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tv   Campaign 2018 Arizona Governors Debate  CSPAN  September 27, 2018 6:05pm-7:06pm EDT

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>> with the control of congress in question this election day, see the competition for yourself on c-span. watch the debates from key house and senate races. make c-span your primary source for campaign 2018. >> in tucson, arizona, earlier this week, incumbent arizona governor doug busey, debated his challenger, in their second debate in two days, this is about an hour. >> welcome to the "your vote" debate. tonight's moderator, will rain rivera. >> we'll spend the next hour with the 2018 candidates for arizona governor, thank you for being here. lso here in the studio our
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political reporter, steve goldstein of our sister station in phoenix and joe ferguson of the "arizona daily star." here are the rules for tonight's discussion. each candidate will get a 90-second opening statement and one-minute closing statement in between our panel of journalists will ask questions from a list they've prepare. candidates have not seen the questions questions will be directed to one candidate who will have one minute to respond. the other candidate will have 30 seconds to rebut. f one of our journalists has a followup question, both 45-second have a response. going first based on a drawing beforehand, mr. garcia. >> my name is david garcia, i'm running to be governor of my home state my story is arizona's story. i'm a further generation arizona quan. a product of arizona public
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schools. the first in my family to go to college. an army veteran. a teacher. and a father of two amazing girls. and i am running to build the state that built me. i jumped into this race because at the end of four years, doug dusey's administration is leaving behind a slew of half measures and broken promises. our education system is still in crisis. our state is not secure. because we are unable, the department of public safety, to patrol our highway 24-7. and doug dusey's economy is focused on those at the top, leaving behind the rest of us. he's been ineffective because he's a follower and in the a leader. he's not looking out for all of arizona. we need somebody from us, for us. somebody who is ready to fight for the working people of arizona. i will be that governor. and i look forward to earning your vote. thank you. >> thank you, mr. garcia.
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now mr. dusey, your opening statement. >> thank you. my name is doug dusey. on behalf of my wife angela -- we'll be married 28 years this october -- and my three sons jack, joe, and sam, it has been my honor to be your governor these past four years. i've worked hard to bring business principles to state ghoth and arizona is a different state today than it was four years ago. our budget was broken, our education system was mired in a years-long lawsuit, and our economy was flat. today, our budget is balanced. the lawsuits are behind us and our economy is booming. to a degree where we can deliver teacher pay raises of 20% to our public k-12 education teachers with more 20 do. -- with more to do. our relationship with mexico has never been better and we're able to focus on border security. i'm running for governor because
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i want to secure arizona's future and there's a lot more work to do. i've been to southern arizona 56 times since i've been elected. i realize that the issues in tucson and pima county are special, unique, and different and i'm looking fwrd to the discussion about what we've been able to do to get arizona heading in the right direction and i'd like to do it for the next four years. thank you. >> thank you, mr. dusey. now on the questions. the first round will be on education. the fivers questions to -- the first question gos to mr. garcia from chris conover. >> at the end of the last school year, teachers walked off the job, asking for a 20% pay raise. if arizona were to get more money for k-12 education, knowing that money does not always improve things, what requirements would you put on the spending for additional dollars and what requirements would you put on specific districts for spending those
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dollars? >> again, you've got to understand that at the end of four years, when doug dusey walked in, our education system was in crisis and still is today as thousands of teachers, the largest walkout in history happened. one thing that's key there that i think doug dusey misinterpreted is this is not just about teacher pay raises. ect -- educators made it clear they're looking to improve public schools. that includes teacher pay raise bus also dollars for the education support professionals that make our schools great places to teach and learn. and that is the reason why they're looking for improvement and for investment in everyone who helps our students. first person my daughter meets every day is ms. melanie the bus driver and i think she should be included. with respect to moving forward , in my opinion, in addition to pay raises, we need to move to become the most innovative public school system in the country that move, stepping away from our fascination with
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standardized testing in arizona. >> mr. garcia, thank you. mr. dusey, you have 30 seconds for a response. >> we came -- when i came into office we had a $1 billion deficit. we settled that, we were able to extend proposition 301. we've got a 20% pay increase for teachers and a teachers academy that's going to help solve the teachers crisis. there's so much more we can do in k-12 education but we have the momentum right now. i want to continue to build on that momentum. what you didn't hear from mr. garcia was a plan there is no plan that he has for k-12 education. we're going to deliver that 20% pay increase to our teachers. >> the next question from steve goldstein for mr. dusey. >> when teachers walked out of the classroom asking for a raise you initially indicated you thought they didn't understand education funning. ultimately you came up with a plan for close to 0% for three
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years. it seeped to flip quickly. how were you able to switch gears so quickly to find that money? >> i'm on the side of the teachers, i've been working hard to get more money into k-12 education. that's why we work sod hard on the initiatives we put forward in the first four years. we were able to get a 20% pay increase advance appropriated to our teachers because our general fund is overflowing with dollars. our economy is booming right now in the state of arizona. an the c.b.o. put out a report on political 11 that showed a $1.5 billion surplus in the state of arizona and what i wanted to do was communicate to our teachers the commitment we would make to them going forward. you remember, steve, in the state of the state, that i was able to talk about restoring adegreesal assistance. $100 million last year, $371 million over the next four years. more is needed. we're off to a good start and we are getting these dollars to our teachers in southern arizona as well.
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>> you have 30 seconds for a response, mr. garcia. >> doug dusey's quick reversal is an example of him being a follower, not a leader. education funding has been a problem since the beginning of his administration. and prior to teachers walking out, all he said he could afford was a 2% raise over four years. and it was only after pressure and political pressure of losing his position that he suddenly found the courage to do something at that point. with respect to a plan, i do have a plan. we've had a detailed plan since march, i look forward to sharing it with voters. >> since he called me out, can i address what he said? >> sure. >> what we were able to do in terms of of teacher pay from 2015 through this last session was a 9% increase and these were collars available for teachers' salaries and for hiring teachers. the 20 for 20 plan happened after that. i was in a straitjacket.
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our economy was flat, like i said we had a $1 billion budget deficit. what leaders do is solve problems and then they address needs. i'm thrilled that we were able to get these dollars to our teachers and there's more behind that. >> let's move on to the next education question which comes from joe ferguson of "the arizona daily star," for mr. garcia. >> it's estimated that 50% of arizona families send their children to a school outside the district boundaries whether it's another public school, charter or private school. does that translate into parents wanting choice? and why shouldn't their tax dollars go to support their child's education? >> i believe that school choice is something that parents are certainly looking for. but i look at school choice differently. one of the things that i believe legislature has gotten very wrong is they believe that only parents who have taken their children out of traditional public schools in some way have made a choice. that's not true. we have hundreds of thousands of parents who are choosing to be
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in traditional public schools. i am one of them. and i believe that the legislature needs to honor their choice as well. so from my perspective, parents going to the neighborhood schools is a choice and we need to honor that choice. in terms of money, what has been clear is that the governor, mr. dusey, put forward a plan to expand empowerment scholarships, vouchers. it was brug on by udes interests who pushed him to do this and the people of arizona put it on the ballot because it's not right for our state. the parents of arizona said they're ready to invest in our public schools instead of having dollars exit to private schools. >> mr. dusey, 30 seconds for a private response. >> we put together a website, david is going to say a lot of things that are deceiving, that's the fact of the matter is i'm for more choice. david is for less choice. i want to see more choice for our parents. i want parents to be able to
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send their children to the school that they would like to send them too. i want to see all of our kids in arizona. we have one 1.1 million public schoolchildren have access to an excellent education. that's what we've worked on. that's what we'll continue to work on. >> before we move on. >> quick reminder. we're sticking to the one-minute response. you gave mr. dusey the opportunity. >> mr. duseey is going to refer to this website several times if you go there take a look at what it says about the character of the man that after four years in the state's highest office, what he's resorting to is negativity and an amateurish site because he couldn't have a record to stand on. tinks disgraceful and it's the kind of negativity people are finished here in arizona. >> the facts matter and if you want the facts, go to and judge for yourself. david you're a college professor and you understand the
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importance of words, accuracy and facts. you can get the facts at >> we want to honor the format. one minute response, 30 second rebulletal. the next question is from christopher conover for gnchor dusey. >> let's get back to empowerment scholarships. the bill introduced by the legislature, prop 305. many republican state lawmakers who voted for that are campaigning against it as are nabble school choice groups. where do you stand on the expansion of empowerment scholarships at this point and if voters overwhelmingly reject that measure will you commit to not sign anything legislation to expand empowerment scholarships in your second term? >> first of all let me explain the educational savings accounts as i explain to them we don't have vouchers in the state of arizona, the supreme court ruled on this. the educational savings accounts exist in our state.
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and there are stories like kathy, whose son jordan was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and autism. jordan is benefiting from the educational therapy available from these educational savings accounts. there was a great article up north about a young man who is blind who is a freshman and scored two touchdowns this past weekend. his educational savings accounts pay for his braille books. david garcia was take away educational savings accounts. coug dusey wants to expand them because not everyone is in a designated population that's best for them. i think it's parents that make the best decision. i'm a yes on proposition 305. but regardless of what happens with the vote, there's going to be more work that needs to be done in terms of school reform and i'm committing to it. >> mr. garcia, 30 seconds. >> i believe patients do need to make the decision. and parents have brought proposition 305 to the ballot. i'm against proposition 305 but
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let's be clear that empowerment scholarships work like vutchers. take money out of public schools and put it in preist schools. the end result what doug bdusey wants is to privatize our educational system. if that happens we'll have a society of haves and have nots immediately and i'm willing to do everything i can as governor to make sure it doesn't. >> i've got to address that. davidson the record that she's against all e.s.a.'s he would eliminate all educational savings accounts. that would take the dollars away from jordan or this young man and his braille books. tangse bad idea. the program we put forward is limited and it's gradual and it can help kids that need it. that's what i'm for. i want to see every kid in our state have an opportunity for an excellent education. sometimes choice and innovation can be part of it and we can protect our entire system. >> let's move on to the next question, steve gold steern, for
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mr. garcia. >> democrats long pushed for charter school reform. there were concerns expressed in a recent series by the arizona republic, what reforms would you take in the first legislative stotion reform charter schools, specifics, please. >> this is another example of doug dusey being a follower not a leader. the issues going on with charter schools, with respect to self-deal, with millions going to c.e.o.'s instead of slassrooms has been in place the entire four years he's been in office and only now is he talking about reform for charter school accountability. again, as a follower, not a leader. i will say the same thing i've been saying for year, i said the same thing in 2014. we need more transparency and accountable for charter schools so we have an understanding of how public dollars are being used, we can understand who is self-deal who the bad actors are and the procurement laws are being followed. on the other hand we also need more flexibility for our traditional public schools to
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inthe vate so they can have a chance to create innovative schools, precks -- for example, like in downtown phoenix where they've created a coding academy on their own. we need that kind of flexibility for traditional public schools too. one set of rules for all schools we call public. >> i'm a fan of public district schools, i'm a fan of public charter schools. i think it's part of the reason why arizona kids are improving faster in math and reading than any other kirds in the country. where we need reform i would like to address that. transparency, accountability, financial reporting and how boards are put together. david may be able to speak to this more clearly than i am, he's part of the organization that put the framework together for charters he served on the charter school board , he missed more than half the meetings. >> the next question is from joe ferguson for "the arizona daily star" for mr. dusey. >> some state business leaders have been outspoken in calling
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for increasing sales taxes to bring more money into k-12 education. are there any circumstances where you support raising taxes for more funding for k-12? >> i want to see more funding for k-12. we've put $2.7 billion additional dollars into k-12 education. we -- we've put a million dollars from a bond for our university. this is from good budgets -- budgeting, being responsible, having a growing economy. now that our economy is growings the time for tax reform. and when you look at our income tax, our sales tax, and our property tax, it gives us the opportunity to reform it in a way that can bring adegreesal dollars into our k-12 education system while also having a growing economy. my plan is dramatically different than my opponent's plan. my opponent is in the on the record that he would like to double income taxes in arizona, putting us at the level of a new york, massachusetts, or bernie sanders' vermont. i believe that would kill
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arizona's economy. all the great companies i'm going to talk about, that are moving here and investing here, would fly over us to texas or nevada if david garcia's plan on taxes. >> mr. garcia, 30 seconds. >> let's be clear, we are still $00 million short of 2008 levels. there's a lot of room to grow. doug dusey mentioned several times, he's referring to the investment act which was taken off the ballot which only applies for 1% of arizonans, only those with income above $500,000. i'm not in favor of raising tacks on the middle class. i'm in favor of a direct funding source, which is what our teachers have been demanding. >> i've got to address that. >> we need to move up to our followup questions regarding education. this from christopher conover. >> this question is for both of you. we talked a lot about education funding in the last few minutes. in addition to funding, what if
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anything needs to change in arizona's education system to see it improve? >> governor dusey, you have 45 seconds. >> the first thing i want to say is david's plan was to double our taxes, that was his education plan he feel tried to mislead voters. the supreme court caught him and it was removed from the ballot. so now there is no plan. but more funding is needed, more funding will be -- will be available. our general fund is at a record high. in addition we need to address the teacher shortage. we have the teachers academy, we need to get more dollars into the classroom. chris and i think there's other things we can do to reform our system so we can help districts con sol kate from a contractual basis. janitorial. maintenance. food service. so that we can push costs out of administration and get the dollar into the classroom for our teachers to benefit our kids. >> mr. garcia, you have 45 seconds. >> that answer did not include the most important aspect of education. the classroom.
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it's the reason why we need an educator. someone with a teacher's commitment to education. what we do in arizona is back away from our fascination with standardized testing. there are no multiple choices in life. the reand state that gets beyond this fascination is going to lead the rest of the world. we need to bring innovation back to the classroom, creativity back to the classroom, focus on real world jut comes that make a difference in student's lives because in addition to salary, one they have other reasons we lose so many teachers is because we take creative, bright people and box them in under my administration we are going to let them teach again. >> a reminder that each of you have one minute to answer each question, followed by 30 seconds for rebuttal. now back to the questions. we are going -- we are going to switch over to border security. the first question from steve goldstein for mr. garcia. >> you've made comments in support of replacing i.c.e., opposing a border wall. if there's no wall and no
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enforcement, is that jeopardizing the public safety of arizona residents and as a quick lol lowupping do you have an alternative plan? >> i'm against trump's wall. i'm against trump's wall because it is an ineffective use of resources an it's the wrong message to send to our largest trading partner to the south, mexico. in addition, we are talking about i.c.e. because of the historic cruelties that they have been inflicting. separating families and i will always stand up against the separation of families. but beyond what i said, let me tell you what i've done. i took an oath when i was 17 to gin the army. i joined the military, i took the oath to defend and protect the united states and our constitution. it is an oath i take seriously to this day. and i will take that oath with me to the governor's office. with respect to protecting arizona, what we need to do, what the state needs to do, the governor needs to do you are job, border sheriffs made it
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clear, 24-7 patrols. my opponent said that would be a priority and today our highways are still left unpatrolled for four hours because my opponent has not provide the funding for 24-7 patrol as he said he would. >> you have 30 seconds. >> the fact of the matter is today our highway state troopers endorsed my campaign. because they are a fan that we are investing in public safety, that public safety has been a top priority of this governor's office, we've got the border strike force. we deplied the national guard on the border. we are not asking to abolish i.c.e. like mr. garcia is and we're not asking to remove a wall on our southern border where all these poisonous drugs are coming through. you can hear mr. garcia in his own word at >> now the question from joe ferguson for mr. dusey. >> the border strike force was credited with multiple high profile drug arrests. you said the state is patrolled
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24 hours a day but the sheriffs of yuma and santa cruz counties the department of public safety doesn't patrol border counties between midnight and 6:00 a.m. are you saying they're wrong? >> i'm saying we have law enforcement 24 hours a day in the state of arizona but with our border strike force and with our arizona state troopers who, like i said, endorsed my campaign today for our stance on public safety, we have prioritized focusing on drug cartels, human trafficking, and child sex trafficking. and i want to get these brave men and women in uniform a real congratulations. just last month in three routine traffic stops, they picked up over 200 pounds of methamphetamine and a pound of fentanyl. a pound of fentanyl is lethal to over 170,000 arizonans thausm kept those ruct products out of our high schools, out of our neighborhoods, out of america. of course we want to continue to restore additional funding into
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public safety, we have needs in education and our teachers as ell. >> mr. garcia, 30 seconds. >> this is another example of a broken promise by governor dusey. when he came into office he said it would be 24-7 patrol. you can have a strike force but if you're leaving the highways open four hours a night the bad actors are using our highways to get in. i will make that my priority. i have served and protected and i know that the foundation of serving and protecting is doing our job. i will fund the department of public safety to patrol our highways 24-7. >> where will you take the money from? >> i count five interruptions -- interruptions so far. i believe this is the same pattern we saw last night. >> let's move on to a question from christopher conover. this one to you, mr. garcia. >> pima county recently rejecked a $1.4 million stone garden grant, making it the single
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largest border county that doesn't take federal funding. should they reject that funding? what do you say to the backlash from residents who disagree with the decision and say that's made the county less safe? >> one of the things we need to continue to think about here, and also take into consideration is where are our priorities? from my perspective, the state needs to continue to work with local law enforcement. and honor their decisions and honor their requests. and in this respect, to give you some kinds of perspective, the border strike force is 30 or 40 people that come along every once in a while according to the yuma county sheriff. i will always look to them, look to them for their input, look to them with respect to what they believe we need and do our part as a state. with respect to pima county, i think it's a situation where they made a decision for themselves and as a state we need to work with local authorities so to honor those
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decisions and work together as a team. >> mr. dusey, 30 seconds. >> david is beating up on law enforcement, it's really getting old. the brave men and women in the border strike force put on a uniform every day and put themselves in harm's way. they don't come every now and again. they're focused on the drug cartel the human trafficking, and the child sex trafficking that's happening in our state and the statistics that result -- statistics and results they have are very good. i don't know why pima county would reject additional fund, funding is square in -- scarce in this state. they should accept those dollars and protect the county. >> the next question from steve goldstein this one for you, mr. dusey. >> would you instruct the state department of public safe toy use the federal funding pima county has decided not to use and how would you use it? >> we do have needs of course in public safety. we have needs with our state troopers. so we will make sure our highways and boys are --
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highways an byways are safe. but we want to go where the crime is i leave this to experts, the sheriff the expert men and women in our department of public safety. of course i want to see all 15 counties in arizona protected. i want to see pima county, it's a border county, there are issues that are different and unique because of the traffic that happens from the bad guy, drug cartels aen human trafficking. of course we're going to work in that partnership fashion that we have since i came into office, partnering with our border agents, along with the state troopers, local law enforcement, with a focus on stopping the drug cartels that are coming into our state. >> mr. garcia? >> mr. due -- >> mr. dusey mentioned going where the crime is. the key here is to keep arizona safe. we need -- the department of public safety needs to do their
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part that means we fund them to patrol our highways 24-7. it will be my priority. because it is what our word border county sheriffs are asking the state to accomplish. and as governor, it will be my priority. not at the end of a term with a broken promise but in the beginning. >> time for follow up yes, from joe ferguson of the "arizona daily star," you each have 45 seconds for a response. >> we've been talking about the border sheriffs a little bit. the sheriffs of yuma and santa cruz counties vocalized concerns about the role of the strike force. is the strike force a way of saying the feds and county can't do it and the state needs to step in to help? county, weas in yuma had a wonderful morning together as we went to a place where the border strike force had found a tunnel that had been dug underneath the border where they were delivering drugs into the state of arizona. sheriff wilmott expressed
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appreciation for the partnership he has at the state level. i understand our border sheriffs are independently elected leaders inside our state. it's taken a little while for everyone to accept what we're doing but we have dollars flowing. we have a state that's safer now. and we have a partnership. we don't have turf wars that happened in so many other states across our country. we've got our troopers working with our border sheriffs, working with law enforcement to stop the drug cartels and human trafficking. >> mr. garcia, you have 45 seconds. >> the sheriffs have been critical, they're asking the state to patrol our highways 24-7. and it is that commitment that the governor is failing to fund to keep arizona safe. it was sheriff wilmott who mentioned any given day there's a thousand different law enforcement officials in the county, on the border walking and the border strike force accounts for 30 or 40 people, who come every once in a while. we need to make this clear and
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inch e. -- and simple so those at the border who are doing this hard work, and by the way i find it interesting that a man who never have worn a uniform is plansing in front of those who do. it's as simple as this, do your job. they're asking our job at the state, one i will commit to as governor is 24-7 patrol. >> i've got to address that. >> david i -- >> david i honor your service, ethank you for it. i'm proud of my background as a businessperson. but this election will be decided on the sthombs future. i think it's important that our viewers know that you hire people in your campaign that post on social media f-arizona, they call the united states an s-hole country an post things with other groups that you've been endorsed by that say f-the border patrol and then they go out and protest paul penzone. site -- it seems you have a real issue with law enforcement.
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>> i count -- >> i'll keep track of the interruptions. mr. garcia. >> i am working hard to follow the rules. >> i appreciate that. let's go with a response, 30 seconds sir. >> thank you my response is this. if we're looking that the company we keep, under doug dusey's administration, up to seven people he has hired in his administration as department heads or otherwise state officials have been under investigation for misconduct. seven. those are folks that are looking -- supposed to be looking out for arizonans. that's not a business principle. that's not running the state as a business. with respect to staffer, she's a young staffer who made a mistake and is going to learn from it. your decisions have hurt arizona. >> i was about to thank you gentlemen for allowing us to remain on time, we're about halfway through. you have about one minute to answer each question, i believe we may address some of what you said. back to questions. the next round of questions explores decision to be made and
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challenges related to the state's government and economic cooperate. ferguson. s from joe >> how should the state balance efforts to attract out of state companies with retaining companies that started here. what's the level of investment to be focused on that? >> on attracting outsider companies? >> should i repeat? >> how should the state delans he, -- balance the effort to a tract -- to attract companies from outside. >> the key issue for economic development in arizona is education. the fwnchor talked about people coming from outside arizona, 120-plus a day. i'll be focused on the 70 million people inside arizona.
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the path to economic development to balance out attracting companies from outside of arizona as well as developing talent within arizona is investing in our human capital. it begins with k-12 but it certainly extends to colleges who are excellent drivers for high tech manufacturing jobs, for example. and then investing in our universities as places for research and development and innovation. the path, one of the things we've been missing most from an economic development standpoint is an investment in education. so that the people of arizona can develop, start businesses that build and stay here in arizona and we can have the work force that attracts high wage jobs if to our state. >> i'm proud that dueson is experiencing the fastest job growth that it's had in six years. i think the question was about our economy. so i want to see the people inside the state have more opportunities. i want opportunity for all of our citizens. we've got the third fastest wage growth in the country right now
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in the state of arizona and then i also want to attract opportunities to come here. i'm proud of caterpillar and comcast and amazon and raitt -- and raytheon's expansion in southern arizona. you can have an improving k-12 education system, an economy that's boom, providing jobs for our kids, a governor has to balance different priorities, economy, education, and public safety have been what we're working on in the dusey administration. >> let's move on to the next question. from christopher conover from arizona public media. for you, mr. dusey. >> you often say arizona is open for business. that included a lot of deregulation. what's the definition of open for business? >> great question, chris. arizona is open for business. we had 240,000 new private sector jobs come to the state of arizona in the last three years. we've had 300 companies that have expanded or relocated here. the last time our unemployment rate was this low, people were
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renting the movies at blockbuster. people are leaving places like california. the pain level is too high. the cost of live, the oppressive taxes, regulations. in arizona we simplified and improved our tax code the last three years. we've eliminated 676 regulations. we made it a higher quality of life a better place to live, in the game of states people won't vote with their feet and arizona is winning. we're one of the top five fastest growing states in the cuventry and this is where there's a real differentiation between myself and my opponent. his plan for education is to double income taxes in the state of arizona. all those companies and businesses and investment that we brought here, they'd be going to nevada or texas which has a zero income tax. there's a real choice here. >> mr. garcia? >> dueson is nearly at the bottom of almost all economic indicatorles. they're not growing to the extent the rest of the state. is when you look at these
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numbers, let's put them in perspective. arizona is growing. but so is the rest of the country. nearly every state. compared to our western neighbors, at the end of 2017, arizona job growth rate was behind every single one of our western neighbors with the exception of new mexico. and the number one reason why, lack of investment in k-12 education an the lack of a highly skilled work force. it is what we need to focus on in this state for arizona to prosper moving forward. >> question from steve goldstein for mr. fwar see ya. >> how would you manage the state's surplus tax revenue and if you were to spend it how would you ensure the future availability of a rainy day fund or something similar? >> with additional revenue there's thing go tissue -- that's going to come into our state as we continue to invest in arizona and its people we are going to, a, make sure we built a rainy day fund so it's made available, it's helped arizona in many circumstances of difficult times. and we're going to invest those dollars in public education. it will be my priority.
6:42 pm
it is what our teachers are asking for so they don't have to work two or three jobs anymore. it is what our parents are asking for so we no longer have overcrowded classrooms. it is what we need from an economic development standpoint so we can invest in human capital in arizona. this is particularly important here in dueson where university of arizona has and should continue to be a strong economic driver. and the way you ensure that is to invest our resources back into education, back into the people of arizona so we are developing that work force. >> mr. dusey. >> i don't know if david is intentionally deceiving viewers or not but what he's saying about our economy in the state of arizona is patently untrue. we've updated so people can get the real facts on that our general fund does have a surplus right now. it's because our economy is booming. we've got more job creators coming here and fatter paychecks for our citizens. i want to see those dollars
6:43 pm
going into the classroom, rewarding teachers, providing public safety, adressing child safety but we also have needs like transportation in our state. that's economic back bone of our state. we'll make responsible decisions across the board of how those dollars are invested. >> this next question from joe ferguson this question is for mr. dusey. >> you're fond of saying government at the speed of business. u signed a bill to allow a company to sell without a prescription that ended up paying out millions to residents. you ask uber to remove driving car -- remove self-driving cars after someone is killed. is the speed of business too fast? >> the first thing i want to say is the first responsibility of the government governor is to protect public safety. why we do have regulations is to protect public health and public safety. we lose over 00 arizonans a year
6:44 pm
on our highways due to human error from drivers. i want to open up innovation for this technology of autonomous vehicles to come here and google and waymo and g.m. and toyota have done that. uber did that, what happened in that accident was tragic. uber's rights have been revoked in the state of arizona. but i want to see the 38,000 people that die in avoidable accidents across the united states, i want to see that problem solved. when there's bad actors, when exens misbehave -- misbehave there'll be accountability an there was accountability in that case, not only did the attorney general get involved, refunds were processed, the company is out of business but we want to >> this is another broken promise he said public safety is
6:45 pm
number one yet he puts arizonans at risk. he's setting arizona up for another broken promise. on the one hand he's talking about 2020 and future budget. and infa structure. and public safety. candidate dusey also said he'd lower income taxes down to nearly zero. those two things don't add up. there will be a broken promise there because doug dusey puts himself in position to say what he needs to to be elected and puts himself in position for broken promises for arizona. >> gentlemen, thank you. a format note we're on the homestretch. any ove rajs in time will come out of closing statements. question from christopher conover for mr. garcia. >> we talked about transportation, you both have tonight. many counties, especially in southern arizona are struggling with road repair. would you support an increase in state sales tax on gas, or the gas tax, the state's portion, tomen pay for road reconstruction an may want nance. >> let me start by indicating
6:46 pm
how important roads are for rural arizona particularly. in many towns this road is not only a pathway but it is the lifeline to economic development. highway funds have been stripped from our budget for several years now. i know they're starting to return but there's still much more work to be done for rural arizona. with respect to raising the gas tax, it is an issue, it is a question that's been brought up by several people actually in rural arizona because they're looking for options. they're looking for options because what the state has routinely done is pass along budget cuts that go to cities an towns and counties and they have to make up the difference. we are making it harder on them because they have to backfill those budget cuts. rural arizona has a number of ideas and we're going to listen to them but ultimately what they're saying is they need investment at the state level, we need to stop the tax cuts at the top and start investing in all of arizona.
6:47 pm
>> mr. dusey. >> now that our budget has available dollars, we have been able to reinvest again in roads. like i said, this infrastructure is the backbone of our economy. delivering goods and services. we were able to accelerate $134 million for sr-189 and have additional dollars available. we also stopped the sweep of funds, we're going to be able to work with this washington, d.c. department of transportation in terms of federal things like i-11 in the state of arizona. we're not going to raise gas taxes, especially when electric cars are what's coming next. >> this question from steve goldstein for mr. dusey. >> how would you define a livable wage and how do you help more arizonans reach that level? >> i want to see opportunity for all citizens. i believe there's dignity in all work. my dad was a cop. my mom was a waitress. they raised myself, my brother, and my sister.
6:48 pm
and they did a pretty good job. i want to see people be able to climb the economic ladder. right now we have more jobs available in the state of arizona than we have people that are available to fill them. i want to see an economy that can be innovative and nimble and attract companies here and also entrepreneur -- let entrepreneurs bring their ideas to market. i want to see everyone be able to climb that economic ladder. of course that livable wage will be different for different people in different stages of of life. but what i want to see the opportunity for people to earn, to have a job, the good habits and good decisions that come from having that job that can be turned into a fulfilling career. that's what we're doing by restoring our k-12 education funding so people have skills when they graduate and can go out and pursue happiness in the marketplace. >> mr. garcia, 30 seconds. >> i believe a livable wage in my opinion is after a full week's work, 40 hours, you have the money necessary to raise a family. this is particularly important
6:49 pm
to our teachers. because i want to make sure that our teachers are treated as professionals so they're not working two or three jobs. and our stan daffered if we want to keep the best and brightest in arizona classrooms, is to ensure that teachers don't have to do that. that they can stay in the classroom, work one job, and continue to raise a family. >> now for a followup question for from steve goldstein, and you'll each have 45 seconds to respond. >> where do higher education and economic development intersect? the legislature has cut university funding a great deal. we've heard about the state university of arizona being innovative state university bus where is state support coming from? >> higher education an economic development intersect because it is the human capital associated with our universities and human capital associated with our grang watts that attracts companies to arizona who have high tech job. r universities in particular
6:50 pm
need to be places of innovation. our community colleges which were zeroed out are the key economic driver. it's where most students again their higher education journey and to keep costs affordable and focus on a highly skilled work force, we need to invest in community colleges as well. community colleges are -- can develop a strata of high wage jobs in manufacture, robotics, health sciences that can help drive our economy. it is through higher education they're able to attract tall don't arizona. >> mr. dusey? >> as a proud entrepreneurial fell he from eller school of management i think our universities are critical. i'm proud i served on the board of regents -- regents that brought bobby robins to the u. of a. i applaud him on a great start at university of arizona. we also have michael croat arizona state university. we see our universities have
6:51 pm
been recognized as the most innovate i universities in the nation four years in a row. beating out places like m.i.t. and stanford. i was also happy that we were able to advance a $1 billion bond for our universities so that these fine presidents don't have to play mother may i into the future so they have the adjustments to bring in technology and innovation they need in the 21st century economy. >> we have about 15 minutes remaining. our final group of quace dresses an assortment of issues and challenges facing arizona. the first question goes to mr. garcia, this from christopher conever. >> this question is for both of you, mr. garcia, you get to answer first. water is a disappearing commodity. we live in the desert. years ago, tucson paid residents to get rid of their lawns, saving millions of gallons. would you support a state law requiring the same for the rest of the state including phoenix and maricopa county?
6:52 pm
>> if i could think of an issue that keeps me up at night it's water. because water is the life blood of arizona. and it's one we cannot play politics with water. this is another example of my opponent and a broken promise. water has always been an issue in arizona and it will continue to be. yet my opponent has politicized this issue by failing to bring all parties to the table in the beginning of his administration. he's going to say that it's starting to happen now but it's another half measure. arizona has been a leader in water. and i will continue to lead going forward. one of the first things we'll focus on is bringing all parties together and working on addressing arizona's drought contingency play, working on conservation measures and building the kind of trust and transparency arizona leadership has shown in the past instead of politicizing this issue. of that, we will listen to local -- to everyone involved in local constituencies to make that
6:53 pm
decision. >> mr. dusey, 30 seconds for response? >> arizona is among the best in the world at a waiter. second possibly only to israel. we stand on the shoulder of giants, people like carl haden and john rhodes. part of the reason i asked senator john ky -- senator jon kyl to replace the irreplaceable john mccain, because he's a water expert new back in the united states senate. there are things we need to do to address today's water needs from a reform perspective and generational perspective. we'll have reforms done in the next session. i talked to senator kyl about it today. >> the next question from steve goldstein for mr. garcia. >> why isn't arizona a leader as many people think it should be as far as solar energy is concerned? how important is solar and how important is it to arizona? >> let me start about talking about another broken promise on
6:54 pm
behalf of my opponent. this was a major issue. water was a major issue when he walked in the door. it's a common theme of a broken promise and half measure on behalf of my opponent. with respect to solar energy, arizona should be a leader in solar energy. we should be a solar superpower. from my perspective we're going to focus on solar energy and renewable energy sources because beyond water we also need to look at the sustainability and long-term aspects of our economy and of our energy structure. it has not come about because we have particularly energy companies locally who are not investing as much as they used to in everyday arizonans. for that to happen, we need leadership that's going to make it a priority that we become a solar superpower, focus on solar energy. this is one we need to leave behind an arizona that's better than the one we found on behalf of our generation. and for kids like my daughter. >> my policy on energy is all of
6:55 pm
the above. i want to see solar, i want to see wind, i want to see innovation an technologies come to arizona. but my first concern is for the arizonans that are on a fixed income. the arizonans that are vulnerable and living pake to paycheck. my opponent supports an initiative that would raise the cost of energy in our state $1,000 per family and take a tremendous amount of money out of our public k-12 education system. so i want affordable and accessible energy and i want to clean energy. >> thank you. our next question is from joe ferguson for mr. garcia. >> mr. garcia, the nuclear plant is clean energy, would you agree it should be counted as a clean form of energy? >> i've heard both sides that it should or should not be included as clean energy. the key here is renewable energy that we're focusing on so we can have an energy source that continues to renew itself,
6:56 pm
continues to contribute. my focus is going to be on solar. it's low-hanging fruit in arizona. and it's low-hanging fruit in arizona because we have so many solar resources. let's start there. let's work on solar energy. i am in favor of proposition 127 because we need to do more in energy. one of the things you get with doug dusey is a lack of imagination. telling us over and over again what we can't do, instead of foe us -- focusing on what we can. we can do more solar energy. we need to do more on solar energy. yet the governor, mr. dusey, continues to talk about what we cannot do. my focus will be on what we can. >> mr. dusey, response? >> i believe nuclear energy is clean energy. when david ghar see ya asks you to imagine what's possible what you should imagine is a $1,000 tax increase because that's what would happen if proposition 127 were to pass at the ballot pox. -- ballot box. it's not only for each family in
6:57 pm
the state of arizona, mamming what it would do to our schools in terms of taking dollars that could be going to teach orse classrooms. i'm trying to bring a commonsense approach that allows our state to grow, allows res to come here, improves environment and water and air and our environment but we can do it in a way with it's not mandated at the ballot box. >> this next question is from christopher conover. >> mr. dusey, the navajo yen rating station in northern arizona is no longer for sale and is set to be converted to natural gas. that will cost jobs on the navajo and hopi reservations. what can be done by the state to help members of those tribes who rely on this generating station and the related coal mines for jobs and how would you pay for that state help? >> first into say we know about the economy here in southern arizona, we know what's happening in mare coe a pa county an phoenix. but we do need to focus on rural
6:58 pm
areas and tribal lands. we have the arizona assets map available and we also have opportunity zones, something with federal tax reform that's available in the state. so i want to focus on these issues. e seeing some successes in see county and i want to those same opportunities happening in our rural and tribal areas. i'm working with our arizona commerce authority so we can build on the successes that we have in the state of arizona, we can have a tax code and regulatory environment that not only brings businesses to the state of arizona in these places but also allows people in those polices to create their own company, to build their own businesses and have that type of environment. >> mr. garcia, 30 seconds. >> this is another example of doug dusey being a follower. solar energy has been an opportunity for arizona for a very long time. only after the voters of arizona, the citizens of
6:59 pm
arizona, put an initiative on the ballot is he coming out and saying something about it. in addition we continue to hear the same gloom and doom rhetoric from mr. dusey. we he said the minimum wage increase would crush arizona's economy and that's not what happened. with respect to the navajo nation i believe we should focus on the transition to solar. >> gentlemen, we have just a few minutes remain, our final followup question now from christopher conover. >> school safety was a priority for many voters this year. the legislature failed to pass a school safety plan this year. if you are governor next year, what will you do to get a plan flu? what will that plan look like? and will it include firearms in the classrooms held by teachers? >> school safety is a priority for me. we were able to get some of it passed. i want to tell you how i did it. i was in washington, d.c. at the governors only meeting. rick scott was in theafter math
7:00 pm
of parkland. i thought why do governors always be reactive on this? let's be proactive in the state of arizona. so we put together a plan that when it comes to life could stop, prevent, or avoid every mass shooting that's happened since columbine. it includes school resource officers. which are cops on campus. this is a real difference between david and i, he would remove school resource officers. his plan is kids should run for cover. i want to make sure our schools are safe and there's law enforce. available. if there's a shooting, the first person you're going to call is the police department why remove them from campus if you can have them there? > this is another failure on he started talking about gun safety and school safety after march of our lives. thanks to our young people. he is following this issue, because it is going to hurt him
7:01 pm
politically and yet to meet with the march for our lives for solutions. you want to find out, you need to talk to the students. i'm against more weapons on campus. we need more eyes and ears, more opportunity for our counge people. we have one of the highest students to guidance counselor ratio in the country. they serve over 900 students. we need to begin there and not follow this issue with another broken promise. >> that is all the time we have for questions. each of you will have one minute for a closing statement. we go to you, mr. garcia. >> thank you for the opportunity to be here tonight. i'm david garcia and i'm running to invest in our schools. i'm running to sfamp out corruption at the state level and to make sure we build a state that works for all of arizona. what we need more than anything is opportunity and that opportunity comes through public
7:02 pm
education. i will invest in public education. we will not have a government more committed to public education than me. that is the pathway to the american dream. we need integrity. we need a governor that arizona can trust, not one that is going to resort to a website at the end of four years to make his case. we need a governor who is ready to look out for the people of arizona, what it needs to struggle and stands with our teachers and working families. i will be that governor and i would be honored to have your vote. >> and now mr. ducey, your closing statement. >> my campaign was endorsed four years ago and we navigated through tough times together. we balanced that budget and put dollars. 20% increase for our teachers
7:03 pm
and focused on public safety. i want to secure arizona's future economically with our budget inside our schools and at the border. i think you can see a dramatic difference between someone who wants to build on the momentum that is happening today in the state of arizona and my opponent that would go in the wrong direction and make arizona a carbon copy of california. i'm asking for your vote tonight. i would love to be able to do his job for more years go to dougducey and fact, go to fact to fact check. >> that concludes the your vote 2018 governor debate. i thank our panelists. steve gold steen of our sister
7:04 pm
station in phoenix and joe ferguson of "arizona golden star. thank you for honoring the format. i do appreciate it very much. you are welcome to visit our website if you would like to watch tonight's debate and our radio website. arizona public media is continuing to honor debate forums in the weeks leading up to november. thanks fortuning in online. election day is on tuesday, november 6. for all of us at arizona public media. thank you and have a good night. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2018] captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit
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