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tv   New York City 911 Remembrance Service  CSPAN  September 12, 2018 1:12am-4:46am EDT

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a.m. eastern when the first plane hit one of the towers. the names of all victims were let -- read aloud by family and friends. a moment of silence was held at the moment each plane crashed. the ceremony in its entirety is three and a half hours.
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see, by theyou what soarly light hailed at the twilight's last gleaming? whose broad stripes and bright through the perilous fight watched ramparts we streaming.lantly rockets' red glare, the
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air gave proofin that our flagght was still there. that star-spangled land ofet wave and the home of the brave ♪
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[laughter] -- [applause] danc
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>> gordon aamoth junior. abad.rose >> vincent paul abate. >> alona abraham. aceto.ard anthony >> heinrich ackerman. >> christian adams. >> donald adams. >> patrick adams.
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>> shannon lewis adams. >> stephen george adams. >> ignatius adanga. >> christie addamo. >> terrence adderley junior. >> sophia addo. >> lee adler. afflitto.thomas >> mukul agarwala. >> david scott agness. ahearn. >> jeremiah ahern.
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>> terrence aiken. agero.dy al >> gary albero. >> john albert. >> peter alderman. >> we love you, we miss you, we think about you every day. friends --w emmett nephew and friends. we love you, we miss you, and you would be so proud of your grandchildren. jacqueline eldredge-frederick. >> david alger. >> edward allegretto.
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>> eric allen. >> joseph allen. >> richard allen. >> richard l allen. anna allison. >> janet alonso. >> anthony of toronto. >> antonio alvarez. alvear. amaranto. ambrose. amoroso.opher charles calixto anaya. >> event anderson.
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andrews.ourke ndruki. a >> david lawrence angell. angela. >> my mother. we are gathered to share of the departed and their families. was no onerances that would stick out in the crowd, if not for her act of love. she was a loving wife. for husband, my father, built
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and dug out the foundations of this building at the very beginning. she was a great and sacrificing mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. she was also a great friend. after her death i heard so many great ways in which she provided comfort and emotional support to all who asked for it. you andill never forget the love you gave me. one more thing, if i may. of thero representative house referred to our loss as just another incident. a network commentator said the president's proponents in helsinki was a traitorous act as was 9/11. last week a senator attacked the supreme court nominee and called him a racist. stop. stop. the bones anding
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ashes of our loved ones as propped -- props in political theater. their sacrifices and deaths are worth so much more. let us not trivialize them or us. to my mom into all of you and your loved ones, never forget. [applause] grandfather, whom i am named after. we love and miss you every day. >> peter paul apollo. >> david gregory. barbara.l george. >> >> adam res.
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>> jack charles aron. w.chard avery arono carl francis asaro. >> michael asciak. janice marie ashley. >> thomas ashton. mbay.n well asti has run -- ezra aliles. ellen baeszler.
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>> garnets ace bailey. baksh.l bayne.ael andrew >> my uncle, 21 years old. i am so sad i never got to meet you. from what my mother told me you were an amazing person. you are not forgotten. and myy father -- father. -- gerardbaptiste baptiste. barbella.william christine barbuto. >> colleen barkow.
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.> david barkway >> matthew barnes. >> melissa barnes. >> sheila barnes. barrett. >> diana barry. >> mares barry. >> inna basina. basmajian. basnicki. >> stephen joseph bates. ivan bautista.
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bautista. >> at jasper baxter. >> lorraine bay. >> michelle beale. be >> allen beaven. beckles.e marie michael ernest beakmen -- beekman. >> you are missed every day but know you can rest in peace knowing what you did every day as a husband and father echoes
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in maternity. -- eternity. >> and my husband. you will always be loved, you will always be missed. we thank you for the foundation you set. my husband was a chef and he went back into the building and try to carry a woman out that was a quadriplegic. he and three maintenance workers never made it out. he will always be our hero. [applause] behr.ia >> debbie as a bellows. denise benedetto. >> olivia bennett.
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>> margaret benson. >> dominic berardi. >> james berger. .> and john bergin >> and daniel david bergstein. bergen.el j david w bernard. >> william h bernstein. david shelby berry. >> joseph john berry. >> timothy beverly. frank bien. >> paul michael byers.
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bhukan. >> peter alexander. >> william biggert. >> mark bingham. >> carl. >> and my brother. we think about you every day. >> and my beloved son. day and we every love you. >> joshua david. george john bishop. albert blackman junior.
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>> christopher joseph blackwell. >> carry blagburn junior.ry lansing craig michael black. >> richard middleton. >> michael andrew boccardi. l bocchino. >> francis bosley. douglas boehm. [bell]
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nicholas a. bogdan darren c. bohan sean booker names] casey
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[reading names] casey: [reading names] [reading names] [reading names]
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[reading names] [reading names] michael emmett brennan peter brennan thomas m. brennan mark a. brisman paul gary bristow my brother and hero, who
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believed in something. >> my mother. remembering you is so very easy to read we do it every single day to seeing you is a terrible ache we love you so much. god bless america. mark francis broderick ache hermann charles broghammer >> keith broomfield >> bernard c brown.
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>> lloyd brown>> lloyd brown >> patrick j. brown >> bettina browne mark bruce >> richard bruehert >> andrew brunn >> vincent brunton >> ronald bucca >> brandon j. buchanan >> dennis buckley >> nancy bueche >> patrick joseph buhse john e. bulaga thomas daniel burke thomas burnett. >> kathleen a. burns >> keith james burns >> john patrick burnside >> irina buslo >> milton bustillo >> thomas m. butler >> patrick dennis byrne
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>> timothy g. byrne >> jesus cabezas >> lillian caceres >> brian joseph cachia >> steven cafiero uncle.wn goal, -- we love you and miss you, uncle denny. >> my son. we miss you and boy do we love you. >> richard michael caggiano >> cecile m. caguicla brett cahill >> michael john cahill >> scott walter cahill >> thomas cahill george cain >> salvatore b. calabro >> joseph calandrillo >> philip v. calcagno >> edward calderon >> kenneth marcus caldwell
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>> dominick e. calia felix bobby calixte >> francis callahan >> liam callahan >> suzanne -- >> roko camaj >> michael cammarata >> david otey campbell felix boe >> geoffrey thomas campbell sandra patricia campbell >> robert arthur campbell >> saundra patricia campbell >> sean canavan >> john candela >> vincent cangelosi >> stephen j. cangialosi >> lisa cannava >> brian cannizzaro michael r. canty >> louis a. caporicci >> jonathan n. cappello >> james christopher cappers miy >> >> richard caproni
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>> jose cardona >> dennis m carey >> edward carlino >> michael scott carlo >> my father and guardian angel. we miss you and love you always. .> my grandfather even though i have never met you, i will never forget you. i love you. [applause] >> david g. carlone >> rosemarie c. carlson >> mark stephen carney >> joyce ann carpeneto jeremy carrington >> michael t. carroll
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>> peter carroll >> james carson junior. carter.a >> john francis casazza nelly anne. thomas anthony casoria >> william otto caspar >> alejandro castano >> arcelia castillo >> leonard m. castrianno >> jose ramon castro william e caswell >> robert j. caufield >> mary teresa caulfield >> judson cavalier
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>> michael joseph cawley jason d. cayne >> juan armando ceballos >> marcia g. cecil-carter >> jason cefalu thomas j. celic ana m. centeno joni cesta jeffrey m. chairnoff swarna chalasani william chalcoff >> we were so different. we love you and we miss you. we hope to see you soon. >> my wife. we will never forget your smile. we all love you. [applause]
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>> william chalcoff >> eli chalouh >> charles lawrence chan >> mandy chang >> mark charette >> gregorio manuel chavez francisco >> douglas macmillan cherry >> stephen patrick cherry vernon paul cherry >> nestor chevalier >> swede joseph chevalier >> alexander h. chiang >> dorothy j. chiarchiaro >> luis alfonso chimbo >> robert chin >> (eddie ching >> nicholas p. chiofalo >> john chipura
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>> peter a. chirchirillo >> catherine e. chirls >> kyung kaccy cho >> abul k. chowdhury >> mohammed salahuddin chowdhury >> kirsten l. christophe >> pamela chu >> steven paul chucknick >> wai-ching chung >> christopher ciafardini >> alex f. ciccone >> frances ann cilente >> elaine cillo >> edna cintron >> nestor andre cintron >> lt. robert dominick cirri >> juan pablo cisneros >> benjamin keefe clark >> eugene clark >> my brother-in-law. engine 39, letter 16. ladder 16.
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are always your fans. brother, uncle, and cousin and friend. who possess an incredible soul. it seems like that is the case for all the 3000 innocent people we honor. we miss that soul. your memo see -- memory and legacy live on. your friends who are serving, either as a member of the nypd, they continue to on your memory and all of those lost on september 11. and myt moraineno rather. -- brother. god bless america. allen clark.
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sarah m clark. christopher robert clark. donna clarke michael clarke suria clarke kevin francis cleary james d. cleere geoffrey w. cloud susan marie clyne steven coakley jeffrey coale patricia a. cody daniel michael coffey jason matthew coffey florence cohen florence cohen kevin s cohen anthony joseph coladonato mark j. colaio stephen j. colaio
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christopher colasanti kevin nathaniel colbert keith e coleman scott thomas coleman tarel coleman liam joseph colhoun robert d. colin robert j. coll jean marie collin john michael collins michael l. collins thomas j. collins joseph collison joseph collison patricia malia colodner linda m. colon sol colon and my uncle, who we miss in the good times and the bad.
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o, dud.w, >> and my uncle. i brought you my favorite sunflowers. i know my uncle richie would want to thank the first responders who tried to save his life. say myd want me to thoughts and prayers are with everybody planning 9/11 related illnesses including those who have already passed. [applause] >> ronald comer >> jaime concepcion >> albert conde >> denease conley >> susan conlon margaret mary conner >> cynthia connolly >> john e. connolly >> james lee connor >> jonathan connors
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>> kevin p. connors >> f conroy >> brenda e. conway dennis michael cook >> helen d. cook >> john a. cooper >> julian dennis michael cook >> g cooper. joseph coppo >> gerard j. coppola >> joseph albert corbett >> alejandro cordero >> robert cordice >> ruben d. correa >> danny a. correa-gutierrez james corrigan >> carlos cortes >> kevin m. cosgrove >> dolores marie costa >> digna alexandra rivera costanza >> charles gregory costello
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>> michael s. costello conrod cottoy >> martin coughlan >> john coughlin >> timothy john coughlin >> james e. cove father.y >> and my uncle. there is not a day i do not miss your smile. my family misses you and loves you, frankie. >> andre cox >> frederick john cox >> james raymond coyle >> michelle coyle-eulau >> christopher seton cramer denise crant >> james crawford >> robert james crawford
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>> joanne mary cregan >> lucia crifasi >> john crisci >> daniel hal crisman >> dennis a. cross kevin crotty >> thomas g. crotty >> john crowe >> welles remy crowther >> robert l. cruikshank >> john robert cruz >> kenneth john cubas >> francisco cruz >> richard joseph cudina >> neil james cudmore >> thomas patrick cullen joan cullinan
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>> joyce cummings >> brian thomas cummins >> michael joseph cunningham >> robert curatolo >> laurence curia >> paul dario curioli josephick >> beverly curry >> michael curtin bruce edward simmons. you are always in our hearts. godspeed. thank you for the memories. my cousin, firefighter edward roberts. we love you and we miss you every day. >> gavin cushny >> caleb arron dack >> carlos s. dacosta john d'allara
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>> vincent d'amadeo >> thomas a. damaskinos jack l. d'ambrosi >> jeannine damiani-jones >> patrick w. danahy >> mary d'antonio >> vincent g. danz >> dwight donald darcy >> elizabeth ann darling >> annette andrea dataram edward a d'atri >> michael d. d'auria >> lawrence davidson >> michael allen davidson >> scott matthew davidson
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>> >> titus davidson >> niurka davila >> clinton davis >> calvin dawson anthony richard dawson edward james day >> william t. dean >> robert j. deangelis >> thomas p. deangelis tara debek >> james v. deblase >> anna debin >> james v. deblase my beloved sister.
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today marks the 17 years since you were taken from us. years, your spirit continues to live on in my heart and in my memory. you never got a chance to meet your beautiful nieces and nephews, but we tell them about the loving, compassionate, giving person you were to us all. mommy and daddy want me to tell you we love you. i know you are our guardian angel. we love you and miss your beautiful smile each and every day. i say tag, you are it. . greatestther, the brother of all time. we miss you. [applause] >> paul decola >> simon dedvukaj
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>> jason christopher defazio >> david a. defeo >> jennifer dejesus >> monique e. dejesus >> nereida dejesus >> donald a. delapenha vito joseph deleo colleen ann deloughery colleeny >> joseph deluca. albert tht >> albert carol demitz
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jean depalma jose nicolas depena >> robert j. deraney >> michael derienzo >> david paul derubbio >> jemal legesse desantis >> christian desimone >> edward desimone >> andrew desperito >> michael jude d'esposito >> cindy ann deuel >> jerry devito >> robert devitt >> and my brother. >> my loving sister abby. we miss you every day. we have the hope one day we are going to meet again.
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>> dennis lawrence devlin >> gerard dewan >> kassamali dhanani>> >> michael diagostino >> matthew diaz >> nancy diaz >> michael diaz-piedra >> judith belguese diaz-sierra >> patricia dichiaro dickens. >> lawrence patrick dickinson >> michael d diehl >> john difato vincent difazio >> carl difranco donald difranco >> john do --
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>> debra ann dimartino >> stephen dimino >> christopher dincuff jeffrey dingle >> anthony dionisio >> george dipasquale >> joseph dipilato douglas frank distefano >> ramzi a. doany >> john doherty >> melissa doi >> brendan dolan >> my aunt. i know i am the last one who never really got to meet
2:02 am
you but i know you are taking care of us. >> my sister-in-law and their unborn child. or --essed my brother do endure the pain no one human being was government to bear. or --eventually, he drank himso death. this tragedy affects people differently. despair was going to kill me, too. the only difference was i asked for help and hope was given. it means butterfly which is a symbol of transformation. for those tasked with the cleanup and transformation of ground zero and are now sick, i want to thank you. results of your sacrifice gave me the courage to transform. amazing beauty from tragic ashes. [applause] >> neil dollard
2:03 am
james domanico >> benilda pascua domingo jerome mark patrick >> william h donovan. >> stephen dorf >> thomas dowd >> kevin christopher dowdell mary yolanda dowling raymond downey >> frank joseph doyle >> raymond downey >> frank joseph doyle >> randall drake >> patrick joseph driscoll >> stephen patrick driscoll >> mirna a. duarte >> luke a. dudek >> christopher michael duffy >> gerard duffy
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>> michael joseph duffy >> thomas w. duffy >> antoinette duger >> jackie sayegh duggan >> sareve dukat christopher joseph dunne chrise >> richard dunstan >> patrick thomas dwyer >> joseph anthony eacobacci >> john bruce eagleson >> >> robert eaton >> dean eberling >> margaret ruth echtermann >> my brother. a senior court officer. first responder. i never miss a chance to sing your praise and speak of your
2:05 am
courage and valor. a volunteer fire department, firefighter. employing people from the building that ultimately took .our life i think of what you could have been. none of us could see your dreams materialize. i think of what you did in your short life. the cityt you had on loved. i'm proud to say you are my brother. >> i am not forgetting my darling husband. he worked for cantor fitzgerald on the north tower. it is with a heavy heart i am standing here. my heart and grief go up to 9/11 victims and their families. there are many milestones in that youes already were not able to attend. the most recently being william's graduation from high
2:06 am
school and his prom. the taking him alone again to roanoke college in virginia. you would have been so proud of our beautiful ways. -- boys. thank you for always being there and and our boys. i love you both. [applause] >> paul robert eckna constantine economos >> barbara g edwards >> dennis michael edwards >> michael hardy edwards >> lisa egan >> martin egan >> michael egan >> samantha egan >> carole eggert lisa caren ehrlich >> john ernst eichler
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>> eric adam eisenberg >> michael j. elferis >> mark ellis >> valerie silver ellis >> albert alfy william elmarry edgar emery >> doris suk-yuen eng >> christopher epps > erwin l. erker >> william j. erwin >> sarah ali escarcega jose espinal >> fanny espinoza [bell]e espina
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[bell] >> brigette ann esposito >> francis esposito >> michael esposito >> ruben esquilin >> sadie ette >> barbara g. etzold >> eric brian evans >> robert edward evans >> meredith emily june ewart catherine k. fagan >> my brother, firefighter,.
2:09 am
mommy has joined you this last .eek soon we will all be together. >> my son. who continues to be an inspiration to all his friends and my family. i miss you. i love you very much. i will see you soon. god bless america, please. patricia fagan william f. fallon william fallon >> dolores fanelli
2:10 am
>> john joseph fanning >> kathleen faragher thomas farino >> nancy c farley >> elizabeth ann farmer >> douglas farnum >> john farrell >> john w farrell joseph farrelly >> thomas p. farrelly >> syed abdul fatha >> christopher faughnan >> wendy r. faulkner >> shannon fava >> bernard d. favuzza >> robert fazio ronald c. fazio >> william feehan >> francis feely ronald c. fazio >> garth feeney
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>> sean fegan >> lee s. fehling >> peter feidelberg >> alan d. feinberg >> rosa maria feliciano my son, kenneth joseph marino. myone of the first responders. 17 years later, we still grieve. our loss is still as great many years later. his spirit lives within his children, and his nephew and niece who never got the opportunity to know him. we are humbled by kenny's actions and the actions of all the first responders. our hearts still ache for what should have been. years taken from us by a bunch of cowards. you are forever be in our hearts.
2:12 am
continue to watch over and jerry nt jerry and are four beautiful children. you are an american hero. god bless america. [applause] >> edward fergus >> george ferguson j joseph ferguson joseph ferguson
2:13 am
>> henry fernandez >> judy fernandez >> joseph ferguson >> henry fernandez >> judy fernandez >> julio fernandez >> anne marie sallerin ferreira > michael c fiorei john fiorito >> john r. fischer >> andrew fisher >> john roger fisher >> thomas j. fisher >> lucy fisher. thomas james fitzpatrick >> richard p. fitzsimons salvatore fiumefreddo >> christina donovan.
2:14 am
>> eileen flecha my uncle. not a day goes by where we do not miss you. we know you are always watching over us. >> my wife and guardian angel. i know you are with the angels. you.less >> andre g. fletcher >> carl flickinger >> john joseph florio >> >> j
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>> christopher gardner. >> my uncle and godfather. forever -- >> my beloved nephew. how we miss you. you are always in our thoughts and in our hearts. >> joshua gardner.
2:20 am
>> thomas a. gardner frank garfi rocco gargano james m. gartenberg matthew david garvey bruce gary >> howard g. gelling >> peter victor genco
2:21 am
>> steven gregory genovese >> alayne gentul >> linda m george. >> edward geraghty >> suzanne geraty >> ralph gerhardtry genovese >> robert gerlich >> marina gertsberg >> susan m. getzendanner james g geyer >> joseph m. giaccone >> vincent francis giammona >> debra l. gibbon ronnie gies >> andrew clive gilbert >> my beloved brother, the courageous line of our family. ronnie giesbattalion teeth -- .
2:22 am
not a day goes by you are not in it. your grandchildren are magnificent. we love you. >> my father, matthew rogan. gone but never forgotten. >> it is with great honor to names of the the following victims of september 11. >> paul john gill >> mark y. gilles >> evan hunter gillette >> ronald gilligan
2:23 am
>> rodney c. gillis >> laura gilly >> rodney c. gillis >> laura gilly >> john f. ginley >> donna marie giordano jeffrey giordano >> john giordano >> steven a. giorgetti >> martin giovinazzo >> kum-kum girolamo >> salvatore gitto >> mon gjonbalaj >> >> dianne gladstone >> keith alexander glascoe >> thomas glasser >> harry glenn >> barry h. glick john t. gnazzo
2:24 am
>> william robert godshalk >> michael gogliormella >> brian goldberg >> jeffrey g goldflam >> michelle goldstein >> monica goldstein >> steven goldstein >> >> andrew h. golkin dennis james gomes
2:25 am
>> who is missed every day by his children. who has never had the opportunity. grandchildren. may we pray for those who still suffer from the aftermath of september 11. may god bless america. [applause] >> my brother-in-law and friend, james murphy. him not for the accident that took him from things that defined his life. mauricio gonzalez
2:26 am
>> calvin j. gooding >> harry goody >> peter morgan goodrich. kiran reddy gopu >> catherine c gorayeb >> kerene gordon >> sebastian gorki >> kieran gorman >> thomas gorman >> michael edward gould >> yugi goya >> jon richard grabowski >> christopher michael grady >> edwin j graf >> david graifman >> elvira granitto >> winston arthur grant >> christopher s gray
2:27 am
>> james michael gray john m grazioso >> john m grazioso >> derrick arthur green james arthur greenleaf >> my mother. i love you. >> my brother. >> and my aunt. >> we continue to miss johnny daily. >> eileen marsha greenstein >> elizabeth martin gregg laurennice marie --
2:28 am
moran gregory >> tawanna griffin >> joan griffith >> warren grifka >> ramon grijalvo >> joseph f. grillo >> david grimner matthew james grzymalski >> robert joseph gschaar >> liming gu >> jose a. guadalupe cindy guan >> geoffrey e. guja >> joseph gullickson >> babita guman
2:29 am
douglas gurian >> philip t. guza >> barbara guzzardo peter gyulavary >> gary robert haag >> andrea lyn haberman >> steven hagis >> mary lou hague >> david halderman >> my grandfather. even though i have never met him i love him.
2:30 am
whatever memories we have, instead of being upset and grieving like that -- [applause] and we all love you. [applause] [bell chimes] [bell chimes] [bell chimes] chimes]
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[reading names] [reading names]
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>> and my nephew. ,rant we may lie down in peace secure in our love. shelter us and keep us safe throughout the night. up to morrow, raise us face each task with the strength restored and our seal renewed -- zeal renewed. >> [reading names] and my husband and a victim of
2:34 am
united airlines 175. in your honor we move forward in the best way we can. ande do good -- we do good raise children in a different world. we live life because we still have one to live. i will see you when i get there. god bless america. [applause] [bell chimes] [bell chimes] [bell chimes] chimes] [bell chimes]
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[reading names]
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[reading names]
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>> and to my late wife. a woman who meant the world to me and everyone.
2:38 am
sister, wife,er, cousin, friend. your beauty on the outside was matched by your beauty on the inside. everyone who met you was a better person for knowing you. the 17 years you have been gone seem like a lifetime. early,e taken away too but your spirit lives inside me and all those you have touched. you will be forever respected. > and mike tyson -- thomas swift.n, we miss you every day and i hope your dad and my dad are having a good time up there. love you always. [applause] names]g
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>> and my father. it's hard to imagine it has been 17 years. we love and miss you. you.ul, love
2:41 am
mom and dad. [applause] names]g
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>> and my uncle. we miss you and love you and think about you every day. like to read a letter that was written by your children. the best compliment we have ever received is to be compared to you. not that we just have your smile, but that we have your heart, humor, and the things that made you, you. we have come to know the man you were by the pieces you left behind. we are proud as any image of you reflected in us. you left behind are so many amazing gifts. life, we will in always carry what you gave us. we thank you for sharing with us what made you the best.
2:44 am
sabrina and col. god bless america. [applause] names]g
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2:46 am
>> and my lovely sister. we love and miss you and you will always live through me. richard, the whole family and friends, we miss you and think of you. [applause] names]g
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>> and my brother. today as weso much did 17 years ago. this day never gets any easier. you just figure out a way to survive. it is very emotional. up thereou are watching over us and you would be very proud of how your children have grown up. we miss and love you. >> and my sister. on behalf of all your friends and family, we miss you and love you. on behalf of your friends and coworkers, they miss and love
2:49 am
you. i would like to thank our huge supporters at the tap organization. you have continued to support our family and for that we are forever grateful. [applause] names]g
2:50 am
2:51 am
>> and my uncle. i came into this world not seeing you, but i feel in my you in thei met heavens and came into this world with so many emotions attached to you. was little ihen i used to stare at your pictures on the wall for a long time. i have developed so much love and affection i feel for you over time. you always put others before yourself. that is what makes you unique. you are my inspiration and i will make you feel proud of me. you are missed by your family but your spirit and memory will always live on. i love you. >> and my cousin.
2:52 am
that comeno words close to describing how much you are missed. not a day goes by that you are not remembered. because of that, your memory has remained is so fresh and all of our hearts and minds. i speak on behalf of the whole family when i say we love and miss you and we will never forget you. god bless. [applause] names]g
2:53 am
2:54 am
>> and my uncle. it's been 17 years but it feels like yesterday. many first -- miss ed many firsts. i would like to mention co-workers. my brother, firefighter, rescue 5. you were not just a brother. mentor, godfather and hero. you were the jester that kept the family together. you should be proud of your children and all of your grandsons.
2:55 am
god bless america and keep strong. [applause] [reading names] him names]g
2:56 am
2:57 am
>> and my uncle. it seems just yesterday we were waiting for a phone call for something to tell us you were home. unfortunately, it is not so. , notmember you every day only is the great brother but the loving uncle you were -- as the great brother, but the loving uncle you were. we love you and will never forget you. >> and my brother.
2:58 am
came to work this day 17 years ago. i lost him, along with a lot of other people. it was a wake-up call. our country knows what happened. i am so gratified to see so many people here. they will never be forgotten. i love you. gary loves you. donna loves you. a great two great -- niece and two great nephews. your niece and nephew love you. god bless america. [applause] [bell chimes]
2:59 am
[bell chimes] [bell chimes] [bell chimes] chimes] [bell chimes]
3:00 am
[reading names]
3:01 am
>> and my father.
3:02 am
we miss you so much. i remember you so much and see where every day when i play your records and have expanded your collection to almost 3000. we love and miss you every day. we know you are looking out for us. [applause] names]g
3:03 am
3:04 am
>> and my father. in heaven, surrounded by loved ones. he is missed by many, especially his wife, sons, daughters-in-law, and three , andchildren granddaughter. you live on through us. >> and my brother in-laws. we miss you. [applause] [reading names]
3:05 am
[reading names]
3:06 am
3:07 am
>> my brother. it has been 17 years since we last assigned your beautiful smile. not a second goes by when we all don't think of you and miss you. you risk your life to help someone in need. and angel. hero we long for the day to hug you again appear did we believe we will see you again -- hug you again. we believe we will see you again. give us the site -- signs you sometimes do to show you are
3:08 am
with us. we love and miss you. >> and my wife. your family, brothers, and sister, and daughter, all keep you in their hearts and will and is headeder to becoming a master pastry chef. it's been a remarkable experience. thank you. [applause] names]g
3:09 am
3:10 am
>> today is all about you. you always had an eye for style. i traded in my fire department uniform and got all dressed up just for you. by, but so do the dragonflies.
3:11 am
keep on buzzing over our tribe. our family love and miss you every day. sisterto my beautiful and her unborn child. the whole family misses you so much. you have a niece and nephew. god bless america. [applause] names]g
3:12 am
3:13 am
>> and my father. that goes bya day that we don't think of you. we love you. you were my best friend. you left the most incredible feeling in my heart i will cherish forever. and thank you to all the people that serve, first responders, everybody. god bless you. god bless us. [applause] [reading names]
3:14 am
3:15 am
>> and my brother. >> and my brother. we love you. we miss you. god bless america. godspeed it to the people in the people ino florence's path. go , giants. [applause] [reading names] [reading names]
3:16 am
3:17 am
>> and my father. happy 65th birthday in heaven. we love and miss you. and my sister. [applause] names]g
3:18 am
3:19 am
who alongbrother,
3:20 am
with the other first responders, sacrificed his life. may he and all who died on that day rest in peace. you live on in our memory. brother and friends. tommy, we love you and miss your crooked smile. [applause] [reading names]
3:21 am
3:22 am
>> and my brother. he had a milestone birthday this year. we should have been having a great party.
3:23 am
his daughter just announced an engagement. he should have been walking her down the aisle. timeless and endless should-have-beens. we love and miss you. >> and my husband. chris, the family misses you. they think of you every day. every single day. we love you. [applause] [reading names]
3:24 am
3:25 am
>> and my husband. the absence of your presence is reflected everywhere today. they were like shine forever in our hearts. shine foreverfe in our hearts. >> and my uncle.
3:26 am
even though i never got the chance to meet you, i feel like i know you from all the stories that have been told. i am always told i have your good looks and foretaste in -- your taste in music. through your actions you taught me to be brave and have no fear. we love you. [applause] [reading names]
3:27 am
3:28 am
>> and my aunt, who i was never able to meet, but my mother, grandfather, and grandmother had told me many great things about her. firefighter.le, stories about you makes me wish you were here to share all of sliced experiences -- all
3:29 am
of life's experiences. never stop smiling up there. [applause] [reading names]
3:30 am
[reading names] >> and my cousin. i am very proud and honored to be standing here before you today. john made friends wherever he went. he connected with everyone young and not so young on every subject imaginable.
3:31 am
he always said you don't have to be the smartest person but it's important to be a well-rounded person. current events, sports, pop culture, he knew a little bit about a lot. i am grateful for this opportunity to remember him today and i'm proud to say his name before the world. grieve not nor speak at me with tears that laugh and talk of me as if i were beside you because i love you so. thank you. >> and my grandfather. you know how for grandchildren who never got the opportunity to meet you but love you very much. they never go a day without thinking about you. [applause] [reading names]
3:32 am
[reading names]
3:33 am
>> and my cousin. you missed -- there were so many moments over the past 17 years in the city i wish we could have experienced together.
3:34 am
i remember your smile, your laugh, and your riddles. we love and miss you very much. ,> and my good friend firefighter for truck 101. you always be missed. and remembered. [reading names]
3:35 am
[reading names]
3:36 am
[reading names] father, a union carpenter. you are deeply missed. >> and my uncle. though i only knew you for the first 10 years of my life, i learned a lot from the way you lived. to always family first, give fight is inand the the timing. we miss you.
3:37 am
[reading names] [reading names]
3:38 am
[reading names] >> and my cousin, sergeant in
3:39 am
the nypd. we love and miss you. >> and my uncle. we love you, we miss you, and although i never got to meet you , you still have a special place in my heart area -- heart. [reading names] [reading names]
3:40 am
[reading names] [reading names]
3:41 am
>> there's not a day that goes by without you are thought about, talked about, or remembered. your wife, rosalie, is our rock. they have done so much to ensure your name is carried on and everything you did for the community and the fire department is continued and improved upon. it's a reminder that you are always with us and watching over us. watch over your son and the members of the team headed to the carolinas in preparation for the hurricane. firefighters, the police officers, and all the
3:42 am
innocent victims of that dreadful day rest in peace. god bless our troops that continue to fight for our freedom. [applause] [reading names] [reading names]
3:43 am
>> and my uncle who i never got a chance to meet. my cousin is named after my uncle. i am like him though. my favorite color is green, i like to cook and do the same thing he does. i've grown up knowing what a kind compassionate and caring person he was. that ard to think
3:44 am
terrible thing could happen to such a wonderful person. every day i live in your memory and hope i make you proud area -- proud. >> and my uncle. i never got to meet you and me will all love and miss you and you will never be forgotten. [applause] [reading names] [reading names]
3:45 am
[reading names] [reading names]
3:46 am
>> and my uncle, a port authority police officer. you were brave, strong, and a hero to many. watch over us. we love you and miss you. >> and my uncle. we miss you, we love you, you will never be forgotten and we will miss you while you are and have an area thank you. heaven. you are in thank you. [applause] [reading names]
3:47 am
[reading names]
3:48 am
[reading names] >> and my father, a police officer on emergency service truck 10. we love you and miss you always. >> my sister.
3:49 am
we love you and miss you and your granddaughter is beautiful. she turned for last month. god bless. [applause] [reading names] [reading names]
3:50 am
[reading names]
3:51 am
>> and my doctor. god bless all the victims and god bless america. [applause] [reading names]
3:52 am
[reading names] [reading names]
3:53 am
[reading names] [reading names]
3:54 am
>> and my sister. you are always loved, never forgotten. forever missed by your family and friends, especially our mom. continue to rest in eternal peace and continue to watch over us and the our guardian angel. we love you. >> and my sister. god bless you, judy, my loving sister. we miss you and love you. especially your son david. god bless everyone trying to keep america safe and god bless america. [applause] [reading names]
3:55 am
[reading names]
3:56 am
[reading names] [reading names] >> my loving brother.
3:57 am
years and this day of remembrance still continues. are a void in our lives and it will never be filled. is the united states of america as well as this world comes together in peace and harmony. my hope is that discrimination, hatred, and bigotry will cease and we all will come together and love. thank you. [reading names] and my ankle -- my uncle.
3:58 am
i love you and miss you and i hope i made you proud. we are not greatly proud of the world we live in today but we can do better together. i love you and i hope you enjoyed your birthday last month. 26 bute taken away at i'm just grateful. to shout out to the whole russo family. we love you. >> my brother's coworkers. thank you. [reading names]
3:59 am
[reading names] [reading names]
4:00 am
[reading names] [reading names] >> and my uncle. we miss you dearly. love you, rest in peace and god bless america. >> and my father. school, i started
4:01 am
working, mom and sister are doing well and i hope you would be proud if you were here. [applause] [reading names] [reading names]
4:02 am
[reading names] [reading names]
4:03 am
[reading names] >> and to my brother, you are my hero. you will never be forgotten. god bless you. >> and my brother. we love you so much. you were an awesome brother, friend. we miss you every day and you will always be on my mind, in my heart, and in my soul. keep watching over us, my dear, amazing brother and remember all others who lost their lives and whose spirits shine in the darkness. [applause] [reading names]
4:04 am
[reading names] [reading names]
4:05 am
[reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names]
4:06 am
[reading names] [reading names] >> and my uncle. we all love you, we all miss you every day, let's go rangers.
4:07 am
>> and my husband and father of our three children. dayinspire us to make each radiate and funny. [reading names] [reading names]
4:08 am
[reading names] [reading names] [reading names]
4:09 am
[reading names] >> and my uncle. my mom misses you and i wish i got to know you. ,> in the heart of my family brookland fdny, proud son of puerto rico and new york, my big brother. 36 years wasn't enough time. we miss you greatly and ruby deserves to have heard that around. my big brother was
4:10 am
a gift and speaking on behalf of everybody left behind, we love you, we miss you, and mom and dad watching at home, love you. [applause] [reading names] [reading names]
4:11 am
[reading names] [reading names] [reading names]
4:12 am
[reading names] [reading names] [reading names]
4:13 am
[reading names] [reading names] >> and my brother. christopher, it's been 17 years and this is my first time standing here expressing how hard it's been for me and our family. missing you is an understatement. we never got to see you get married or have any children or something simple as plane with an xbox or talking on an iphone.
4:14 am
even our first black president. -- true our two brother brother who lived big, laughed big, and loved even better -- bigger. 17 years have passed and you live the way we lived and put god first in your life. we will never stop loving you and missing you. why stand here year after year? soldiers are still dying for our freedom. first responders are still dying and being ill and the people who lived around there are still being sick. we can't forget and life won't let us forget. the america that has never stopped being great. >> and my father.
4:15 am
we love you and we miss you every day. [reading names] [reading names] [reading names]
4:16 am
[reading names] [reading names] [reading names]
4:17 am
[reading names] [reading names] >> and my brother. barkare you doing russian -- what are you doing, bart?
4:18 am
we will raise a glass in your memory today. and another toast next month which would have been your 50th. we love you. uncle, who my brother is named after and who we miss dearly. [reading names] [reading names]
4:19 am
[reading names] [reading names]
4:20 am
[reading names] [reading names]
4:21 am
[reading names] [reading names]
4:22 am
>> and my brother. scott petty of the new york city fire department letter 12. we love and miss you tremendously. by that you want remembered, spoken about, and prayed for. we never get tired of telling stories about to. forever and our heart. written on your headstone, you will live on in our lives until the day we die. love you and i will talk to you later. >> and my cousin. it's been 17 years. you, godou, we miss bless america. [applause] [reading names]
4:23 am
[reading names] [reading names] [reading names]
4:24 am
[reading names] [reading names] [reading names]
4:25 am
[reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names]
4:26 am
[reading names] >> and my uncle. i hope to one day be able to say that i've positively impacted as many people as you did. we love you and we miss you. father, a firefighter. we miss your smile and infectious personality. we hope you -- we are making you proud and you watch over us. we will never forget you. god bless. [applause]
4:27 am
[reading names] [reading names] [reading names]
4:28 am
[reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names]
4:29 am
[reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names]
4:30 am
[reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] and my uncle, letter 21. our family loves and misses you. keep watching over us. god bless america.
4:31 am
[applause] and my father, it is been 17 years, the fact you are no -- andhere still feels that is something that will never go away. you were my dream but that dream was taken away from me. because of that i never got to meet you. or smile with you. this year hasws --
4:32 am
not been easy for me. i know you are always there keeping me strong and watching over me, reminding me i am not alone. one good thing that happened this year and i know it was you that made it possible and i thank you for that. i promise i will make you proud, i love you so much and i always will. [applause] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names]
4:33 am
[reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] > >[reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names]
4:34 am
[reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] and my aunt to was an amazing
4:35 am
woman. even though i never got to meet her i will always hold her in my heart. please keep watching over me, my sister, uncle frank and the rest of the family. cousin, superintendent of the police. who ran in to save others and made the ultimate sacrifice. i love hearing about you from those who were by your side. we miss you dearly. you touched all our lives with your love. you will always member your strength and kindness. we honor you today and every day, we love you always. god bless america. [applause] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names]
4:36 am
[reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names]
4:37 am
[reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names]
4:38 am
[reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] >> in my amazing uncle and
4:39 am
godfather. of the nypd emergency services unit truck number seven. one of the first on the scene. [applause] our hero and inspiration. by your not in our heart, we miss you. our family will always honor and treasure your name and keep your happy and loving memory alive. granby areand playing dominoes in heaven and watching over us, we love you so much. i hope we meet again. , it has beenther too long, we miss you and love
4:40 am
you. we are here, the girls. is doing [applause] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names]
4:41 am
[reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] and our grandmother. never got to meet you, we know you would have been the best grandma and the world. [applause]
4:42 am
[reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names]
4:43 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
4:44 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [applause] >> live wednesday on the c-span
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networks. 10:00 a.m., the discussion on the 2008 financial crisis. secretary paulson. at 12:00, the house returns. at 2:00, members take up legislative business. spending.bills, 2019 the legislative branch, military construction and va progress. as c-span2, at 3:00 p.m. the nomination of charles reddick. 3:00, the women's bipartisan caucus posts a discussion on sexual harassment in the workplace. at 5:00 p.m., a conversation with ruth bader ginsburg. next, deputy interior david
4:46 am
bernhardt talks about changes in the endangered species act. the public pass until september 24th to comment on changes. ans event is just under hour. >> thank you andrew. i want to thank everyone for coming today. and those watching online and on c-span. congress passed the endangered species act to help promote conservation of species. when the federal government deems an animal or plant threatened with extinction, it is placed on the list of endangered species. unfortunately, the goal


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