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tv   Washington Journal Leah Askarinam  CSPAN  August 29, 2018 11:35am-11:46am EDT

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saturday at 9:00 eastern, cindy mccain will a a wreath at the vietnam veterans memorial in washington in honor of her husband's military service. attack luck am eastern, we will be live with the national memorial service for senator at 9:00 a.m. eastern, we will be live with the national memorial service for senator mccain your that is lia. a reporter and analyst for the publication inside elections joins us to breakdown the result of the primary. let's start with florida, the governor's race. a good night for ron desantis it looks like. >> i think the big story ended up being the florida's governor's race and on the democratic side, that is probably where the biggest surprise happened of the night. the front runner was perceived to be lynn graham with support from emily's list, the women's
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group that helps elect aggressive pro-choice women across federal and state elections. the winner ended up being andrew gillam, who is the mayor up tallahassee and ended up with an endorsement from bernie sanders and has embraced a more progressive agenda. that was not the expected result, but he will be facing congressman ron desantis, who was the trump pick and made a bit of a splash in the primary with an ad where he reads the "art of the deal" to his kid and basically made -- host: as far as the results, what was the turnout like and what did that do for both of these men? guest: democrats are enthusiastic about their turnout . what we are seeing is basically what we have seen across the board in primaries so far. democratic enthusiasm seems to be up, but the republican vote
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is not suppressed either. we also have a closed primary in florida, so it is hard to take too much from those conclusions, but we are definitely seeing democratic enthusiasm, which should help across the board in the house and senate and governor's race in florida. host: let's hear a little bit from andrew gillam now running against ron desantis. [video clip] >> if we are going to make clear to the rest of the world that the dark days we have been under -- thatut of washington the derision and division that is coming out of our white house, that right here in the state of florida we are going to isind this nation of what truly the american way. truly the american start from the bottom,
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richmond heights, and make your way all the way to the top. [cheers and applause] >> and be in service of all people, have a message of love, community, connection, common sense, decency, of what is right and what is wrong and that message is big enough, wide enough, deep enough to hold all of us. host: in a previous story in the headline that says what we know or don't know about the fbi investigation hanging over andrew gillam at the time. guest: that was one of the concerns going into this. one of the reasons gwen graham may have been perceived as a safer candidate. the investigation into the city of tallahassee has not touched the mayor, who is the gubernatorial nominee.
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that is still in the process. we will see how that ends up. in a perfect world, this would not be happening on the democratic side. i think what we are going to see -- one of the main takeaways from that speech and the gubernatorial race in general is that we are not seeing either candidate shy away from the president and the national scene. that is in stark contrast to the senate race where we see governor rick scott running for the republican nomination. keeping some distance from the president. same with bill nelson. we have two concurrent statewide races where we might have very different approaches to how to win in a swing state like florida. host: where do you think the president as far as direct involvement -- will they continue on as far as florida is concerned? guest: i imagine they would. we have seen rick scott try to
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distance himself since he decided to run for senate. will unclear how much it help him, but it seems clear ron desantis' strategy involves around the president's involvement. host: let's turn to the arizona senate, two women running for this spot to be in the senate. what were the results? guest: in arizona we had kyrsten sinema. that is no surprise, she was uncontested and we have known for quite a while now. the republican nominee was a bit more up in the air. primary three-way between sheriff arpaio, he made news during the trump administration, and kelly ward. martha mcsorley -- mcsally would be the most
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likable. in a primary, it's hard to know beforehand even with a bit of polling who would end up making it through. did end at making it through, which is important for the senate map because it arpaio or ward had won, it would make republican's job very difficult. [video clip] >> i am as impressed as anyone that my opponent brags that she owns over 100 pairs of shoes. i have over 100 combat missions serving our country. applause] my opponent is someone who is left of the pelosi democrats, a green party activist. she protested our troops in a pink tutu.
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she called to shut down luke air force base. she calls yourself a proud prada socialist. now that she is running for the ema -- ihollywood sin cinema. say that is hollywood she has undergone an extreme makeover makeover, she is a fake production running on a phony script to full the voters -- fool the voters. guest: kristen cinema has had most of the airways to herself during this republican primary. while republicans have been battling one another for the last several months trying to win the gop primary, kristen sinema -- westen
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are seeing what kind of attacks she will have to deflect. what will be difficult is that she has been on air long enough where she has probably developed some sort of image that will be harder to take down. she has established herself as a relatively moderate democrat and a few months before the election will be a pretty short amount of time for republicans to reverse that narrative. what you are seeing is that martha mcsally will tie kyrsten sinema to the national democratic party and you will see kyrsten sinema try to distance herself from nancy pelosi and chuck schumer. host: outside groups supporting either of these women, where do you see that happening and how much support do you think will come? guest: i think we are seeing two women running for senator jeff flake's open seat. we are seeing there will be a
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woman senator from arizona, so you will see women's groups get involved on behalf of -- especially kyrsten sinema, groups like emily's list. you will also see republican outside groups, foreign money because arizona is critical to maintaining a senate majority. it will be difficult for democrats to gain a majority in the senate. they are playing defense this cycle, but they have a slim chance and that does depend on winning arizona from the republican party. been quickly, has there any indication from the governor of arizona on who will fill john mccain's seat? guest: we have not seen that yet. there have been rumors that cindy mccain or a relative of john mccain might end up being appointed. we should know in the coming weeks. host: before we let you go, the oklahoma's governor's -- what
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were the results? the primary won runoff. democrats are excited about that. they believe he has a record that will be easier for them to work with and attack and that their candidate, drew edmondson, will be able to take a been a job in november. host: she follows this closely with inside elections reporter, leah askarinam j of the winners of yesterday's primary was martha mcsally. sinema in theten general election. sally's congresswoman mc victory speech from last night.


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