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tv   Campaign 2018 Indiana Senate Debate  CSPAN  October 8, 2018 10:59pm-12:00am EDT

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>> joe donnelly is seeking a second term, but this is a two-way challenge between mike braun and lucy brenton. ,ith election day 29 days away they met for their first debate which focused on climate change, and control comment health care, among other topics. courtesy of the indiana debate commission, this is one hour. >> good evening and welcome to senatest of two u.s. debates sponsored by the independent, nonpartisan indiana debate commission. frome coming to you live the dworkin student activity center on the purdue campus northwest in westville, indiana. with me here are the three candidates on the ballot. democrat, joeent donnelly, republican challenger, mike braun, and libertarian challenger, lucy brenton. the winner of this election will represent the people of indiana in a six-year term in washington. i'm your moderator.
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lecturer at the media school at indiana university in broadcast journalism. i was on the air at channel 13 for a long time. and i am a member of the indiana broadcast hall of fame. for the next hour, the candidates will debate unscripted the issues, a variety of them. nearly all the questions came from you, the voters. we have members of the public here who submitted questions to the indiana debate commission. and they are here to read their questions in person. none of the questions, northern topics, has been shared with the candidates. doubt is my pleasure to introduce you to -- now it is my pleasure to introduce you to the candidates. she ran for the u.s. senate in 2012. joe donnelly, the democrat incumbent, who is completing his first term was elected to the senate in 2012 and mike braun.
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-- 2012. and mike braun won the republican primary in may. at this time, the candidates can for the introduce themselves and make a one-minute opening statement, starting with mrs. brenton. >> thank you and welcome. my name is lucy brenton and i am the only reasonable candidate for the united states senate instead of the deed bickering old parties. tonight, you will hear a lot of things you have heard before. you will hear that we will -- we still have to keep sticking our noses in other countries businesses. they want to that build a wall. not me. i want to build bridges. protectwe need to individual economic liberty so that you have the right to earn a living without the government and taxing to third, we need to leave this world a better place for our kids. polluters must be stopped.
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i dream of an america where everyone feels welcome, where you feel free to be yourself. they want to tear this country apart. i want to bring a nation together. please, allow your friends and atite them to follow me #ilovelucy. >> i love lucy, too. this election is about who do you trust to have your back in washington. since i have been senator, we have had 70 consecutive months, every single month, of increased job growth. i was the final vote to save health care. if you have sickle cell, if you have diabetes, if you have a child with asthma that needs an inhaler, i saved their health care, not mike. mike increased taxes 45 times while in the legislature, the largest tax increase in indian history. deductiblepany, the
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on health care is $10,000, which is completely unaffordable. he has every time try to take away pre-existing conditions coverage and supports a lawsuit today that does that. additionally, he was to cut the defense budget and he was against a raise for the troops. you need to do more than take your eye off to gain that -- your tie off to gain the trust in indiana. >> thank you for tuning in. hoosier, along political outsider. i am running for this because i am fed up with business as usual in d.c. running for the senate is something that you do where you bring something to the table. career politicians say one thing and do another. i moved back to my hometown, took on tough issues like health care, help -- well covering pre-existing conditions. when i get there, you can count on me to do things. he is running a campaign of negativity because of his
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record. wrong on the iran deal. wrong on health care. wrong on almost everything, including judge kavanaugh. when you send me there, you can count on i will stand up for hoosier values. you will need to look at leadership and trying to change the dynamic of a broken system. thank you. >> thank you. we start with the supreme court, as you might imagine. but first, this is from the indiana debate commission, this question. division and animosity in washington and around the country is at the highest level that many people can remember. in fact, many people think it has not been this polarized since back to the civil war. so candidates, the country just emerged from a bruising fight, a fight across ideological lines that highlighted the growing me to movement as well -- me too movement.
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what lessons did you take away from this battle? i start first with mrs. brenton. >> thank you. and thank you to the indiana debate commission and all the fine stations streaming and carrying this. i learned that it doesn't matter whether you were went -- you wear red or you wear blue. they want control of you. the division is not over civil rights or any good issue. it is really about who gets to control this country. whether you are on this side of the aisle or that side of the aisle, the complete focus is on controlling tax dollars that flows from people. we need to come to a baseline of love and harmony and we need to take away the issue of them trying to control us. it is us versus them. >> mr. donnelly? >> i voted against judge kavanaugh because of concerns about his impartiality and
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concerns about his judicial temperament. but i voted for justice neil gorsuch because, on the test i have, which is about judicial temperament and impartiality and qualifications, judge gorsuch covered all of those. i have been for 77% of president trump's judicial nominations. determinenot only to the nominee, but to protect the court, and justice gorsuch meant every test. concernsanaugh had about impartiality and about judicial temperament. mike was for judge kavanaugh on the four stay -- first day. a president trump put up bugs bunny, mike would have said he should go on the court. our job is to protect the court and to put people on who are qualified. >> mr. braun. >> this will be a clear
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separator between me and the senator here. when you add a judge with these qualifications, there is no doubt that he will not legislate from the bench. he will not do the things that courts have done for a long time. very well-qualified. but what i think what you should have gotten from the recent spectacle is that the democrats, including joe donnelly, will do or say anything when it comes to their political interests. it is a blood sport. as long as it is like that, you will have decisions made based not on what hoosiers want, based upon what chuck schumer wants. you need somebody who leads and thinks independently. joe has been there for 12 years, in congress, in the senate, considered the least effective democratic senator because he never sticks his neck out. he blows with the wind. in this case, he made the wrong decision on judge kavanaugh. candidates will indicate
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when it is important to them. >> as a female, it is important that i stand up here and stand for women that we should be believed when we come forward. but just because we are women, it doesn't mean we are automatically telling the truth. what i see here is a lot of partisanship. moments,d my me too but when i saw this through the , judge judgment kavanaugh is a co-author of the patriot act. i would have known from day one. >> the person who is saying anything is you, mike. you say you protect pre-existing conditions. at the same time, you support a lawsuit to take it away. you say you are for lower taxes and you voted for the highest taxes in indiana history. you say you are for the troops, but you are against a pay increase for the young men and women from terre haute and richmond and muncie. i was for just as gorsuch.
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i was for 80% of the judges. that we are not there is a copy machine. we are there to be a help to president trump to make the best decisions. >> mr. braun, do you wish a rebuttal? >> i want to make this clear. when you have a senator like this to keeps repeating falsehoods, it is the sign of a campaign that is circling the drain. i would never be for not covering pre-existing conditions. i have done in my own business. the senator gave us obamacare, which has no choices and is falling apart. that is what you get from a career politician. when you have a leader, somebody that does things in the real world, you can hold premiums flat for 10 years. my insurance is good, much better than the failed obama care plan. >> i would like to ask that we all try to stick to the question at hand. we will get to a lot of the issues that you just mentioned. just a reminder. that is not against any particular candidate.
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we do have our first voter here. we're so glad we do. the first member of our audience to ask a russian is terry crouse. she is a business owner. mr. donnelly, you will be the first to answer her question. have at it. >> if elected, will you commit to carrying out the will of the people, even if it means going against your own party? >> will i go against mild party? all the time. i went against my party when i voted for justice gorsuch. i have gone against my party, rounding up all the democrats to be for right to try when there were none for it. and i was able to rally all 50. so we were able to make sure that our children get health care, that we had right to try, that people in difficult medical situations could get coverage and life assisting medication. that is a regular for me. i have been with president trump 62% of the time. that is what we are supposed to
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do. i don't think it is about party. mike couldn't even name a single democrat when he did a forum in indianapolis. he may have googled a name since then. but at that time, he could not name a single democrat to work with. i passed 45 pieces of legislation. each one had a republican partner. 23 with president trump. so count me in. >> mr. braun >>. >>it -- mr. braun. >> it's his record we are litigating this evening. when you try to turn attention, you are probably embarrassed about your own record. i want to make it clear. you voted for obamacare originally. you voted against its repeal. he voted for the iran deal. against, tax reform and for any enterprises, that was the one that really made a lot of difference. and then, here, he voted against judge kavanaugh. he says, for other reasons, but he did it because he takes his marching orders from chuck schumer, the same guy that has
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been running his campaign from afar. and when you do that and you have a record that says you are the least effective senator, my goodness, why do we -- why don't we give a chance to the people who have done things in the real world. i took on the insurance companies when nobody else would. it may not be the perfect plan, but it is a great plan. i held costs from for 10 years. i know more about what to do to reform health care than a career politician that gets briefed from the bobby us -- from the lobbyists. >> mr. braun, would you commit to carrying out the will of the people, even if it means going against your party? >> if elected>> i would -- against your party if elected? >> i would. record, i did my in the state legislature. i've been in my business. a record speaks for itself. joe has gone there, gotten cozy for the purpose and the pay. that is the difference between me and him. >> mrs. brenton, same question.
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>> it will be an awfully long evening if we listen to them repeat their commercials back and forth to each other. thank you. welcome -- congratulations on your phd candidacy. let me answer that question. the libertarian party is a set of political he send ideals and we look at it to the lens of something simple. we demand a return to constitutional values and restrictions because the government is best to have a muzzle on it. that is the purpose of the constitution, to allow maximum freedom. please read the ninth and 10th amendments for more information. what i go against my party? yes, absolutely. but i don't believe i will have to. because the lens we look through is not left or right. the lens we look through is one for being fiscally conservative and socially accepting, allowing people maximum freedom with two things in mind -- don't hurt people, don't take their stuff.
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mike talks about effectiveness. he often talked to the veterans, the veterans of north-central indiana who have a brand-new v.a. health center that we all work together on. the veterans in terre haute that will get a new v.a. center in the next year or two. he ought to talk to laura, whose son jordan has duchenne's muscular dystrophy. we were able to pass right to try legislation. he ought to talk to justin phillips, who we work together to stop the opioid scourge across our state, that we have gone place to place to end it. that is effectiveness. >> let's go to our next voter. this is william mckinley of monticello. he works in customer service and he has a western. -- a question. >> who is your role model in politics and white? >> for this one, we start with
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mrs. brenton again. >> thank you. roleften torn by who is my mali in politics because there are so many people you can my role model in politics because there are so many people you can admire. i admire president lincoln. why? him, mr.aid to president, you have to destroy our enemies. he said madam, i will destroy my enemies by making them my friends. is there anyone worth admiring? worthst politician admiring was john f. kennedy. he stood up and said come you know what, we are the greatest country in this world and we will put a man on the world in 10 years. we don't know how we are going to do it, but we know we will do it. the kind of -- that is of aspirational leadership that i aspire. me that, mr.tell
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braun, you should have gotten the first go on that. why don't you go ahead? >> role models, i am doing this for the outside. when you have some many career politicians, it is hard to find them. tom coburn, a doctor from oklahoma. what i loved about him, he was never afraid to bust the government. the government that joe has been a part of for 12 years has given us $20 trillion deficit. he was honest. he would speak up. that is what you will get out of me. i signed the term limits pledge. i think the problem with our country is we get people that go there for the wrong reasons. they start calculating their vote to get reelected, like the senator here. and whoever gives them a campaign conservation. ron johnson from wisconsin, thank goodness, outsider businessman. small businesses would have been left out in the cold when we did tax reform. he stepped up.
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i did not hear the senators voice because he never speaks up. he doesn't want to shake things up. >> senator donnelly? >> ron johnson was my partner on the right to try legislation. we were the two senators that president trump congratulated and said what an awesome job we did. and if you would like me to pass on that you like ron, i will let him know. hero ind, my mentor, my politics, john mccain. he spent over five years in a hanoi prison cell, who fought for his nation at every turn, who, when he ran for president, his motto was country first. and that is with this should be about, our country. how to make it so that our children and grandchildren, we leave them a safer, stronger america. and in life, it would be my dad at father a script from the university of notre dame. he told me, joe, when you go
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there, don't do it's easy. do what's right. and i followed that advice every civil time. >> mr. braun, rabat -- every single time. >> mr. braun, rebuttal? >> he talks about right to try. everybody was for that. the tough ones are when you have to stick your neck out on a major piece of legislation and you have to be willing to block your party boss, chuck schumer, who tells the senator on what to do on all important legislation. if you was friends with ron johnson, why wasn't he speaking out on tax reform. that was the biggest piece of legislation for small businesses and individuals. when you believe in keeping more of your own, that is when you want a senator to speak up, not when summit -- not on what everybody fixes good. >> let's talk about right to try cannabis. let's talk about not doing study after study. i've got great news for you.
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it's been studied for 10,000 years in u.s. history -- in human history. how many people have died of the cannabis overdose? the same number of those being backed by unicorn. zero. tax reformainst because it exploded the deficit by $2 trillion that our kids will have to pay for. mike got a wheelbarrow full of cash in that tax reform. he got a huge tax cut. and the kids in laporte county and the kids in the boys county are the ones who have to pay for. >> we will move on to climate change. we received more questions on this than any other topic. scientists came out yesterday and said the world has 10 years to get, change under control or faced are consequences. here at purdue. , researchers have predicted
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that temperatures will rise five to six degrees. this question was put in by lee. what actions, if any, should the u.s. government take to address climate change and global warming? we will get back on track here. mr. braun, you get to start. >> climate change, steward of the environment. i'm going to bring talent to this discussion because i have been a steward of the environment for a long time. i started the ecology club back in high school. that is unusual to hear out of a conservative. i have been a steward of managing land in a way that i understand the real issues. all of us want clean air and clean water. you have to have common sense. you can't do what the democrats did and start picking winners and losers by propping up industries that may be part of the long-term solution but that is the way government works. and when you try to pull the rug out from underneath other
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industries and, again, that is the way big government and bureaucrats work. when you learn in the real world, you know the way to do it. we now have energy independence. that has got to be always taken into consideration while you are keeping the environment in a healthy condition. i've lived it. that's why i know what to do. >> mr. donnelly? >> you can't trust mike the fight for liquid she. you can't trust my to fight -- lake michigan. you can't trust mike to fight for our environment. our farmers are having huge struggles with tariffs right now and their prices have gone down. we need to make that ethanol market more available and used more. for wind, for solar, for clean coal. if it is made in america, we want to use it and we want to make it so we have a cleaner environment. we have a sacred obligation to our children.
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to everybody who is watching out there, to turn over to you a plan and a country at a state and a lake and a river in the ohio river that is cleaner today than when we first found it. that's our job. that is what we are supposed to do. >> mrs. brinton, climate change. >> you know, the problem is with governments and regulations that give permission to the corporations on how much they can pollute. i have been boycotting less -- boycotting nestle since 1993. they are a horrible country -- horrible company. they are actually draining lake michigan and selling it to the chinese. we don't need more of this in washington. we need people who stand up for what is right and offer real solutions. we need a global cleanup effort to get the plastic center at of oceansions -- out of our -- to get lasix out of our oceans. our ot of ourtics
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oceans. we need hemp. we don't need ethanol. >> i think we do need ethanol. >> i think we need hemp. >> we are indiana. we fight for our farmers. ethanol is a clean fuel. it is an extraordinarily good fuel. it is something that makes money go in the pockets of our farmers instead of the sheiks in saudi arabia or the middle east. i will fight for our guys and women on the farm every civil time. >> when it comes to energy independence, where were democrats and where was the senator? president trump came along and now we are next order of energy. the big -- and asked order of energy. do you accept the -- we are an e
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xporter of energy. you have been there 12 years -- true.t's not i stand lots more time in the private sector than in public office. >>. you can interrupt if you like >> mr. braun, you have 10 more seconds. >> if you don't get people in their that think different become expect more of the same. i'm going there because folks of been there a long time and they have delivered us these results. t is shirking it. he is part of the problem. >> we are getting off track a little bit. i may be the only one standing here that has an organic garden and compost and recycles and all that good stuff. db senator donnelly does as well -- maybe senator donnelly does as well. i know we have some of the richest soil in the world and we are wasting it on corn. we could have a better crop that is already has decided resistant.
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we need to protect the environment and stop polluting it. >> we have another audience member with a question, a student at the university of notre dame. you believe that the central holding in roe v. wade, that we men have the constitutional right to an abortion come is correct? >> of course. >> start with a woman. >> if any of you read my probably not as stretch for you to understand why i am pro-life. i have given birth to 10 human beings and now i am a grandma, too. asked whether a particular supreme court decision is right or wrong, you have to ask yourself who are we protecting? if we don't protect the smallest , most hopeless individual, then we are on a downward slide into euthanasia and killing off our old people so social security doesn't go bankrupt like it already is because there isn't a trust fund.
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so the question is should we are actually not have roe v. wade? that is a question for the supreme court to answer. those who are worried about kavanaugh, you should keep worrying about it. he is not strong on the fourth and fifth minute either. >> i don't have a litmus test. i am a pro-life senator. . i have everything look time made sure the federal funds were never used for abortion-related services. and i believe in a stance that protects all life. but i also believe it is moms,ant that, for our for our sisters, for our wives, for our daughters, that we have exceptions. i believe exceptions in the case of rape and in the case of insist and in the case of a mom who may lose her life because of the pregnancy. i was on a stage six years ago where they said richard murdoch was extreme. extreme is ask a more
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because he thinks he should be in the middle of a decision for your wife or your daughter when their life is at stake. and i just don't think we have any place in that discussion. >> mr. braun? >> i am 100% pro-life. when it comes down to just trying to nurture life in general and take us from where we are currently, all i can tell you is i got the endorsement from the indiana right to life, the national right to life, the susan b anthony group. this gentleman here has an f rating. so when he says he is pro-life, i don't think you can have it both ways. i would never demonize anybody that disagrees with it. i am open-minded in the sense that anybody can have their opinion, but you can't have it both ways, senator. on the one being endorsed by the organizations who really know where your heart is. >> senator donnelly? >> it is not having it both ways
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to make sure that your daughter or your wife, when they are given the most tragic news -- and i see doctors in the audience -- the most tragic possible news that they could lose their life in this pregnancy. that's not our place to tell that woman or that family what to do. mike, that is not our business. and we should not be in the middle of it. it is the family's decision with their pastor. >> mrs. brenton? >> just a quick note. i faced this decision as a woman. here is what you need to know. it is no one's business but the person whose body it is. we must each have absolute control over our own bodies. if we don't have freedom in our own bodies to accept or reject any medical care, then we don't have any freedom at all. >> our next question comes from candace cole, a warehouse supervisor from wheatfield.
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she is also in our audience and here to ask it herself. >> my four-year-old son eric was killed at a babysitter's house when they left they left a polluted handgun unsecured and easily accessible to children. my daughter, who was seven at the time, walked in and had to find her brother. we had no way to hold them responsible. 60% of school shooters got their weapons from their own home or that of a family or friend. would you support and would you sponsor a bill for safe storage laws, also known as child access prevention laws? >> senator donnelly, your first on this. >> i believe in the second amendment, but i also believe with rights come response abilities. the storage law is something that we need to look at. stopwe also need to do is the gun show loophole as well. that somebody who leaves the
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prison right here down the street in westville, they can go out as a felon and get a gun, go to a show, pave hot -- pay $500 and get this gun or an ar-15. you can come from the big house in michigan city and get a gun. i was at noblesville west that afternoon. i was with the families and the police. sure that, one this kind of issue, things like buy, if you are on the terrorists watchlist, you can still get a gun. we have to be responsible, not just rights, but responsibilities as well. and the things you are talking -- i'mwe have a red flag sorry, it is not a one-minute issue -- and we have a red flogged -- grid flag issue in
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indiana that is exceptional. >> thank you for not making me use my mom voice. my mom says, that's my daughter says, use your mom voice. you can do that. mr. braun. >> any violence or tragedy with a gun tears at your heartstrings. we all agree with that. when it comes to how do you actually solve the problems? i would look at school security being something -- i was part of the state legislature. we have done a good job there. the other thing you have to look at would be whenever mental health comes into play. we can get a lot of cues and we do nothing with it. when it comes to things like storage and so forth, the places where we have tried to use gun laws generally impact the folks that are law-abiding. i will be for anything that proves effective to keep guns out of the hands of criminals. i'm always going to be there to defend the second amendment rights. because so often, politicians and liberals and of going there,
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not the source of the problem. i am the individual here getting the nra endorsement and proud of it because i think they want to make sure your second amendment rights i never infringed. >> mrs. brenton. candace, as one mom to another -- i'm sorry for your unimaginable loss. i see my own five europe flashing through my eyes and i am grateful that my husband and i are responsible gun owners i keep all of our guns locked. that is an important step. we shouldn't have to pass laws to do this, people. this is common sense. and to have someone as trusted as your babysitter to be the one that created such a tragedy is unbelievable. bsill call a little bit of on the gun show loophole. i have bought guns at gun shows and they have always done a background check on me. the second amendment is
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absolutely important. the reason it is there is because it is liberty teeth. never forget the reason we have the second amendment is because the political attitude of the day was one where we were fighting the global superpower of the day. should that ever happen, god for bid, in our country, we need to be able to stand against government. >> senator donnelly? be ablehildren ought to to go to school safe, study said, come home safe. over 90% of hoosiers think that the gun show loophole should be ended. over 90% of hoosiers think that no-fly/no buy should be in place. think of a terrorist, who is not allowed on a plane, but can buy a gun right here. i am so brokenhearted for your. and i saw your t-shirt with your child on it. boy, just as adorable and as beautiful as your child could possibly be. >> we have another voter lined
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up. let's turn our attention to international affairs. this is asked by professor of political science, director of the honors program at indiana university south bend. you are on purdue territory. [laughter] >> in his recent address to the u.n., president trump praised kim jong-un of north korea for hascourage and for steps he taken, including the cessation of nuclear testing, the release of american prisoners, and the return of fall and american soldiers. do you believe that kim jong-un is prepared to dismantle north korea's nuclear arsenal and engage in unilateral disarmament? and what would be the most successful policy course the united states should follow regarding north korea? >> mr. braun? all theesting because problems laid at our doorstep were problems created over many decades.
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the senator that has been there for 12 years, the obama administration basically had the policies that took us to the brink in several cases. i think it is very clear that, with a new dynamic, regardless of what you think of the president's style, we have movement on issues where the haven't been any in a long time. my opponent voted for the iran deal. aat is where you gave them huge amount cash, lifted things off of their shoulders, and thank goodness that that was redone. when it comes to north korea, i think he has changed the dynamic and i'm glad he has. we have never been this close to actually something being done. and that is what you will get out of people that i think think a little differently. career politicians the folks that have, been there a long time, that is the difference between what i hope is a new reader politician. on his side of the aisle and mine. to do real-world solutions, including fixing things on the
11:36 pm
forefront. >> mrs. brenton. >> when i look at trump and kim jong-un and what is going on in north korea, does it remind anybody of the austin powers movie where they are putting the nuclear warhead in the volcano and he ended the earth? does anybody else remember that or is it only me and pop culture? i think we can do better. abdul asked me what i thought about trump. i really appreciate the fact that he is a cowboy. when you think about america -- there is a great book called "culture code" and it talks about america and cowboys being independent. i do think that the implied threat is there. i have been working with foreign exchange students.
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some from predominately muslim countries? that has given me at salud help the teenagers around the world are working for a better world that teenagerse around the world are working for a better world? '>> in regards to iran, they were one month away from a nuclear weapon. they had the materials. they had the technologies. we pushed them back over 10 years. if iran had gotten a nuclear weapon, we would have wound up in conflict with them. and you know who would had to go. ? go?ould have had to young men and women from terre haute and richmond and westville. my job is to protect this country and stand for it every single time, make sure that every threat is turned away. i can't believe it. >> the league of women voters are doing my job for me.
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in talking to hoosiers, the iran deal was right up there with voting against tax reform. when you take a country that has been belligerent, that its mission is to destroy israel and to export terrorism, and you deliver them $1.5 billion in cash and give them concessions up to $150 billion, that's not a good deal. how can you trust people who have never been trust within the past? that dynamic is changing. the senator says he is for what was done before -- >> you need to wrap. that was quick. thank you. senator donnelly, you want a rebuttal as well. >> about what might just said. iran is now 10 years away. they were one month away from a nuclear weapon. if they had gotten it, our kids, our kids would have had to go fight another war. that is why the iranian -- the
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iran deal was done, to make sure our children did not have to go to war, to make sure that our kids could stay in terre haute and in muncie, instead of having to take after tehran. >> what you just told me is they are one month away and they are now 10 months away. so the have kicked the can down the world. our children will still be dealing with this. we should be keeping american troops in america. while we are defending the borders of other countries, our borders have holes big enough to drive semi trucks through. sorry, homeland security, that i am getting really sick and tired of "may i have your papers please?" this talk about american leadership on the international stage, including our relationship with our allies. how would you define where we have been, where we are, and where we are going?
11:40 pm
>> i think the first thing we have to do is go right to the founding fathers playbook. friends to all, allies to none. it is the entangling alliances that brought us into world war i and world war ii and the vietnam war. thate entangling alliances put our sons and daughters, husbands and wives, brothers and sisters at harm. american troops should not be fighting those wars. why in the world are we giving money to foreign governments so that they will be at peace? day to it, $10 million a israel and $10 a day to palestine? at home, we have people who are not eating. food security and our country is absolutely an issue. we should be talking about feeding our own people first before we start handing out money to foreign governments in the name of peace. it has certainly brought us know peace. >> senator donnelly. >> i support president trump's efforts. i wanted to be successful.
11:41 pm
when the president is successful, the united states is successful. that is what this is supposed to be about. i was found by the lugar center, senator richard lugar, a hoosier icon, to be the most bipartisan senator serving in the united states senate. we want to work together so that president trump is successful. but i would also tell you this. we have to make sure that our military has everything they need to be successful at every turn, that they have the equipment they need to be safe, that they are never, ever in a fair fight. you can't trust mike because he wants to cut defense spending, directly against what secretary mattis says. the first and biggest pay raise in nine years, he would've been against it. we want to stand our men and women -- with our men and women, if they do go into conflict, that we have their back. >> it is clear that it wasn't
11:42 pm
very good leading up to it. one reason it wasn't is because they weren't doing their fair share of the burden. president trump came along. . where have you ever heard the their payingout their fair share, the 2%, that they were supposed to do? that has changed. thank goodness he is taking on some of this stuff that others were either too politically correct or unwilling to do. i think what we've got is a new dynamic, but it is based about somebody thinking outside of the box. when it comes to military spending, we've got more veterans per capita in the county than other place in the state. i will always be for making sure the military has what it wants. and what about the v.a.? where has the senator been? where has the devotion bit to take care of our veterans? >>. . check the new facility in northern indiana >> check we have done and to this point. now you are getting common sense done, like not having to travel
11:43 pm
150 miles to you basic checkup. you have been there for 12 years. you can take credit for it. but you have not had an original idea in the time have been there. >> you are really struggling with this one. i served on the veterans committee for six years. we got a new facility in northern indiana. we have a new facility opening in terre haute. we have another in west central india as well. i have been to all of these -- well.l indy as i have been to all of these facilities. we just passed new legislation that provides that our veterans, if they are more than 40 miles away, can get coverage right at home. just send the bill to the v.a. i was a sponsor to say that, if there was any problem with the bill, it would not affect their credit at all. >> we have another voter question. this one on education. to hear from lisa kovacs, a technology specialist with the office of the registrar for doing university northwest in hammond. what, if anything, can
11:44 pm
congress due to increase higher education while reining in excess of student loan debt? >>. senator donnelly, your first up >> one of the first things we can do is make sure we protect our pell grant's, which have a $5,920, and are extra nearly health will for middle class families. you can make all the difference for mill class families. i'm also a sponsor of a bill. iu, take great school in our state, they send you a letter at the beginning of the semester and tells you exactly how much you have borrowed, tells you how much you will borrow, tells you what your payments are and what they will be after you finish school. student borrowing dropped my percent after they did that. that is a phenomenal idea that we are working to get into law now. when mike was in the legislature, that was before he quit the legislature and went home. he voted against an in-state
11:45 pm
tuition freeze. well could be more important to middle-class families than knowing tuition will not go up? that is about as important as it gets, to know that your kid can finish school without tuition increasing. >> career politicians speak in platitudes. i want to cite a specific example of miss daniels. when i interviewed him on ways and means, this is how you fix the cost of education. it's now going up at a higher rate than the cost of health care. that's sad. i asked mitch. i'm glad that you have frozen tuition and purdue. will you do to try to keep costs down? like somebody that has done something in the real world, he rattled off three things that were impressive. make sure that we buy things right across all locations. that is what some in business would do. make sure that we look at our
11:46 pm
benefits program, to make sure it is sustainable, that you are not only getting good coverage, that you are also able to afford it. and then he said i want to make a four-year degree a three-your degree. that will be the difference between -- three-year degree. that will be the difference between summit he like me and said been there and is part of the problem. >> mrs. brenton. >> can we talk about from market solutions and take out the government involvement? everything government does makes us poorer. it's just insane. government is currently picking winners and losers in our higher educational system by guaranteeing student loans again -- loan debt that you can never get out of. it is an absolute scam and a gift the banks, that they can be so profitable on the backs of every single one of us. i have been doing more uses since 1996 -- i have been doing mortgages since 1996.
11:47 pm
when i try to get young people qualified who wanted the american dream and be homeowners, they cannot qualify because their student loan debt is higher than a mortgage. it is absolutely insane. we need free market solutions. i often tell my own children to consider trade school, as they are not outsourcing electrical jobs to china. mike had a shot to help every family in indiana, but you could not trust him to do it with an in-state tuition freeze. i want just to finish in three years, too. but not everybody does. if you freeze tuition for all of them, it helps them in year one, year two, year three, your four. and maximizing pell grant's. does as well. it's your pocketbook. it's our kids' pocketbook. it is saving money. is what we should do. -- it is what we should do. >> the cost of education, we want to be great service and low
11:48 pm
cost. the senator has been part of a now eightbt that is at $3llion -- that is now trillion. shot ateally deserve a it when you have been part of the problem? if you want more of the same, guy.s your if you want people who will fix things, who have done in the trenches, you want to try something different. >> pre-existing conditions, they were mentioned right off the bat. we have a question from the debate commission. there is a court battle to take away coverage for pre-existing conditions. do you think insurance companies should be required to provide such coverage? do you believe they should be able to charge higher rates for people with those conditions? >> great question. i spent 10 years in my own business taking on the whole
11:49 pm
issue of the high cost of insurance. 10 years ago, health insurance companies kept coming in. you're lucky. it is only going up 5% to 10% a year. i did it before obamacare. i want the public to be absolutely clear about this. i would never be for any replacement of the affordable care act unless it covered pre-existing conditions. and it didn't have any cap on coverage. but to get that done and be sustainable, you have to do things like we did. we broke the cost curve. my insurance costs less, far less, than any comparable obama policy. that's because government always wants to do stuff, but they never worry about the cost of it. until you get entrepreneurs of people that have done in the real world, i wouldn't count on career politicians to do it. . they delivered us the mess. >> mrs. brent -- they delivered us the mess. >> mrs. brenton.
11:50 pm
>> the problem with health care is that we are disconnected from the cost of it. there is an unforeseen hand that we cannot control, except at the polls. if you want change, you have to vote for lucy because i am the only one who will get rid of all the scrap. p. all this cra government inserted itself in health care in the 1950's. now we have out of control costs. to have thatlt rescission about pre-existing conditions when we are worried about $1000 aspirin. the whole system must be overhauled. it is clear that government is not the one to do that. individuals in the free market must be the ones who make the decisions about their own health care. there must be no government force in this. they must be no government mandate to buy anything. they wille next thing be forcing us to buy
11:51 pm
[indiscernible] and who wants that? i stand here probably before you and all the people of indiana to tell you i was the deciding vote that saved coverage for pre-existing conditions. for that young girl who has asthma, is on the bus in ft. wayne and needs an inhaler. through that child who has diabetes in merrillville and needs insulin. mike, i can hardly believe that you can sit here or stand here and tell everybody you are for coverage for pre-existing conditions. there is a lawsuit right now, texas versus united states, that is trying to take away coverage for pre-existing conditions, trying to take away pre-imposed caps, and you support it. stand here tonight and tell us you will denounce that lawsuit, you will denounce that effort on pre-existing conditions. i was the deciding vote to make sure that the child in lawrenceburg who has arthritis
11:52 pm
can get the emerald they need -- embril they need. everybody gets a shot on my health care. >> you can see he got riled up here. the reason is obamacare. those goals that the old -- the affordable care act had in place, 100% for them. but it's got to last. you cannot tried to solve something without making it sustainable cost wise overtime. i will always cover pre-existing coverage. and on i'm the only one here who has had the nerve to take on the insurance companies and get it done. you delivered us a obamacare, which is falling apart despite doing good things. it is not lasting. >> what is this really about? this is really about the old parties, whether they wear a red jacket or a blue jacket, trying to force and make you do
11:53 pm
something that may not be in your own best interests. should we even have a government that is able to use government in your face demanding that you buy health care. this is just one example of a product. slope. slippery we have to take back our power as voters and food out the people who would steal from your pocketbook, who would force you to buy things that are not in your best interest. >> we have the tyranny of the clock. we have a final question that we need to get to. you get to start, mr. donnelly. >> can you give me 15 seconds. hoosiers, clearest difference. he won't even denounce the lawsuit that will take away your coverage for pre-existing conditions. time the person who cast the final vote to make sure your child with asthma can get their inhaler. >> final question, mr. donnelly, you start. this is a 30-second question. >> is this also are closing?
11:54 pm
closing.s the your best elevator pitch and why you feel you have earned the votes of your fellow hoosiers. >> promises made, promises kept. fighting for your health care when others want to take it away. fighting for your jobs, 70 consecutive job -- months of conservative job growth. friday for our veterans, for our pows, for our mias. fighting for our countries, -- country, faith, community, country. red or blue.ut it is about red white and blue. >> what you ought to take away from this is do you want for the same? if you are happy with his this as usual and the results we have had, here is your man. look at our records closely. don't listen to chuck schumer, the guy that has been running his campaign with negative advertising and lies. look at our record from when we started years ago and what we have accomplished.
11:55 pm
i have done things in the real world. this gentleman is a career politician. that's part of the problem. >> i nearly outsider. i don't have a $90 million net worth. i am not part of the 1%. if you want something that changes in washington, d.c., someone who is unabashedly for the constitution, who demands all of our freedoms all of the time, someone who has never raised taxes on you and never will, that is not in my track record. these two gentlemen are part of the problem. and here's the problem and here's your decision. we can either drain the swamp or send in another alligator. >> we want to thank the candidates for being here. we want to thank the audience and our voters and those of you at home and reminder that tomorrow is the last day to register to vote. so many issues we could not get to. but there is another debate october 30 from indianapolis. you will want to tune in for that. >> we want to thank the moderator. great job.
11:56 pm
[applause] >> thank you. pbs 39, thank you. of the indiana debate commission, the night. [applause] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] >> with election day 29 days away, c-span is your primary source for campaign 2018. tomorrow, we will bring you the first and only televised debate between former republican presidential candidate mitt romney and democrat jenny wilson. they are running in utah to succeed senator orrin hatch. that is live at 8:00 p.m. eastern here on c-span. at the same time on c-span 2, we
11:57 pm
will be live for massachusetts for the first debate between charlie baker and j gonzalez. later that night, more debate coverage with democrat ann kirkpatrick and republican leader marcus peterson in arizona's second congressional district. they are looking to replace martha mcsorley, who is running for u.s. senate. y, who isartha mcsall running for u.s. senate. >> the c-span bus is traveling across the country on our 50 capitals to her. we recently -- tour. we recently stopped in indianapolis. we are asking which party should control congress and wife? >> the party that i want to take over congress is the democratic party. it's not just because i support the values of the democratic party. i think the republican party has completely abdicated its
11:58 pm
responsibility to serve as a check and balance against the executive branch. in addition to legislation, certainly the responsibility of congress to be able to serve as that check and balance. we have not seen that. we have seen a presidency run amok. control ofrol -- if commerce changes in november. i am a college student, just getting out of school soon and entering the workforce. things such as tax breaks or financial matters that get decided in congress will directly affect me and my future success. i am in a front desk and african american woman -- i am an african american woman and the representation for me and those fighting for my right to my civil rights are very important. i think this will be impacted if there is a change in congress. >> the elections this year, if by some strange chance the
11:59 pm
congress should change over to another party, we would have some impact here. the generally, in indiana, we are pretty independent folks. as with our infrastructure program, we have moved ahead with whatever congress does. we make sure we operate in a responsible and business-like way. so we passed a major if a structure bill last year. if the federal government helps us out, that's great. if they don't, we will continue to march. >> i think the democrats should control congress. i think our country needs to swing more left or progressive. i'm interested in issues pertaining to women, women's ability to choose and >> voices from the state. part of c-span's cities capital
12:00 am
tour. >> brett kavanaugh was officially sworn in this weekend as the nation's 114th supreme court justice after being confirmed in the senate, by a vote of 50-48. on monday, president trump posted a ceremonial swearing-in at the white house with former justice anthony kennedy and -- administering the of. the ceremony was attended by justice kavanaugh's family come administration officials, and the others report justices. this is 30 minutes. -- and the other supreme court justices. this is 30 minutes. [applause]


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