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Mitch McConnell
  Sen. Mc Connell on Honoring Sen. Mc Cain  CSPAN  August 28, 2018 8:01pm-8:04pm EDT

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asking all of our colleagues if they would be willing to join us in a resolution to officially rename it the mccain building. i hope that many or all will join. friend mccain was a dear to all of us and a great american, great senator, great man. let his name be an example to future generations, as his service and character were to everyone of us. regard to the appropriate way to honor senator mccain, i will be appointing a group on a bipartisan basis to convene after labor day and think thoroughly through the appropriate way to honor our colleague. i was not notified in advance of the suggestion that the minority
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haver had, but the way we approached this thing in the past has been on a bipartisan basis. after proper recognition of the person we have lost, in a calm calmervironment -- environment. senator of sanity -- kennedy -- there are several different possibilities that this group will consider. hopefully they will come back with a unanimous recommendation of the proper way to honor senator mccain. >> despite some bipartisan support for the proposal, it is facing political headwinds on capitol hill from republican lawmakers. would prefer to
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find another way to honor him. said, what i don't want is to establish a president so something named after john mccain is named after somebody else in the future. southticle quoted carolina senator who said, i would name the capital after him if i could. know, i want to talk to cindy and see what they think. senators from both sides of the i'll continue to pay tribute to the late arizona senator. we start with senator graham. >> senator from south carolina. >> thank you.