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tv   Eric Holder and Anne Hathaway at Human Rights Campaign Dinner  CSPAN  September 16, 2018 7:15pm-8:01pm EDT

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my grandfather would always tell -- "joey keep the phrase keep the faith and go and spread it." vote, vote, vote, vote. [applause] now, former attorney general eric holder speaks at tonight's about lgbtq writes over the obama administration and his redistricting process. chad: how incredible was that? the person i have the pleasure of introducing next has had a
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profound impact on the lives of every single person in this room. in the mostgeneral pro-equality administration in history, he made lgbtq equality a top try worthy of the justice department. forlting in real change countless people all across this country. nothistoric decision to it in federal court brought an end to the shameful and discriminatory law. it laid the groundwork for nationwide marriage equality. he helped lead the charge to people aresgender protected from discrimination under our existing civil rights ins area he was crucial championing and implementing the matthew shepard and james burns junior hate crime prevention act .
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leadership ofis the national democratic heistricting committee, continues to be a champion of civil rights. helping to dismantle and prevent unjust and it racist partisan gerrymandering across this country and safeguard the fundamental right to vote. his rejection of this administration's twisted policies drew the ire of the current occupants of the white house on twitter. if trump is attacking you on twitter, you know you must be doing something right. [applause] he is a hero to all of us here at hrc and we are grateful for his leadership. welcoming mye in friend, how are champion, the
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82nd attorney general of the united states, eric holder. [applause] mr. holder: good evening. thank you chad for those kind words and thank you for putting me on after that wonderful performance, how do you top that? thank you though for those kind words for your friendship, your leadership, and for all of you and your team at the hrc due to fight for civil rights and lgbtq equality. stand with all of you this evening. i'm especially proud of all that we have accomplished together.
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in the years i have been wasileged -- in the years i privileged to serve as attorney general, lgbtq rights rent the forefront of the civil rights agenda. many of the allies in this roma for every policy argument, legislative battle, and every courtroom fight. with your help, and with ,ompassionate common sense intellectually driven leadership in the white house, we saw a seismic shift in our nation's , as well as our national discourse. it is remarkable to think that of the obama administration, only two w o states allowed same-sex couples to marriage. same-sex marriage is now legal in every state and the district
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of columbia. [applause] as 2009, the u.s. military discriminatory ban, don't ask don't tell, was still in place. today, despite the hateful ts ofns and the twee those who deny the transgender people the opportunity to serve, all americans qualify to wear the uniform of their country. [applause] they are protected against hate crimes under the matthew shepard and james burns junior hate crime prevention act. the first lgbtq federal law in u.s. history. many of you thought tirelessly and sacrificed greatly for these victories. no one more than my dear friend judy shepard, we are honored to
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have with us here tonight. it is because of activists like administrations like hrc that the obama administration was able to drive progress. in early 2011me when i announced that the doj would no longer defend the defense of marriage act. then, with your advocacy and support as i announced that your meeting in new york in 2014, we extended critical benefits to same-sex marriage. we also increase the number of judges on the federal bench. we took steps to stop bullying and abusive behavior aimed at young lgbtq people. two in short house care, immigration, and at -- economic
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policy. with the leadership of vice president biden, we also secured the strengthened passage of a violence against women act that had a new provision for lgbtq survivors of domestic abuse. that is a wide range of compliments. our work is far from over. the unfortunate fact is that in 2018, america struggles to overcome injustice, to eliminate disparity, and to eradicate violence continues. the age of bullies and bigots is not fully behind us. much of the progress we made together now hangs in the balance. we have not yet solidified the gains made for gays and lesbians. for too many people in this country are victimized because
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of who they are or who they love. there are still parts to open, laws to change, and leaders who reflect and grab our nation's core values. instead of trying to build consensus towards common goals, they try to build walls. spark fear and anger. they are willing to separate families at our border to take babies, babies from their parents. deny these immigrants the gift that is our heritage, banning entries to refugees and visa holders because of their religion. to exploit dreamers as a political bargaining chip. they question the credibility and the confidence of judges. the apolitical nature of law enforcement and the justice
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department and special counsel bob mueller. they incite violence against journalists. favor corporate interest over our environment. the alienate our friends abroad. they make treaties with dictators, including one who interfered in our election. they have no issue demonizing those people who protest, while defending those who march with nazis. [applause] they are not only willing, they are eager to cite religious freedom as a way to undermine progress and fairness and instead exclude the mean, and to humanize others. at the face of all of this, we have a republican majority in congress that is willfully and shamefully complicit.
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refusing to conduct proper oversight, or to hold the trump administration accountable for its corruption, incompetence, and intolerance. here's another difficult truths. one we must face. specificallygs, changing the representation on capitol hill as well as the state capital, it is going to be tougher than ever before. that is because after half a century after the landmark voting rights act, too many remain under siege. whether it is in german -- gerrymandering, discriminatory voters, or the powergen -- purging of voter rolls. republicans are doing everything they can to make it more difficult for the government to express the will of the people. the strategy is working.
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million more americans cast votes for democrats in congress. republicans won a majority. in 2016, despite winning fewer than half of all votes for congress, republicans again one a 33 seat majority. the brennan center has reported that to win back the house, to win a one seat majority, democrats will have to carry the national popular vote by 11%. and it is notir how our elections are supposed to work. that is why i helped to launch, and i'm proud to share the national democratic rate districting -- redistricting committee. [applause] with the support of president obama. [applause]
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you think the country misses him now? with the support of president obama and other leaders, we are taking steps to combat gerrymandering to ensure the voting is gone fairly. through the national redistricting foundation, we are challenging unfair lines where they have been drawn illegally. this is very important work. going to change things, we need an accurate census in 2020. that way, when we do redistricting 2021, the lines will be drawn fair. we end up with legislatures that represent the diversity and priorities of american people. earlier this year the foundation for individual citizens who live in maryland, florida, texas, and nevada who will be negatively affected by
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the commerce department when a citizen ship question is in the 2020 senses. including a question like this is unconstitutional. it will have a devastating impact. the constitution requires a count of all persons, not just citizens living in the united states. if we don't get an accurate if we don't get an accurate count, voters will be ofide -- refuse the right accurate political representation. they will also be robbed of their fair share of infrastructure, health care, public safety, and countless other pressing needs. i urge all of you to learn more about and to join the ndrc's work and to support candidates who stand up for fair districts and for a fair senses. this work appeals to our shared american values. it should unite us.
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unfortunately, we cannot count on republicans to join in. i welcome their help. i have asked for it. i haven't found much engagement or any meaningful partnership from those on the other side of the political aisle. just too busyre figuring out how to make america great again. [laughter] phrase, i i hear that wonder. what exactly do they have in mind? what time. do they want to wind the clock back to? what century, what decade, what year? certainly it was not when people were enslaved. certainly it was not when segregation was a law of the land. certainly it was not when women were disenfranchised. certainly it was not when the lgbtq community was routinely
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stigmatized. is notrt of thinking only flawed, it is rooted in fear. overvors and imagined path a realistic future. [applause] if one looks at the story of america and ignores historic deficiencies, or forgets the people denied rights that which all americans are entitled, the past can be for some a comforting place. that mindset betrays a lack of courage. that iss to a fear always uncertain. it is anti-cynical to who we are as a people. we have always embraced the possibility of the future and not the comfort of the past. that attitude lost -- launched the american spirit and made our nation and -- exceptional.
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unless you are those who were brought here by force, you or your land sisters -- ancestor set out for this land of liberty and opportunity. one must conclude that america, with all its problems, but in its totality was actually at its best just recently. to or heldbeholden down by a fictional path. always lookedave to the future with its new challenges and always is there to make it ours. grandson ofson and reference toy america runs deep but i'm clear eyed that the equal opportunity and equitable treatment under the law have not been achieved. we must continue to strive as one nation towards the more perfect union our founders tried
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to create. only by coming together, we can write the next best chapter in america's story. it is up to us. it is up to all of us. everyone in this room and every committee -- lgbtq community must be committed to ending all forms of discrimination. the basis of race, religion, ethnicity, and national origin. you must be active in those areas of the struggle as well. you must bring to bear the full power and influence that hrc has earned over the years to those who have been left out and left behind. people of color, religious minorities, immigrants, people who fear gun violence, communities that have been ravaged by addiction.
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a working class that is reeling from cultural, technological, and economic shifts. we are already doing important work in these areas. i commend you, but i challenge you and i challenge every american to share our concerns to do even more. most basically, you must get involved in this current election. .ou must vote on november 6, we have the opportunity to send a message to the present occupant of the white house. call him the president. the present occupant of the white house. [applause] to the extremists who surround him, and to those who support him. we will not allow for the dismantling of the social contact forced by roosevelt and other great presidents between we the people and our government. , we are in the
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struggles of our lives and for our democracy. we want to make a fight for an america that is tolerant, fair, and adjust. i am willing to fight with all of you. i need all of you every step of the way. of us rise to the challenges our time. let us expand our circle of inclusion and not allow small differences to distract us from shared goals. let us restore what is best about our democracy and lead the way towards a new american era of civil engagement, progress, and justice for all. i want to thank you for including me this evening and thank you for giving me hope for the days ahead. our journey for justice will not be easy and it may be long. if we stay committed, if we main committed to the cause and to one another, i'm confident we
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will realize our shared dreams and make real our desire for a welcoming and open america that will again become an example of all the world. thank you very much. [applause] >> this is the world according to awkwafina. >> don't sleep. we are following the queen, we are following the queen. [video clip]
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♪ playing]ip please welcome awkwafina. [applause]
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awkwafina: wow. hi. hello. up. is very nerve-racking her, everyone has made it seem so easy. i am following eric holder, i'm met joe biden. i love joe biden. i am so honored to be here the nationalesent quality award to my friend and sister, anne hathaway. [applause] i was lucky enough to start with tar in ocean eight -- two s with her in oceans eight. has supported the lgbtq community forever. and she makesne us feel like her best friend.
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who didn't want to be here and the "devil wears prada?" maybe not the beginning because she had rough times. we can see in her eyes and smile that she understands what it is like to feel different and to dig deep and power through life challenges. it is something we can all relate to. she is a true friend to the lgbtq community. from speaking out for equality early in her career, to fighting for marriage equality, or donating the sale of her wedding photos, to funding her marriage. she walks the walk. community might stem from accepting her day brother, but her involvement says that. she keeps showing up for the cause. she is determined. she is principled, and in it for the long haul.
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clear, she has been telegraphing to the community for years. like when she straddled that motorcycle in that spray on the jumpsuit as catwoman. this table knows, that table knows. okay, alright. i'm going to come sit with you guys. bring the energy. then there are the movies. rio, princess di areas -- princess diaries, dark knight rises, les miserables. you put them together and it sounds like a regular saturday night for most of you. being a part of the heartbreaking and groundbreaking film wrote back mountain -- placed hermountain
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in history. she has won a gold cloak, emmy, and an oscar, most importantly, she has earned a place in our hearts. let's look in her heart -- let's look at some of her work. [video clip] >> me? a princess? shut up. >> i thought she would be different, i had hoped. you ended up disappointing me more than any of the others. >> she is vicious. >> so quit. >> what? >> quit. i can get another girl to take your job in five minutes, one who really wants it. >> i don't want to quit, that is not fair. he used to say he wanted his ashes scattered on brokeback mountain, knowing him it might be a pretend place. >> we were driving sheep one
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1963. back in >> he said it was his favorite place. that is why it i am calling, to see what happened. his own blood,n he was only 39 years old. i am so sorry, we were good friends. >> there is a storm coming mr. wayne. you better button down the hatches. wonder how going to you can live so large, and leave so little. >> the night it my soup, then the necklace was gone, then everybody freaked out, and then they found it again. is very first time you two were alone while you were wearing the necklace? >> no.
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♪>> i dreamed a dream. and life washigh living. i dreamed that love would never die. god would be. [applause] and the oscar goes to, miss anne hathaway. the misfortunes will only be found in stories and never more in real life. just maybe, those thoughts could be turned into actions. what we should all
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do, i'm loving you and supporting you. ♪ american women are currently entitled to 12 weeks of unpaid leave. american men are entitled to nothing. world, somen families have two daddies, how does maternity leave serve them? bringing about change cannot just be the responsibility of those who need it most. we must have the support of those in the highest levels of power if we are ever going to achieve parity. love isn't something we invented. it has been a great year for lesbians. youngest --he younger sister of a gay man, and the daughter of parents who are empathetic to and loving of the community.- lgbtq
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in my household being gay was, and is no big deal. awkwafina: please join me in welcoming our henri, anne hathaway. ee, anne hathaway.
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[applause] anne: wow, you guys. as if i could not love you more. i was going to open with this, i was going to open with a joke about having a moment of silence for all of the college and we have lost since i became the princess of juneau via. [laughter] want to makeif i jokes tonight, thank you so much for having me here. i really needed this.
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i needed to see you, i needed to hear you. am, like most people now, i am shellshocked by what i see and hear every day. i really do not like to admit this but i get scared. grace i am here as your guest, i get to hear chad griffin speak. i get to hear sarah mcbride speak. i get to hear joe biden speak. witness the hrc and the full glory of itself. i am not afraid anymore. [applause] you guys just gave me my heart back, thank you so much. and, i am telepathically connected to adam griffin.
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so that happened. let's get started. ladies, ladies. [applause] gentlemen. [applause] gentle them. [applause] for this tremendous honor. forguys keep rewarding me things i don't think need rewarding. i am just living the values my parents gave me. and loving you the way you deserve. eye toving major side anyone who thinks differently. i acknowledge the need for allies because of the visibility we land. that was reinforced for me tonight. sarah mcbride gave me a note
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from a 10-year-old transgender girl named ella. after myherself that movie, "ella in chanted." forhis note, ella thanks me my courage as an ally. ella, i want to make something absolutely clear to you. it takes zero courage to love you. [applause] it does take a lot of courage to get us to talk in front of a lot of people. i put your note right next to my heart. i have been thinking that an award is only as meaningful as the community that gives it. let's talk about this community. what i love most about this community is the way you owned
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the alphabets. lgbttqqiaap. no letter left behind. for real, what i love about this community is the freedom. the freedom that comes with being yourself, all of yourself. i love the energy. the activism. the generosity, the light, the shade. [laughter] the fun. i love the dignity that comes with self acceptance and the way our collective humanity gets expanded when one wrongfully marginalized community says we are human beings, there is enough room here for all of us, period.
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declaration that one's worth is not affected by sexual orientation or gender is a trailblazing concept that lifts humanity into the fullest expression of itself. this is a declaration that precipitates deep, lasting change. this change, once embraced, will make us free. i hope. i hope. i really hope you guys. to freedom, to equality, it is currently being heavy, almostig invisible line. it is not about whether we are equal, the lie is about whether our opportunities are. it is important to acknowledge actions have my
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been, however hard i might have worked, however the world might have marginalized me that my standing here, my ability to be visible to you comes from the world unfairly rewarding my particular type of visibility. important that with the exception of being a male, everything about how i was born has put me at the current center of a damaging and widely accepted myth. ness,hat gaiy and that all races orbit around whiteness.
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[applause] myth is wrong. is too real for too many. it is assumed to be the way things are. it is inherited. are dangerousnces because it prioritizes a certain type. a certain kind of body. a certain kind of skin color. it does not value in the same way anything that needs to be other than to itself. it is a myth that is with us from birth, and it is a myth that keeps money and power in the hands of a few, instead of being invested in the lives of the free.
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i appreciate this community so much. i learned to reject this myth. i appreciate this community because together we are not just going to question this myth, we are going to destroy it. [applause] authentic equality doesn't prioritize sexual orientation and does not put any one gender at the center. does is centralized love. every door opens for everybody. i know i am speaking and there
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is privilege in my ability to do so. i know there are very real obstacles that blocked the path to true equality. i know removing them is easier said than done. i also know that myths are destroyed by the same thing that creates them. a community. the community that believes. the community that is conscious. a community that class back and says no more, a community that is backed by the hrc. can you imagine what would as each person follows the lead of this community and rejects the myth? more importantly, the myth that they need others to be worth less, in order for them to be worth more. walls built in fear will crumble. they will disintegrate.
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the old world will shatter and the pieces that no longer serve will melt. a new world will emerge from this community, from your seismic message that love is love. [applause] this community is a community of openness. this community has transformed a world full of morality into one of rainbow, prismatic freedom. [applause] this is the community of visionaries of worth, of authenticity, and of true power. this is a community who by asserting its own equality has
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in these troubled, savage times protected what is best about all of us. his community has arrived. thatcommunity understands equality is not a destination, it is a choice. love is love and e quality -- just is.ity you're the role of your sleeves every day until everyone gets this. you taught me that, you teach us all. let me say that for everyone whose life you have made better. thank you. [applause] for this beloved community, to ella, it is an honor to be your ally. this award means so much to make because it comes from you.
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let's tear this world apart and build a better one. [applause] ♪ [applause] >> "q&a." he discusses his book, it biography of herbert hoover. british prime minister theresa from thers questions
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house of commons, including breakfast economy and negotiations. the discussion on racism in public education. that is from a conference held in washington, >> here on c-span tomorrow, former u.s. trade representative discuss president comes trade agenda and u.s. trade relations, live from the center for strategic and international studies in washington, d.c. at 10:00 a.m. eastern. >> thursday morning, watch the senate judiciary committee debate and vote on the nomination of judge brett kavanaugh to the supreme court. is successfully nominated, he could become the deciding vote on major legal issues that americans care deeply about. fromknow moved to report
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the committee the nomination for brett kavanaugh to be associate justice of the supreme court. >> follow the process live thursday morning starting at 9:30 eastern on c-span,, or listen with the free c-span radio app. ♪ >> this week on "q&a," historian richard norton smith discusses his book, "an uncommon man: the triumph of herbert hoover." ♪ brian: richard norton smith, why did you call your book you wrote 35 years ago, "an uncommon man." richard: it's taken from the title of a relatively famous hoover speech


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