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tv   Erik Wasson  CSPAN  September 3, 2018 4:31pm-4:42pm EDT

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-- it is not that. it is hurting the institution. --y are hurting the they are looking elitists. latt is am rosenb senior strategist with psb, who conducted the poll for c-span. thank you for walking us through it. guest: thank you.
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white house director has said they do not want another omnibus, another cute, all packaged together spending bill. doinge they planning on with the border welcoming feeling with that issue? week ofted the second september or somewhere thereabouts, and there was an omnibus 9 bill, and if you get a second package done, you get a .ix-day filter -- bill. i think that is where we are fitted come up the big issue for trump is not that his border wall is not be a funded. the senate has reported $1.6 billion some of the house $5
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billion. a republican from west virginia told us at the end of august that she has gone to the borders, is more comfortable providing more funding come as a leaving question is -- what do you cut to provide that? do you cut health care? room is only so much ancut which is, for many, unnecessary wall, with a non-foot ladder. it is not as popular with republicans. incidents with trump. >> all right, let's pivot to supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. they will take up his nomination at his confirmation hearing. what are a couple of republicans, a couple of democrats that you are going to be keeping your eye on during questioning, and what issues are they really going to be
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hammering on with judge kavanaugh? erik: to key question is -- are going to be any republican defectors? democrats in some way are boxed out of this if republicans stay together. they have a razor-then majority, susan collins, lisa murkowski are under pressure and essentially being pro-choice republicans, and whether they can vote for someone who, many people believe, is for overturning the road vs. -- roe. abortion case. those are the dramatic people who of course ran and are willing to disrupt, of course mitch mcconnell, but maybe not in this case. it is a question that is very interesting. if you have brett kavanaugh respond to questions about
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executive power an executive privilege, the comment raise eyebrows about whether a president can be indicted, whether he can be charged with crimes, and that is all very relevant to the mueller investigation, president trump. chris coons, for example, delaware, kavanaugh said he should expect a lot of questions at the hearing on that very question. has been dealing with executive nominations, judicial nominations, a lot nominees to the circuit court, district court. really beensenate able to rapidly go through all of these nominations of the president? just i think, again, because they filibuster is no longer with us, the democrats are not as empowered as they happen in the past. the decisions were made back when he reread -- when harry reid was the majority leader. the republicans will stay united, and there are a few cases of nominees that were blocked, but for the most part,
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they are run by scott, his potentially racist views. democrats have not done all they can to gum up the system. major judicial confirmations will probably be 68 by the first week of september in the senate. a lot of otherso expiring deadlines in september. you have the farm bill, which is a big issue in rural america that will expire at the month. we have the federal aviation administration authority, and also a real desire to get something done on alo pioids. we willight, erik, continue to follow you on twitter. >> issues on sports, including demonstrations on sports.
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they have the wnba association and contributing writers. by espnosted correspondent michele steele. it is about 90 minutes. michele: in the sport good morn, everybody. in the sports world, believe it or not, 10:00 a.m. is early. i am happy to have the here.y to be that we have today and our esteemed panelists and i want to say hello and thank you to our friends at c-span who are on today's panel. my name is michele steele, i e.


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