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tv   White House Briefing  CSPAN  October 3, 2018 1:10pm-1:48pm EDT

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lawmakers evaluate pros and cons and a formalized way and sort of say, yes, we are going to renew our vows and stick with the agreements. host: we invite viewers to call in. we are talking with a fellow from the roosevelt institute. we will go through some more aspects of this u.s. -- of this usmca. why was dairy such a major part of this deal? guest: that was one of the few things that did change a bit with the agreement. it has been a long-standing demand of dairy farmers across the united states to have more access to canada's market. canada has a supply management system which is some a governmental, and there was concern about it taking a certain dairy products from the united states. you have dairy farmers in every state of the union practically, and you have democrats like
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chuck schumer and others praising aspect of the deal that were going to expand a little bit the market axis of u.s. dairy producers to canada. so that was one of the very last things that was agreed on, sort of in the late hours of sunday night. did you see everybody. ms. you. good afternoon. in keeping with his campaign pledge, the president continues to note -- donate his salary on a quarterly basis to further important priorities. president trump is proud to donate his second-quarter salary to the small business administrator. administrator linda mcmahon is here to accept a check. i would like to bring her up to say a few words about how the funds will be used. >> thank you very much. this is awesome. i would like to think the president for his generosity and for his support of small business administration. he clearly understands the value of small businesses. approximately 30
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million of them in this country, and i am very happy to be there advocate. this money is going to be used in our veterans program. we are going to establish a seven-month intensive training program called merging leaders, an adaptation of the program for our veterans, helping them transition from military life into private sector if they desire to start their own jobs and their own companies and the entrepreneurs. once again, we thank the president very much for this, and it will be put to very good use. thank you very much. you,anders: thank administrator mcmahon. i would like to bring up the national security adviser ambassador, john bolton, to discuss the withdraw from the optional protocol on dispute resolution to the vienna convention of diplomatic relations. bolton: two wife. -- thank you.
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mike pompeo made an important announcement regarding the president's decision on the treaty of amity with iran, a treaty iran make a mockery of with its support for terrorism, missile proliferation, and behavior throughout the middle east. today's decision by the international court of justice was a defeat for iran and correctly rejected nearly all of iran's requests, but we are disappointed that the icj failed to recognize that has no jurisdiction to issue any order with respect to sections united states imposes to protect its own is a joke security under the treaty -- its own essential security under the treaty. the court allowed a run to use it as a form for propaganda. the iranian regime has systematically assumed hostility towards the united states that defames the central premise of the treaty of amity. the regime cannot practice animosity and its conduct and
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then ask for amity under international law. in addition to the treaty of amity, i am announcing that the president has decided that the united states will withdraw on the optional protocol and dispute resolution to the vienna convention on diplomatic relations. this is in connection with a case brought by the so-called state of pakistan naming the united states as a defendant, challenging our move of our embassy from television -- tel aviv to jerusalem. i would like to stress the u.s. remains a party to the underlying vienna convention on diplomatic relations, and we expect all other parties to abide by their international obligations under the convention. are consistentay with the decisions president reagan made in the 1980's in the suits tohe politicized the united states by necker agra to terminate our acceptance of the optional compulsory jurisdiction of the international court of justice under article 36.2 of the icj
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statute and his decision to withdraw from a bilateral treaty with nicaragua. it is consistent with the decision president bush made in 2005 to withdraw from the optional protocol to the vienna convention on consular relations j'slowing the ic interference in our domestic criminal justice system. our actions today deal with the treaties and print litigation involving the united states and before the international court of justice. given this history and iran's abuse of the icj, we will commence a review of all international agreements that may still expose the united states to dispute resolution and the international court of justice. the united states will not sit idly by a faceless politicized claims are brought against us. that concludes my statement. i would be happy to try to answer a few questions. to buy, ambassador.
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in response to the actions you just announced, iran's foreign andster called the u.s. outlaw regime. i want your reaction. and i wanted to ask you about north korea with the announcement that the secretary of state will be traveling to pyongyang. do you trust kim jong-un? do you personally trust kim jong-un? olton: two questions outside the scope of these two treaties, i am going to pass on those. i want to emphasize the steps the president authorized in connection with the two treaties hear it in iran is a rogue regime and has been a threat throughout the middle east, not only for its nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs, but it has acted for decades as the central bank or of international terrorism and its hostile and aggressive military the hager and the region today is a breach of international peace and security. i do not take what they say
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seriously at all. there any practical effects -- [inaudible] amb. bolton: look, our dispute is with the ayatollahs who have taken iran from a respected position in the international community to being a rogue state. our dispute has never been with the people of iran. wheelie wish they had the ability to control their own government. -- we only wish they had the ability to control their own government. treaties,g those two whattrying to figure out sort of open pass is still have
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with iran and the palestinians? less to do: this has with iran and the palestinians than with the continued consistent policy of the united states to reject the jurisdiction of the international court of justice, which we think is politicized, ineffective, and relates to our views on the international criminal just -- criminal court and the nature of so-called purported international courts to be able to bind the united states. >> it is also closing doors in the end. amb. bolton: closing doors that should not be opened to politicized abuse, which is what we have consistently seen in the icj. >> thank you, mr. ambassador. as you know, yesterday the french government denounced the iranian government for a terror plot in paris. national council of the iranian resistance, leading group opposing the ayatollahs. are you aware of that, and was
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that a factor in any of the decisions you made with from these two protocols? amb. bolton: no, these decisions were made for we were aware of the french decision. but i have to say, what the french have done is exact way the right thing. they arrested and other european governments arrested a credited -- arrested accredited iranian diplomats for conspiracy to conduct this attempted assault on the rally in paris. i think,s you, everything you need to know about how the government of iran uses its responsibilities in connection with diplomatic relations, and i hope it is a wake-up call across europe to the nature of the regime and the threat that they pose. >> are these acts and ramping up tension between the u.s. and when will intelligence come to assistance with nuclear
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weapons, etc.? amb. bolton: i will not get into what our intelligence states, but the issue is protecting the united states against the politicized use of these international institutions such that this goes back now close to over 30 years really, in connection with u.s. policy of rejecting jurisdiction of these courts. and it is a continuation in the interest of the american people. any attempt to try to come together -- [inaudible] amb. bolton: they are bringing a icjuit against us in the has nothing to do with the diplomatic effort to resolve our differences. it was a politicized use of the core that exacerbated the differences. driven by regime change -- amb. bolton: i will say it again, maybe he will listen this time, our policy is not regime
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change, but we do expect substantial change in their behavior. that is why the president has directed all of us in the government to come up with steps to reimpose the economic sanctions and to do whatever else is necessary to ensure we bring maximum pressure on the regime to stop its malign behavior across the board, not just in the nuclear field. partners,and other does it make the u.s. ever to try to force iran to abandon her try to dismantle the nuclear program any weaker? how much leverage do you have? amb. bolton: i do not think iran is dismantling the program. recent reports indicate it is increasing activity. >> what about not having eu or partner support? amb. bolton: we are going to apply the maximum amount of effort we can. we are working with the british,
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french, germans, and others, and they have chose to remain in the iran nuclear deal. as i have said to them, it is like a book that was written several decades ago. is calleduntry, it something like "the six stages of grief," and you first have denial and eventually get to acceptance. i think that is the direction europeans are moving to european companies in droves are for squaring business opportunities and iran because they do not want to because up in the pressure campaign that we are applying. addressedmaster just -- addressedsaid palestine and said it is a so-called state. amb. bolton: accurate. it is not a state. >> the president recommitted his goal to achieving a two-state solution. amb. bolton: that is right. >> is using that sort of
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language productive in his goal? amb. bolton: sure, of course. it is not a state now. it does not control the boundaries and does not fulfill the normal functions of government. a host of reasons why it is not a state. it could become a state, as the president said, but that requires diplomatic negotiations with israel and others. so calling it the so-called state of palestine defines exactly what it has been, a position that the u.s. government has pursued uniformly since 1988 when the palestinian authority declared itself to be the state of palestine. we do not recognize it as the state of palestine. we have consistently, cross democratic and republican administrations, opposed the admission of palestine to the united nations as a state because it is not a state. is saying it does not take at face value netanyahu's claim that iran is
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harboring a secret atomic warehouse. do you agree with the israeli prime minister that this -- that there should be an inspection, and what is your reaction? amb. bolton: i have not seen the comments, but i will say that our intelligence community has been reviewing the material that iran, andracted from going over it in quite some detail. it is extremely impressive, and we have been very supportive of the israeli effort and supported -- supportive of the iaea taking new steps to follow up on it. this image is confront a few days ago, an ambassador will be taking up her new position as u.s. ambassador to you and agencies in vienna, specifically the international atomic energy agency, and she will be on the job shortly making our case there. >> the president came out in
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support of a two-state solution at the u.n. last week. prime minister netanyahu responded he was confident israel would retain security control of the west bank. is that correct? are you open to a palestinian state with a president from israel inside their borders? amb. bolton: we have been working on a peace plan involving israel and the palestinians. we will be rolling it out in due course, when we decide is the most appropriate time to do it. i am sure that will answer your question then. i actually did try and recognize this gentleman. i guess i do not point accurately enough. >> t white. -- thank you. john kerry said he has not met with the iranians since the u.s. pulled out of the deal, that he met with them on several occasions before. amb. bolton: that was addressed
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previously by secretary pompeo, and i will stick with his remarks. thank you very much. ms. sanders: thank you, ambassador bolton. couple quick reminder spirit fema with the federal communications commission will conduct a nationwide integrated public alert and warning system test of the emergency alert system and the wireless emergency alert later today. this will take place in two parts. the wea portion at 2:18 pm eastern, followed by eas portion at 2:20 p.m. eastern. this is the first nationwide wea test. assess the test will operational readiness of the infrastructure for distribution of a national message and determine whether technique logical improvements are needed improvementscal are needed. monday, president trump will travel to orlando, florida, to address international association of chiefs of police, and the president was big about the work of the administration
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to protect american communities by disk -- restoring law and order, supporting local law enforcement, and securing the border. last, the night president trump nominated judge kavanaugh, senator schumer declared the democrats would oppose this nomination with everything they had to before a single document was produced, a single meeting or hearing was scheduled, chuck schumer and senate democrats telegraphed a strategy to throw the kitchen sink at the judge with no regrets for the process, decency, or standards. they are now a put its a dish there literally trying to undercut the voice of the american people when they elected donald trump. of his legitimacy and casually tossing around vicious accusations of perjury, all false and baseless, but now they have sunk lower as they sprang this 11th hour accusation and a full-scale assault on judge kavanaugh's integrity. smears a coordinated campaign. no evidence, no independent corroboration, just smears.
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chuck schumer said there is no presumption of innocence or guilt. chris coons said kavanaugh now of disprovingen these allegations, rather than dr. ford and miss ramirez. another person who sits on the committee said judge kavanaugh does not deserve the presumption.of innocence because of his judicial views one thing is clear, democrats want to block kavanaugh and hold the seat open until the 2020 election. this is about politics and power, or in simple. they destroy judge kavanaugh's reputation, undermined dr. ford's privacy, and tried to up and our provisions. it is a complete and total disgrace. theill receive and supplant fbi investigation on his nomination to the senate. as leader mcconnell said, judge kavanaugh deserves a prompt vote, and we expect him to get one. i will take your questions. >> the three people most
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thertant in this process, senators, this money, two of those senators, flake and collins, were extremely upset with how the president described christine blasey ford at that rally in mississippi. knowing how sensitive this issue is and how important it would be if the fbi investigation shows no compelling evidence to keep judge kavanaugh from the court, people need to be covered up with voting for him. why did the president say what he did last night in the way he said it? ms. sanders: the president was stating the facts, frankly, facts included an rachel mitchell's report. he was stating facts given during dr. ford's testimony. the senate has to make a decision based on this fact and whether or not they the judge kavanaugh to be qualified to hold a position on the supreme court. every single word judge kavanaugh has said has been picked apart, every single word, second by second of his
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testimony picked apart. but if anybody says anything about the accusations that have been thrown against them some a is totally off-limits and outrageous. this entire process has been a disgrace, and the only reason it has been that way is because senate democrats did not do this the way it should of been done, and they circumvented the entire system. they have undermined our entire judicial branch by the way they have acted. >> pointing out and in testimony is one thing, but the tone in which the president did it last night clearly has an effect on two key swing votes for his nomination. is the president concerned that he may have to dispose in danger by doing what he did last night? ms. sanders: the president is and his nominee, as he has stated time and time again, and we expect the senate to vote and hope they do that soon. >> is the white house had any response to the reports of ricin since two officials?
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[inaudible] amb. bolton: the president has --ms. sanders: the president has been made aware. u.s. secret service will respond to those. >> any information on the president meeting with rod rosenstein? ms. sanders: we do not have any updates. if there is a meeting, we will let you know. at this point, they both show up every day and do their job. >> on kavanaugh, you talked about democrats undermining -- [inaudible] ms. sanders: not at all. we're pointing out the hypocrisy . none of this would be taking place if democrats had done this in a normal order and not exploited dr. ford and attacked
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judge kavanaugh in such a public manner. all of this could have been handled completely differently, and as soon as democrats -- and democrats hold all the responsibility for the process. >> the president engaged in outright tax fraud throughout , basically getting more money from his parents than they said, was in a story yesterday. can you explain what was inaccurate about that story and if anything is accurate about it? ms. sanders: that is a totally false attack based on an old recycled news story. i am not going to go through every line of a boring 14,000 word story. one thing the article got right was it showed that the president's father actually had a great deal of confidence in him. the president rocked his father into a lot of deals, and they made a lot of money together, so much so that his father went on to say that everything he touched turned to gold. the president's lawyer adjust some of the specific claims and
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walked through how the allegations of fraud and tax evasion are 100% false and highly defamatory. there was no fraud or tax evasion by anyone. he went much further, and i encourage you to read every word of his statement which completely undercuts the accusations made by the new york times. >> is the president's texas still under audit? ms. sanders: i know that a number of his taxes are still under audit. >> [inaudible] it was aon journal couple of days ago that the president called christine blasey ford a very credible witness. very credible, very compelling. now he is basically making her out to be a liar, so which is it? by sanders: the testimony dr. ford was compelling, but you cannot make this decision based on emotion. it has to be based on fact. they have to determine what the facts are of this case. that is one of the reasons they
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asked and begged for the fbi and delayed a hearing vote, so they could get more facts on this case. weeks back the fbi to turn us faqs over to the senate, and they can make a determination based on that. that is all we are asking for. >> you said he was stating a fact that that campaign rally, but it is so much more. it was a full scale campaign rally, and the woman says she is a victim of sexual assault. what do you get out of that? is that to help kavanaugh's nomination? is this to rally the base? will this help in the midterm? what is the point? ms. sanders: i dispute that it was not anything other than the president stating facts, facts that were laid out in the prosecutor's memo that she put forward to the senate. each of the things he called out with things laid out in that memo. >> there are conflicting feelings on capitol hill right now over whether the fbi investigation into judge kavanaugh should be made public or not.
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does the white house commit to transparency on the effort, and will the american people see the full reign of the investigation? ms. sanders: look, we have been very open and transparent to the process. the president is the one that ordered the fbi investigation to take place and has allowed the senate to actually control and dictate the terms and scope of the investigation. we're continuing to do that and allowing the fbi to actually do what they do best, and that is their job, to do this investigation. >> a question on declassification. that heident has said would refer the declassification process to the doj inspector
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general, but he wants to see that happen quickly. what does quickly mean? will we see these documents before the midterm elections? ms. sanders:
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he presided over rallies were people say lock her up, talking about hillary clinton. is there a disconnect between when the president is interested in the process for some but not for others? ms. sanders: the president encourage the senate to hear dr. same judgeony in the kavanaugh. he is stating the fact that we are a country of law and order, country that still believes you are innocent until proven guilty. we want to see that process go through in its entirety, and it should be a fair playing field. does he feel that now? that is a real question. this president has taken this moment to say that he is
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affected personally by all of these allegations, and he is picking and choosing. has made bill clinton guilty. has he decided to change his mind on the central park five? ms. sanders: interesting that you bring up bill clinton. nobody wants to hear those accusers' voices be heard, but you are certainly glad to hear the others. i have addressed this. i do not have anything else to add. >> several times in the last week, the president has tried to reassure voters that he will protect people with pre-existing conditions from losing their health insurance. is that a sign he is worried republicans are leaving the argument on health care? ms. sanders: i think it is pretty simple, the president said he supports the provisions and wants to make sure it is not something that gets lost. this, it was pretty obvious that the president was
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mocking christine blasey ford last night. , isaid, how did you get home don't remember. how did you get there, i don't remember. where is this place, i don't remember. he seemed to become a sort of to the delight of the crowd there in mississippi, mocking her repeatedly. there something wrong with the president of the united states mocking somebody who says she was sexually assaulted? ms. sanders: it seemed to me that he was stating facts a outor ford herself laid and testimony. everywhere the judge kavanaugh has been set has been looked at, examined, picked apart appeared but no one is looking at whether or not the accusations made are corroborated, whether or not there is evidence to support that. every person she named has come out and said it did not recall it or it did not happen or they were not there. every bit of evidence we have seen in this moment have supported judge kavanaugh's case. the president simply pointed out the fact of the matter, and that is with the senate will have to use to determine whether or not
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a vote to support him or not. >> are using judge kavanaugh is the victim in all this? ms. sanders: i think dr. ford and judge kavanaugh both victims at the hands of the democrats. it is disgraceful what they have done, exploiting dr. ford, exploiting all of the women who have come out to make any type of accusation. this is not the process that should have been done, and certainly that -- everybody deserves to be heard, and that includes kavanaugh. the facts have to be looked at, and you have to look at the prosecutor's memo. that is where you will see all of the facts laid out. a very compelling case. i do not have any problem stating facts. that is something you probably do have a problem with. i don't. >> actually, we do state the facts. i think there have been many occasions you do not state the facts. >> on friday, the president, when asked about dr. ford's
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testimony before the senate, said she was a very credible witness. we saw a different tone in those remarks last night to that campaign rally audience in mississippi. why the change in tone? and does the president still believe what he said on friday, that she was a very credible witness? ms. sanders: i have addressed this a number of times. the president also said she had a very compelling story. nobody disagrees. nobody disagrees with that. the president is simply stating the facts that she laid out in her own testimony and that the prosecutor laid out in her memo. at the end of the day, the senate has to make a decision on where to stand. >> so the president still believes that dr. ford's testimony was credible when she testified under oath? ms. sanders: the president believes that judge kavanaugh should be confirmed. he has a lot of confidence and him and would like to see a vote. linking the credibility of a
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claim with how much time has passed, president trump has also called the sex abuse scandal in the catholic church very sad, but many of those victims waited decades before, forward. why does the president seemed to assume men who are claiming to comet wait ot c -- forward are telling the truth but not women? ms. sanders: that is completely untrue. the president has supported throughout the entire process dr. ford's ability to come forward and tell her story. he ordered the fbi to do further supplemental background check to look into each of the accusations and allegations that the senate deems necessary before making a vote. he has been more than happy to give a platform to the accusers that have come out against then-president bill clinton. sided withas never
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women is ridiculous. >> he has implied that they are coming out of the woodwork. even though he called for an investigation -- ms. sanders: judge kavanaugh has been a public service and in the years,eye for over 26 through six background investigations, now part of the seventh. this is the first time hearing of any of these allegations. through all of those background checks, not even an inkling of any of those things have come up despite the fact he was one of the top prosecutors for ken starr and in major public positions, none of these things came up when he was nominated to be on the federal bench. he has been a public figure, and there has been a lot of opportunity for people to raise this issue, and they never have. and now at the 11th hour, the democrats have exploited this process and done so publicly, and it is a shame. he is simply calling that out. thanks so much, guys. >> -- to victims of sexual assault?
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