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tv   Gov. Roy Cooper D-NC Hurricane Florence Briefing  CSPAN  September 18, 2018 11:05pm-11:38pm EDT

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correspondent major garrett talks about his book "mr. trump's wild ride." >> it is not just about partisanship. i think it transcends party. i describe donald trump in the book as proto-partisan. he is bigger than partisanship. because there is as emotional dynamo met he spins within people. he does it intentionally. sometimes he doesn't know he is doing it. but it happens. aspectnfluencing every of american culture, economics, politics, and in ways you detected, the ways journalists interact with this ongoing story. announcer: sunday night at 8:00 eastern, on c-span's q&a. north carolina governor roy cooper and fema administrator brock long along with north carolina officials briefed reporters on the impact of hurricane florence. the governor says 16 rivers
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remained at major flood stage is an additional three ready to peak. this is about half an hour. >> good afternoon, everybody. first --fter florence a days after florence hit our state, we continue to feel the effects of this massive storm. one thing we know too well is that sunshine does not necessarily mean safety. even though there is no substantial rain now in the forecast and the sun may be shining, rivers continue to rise and we will see more flooding.
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currently, there are 16 rivers at major flood stage with an additional three forecasted to peek at major flood stage tomorrow and thursday. i can't stress enough, never drive through floodwaters, don't drive around their kids, and if you are told to evacuate by local officials, please do so quickly. it could save your life. in other areas where waters have gone down, people have started digging out what remains of their homes, and their communities. we are glad to have fema administrator brock long here with us today. i will ask them to give us more information. but to begin the fema process, call 621-fema. into roger -- register telephone, but to do it online, visit disasterassistance.gove.
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here are some additional updates. as of this morning, north carolina has 26 confirmed deaths due to the store. -- storm to we know north carolina families and friends of these victims are suffering, and we extend our deepest sympathies to them. there are more than 11 hundred rd closures including i-95 and i-40 still. numerous highways and other primary routes. while road conditions are starting to improve in some parts of our state, rising creeks, streams, and rivers continue to make travel unsafe in many areas of our state. 343,000 people, approximately, are without power. first responders have reported rescuing and evacuating more and 5780 people,
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animals and rescues are continuing. flood ande seeing wind damage to their crops. one quarter to half of the tobacco crop was still in the .ield and damaged kotten, peanuts, and other crops at harvest suffered damage as well. 10,000, approximately, people staying in our's -- our shelters, and the countless more who are staying with friends and families were in hotels, i know it was hard to leave home. and it is even harder to wait and wonder whether you even have a home to go back to. andplease, for your safety, the effectiveness of our emergency operations, do not try to return home yet. particularly in the counties of pender commit new hanover, and brunswick. roads remain dangerous.
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and new road closings are still happening. alone, andou are not people will. be working to help you i was in new bern yesterday. the damage there is devastating. i had a chance to speak with people, some who rode out the storm and said they would not do it again if they had the chance to make the decision over. i also joined the baptist men as they handed out hot meals to people in need. distressing as this damages, it is it is equally heartening to watch neighbors helping neighbors. fantasy see volunteers and people of faith stepping up to do their part. this is the north carolina that i know in my heart, and it is the reason we will make this state whole again. i know for many people, this feels like a nightmare that just will not end. i know many people are tired of
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the present and are scared of the future. we will notnow, give up on you. i want to recognize mike's break very. mike? michael: thank you, governor perry good afternoon everyone. the state emergency operations center is still activated with our state and federal partners and with volunteers and the folks from the private sector. on day nine of the operation of hurricane florence, i want to stress that we need to remain vigilant as many of our rivers in eastern north carolina will be cresting over the next three days, in fact, through saturday. significant out of the river bank flooding is expected and will continue to impact the state. today's cresting rivers will include cape fear river at lillington and harnett county,
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little river at manchester in cumberland county, lumber river at lumberton, northeast cape fear river, news river at goldberg in wayne county, tar river at greenville in pitt county, kinston in lenore county, cape fear river at fayetteville in cumberland county, cape fear river in pender county. it will remain at a major flood level until the 20th. the trenton river at trenton and jones county. it also will remain in a major flood level until the 20th. then the lumber river act fair bluff in columbus county. we urge all of our residents to log into our flood innovation
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mapping and alert network at that way you will be able to see what roads and structures are going to be flooding, and you can also sign up to be notified by text or emaile when the rives begin to rise in your area. at the emergency operations center, we continue to be engaged in large-scale search and rescue operations, as well as logistical resupply. we have received over 3000 resource requests in the last nine days from county partners, and we continue to push out resources as quickly as possible, both by land and by air. there are now four mass feeding kitchens operating in washington, new bern, lumberton, and kinston, and we anticipate having four more operating shortly. special thanks to our outstanding volunteers from the
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american red cross, north carolina baptist men, and the salvation army for making these hot meals possible. shelters do remain a top priority, and we are engaged in mass sheltering preparations. -- operations with approximately 10,000 shelter occupants. we are working aggressively with federal partners to develop temporary housing strategies and an overall recovery strategy. as a reminder, it is important to note that all 911 centers are operational. when you call, you may be answered from a 911 center in another county, but responders will be dispatched to your county as normal, right from your own county. this is how the 911 backup center system works. i would like to thank our federal, state, private sector, and volunteer partners, and, i want to especially thank local partners for making this response successful.
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i want to remind everybody to follow the guidance of the local officials. if they tell you to evacuate from a riverbank that is flooding over, make sure you follow what they tell you to do. and also to stay in touch with your local media for situational awareness. i also want to thank brock long for being here with his team to support us. we appreciate it, sir. and for all of you out there, thank you for your support of the north carolina state emergency response team. thank you. >> thank you, mr. director. >> thank you. secretary of transportation. today we have 255 primary roads closed due to flooding, down from yesterday's 356. on interstates, we have two major interstates still closed, i-40 and i-95, and 19 separate
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locations, and on u.s. routes, 93 locations that are closed. as roads are clearing in the northeastern part of our state, they are also flooding in the piedmont. be cognizant, you see the map with the black dots moving, and we anticipate the speed, and that is due to the flooding from the rain that has moved out of the state, so we anticipate that those will stabilize over the next few days. we have pushed 12 additional crews into the southern counties, primarily focused on debris removal and road repair capabilities. working we were also since sunday on contingency plans in case our routes, due to river rain flooding that will crest later this week, contingency planning to support additional resources being able to go into new hanover and brunswick in this southern counties.
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those additional resources, our ferries are going back to reestablish service for first responders and logistics support only from fort fisher down to southport, and then we are also, and you see on this slide to the left, we requested a marine vessel that is coming off a mission in florida to be available to us, to come to the port of morehead. this vessel can handle hundreds of large vehicles, resupply's, fuels, and critical materials. we're opening our ports at wilmington and morehead. by tomorrow, we will be up to support this vessel, and it can move large amounts of goods and services and to wilmington in case our primary routes we are servicing in those areas are closed by river flooding.
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i would really like to show our appreciation for partners who are helping us get the ports open, supporting this request for the marine vessel, the coast guard, u.s. army corps of engineers, getting established in two major ports, and u.s. dot and maritime administration for allowing us to consider this. when the final steps of planning for this vessel, and as soon as we get the departments of defense relief from its previous mission, we will be able to bring it into morehead city. i want to reinforce one more time to the citizens of north carolina, please do not return to new hanover, brunswick, or hinder counties as yet. the travel conditions are much too risky for citizens. the routes that we have only support first responders. they are not safe routes. they have risks of their own, but they are critical, and we
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must continue to support the response of this event. thank you. gov. cooper: thank you. colonel mcneil. colonel mcneil: thank you, governor. north carolina state highway patrol. the safety of the public remains our highest priority. state highway patrol continues to serve resources and manpower to support local law enforcement in the impacted area. travel and these affected areas is still very dangerous. there are no safe routes in and out of the affected areas. like previously stated. since our last briefing over the hours, troopers have responded to 126 collisions and 370 calls to service in our troop-a and troop-b areas some of the troops that encompass the most effective storm areas. we continue to urge motorists,
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do not try and cross flooded roadways. if you find yourself in a flooded roadway scenario, we encourage you to follow the following tips. if you are trapped in a flooded water while in your vehicle, climb out of the window if your electrical system is still operational. if not, wait until the vehicle begins to partially fill with water and open the door to exit. if you cannot exit and need to bust out a window, when courage -- we encourage you to fight as hard as you can to bust out the top left and the top right portion of the front windshield. and then safely exit the vehicle. if you have to travel into these areas, or leave your home if you live in the area, we are asking everyone to please visit to avoid traveling in the dangerous and closed
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roadways and to avoid the rumors that are being circulated that some of these roadways are about to open. that is simply not the case. please stay tuned to your local media and also visit drivenc. gov to verify the road route you plan to take. thank you. gov. cooper: thank you, colonel. dr. cohen. >> thank you, governor. secretary of health and human services. i start my update with a request. we know the storm will be a marathon and recovering from the arm will be a marathon, not a -- from the storm will be a marathon, not a sprint. we are requesting nurses who may be able to volunteer to please raise their hands. if you are an individual nurse, we ask you register with the red cross. go to redcross.corg/enc. if you are a group of nurses coming from an organization,
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neck and a ploy as a team, we ask you register with the stay the request is for nurses for recovery for the hurricane. if you updates. -- a few updates. we continue to put into place as much flexibility as we can going forward. yesterday, people in the food and nutrition service program will now be able to purchase hot food, including prepared food for immediate consumption from authorized electronic benefit transfer realtors using their ebt cards. this applies to the entire state and is activated until the end of october. families in wic program who are from affected counties will have an extra month of benefits loaded onto their wic cards automatically to allow moms and kids continual access to healthy food.
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we put into place at national booms of programs into medicaid so people can get care easier and doctors can provide direct care. we continue to have medical shelters. we continue to have disaster hotline available for 24 hour crisis counseling. we know disasters are stressful and this hotline is a play 24 hours a day you can get connected to services where you can just talk. know that you're are not alone and help is available. that is 1-800-985-5990. few, let me end with a health and safety messages you continue to hear. please do not drive or walk in stating were moving water. turn around, don't drown. if you have flooding at home, be
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careful touching electrical equipment. if you do lose power, do not use a gas powered generator inside a closed spaces for threat of carbon monoxide poisoning. lastly, related to food, throw away any food that may have come in contact with floodwaters or have not been refrigerated properly. when in doubt, throw it out. thanks again and continue to be safe. gov. cooper: thank you. we will have fema administrator brock long. brock: think you, governor. it is important to me to be on the ground to be with the governor and mike and his team to help overcome this hit, as well as south carolina and others. i'm pleased with where we are but we have a long way to go because it is not over. the next 48 hours will be currently critical. -- especially critical. we are going to do everything we can to help the governor and his
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team, the dedicated members across the state to focus on lights than emissions. -- and life-sustaining missions. there's a lot of displaced folks doing everything they can to make life a little better each and every day as progress is made. it is going to take some time for the water to recede. as the governor was pushing for it, some of these rivers have not rested yet which is incredibly frustrating not only to you, but to the responders and our partners who want to fix the infrastructure. as the system goes, as the water recedes and safety search and rescue missions come to an end, we will focus on other critical lifeline like axing the transportation system. helping our partners do that. we know we have to get the roads back open to fully get the power back on so power crews and private industry can get back in to get the power on.
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we get the power on, we solve 95% of the structure problems. we know we will be dealing with a lot of hazardous waste. agricultural issues. all kinds of things. we are trying to push down everything we can to overcome and alleviate and a life the -- and stabilize those infrastructure lifelines. when it comes down to taking care of people, that is priority number one. what we are doing now -- the governor has put forward a number. we are also asking you to go to we want to accomplish this as much did digitally as we can. people going into the internet and being able to register for assistance, is sometimes easier than making a phone call to we realize not everyone has the power on. not everyone has access to computer pick capabilities. you can also download our app.
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it can provide tips that will leave you hopefully to the recovery but also to register. a couple other things. fema, we realize we are pushing forward. we realize this is going to be a big recovery mission in taking care of people. we have thousands of people we are pushing forward into the field to work case management, to make sure we get into the community. you are going to start seeing people going to the community centers, shelters and being able to get out in front and help people register for assistance and we can start recovery. the other major program fema runs as the nfib program. if you are policyholder, call your local insurance agent. we are also going to be pushing out several thousand claims adjusters in the field to help this process. the goal is to expedite the assistance as quick and fast as we can. i am here to say that governor cooper, you have done a
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phenomenal job. if i can model the state across the country, i would do it so thank you. gov. cooper: thank you. we are very grateful for fema's assistance as well as albie l ewis and the people helping us on the ground. questions for any of us up on -- iv -- any of us on stage? >> there are dozens were couple -- maybe a couple hundred ambulances. does not look a have done anything. are they going to be needed? were they staged in the wrong place? i don't think anyone of us could verify whose ambulances they are. that is the national amulet contract, that is a pre-position aspect to make sure that if anything fails and there is large-scale evacuations of hospitals or assisted living
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facilities. we mobilize a massive amount of ambulances in the state to be ready to support that mission. luckily, we don't have to use them at this point you will find stuff at this stage ready to go because we never know how bad these things will get. it is a guessing game until the florence fully exits the area. good question. thank you. >> gary robertson. you talked about evaluating the dams. how that is going on getting an update, and on how wastewater treatment plans, how would you describe failures of those systems and the dangers they have to people? >> the dams appeared to be holding. the dams are holding and working to have flifere over of dams to
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make sure they are being looked at and analyzed and what the water levels look like. we did have a small dam failure in brunswick county. and what was the other question? we are watching that very carefully. we have a water system failure in southport, but we have parts on the way and we think that will be mitigated shortly. we were worried about the water systems as the waters begin to crest and everybody is watching that as well. and we have equipment on stand by, when you have a water system haven't lly, that we had water systems fail yet. i do know that jones county was having some issues but there was another county with sbrg connect
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and jones and they turned on those interconnects and maintained the water system. things are working and backup plans are working and no major ssues. indiscernible] >> i don't have an update to the number. you know you can go to report any price gouging. our business community has pulled together and have helped out there are dozens and probably in the hundreds and thousands of smaller businesses have have pitched in to help. most of the business community is doing great work. you will have somebody who will swrilet the price gouging law.
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we are asking people to report them. i know the attorney general is investigating some of them -- as prices being one. indiscernible]
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>> we want to be smarter. we want to plan this in a way that we get people back into housing as quickly as possible. this storm has put a spotlight on the issue of affordable housing that we have here in north carolina and all across our state, for that matter. we were talking to administrator long this morning about a number of options that we have that could speed up this process. and i might let him say a word or two about that. >> we have been having conversations with the governor expressing his ideas on outcome-drive yep recovery and one of the things we have to deal recovery is complex when it comes down from the federal
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government and we try to cut through such as expediting money out into the field to fix infrastructure. we have several opportunities. there are a lot of tools in the tool box. we have to figure out ap we will be pre-planning on what are the outcomes that you want to achieve. let's not rebuild to the pre-disaster standard. we have to factor in. so we are going to focus on that and push forward ap help the governor make sure that we get over this and do it right. >> not only housing but our infrastructure, our road, bridges and water systems. we want to pull in as many federal resources. we have been talking to members of congress and members of our state legislature. this is going to be a massive
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rebuilding project and we want to do it right. indiscernible] >> they are moving into these areas that are difficult to enter right now. and administrator long and i are going to go down to wilmington ap we will talk about the future. the next few hours are critical to make sure as these rivers rise we continue to focus on aving lives. . indiscernible]
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>> the answer, we believe that there are plans for him to come tomorrow. that's what we believe. we know that plans like that are fluid and i would meet with the president of the united states when he comes to north carolina. 211 if anyone needs information. thank you for american sign anguage. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2018] nick nick >> coming up wednesday on the c-span networks at 11 a.m. a
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relationship.u.k. and the hudson institute. at 8:30 a.m. the air force association meets for the third day. nd at 9:00 a.m. on c-span 3, iran's nuclear program. >> the senate judiciary committee has postponed a vote scheduled for thursday on the nomination of brett kavanaugh to the supreme court. senator grassley has called for a. we'll have live coverage of the hearing on crmp span on monday. you can watch online or listen live. earlier today, senate leaders from both parties addressed the allegations and the upcoming


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