting to fall apart. you can see this coming with the indifference for the american people. the indifference in puerto rico with the climate change going on.
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his entire cabinet has been complicit with the undermining of the health of the american people. it is appalling, absolutely appalling and to think that all straight would not let him open a casino because of the people pastsociated with in his business practices. it is appalling and hopefully he gets what he deserves. an --that is built in -- that is bill, an independent. caller: good morning. i think this is not going to reach the president because it a very difficult to indict sitting president. and the impeachment will take both houses, so i do not think
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it is going to go that far. host: how far does it go? caller: what is that? host: how far does it go, do you think? caller: i don't know. i think the people who support trump are still going to support him. best 57 years, he is the president i have ever seen as far as the things that affect me. you still support him? caller: yeah. host: what would make that change for you? what would it take? caller: it you still support wog a lot more than a questionable looku can make yourself good before a campaign and it is not a campaign violation. it doesn't quite rise up to the law. of a broken
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there is a lot of people walking away from the democratic party on facebook right now. if you go to the walk a week campaign page, there's a lot of great stories. host: that is ross in las vegas. angie in las vegas, democrat. good morning. caller: good morning. host: go ahead. caller: thank you so much for taking my call. i am wondering -- following the fact i just heard somebody on your show telling us right now they are still going to support a criminal who has broken so -- bigot and a big it who has insulted almost everybody sitting in the white house where people are arrested for petty crime and sitting in jail for years, how is that justice? how is the united states going to be standing on its high might
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and talking down to all the other countries when, in general, we can disregard the law the way we are doing and making someone sit in the presidency for so long. and we have to rise up as a people of the united states to make sure that and never happens again make sure that these kind of people are eliminated from power. host: the new york times editorial board with their lead editorial today, calling them all the president's crooks. mr. trump's longtime lawyer accused him of committing a felony. only a fantasist could do see this investigation as a witch hunt. we mentioned president trump either oftle about those events yesterday. the guilty plea or the guilty
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findings by the jury in alexandria, virginia, although when the president got off air force one after landing in west virginia did make brief remarks and talk specifically about the paul manafort case. here is what the president had to say. [video clip] >> paul manafort is a good man. he was with ronald reagan. he was with a lot of different people over the years and i feel very sad about that. it doesn't involve me, but i still feel it is a very sad thing that happens and it has nothing to do with russian collusion. this has absolutely nothing to do. it is a witchhunt and a disgrace. this has nothing to do with what they started out, looking for russians involved in our campaign. there were none. i feel very badly for paul manafort. he works for bob dole, ronald reagan, many, many people.
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this is the way it ends up. it was not the original mission, believe me. it was something very much different. i have nothing to do with russian collusion. we continue the witchhunt. host: that was the president yesterday talking about the paul manafort conviction. here are the comments by rudy giuliani yesterday, the former mayor of new york and the president's attorney about the michael cohen guilty plea from cnbc. there is no allegation of any wrongdoing against the president in the charges against mr. cohen. cohen'sear that mr. actions reflect a pattern of lies and dishonesty. the president has yet to react on his twitter page, but we will keep you updated. the phone lines are yours in the first hour of the washington -- of the "washington journal."
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robert in waldorf column maryland -- waldorf, maryland. an independent. the doj and the fbi .esembles the putin's kgb we are now in the business of prosecuting people for the difference of their political opinions. the people that are being prosecuted are all republicans and they are also being prosecuted in democrat strongholds where the jury will favor them. we have a new york case, san francisco case, d.c., and virginia. all of these are in democratic, liberal strongholds. secondly, mr. manafort is going to be parted anyway, -- pardonws anyway -- going to be pardoned anyway, so you are wasting your
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time. i wonder if hillary clinton paid taxes on the 100 $45 million she got for selling 20% of the united states' uranium to the soviet union? this is an orchestrated coup d'etat. this is a coup. everything you guys do is about overthrowing the united states government. americans love an underdog and this is david versus goliath. host: that is robert in maryland. in "is manafort the only person ever to be convicted evasion?raud and tax if not, why are we discussing this." trump -- michael cohen was trump legal counsel, john dean was nixon's legal counsel. history repeats. caller: thank you for taking my call. this is really ticking me off.
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we have conspiracy against the united states, people do fraud in our banking systems. i would like people to remember we just had to bail out the banking system and there should be no pardons for any of these people. if the republicans had any dignity at all, they would pull donald trump out of their right now. host: are you a republican? caller: yes, i am. host: you don't support president trump? caller: i voted for him. i tried to vote for the lesser of two evils. i thought he was a decent businessman. i did not like hillary clinton and since i voted him in, i have been paying very close attention and this man has no business being in that white house. it goes back all the way to 1984. i think people ought to be paying closer attention. in texas, a
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democrat. good morning. caller: good morning. wow, interesting comments. the reason al sharpton never had to pay taxes is because it was a business that went bankrupt and he never had to pay just like donald dumpster didn't have to pay. as far as all these putin apologists, they have a criminal in the white house, people committing tax fraud, wire fraud, lying to the fbi. mueller is it done. he will be indicting all the inner circle for lying to the fbi. it is not even close to being over. all these poorly educated people can keep blaming the mean old democrats. we are not done. we are coming for everyone. we will get them all out of office. we will impeach that piece of trash. host: in texas, independent, good morning. caller: good morning. this.ment is
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i have been watching most of this in the news. good morning, first. i am glad they convicted manafort on some of those charges and i am glad cohen, i think cohen has had a change of heart and he is concerned about his wife and children. the second is trump should not have been elected. by the people, he was not elected. people need to get that straight. the people did not want him as president. he has done nothing really for anybody. nocoal jobs have come back, infrastructure. he has done nothing. talking about building a wall. building a wall for what? it is not going to deter -- we have a lot of hispanics. when they come here, most of them build up. we have over 1000 businesses in
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my city that are hispanic run. people need to stop being afraid of what is not the norm and get on board. god made the human race. like i said a few weeks back, we are american. at least act as americans. not this party, that party, that is how the civil war came about. we need to be americans. do what is right, not what is wrong. in tyler, is essie texas. the wall were part of president trump's comments yesterday he made to the rally in west virginia. he also brought up this case from -- that is getting a lot of headlines today. illegal immigrant leads police to body of missing iowa student. police charging that illegal immigrant with killing mollie tibbetts and dumping her body in a cornfield.
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this story from the front page today,washington times quoting president trump from the west virginia rally saying "use all what happened to that incredible, beautiful young woman. should have never happened. illegally in our country." if you want to watch that rally in its entirety, you can do that at in montgomery, alabama, a democrat. good morning. caller: good morning. people thatat those were found guilty were telling the truth. i think donald trump has people so afraid -- i think it was really dirty of him to fire over almost 100 people and they lost their pension and the pensions live on of the retirees
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and their families. donald trump has control of the news and he keeps going around who isntry lying about doing this and how great we are doing this. stocksinvestments in with the government and i have of received one iota increase in my investment. -- $300 and some odd before he was elected, in stocks. he is talking about the economy is doing well. .eah, for the billionaires and what they are doing is putting that money -- giving that money to the stockholders. int: that is arletta alabama. the senate is scheduled to
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reconvene today at 10:00 a.m. reporters will be at capitol hill and likely to ask about this conviction of paul manafort, the guilty plea of michael cohen. senators quick to put out statements last night. graham, republican from south carolina tweeting "the american legal system is working. thus far, there have yet to be charges or convictions for colluding with the russian government by any member of the trump campaign in the 2016 election. it's important to let this process continue without interference. i hope mr. mueller can conclude his investigation sooner rather than later." democrats quick to put out statements. nancy pelosi saying these convictions are further proof teamal counsel mueller's are conducting thorough and professional investigations which must be permitted to continue free from interference.
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another from chris van hollen of maryland, "this has never been a witchhunt or a hoax. the plea deal of cohen shows these investigations are uncovering real wrongdoing. it's more important to -- than ever to stand up for the rule of law." a democrat from washington says "today's developments with manafort and cohen are a reminder of the cloud of corruption surrounding president trump. today's conviction and guilty plea are real, serious, and underscore the importance of allowing mueller to follow the facts." getting your thoughts with phone lines for republicans. -- republicans, democrats, and independents. you can continue to call those lines. deeper dive into the michael cohen plea. througheldman, take us pleas by michael:
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and what they are specifically regarding. guest: sure. you can think of them as being in two sets. the first are related to michael cohen's personal business and there is a set where they argue for michael coco -- michael cohen agreed he did not pay taxes on his income and he hid income in a variety of different ways, some including his taxicab business. then there is a set that says he lied to banks about a series of loans he had made to other people that resulted in him making a profit off the income -- he also lied into banks about loans he had taken out against is tax tax -- there fraud and bank fraud and then
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there are charges that got the most attention because they are related to donald trump and a campaign and that is he made .llegal campaign contributions in one way is that he worked with a major corporation, which certainly appears to be ami. the parent organization of the national inquirer, to direct them and coordinate to make a campaign corporation -- donation, which a corporation is not allowed to do, by paying karen mcdougal. then by making a campaign contribution himself by paying stormy daniels $130,000, which exceeds the campaign finance limit. host: what sort of legal exposure to the last campaign finance charges create for president trump? guest: you have this sort of extraordinary spectacle of the president's own personal attorney standing up in court and saying, i committed an illegal act and i did it at the direction of my client, who is
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now the president of the united states. if someone has directed you to commit an illegal act, they have committed an illegal act. they can be charged with conspiracy. however, there are legal pains that has -- that have been issued in 1973 and 2000 by the justice department which argue that the constitution does not allow for the indictment, the criminal indictment of a sitting president. the chances that the justice department, which would include the prosecutors in manhattan who went after cohen, and the special counsel's office, the chance that they would pursue a criminal indictment against the president seems relatively low. the remedy the constitution has held out for a president while in office if he commits a high crime or misdemeanor is impeachment. the question becomes, does there become political pressure to open an investigation in congress that could lead to
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impeachment? host: does this create a more likelihood that president trump is going to testify at some point, either in the mueller probe or in the lawsuit brought by stormy daniels and her lawyer? guest: host: -- guest: yes, stormy daniels' attorney said he believes this gives them better legal ground to force a deposition of the president in her civil lawsuit in california. there is certainly a good legal argument for that. people should also remember there are a number of other lawsuits pending, including a quite serious one from a woman in new york who claimed the president essentially assaulted her in a hotel room in 2007. she was a contestant on "the apprentice." i believe the courts already indicated they would like to see a deposition of the president in that case. we have some legal processes that may well lead to donald
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trump being required to answer questions about very difficult topics under of -- under oath within the next year. as for what happens with mueller, the president's lawyers have essentially played out that process and do not appear to be willing to have him sit down voluntarily. that appears to be -- that ball appears to be in robert mueller's court. does he attempt to issue a subpoena? that does not seem clear whether that will happen. he has had a long time to do that. he may well still try. host: you mentioned stormy daniels' lawyer. tweeting quite a bit yesterday. one of those tweets to rudy giuliani, the president's lawyer saying "buckle up, buttercup. you and your client completely misplayed this." this plea deal that michael
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cohen signed and agreed to, what does he get out of it? guest: it was not a traditional cooperation deal where it is written into the agreement that he has been given some lenience in the charging because of the cooperation he has provided. this seems to have come together very quickly. we reported that at one point he had been told he was facing an additional set of charges that could lead to up to 10 years in jail -- in prison. we believe he was charged with fewer things than they could have charged around the personal finances. so he will spend less time in jail than he otherwise would have. he will still pay substantial jail time for what he has pleaded guilty to and he is not required to offer information about the president. however, his attorney has been all over television giving many interviews last night and this
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morning, making it clear he wants to tell the truth about his former client. he believes the president is not equipped to serve in office and he stands ready to talk to any prosecutor's office who wants to talk to him, including robert mueller and the new york state attorney general's office and anyone else. host: roslyn heldman covers it all for the "washington post." thank you so much for your time this morning. guest: thank you for having me. heldermanlind mentioning michael cohen's attorney. he testified under of that president trump directed him to commit a crime for the purpose of influencing an election. if those payments were a crime, why would they be a crime for donald trump? tom is in idaho on our line for independents. go ahead. caller: thank you for taking my
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call. i am sure both of them are guilty of what they have been accused of. i don't think it really matters to the american people unless you are a trump hating liberal and then you are looking for reasons. it seems clear to anyone with common sense that this is the insurance policy that strzok and page were texting about. the federal government has been complicit with the clinton campaign and digging up the dossier and perpetrating this and making sure mr. trump is looking as bad as possible in the hopes of reclaiming power from the people. it seems clear this is the establishment against the american people. pardon them both, mr. trump, tell the deep state to kiss your grits and let's make america great again. host: from houston, texas, republican.
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caller: i kind of agree with the last caller. i don't think the snake oil salesman robert mueller has anything to stand on as far as collusion. 2020 will be reelected in and he will continue to drain the swamp because robert mueller's time is coming up before anyone's else's -- anyone else's. from clinton, maryland, line for democrat. caller: yesterday morning was a sad day for america in one respect, but a great day for the rule of law. republicans used to hold that premise in high esteem. i am wondering where those republicans are as i listen to some of the conspiracy theories that are prevalent in this country right now. i would say to trump supporters, collusion has already been established with the release of don jr.'s email about the meeting at trump tower.
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he said in the email, they were meeting with russian nationalists offering dirt on hillary. it is illegal to take anything like that from any foreign entity. it is illegal. that means it is against the law. don jr. said also that if they had, thate said they he loved it. that is almost a direct quote. i would say i wish the conspiracy theories would go away and that all of you who say you love america, instead of america first, be americans first. put this country first and contact your legislators, as i do when i call and ask them to put this country first. we have been attacked. we are still under attack. let's address that and get that taken care of so this country can stay safe and strong.
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host: you say you wish conspiracy theories would go away? how do we do that today? guest: truth is going to have to will out. somehow or another, republicans on capitol hill, as i have called mr. ryan's office and try to call mr. mcconnell's office, but he won't let his people answer the phone so i have to get a message to him through my senator. engaged. all i can do is educate myself and not allow myself to believe what i know are lies. this man lies the way he breathes, believe me, he does. for those who want to just to keep both -- want to just keep believing it at the expense of
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putting this country first, i am appalled. i have never seen anything like this, and i lived through watergate. i am appalled at the past people people want -- pass to keep giving this man. i would hate to say it is racial. if it is not, then what is it? what is it about brown people, people of color that so in s peopleeople -- enflame that they issue hate to each and every person they see that is not white? host: that is janice in maryland. indiana, independent. good morning. caller: i am a redneck all the have nearly the youlligence as the woman just had. i will tell you what, anybody crazierhers trump is
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than anyone i have ever seen. i am 79 years old and not very showt, but i watch your for about two weeks now. it's the first time i have been on your show. i can't handle the way there are so many stupid people on this show, like me. goodbye. host: tell me a little bit about elizabeth, louisiana. caller: it's a town with about 200 people. host: is it a place with a lot of donald trump supporters? voters wereour mainly for clinton. i could not stand her. i thought she was a bigger crook then trump. i'm finding out he is as bad as she was. host: that is gary in louisiana. a first-time caller. you can join the program at any time. republicans, 202-748-8001.
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democrats, 202-748-8000. .ndependents, 202-748-8002 you can also join us via social media and twitter. it is @cspanwj. chris writes in "yesterday morning in america i was concerned the rule of law died with trump's elections. now we see justice was never asleep, but vigilant and working overtime." "the probe keeps getting closer to the architect of trees in paris to pay no attention to the false denials from the top." that is a few of the tweets on our twitter feed today. discussion happens all morning day and throughout into the . i want to keep you updated on other stories happening around the country and here on capitol hill. congressman duncan hill, republican from california and $250,000allegedly used
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of campaign money for their personal expenses, including tuition, groceries, trips to italy, hawaii, and dental work. the hunters characterized the misuse of funds by labeling expenses as campaign trial or dinner with volunteers. they have been indicted. house speaker paul ryan called the charges deeply serious and said mr. hunter would be removed from his assignments while the case proceeds. the questionable expenses took place between 2009 and 2016 and occurred despite the campaign aboutrer raising issues the purchases. the hunters will appear or stay at a federal courthouse in california to respond to the charges. congressman hunter is a combat veteran in iraq and afghanistan, seeking a 6th term to represent the san diego district he currently occupies. he was previously represented by his father, also named duncan hunter.
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in ohio, a republican. go ahead. caller: it seems like every time i call i catch you, which is fine. i just wanted to say i am a supporter of president trump. i believe nothing will touch him or bring him down. to answer your question, i also believe there is nothing he can do. you asked a previous caller if there was anything he could do that would change her mind. there is nothing he could do that would change my mind. i believe we are in a fight for the character and direction of this country and i will continue to support him. i also notice you opened the show with a lot of liberal stuff. you have "the new york times," " a washington post," you had two people, one from "the washington post," and rollcall. host: i also showed breitbart and drudge post. caller: i was going to say
7:43 am
before i get too accusatory, i did walk away for a few seconds. i also know you have ann coulter coming on. host: ann coulter will be here at 9:00 in studio. new book andth a we will talk about the events from yesterday as well. caller: can i say one more thing ? i notice a lot of callers want to complain about the electoral college. , it isot electorial electoral. it drives me crazy when i hear people do that. thank you for c-span. host: ann coulter is here at 8:00 and in the 9:00 -- is here at 9:00 and in the 8:00 hour, we are joined by cenk uygur. the paul manafort convictions on coounts, and the michael hen guilty plea on 8 counts as
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well. caller: good morning. i wanted to tell everybody i am reading a new book that came out in june by madeleine albright. secretaryormer 64th of state and she was involved with a lot of things to do with politics. she served as secretary of state from 1997 to 2001 and she wrote a book called "fascism: a warning." it opens up a whole can of worms about trump and how he is pulling some of the same stunts mussolini pulled before he howme dictator of italy and mussolini had collusion with hitler. "fascism: as called warning."
7:45 am
madeleine albright, it is a wonderful book and i thought everybody should take a look at it and get informed. a republican, good morning. caller: thank you for taking my call. there are a couple mistakes your colors are making. -- callers a republican, good morning. caller: are making. tober one, it is not illegal pay someone hush money as long as the money is not out of campaign finance. i can pay you to keep quiet about the -- i gave you. there was nothing wrong with don jr. taking that meeting. as long as he didn't pay or nothing, there is nothing that.l about let's make it perfectly clear. that is my comment this morning.
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host: tom, fort lauderdale, florida. republican. go ahead. that. caller: i don't understand all the excitement about this cohen plea. thatgiuliani stipulated donald trump funneled money through his lawyer to this woman. this isn't even news. i really don't get it. what his plea does show is that this investigation into russian meddling doesn't have anything to do with russian meddling. it has to do with trying to get donald trump because they forced cohen to characterize this payment as illegal. michael cohen is not the police. pleais a very irregular where he characterizes something he did in his plea. one other thing i would like to
7:47 am
people say donald trump lies, they never site a lie. -- cite a lie. the one time i heard someone cite a crime, collusion, is wrong. that meeting with donald junior, nothing came of it. something would have come from it for there to have been collusion. i believe this is a lot of baloney and that donald trump is going to come out once again looking like roadrunner and the rest of the world is going to look like wiley coyote. host: do you think the way for the president to do that would involve partnering his former attorney and campaign chairman? caller:no. what does he need to do that for? donald trump doesn't need to do anything. to bring that up. here is the sad part about the whole thing, the amount of anger
7:48 am
and vengeance that is in the political spectrum right now. that is the thing that needs to get solved because this country, if they feel like they are going to get lucky and bring up a resolution to impeach donald trump, that is going to be the worst thing that has ever happened to this country. host: that is tom in florida. i bring up partnering because here is one of the stories it -- stories in the "wall street journal." there has been discussion about a potential partner and even more so in the wake of yesterday's guilty plea and convictions as well. about 10 minutes left in this segment of the "washington journal." i wanted to keep you updated on other stories. yesterday there were primaries that took place. it was a tuesday in the fall before an election year and republicans in wyoming renominated senator john
7:49 am
barrasso, but rejected for governor a retired investor who is one of the country's biggest donors. the losing candidate, foster freese received an 11th hour twitter endorsement from president trump, but was bested gordon.jordan -- mark the new york times in their wrapup of the primaries noted state's cheney, the house member in wyoming was renominated and in alaska, voters were picking candidates to challenge bill walker, an independent who has disappointed members of both parties as the state grapples with slowly rising economic growth and rising crime. only a former u.s. senator was running on the republican side. it was a crowded field, including several candidates dunleake dunn leiby -- vy.
7:50 am
treadwell was considered to be a front runner in that race. several key primaries are taking place in the state of florida. one other story to keep you updated on, facebook finding a new disinformation effort. theyashington post notes targeted hundreds of thousands of people around the world. the social media company saying it underscore to silicon valley's increasing global war on disinformation. the effort had ties to state media operations in that country. they spoke saying it involved hundreds of accounts on facebook and instagram. facebook also relating -- deleting unrelated fake accounts related to russia. twitter said it removed 284 accounts for engaging in coordinated manipulation.
7:51 am
twitter saying the reports appear to originate from iran. host: back to your calls. coleman in maryland, the line for democrats. good morning. caller: good morning. i want to comment regarding trump and his allies. yesterday was a day justice was one of theead we saw former members committed. -- served. we saw one of the former members committed. why is it that everyone that donated to the president trump campaign all has something to do with russia? how on earth can even any republican who lived through the when a former president of that wasd states --
7:52 am
president reagan, a republican. now we see republicans with russia doing everything to undermine the democrats, the greatest democrats on the face of the earth. i heard about all the trump supporters yesterday saying what deal. about cohen's plea what is new is that we now learned campaign money was used to pay for a prostitute, or a silence other to women from damaging trump for the election. in this case, we are learning a lot. i have no fear that this justice system will get all the way to donald trump. his children already have light on their own in the congressional hearing and a lot is coming out. those who are saying this is a
7:53 am
witchhunt, i ask them to stay tuned. all is going to come out soon. host: ken is here in washington, d.c., an independent, go ahead. caller: good morning. it is refreshing, especially as a law enforcement officer to see the justice department is doing its job. it's also not refreshing to see there are so many naive people in the world that adamantly reject the truth. that adamantly reject the fact that this person in the office has incredibly poor judgment. even if he has not -- is not found guilty, he shows poor judgment, even in his hiring practice. i am sure his naive fans that are unsophisticated will be happy to blame hillary clinton, barack obama, ill clinton, dr. seuss -- a bill clinton, dr. seuss, anyone they can. it is not helping this country
7:54 am
in the least bit. host: what do you think happens if president trump moves to pardon michael cohen or paul manafort? caller: i would expect him to do that. at least one of them. i am not sure if he will do both of them. manafort, he may. cohen, i don't think so because he will consider that disloyal. i think in these elections upcoming, it will be important to hammer these self-evident truths. more often than not, trump calls it a witch hunt. it's only a witch hunt until you capture a which or -- witch or a wicken or a warlock. i would not be surprised if he pardons them. related todgment is not only his business dealings, but his presidential actions,
7:55 am
not alone his personal, married life. we will see what is next. host: that is ken here in washington, d.c. speaking of more reaction from capitol hill on the issue of pardons, patrick leahy was asked about a potential pardon for paul manafort and what that would mean. [video clip] >> what about the concern the president could try and parted? is that something -- pardon? is that something that goes through your mind? >> that would create such a backlash. that would have watergate written all over it. remember, there are several of these cases coming now in state court. those, you cannot pardon. that if i were his advisor, i would say let the process play out. host: time for a few more of
7:56 am
your calls this morning on the "washington journal." the senate is back at 10:00 a.m. today. we will be looking at more reaction from senators after yesterday's news out of federal district courts in new york city and alexandria, virginia. mary is a democrat. good morning. caller: good morning. where to begin. this is just like a movie of a watergate repeat all over again. i have never seen so many people be indicted. every time 45 talks or looks at anybody, they are going down. what is the name of the two congressman who are indicted right now? that are staunch supporters of trump? host: you are talking about duncan hunter and collins, the buckley out -- buffalo area, and out of new york. caller: exactly. i feel like the trump supporters
7:57 am
calling in from new york are brainwashed. the lady from ohio, you are brainwashed. that is an example of someone that does not care about the country or dell shall -- their selves. they just care about 45. i am sorry, people, he is going to be indicted. they can pass a law to have that happen and they are trying to hurry up and confirm the supreme court nominee so that he can be there to stop anything happening to 45. it is not going to happen. if he pardons anybody, it will be one hell of a blue, progressive wave. caller: i just wanted to say , not trump supporters, man all of them, but some of them are the definition of a cult. you have the guy from florida, that woman from -- i can't
7:58 am
remember. for them to say what they said is ridiculous. it is not illegal to pay somebody hush money. when they say illegal, it is when you try to hide it. it is amazing that trump can do whatever he wants and you have supporters back cam. -- back him. i was listening to c-span and one guy literally said trump could shoot somebody and i will always support him. what type of madness is that? as far as the investigation with mueller and paul manafort and michael cohen, it is going the way it is supposed to. like the guy from d.c. said, they are going to blame everybody. they will blame obama, they will probably claim michael jackson, hillary clinton, they will blame everybody but trump. i am looking forward to see how
7:59 am
everything will turn out because cohen is speaking. he is getting information and what people need to realize about paul manafort is that when he was in the ukraine lobbying for some people over there, the people he was working for had putin's interest at heart. he was working for putin's interest in ukraine. why would he not be working for putin's interest in this country? that is the connection. of course, all the trump supporters will say nope. and is all liberal mania socialist and blah, blah, blah liberals. host: -- caller: i appreciate you taking my call, these last two really had -- syndrome.
8:00 am
a couple of weeks ago somebody .sed the lord's name in vain that was crazy and i agree with robert earlier. insuranceout the policy. i believe that's all this is. trump is going to be all right, there is a double standard that let hillary clinton get away with all the stuff she did and when it's the republicans turn, they want to nail them. hairy is not mac's, greenville, south carolina, democrat, good morning. i am amazed trump keeps talking about there's no states thatd he
8:01 am
what manafort is going through and what michael cohen is going through is not based upon what happened about russia. prosecutorsying the -- that is crazy. if they committed the crime they should face the time. i had a couple of questions about manafort's sentence. when will he be sentenced? nobody has talked about that. the second thing i had was michael: made comments to the second -- michael cohen made comments to the senate committee that are different from what he said now. he said he had no idea what happened at the trump tower meeting but now he is saying he know something about it. what is going on about that? i thank you very much for your time.
8:02 am
salt lake city, utah, line for independent. go ahead. caller: i wanted to make a point to the democrats on twitter this that are starting a parade sing trump is gone already. i want to caution them. trump has done deals with saudi arabia already and won't get theached for that, republicans don't have enough integrity to impeach him off of deals, they need his supporters with this primary so they won't impeach him. , theyan impeach him after just need to caution themselves that this won't happen in the republicans have no backbone. host: got your point. our last caller in this segment of the first segment of washington journal. plenty more time this morning to continue the discussion. michael: -- michael
8:03 am
cohen plea and paul manafort verdict. we will be joined by cenk uygur of the young turks. later we will be joined by ann coulter. we will be right back. >> the c-span buses traveling across the country on our 50 capitals tour. the buses on its 39th stop in honolulu. asking folks what is the most important issue in hawaii. >> one of the big issues is will they be able to afford to stay. we have a huge homeless situation right now, we are looking for ways. i think the problem is going to get worse if we don't take care
8:04 am
of it now. >> i was born and raised here. one of the important issues i feel we are facing here in worki is trying to manage life balance. i work full time, my husband works full-time and we have three young children and are trying to take care of everyone. >> i think right now more than ever for hawaii we need to consider -- which is itself a life form. if we could all promote and live experience, we could all be in a better place. >> be sure to join us october 6 and seventh when we feature a
8:05 am
visit to hawaii. c-span,waii weekend on or listen on the c-span radio app. washington journal continues. host: cenk uygur joins us from los angeles. c-span viewers know him as host of the -- and creator of "the young turks." -- upfor getting so early early for us in l.a.. your reaction to the busy newsday yesterday. guest: now it is game on. we have significant issues here. paul manafort's trial did not have to do with donald trump, but with manafort -- but if manafort has information, he might be serving the rest of his life in prison, this would be the time to give it up. maybe he doesn't have any info. michael cohen we know for certain does have information on donald trump and has implicated or now in a federal crime
8:06 am
perhaps a high crime and misdemeanor. the president is in a world of trouble, if you are i were implicated in a federal crime like that, we would probably be arrested. host: or perhaps a high crime and misdemeanor. what would be a recommendation to democrats on capitol hill talking about this today? guest: my recommendation is win more seats. impeachment begins in the house, you need a majority of being judicial committee and the house. in terms of how to talk about it , democrats are always looking to over strategize and usually find a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. just talk about what it is. the guy committed campaign-finance violations to pay off his mistress, if it was obama that had done this, guaranteed that the republicans would've started impeachment proceedings yesterday. don't over strategize, stick with the truth, the guy committed a crime. host: is impeachment a talking
8:07 am
point today? is this something the democrats we talking about on the campaign trail? guest: everybody's in a different camp on impeachment when it comes to the left and it is mixed. it doesn't fall the lines of progressives versus establishment which is usually the split. in this case there are people on both sides. if you were to ask me yesterday morning at this time, i would have been in the camp of no, you don't have it yet, you have to wait for mueller to say if he committed a crime or not. without doing that it is premature and doesn't help. now put aside the politics, this is the reality of the current situation, but today somebody went to to federal court pleaded guilty to a federal crime and said my co-conspirator was donald trump. while then now the facts have changed. i suppose impeachment is now on the table. my fear is that the nancy pelosi types will say i don't know how
8:08 am
that plays in nebraska, i'm going to do some political calculations and maybe i will get to it later. just do what is right. host: what changes if the president moves to pardon one or perhaps both of these men? guest: how much evidence to the american people need that the guy is guilty? first of all nonstop maniacal tweets of it is collusion, it is a witchhunt. the guy is literally off his rocker. he is mentally unbalanced. we are going around pretending the emperor has clothes on. unhinged andely why is he reacting in such a crazy over-the-top way? because he did it. likes he pardoning people sheriff joe arpaio to set a standard for? remember scooter libb he for no reason, it was obviously to say the people who have information on my criminal actions, i can pardon you.
8:09 am
now we are at a point where you have to pardon people that were literally his co-conspirators. if he does that, of course he should be impeached. close.ot even the only reason we are having this discovers asian is because -- this conversation is because donald trump is move the spectrum of close. sanity. any other president we would be talking about impeachment. since donald trump is so insane and he has moved over to the window, we are having a discussion about whether we should discuss impeachment, if he pardons his co-conspirators. is with us this morning. you can join the conversation on phone lines. republicans 202-748-8000 -- 202-748-8001, democrats 202-748-8000. independents 202-748-8002. c-span viewers know cenk uygur as the host of "the young turks." he will be with us until about 9:00 as folks are calling in,
8:10 am
how confident are you about a blue wave come november? >> very confident. my confidence is born of fact. i know that a lot of people love to say that polls are wrong or don't matter and from time to time they are, it depends on who they are polling. for an independent leaning candidates right or wrong like donald trump and bernie sanders, some of the polling will be off because they are polling likely voters and those candidates bring in unlikely voters. overall pair -- pulling is fairly accurate. already showed the 12ocrats are making up about or 13 point leads on republicans. that is gigantic. be a ways there will that a minimum and potentially assumed nominee -- a sioux nominee. independence, go
8:11 am
ahead. >> i want to thank c-span. this guy is totally wrong. paying hush money is not a crime. if that was the case, all the senators who paid -- to have this sex abuse slush fund to pay off for their misdeeds would all be in jail are ready. just because michael cohen and lanny davis said it was a crime, it is not a crime. it was a plea deal. it was not adjudicated in court. this guy is totally, totally wrong. guest: the only problem you have is the facts are not on your side. i know you get brainwashed by trump saying something. so he says absurd things like collusion is not a crime. but conspiracy is. he is just using a different word. you are saying hush money is not a crime, that is true. money duringy hush over theon and it is
8:12 am
legally allowed contribution which is what michael cohen did, michael cohen technically legally was only allowed to give $2700 to mike -- to donald trump's campaign. he gave $150,000 when he did one of those hush payments, that is illegal. it is not the hush money problem , it is that he is breaking campaign-finance laws. by the way, do you want people breaking those laws? do you want them to be able to bribe off politicians? that is the swamp. whether it is hillary clinton or donald trump, jr. want people coming up and being able to give $150,000 completely outside of the law for god knows what favors they want. yes it is absolutely a crime. and in the case of paul manafort, paul manafort's case doesn't have to do with donald trump. it is about an earlier case of his corruption when it came to the pro-russian ukrainian government. if trump really does not have
8:13 am
anything to hide, he won't pardon manafort. the case doesn't have anything to do with tron. the only reason you would pardon manafort is if he is guilty and he knows that manafort has other information on him that he is about to release. so you can see a head of time whether he is guilty or not if you bother to have an open mind. host: you mentioned the swamp and the indictments. i wonder your thoughts on congressman duncan hunter's indictment in california. guest: here we go again. another republican, another crook, another one who is totally hypocritical. all these republican saying we take -- care about taxpayer money. if they meant that it would be wonderful. what do they do instead? , anotherse campaign-finance violation. the people gave $250,000 to his campaign. system is atrocious,
8:14 am
it is systemic corruption. donors can just give money to politicians campaign and do independent expenditures. system ison top of that duncans not happy with just taking legalized bribes, he takes money out of his campaign and spends it for italian vacations, dental work and to fly his pet rabbit around on a plane and he took your donations and put it in his pocket. that is what criminals do. and i hopeotal crime we have justice in this country and that he is put in prison. host: jeffrey in auburn, new york, a democrat, good morning. william'scall from hometown and i am military. i served my time during the cold war. u.s. navy. every member of my family is military connected and our family goes back to the pilgrims
8:15 am
and we have been in this country that long. anyhow. to support the military, praise the lord and pass the and munition because every war conflict or military skirmish with have since world war ii, we supplied one side, we are the biggest arms dealer in the world. russia supply the other. it was like a chicken fight and russia's high the arms that killed or wounded every soldier in korea and every soldier in vietnam. it is a travesty that we are supporting godless communists and anybody that is a republican that says lipservice to you support the military, it is pure lipservice and it is disingenuous to say this when soldier that died or was wounded in these conflicts, including the iraq war because russia supplied iran and the afghanistan's war because russia supply to taliban. host: thank you, jeff.
8:16 am
guest: there is one part obviously i don't agree with their because the russians are not communist anymore, they are probably on the off that -- opposite end of the spectrum. of russian the camp has to be our enemy and they have to be that way forever, and i think sometimes we fight about from the past. having said that, russia has chosen to interfere in our elections and i'm not as concerned about them putting out fake post on social media as some of the democrats are, but what i am concerned about is their attempts to hack into voting booths which are incredibly vulnerable. if they are going to try and mess with our democracy, then i guess they have chosen to be our enemy. it is an unfortunate choice, but that should have consequences. most importantly we have to protect those voting areas.
8:17 am
republicans care about voter fraud, we have to verify every single election, how can we not agree upon this? like tulsieople gabbard in house of look to spend more money we all have paper ballots. if you're a public in the worries about voter fraud or interference, you should love that and same with the democrats. yet we can't get agreement on a simple concept like that. there are now republicans that are irrationally in favor of russia. what a twist that is. they say vladimir putin is a good guy like george w. bush did. he said he looked into his eyes and saw he had a good heart. preposterous. if you're in that camp you have to ask yourself why you are in that camp. you shouldn't have irrational hatred or love, you should judge on their actions. and their recent actions have not been good. host: the senate is in this week
8:18 am
along with judicial nominations. one of the things up there is nominee brett kavanaugh meeting with their areas members of the senate ahead of his supreme court confirmation process. a story from today's washington times about his meeting with chuck schumer yesterday. also meeting with several other republicannd a key in his confirmation process, susan collins of maine. i know one of your concerns about brett kavanaugh's nomination has been the future of roe v. wade. susan to play what collins had to play about her meeting with brett kavanaugh because she also had concerns. [video clip] you had concerns after looking through his record, what are the wreck -- concerns? >> we talked about them. i talked about them at length that his decision in regards to the case which is the only case dealing with abortion in which he has rendered his decision.
8:19 am
we talked about whether he roe to be settled law and he said he agreed to what justice roberts said in his nomination hearing in which he says that it was settled law. good thorough discussion about that issue and many others. host: do those comments make you any more comfortable with the nominating? guest: of course not. like the youngle turks is because we say things you're not allowed to say in washington that are obviously true. guess what, people lie in her confirmation hearings. dance around the truth, they live. ryan zinke he did and said he will not give away a square inch of public land. and then they gave away huge part of our monuments and then we caught them last week trying
8:20 am
to sell off 1600 acres in utah. they lie all the time. ben carson said he wouldn't do the things he is doing at hide. all the justices pretend they have new -- no political leanings. they pretend their political opinions don't affect their decisions and yet somehow when they wind up on the supreme court, all the liberals vote in the liberal direction all conservatives vote in the conservative directions not even judicially, but on political issues. bush v gore, the republicans came to death claim to care about state rights but they destroyed it. they are total liars. kavanaugh comes in and says these of the decisions i made were a question roe v. wade, i agree with robert lies during his confirmation hearings about how we called and i won't question is settled law. i don't believe it. it is pretty little lies you tell susan collins so she can
8:21 am
say i asked him and he said he was ok. and now dutifully as a republican i will vote for him. those who didn't meet with them, should they -- those who met with kavanaugh, should they have met with them? host: guest: of course they should, it doesn't mean they should vote for him. tom carper of delaware should be embarrassed for his vote. kavanaugh's one of most right-wing justices in the country. tom carper has a primary and delaware coming up, we should vote them out. host: line for republicans, nina, good morning. you are on. guest: i just had -- caller: i just had a question about paul manafort. he has been doing this shady
8:22 am
stuff with tax fraud and all for years, why has it taken this long and why under this president before they started delving into all of his misbehaving's and tax evasion? host: do you think it is more about the president that he works for then his own deceit? forer: it is not so much the president, but they've known about this for years and it is kind of hypocritical they waited until this president got in before getting at him. a partisan is not issue because manafort is a lifelong republican and he worked for five different republican presidents. i suppose it could've gotten him under reagan, but if he is really a lifelong criminal. the specific charges here are related to what he is done in backing former president of ukraine. he didn't do that in the reagan
8:23 am
era, he did that recently. i am bothered by this as well maybe for different reasons because i feel like there is a lot of people in washington that do this kind of shady lobbying and certainly plenty of rich and powerful people in this country who hide their money abroad and she don't taxes all the time and they don't get caught. manafort happen to get caught up in this investigation and the fact they caught him is great, he is a criminal and when he cheats on his taxes and height $30 million -- and hides $30 million, that cost the rest of the taxpayers so i'm glad we got him. i think they should do these investigations more regularly to show the nonstop corruption in washington. host: helen, democrat, good morning. caller: thanks for taking my call. i am calling to say that when i look at paul manafort, i looked at him as he was being brought in to the administration and
8:24 am
what i saw at that time in his background and wondered why was he being brought into the united states after helping to overturn ukraine. there are others in the administration who are part of this whole gang that is going on. i hear you say about the blue wave, we are in crisis right now , blue wave will take place in november and where i'm looking at and what i know, we don't have that much time. who isying to figure out the base for the president. i see some of the same people at all rallies wherever they are. that people in the crowds are african-american, i want to know how they travel all over the united date -- united states? how many of these people are russians who maintain the same script every day? could we please protect our land and not this man. 400amily has been here over
8:25 am
years. we fought for this country. i'm fighting for now. host: do you think president trump has paid crowd that his rallies? guest: we know in the past he has. i doubt use doing it now. it is more competition than that. in the announcement speech he was running for president we found out later he paid $50 per head for people to show up and pretend to be his fans. which is hilarious. later the crowds were absolutely real and they are real now. with the notable exception of a couple people. the right wing has an ecosystem that is funded by billionaires who want tax cuts. so they do pay some people to fly around the country and attend trump rallies but they certainly find certain people and they usually like to pick some ethnicities, let me keep it real i think what the caller is referring to is that like to find african-americans and bring
8:26 am
them to all the rallies so they can go what do you mean, i've got african-american friends. overall the more important part is that the right-wing billionaires do actually pay a lot of the people you see on tv gobs of money to do propaganda for them including the person on she ise, ann coulter, paid nonstop by right-wingers to spread their hatred and fear and largely for her profit and their profit when they get deregulation past. you: is there a question had for her if you were able to stick around? guest: i debated her for a whole hour once and i got my answer. she basically said at the beginning that it is a put on, it is all an act she does and it's a gross, disgusting act where she plays on the fear and
8:27 am
hatred of americans for money. i hope she is proud. host: virginia is in pennsylvania, republican, good morning. caller: good morning. what the american people really want is hillary clinton, schumer, obama, and all of the other corrupt rotten thieves. taking care of first. as lying goes, nobody lies like a democrat. host: anything you want to respond to? guest: of course i do. based on what? amazing the power of propaganda in this country. let me keep it real with you guys. if you set i'm worried about hillary clinton's systemic corruption because of all the money she is taken from donors, guess who would agree with you? me.
8:28 am
i made that case over and over during the primaries because it's true. she took $225,000 from goldman sachs and i was personal money put in her pocket. i can go on and on. systemic, institutional corrupt in. you are right. but she didn't violate any of those laws. obama, i don't know what you are talking about. i have my own problems with him, but he didn't break any laws. so you have just been fed that propaganda into your head, you just blurted out they should go after hillary and obama and schumer. i have no love for schumer at all. but what crime did he commit? you are just pulling stuff out of your you know what? host: do you think bernie sanders will run for president again? guest: i don't have any more information than you do but it sure looks like it. host: and he is a candidate you would support if he ran?
8:29 am
guest: i am not about personalities, i'm about change. i think this system is fundamentally corrupt, i think money corrupted. the fact we allow legalized bribery in the country is insanity called campaign contributions, dark money, independent expenditures. bernie sanders wants to go against those things and if he continues to fight against those, i will be on his side. there are a lot of people like elizabeth warren who put together maybe the best piece of legislation i've seen in the last 20 years against corruption. republicans and democrats should all supported and probably none of them will because most of them are corrupt and are looking to take lobbyist money when they retire, they are looking forward to hiring lobbyists and they represent donors and not voters. anyone to fight corruption, i am on their side. host: i wonder your thoughts on how progressives like bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, how
8:30 am
they are doing in their endorsements in the primaries ahead of the midterms? elizabeth warren is five for five and her endorsements and bernie sanders though five for ,ine innings endorsements compared to people like joe biden was 10 for 10 in his endorsements. the democratic party committee clocking in at 37 of 39. viewers can see this at 538. does that mean anything? guest: yes and no. overall the whole thing is misleading. 538 does good work, it is just this is a generally useless chart. why? let me explain. joe biden comes in endorses people who have the most amount of money in their base -- race that are establishment democrats. you went 10 for 10, who cares.
8:31 am
it is not interesting, he is not taking any chances and is supporting people that already have everyone else behind them. i like joe biden, but that is the reality of what is he doing. whereas is bernie sanders is taking some chances on people like brett in kansas' third district. he did not win but he was a wonderful progressive. i don't mind taking that chance and losing. as long as you are actually fighting for the american people. that is why this chart is misleading, but on the other is the does tell you people who are actually willing to put their next on the line and try to get real change. and justiceution democrats don't have a quote unquote great winning record, that is a bit incorrect. but that is because they took a chance on people like alexandria cozzi a cortez that people thought had no chance. it turns of they were wrong and
8:32 am
we were right. host: who are the justice democrats reviewers who don't know? guest: it is a progressive uncorrupted wing of the democratic party. they take no corporate pack money so they represent you and not their donors. they are very progressive. medicare for all, which gives health care to all americans, medicare pulls at 77%. there is no reason why it should only be for senior citizens, it should be for the whole country. and fight for higher wages and economic dignity. all the things the people want easily but are fought against by establishment democrats and republicans. host: you helped found that group? guest: yes i did. host: you are no longer part of that, correct? guest: no, technically i'm not. but i support them. host: why not? guest: we had a bit of a disagreement on an old issue. that is water under the bridge, we are totally passed it and there is a lot of distractions of the right wing puts out
8:33 am
there, so in that case, when i was at -- agoleted those a long time not when i got caught, but because i didn't stand by them. bless, this is a normal part of the attack machine you get involved in. i signed up for it. past that issue. what we care about most is policy, not politics, not attacks, but policy. what are we going to do for the american people? are going to give them higher wages and health care? will we give that kids an opportunity to get a college education to live the american dream? anyone trying to distract you from that. host: cenk uygur with us taking your calls and questions. police, thanks for waiting -- elise, thanks for waiting. caller: i love the young turks, you guys have been spreading the
8:34 am
truth for a long time. thank you very much. newstly i heard on the they are finding that the voting machines are being tampered with and my suggestion to the american people and i posted on facebook every day to vote by mail, just vote by mail. that way you don't have to deal with these machines. i understand that all the states don't have voting by mail for whatever reason, but if every their countyled register of voters, they are sent to the absentee ballots and they can vote by mail. that way you don't have to wait in line, you don't have to stand in the snow, you don't have to machine, trying to figure it out, it is just a better way to vote and i trust the united states post office much more so than i do the machines being tampered machine.
8:35 am
host: cenk uygur on election security. guest: there are a couple of parts of absurdities in our election process. do i know the machines are being tampered with? i don't, but that is part of the problem. we have no certainty whether they are or are not tampered with. in the election a couple weeks ago in the same kansas third kobach wasris running for governor. kris kobach is losing by 13 points in johnson county. all of a sudden johnson county, the person in charge of elections there says there is a computer glitch here, he was appointed by kris kobach. hoursthey take hours upon in the glitch happened and 9:00 p.m. come of a so-called fix it at 5:50 a.m. and it comes out and says he won the county. he was down by 13 points, how did he win the county?
8:36 am
maybe it is legit, maybe the later parts did vote for him, that is entirely possible. so how can the citizens of johnson county, kansas know if actually voted for him? we are not going to tell you. what you mean you're not going to tell us? they don't share with the public at all, or the press. someone wants to look at the computer the tabulated the vote and they say no, the desk that is from a private company. andwe privatizing elections handing over to a private company that says your votes are my proprietary information? that is insanity. we ship paper ballots across the country and everybody should be able to verify. host: in milwaukee, chris is waiting period -- is waiting. his former campaign
8:37 am
strategists was paid a million dollars a month and for people who don't know him, he helped get elected a dictators and that it towards russia. bernie sanders is one of the only candidates who didn't release his tax returns along with donald trump, and only released a two-page financial statement. it looks like he might be involved in some of this. i want to know your thoughts on that? guest: i don't think bernie sanders is involved at all. but your points about ted devine and tax returns are fine. i have no idea what ted devine did or did not do. i understand paul manafort was not convicted for lobbying for the ukraine, he was convicted for hiding the money that he got from you rain and is convicted for fraud that he did afterwards to try and get more loans. so ted devine did not do those lee -- illegal activities, he
8:38 am
just lobby. if you don't like that he did the lobbying, i hear you. senator vitter should release those tax returns. host: he was one of the witnesses that the mueller team brought in to the case against paul manafort. guest: that is right. his testimony was mixed. he said we did legitimate obviously would manafort did afterwards with the money was the real crime. host: tom in dayton, ohio, republican. caller: good morning. i've been a republican since donald trump ran for president. this is so one-sided. himavid g trump telling gave a letter to trump telling him comey knew to be fired. your hillary clinton and bill clinton. bill clinton paid 5000 $500,000 in their charity pay tens of
8:39 am
millions of dollars, but that is ok. this is a one-way street mr.. , democrats areat going to lose for one reason, law and order. we want law and order. that immigrant the other day killed mali. he shouldn't have been in the country and people are fed up with it. guest: that was hilarious. if you are for law and order, you should be for convicting manafort, michael cohen, it there is a legal investigation donald trump and he wants to avoid the law. if you are for law and order you should be 100% in favor of the mueller investigation which is about law and order. so there is this insanity where they say those latinos coming in, i hate them, law and order on them. they are committing a most a misdemeanor by crossing the border to try and find a home for their families and those of
8:40 am
the guys you want to crush, but the guy the very top that has the way ifer, and by he hasn't broken the law, we will find out in that will be fine, but there is the possibility he broke laws and you say no, let the powerful get away with it but crush the powerless. what kind of sick law and order is that? that is no law and order. host: the caller brought up the mollie tibbetts case. president trump did not mention paul manafort or michael cohen at his rally in west virginia but he did mention mollie tibbetts and i case out in iowa. here's the story on the front page of washington times. murder charges. i wonder your thoughts on that case and the president bringing it up. guest: this is what they do. they do selective cases to put out propaganda. let me claim what i mean. there are thousands of voters across the country.
8:41 am
you could take a handful of them and say oh my god the scourge of crime in this country, you know who commits a lot of crime in this country? area nation. it's one of the biggest gangs in the -- area and nation -- ar yan nation. i can find dozens of crimes they committed and go on a rampage. you are selectively picking cases to make a political point to spread fear and hatred when you're targeting these particular people. so the question you should be asking yourself at home is to undocumented immigrants commit more crimes or less crimes than the average american? lucky for you there are facts on this and people have studied it at length. undocumented immigrants commit far less crimes than the average american. if you care about law and order, -- say we have to protect
8:42 am
our borders, that is a fair argument. if you say i think all undocumented immigrants are rapists and criminals like donald trump said, you are wrong . on average they commit less crime. you bought into donald camera -- on propaganda that donald trump has to get people to hate -- get you to hate people. host: cenk uygur with us for about 20 more minutes. caller: my question to your guest is what do you think about donna brazil giving debate questions to hillary clinton and also what do you think about pickingasserman schultz hillary clinton gets bernie
8:43 am
sanders? guest: the young turks was the first to break the donna brazil according tosaid the papers that were leaked to that she gave answers -- questions to hillary clinton that would come up in the debate. she denies it. then she finally knowledge to energy turned all the way back around and said it was rigged. the dnc got paid by the clintons and they were favoring hillary clinton. that is what we were saying during the primaries. it was super obvious. we were right and most of the establishment media who pooh-poohed the idea were wrong. i don't ever a lot of apologies about that. if you are concerned about hillary clinton affecting elections in that way, you are right to be concerned. by the way it is known for the , i'm no fan of her supporters, but what they did was not a legal unfortunately.
8:44 am
but they did definitely favor the clinton camp over bernie sanders are in the primary. the established the democrats have now completely change their story. in 2016 when hillary clinton was leading, they said we shouldn't have primaries, the primaries are hurtful, which have less debates, not more debates, let's wrap it up. now the bernie sanders of the most popular politician in the country, all of a sudden the establishment says we have to have a really big primary. primaries are wonderful. we should have as many as possible. what happened to clearing the field? oh when bernie sanders's leading all of a sudden you are not in favor of clearing the field. i am used to the establishment lies. host: nancy, democrat, go ahead. caller: thanks for taking my call. a quick comment and a quick question. ihave always been a democrat,
8:45 am
am 68 and since i could vote of 21 years of age. we have lost several elections to republicans, but back then we had true statesman. we can work across the aisle, we worked with them. democrats are in a fury right now is because who we lost two. any other republican we could've dealt with, but it is him we object to. question, god for bid this potus should decide to or bothanafort or cohen , can congress or the senate block his pardon while this mueller investigation is still going on because there are going to be ties to a down the road as
8:46 am
they said during the bush administration. thank you for your comment about the legal murders versus the wife guys who murder his and two daughters in colorado. host: got your point. cenk uygur on the constitutional authority to pardon? guest: unfortunately congress cannot do anything about it. so if he pardons them, he pardons them. but there could be consequences for those actions. the natural consequences for pardon your co-conspirators is impeachment. will the republicans vote for impeachment? very unlikely. they are not patriots, they don't really care about the country. it is a misnomer when people on television talk about the honorable gentleman from connecticut, they are not honorable. all they care about is their donor money. they will go after donors. probably their donors sitting
8:47 am
fat with tax cuts they got will say he helped my bottom line, keep him in office. so the republicans will not care about what the law is and i would be shocked if they vote for impeachment even if was as plain as can be. host: do you think president trump could pardon himself? aest: really if you are republican claim for law and order and you have a president to pardons himself, are you still going to stay with him? the answer is likely yes because he was right, he could shoot a guy in fifth avenue and you would say he had it coming, i'm sure he was protecting himself. you would make any excuse. the president pardoning himself is preposterous. he should of course immediately be impeached, immediately. the fact he is even discussing pardoning himself tells you he is obviously guilty. why are we having a conversation about pardoning yourself if you didn't do it?
8:48 am
if the exit follows through on it, how stupid do you have to be to think he didn't commit the crime? host: john in nazareth, pennsylvania, republican. caller: thank you for taking my call. it is not a to speak to the caller. tyt worldworks for and now he works for the turkish government. my question for you is regarding the situation with turkey and the sanctions, where do you think the future is for president trump in the election , i lived by -- a turkish clergyman wanted by the turkish government. why are we protecting a terrorist knowingly that we should send him back because he has taken over our christian churches and universities and president trump i thought was going to do something about it and nothing is being done.
8:49 am
what you think the future is with turkey and the united states? guest: i don't want to way too much and turkish politics, it is not my expertise, but i know they're not a lot of winners there. the u.s. putting tariffs on turkey makes no sense. we put tariffs on canada, that doesn't make any sense either. donald trump being a usual madman. 's response to being leader of turkey is not a good one. one, it is ather good question as to why the government is protecting them. you have to ask american government. here in d.c., independent, go ahead. caller: firstly i would like to much respect to cenk uygur. grad, ieorgetown law believe he is a national debt -- i didn't vote for hillary
8:50 am
clinton, i couldn't vote because of the violent crime control and law enforcement act with many african-americans were been in prison for various offenses in a very one-sided manner, my question is do you feel the enough to party is combat the gullible christian right whether against trump or pence? then i had a second question regarding biometric crypto voting to possibly solve some of this voter tampering going on. i am happy to say that there are certain things i know expertise in. if you thought i did know about turkish politics, wait until you get into how i -- how little i know about biometric crypto voting. i don't know about that, but
8:51 am
thank you for your incredibly nice comments about me. i will address the part i do know. about democratic unity. i have an opinion that i think should be noncontroversial, although it is for the two different camps within the democratic party. i think the primaries are fantastic, i believe when bernie sanders was trailing in 2016, i believe when he is leading in 2020. i don't change my principles based on the situation. i think the primary makes the party better and it is a great opportunity to elect uncorrupted progresses. please if you're out there even if your public in our democrat, go vote in your primaries so you get the leaders you can actually believe in. ,nce you're past the primary then vote for whoever you think is better. or even not worse. people sit a lesser two evils is still evil, yes, but it is still the lesser of the two evils. in the case 2016 i thought it
8:52 am
was an easy vote voter bernie sanders in the primary and i thought was an easy vote to vote for hillary clinton and general election. bernie sanders was not in the general, nor was any progressive. i did not think to the brink rate change, but what you better than donald trump? absolutely. i would say i've been proven right on that. host: how do you feel about the movement and the term democratic socialist? so i think people spend too much time on terms. i, as of a capitalist and people get mad at that. it depends of where you are on the spectrum. we live in as socialist country. almost every country is. it's a mixed economy. some parts of private and some are public. if you're a right-winger and your head is exploding, what do you think is public in this country? the cops are public. , oryou think they should
8:53 am
private fire -- it is not that we would for bid you from having private security because your love and have it, but yes we have public education, public protection. the military is the biggest public program there is. if you like the military, you like big government. i believe something should be public like schools, etc.. at least something should be private. germany, sweden is a mixed economy. almost every country in the world is on that spectrum. the only question is where should we be on the spectrum? what should be public and what should be private? the real debate we are having is over a sliver of the economy. for example, nobody is saying we should take mcdonald's public in -- and the government should run it. no one is saying that. therehey are saying is
8:54 am
are things like health care that should be public like education or cops because we have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and nothing affect their life more than our health. it is a pretty logical argument and is one that all of the rest of the developed world has agreed to. they all have public health longer,e and they live they of better health care than us it'd cost them half the money. host: time for a few more calls. ashley, thank you for waiting in tennessee, independent. caller: thank you for taking my call. ask what he thought of the lack of retrospect concerning the russian investigation especially given the spears in the past that shows -- conspiracy the past which is high officials during a cold war that pushed the red
8:55 am
scare. out i want to point recently saw rubio speaking on c-span talking about voter identity, whatever that other caller was talking about and they were talking about $400 million to bring back paper votes. thank you. first of all, no problem on the name, it is a hard name. ands spelled with a c pronounce with a j so don't sweat that. on the red scare, i don't know why people still bring it up. it isn't communist russia anymore, it is not the soviet union, it is a different russia. on the exact opposite end of the spectrum. it is borderline fascist. so this isn't about the red scare and if talking about russians in general, i am out.
8:56 am
i have nothing against russian people, no progressive in their right mind would discriminate on any ethnicity. if we are talking about specific crimes the russians might of committed, especially when it comes to voter rolls, i don't care but it is russia or china or anyone who does that, i am against it and we should take action. host: david, west virginia, independent, good morning. c-span.i love your show putcome when your guests out false news about donald and rapists,him mexican illegals, he thinks all mexicans that illegals a rapists. and they put that information out there, the host doesn't correct these people.
8:57 am
donald trump never said that. he said some of the illegals coming across the border are rapists. but these people get on their day by day and i heard even callers calling in and they're saying the donald trump things -- thinks all mexicans are rapists and people say this every day and some of these callers out there are believing that. you keep saying that over and over and that is fake news and that's what donald trump, president trump is saying is fake news and if you keep saying that enough, enough dumb people out there believe it. president trump never said, he said some people and all you have to do is google it and you will see it. thank you, have a nice day and correct these people when they say that. and that you are democratic congress people who get on host: c-span and say it all the time. host:got your point. guest: donald trump came out in his first speech ever when announcing his presidency and
8:58 am
ascetic consistently throughout these years. he said mexico is sending criminals and rapists. and then he added i suppose there are some good people. putou take up mexican and in any under ethnicities how horrible that sounds great imaginative presidential candidate said israel is sending criminals and rapists here, but i suppose there are some good jews. you would say all my god that is terrible and you would be right. but when he says about muslims and mexicans, he said he didn't say all -- this guy goes he didn't say all mexicans. he just said there are a lot of them. is't forget that is how he trying to drive fear and hatred towards one particular group. and your big excuse is he didn't say all of them. while. -- wow. march inral fascists
8:59 am
charlottesville and he says there is good on both sides. do you want to brag that he didn't say all not these are good people? com -- congratulations. caller: i got a call. i heard you talk about primaries. i suppose you are again super delegates as well. my big deal is with caucuses. because caucuses, i waited, stood in a gymnasium for four hours to to spain a caucus and so only the younger or more avid enthusiasts were out there and they were predominantly bernie people. if you want to have a fair primary process, why don't we just have all primaries and no caucuses because you only have -- i almost called them fanatics , but the most enthusiastic
9:00 am
supporters that attend the caucuses and about 80% or 90% don't want to bother standing there for four hours to be counted. guest: all legitimate points. all legitimate points and a good debate about caucuses. 100 begin -- 100% against superdelegates. do not know why they get the vote over the ordinary democrat and the democratic party should be embarrassed to have a system like that when the republicans don't. in terms of the caucuses, upsides and downsides. even in what you mention, people were enthusiastic to vote for bernie sanders. that was a good indication of what may happen in the general election. nobody was excited about hillary. not enough of them voted and she lost the electoral college. excited tove been vote for bernie sanders and more people may have showed up and he probably would have one, up 12
9:01 am
point against donald trump on election day. he would've had a better chance than hillary clinton. caucusesher hand, the do exclude some people. it is a fair debate to have within the democratic party. d.c.,jim and washington, republican. caller: i think the guest is wrong. he is brainwashed. no matter what donald trump does, if he solved world hunger, the democrats would find something wrong. no matter what he does, with korea, you will find something wrong. this is politically motivated. it is a witchhunt. paul manafort had nothing to do with trump and the allegations
9:02 am
of the payments with the woman, that is not legal, he pay it out of his own funds. the democrats are looking for anything to bring him down and i think it is biased and not fair. caller: here we go -- guest: here we go again. how quick how immediately they took talking points out of donald trump's speeches and regurgitate them. when you pay -- in regards to campaign finance laws, you cannot give someone $150,000 for the benefit of their campaign. that is not legal and what michael cohen did and apparently what donald trump directed him to do, according to michael cohen. we believe in the rule of law. it looks like with the public information we have, it appears she broke the law. we will find out if that is
9:03 am
true. never giving him credit, that is not true, we care about policy. the transpacific partnership, i am against it, that is the corporations writing our laws for us and i do not agree. i give donald trump credit for that. on cable newse did fear mongering around the meeting with korea. you do not get to make peace with your friends. you make peace with your enemies. i do not mind he met with kim jong-un, i just wish he got results but he got no results. but he said, now we do not have a nuclear problem in north korea but they are still building nukes. he is not that bright. i judge him on his actions, not based on his being donald trump. it's like whatever he does, i am fine with it, who cares about law and order. he gets nothing out of
9:04 am
negotiations, who cares. he was going to close a loophole on hedge fund taxes. i said during the campaign, not sure i believe him but if he follows through, i will give him credit. then they did the giant tax cut for the rich. they did not close the loophole for hedge funds. donald trump is a liar. he lied about that. ,e is not looking out for you he is looking out for the guys who gave him money. he said he would negotiate drug prices with the drug companies on behalf of the government to lower drug prices. drug prices are terrible. i said i hope he does that. watch the young turks. i am on the record on all of those things. when he is president, he did not negotiate drug prices. he went along with the corruption because he is corrupt. and drug prices are still sky high. he did not do any campaign
9:05 am
promises. host: donald trump has tweeted this morning. he says, about 15 minutes ago, anyone looking for a good lawyer , i would suggest you do not retain the services of michael cohen. final thoughts on that tweet? bad": to quote "breaking -- donald trump did not need a criminal attorney, donald trump needed in "criminal" attorney. he is now crying about, the guy i paid to cover up my crimes is not covering them up anymore. host: cenk uygur is the host of young turks. always appreciate your time. up next, we will be joined by ann coulter in studio to discuss her new book, "resistance is futile."
9:06 am
we will be right back. >> sunday night on q&a, national constitution center president and ceo jeffrey rosen talks about his biography of william
9:07 am
howard taft. >> he never learned politics. he told an aide who sold -- served roosevelt and taft, i will not fall apart for popularity, if the people want to reject me, that is their prerogative. he had a madisonian view, james hamilton,lexander madison and hamilton believed the majority should rule but only slowly and thoughtfully over time so that reason rather than passion could prevail. taft thought the system was set up to slow the direct expression of popular passion so the people can be governed in public interest rather than through faction. sunday night at a :00 p.m. &a.tern on q q&a.00 eastern on
9:08 am
>> in 1979, c-span was created as a public service by america's cable television companies and today we continue to bring you unfiltered coverage of congress, the white house, the supreme court, and public policy events in washington, d.c. and around the country. c-span is brought to you by your cable or satellite provider. "washington journal" continues. host: we welcome author and syndicated columnist ann coulter who is out with a new book, "resistance is futile.". we will get to the book but first i want to make use of your legal background and get your thoughts. caller: i was wondering if that might come up. [laughter] -- guest: i was wondering if that might come up. [laughter] guest: i write a little about
9:09 am
both cases in the book. the paul manafort case has nothing whatsoever to do with trump. the ones ofmple of you import we have in this country, the office of the special counsel, robert mueller. rosen signed commission -- rosenstein should have just said , we think this guy is a sleaze, there must be something there. and now we have paul manafort and 17 talented prosecutors who are also liberal democrats searching for crimes of anyone around donald trump. if you do that to anyone, how would your viewers like it. there is a book called three felonies a day and the argument is there is so many federal felonies, not to imagine the
9:10 am
state felonies, the elaborate -- the average law-abiding citizen could be following -- breaking three loss per day. crimes, one is, a federal felony not to label a tampon on the level of -- there was once an attempt to count felonies by the department of justice but they gave up in frustration. anyone who is fixated -- especially in something copper get it like tax law, i find it it -- democrats pushed these loans brought down economy, we need everybody to buy a house, that was official government policy imposed by not all republicans but the only
9:11 am
people who did oppose it were republicans and they were yelled at by barney frank and maxine waters. that is people lying on loans to buy houses. doesn't everyone know about that now? he is getting nailed for it? as for the tax case, i am definitely not a tax lawyer. i do know there are ways to evade taxes. pioneered by george soros. if you make money abroad, keep it in accounts of broad. has been moving money back and forth from the cayman islands to ireland, why not look at him? host: should the donald trump mensuration be more concerned -- administration they concerned 'sout michael --michael cohen guilty plea and him implicating donald trump?
9:12 am
guest: it is hard to say because paul manafort has 100% nothing to do with donald trump. less to do with russian collusion. cohen, it exposes the special counsel. then does not look like sort of person i would choose to be my legal representative. or anything else. he seems a little bit shady. i think most people are not florida there were some -- floored there were tax irregularities. violation forance paying stormy daniels, that shows the whole point is to get trump. i describe campaign violations in the book. the single most important point, we know people in washington, most normal people know campaign
9:13 am
finance violations unless it is a crime against had a failure -- pedophilia. they are obligated. the most important thing to that is this money money what is spent if not for the campaign which will be hard to prove that a man whose namesake is all of his businesses, his golf courses, his hotel, other than the fact i was running for office, i do not care if everyone thinks i am sleeping around with losey's. -- losey -- host: someone writes that conviction would increase the treasure on others to cooperate with robert mueller and they encourage robert mueller to move sooner rather than later to bring the president in to testify, possibly by subpoena. guest: we have been hearing the same thing for two years. something i make fun of in my book. we keep hearing the news is tightening. moved to the big fish but
9:14 am
nothing happens. not good for paul manafort or cohen, and a further exposes the having counsel as being a star chamber as looking at one man and everyone around him. a lot of people around donald trump have survived in but not the way the law is supposed to work in america. cohen has nothing to worry about. that is a silly case. at worst, let's say he is guilty, he will have to pay a fine. 's word, who is fighting for his life, he will say, the president told me he was only doing this because he was running for president. i refer you to the john edwards case where he had very wealthy
9:15 am
donors paying millions of dollars to put up his mistress when he was running for president's, his pregnant mistress. he went to court and everyone ridiculed the prosecution and he was acquitted immediately. are those donors still paying for his mistress? that clearly had to do with the campaign and it will be hard to prove that donald trump would not have cared. i do not necessarily think what these women are alleging, is it just stormy daniels or both of them? host: karen mcdougal. guest: paying both? host: money for karen mcdougal's story. guest: i do not believe either of them but i could be wrong. it doesn't matter. i think one of the things i am not wild about the president for , the only political thing, not building the wall but i am from
9:16 am
connecticut and we do not think it is good to brag about your wealth. if you do and hang around with reality tv stars and playboy bunnies, you will probably get a lot of nuisance lawsuits. --o not think karen mcdougal she said she had an affair for one year but not any evidence? i can date a boy for a week and give you five pieces of evidence. you have no cufflinks? no answering machine message? the other one claims a one-time role in the sack and overlaying all of that, remember that donald trump is a germ of oh -- german phobic -- has made a big mistake. me -- a hero of the
9:17 am
college owns case -- college jonesase was -- paula case, she let people latch onto her and got her to do a playboy spread to bring her down. that is what lanny davis is doing with cohen and now both sides hate him. host: phone lines for republicans, 202-748-8001. democrats, 202-748-8000. independents, 202-748-8002. a new book as of yesterday --202-748-8001 -- a new book as of yesterday --"resistance is futile." i want to jump to the conclusion, democracy to live we must kill the media. explain the strong language. guest: the previous 200 pages
9:18 am
will illustrate why. luckily, i do not have a job so i can read through nexxus lighting's transcripts -- is --us transcript of trial donald trump. stunning the contradiction from year-to-year and month-to-month but day-to-day, the resistance which has encompassed in -- completely the media. where is donald trump on this? the extent of not caring about factsal defendant rights, and logic, do we really care about russian collusion? hillary clinton's campaign and the dnc, and he is the i paid -- fbi paid russians for information on donald trump.
9:19 am
most of the media has always been liberal. ime new york times -- i am the new york times most loyal reader. made thosewould have first six paragraphs the first for a rough, but essentially i will get facts. you cannot turn to the gold standard of journalism and expect to get facts. we need to destroy the media and rebuild it among more ethical lines which is one thing we may get out of donald trump. host: if you destroy the media, what does that mean for you? media,we still have a just an ethical media. they would tell the truth. it would not be fake news. they would not be sending away citizens in a democracy that needs facts with a false story. host:
9:20 am
on the conclusion that -- a delusional,e may be chemotherapy for the country. you vomit, your hair falls out, your hair falls out, but it kills cancer cells and you live. the presidency may be an -- gosant thing to do -- through but everyone on the new york times editorial board will die. host: have you heard from them? guest: many are my friends and there are one or two good reporters on the new york times but enough to were not. the editorial board, most recent edition, a woman dedicated all of her free time to cheer for the genocide of white men. a long going along -- way to make the media seem fair. host: talking with ann coulter
9:21 am
who has a new book out called "resistance is futile." greg in alabama. from alabama, republican. caller: good morning. the first thing i saw when donald trump was election, watching coverage of several networks. i have a feeling we would get to this point. when i saw don lemon and his say, there is no way to polish this turd. i have never seen that kind of disrespect. anybody on a respectable network would have been fired. a discover that there may be small infraction. there is no russian collusion. we have not proven russian collusion and we are tightening the screws on everybody around him. rating his personal attorneys
9:22 am
home -- raiding his personal attorney's home, he may have had sex out of wedlock, i do not think it was worth $70 million. -- $17 million. guest: that is a great point. having written so many books about so much in politics is there are a lot of flashbacks in my book. on the campaign finance violations, that is in the news now. you may recall many -- and many c-span viewers will recall, we had chinese nationals in the clinton era driving duffel bags of cash to the dnc. the white house holding fundraisers in the white house. that is a big campaign finance violation. eventually, videotapes emerged. saturday night live was tougher on clinton been janet reno --
9:23 am
than janet reno. no independent counsel and the new york times chastised janet reno for her blunders. give me a break. host: mclean, virginia, independent. caller: i find it breathtaking that you are twisting yourself into a pretzel and denigrating your own integrity by pursuing this -- what about ism. focus on being an american first rather than being a considerate -- conservative. thatre basically saying all of these honorable people who have come out, republican and democrat, who have come out and said, this president has done to the office of the presidency is heinous and you are saying, our entire justice system is incompetent.
9:24 am
you are saying, someone who commits bank fraud, and i am a banker. you are saying someone who commits bank fraud and tax evasion, is complicit with the president to commit fraud. you are basically laughing it all away. i find you to be heinous. guest: a lot of anger. you may want to see someone about that. the idea that it is the country first and not republican and democrat, that is why people like me were so excited about the trout residency. -- donald trump presidency. i do not think it is republicans versus democrats and the donald trump tennessee -- candidacy supported that, i think he exposed things and had people behind him.
9:25 am
that --with the theory what about america first? 90% of republicans and 100% of democrats, all they care about who is pulling the strings. primary,ent news, the the primary for governor in wyoming, had the state treasurer i think against a very wealthy causes ir to a lot of think are fantastic and i completely wholeheartedly support. i did interviews in washington yesterday and people were talking about it. i kept saying, everyone i talked to yesterday, they all thought foster freeze was going to win
9:26 am
but i thought was and he old? but he spent so much money. washington still things -- things you win money -- elections with money and donald trump spent less money than sanders. host: the state treasurer won. guest: why haven't they learned. ? trump was right, you push ideas and you win. why do politicians still think elections are won with money? they are one with popular ideas. -- won with popular ideas. trump is not a down the line republican. people were mad he started with the mitch mcconnell agenda. big these days. for people paying attention, so
9:27 am
massively unfair, every president being dropped -- precedent dropped, we do not want to hear about the clintons, but it is known as the will of law. like cases are treated alike. this is why lady justice is wearing a blindfold and holding a scale. should not matter whether your last name is trump or clinton, what aboutism is a terrifying attempt to destroy the rule of law. like cases are treated alike. host: what about your relationship with the trump administration? guest: for those of you who follow me on twitter, you know i was his most vocal and immediate supporter. his campaign was magnificent. he has stunning political instincts. book, ise in the last
9:28 am
washington style republicans announcing him, saying he is not a real republican, half the country is saying fantastic, he is not a republican, it is an all new party of the people. of course, i have been disappointed in many ways he has abandoned that. host: president trump tweeting this morning, talking about paul manafort, saying i feel badly for paul manafort and his wonderful family. justice took a 12-year-old tax case and apply tremendous pressure on him, unlike michael cohen he refused to break and make up stories in order to get a deal. a brave man. different than what president trump said about his former lawyer. he said, i suggest you do not retain the services of michael cohen if you're looking for a good lawyer. [laughter] guest: i think donald trump
9:29 am
should tweet more. the difference in paul manafort and cohen, one of my favorite movies is "true romance." host: not seen it. guest: you are such an intellectual, the contrast between elliott collapsing when he is pulled over for a traffic violation and the girlfriend who gets beaten up for 20 minutes in a hotel room. the difference between paul manafort and michael cohen. i will tell you anything as michael cohen. host: democrat, good morning. caller: i have read some things she wrote. i think ann coulter is crazy. she wants us to believe that what we have been watching for the last 18 months. guest: what have you read? caller: a few things you have written. i do not have to give you the name. guest: the same way -- caller:
9:30 am
the same what you do not need to give us evidence that clinton has committed any crime. you have not said a thing about the trump foundation. going to kick it out of new york because he was cheating. you do not say how he took money from the foundation and bought himself a big portrait and stuck it in his building. you are not saying anything about his house -- his wife going away on our money. you have the nerve to talk about what somebody else did. i have seen his rallies. all he talks about is hillary clinton is a cook but he has no evidence to hillary clinton is a crook. guest: i do not know why people cannot make points. do not know why they have to start by saying may have read things by me. just make your point next time. the fact they say trump golf's too much and one charity buying
9:31 am
a portrait for another charity for a fund-raising drive, if that is what you got, probably about what all robert mueller has. which is why he's going into campaign finance and old taxes is. host: ohio, republican. caller: good morning. congratulations on your book. god bless you. i think i'll account has been the catalyst -- i think donald trump has been the catalyst this country has needed for a long time and has awaken the american public. the american public is starting to speak out. they have been silenced for a long time. they do not pay attention to the fake news anymore. they cannot be fooled anymore. donald trump has been the catalyst that has awakened america. with the help of people like yourself. i am very optimistic about our future as of this. the more trash they throw on donald trump, the more red the
9:32 am
states will become. it is ironic they cannot hurt this man with her nastiness because we have awakened in america and care about our country. veterans care about our country, i care about our country. and i am so happy to see this man come to the forefront. god bless you and thank you. guest: thank you. and i am so happy to see thisthat is the point oft chapter. trump has accomplished a lot. it is a serious thing to get people to laugh at the media. some of us have been there for a while. as i say in the book, i play a hitman who goes into a witness protection program, goes to iowa under a false name. , decide i ams running for office under my own name. that is what i feel like the media has done to itself.
9:33 am
i always knew what they were but they so lost their mind with trump and cannot control the venom and nonsense and contradictions. at the same time, trump is possibly bashing them. group of america is learning you cannot trust the media. host: donald trump -- concern from the media about the language he uses. and you -- the new york times publisher put out this statement, i told the president directly about his language, not just devices -- divisive but frequently dangerous and take news is untrue and harmful. concerned about him labeling journalists the enemy of the people and i were him this would make threats to journalists and lead to violence. guest: journalists have to worry about the potential of violence whereas donald trump's supporters have to live with actual violence.
9:34 am
campaign, we have seen fascist violence at his campaigns. egg thrown at them in santa cruz, vicious attacks that shut down a trump rally in chicago. the riots in the streets. none of them prosecutors -- prosecuted. 200 arrested but the judge those of the most important charge. you have repeated violence in berkeley when they invited conservative to speak. we have the night of freedom in new york, exposed by jonathan levine, he took a video of -- not all of them trump supporters, i knew somebody who gays, justin out of freedom. they come out in new york and
9:35 am
somebody hit somebody and somebody went into the car great that concrete and looked dead -- concrete and looked dead. the social distortion concert, a trump supporter was beaten by the lead singer, everybody cheered one guy against 600 and the new york times publisher talks about the potential of violence. we are seeing many aspects of fascism rising in this country and it is 100% against trump supporters. host: carolyn, independent line -- maryland, independent line. ander: thank you to c-span ann coulter for being a guest. i would like to remind everyone that this entire of -- investigation was started by a conspiracy to defraud the pfizer court. -- fisa court.
9:36 am
we are seeing a communist coup under color of law. thank you. guest: i do think that the special counsel with this roving mandate to investigate, see if you can find anything, anyone around trump. this is soviet justice. have a commission. it was started because james comey was out there while he insinuating the president was under investigation. as a quote in the book, when james comey was fired, all of the news media, we get echoes of watergate all the time with republicans but especially trump . iswas all about, trump under investigation and he fires the man investigating him. months later, james comey finally admitted trump was not under investigation and the
9:37 am
entire basis for the special counsel, the president is under investigation, no, not only was he not under investigation, when we found out there were spies on me trump campaign, the fbi said we were not spying on you, we were protecting you. now we have it on the authority of investigators, known only trump and his campaign were not under investigation. the standard of the investigation is, see if you can find something. i like george soros investigated. host: 25 minutes left with ann coulter. her book, "resistance is futile." taking your calls and comments. philip and stillwell, oklahoma, democrat. washingtonrybody in is writing a book and making money off of this thing.
9:38 am
it is kind of funny. back and letan go people vote for the president with the electoral college. i think it is wrong. i say that because, if they have went by the people's vote, we would not have this idiot, and i do say idiot come in the white house. he should have never gotten their. he should have been qingdao -- kicked out before he got the chance to run. this is despicable, sorry, i hate it every day. i am not saying hillary would have been better but how can you get worse? if you do not see rallies, jumping in the street, and happiness, wait until he gets impeached, it is coming. guest: you remind me of one of my favorite actual jokes for the joked,ra, nor mcdonald
9:39 am
muchoters hated hillary so they voted for someone they hated even more. host: everyone is writing a book talking about your book and your work. on before yougur and he talked about your work. i want you to respond to what he said about you. here is cenk uygur. guest: the right-wing billionaires pay -- a lot of the people you see on tv, gobs of money to do propaganda, including ann coulter. she gets paid by right-wingers to spread their hatred and their fear. profit whenit and a they get tax cuts and deregulation. guest: i wish. i could use that money. no one has ever paid me except
9:40 am
the people who buy my book and thank you to my readers. i have said this since the clinton era. -- i have heard this since the clinton era. i do not know why it is comforting for liberals to think this. they do not want me writing books. i picked that up but that is what i do for a living. i think most of the books, my first book, high crimes and in 1998, my, publisher called me and said, it was a bestseller, no, the second one, slander, say congratulations, not only are you on the bestseller list but you are the only person who wrote on the bestseller list. the new york times has different list, hardcover, paperback, fiction, nonfiction, i wanted was for authors who wrote their own book.
9:41 am
it would be a different list because mostly it is celebrities pieces of crap. why can't they just sell doormats and that rubs or mugs. i research and write my books. i am a great writer and a killer researcher. host: in your acknowledgment section, you say it my friends cannot be mentioned in an ann coulter book. why? guest: they work in industries they would never work again. [laughter] host: akron ohio, independent caller: thank you for c-span. i did not vote for trump. i had to hold my nose to vote for hillary. i like trump more. i used to go to his casinos every summer and play blackjack. i won more than i lost. i do not think he is qualified for a job. i am two miles from lebron james but he is not,
9:42 am
qualified for mayor of akron. office, makes no different to me, will be replaced by mike pence and not hillary clinton. i think he is like ross perot, i admire him but he is a showman. he is not qualified for the job. i like him. i would not vote for lebron james for mayor of akron as much as i like ron james. -- lebron james. guest: i think trump is exactly what we need right now. i think washington has gotten fat and happy and forgot about the people who voted for them. pushing a lot of ideas that used to be things democrats claimed to agree with, that used to care about the working class. the manufacturing base. for wall to be not
9:43 am
street. trump turns that upside down, he took no money from wall street. it was like 90% of the money was for hillary. the other 10% was not for trump but a third-party candidate. some of us who supported trump the candidate were disappointed when he turned the keys of the kingdom to goldman sachs. but that is why i say, my book is for you because maybe we will not get the same things he ran on. trade, immigration, no more wars the most important ones, instead he pushed mitch mcconnell's agenda. regulations was great and got the economy going and tax cuts were more a second term kind of thing. we wanted the wall first. to bust of the system, to expose the media for what it is, if
9:44 am
that is all we get out of this guy, yes, i would vote for lebron james, al sharpton, it just to bust up the system because it is so corrupt. trump has exposed the swamp, beautiful. a concept none of us had before. exposing the media, exposing the swamp. and there is still time, mr. president, you can still build the wall and come through on immigration promises. in my acknowledgments, why can't they be named? friends, very brave among the jobs in hollywood, i cannot blame anyone in that down, but people -- i am a lawyer so a lot of my friends are lawyers and they come up for judgeships. i will check with my friends in advance, one of my friends is
9:45 am
mcgill estrada, he was going to be -- mcgillis trotta, he was -- estrada, one of the best lawyers i know, would rocket to the supreme court, by fulton you cannot be thanked. -- i told him you cannot be thanked probably. brave is mye, friends come first. of course you can thank me. when he was nominated after i , chuck schumer and announced him for being thanked and one of my books. host: terry in north carolina, republican. caller: good morning. glad to see somebody on here who thinks like i do. clinton could look in the mirror and the reflection would have been jeb bush.
9:46 am
i am so sick of washington. i have tried to get c-span to tell us where our money goes. we should know to the exact pending how they spend our money -- howy how they should they spend their money. guest: i want their salaries. something out of the russian nonsense is to see something and thismuch lisa page and that person is being paid. normally the deal with a government job is it is fun, not that much work, you cannot be fired. you get great health care and the pension, who gets pensions anymore? but the trade-off is your salary is not that high. a higher salary in the private sector but you can be fired and you have to pay for your health care and your pension you have
9:47 am
to pay for your now government workers get all that and make more than people in the private sector. how about a cut of federal salaries. host: jeff, democrat, florida. caller: thank you for taking my call. i would like to point out two bits of hypocrisy by ann coulter . would you please put up the statement that trump made today about manafort? i would like her to explain to me what he means when he says, manafort did not break. break what? did not break by telling the truth? guest: by making stuff up, obviously. caller: if you have making stuff up, that is easily proven. you can do that. that is what a court of law is for. you talk about this russian not trumpwhether or
9:48 am
himself went to meet and do a collusion thing is a prevalent. what is reveling -- you not trup reveling. what is reveling, he put it -- he putnt -- prevalent, his son, five republican presidents, he has been doing this for years. guest: i never got the apart received on that call. -- hypocrisy on that call. the question was -- manafort? host: the breaking and the president saying that i feel badly for paul manafort and his wonderful family, they applied tremendous pressure on him and unlike michael cohen he refused to break. guest: right. can it be proved?
9:49 am
said ishael cohen almost by definition what he was required to say because he is like elliott and "true romance." "whatever you want me to say." halfng obama paid nearly $1 million in fines on campaign-finance violations. host: the president's latest tweet, michael cohen pled guilty to two counts of finance violations, president obama had a finance violation that was easily settled. guest: right. seeings or -- are is in -- the most important part about the campaign-finance violations is proving the intent to affect the campaign. digging for some sort of crime on people who have not done anything.
9:50 am
for example, in many cases like , the but in the news dinesh this is a case, you reimburse people for a campaign, obvious, you are not randomly writing a check for $2010. would trumpuld -- have paid to give an affair quiet from his wife, people who go to his clubs and resorts. the prosecutor would have to prove, more obvious in the john edwards case, because they are ,ot paying for his mistress supporting for her flying around , living large with democratic very wealthy people. millionaires. are they still paying for her? that is clearly connected to a campaign. the prosecutor was laughed at
9:51 am
and he was acquitted. you have to prove the only reason donald trump did this -- about campaign financing violations coming ignorance of the law is a defense in this case. host: charleston, independent. late.: i tuned in if my comments have been covered, i apologize, the media does need overhauling. bias works inia the favor of the candidate that the outlet opposes and troops rally around the person. thomas jefferson have a lot to say about a free press. in his day, media coverage was not instantaneous and he had a lot to say about editing. there is no editing today, maybe and newspapers, but the media, everything is instant, radio, tv, social media. commentary is there without editing.
9:52 am
that is a big problem and why we need overhaul. something about campaign contributions. i am an independent. i think that needs overhauling. it takes way too much money to mount a successful campaign. that is why you only see the media money control candidates on tv on the national stage during debates which of the republicans and democrats. bernie sanders had a good 2016ign this last cycle in and i am not a bernie sanders independent. i am a member of the constitution party. darrell castle could not get money. thanks to seize that we get to see them but they never get on the national stage. -- thanks to c-span we get to see them but we never see them on the national stage. they need so much money and the taste of victory is so sweet that the supporters of the candidate will yield to temptation and take excessive contributions. guest: i am pushing resistance
9:53 am
is futile, a fun book, you have we trustnd -- in trump , you are completely wrong. that money buys elections. campaign consultants have persuaded politicians that they do need money. spent less money than probably anyone since the lbj era. knows to win who the white house. if a politician pushes popular ideas, that works. no one watches campaign ads. it funds the campaign consultants. i will not go into much of this but let me cite one example of shyster campaign consultant, in annecticut, why do we have
9:54 am
semi-retarded senator. we had a good guy who could've run who was perfect for connecticut. consultants ran a wrestling lady because she is really rich and they can rip her off for money. they line their pockets and their kids college tuition is paid for. i do not blame the candidates, they have can -- consultants saying they can win if you give me money. money does not win races. the sooner politicians bigger out they are being lied to by campaign consultants and the donors are being lied to by giving consultants, popular ideas when. if trump did not prove that, i do not know whatever evidence you will ask for. sanders spent more money than trump. host: how do you feel about
9:55 am
linda mcmahon i had of the small business of illustration? guest: she is fine. we are not minnesota. they were never going to go for the wrestling lady. i was fine with her. rob simmons was perfect for connecticut. he overturned a democrat and an upstate district. he was perfect, perfect, perfect. they would have voted for him in greenwich and again in. -- new canaan. he had everything except money. they ran her a second time because they found out she had another bank account. outrageous how many seats republicans have lost because they listen to shyster campaign consultants. i would love their names to convince linda mcmahon to run and others. not vote for a man in west virginia who lives in palm
9:56 am
beach. but the campaign consultants, they said you can win. just write us another check. host: republican, new york, go ahead. c-span rocks and i have a quick comment. job,rah sanders leaves her my choice to replace her is ann coulter. host: would you take that job? guest: i wanted to do it without hope wanted me to do it and i only said if i could do it for one month and not officially, just to show how it is done. i love sarah huckabee sanders. host: what do you think needs to be done different? guest: more like sarah huckabee sanders and i am sorry for those of you who have jobs and cannot
9:57 am
watch her press conferences, they are fantastic. it has become a game for the press, who can become more shockingly rude. who will be featured on the evening program and nothing to do with getting news. i would almost have two briefings, where you have a policy person, for those who care about policy, we will be answering questions in this room. for showboating members of the press, that will be sarah huckabee sanders. host: jerry an independent -- in alabama, independent. caller: i hear about the fake news, all of the fake news, simple answer to simple solutions, reinstatement of the fairness doctrine. if the fairness doctrine was reinstated, the first two to go would be msnbc and fox news.
9:58 am
they would be out of business because they are pure propaganda. reinstate the fairness doctrine and forget about fake news. guest: unfortunately, somebody -- a lot of these rules and laws sound great but somebody has to administer the fairness doctrine and that is the government. it did not work out as planned. i think we are facing a crisis in free speech. the left has control of mainstream media, hollywood, wall street, silicon valley, the schools, universities, you can go to tiny corners of the internet for facts. the social media companies are saying -- if i were advising the resistance, i would say you have to shut down gamer gate boys on twitter because that was a threat to the enterprise. host: how do you feel about fox
9:59 am
news, wall street journal editorial board, washington times editorial board? guest: more of an msnbc gallup because i may hate watch her. because i am a hate watch her -- watcher. there is precedent -- this is terrifying and talk about chilling speech, when they are throwing people off right and left, i wrote entries and about general mccarthy and i know quite a bit about that you're a beer -- i know a bit about that era. everything joe mccarthy done is being now, throwing people off twitter because you once went to a meeting with someone who said something online and he also published somewhat on the same webpage which we find offensive. such a guilt by association. never seen anything like it.
10:00 am
host: north carolina, democrat, omar. are you with us? caller: how are you doing? i would like to make a comment. to said rami at least 10 people in the trump administration have already been kicked out of office. so many people could -- so many people. he brought the swamp to the -- all theseould white people shooting up schools and concerts. one illegal immigrant -- what about all the white people killing people? -- host: gotrier:
10:01 am
your point. long as omar wants to build a wall that people the white people he should apply for a job at the new york times. they pay very well. host: what about the swamp? guest: obviously omar does not follow me on twitter. i have been quite critical of trump. i'm more upset about the goldman sachs people. i cannot disagree with that. trump i would have hired smart people who know something about politics and supported my agenda. he chose not to. -- will have problems could you will have problems. host: and coulter. always appreciate your time. that will do it for the washington journal. we will be back tomorrow
10:02 am
morning. in the meantime, have a great wednesday. ♪ >> looking at our live programming today, join us at 12:30 when various organizations will hold a rally to oppose president trump supreme court nominee judge brett kavanaugh. coverage getting underway at 12:30 eastern on c-span. later president trump is awarding the medal of honor to the family of an airman killed in afghanistan. live coverage of that will start at 3:30 eastern on c-span. after that a panel discussion on cyber warfare scheduled to start
10:03 am
at 4:00 eastern. we will join it live on c-span following the medal of honor ceremony from the white house. looking at her prime time programming, government officials recently testified on a senate committee on cyber threats. that live atu 10:00 on c-span. 11:00 eastern on c-span, live coverage of the democratic national committee's meeting in chicago to decide on the party's nominating process including the role of superdelegates. watch live saturday at 11:00 eastern on c-span,, or listen on the free c-span radio app app. the c-span buses traveling across the country honor 50 capitals tour. the buses is on its 39th stop in honolulu, asking folks what is
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the most important issue in hawaii? one of the big issues is will a have a place to live? we have a huge homeless situation. we are looking for ways to take them off the streets. i think the problem is going to get worse if we do not take care of it now. >> i am liz and i'm from honolulu, hawaii. one of the important issues i feel we are facing is trying to manage work/life balance. i work full, my husband works i have a, but part-time job and we have three children and are trying to take care of everyone. hawaii we need to
10:05 am
ha --nue to promote -- alo if we can all promote and live within the spirit we could all be in a better place. not only in the state of hawaii but across the nation. join us october 6 and seventh when we feature our visit to hawaii. watch hawaii weekend on c-span,, or listen on the c-span radio app. up next, the group reporters borders posts an opening reception for the children of syria exhibit featuring the work of austin tice


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