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  Presidents Remarks at North Dakota Fundraiser  CSPAN  September 7, 2018 2:17pm-2:54pm EDT

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his tweets, or is on the fence, take politics out of it. ask them -- what do you think of he last year and a half? how do you like the last year and a half? do like you're going to have to adjust tax returns because the figures you used last year are too punitive and you're going to get more money back? o you like that? do you like that we have the lowest minority -- >> you can see the rest of this online at we're going now live to fargo, north dakota. president trump is campaigning for congressman kevin kramer here. representative kramer is challenging incumbent democratic
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senator high tee hite camp. >> and you know now why i do my best to catch the first plane out of the swamp to get home every week. i don't suppose any national press came here but to our visitors from the national press corps, let me encourage you to talk to some of these real people. and if you do, and by the way, they're happy to give you their name and go on the record. they're real, they're not fake, they're not ashamed of their support for our president. but you will understand by their bluntness why they appreciate a plain spoken president. because they know that you can trust someone who says what the he means and means what he says nd keeps his promises. promises like cutting taxes for every american, especially the
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middle class. promises like rebuilding our military, restoring law and order, rolling back the regulations on our farmers and ranchers, getting out of the way of our business leaders and job reators, yes, making america -- not energy independent, not energy se care but energy dominant. and yes a president who fulfilled that important promise to appoint judges and justices who interpret the laws instead of making the laws. and so thank all of you for your support for president trump and your support for my candidacy. with that, ladies and gentlemen, i present to you your president, our president, the president of the united states of america, president donald j. trump. [cheers and applause]
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♪ and i'm proud to be an american where at least i know i'm free and i won't forget the men who died to give that right to me i gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today because there ain't no doubt i love this land god bless the u.s.a. ♪ president trump: thank you. what a group of people. what a state. this is a big winner for us, wasn't it? this is a big one. that was a great victory. i just want to thank you. governor is here, doug, where are you? come on, doug. look at him. see. he gave up the good location so you could have a good location. thank you very much, doug. and very much katherine for being here. off man who is here who is a special friend of mine. works with us so hard on all of the tax cuts and the regulation cuts and all of the things we
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do, your great senator jon holden. where's john? and mikey, thank you for being here. we appreciate it. and kevin is special. i have to tell you. i came for kevin, i've been here for kevin, i asked kevin to do it, he was the one that could do it. he's the one you love in this state. and i said it's time. and i think you're going to do fantastically well. you know how well he's doing. he's really doing a fantastic job. so i just want to thank him for going into the race and you know, you look at what he and chris have done in a short period of time, they've really turned it around. and they're lead, i won't even tell them by how much. ok, i don't want to tell them by how much. [applause] i don't want to tell them by how much but he's doing great. that's all i want to say. assume you're down by one
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point,s that are best. that way you work real hard. i want to thank also, thank you. i want to thank also kelly armstrong who is here someplace. kelly, thank you, kelly. running for congress. also really out there, very popular, very outstanding person and thank you very much, you're going to do fantastic, kelly. and rick berg, head of the republican party, rick, thank you very much. thank you, rick. so we have a very simple, well-defined task. we want to have strong borders. we want to have low taxes. we want to cut the hell out of regulations. we want -- and by the way, we want regulations. somebody very popular guy here was just interviewing me. you know who i'm talking about, great guy. and he said, what do you think of president obama's speech?
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and i said, i'm sorry, i watched it but i fell asleep. [laughter] ery good for sleeping. i think he's bound to take some credit, he was trying to take credit for this incredible thing that's happening to our country. if the democrats -- i have to say this to president obama and it wasn't him but would have been the same thing. if the democrats got in with their agenda in november of almost two years ago, instead of having 4.2 up, i believe honestly you'd have 4.2 down. you'd be negative. you'd be in negative numbers right now. you'd be a negative number. we were heading south. and you look at those bad numbers that were there in the last couple of years, it was this way. and going in the wrong direction. it was the weakest recovery in
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the history of our country since, i guess, to be totally specific because i'm not sure they've gone any further, since the great depression in the 1920's. it was the weakest recovery we've ever had. barely a recovery. and now this is called not recovery, this is called rocketship. what's happening. and today, -- today, numbers came out and this is something that makes me happy. the numbers were great. the job numbers were great, the numbers have been incredible. almost from the beginning. took me a few months to get the engine started. and we did that with regulations. i mean, we did that by freeing it up you had pipelines that couldn't be built. i immediately approved them. dakota. [cheers and applause] how about dakota access. that was a very unfair situation. and you know, i approved it. i -- nobody called me. they just built the pipeline, it's been working ever since.
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lot of jobs. it was very unfairial they got their approvals and then they said you have your approvals but you can't build it, you'll never be able to build it. i was told they'd never be able to build it. i approved it on day one. oen day one it was approve. same thing with keystone. i approved keystone. total 48,000 jobs but more importantly two great projects and we approve themmed both immediately and you would have been stuck. you were never getting that approve sosmed many people thanked me for that. i guess more importantly when i walked in, i was walking in with kevin kramer, and walking through the -- kevin cramer and walking through the door and a strong man came up to me, tough kind of a guy, and said i want to thank you, mr. president, for saving our country. [applause] he had tears coming down his eyes. this wasn't just a statement he had tears coming down. unless he was a real wise guy.
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but he had tears coming down his eyes he said i want to thank you, mr. president, for saving our country. and i want to thank you for all of the horrible things that you have to go through. because it's so unfair to you and it's so unfair to all of the millions and tens of millions of people that voted for you. [cheers and applause] thank you. so i really appreciated that. and it is, it's very hard for republicans and conservatives. we have a great judge right now being looked at to go up and be the next justice of the united states supreme court. this is a great intellect. he's a great man. a fine person. and the way they're screaming and shouting and -- it's a disgrace to our country, actually. i don't know if anybody has been watching. they're making fools out of themselves. one of those people i'll be running against in 2 1/2 years.
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i'll be running against them and i look so forward to it. because we'll be able to give it back. [cheers and applause] o forward to it. but the court system is very important. i'm going to be appointing, have appointed, a record number of judges. we're going to be -- district court judge, court of appeals, we have supreme court of course. one of the reasons it's so important to get kevin in is just that. it could change very quickly. and we could actually have, you know this will be hopefully everything goes very well with judge kavanaugh. he's central casting. 10 years ago they said, he'll be a supreme court judge. the intellect is extraordinary. the man is extraordinary. they were saying this years ago. i heard it even before i ever thought i'd be doing this. that there was a man named kavanaugh who is extraordinary. those are the people we want on the supreme court.
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and we have two of them. we'll have -- him, hopefully. [applause] and we have justice gorsuch who is just an outstanding man. very proud of it. but we have to keep it going. if we don't keep it going, it changes. if it changes that affect yours second amendment right, that affects so many different thing, we don't have to go into it, it affects so many different elements of your life. i know it's a big native american population. and i know it's been very tough and i know heidi has not done a good job helping them and taking they voted for her, maybe they haven't had the right choices, maybe they don't the what's going on with respect@world of washington and politics. -- respect to the world of washington and politics, but i have to tell you with african-american folks, i would say what do you have to lose? as i read a list of the worst things you have ever heard.
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highest crime rates. worst education. lowest home ownership. and i'd read like 10 items and i'll never forget they gave me a list, i was making a big speech. i'm reading all these horrible things, crime and education and home and so many things. and i just said, what do you have to lose? vote for me. what the hell do you have to lose? remember that? [cheers and applause] and my people all came up to me and said you shouldn't have said that. i said why? the response was incredible. and i used it over and over again. and frankly, you know, we went way up. and now we've produced. because now african-american unemployment is at the best number in the history of our country. best number meaning it's a at -- it's at the lowest in the history of our country. and asian american and hispanic
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american and women, 65 years. but hispanics, think of it, hispanic is the best number in the history of our country. asian is the lowest in the history of our country. and i say with respect to the native americans, that i go right back to where i was two years ago when i was campaigning , what do you have to lose? what do you have to lose? you put kevin cramer into that position and you're going to see things happen that you'll never see with heidi. you just -- you're never going to see it with heidi. so i'll say very respectfully, what the hell do you have to lose? ok. [applause] so i have a list and the list goes on and on, it's four pages of things that the trump administration has accomplished,
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in a short period of time, it's less than two years. this goes on and on and on. , each i read it to you dot is a thing. ok? some of those things are very big things. [laughter] more than four million jobs created since the election. think of that [applause] 201,000 jobs just last month. brand new jobs. wages are growing at the fastest pace in nearly a decade. and what happened this morning? did you hear that? .9%. it's like the best wage number that we've had in many, many years. nd that makes me very happy. we had great jobs numbers this morning. they were just announced. they were fantastic. but the one that stuck out to me was the wage.
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people are starting to be able to live. to live. so not only unemployment but the wages are starting to go up for people. more americans are now employed than ever before in the rerecorded history of our country. think of it. today, right now, we have more people working than have ever worked. we've created more than 400,000, that's very soon going to be 600,000, manufacturing jobs. since my election. well, president obama said you won't have manufacturing jobs anymore. they're not around. they're around. because if you look at what i've done for your coal industry, it's incredible. we had a man who is in the mining business, he said sir, what you've done for the coal industry is incredible. because we were dead and now we're vibrant again. where is he? where is that guy? where -- shout out your name, please. i signed his hat. guy is probably loaded and i'm signing hats. come up here. get him up here.
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[applause] who the hell knows who he is, all i know is he's in the coal industry. get him up here. he's going to have to work through secret service but who cares. i'm telling you, secret service, he'll be all right. this guy wants to protect trump. [applause] does everybody recognize him? i don't but he's a big -- one of the biggest, tell them what you said about the coal industry. t's always very dangerous. >> when given an order, i guess you obey. what i said is that for eight years, the coal industry absolutely had the boot of government on its throat. and many, many jobs were lost. and many towns were destroyed by this. it was just a horrible thing. horrible suffering happened in this country. really for made up reasons.
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i think. and what your administration does -- has done, is bring us back to life. [applause] jobs have been created, families now have an opportunity to provide for themselves and have a great future and education and small towns in north dakota and other places really survived because they've got a great coal mine, they've got a great power plant. it's what america is about. it's great to see that we again care about those things. so thank you, mr. president. [cheers and applause] president trump: so nice. now i could stand up here and talk about coal for a half an hour. and i couldn't do as good a job as he just did. because seriously, he's in the business. he knows. he said you know, we were dead.
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and now we're a vibrant -- real y i -- really a vibrant industry again. another industry that's vibrant, affects you a little less but affects everybody, the steel industry is coming back like i've never seen because of what we've done. [applause] we've done -- with all the dumping, they're not doing so much dumping anymore. but the steel industries are coming back. when they do dump, they're paying a lot of money on their dumped steel they're sending and it gos right into the coffers of our country. and that's ok. but u.s. steel is opening up eight plants. nucor and others are opening up plants. some spending close to $1 billion on a brand new plant. the steel industry is one of the great things to be talking about. so the manufacturing jobs are back. they're coming back and coming back at levels. economic growth last quarter 4.2. new unemployment claims hit a 49-year low. median -- think of that.
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, through like think of it. median household income hit the highest level ever recorded. not bad, right? these are some of the bigies. american pensions have grown more than $2 trillion in value since the election. [applause] i said before, african-american unemployment, the best ever. best ever, lowest number ever. hispanic american, asian american, women 6 5 years, sorry about that, i like history better. historic as -- i joke but on women, 65 years. best numbers in unemployment in 65 years. [applause] it'll be historic, i would say best in history very shortly, probably another two weeks. youth unemployment. youth unemployment the best in half a century. lowest unemployment rate ever record for americans without a high school diploma. isn't that a great thing?
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nobody even talks about this stuff. that's whike -- that's like you probably never even heard of these cat gores. they're important categories to me. veterans unemployment recently reached its lowest in more than 20 years and that's going up rapidly. i even think it's wrong. i think it's a much higher, much not than that if it's i'll make sure it is because we love our veterans. almost 3.9 million americans have been lifted off food stamps since my election. cheers and applause] so medicare, you look at what the democrats are doing, they're going to destroy medicare. and they're going to destroy your social security. we're going to save your social security. we're going to keep it. we're not going to touch it. you see when i campaigned, i was the only one that said we're not touching your it's? how you going to do it? i said growth. we're growing faster than even i projected. although i thought we'd be around that number.
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most other people -- if i would have said it during the campaign they would have laughed me off the stage. they've been trying to d that for a long time. that hasn't been working too well has it. and we're going to grow a lot faster. the fact is we're doing well. got the 4.2. we're going higher than that. most people would have said 4.2? that'll take years to get there. it didn't take years to get there, very quick. last time we were at 3.2. and everybody was shocked. i said it's going to go much higher, much, much higher than anybody believes. when we fixed the trade deals, that has a big impact. we're losing $100 billion with mexico. we're losing anywhere from $25 billion to $50 billion with canada, even though canada says we have no deficit. they're smart saying that. they have a sheet out says it they y don't show it,
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show 98.2 billion. we're working on a deal with canada. if it's good for us, good for them, i want it to be good for everybody. we cannot continue to get ripped off like we've been ripped off before. our farmers are important to me. our farmers -- [cheers and applause] and your great patriots. you're great american patriots. china wasn't letting you in for -- i mean for peanuts. and the european union has been very, very tough. there are trade barriers. they sell us, we aren't allowed to go in there i said we're we can't do that. if you do that, we'll tax your cars. it's very easy. that's the biggest money. it's all about the cars. that's the biggest money. and they're all pulling cars into our -- pouring car into our country and we essentially don't tax them. it's 2.5% but for the most part they don't pay. why should they pay the snust they're not used to paying the u.s., but it's only 2.5%.
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number one they don't take oyou are cars and if they do, the tariff is many, many times the amount that they pay us. so we tax the cars as soon as they said that, they all said ok we'll make a deal. every time i have a problem with any of these -- many of these countries we're talking about especially the big car countries i say, ok, we can't make those deals, ok, i'll put a 20% tax on your cars. we'll do it, we'll do it, we'll agree. we'll agree. actually in some countries, including canada, a tax on cars would be the ruination of the country. that's how big it is. the ruin eags of the country. now they've taken advantage of us for many decades. we can't let this happen anymore. we have a country to run. you know the expression? we have a company to run? we have a country to run. when i get these horrible trade deals, these are one-sided
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horrible deals. and a half tark a lot of people forget, i think nafta has been the worst trade deal ever. i think world trade organization was probably the worst of all. but a lot of people don't know what that is. but that allowed china to become this great economic power and i'm a big fan of president xi but i told him, we have to be fair. we can't let china take out $500 billion a year out of the united states and rebuild itself. we have some of these countries, they're considered growing economies. they're considered nations that are not mature yet. so we are paying them subsidies. the whole thing is crazy. you know. like india. like china. like others. we say oh, they're growing. i see. i want to be put down in that category, we're growing too we're going to grow faster. cheers and applause] they call them developing nations. we're a developing nation too.
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ok. we are. as far as i'm concerned, we're a developing nation. they call themselves developing nations and under that category, they get subsidies, we have to pay them money. the whole thing is crazy. but we're going to stop it. we're going to stop it. we have stopped it. [applause] and when we're securing militarily john kelly is here, general kelly, he's great, when we're securing the wealthy countries from outside harm because we're paying for their military, i think it's fine but they've got to pay us for this. we're watching the whole world. and they take it for granted. years and years we have been protecting these countries, they're making a fortune. they've had very little military cost. we have the biggest military cost in the world. most of it goes to protecting outside countries. some of whom don't even like us. some of whom don't even like us. i mean, we're protecting countries that have -- i got to
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say they do have respect for us now but they didn't have any respect for us. and they got to pay. they got to pay. when they're wealthy. we're going to protect some people that need help. that's ok. that's understandable. we all understand that. but when we're protecting these massively wealthy country, i'm not going to name them, you probably know some of whom i'm talking about, they got to pay. because we're not going to be the protector of the world and lose a fortune and have our taxpayers paying while these other countries are living very beautifully thanks to us. not fair. so we change that around. i hope everybody agrees. [applause] and by the way, this then idiot woodward who wrote this book which is all fiction, said i said something like that but he put it in a crude manner. the concept is true but the way it was said was very -- you know, hey. i went like to the best college. i did lots of -- you read this
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thing, the quotes were wrong. john kelly, general mattis, they're all write, i never said that, i never said that. it's fiction. but they do put down the concept of i said that. isn't that horrible? isn't that -- you know what? i want to have our nation protected and i don't want to be taken advantage of by other countries in the world. and you know what? they respect us more when they have to pay their bills and they can afford to pay their bills and it's going to make a big difference for our country. you wait, you watch, you see. cheers and applause] so many other things. i can -- we got the olympics. we just got the world cup. small stuff compared to -- i must tell you. we opened anwr, potentially the biggest in the world. they've been trying to do it for 45 years. we have a record number of
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regulations eliminated in the history of this country. in less than two years. [applause] i cut more regulations than any other president regardless of how long they've served. and i think that might have been just as important as the tax cut. regulatory relief for community banks. they were dying, the community banks. now they can loan you money. make a good deal, please. we enacted all sorts of different elements for credit unions to come so they make it possible for you. my administration is provide manager affordable health care options for americans who are -- through association health plans and short-term duration plans. we have all sorts of health care. we actually had -- that's a long story. repeal and replace. we had it done but something happened. but we need, frankly, you're right. heidi's vote would have been great. if question had heidi's vote but she voted against it. but we got the individual
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mandate was wiped out. so we wiped out the individual mandate which is the most unpopular part of obamacare. we wiped it out. and then i have three more pages, two more page, just like this, look. ok. but isn't this much -- isn't this much more exciting than listening to president obama? [cheers and applause] because we get things done. all of this, like the gentleman from the coal industry, i've had that from so many people. had it from so many other industries. what we're doing for timber and lumber, what we're doing for so many other industries. what we're doing for cars. plants are moving back to the united states. they're coming into michigan. they're going into ohio. they're going into pennsylvania. they're going into north carolina. we have a lot of them, a lot of them coming back in. tremendous. and we have just started. one of the things i wanted is, i don't want our companies and i just, it's -- ypt our companies
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moving to other countries, firing everybody, losing these great companies and losing these great jobs. and that's the thing i'm most insistent on with trade deals. we get nafta, our country emptied out. they still have empty places up in new england these big factories that are all empty they moved to mexico and other place, but they moved to mexico. so i could go on and on. reach sod many different things. we've started the wall. it's -- it's moving along. [cheers and applause] kevin is a big fan. kevin's a big fan of the wall. and i just say this. we have so many things. i will put it very strongly. your second amendment is under siege. you put the wrong person in there, they're going to vote with schumer. heidi is going to vote with schumer and nancy pelosi. i always add maxine waters in there because --
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[laughter] but he's going to vote with -- we're going to vote for -- he's going to vote with me. he's going to vote on making america great again. [cheers and applause] which soon we're going to be changing to keep america great, exclamation point. keep america great! and kevin is going to be with us. we've got the agenda for the court the agenda for the borders, we want borders. we don't want people pouring into our country, we have no idea who they are and where they come from. with the lotteries, we have lotteries from countries where people come in through a lottery system. do you think these countries are sending us their finest? i don't think so. they'd say that's a terrible thing to say. when i hit ms-13 and i call them animals, they're animals, nancy pelosi said how dare he say that about another human being. you know. no, we have to be tough. we have to protect our law enforcement just like they
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protect us. i.c.e. is under siege. our law enforcement is under siege. and they want to have weak law enforcement. basically they want to have crime come in. look what happened in chicago with a liberal mayor that had stupid, stupid policies. but now he's not running anymore. so that's fine. but i mean, two weeks ago. 68 people shot 12 times, chicago. that's our country. excuse the crime figure the crime fig youfers the united states are doing well. but that's a lot of addition in terms of skewing numbers. but that'll get straightened out. it's easy to straighten out if you have the right policy. it's actually easy to straighten out. so we want to have strong borders and that's kevin. we want to have no crime. that's kevin. kevin cramer. we want to have -- [cheers and applause]
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we're going to have totally protected medicare. we're going to protect our social security. that's kevin. the democrats are going to destroy your social security. as sure as you're standing there, sorry there's no seat the crowd was bigger than it's supposed to be, but serious you're standing there, they want to destroy your social security. we're going to protect it. kevin is going to protect your second amendment and so am i. but you know -- [cheers and applause] things like that, that's a very important thing and things like that, they are under siege. things like that candice peer very quickly if you don't have the right people. so i'm here for kevin kramer. -- kevin cramer. i want to thank you all for supporting him. it's an honor for me because he's a very special man. i really said -- you really owe it to the country, you have to do this. you have to do this. we need that vote. we need him. we need his brainpower.
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we need his presence. in washington, d.c. because that place is brutal. it's brutal. it's -- a lot of bad, bad things up here going through people's heads. sick people. sick people. [laughter] cheers and applause] i mean the deceit and again some f these democrat senators, oh, mr. president, how are you, such a fan, then i see them on television, we must get rid of this guy. wade a -- wait a minute, i just said hello to the guy 15 minutes ago, he's hugging and kissing me. he's hugging and kiss, then he's talking. these people, it's bad. i used to say real estate guys in new york, they're real yes tough. now i say they're babies. they're babies. but we need -- we need kevin there. we have to have him. i'm here for him. i honor him.
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and i honor you for helping. thank you all very much. thank you. cheers and applause] ♪ you won't always get what you want you don't always get what you want you don't always get what you want but if you try sometimes you find ♪u get what you need
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[captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2018] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> earlier today former president barack obama received an award for ethics in government and delivered remarks at the university of illinois in urbana, we'll have it tonight at 8:00 ian on c-span. president trump was at a fundraiser in fargo, north dakota, for kevin cramer, who is challenging incumbent heidi hite camp for a senate seat, you can see that tonight at 9:00 p.m. on c-span, c-span toirg or listen with the free c-span radio app. >> representative steve stivers is chair of the national republican congressional committee. he took questions from reporters on the november mid-term elections. he was at a "christian science monitor" breakfast this morning to talk about bellwether races across the country. and president trump's impact on the november election.