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  President Trump Campaign Rally in Rochester MN  CSPAN  October 4, 2018 7:32pm-8:35pm EDT

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to when the rain set in and i would have liked to have known you, but i was just a kid your candle burned out long before your legend ever did ♪ your candle burned out long before your legend ever did ♪ [laughter] -- [applause] >> [crowd chanting] trump! theadies and gentlemen,
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president of the united states, donald j. trump. up next i gladly stand , cousin there ain't no doubt i love this land, god bless the usa ♪ ♪ from the lakes of minnesota to , theills of tennessee plains of texas, from sea to shining sea from detroit down to houston and new york to l.a. there is pride in every american
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heart american to be an where at least i know i'm free and i want forget the men who to meho gave that right and i gladly stand up next to you and defend her till the day doubt i love this land, god bless the usa ♪
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[applause] >> [crowd chanting] usa! usa! [applause]
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president trump: so this is supposed to be a democrat state. i don't think so. i don't think so. i don't think so. they have a very big surprise coming, don't you think? [applause] president trump: hello, minnesota. great state. thank you. i am thrilled to be back in the where thousands of hard-working and truly great americans, patriots. you know that. years ofhan two
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republican leadership, america has achieved the biggest comeback in our history. true. jobs are booming. and the numberg, of americans working right now an all-timeached high in our history. we are defending our great second amendment. taking care of our wonderful veterans, who we love and respect. and our military will soon be more powerful than ever before, by far. but the radical democrats want
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to take it all away. destroy our prosperity. we have had great prosperity. you see what is happening. you don't want your 401(k)s being cut in half and if you vote democrat, that is what is going to happen. our gains andrase plunge our country into a nightmare of gridlock, poverty, chaos, and frankly, crime because that is what comes with it. so we are just five weeks away from one of the most important congressional elections in our lifetime. you see what is happening in washington right now, so you know how important it is. you see what is going on. >> [crowd chanting] drain the
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swamp! drain the swamp! drain the swamp! president trump: by the way, look back there. look at all that media. look at all that media. booing]d president trump: if we could ever get them on our side, we would win for a thousand years. for a thousand years. >> [applause] on tuesday,ump: november 6, i need your vote. i need your support to stop radical democrats and to elect proud minnesota republicans, and
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we have some great ones right now up for election. this week i announced another historic victory for our nation. we are replacing the job killing disaster known as nafta. with a brand-new u.s.-mexico-canada trade agreement. mca. called the u.s. that works, right? i didn't want to use nafta. that has been a disaster for our country. plants and factories moving out, millions and millions of jobs lost, one of the worst trade deals ever. iknow one that is worse but won't tell you because we will be doing something with that, too. but nafta has been one of the
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great disasters of all time, and now we have a great and fair deal. we have a fair deal and that is what we want. workers, really great for our farmers. it is about time. we are opening it up. the barriers are coming down. this is tremendous for minnesota . this is tremendous for minnesota, and you have waited for a long time. by the way, you have plenty coming. you know what is going on with china. they want to make a deal. they want to make a deal. i say they are not ready yet. they want to make a deal. i told them, you want to make a deal but you are not ready yet so we will talk later. we have secured landmark the medicalfor innovations being produced right here in your great state. you have great medical in your state. removed unfair trade
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barriers for our proud minnesota farmers and our dairy producers like has never, ever been done before in our country. america is winning again, and america is being respected again all of the world, right now, and we are going to keep it that way forever. it is called america first. >> [crowd chanting] usa! usa! usa! president trump: you even have people sitting behind the flag.
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that is ok. great people. you got thousands of people outside, and you have thousands of people who i just room but i said next time, you have to get your a couple days earlier. reason to vote democrat is if you are tired of winning. that is really it. because you are winning. you are winning a lot. there has never been an that, in already less than two years, but can you believe we all did this together? we are coming up on two years. can you believe that? there has never been an has done soon that
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much in so little time. two years, no administration has come close. none has come close. and we have got a lot coming. ,f democrats take over congress the stock market will plummet. it will plummet. a reason forre is it. every day, we hit new highs, new highs. we had 103 new highs. think of it. that means jobs. to a lot of people, it means great 401(k)s. meansot of people, it jobs. it's jobs. your 401(k)s will become us -- devastated if democrats take control. will grindal system to a really messy halt, and you see what is going on in congress right now with one of the most respected people potentially, hopefully supreme court justice brett kavanaugh.
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[applause] >> [crowd chanting] we want kavanaugh! president trump: what they are putting him through, and his family, democrats want to raise your taxes. they want to restore job killing .egulations there is no administration ever who has cut that many regulations. we have regulations. we want clean water, crystal-clear air. we want beautiful environment. but you don't have to have regulation that makes it impossible for our country to compete with other countries. that is what we are doing.
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cripplecrats want to law enforcement. they want to get rid of ice. how about i see echoes -- how about ice? they are tough and they love our country but you need tough ones. they are tough. they love our country. they get rid of ms 13 and these gangs. you wouldn't believe it. they throw them the hell out or they bring them to jail. the democrats embrace socialism. not going to be venezuela. you see what is happening. and open up our borders to deadly drugs and violent gangs. i have said it, and i will say it as many times as you want to hear it, and it is because of their policy. the democrats are truly the party of crime, because that is
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what happens, open borders, that is what happens. and the democrats are willing to toanything to hurt anyone get the power they so desperately crave. do, you know is how to know what the words are, they want to resist, they want to obstruct, they want to delay, demolish, they want to destroy. that is what happens. that is what happens. and just take a look at what is going on. democrats have been trying to destroy judge brett kavanaugh. since the very first second he and he wased, announced for one simple reason. incredible intellect, an incredible person, an incredible talent.
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judge,been an incredible because they know that judge , uphold, will protect and defend the constitution of the united states as written. but all you have to do is look at the polls over the last three or four days. their rage-fueled resistance is starting to back fire at a level that nobody has ever seen before. nobody has ever seen this. 11, up 10, up 14, nobody has ever seen this before. do we love it? we love it. see what isle happening and they don't like it. the people of minnesota, and the
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people of america, are going to the democrat politics of anger and destruction, and they are going to vote to keep making america great again, greater than ever before. >> [applause] and in tworump: years, they are going to vote to keep america great, right? keep america great. we are almost at that point already. i love make america great again of but i can't use it in two years. they will say, what have you been doing? what have you been doing? i tell you, it has been a while. and theyad fun, right?
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don't even correct me when i say it, they don't even correct me. fake news media. this., look at as an example, thousands of door, in a room next thousands and thousands of people outside trying to get in, this big stadium is packed, always. in all fairness to minnesota, ,nd in las vegas and missouri thank you. i love you too, but you are not my type. but -- hey, missouri. they had 44,000 people outside of a big arena. 44,000 people. las vegas, we went to, west virginia was incredible. west virginia, tennessee, tennessee. you see how far tennessee went up over the last couple days.
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it is incredible. missouri, wow, have we done great. we are thrilled to be joined by a number of your terrific republican leaders, and i just want to introduce somebody that has been such an incredible help getting your tax i mean, not so bad. how about this? how about this? want to raise your taxes. we want to lower your taxes. we want -- we don't want crime. they want open borders. how did we not win this in a landslide every time? for crime and high taxes. we are for low taxes and no crime. i don't know. somehow, i don't think i would have been a very good politician
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on the other side of this equation. but a man who has been helping me a lot, he is a tremendous force in washington, he is respected by everybody, congressman tom emmer. >> [applause] president trump: minnesota house speaker kirk dowd. thanks, kirk. your states next attorney general, doug wardklow. your next governor, i hear he is doing very well, jeff johnson. we are also joined by the next
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united states senator from karin.ta, karin housley. karin is running against a far left democrat, tina smith, nobody knows who the hell she is. , she took ainted wacky guy's place. that guy was wacky. boy, did he fold up like a wet man, he was gone so fast. he was gone so fast, i don't want to mention al franken's
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name so i won't. he was gone so fast, it was ike, he did something, oh, resign, i quit. he was gone and he was replaced by somebody nobody ever heard of. her name is tina smith. honestly, i do this stuff for a living. i am not sure i have ever heard of her. the fact is, there is no reason for me to have heard of her because she would is never going to vote for us. she will always vote for schumer and pelosi. course, the legendary low iq maxine waters. low iq person. schumer, dowith whatever you want. what would you like me to do? should i vote for higher taxes?
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yes. i want higher taxes. should i vote against a wall, which is happening? she wants to vote against the wall. she voted against the wall. >> [crowd chanting] build the wall! build the wall! building trump: we are the wall. we started it. $1.6 billion, we got another $1.6 billion. i want to build it, but we are making a lot of progress on the wall. i would like to do it a lot faster. i am good at building. voted for deadly sanctuary cities. karin, do you promise you will not be voting for sanctuary cities? ok, good. wants to keep crime out of
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minnesota. that sounds like a good platform, right? tina smith would rather protect a violent criminal aliens than loyal american citizens, which is why tina smith that nobody ever heard of needs to be voted out of office. she got appointed, i guess. and tina smith is voting against judge kavanaugh. can you believe that one? so he was number one at yell, number one at yale law school. i think she is looking for a better student. finally, i want to introduce 2 incredible, by the way, karin, come up, please. >> [applause]
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karin: you really do go off script, don't you? thank you so much for telling everybody, he said tina smith way too many times. we need to say karin housley a lot more. thank you. 'em.dent trump: go get vote for her. vote for karin. now for the people that we are here for. congress is very important and i am here to support congressman jason lewis, who you know. he is a friend of mine who has worked so hard for us, and so hard on your second amendment, which is under siege, and so hard on cutting your taxes and
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regulations. come on up, jason. the next representative from minnesota's first district, jim fellas.. come on up, >> [applause] president trump: welcome -- >> welcome to minnesota, mr. president. now, everybody in this room knows minnesota loves president trump. you, in 2020,l when he comes back here and takes this state, the whole world will know minnesota loves president trump. and you know what else minnesota loves, mr. president?
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they love tax cuts to let you keep more of your money. , in the final announcement, that is really it, isn't it? growth is great, more job openings than jobseekers, after-tax income up 6% in one year. but in the final analysis, whose money is it? it is yours. you want to have it. minnesota loves manufacturing, mining and energy production in the second district. farmers now,es our thanks to the president, who have free-trade and fair trade. right here in rochester, minnesota is very proud and loves health care, the kind of plans that you choose, not the thatthat come up --
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government bureaucrats choose for you. we repealedwhy deal, care -- repealed the obamacare mandate. one more thing, mr. president. minnesota loves your judicial appointments. minnesota loves your appointments to the lower courts. they love your appointments to the appellate courts, and minnesota loves your appointments to the supreme court, including judge brett kavanaugh. >> [applause] is what isds, that at stake in the selection. due process, the rule of law, private property. in other words, the constitution of the united states. and if nancy pelosi becomes speaker of the house, you can throw that all aside.
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but you know what? to radical resisters have come through. minnesota first. this is where it stops. i am not going to let it happen. dorn isn't going to let it happen and president trump isn't going to make it happen. thank you all. on to november, and let's win their. -- let's win there. president trump: -- does rochester, minnesota love this president? absolutely. back where we were just two years ago. our nations future was on the line. had we not won the election, we would have lost the country the way the forefathers put it together. by the grace of god, we are grateful and proud, mr. president, that you are here. thank you for what you are doing for our country.
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[applause] hagedorn: a quick update on the democrat party in minnesota. they moved far to the left like democrats across the country. we actually have a guy running for governor who wants to make minnesota a sanctuary state. have two people running for senate on the democrat party. they love late-term abortions and they believe in gun control. all thesee congressional candidates, including the guy i am running against, who thinks we should have socialized medicine, single-payer. does that make sense for the mayo clinic and rochester? no. they want to replace and take us back to obama and then some. will we let that happen? president, we will work tirelessly, and because of your support and endorsement, i
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want to go to washington and serve as a conservative reinforcement to partner with you to keep moving america in the right direction. thank you, mr. president. [applause] president trump: wow. good talent. jason and jim are running against extreme democrats. opponent supports a total government takeover of health care, which drives your costs the roof and the health care is lousy, by the way. and he wants to make minnesota into, true, a sanctuary for the criminal aliens and for gang
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members. they will come flooding up here as soon as you do it. it happens every time. ,ason's opponent, angie cragg is angie cragg? she wants to take away your health care and she refuses to pipeline, you know all about that. that would bring more than 8000 jobs to minnesota, and you know, we have really opened up minnesota. you see what is going on with the mines and the miners. vote for dan and pelosis a vote for nancy , as speaker of the house. can you imagine nancy pelosi as speaker of the house? don't do that to me. that.'t buy into neither did you.
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if democrats take charge, maxine , now, listen to this one. she will take over financial services in congress. can you believe it? maxine waters. that is one of the most powerful committees in congress. if you want to stop pelosi from becoming speaker, if you want to stop chuck schumer from becoming majority leader, and if you want to stop the radical democrats from running congress, then you need to vote republican. you have to get out there on november 6 and vote republican. you have to vote for these people. these are great people. a democrat-controlled congress would also pose a grave threat to medicare.
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you know what they are doing with medicare? they will destroy it. the majority of house democrats have cosponsored a socialist takeover of health care that would obliterate medicare. their plan is called medicare for all, except they have no money. but it is really medicare for none. their plan would rob american seniors of the benefits they paidpaid, and they have these benefits and they have paid so much money for their entire lives. you take it away. thank you, darling. love these people. these people are so great. republicans want to protect medicare for our great seniors, who have earned it, and they have paid for it. and we will always protect americans with pre-existing conditions. we are going to take care of them.
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some of the democrats have been talking about ending pre-existing conditions, and some people have, you know what i say? we will get a little more money from china. it will be just fine. it will be good. will be just fine. we will take care of pre-existing conditions, remember that. the lead sponsor of the democrats, think of this. the health care takeover, who is the lead sponsor? i have been reading so much about him. he did predict i was going to win, by the way. that is the only thing he has gone right in a long time. keith ellison. do you know him? right, he was on the show a day after i announced, on june 16, i came down the stairs with melania, who is right now in .frica, the first lady doing a great job for the people of africa. amazing.
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but ellison was on a show the day after i announced and he looked at two people, the hosts, and he said, you know he is going to win, don't you? and they smiled, one laughed. they thought i was doing this for fun. you think this is fun? it is a lot more work than anybody knew. and that is the last time he has been right. but i am glad he was right about that. allison is the number two official in the entire democrat marchednd he recently in a parade wearing a shirt that read, "i do believe in borders." that is wonderful. by the way, you don't have borders, you don't have a country, folks. you don't have a country. keith ellison's democratic party embraces radical socialism and
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open borders. the new platform of the democrat .arty is to abolish ice they want to unleash violent predators and ruthless killers, and you know it. whybody would say, oh gee, is he saying that? it is true. our schools,ear near our families, and into our communities. no good. americaans believe should be a sanctuary for law-abiding americans, not criminal aliens. republicans proudly stand with the brave men and women of ice, border patrol, and law enforcement and police. great people. they do an incredible job. my administration has also reformed our refugee program to protect american communities
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like you have in minnesota, where you are being treated very unfairly. to protect your families and your taxpayer dollars. if you want security, if you want a border, then what you have to do is immediately go out, think about it, that your friends and neighbors and your workers. you have to go november 6, vote republican. that will do it. we need the votes. i keep hearing we have a majority. if somebody has a cold, we don't have a majority. if somebody is not feeling great, we don't have a majority. it is like the saying, that is why we are getting the wall by hook, by crook, we are getting the wall but it is so difficult. these guys want to stop it. they want to say, it is interesting. we have $700 billion for the
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$716 billion for the military. we are rebuilding the military. to get money for the wall, their whole life is trying to obstruct the wall because they know we wanted. but you know what? it is not working. i would like to do it a lot faster but it is not working. we are getting the money. you think it is easy? not easy. we are getting it built and it is already going up in san diego and lots of other places along the border. this election is about safety, and it is about prosperity. since the election, we have 4 million new jobs. the media will tell you there was no way we could have said that during the campaign. nobody would have believed it. lifted 4 million americans off of food stamps. think of that.
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you know, when you do that, you save a lot of money and you also make a lot of people really happy. when you think about it, right? nearly half a million new many fracturing jobs. remember, you need a magic wand, you will never do that. we don't build anything anymore, and we have companies pouring into our country and they are coming to minnesota and a lot of states. but we have companies, they are all coming back. they want to be were the action is. they are all coming back. they are all coming back. i was with prime minister abe two days ago. he said many auto companies are coming back. i said that is not good enough. all of them have to come back. and he is going to do that. they are all coming back. they have already started. you look at what is going on in michigan where they are coming back so fast, but they are coming back, to ohio,
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pennsylvania, south carolina, north carolina. and they are coming in to a place called minnesota. we love minnesota? [applause] president trump: 1972. you know what that is, right? that was the last time, and boy, we came this close, one more speech up here and i would have won that state. i came, do you remember? i said, i think i am going to win minnesota. everybody said it hasn't been won since 1972. congress would have said that, right? 1972. looksn't been won. i said at the crowds. they love it. we are going to take care of minnesota. we are going to stop what is happening that is so unfair in minnesota.
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then, on election night, i said, let's go to minnesota but they a great state,ed michigan. that is another one that hasn't been won in many years. i went to michigan, we had 32,000 people in michigan at 1:00 a.m. and it was already election day. i had to skip minnesota. i felt so badly because one more speech, i could have showed up at 3:00 a.m. maybe, i don't know. but we are going to be in. we are going to win minnesota. and you see that just by this crowd. this place is unbelievable. of,omething i am very proud african-american unemployment has reached its lowest rate ever recorded. poverty hasican reached its lowest rate ever
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recorded. think of that. the lowest unemployment, the lowest rate of poverty. think of this. african-american, how do you vote for somebody else? i have done more for them in two years. african-americans are coming up and they are saying, mr. president, thank you. thank you. and their median income is the highest. but not only for african-americans, for asian, or hispanic. hispanic unemployment is the lowest it has ever been. think of it. asian unemployment, the lowest it has ever been. people with no high school diploma, that is a very important group of people to me, is by far the lowest it has ever been.
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women i am failing with. i am failing with women. the lowest in 65 years. sorry, sorry. i thought it would be history by been saying i have african-american, i have been saying hispanic, i have been saying asian, and women, it is only the lowest in 65 years. but i thought by now, it would be ok. thank you very much. thank you. got a lot of energy, this one over here. she has got a lot of energy. thank you, darling. thank you. 65 years, not bad. is going to be in history, i predict. hass -- my administration
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taken the toughest ever action cracking down on china's trading abuses. we have to stop it. we have a very good relationship have a goodnt xi. i relationship. but we can't allow what has happened over so many years to continue happening. they have been taking $500 billion with a b out of our country and rebuilding china. i said, we can't do that anymore. i'm sorry. i'm sorry. for years, china has been draining us, taking our factories and building up their country with our money, and at the expense of our workers and our companies. and we are not going to have that. no more. and not only china, many countries. we defend countries that are very rich. they don't pay us. or they pay us a small percentage. look, we get along great with
8:18 pm
these countries, but take saudi arabia. would you say they have some money? we defend them, and they pay us a small percentage. i said, excuse me. is my friend.he do you mind paying for the military? do you mind? hey. are paying for 30%. i said, do you mind paying? but nobody has asked me. i said, ims can you, king. he is great. . said, i am serious trust me. he said nobody has ever asked me . they will do it. you are talking about billions and billions of dollars. japan, president obama would never have asked. that is not his thing. to beuld somebody asked paid back billions of dollars? japan, very rich, very great country.
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i tell you, prime minister abe, great man. just won a great election. big results. i said to him, listen. we are defending you. we are doing a great job and sending missiles over japan to north korea. for me, there are no more missiles. there is no more testing. no more nuclear. we got our hostages back. we got the remains of our great heroes back, right? the remains, the remains are coming back. that was the most beautiful ceremony. did anybody see that ceremony a month ago? so beautiful. the remains are coming back. what do i get? i get the fake news saying, why isn't he moving faster? i just left, what, three months ago? i had a meeting in singapore. i mean, this has been going on for 75 years.
8:20 pm
missiles and the the nuclear. but no president has done anything. it is like, three months, and they will say, the all-time great, what is taking so long? i said, it has been three months and you don't have rockets. you don't have missiles. you don't have nuclear testing. and we get all about her, i mean, it is crazy. here is what they say. one of them actually said, a friend of mine, why is the tosident giving some much north korea? i haven't given anything. what have i given? i didn't pay one point billion dollars -- $1.8 billion for the hostages like president obama did. he gave them, i haven't given but i have a good relationship with chairman camp. -- chairman kim. because of that relationship come i think we will work something out. your nose? let's see. so far, when did i leave?
8:21 pm
three months ago? , he agreed tog meet. you know what? i agreed to meet. i agreed to meet. is that a big deal? i agreed to meet. i asked the democrats before, we were close to a war with north korea. i tell you what. my rhetoric was tough at the beginning. really really tough. cause a said i would war with north korea. then, with of russia -- with putin of russia, that was a great meeting. they want me to get into a boxing match with him. i think i would do very well. , the fake news some of fake news, they said with russia, he was too nice. with north korea, they said he was too tough. let me tell you, if i was really
8:22 pm
rough with russia, they would say he was too tough. these people are loco, i am telling you. loco. people are crazy. fake news, the fake news, everybody. they are fake. after years of rebuilding our nation, we are finally rebuilding our nation. right? to give our workers and businesses a level playing field , republicans passed the biggest package of tax cuts and tax reforms in the history of our country. better vote for karin. they want to take them away. we have taken historic action to make health care more affordable
8:23 pm
thed we have gotten rid of premiums. the premiums on obamacare were going up 116%, 138%, 200%. through great management and great people, we have kept them down. we have mostly obliterated obamacare, although we had it, at 2:00 a.m., i am not going to do it. 2:00 in the morning. think of it differently. we didn't get one democrat vote, so we are stuck with it but it is obliterated. and the big thing is, we get rid of the most unpopular part of obamacare, the individual mandate, where you have the privilege of paying a fortune so you don't have to pay a fortune for wearable health care, right? -- for affordable health care, so the premiums in
8:24 pm
minnesota this year are coming down by double digits. think of that. it, butn't even like while we have the remnants of obamacare, we are working to make it more affordable. and reducing drug prices. the fda approved a record number of affordable generic medicines. and that's not all. drug prices are coming down. you might have seen last month, where i called up some of the drug companies. i said, folks, you raised the drug prices. you can't do that. and they all reduced them. do you believe it? that is what i said. i have a lot of power. pfizer, you saw that. they raised their drug prices and i am bringing them down. i said, what are you doing raising them? i'm sorry, mr. president, we
8:25 pm
will reduce them. i said, man, this is a powerful position. the first time in the history of drug companies that they did it. i called them the next day and said i was extremely unhappy. do you think hillary clinton would have done that? i don't think so. i don't think so. by the way, she or whoever it might have been, crazy bernie, they wouldn't have done any of the things, we did the greatest trade deal. look at the money. we did 4.2% gdp. they were going down. they would've had a minus four point, they said 4.2% is impossible. it will go higher, much higher. we have such potential, between military and trade deals. we have hundreds of billions of
8:26 pm
dollars worth of fat and potential. i love, what i love, hopefully you don't need it for , to helpme or never critically ill patients get life-saving treatment, we passed the right to try. i love it. i hope you don't need it. i hope i don't need it. i hope you don't need it, but we have the greatest, frankly, the greatest drug companies in the world, and we would have drugs that would take four or five from, we brought it down 14 years to four. i think it will be at three or two but you still have to wait a long time. a person was dying, a person was terminally ill and they have a great possible cure. so a person wants to see if they could possibly, you couldn't, there was no way in a million years you could get it.
8:27 pm
i worked with congress, including these guys. and greg. right? and jim and mark and the whole group. we worked with congress, and we got it done. i like the name, right to try. now, they can go sign a paper, you have no idea. -- have been trying to get this for 40 years. would think? they have been trying for 40 years. problems, you have with insurance companies, trials, so many different things. you have problem's with everything, everything is there and you have problems with liability. i said, sign a document so there is no liability. they don't want to give andthing, the person dies the family sues the company. you sign away your right. everybody said that is a good idea. can you believe this? after 40 years, we have it and
8:28 pm
now, people are trying it and you know what? we have had some incredible results. and it is also telling you whether or not this stuff works. there is something good about that, too. we have had some incredible results, right? i love it. people would fly to other continents, other countries if they were poor. they would just go away, they would have no hope. they would go to their house and they would have no hope. now, they have hope. it is beautiful. it is so great. passed veterans choice, giving our veterans the right to see a private doctor. see a private doctor instead of waiting in line. we had people waiting for three weeks, two weeks, 12 days, nine weeks, we had people that were
8:29 pm
not very sick and it took them so long to see the private doctor, to see a doctor, a veterans doctor and they are good doctors. we have great doctors. but it is a long process. so they are not very sick. by the time they would see the doctor 22 days later, they would be terminally yield. think of this. they would die. they would die in line waiting. now, they have the right to go to a private dock your and -- doctor and we pay the bill. 44 years, they have been trying to get come i thought that was my idea. i came back, i got the greatest idea. i said to my medical people, i got the greatest idea. we could never solve this, too many people, too few doctors. i got the greatest idea. we are going to have the people go to a private doctor and we will pay for it. they said, we have been working a miss for 44 years. but i got it approved because i am good at getting things
8:30 pm
approved. it is all done. all done. and these people helped me, right there. they helped me with it. right there. v.a.e also passed landmark accountability law to ensure anyone who mistreats our veterans will be held accountable. we say, jim, you are fired. get out. no right to do between the unions and the civil servants, they could do anything. they could be sadists, and they were. these are sick people. they could be sadists, they could be stealing, robbing you blind, they could be doing anything. you could not fire them. they were totally protected. now, you fire them. get them out. record $716red a billion to rebuild our military, and give our brave warriors
8:31 pm
their largest pay [applause] pentagondirection, the is now working to create the sixth branch of the american armed forces called the space force. we have the air force and .tarted i withdrew the u.s. from the horrible iran disaster deal. we have opened the american embassy in jerusalem. [applause] presidents have been promising that for many decades. because i was why
8:32 pm
hit so hard when they heard i would do it. i got called from every country saying do not do it. i said, look, i do not want to take calls for many leaders of countries. i will call them back. we will find it on monday, epic ceremony. i will call them back next week. naysaying, mr. president, please do not do this. please. obama and bush and everybody didn't do it. there was a lot of pressure put on them. i said, i will call them back next week. [laughter] [applause] on monday signed it in on tuesday, wednesday, and thursday i called everybody back. i said i'm sorry. it's too late. what can i do? what can i do? [applause] what can i do?
8:33 pm
the days he watched as your leaders apologize for america. now you have a president standing up for america. more than ever before. [applause] [chanting usa] we are standing up for your values, standing up for minnesota and standing proudly for our national anthem. [applause] [cheering]
8:34 pm
i will give you a quick story you have never heard. i thought they knew everything about me. in making the deal with mexico and canada, -- canada was very tough that they worked out fine. nfl, i am not happy about it with nfl. is it ok with you? i'm not happy. people should stand proudly for our national anthem. [applause] i am not happy. i am not happy. that seems to be working out. you -- we are making the deal with canada -- cars, farming, agriculture, factories, big dollars. they say it is the largest trade deal ever made, $1.3 trillion.