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  President Announces Drug Free Community Program Grant  CSPAN  August 29, 2018 2:40pm-3:10pm EDT

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martin luther king and robert kennedy were forming an alliance to wear if kennedy was elected, king would become vice president. do you know if they ever got together and actually formed any kind of political alliance? guest: i've not heard that particular story. no doubt that they were sympathetic to each other, personally and politically. there is no doubt that robert kennedy -- if you would ask dr. king to choose a candidate in the spring of 1968, that he would have made kennedy. the idea of any formal alliance and much less that dr. king would be on the ticket, i do not heard of that. party, howepublican the dam brace civil rights within the platform? guest: one of my vivid memories
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was when dr. abernathy -- dr. king's designated successor of the soft -- of the southern christian leadership conference. will go live now to the roosevelt room in the white house were president trump is reeouncing his drugf community program grant. pres. trump: we have never done anything to this extent or this large that will reach of so many people. great people. the drug-free communities program is a proven success cutting alcohol and prescription average of 20%n among high school students and participating communities. a 20% reduction is at the top of the pack, incredible what they have been able to do. you should all be extremely proud of your life's work. very important life's work, so
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great going. also want to tell you, deputy director -- somebody who really is inat the heart, and he love with what he does and that is jim carroll, thank you very much. >> thank you, mr. president. many of us have a friend, colleague, or a loved one who has struggled with dependency. i had a brother who had a very big alcohol problem. ieat guy, great potential, have to admit, he was much better looking than me. andas the best looking guy the best personality, but he had an addiction to alcohol. it really destroyed his life. it was a very tough thing for our family. sadly in 2017, an estimated 134
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americans die each day from related overdoses. 134 people a day. my administration supports ongoing bipartisan efforts to pass legislation to combat the opioid crisis. we are dedicated to ending this crisispass legislation to combae and we will end this crisis or at least get it down to a level where we can do things and go from there. are going to get it down to a are going to get it down to a level. in one year, we reduced high-dose opioid prescriptions by 60%. -- we goted funding that approved last year and the money is starting to flow through the system. we declared a public health emergency and launched a nationwide public campaign.
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are holding drug traffickers accountable for their crimes. we are really going after the traffickers. is theways said that biggest thing and the punishment is getting stronger and stronger. will get to very smart as a nation and give them the ultimate punishment. in a few moments, we are going to hear directly from the coalition leaders and youth representatives that are with us today. first, someone who has done a really beautiful job, deputy director jim carroll. >> thank you. it is a great honor to serve. what is also a great honor is being able to work with the community and the community leaders throughout the country. i go around the country and around the world for some of the programs that you are putting in place. people who seeing is
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are a bit surprised by the level of commitment that you have shown. it is not just the financial commitment that we are talking about with a record number of dollars being put towards these resources, the number of communities. 60 million people are living in a drug-free community. president, they have been overwhelmed by your personal commitment, by your passion and compassion on the subject. when i am on the road, that is what i hear. people are really taken to heart the words you have given them in addition to the resources. they really understand so i am very eager for you to meet six of the 731 today. thank you for allowing me. you told me to be relentless and you meant it across all three -- education and prevention,
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relentless and making sure people get treatment, and relentless on interdiction and stopping the drugs. thank you for your support, we are doing all three. pres. trump: thank you. general, say a few words. >> thank you, mr. president. thank you for your commitment by announcing that this grant today. i have the pleasure to serve as the chairman and ceo of the drug coalition of america. built andght, we have funded over 2000 coalitions of which there are 731 actively now. through the office of drug control policy, we have had it enactedt and got into law and over the last 20 your, working go with
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administration, we have kept it funded and we are so excited to see that the dollars are nearly approaching $100 million. i would say to you that as you cited, the result of the achieving -- they are exceptions. any otherhink of agency in washington that can achieve the results with the amount of dollars into them. i would say that if you look at know thisy, and you well, there are more than 3000 counties in the united states. we have built 731 of these the goal of the to have a multisector coalition in every counter -- every county in america.
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we can continue to have every county in america with these coalitions that are going to help them build down their substance abuse rates. we thank you for your leadership. pres. trump: thank you, general, and we will be working together for a long time. >> thank you. pres. trump: i want to introduce a young lady. she first met us when she was a freshman in high school. >> she came to our national youth leadership academy where he trained over 2000 young people every year. because we were impressed with her, we asked her to become one of our trainers. she did that. she just graduated high school and she had -- she is headed off to college. she is a great example of what young people are doing in their communities to fight these issues. president, i am from chicago, illinois.
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i've been working on the coalition for approximately four years now. they have been funded for the majority of those the years. see ae been able to decrease in the use of our call, marijuana, and tobacco. -- alcohol, marijuana, and tobacco. together, we are able to notice that you are giving us the power to work truly in our communities from the bottoms perspective going up. this march, i had the opportunity to go to bni, vienna,as -- to austria. i was able to collaborate and i was comparing and contrasting truly, the grant is one-of-a-kind because you are giving power to the local communities. givingto thank you for
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all of that power to the local communities to deal with local problems. pres. trump: thank you, that was so beautifully done. i'll most want to applaud. [laughter] -- i almost want to applaud. [laughter] of this,mp: with all you'll become very famous and be a television star. and you'll forget about me. would you like to say something? that the tough one. [laughter] [indiscernible] i am honored to be here. person, least deserving but the past five years, i want to do nothing but help our communities. , itpeople like mr. carroll
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has altered my life. i have a long history of drug and alcohol abuse and my parents, they were the exception. that the good life i have had, they were not able to. so my grandpa was in world war ii, he got wounded, and he coped using alcohol. there was nothing for him to wake up in the middle of the night and think he was in the war again and try to escape from the house. was notd's side, he encouraged to go to school with an eighth grade education. dad's is the maintenance man for the local school system and i am proud of them.
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my entire life, my dad has put me and encouraged me to get an education. my mom taught me how to use it. -- if ao tell you coalition existed when they were children, their lives would have been way different. forll not stop advocating my family until every child has the same opportunities i have been blessed with. i want to thank you for your time. maybe you did just as well. [laughter] that was a great job, thank you very much. beautiful job. how about you? >> hi. my biggest -- in the coalition
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that the work i have done is that new voices are incredible for trying to work on to -- on conventions. the time and educating the youth that are involved in the , those names are so important. [indiscernible] >> we can tell them that is not the path and there are some in the other options. there are several countries with an opioid crisis so although we
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are working directly with that, it is very important that we keep working with the marijuana -- that is the start combating the opioid crisis. workugh we have to directly with the opioid crisis, working with the prevention of drugs, alcohol, and marijuana is just as important because that is where it all starts. pres. trump: great job. that is great, great job. >> thank you. hello, i am sarah and i am with the drug coalition in west virginia. grant, we can affect major change among our youth and county. it is crazy to see it over time and to see people change their lives.
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yeah, it is great. pres. trump: great place. incredible, thank you all very much. very inspirational. we are going to stay around and talk a little bit, we're going to let the media leave. i really appreciate those statements because they were beautifully said, so thank you all very much. shouting] don mcgann is a really good guy. he has been your promos two years. a lot of affection for don. he will be moving on to the private sector, maybe the private sector, and he will do very well. he has done a job. -- he has done an excellent job.
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i knew he was going, i had to approve it. i do not have to be aware, we knew everything straight -- we do everything by the book. don is a guy. --we are doing really well wants to meet with us. trader jim it, we will see what bernard kennedy gets into an otherwise, we will do something separately. think canada very much wants to make a deal and i think it is going to be obviously very good for canada if they do and not good at all if they do not. we have a very good relationship.
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they came yesterday to the white house and we negotiated late into the evening. they are in the white house right now, we are negotiating with them and they want to be a part of the deal. we gave until friday and i think we are on track. we will see what happens but things are working out. a lot of trade deals are working out well. the european union which has , it isarriers to trade not fair for our farmers and others. those barriers will be coming down. we are in the midst of a very big trade dispute to put it nicely with china. i think we are doing very well. our economy has picked up in is a lotwork -- there of money for everyone sitting around and we have pick up about $10 trillion since my election. business,ng record record stock market, record everything and also, record unemployment. the standpoint of a lot of
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people, we are talking about the prison reform and other things but when people come out of prison now, they can actually get jobs, and they are really liked by a lot of the employers. we've had tremendous success. part of the reason is the job market is so good. hiring people that maybe they may not have given a chance to end the now they are hiring people. you are one of the great advocates. i have to tell you, i love -- i know employers who have ared people and given them second or third chance, and they are so happy. not in all cases, but nothing is in all cases. they are so happy with so many of the people. they say, we will never lose them. it is a beautiful thing to see what is happening. with canada, i think we are doing very well.
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andrew gilland down in florida, did you hear? he said it is not time to monkey around with the economy down in florida. pres. trump: no, i did not hear it. i've been working on the deal with canada so i have not heard. know ron desantis and ron desantis is extraordinary. harvard, you know, -- ran an incredible campaign. a lot of people that he was not supposed to beat because he came into the race. he is an extreme talent and he will make a fantastic governor of florida. i have not heard that at all, no. [indiscernible] pres. trump: i think we did a fantastic job in puerto rico, we
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are still helping puerto rico. the governor is a job. -- the governor is an excellent guy. it was a very tough one. the electric plant was that before the hurricane.
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we arehard, straightening out those difficulties. thank you very much, everybody. i think we are doing well. trade disputes with china, china has taken out $500 billion a year from the united dates for many years. so we cannot let that happen. working a little bit against china.
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too much money is being lost by us. china is the route. -- various things go to china. i do not like to call it a trade war. china is having a very tough time. china makes it much more difficult in terms of our relationship with north korea. now, i knew that that i could not wait any longer. been talking -- i've been talking about china for a long time. i wanted to see if we could work out north korea. when you're losing more than they cannot a year,
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let that go on. strong on china and it will all work out. having a hard time. i thinkhave to see but china probably has a great influence over north korea. i have a fantastic relationship with the chairman as you probably know. we will just have to see how it all ends up. i have to move on china from the standpoint of trade because it was not fair to the country. just for a money, for many years, the president's close their eyes. not president obama, many presidents. hundreds of audience of dollars a year was pouring out of the united states and taxpayers and everything else. i think we will have a very positive impact. if you look at the polls, based
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on the polls, it is positive. the highest in the republican party, i guess, forever or a long time. honestly, people will not necessarily agree with this but i do it to do what is right. it is a very important time and we are straightening out the country. what the people in the room , alcohol, drug abuse abuse, and all the problems. it is something maybe a lot of people do not talk about we talk about other things. it is just as exciting as or so manyace force other things we are doing. i really don't and i can tell you, i don't do anything -- i enjoy looking at it but i was making decision based on what is right.
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there is a lot of a necessarily -- unnecessary violence all over the world and the country. >> what would you like the federal government to do? president trump: i think google and facebook and twitter treat conservatives and republicans very unfairly. a lot of people on various over $125 million. all of a sudden, you lose people.
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there is a big difference. problem.t is a serious we were -- we are just going to see. we want not regulation but fairness. you are talking about a tremendous amount. i am president. we are talking about a tremendous number of people and we want to see fairness. very important. >> wiese -- we spoke a couple of
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times. he was very nice. could not have been nicer. >> ok. guys.'s go, >> we have more live coverage of president trump in the campaign rally and mike brown. live on c-span. us for book tv's live coverage at the 18th annual library of congress. saturday it -- starting at 10:00 eastern. at the washington convention
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center. the prize-winning biographer at the soul of america. historianrize-winning goodwin with leadership and turbulent times. needox news host ryan kill with his book, andrew jackson and the miracle of new orleans, the battle, watch the 18th live on c-span2's book tv. saturday at 10:00 a.m. eastern. >> the career of senator john mccain this afternoon. members of the public may pay their respects and we will have that for you later in the schedule. tomorrow, a funeral service in phoenix.
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joe bidene president at 1:00 p.m. eastern. mccain's casket in maryland. friday morning, congressional speakers at the evening. senator mccain's body will lie at the capital. saturday morning at 9:00 eastern. 10:00 a.m. live at the -- speakers including george w. bush and barack obama. the u.s. does not plan to suspend anymore military exercises with south korea as negotiations continue to the north. conferenceen