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  President Holds Joint News Conference With President of Poland  CSPAN  September 18, 2018 2:30pm-3:13pm EDT

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here -- theent is president is here. spoken to had not kavanaugh of.
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he doesn'tnt said believe the fbi wants to investigate. gentlemen, the president of the united states and accompanied by the president of poland. thank you very much. host them honored to president of poland. thank you very much for being here. great honor. have you. maloney a and i are incredibly
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grateful for the welcome. very exceptional day. extraordinary. it is wonderful to have them both with us. i had the privilege to stand before the monument to the warsaw uprising and address our shared commitment to defending our heritage and civilization. it was an experience i will always treasure and never forget. not far from where we stand today, another monument, the park remindsayette us that the bonds between our people go all the way back to america's revolutionary war. this year, the united states and 100 years celebrating
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of poland regaining its independence. it is a long time. i'm broke to save the alliance between our nations has never been stronger with you and i at the helm. in our discussions tonight -- , we will enhance cooperation and military cooperation and training. i'm proud to report that poland has recently purchased a state-of-the-art patriot missile .ystem we make the greatest equipment in the world.
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i want to commend poland for meeting its spending obligations. tom glad that it plans increase spending the on the 2% obligation. i would like to share my gratitude to the people of .oland we have made tremendous progress the it -- in respect to defeat of isis. we also understand you cannot have national security without border security. and united states understand that strong nations must have very strong borders. the president and i are -- the united states and poland are committed to energy diversity all across europe. no nation should be dependent on
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a single supply of energy. poland has worked tirelessly across central europe. it is constructing a new technologyhe highest from norway to poland and it recently built a liquefied neck of gas import facility. last year, the united states was out to send its first export to poland and soon, our nations will launch a high diplomatic exchange on energy. the largest producer of energy for the world. that is a big statement. also want to talk to you summit.e three c
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the trade barriers make it difficult for the 90's they and the united states firmly and we areese goals eager to expand commercial ties all across the region. in our meeting today, the president and i discussed our relationship at length. poland has experienced more than a quarter century of uninterrupted economic growth. we look forward to further enhancing trade and commerce between our two great nations. my administration is committed to realizing a future of opportunity and prosperity for
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all americans. we are right now employing more states thane united any time ever. i look forward to partnering with president duda. thank you for joining me today. poland has chosen its place in the world and as a loyal ally and strategic partner of the united states, we greatly appreciate that. we welcome the next 100 years of them ship between our two nations. thank you. >> i am delighted that in this
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polandhe year of regaining its significant i'm .ble to be hosted here also from this perspective, -- and those living abroad, especially those in the united states. is the measure of polish independence was an important policy. before 1918, he was the one who
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put polish independence on his agenda. fact that the pols back then experienced a lot of good from the united states. i am delighted today i can be and which isngton renewing that strategic partnership.
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-- back then it was signed by the ministers in today, the new version has been updated for a lot has changed. was signed byip myself and president trump. this agreement indicates the most important aspect ever achieved. -- cooperation and aspects of the c3 initiative.
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the united states was present were as part of the c3 and thank you for that. [indiscernible] gasthe transmission of along the north-south axis. hungry, bulgaria come all the way down to the black sea and then through croatia and slovenia.
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cooperation we want to .evelop without any doubt, the hugest threat posted. andiscussed at length unfortunately we have to be construction as argument started. formalities.l some there is a threat of russian energy domination.
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this spread of russian , we were able to see and son interruption of supplies with political life now. it is obvious today, we are making efforts to protect ourselves from that. decided to we receive the lng gas from the united date. this is a very important element
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expanding its , we are not only going , butfeguard our own energy transmit gas further to our neighbors. were raised by us. to invite them to poland. companies from the united states like general electric which is as limiting energy sectors and poland.
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-- that is a huge contract amounting to almost $1 billion. we would also like to poland is theg european partner where united states business is very much welcome. developing and this is some things we have been and we also want to operations and business partners in the u.s. to join.
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believe this is an opportunity for making joint business. i'm deeply satisfied with the were the presence of military forces and nato was guaranteed. like them to post more american troops to poland. further andnvest president trump mentioned the
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air defense and patriot missiles. we want to implement more them.ts and develop will goinced this smoothly. ladies and gentlemen, i was i said i would like for us to set up bases in poland. i believe this is possible and a decisionhat such
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and first and foremost, very strategic location. convinced that the presence of the u.s. forces to protect american interests. for this very much joint operation that we are able and the 10th anniversary of our strategic partnership. lng tremendous amount of will be exported. say while we are together, tremendous effort and bravery is being shown in north
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carolina, south carolina that it by florence. salute all of the people that are working hard, the first responders and law enforcement. the job they are doing is incredible. i just want to thank them. i think what we will do is take our first question. >> thank you. news today of the russian plane shot down over syria. russia is assigning the blame to
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israel. you had hoped to bring troops home. suddenly, things are changing. what you tell american people today about the possibility of a war? >> i just heard about the incident you mentioned and it reviewo me based on a that serious shot down a russian plane and i understand about 14 people were killed and that is a very sad thing. that is what happens. syria, according to early reports -- we have done a tremendous job in syria eradicating isis which is why we are there and we are very close to being finished with
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that job and we will make a determination of what we are going to do. these are people that will not be coming here. we have done in a very short , our great secretary of state mike pompeo and we have on hard >> president duda, you ask president trump -- respond to president your position to have a america ince from poland and you have concerns of
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u.s.-russiathe relationship? course. the told about all of aspects connected. foremost, if there are permanent bases in poland, we will -- i want to say clearly has taken place. asis the reality and as far
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russian behavior is concerned military increasing operation, lesson has been and theyg activities went to stop to attack the capital and from that moment, that expansion has been developing. today, we can see an illegal annexation of crimea. are political and military fax. guarantee providing a . let me reiterate, it is only about the security of your.
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this is the most crucial issue from our perspective. that is why we want to ensure the presence of the united states. the pentagon has to consider all these issues. they are is a whole range that are in favor and absolutely justified today. i'm absolutely convinced because today unfortunately, we are seeing the national sovereignty convinced there
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-- to repel a possible thereonvinced will be no more happening ever. said: would bet paying billions of dollars for a base. it is one thing can be defend countries that cannot defend themselves. we don't expect anything for that. we are in discussions with
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numerous countries about payment and we get along with them well .nd, but it is not fair last year, they paid an additional. you can speak to the head of nato and he says he has never seen anything like it. wealthyountry is very and the united states has been protecting them for many years. they help with burden sharing. the president offered us much more than $2 billion to do this.
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thank you very much. would you like to have a question? >> a question to president trump. -- what wee the heard a few moments ago concerning the threat by russia and the you also share the view that american bases in poland , but also due to the security of the united states.
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>> i think it is a very aggressive situation. >> we have the greatest strength in the world. theere being depleted under last administration. we had planes that were old and tired. this is the united states. we make the greatest planes in enhanced and we have our military. it is being rebuilt as we speak with literally hundreds and hundreds of planes and missiles and everything you can imagine. good.ever had it so i viewed it two ways, number one
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military is always more a --tant including -- than .lways more important russia respect that. i'm the president. i feel he is right. you look at the history and say a long and complicated history. >> after the meeting, there is a that they will be implemented. are they going to be a fact? >> i do.
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>> i had a private meeting and honest discussions and very strong. us arenvinced all of going to draw appropriate conclusions. what kind of steps need to be the issue ofr and interest. i'm convinced that you are going to see the result of our
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meetings today that we have signed. process thatterm will appear on the maps and also agreements. two questions for you. on judge kavanaugh, you said you want to go through a full process. you said we want to make sure everything is perfect and just write. to that end, what would be the problem with the fbi reopening their background investigation? would you approve such a thing? >> it would not bother me other
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than the fbi saying that is not what they do. they have supposedly done six background checks over the years. individual,redible impeccable history in every way. going so badly that he is through this. this is not a man that deserves this. it should have been brought up long ago and that is what you have hearings for. withsenator feinstein sat ,udge kavanaugh for a long time she had this letter. ?hy didn't she bring it up then .ecause they obstruct
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instruct.t and they , butare lousy on policy very good on obstruction. that, i feel the republicans, we should go through a process. there should not be little doubt. they knew what they were doing. we should have done this three months ago. i don't want to play into their hands. she will come forward, state her case and he will skate -- state his case and then they will vote. they will look at his career and
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look at what she had to say from 36 years ago and we will see what happened. i just think he is at a level that we rarely see not only in , but anywhere. honestly, i feel terribly for who is anife incredible lovely woman and for his beautiful young daughters. i feel terrible for them. you announce new trade tariffs against china. in your first year in office, the u.s. trade deficit increased by 12% in last month when he saw the trade deficit increase to $72 billion. is your policy working?
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we wanted to have the benefit of china and i hope they have helpful. it got to a point where the numbers were too big. if you look at the world trade like aation, that is rocket ship because they took advantage of the rules and whoever was standing at this office, they oval should have done something about this over the last number of taken $500a has billion per year. that would go a long way for poland. --built your whole country would build your whole country.
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around.hange that our market is going up. the market is down. we can't let them do anymore. to me, deficits are very important. a deficityou can have that is not such a bad thing. when you have many billions of dollars and other liabilities, you have to do something. been ripped off by china , the european union, which you are part of.
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we have been ripped off by everybody and i want to protect the american workers and farmers. that, we come to a conclusion in mexico. .t is a very one-sided deal the new president had a conversation. we want help on the border -- we have the worst immigration laws. you want to help curators we have come to a conclusion with mexico. candidate has taken advantage for a long time. cannot canada, but they
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continue to charge us 300% tariff and that is what they're doing. time.a process that takes the european union would not talk to us, president obama and i said that is ok, you don't have to talk to us. is a nice man, but he is a tough cookie. renegotiateve to the deal and he said we are happy with the deal. said you may be happy, but i'm not happy. after three times he said he did not want to renegotiate and i said we don't have to renegotiate a older.
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we're going to put tariffs on that come into the united states. is economically all about ofs and they sell millions into your and cities country. , it startedsaying with japan. our country has been abused and taken advantage of our virtually every country that it does business with and we are just
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not letting that happen anymore. that includes the military. and as thelates president mentioned, howard you describe the relations right now? do you talk about improving that and did you carry a special --sage question mark message? >> i would be happy if that was the case because my and caring for the matters, it is similar to the views of president trump. other verynd each well.
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heknows how to calculate and takes care. this is something you have to take care of. objectively looking, it is hard not to understand it. interest.t poland's on important matters, you have to strike an agreement and then we have an understanding. i believe this is the kind of
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cooperation that the president would like to have. it would be a very important partnership to the you -- united states. -- [indiscernible] >> the trade deal with south korea has been renegotiated. that was a terrible deal for the united states. now it is a fair deal. thank you very much, everybody. we appreciate it.