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  President Trump Delivers Remarks at Ohio GOP Dinner  CSPAN  August 24, 2018 5:56pm-6:53pm EDT

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southern new mexico. so cattlemen were raising more english style or angelo -- i don't know what the word is exactly. uropean. >> live to ohio where president trump is in columbus. ♪ god bless the u.s.a. >> thank you very much, everybody. it's great to be back here. remember, you cannot win unless you get the state of ohio. remember that? [cheers and applause] .> i heard that so many times you need the state of ohio. therefore, trump can't win.
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i think we won by nine points. we're going to keep winning. i love this state. i work here. during a summer i worked here and i loved it. cincinnati. we like cincinnati. right? this november we're going to win really big. it's going to be one big ohio family as we've had a special place helping us to achieve that victory will be our incredible ohio g.o.p. , really incredible person and friend of mine, jane. [cheers and applause] >>, really incredible person thank you, jane. great to be with you, jane. great job. this is your record. that's not bad you know it is ohio all-time record. i would say that's pretty good. we're also joined tonight by rnc that's not bad you know cochair bob. [cheers and applause] >> who also ran my campaign in
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ohio. he did an awfully good job. he did a great job. thank you, bob. fantastic. i also want to express my gratitude to all of the county g.o.p. chairs, grass rooths activists, volunteers and republican women who worked so hard to achieve victory for your part of your state and for your country. republican women, we have a lot of them. we have a lot of them. [cheers and applause] i a specially want to thank -- his is such a beautiful place. county chairman dave johnson. dave, thank you. that's actually the way they pronounce it. dave's family business has a unique distinction. they supply the tiles that have adorned the roof of the white house for more than 60 years. thank you very much, dave. [applause]
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although considering it was 9, i'm -- 1799. over the last 19 months we achieved more than anyone thought possible. our economy is absolutely booming. jobs are surging. factories are returning. steel is doing better than any industry just about anywhere in this country, anywhere in this world. e had no choice. we put those heavyy tariffs on and the steal industry is booming. and wait until you see what happens when we have hundreds of new steel we put those heavyy tariffs pla the country and they're competing against each other. we won't even take it from outside. competing. to be and that's happening with a lot of businesses. we're unlocking ohio's rich reserves, beautiful, abundant shale. that's happening.
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you have a lot of it. we're taking care of competing. and that's happening our veterans. we're crushing the terrorists. we're rebuilding our military like never before. $700 billion. america is winning again. respected eing because we are now finally putting america first. so we must work every day until november to elect more ohio republicans so we can continue to make america great again. has anyone ever heard that slogan? that worked well. right? that was a good slogan. i want to recognize our truly incredible slate of ohio g.o.p. candidates here this evening, very special
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people. and they're doing really well. i don't think i see that blue wave. it's interesting, we have the strongest economy in the story of our nation, and i hear about a blue wave. why is there a blue wave? we are doing better now with jobs. today there are more people working than at any time in the history of our country so i don't think there's going to be a blue wave. i hope there's a red weave. they keep saying whoever is president they don't win the mid terms. but no president has ever had this economy. i want to thank bill johnson. where's bill? thank you, bill. thank you. thank you. warren davidson. thank you. bob gibbs. great jim jordan. how good is jim? where's jim? where is jim? i -- come here, jim. don't ever wrestle him. even if you figure, don't
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wrestle him. people don't know about jim. he was one of the best wrestlers ever in college wrestling. and when you see the way he fights, every time he fights ab he was i say look at that guy. he lost one match in three years of college. fourth pened in the year, by the way? anyway, thank you very much, jim. thank you. that's true. one match he lost. and you had to see what happened to the guy that beat him. he was not in good shape that night. we love jim. bob lada. bob. bob. thank you, bob. nrcc chairman steve. where's steve? steve, thank you. and i called you, steve, the other night. you weren't there.
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thank you, steve. great job. you're doing a great job. and they're doing great in ohio. and anthony gonzalez, a very big thank you, anthony. thank you. and a very big congratulations to troy on his win. whoa. [cheers and applause] troy? here's where is troy? thank you, troy. you would have made me look bad if you hadn't pulled that out. they had that group. with ell you, i was there jim. jim if they don't win this thing. as soon as you won they started packing up and leaving. they didn't want to talk about it. but i understand you're in great shape. they spent a lot of money against troy. i want to thank a man who really is a fantastic person
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with an incredible wife, even greater than him but these are minor details. but senator rob portman who really is a very special, very special person. i've gotten to know him. first i didn't know him. i came to ohio. i knew of him, i respected him, by name only. but we got to be friendly and he has been a tremendous help in the senate. and i want to thank you both. special people. ok? thank you. also a woman who -- she was really tough and smart and did a great job and she's become a mine. of lieutenant governor mary taylor. thank you, mary. thank you, mary. mine. lieutenant governor mary taylor. thank you. great job. those two guys aren't easy. they're not easy but you did a fantastic job.
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thank you. we're thrilled to be joined by ohio's fantastic attorney general and your next governor mike dewine. where's mike? thank you, mike. this is.ugh team with your future lieutenant with your future lieutenant governor, ohio state , secretary of state, john. thank you. i'll tell you what. they're a great combination. they're tough, they're smart, they love this state. i've known him a long time. they are really something very special and you're lucky to have them. and i will tell you, i also know your opponent because we had to get him out. he was destroying a lot of people's lives. he was destroying people's lives. great people. people that had businesses for many years. he was terrible.
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pick up ave to do is some of the pick up some of the editorials about him. i'll tell you, if you don't win that race, i will be so disappointed. i will say you should never run again. get them to get the information on the building. ok? the building that he bought where they spent $250 million buying a building that was worth a fraction of that. but call my office. i have so much information. that was a bad guy. oh, were we happy when we got rid of him. middle class mull vainy did a great job. i also want to recognize one of dedicated volunteers
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in the state. everybody knows her. mike's amazing wife. fran. thank you, frap. fran dewine. thank you very much. great job. good book. so, mike run's against the far left candidate. he was groomed by poke honttass. the legendary poke hontuss. no not that one. that one would have a problem. but it wasn't that. he was groomed by eliz betsd warren. his name is cord re and he is trouble. he is a guy that is real trouble. that was why you have these two incredible thank you, john. people running. he will destroy your state. he spent the last six years in washington trying to regulate community banks. you all know about it. small businesses all over the place. they were going into oblivian. they were coming up. i didn't know anything about him. i started running for president. everybody said oh you're running for president. remember many of the people back home, the fakers. no he's just doing this for fun. you think this is fun? not fun.
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i had a fun life but i actually like this better. but i have to say that people were coming up to me, strong people, tough people with businesses that were 100 years old. people that were pillars in the community and had tears in their eyes what he was doing. he was putting them out of business. he was actually putting them out of business. what he was doing to those people was just terrible. we're here for jim but we're also here for these two guys. it's very important for these states that they win these elections. o you're going to be sent some information on the $250 million, the federal money. i'm sending it to you. it's a very important thing that you study it. i also want -- maybe i'll have jim call. jim just doesn't stop. but i'll have jim call my office. i'm going to have some
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information sent to you. you're not going to believe. everybody needs to get out and vote for the two guys. we're honored to be joined by another very special guest. from t u.s. senator ohio, jim. [applause] jim is running to replace from ohio, a very liberal democrat. i mean, maybe i'm wrong. i don't see ohio as liberal. are you liberal? anybody, like, liberal? i don't get it. i don't get it. brown. against slarde voted no on our tax cuts, he voted no on repealing obamacare. he voted no on kneelgoers ch. how do you do that? first in his class in harvard, first in his class at oxford.
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a no vote. i don't think so. and he's probably going to vote no. somebody said he already announced he's voting no on judge cavanaugh who is phenomenal. he voted for the voted no on ou judges who want to take away your second amendment. just today he did actually come out today or yesterday and he came out against judge cavanaugh. that's terrible. he voted for the deadly and errible sanctionry cities. the truth is a vote for any democrat at this point in november is a vote for chuck schumer, nancy pelosi, and who? the legendary maxine waters. the de facto head of the democrat party. she's the de facto head now. congratulations, maxine didn't know it. 'm just telling her.
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today's democrat party is being taken over by the so-called resistance. it's true. they obstruct. i was just talking to rob portman. almost people that aren't being approved. they're slow walking. even if they vote for them ultimately they're taking the maximum period of time and we're probably double as bad a record as you've had in the past as has been we're probably almost double what it is. we have 400 people. these people left their businesses, they set up homes in washington, they thought it was going to go quickly. about ambassadors, judges, people that are going to be fantastic for the administration. here we are, we're going to soon be two years into the administration. we have a lot of people who haven't even been approved yet can't get them through
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because the democrats are lousy on through because the democrats are lousy on policy. but they stick together. they always stick together and they slow walk everybody. that's what it is. it's obstruction and it's resistance. their whole campaign is resistance. they still haven't figured out they lost the election, but they're going to figure it out soon. [cheers and applause] there was a poll today that all of the candidates put together can't beat trump in the election of 2020. i think they felt good about that. do you think they like that? i actually put it up on my twitter because i thought they would love this. we'll send it to a lot of people. but you have left-wing haters and radicals trying to tear down our institutions. disrespect our great american flag. demean our law enforcement. think of that. our flag, our law enforcement,
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eist. den grate your history. and disparage our great country. and they're going so far left and they're being dragged left. i knew schumer when he was somebody you could talk to. but he's been brought so far rational any even more. but we're not going to let it happen. we need our law enforcement. we need respect rational any more. but for our national anthem and for our flag. [cheers and applause] 're going to elect proud patriotic ohio republicans who will defend our country and efend our way of life. today's' democrats are not just extreme, they're really not in position to govern. they're just not in a position to govern when you look at what they are and what they're doing, open borders and crime. position borders and crime.
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we have in new york a governor, gf nor comeau o. sues everybody. you get sued. that's why people don't want to move in. but if you go to new york you get sued. and people are afraid to go to ew york. he recently stated the new slogan was america was never great. he truly hates me. he used to like me. then i decided to run for office and he doesn't like me too much. schumer used to love me. hard to believe. isn't it? but comeau came out with that. he was so angered because make america great again. oh. america's never going to be great again. and that was it. what? and he was talking to ocialists and they were going,
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whoa! whoa! did anybody hear the end of that where the crowd was going whoa! he was -- never great. even portman couldn't get elected with that. i don't think so. right? and he's good. his comments are really an insult for generations of american heroes. we are we are better now than ever before. we have the hottest economy we've ever had. the democrat party -- you notice i never say democratic party? because it's not the name. it sounds better. it flows better. i hate to say the democrat
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party because it doesn't sound we have in new york good. but it's true. the democrat party relentless assault on american institutions, traditions and values can be seen in their shameful attacks on law enforcement. the mayor of portland, oregon ordered police to stand down leaving brave ice officers to face an angry mob of left-wing an arkists. somehow i wasn't too worried about the ice officers. were you, jim? i don't know. jim wasn't too worried about them. they were just fine. but they didn't think they would have to defend themselves. the new platform of democrats party is to abolish ice. they want to abolish the agency that is removing violent predators, drug dealers, murderers, ms-13 monster gang members. and even just recently a nazi
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criminal who nobody could get out for 40 years. a lot of people -- [cheers and applause] we had a republican of new york. probably ong democrat never uttered the word republican in his life and he was on television saying what the president of the united states did was incredible. he's a leader in the juice community in new york. he said -- jew wish leader in ew york. he walked the streets for where i grew up. that area. for many years. he was just walking the streets and yet he was a man who killed many people, many, many thousands of jews. he walked the streets for where they'd been trying to get him out of this country for decades. we got him out.
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i'll tell you he got on television and he said great things. i actually think he would vote for me. he would never vote for a republican. what he said was great. it was my honor. it was our honor. and ice is the one who got him out. ice has an even tougher job than that because they are rough and they are tough and they are great people. gangs and in to people who are so bad and so evil. when i called them animals nancy pelosi got very angry and said you shouldn't talk about human beings like that. i said they're not human beings. these are people that don't shoot. they like using knives because it's more painful. these are tough people. but they're good people. they go out to long island and they get rid of ms-13. it's like you're liberating towns. this is like a war. it's like a country took over another country. and they're being liberated. and they grab them, they fight
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them, they fight them. they would rather fight them. but they grab them and they throw them into a paddy wagon and the towns are clapping and cheering. it's an incredible thing. and the democrats want to get rid of these people. these are incredible people. they're brave and they're tough. and in this case, the only thing the other side understands is tough. they don't understand kindness, they don't understand niceness, they don't understand high test scores. you can have the highest saths ever recorded -- sat's ever recorded and that would not impress ms-13. but these guys have the highest scores in what they do. there's nobody better. and we have oo to protect ice and our law enforcement. i have to tell you the republican party stands strongly behind ice and stand really, really strongly behind all of our uniformed services. our great people.
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these are great people. just this week, we learned that iowa authorities have changed ill wleel ale ynd -- they charged an illegal alien in the murder of a college student molly tibets. the amazing thing charged an is that everybody about molie. beautiful, wonderful, incredible person. everybody loved her. everybody that met her loved her. and the father was saying she's coming back, she's coming back. and i was saying maybe he's right. this went on for a long time. when they found out that it was this horrible, illegal imgrabt that viciously killed her, all of a sudden that story went down. they didn't want to cover it the way it should have been covered. but what happened to mollea was a disgrace. and our hearts go out.
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we mourn for her family. in recent weeks, an elderly homeless woman in new york was allegedly beaten to death by a twice deported illegal alien that was not supposed to be in this country. in the sanctuary city of philadelphia, -- i went to school was talking in philadelp officials released a previously deported illegal alien back on to the streets after his release the illegal alien raped a very young child. won't even tell you how old this child was. democrats immigration policies are destroying innocent lives and spilling very innocent blood. we believe that any party that puts criminal aliens before american citizens should be voted out of office, not into office. [applause]
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nobody says it. nobody says it. and you know, that's not a very complicated formula. a lot of people say i'm not going to vote for trump except when they get into the voting bootsd. remember? said you know, -- anybody watch it? trump. true. true. common sense. even the exit polls about 5:00 people were coming up. who did you vote for? well, i voted for crooked hillary. but they didn't. we were a little worried with those exit polls. then we started winning every state. hat's ok, whatever it takes. just secure our borders and protect ohio families. we have to elect more republicans. you know, we don't have much of a margin. in the house we have very few. in the senate we essentially
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are even. they say we have a majority. we have to win by ten. of course i would like to see that be one instead of ten. i would love to see that be one. what a shame. but you have to win by ten. i think in the senate we're going to do really well. i think we're going to surprise people, rob portman. we're going to win a lot of seats. we were talking on the way in and mentioning name after name who were doing great against well-known senators. now they're even in the polls. i think the senate is going to be a big surprise. the house is probably tougher. we have so many people running. we have a lot of chairmen that left because they were chair mep for six years and then they don't want to stay because they can't be chairman. democrats you can be a chairman for 40 years. so we have a lot of people really that, i don't know, jim. i'm still not sure that's a great policy. we have a lot of chairman that
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are leaving and they're leaving because you don't want to go back and just sit there and not be a chairman any more. so i don't know if that's a good policy. i guess it gets other people up there. but in the meantime, we have a lot of chairmen that have no choice but to lee. they just can't do it the other way. so i don't know if that's a good policy or not. what do you think? is that a good policy? i don't know. i like a little more experience. we can certainly go longer than six years. but many, many people -- but i think we have good candidates. the platform of the democrat party is to raise your taxes, increase your regulations, shut down american energy, release violent criminals andday stroy american jobs. it really is. you know. i guess i could put it a little softer than that but that's really their policy. open borders equals crime. tremendous crime. the hardest kind of crime.
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by contrast under republican leadership, america's economy is booming like it's never boomed before. never, ever before. since the election, we've created nearly 4 million new jobs. unthinkable number. and something i like equally as much. we've taken nearly 4 million americans unthinkable off of fo how about that. right? and a very short time we will have added over 500,000 new manufacturing jobs. do you remember during the debate? i would talk about steel. steel's a hot industry. but i talk about steel, other industries coming back. car companies. do you know how many car companies are now coming back to ohio, michigan, pennsylvania? they're coming back. companies that left are coming
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back. and we're negotiating now with mexico and we're trying to make a fair deal, not a deal like -- people forget, nafta was a disaster. does anybody remember? they emptied out entire states. now it's like nafta's so wonderful. it's not wonderful. it's a terrible deal for us. still, you go up to new england, you go up to parts of ohio and other places, and you'll see factories that left many years ago because of nafta. we are going to make it good or we're not going to have it. we're very close to getting something that i think is going to be very fair. and i said, if we don't it's ok. if we don't we're going to tariff cars coming into the united states and we're going to make more money that we would ever make with nafta. nd i tell that to everybody. i'm not threatening at all. i'm not a threatening person. but wear going to tax -- no.
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no, but i do say look, if we can't have a fair deal -- we don't need a great deal. we need a fair deal. nafta -- they just ripped the heart out of our manufacturing. not great for our farmers. we're going to take care of our farmers. our farmers are great american patriots. they are incredible. our farmers -- [cheers and applause] did you see where soy beens now is slightly higher -- oh. soy beans are going up. even i said how did that happen? that's like a great -- how good is that? but our farmers -- if you look at soy bean prices go five years before our great election in 16. go five years before, go five years back. 15% on s went down by -- 50% from what they were five years before. farmers were down. they were in a downward spiral.
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china was very threatening to our farmers. they want to not buy farm products because they want to hurt us in the election. but what we're doing with the european union where they have the strongest barriers, probably stronger than china -- and china and other countries. canada. i hate to say it. we love canada. i love canada. but they are tariffs on dairy products. these tariffs are almost 300%. if i say good we're going to put a 25% tariff on canada, i'll be inundated by politicians saying we want tree trade. what's free when they charge us 300%? i don't understand. where are these people coming from? but we're all learning. you know, we're learning from the steel industry because, as i said before, it's one of the hottest industries anywhere. i interviewed with a couple -- i had a couple of great people inside with jim and they were thanking me for what we've
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done. they're in the steel business. they said we were dying we're getting ready to close. now it's more vibrant than it's ever been. this took over a period of six months and it's getting better and better. wear going to get the iron ore from minnesota and other places. we don't this took need anybody from outside. the youth unemployment rate has reached the lowest level in over 51 years. that's a biggie. and here's one that i love and i've always loffed. the unemployment rate for americans without high school diplomas reached the lowest level ever recorded. how good is that? african americans, you've heard me say this, the unemployment rate recently achieved the lowest level in recorded history. long with hispanic and asian lowest levels in recorded history. women didn't do quite as well. i'm sorry to tell you women,
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i'm sorry. i hate to say this. women's unemployment has just reached a level which is the lowest in only 65 years. so we're not doing as well. i could saying i was going to have a problem with the women's vote. i did ok. i see all those signs. i love the women. they want strength, border protection, they want a strong will iteris, they want their families protected. they want law enforcement. women are smart we reached the years, and inn 65 a short time that will be a historic level, like the others. with african-american folks, i used to be at big rally, and i
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would read all of the problems, highest crime, toughest areas, worst schools, all of these horrible lowest -- the worst home ownership of any group by far. i was reading them one after another, and every one was a horror show, but especially anything having to do with crime and education. -- alwaysave already been voting for democrats, almost always come and i said, you know, look at these numbers, look how bad they are. they are horrible. and my people are very upset because they said, vote for me, what's the hell do you have to lose? what do you have to lose? i never will forget, i came off the stage, and my people said that was such a strange -- terrible thing, and i said what is terrible? and then the numbers started we are, up, up, and west great, and kany kanye
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likes me. kanye west has some parent. and kim did a great thing. a person was there on a strange thing. 22 years, based on a phone call they were listening to them and she had 62e 24 years, she was about or 63, and i gave her a pardon. of thatcame out jail and the way she hugged and kissed her family and the way they love her so much him was like she had some grandchildren, sons, some grandchildren, that were so beautiful. they were grabbing her, and it was just a beautiful thing to see. she was in there for 22 years. that was due to kim kardashian. so i think it was terrific. did you see that? the scene of her coming out of
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that jail? i was pretty good. i want to thank our pro-american trade policies. i want to talk about american steel, which is making that great come back, especially, especially in ohio. 85% ofjust announced an great in marion. 700 $50 million in florida, but we will not mention that tonight. they were doing it -- they will be doing it here soon. charter steel announced a new mill in cuyahoga. that is a great one. j.s.w. steel is restarting a $500ce and installing million in mingo junction. a lot of jobs. and cleveland cliffs announced a beautiful new $700 million plant
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in toledo, and that is just a few of them. that is just a few of them. one of the things we have done in addition to the biggest tax cuts as we have eliminated the largest number of job-killing regulations of any president, even if they are there for four 8 years, almost 16 years. we set the record already. we have a lot to go. we are going to have a lot to do. clean water,rystal beautiful, clean air to breathe. cleaner than ever before. you will not have to go to 12 different locations when you can get it at one location. to build a highway, it would 18, 20, 21 years to
6:35 pm
appropriate we got it down to about two years,, and i want to get it down to one. and you may be rejected him but at least you will be rejected quickly come up quickly. one of the things i'm very proud of it the congressmen here know this very well, and then ultimately, we got approval from rob in the senate to give critically ill patients access to like i saving -- life-saving treatment. we passed right to try. that is what people are going all over the world. most of them did not have the money, so they stayed home. they had no hope. we could have a great drug that we think is good but would take another four years of five years, two years, and they were not given to somebody who is terminally ill because they did not want to hurt person. i said, what are they doing?
6:36 pm
what are they doing? people have been trying to get this passed for 30 years. the duty of now is we really do have unbelievable experimental drugs that can really help. can sign ale document and they can go and get themselves very possibly make themselves better. they do not have to travel all over the world or they do not have to sit home with no hope whatsoever. so right to try -- i love the name. $6 billion a little while ago, new funding, to fight the opioid epidemic, which is really an epidemic, and it is a tremendous epidemic in ohio, tremendous in ohio. and we have got that was -- and we have got -- that was very important to rob portman, but this is a really big problem in ohio. boldministration has taken
6:37 pm
action to make prescription drugs more affordable. i did something the other day that they have never seen. up,er lifted their prices and novartis and some others and i was not happy, and all of a sudden i got calls from let them know, i got calls, sir, they are rescinding their price increases. and nobody has ever seen a before. and i give them credit. pfizer, and others, and have brought them back down to where they were. we're working very hard. zar is with czar -- a me. we went to a hospital, so beautiful. and i are working very hard on eliminating the middleman, and we are going to bring restriction -- because it is already happening -- friendly, pfizer and all could
6:38 pm
not have done what they did for weeks ago, and we are bringing drug prices down, prescription drug prices. we reformed -- it is such an important -- we reform the medicare drug discount program to stop hospitals from overcharging low-income zero years, saving seniors hundreds of millions of dollars this year alone. why didn't they do this before? we will always protect our seniors. we will take care of our seniors better than they have in ever taken care of. we've also appointed and confirmed a record number -- highest number -- of judges who will interpret our constitution has written -- as written. as written, as opposed to judges that just make it up as they go along. we passed a landmark v.a. accountability law, where we can actually fire people if they are bad to our great veterans.
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said, we also passed a veterans choice, something they have been trying to get for 45 years, veterans choice. one, inso proud of that the senate came through in the house came through, and it was have a plant we now -- you know, the veterans, these are the greatest people, and they go to a doctor, not feeling well, something is wrong, they wait in line for 14 days, and literally, not call in and come back in two weeks, you would be waiting 14, 21, 32 days, and they would be waiting online, smallme of them had a element and it would be terminal by the time they got to see a doctor, it was so bad, it was horrible. used to say come so i had something some things as much i said, listen, i have an idea, it
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to have to wait that long, why don't we send them to a doctor around the corner? and everyone said, sir, we have been trying to get that approved for 40 years. but i'm getting things approved. where pretty good and right, -- at that, right, and we got it approved. so we now have veterans choice. they can go out and see a doctor if they have to wait. we will pay the bill, and we will save a lot of money. we will save a lot of lies. and we will make the quality of life better, a lot better. and we are giving our brave war fighters the tools and resources, and equipment they need to defeat any enemy that dares to threaten our people. for eightery well, years, democrats apologize for america. republicans are now standing up for america. there is a big difference.
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we are standing up for the heroes who protect america. we're standing proudly for our great, beautiful, wonderful national anthem. cbs just joined the crew, and espn has decided not to so they do not have any controversy. can you imagine, they are not going to broadcast the national anthem? cbs and espn, they are not going to broadcast the national anthem. what's the hell is the nfl doing? do they not have a clue? they do think they are doing something smart because of not broadcasting the national anthem? republicans are creating
6:42 pm
john's for african-americans, hispanic-americans, asian-americans, young americans, and all americans. i will tell you, if we do not get jim, that is going to be a terrible thing. jim, will you stand up, please. i told the group of wonderful donors, we have a group that loves this guy. one of them was saying i'm a sir, i worked with jim for 20 years. he is an incredible business man i started off with three employees. they say he had 11,000 employees. stand up. he went from three to 11,000, and it was jim that you will like -- you were like his student, right? did he get a piece of the deal, i hope? that is a great statement. thatis a lot better --
6:43 pm
means -- that is so incredible -- jim was a great businessman great he has a great sense, a great common sense, that is a beautiful story, and i really appreciate it, man. so while democrats run down our country -- they really do, they run it down -- always negative, nasty, the way they come after me. get used to it. we won the election. we are going to win the election in 2020. these are nasty people. they are nasty. and dishonest. you notice that nobody looks at them. is that deep state or what? nobody looks at them. you have the beautiful lisa page and her wonderful fbi agent. how about him? andanybody ever hear str
6:44 pm
testify. lies and leaks. he is a liar and a leaker. this guy being looked at? it is the most incredible thing people have ever seen, what is going on, but we are going to straighten it out. it is going to get straightened out. and that guy is helping a lot. we will straighten it out, happening, a lot of good things are happening. republicans are regally our country. we believe in the dignity of work, the power of freedom, and we believe in the truth of our national motto, which a lot of people do not like using. did you see some court ruled against it the other day? "in god we trust." nobody is going to rule against. --ember when i first started
6:45 pm
i he did read up now -- placed to say, we are going to start saying merry christmas again. at the beginning of my campaign, it was december, and you would go to the store some and they would never say merry christmas. they are all saying merry christmas now. they are private. our victories are america's victories because the republican party is the party of the american worker, the american family, the american dream, and you know what else? the party of the marriott can -- of the american warriors. i talked about it on the time then a government say, via, elite. i am much more than any of them. so are your. we are much smarter, much richer, better educated in most cases. they talk about the elite, and then you see this slob sitting there and he is of us to be
6:46 pm
elite. i say, he is elite? egory.t them at every cat so let's let them be elite and we are the super elite. but to achieve that victory from columbus to cleveland to cincinnati, we have to work november.from now to i need you to get out and vote for the sake of our country, or future, and our children. generations of americans have fought and led and died to preserve our laws, protect our constitution, and passed down the blessings of liberty. we are bringing it all back. it is all happening, folks, faster than people understand. there has been a lot of craziness. that sacred inheritance, that lord is -- that glorious airtouch, is in our hands, as of two happened almost years
6:47 pm
years ago. wasn't that the greatest vocalist evening -- greatest, coolest evening? i was all about bringing our country back. you had people who were great theye, paid taxes come and never saw what they wanted to vote for, and making down from the hills and valleys in the rivers and people said, where are all these people? the democrats are still trying to figure out, where did these people come from? and they are never going democrats, i can tell you that. it is now up to us to defend it, to protect it, and to pass it down to our children so that they can grow up safe and strong and proud and free, right? with your help, ohio will carry the hopes and dreams of the american people all the way to
6:48 pm
victory this november. we will never give in. we will never give up. and we will never stop fighting to make america great again. i want to thank -- i want to thank jane and the ohio republican party. what a job you have done. boy, what a job. records every year. right? thank you, tim, very much. and i want to really, number one, i want to wish our gubernatorial candidates are going to do great him and i want to thank you, fellows. you got to get this type it he is a bad guy. i do not say that about most -- i say, good luck you're running against a bad guy. and i will tell you what, jim, you're going to win. i'm looking at polls that are looking good. people do not want to tell about the polls. the people of ohio have known you a long time. you are a champion.
6:49 pm
i have known you a long time. you are a winner. you have always been a winner. work hard. work not a lot of times everything -- i do not have to tell them. normally i would have to say work seven days. with this guy, i do not have to tell them. you are a great inspiration, and you will win. and congratulations on so far doing a really fantastic job. next senator. into the people of ohio, you are very special. i just want to say god bless you and good not. thank you. thank you very much. ♪
6:50 pm
[captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2018] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> as one of the most qualified nominees picked for the supreme court, and he has contributed a great deal to his community and the legal profession besides judge onoutstanding
6:51 pm
the d.c. circuit court of appeals. >> judge kavanaugh has a special obligation to make his views on this topic clear, given the president's litmus test that he would only appoint judges who would overturn roe. on that obligation, judge kavanaugh failed spectacularly. >> i look forward to watch the confirmation hearing, after conducting a thorough review of the this nomination, i am confident that judge kavanaugh will be an excellent addition to our nation's ice courts. >> watched a one -- highest courts. hearings on c-span3. c-spanon the freeze radio app. >> tonight at 8:00, the senate hearing on prioritizing cures at the national institutes of
6:52 pm
health. >> nih launched a special project on sma, a tragic disease. one of the most exciting comes from a team at nationwide children's hospital in columbus, which recently tested gene therapy for sma in 15 infants. these are infants not expected to survive more than 15 months. they confuse a far vector designed to deliver the normal gene to the spinal cord, and held their breath. over the next few months, something dramatic happened. like evelyn, reviews in this picture with her parents, 100% of the kids who got the highest those of gene therapy were alive at 20 months. nearly all could talk and feed themselves and some like evelyn, cannot only 1/2, talk and walk, but she can't even do push-ups. >> tonight at 8:00.
6:53 pm
up monday, deb fischer debates heard democratic rival. the debate happened at the nebraska's tape fair, monday morning at 10:00 eastern on c-span. fair, monday morning at 10:00 eastern on c-span. r. if you have questions about the federal budgeting process, now would be a good time to call in in the segment of the washington journal. an overview of how the budgeting process is supposed to work over the course of a fiscal year. way it is supposed to work and the way that congress set up to work is that every year in february the president is supposed to put out his imprint of how things are supposed to work.