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  President Trump Campaign Rally in Iowa  CSPAN  October 10, 2018 5:36am-7:00am EDT

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>> crazy like a fox, i said yes. i believe narcissism is a spectrum, and most of us -- you may be the great exception -- most of us put ourselves in the public eye have an unusual sense of confidence. if you call it narcissism, i do not have a problem with that. is it a dangerous narcissism? i do not think so. are there other dangerous narcissism? i think so, we have it in our politics but i do not think that is our president at all. ♪
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[crowd chants, "usa." president trump: hello iowa, it is great to be back in beautiful council bluffs with thousands of hard-working great american patriots, thank you. truly a historic week for america. [applause] and you know what i am talking about. yesterday at the white house we proudly sworn in the newest member of the united states supreme court, justice brett
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kavanaugh. [applause] and today justice kavanagh took his seat alongside of justice gorsuch to defend your rights, your constitution, and your god-given freedom. [applause] incrediblehank our republican senators for refusing to back down in the face of the democrats shameful campaign of political and personal destruction. thank anlly want to whose backbone and leadership made this great victory possible, chairman of the senate judiciary committee,
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a very tough cookie, chuck grassley. [applause] you. great man, great person. from the first minute, brett kavanaugh was nominated, radical democrats were on a mission to , delay,obstruct demolish, and destroyed -- they want to destroy that man. they want to destroy me too, but that is ok. me, we understand. him, how could you do it? they want to destroy everything, that is all they are good at. their whole campaign is to resist. ours is to create. [applause] what the democrats did to brett at his beautiful family is a national embarrassment, a national disgrace. you see what is happening and
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where they are coming from. including the phony protesters that got paid. now they want to protest because they did not get paid yet, and they want their money. now, they are really going to protest. that is the real protest. weeks you will have the chance to render your verdict on the democrats outrageous conduct. on november 6, and you can do early voting, in iowa, just about, get it over with. vote. early voting started today. early votes. go do it immediately, than you do not have to listen to me anymore tonight. if you did early voting already,
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go home, have a good time. we will let additional people from outside in. we have a lot of people outside. look at this place, do you believe it? [applause] it never changes. take ask the cameras to look at this row here please? [applause] they do not like to do this. they like to keep the camera dead set on me and six people in the background. say makeng hats that congress great again. [applause] and we are doing it. we are a little early, i should not not say it.
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15 yeargoing with e- round. [applause] i made that promise during the campaign, i made that promise during the primaries. do you remember? promises made, promises kept. [applause] right? on november 6, you have the chance to stop the radical democrats by electing a republican house and a republican senate. , we have athe vote majority. if one person doesn't, we have to hold the vote. it is like we hardly have a majority, we need the votes. early voting is underway, you have to get out. go out now and vote, leave here
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immediately, is it still open, get the hell out of here. early voting. in their lust for power, the democrats have become unhinged. they had gone crazy. they have gone crazy. now, the democrats, or as some people would say, the dims, the dims, who says that? lou dobbs, a great new dobbs says that. sean hannity says that. the dims. judge jeanine says that. laura, how good is laura? people.a lot of good do we like tucker? i like tucker.
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how about steve ducey? brian. we have a lot of great friends. talkingcrats are even about doing bad things now to justice kavanagh. you know what they are talking about. and packing the courts with radical judges to overrule the will of the american people. it is not going to happen, folks, it is not going to happen. saying wethey are will impeach him. impeach him for what? for what? besides that, i have to go first. even though we have done nothing create one ofan the greatest economies in the history of our country. [applause]
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that will be interesting. you get impeached for creating the greatest economy in the history of our country, the best job numbers in the history of our country just about. greatest trade deals which we just finished in the history of our country. cuts byest regulatory far already in less than two years, bigger than any other president during their term or terms. [applause] cuts andst tax reforms, you got a lot of money back, in the history of our country. but the democrats have become too extreme, and they have become, frankly, too dangerous. they have gone wacko.
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they have gone so far left that they consider pocahontas to be a rational person. , i hope sherren runs, i hope she runs. then we can finally get down to the fact whether or not she has indian blood. so far, she is not doing too well. her mother says she has high cheek owns, that is why -- she has high cheek bones, and she has a lot of advantages from claiming what she claims. maybe i will not come out early, and i will end up with somebody that has some talent. we have to be nice and quiet. i should be really, really quiet on the bad ones. we will not talk about cory
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booker who brand new worked into the ground. -- who ran newark into the ground. -- who not talk about tried to convince people for 15 years that he was a great war hero. they were going down left, they were going down right. blumenthal says they were going down on my left. the problem, he was never in vietnam, but these are minor details. then he says he demands honesty and transparency. the worst. he wants honesty. great war hero, he is a great hero. how about senator feinstein? [crowd boos]
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that is a beauty. did you leak the documents? what? what? did we leak? did we leak? no. no. she just said no, we did not leak. "lock her up." think they are talking about feinstein, can you believe it? was that the worst body language? honestly. did she leak it, 100%. i do not want to get sued. 99%. now i cannot get sued. you do not give power to an angry left-wing mob, and that is
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what the democrats have become. they will turn our country so fast into venezuela, and venezuela is not doing well, folks. if you want to drain the swamp, you must defeat the democrats. you have one hell of a swamp. under republican leadership america is booming, america is thriving, and america is winning becauseke never before we are finally putting america first. the national unemployment rate has fallen to 3% -- 23.7%, do you believe that 1 3.7%, the lowest in 50 years.
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it is going better, it is going better. 2.5%s unemployment rate is , among the lowest in its history. [applause] we need people helping you, people coming in, people to run the farm's. we will have people coming in but they will come in legally. system.lled the merit [crowd chants, "build that wall.] built the wall, we are building the wall, we have started, a lot of it is getting done right now. another1.6 million and
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1.6 million, i want them to give us the money so i can build it in a year, but we have done a lot of it, it is going up right now, but you know, the democrats feel that is one thing we really want, we got our money for the military, $700 billion. [applause] we got our money to help us out with the opioid crisis, $6 billion. [applause] but when it comes to the wall, they feel we wanted so badly, but we get big chunks and build that wall, and it is under construction, and we will get it finished sooner than anyone would believe. if you can get me republicans, we will get it done quickly. [applause] when i have to ask nancy pelosi and maxine waters --
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[crowd boos] maxine waters, can we build the wall? no, i do not want the wall built. how about pelosi? no, i do not want the wall built. iowa manufacturing jobs are growing at the fastest rate in more than 20 years, and if you remember the last administration , without mentioning names, the last administration said manufacturing jobs are dead, they are gone. we have 600,000 have come back since the election. [applause] more americans are now working than ever before, think of that. at this point today, this day, we have more americans by far hasing, working, than
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ever worked before. that is a big number. [applause] today, i kept another major promise, as i said, to the people of iowa and nebraska. [applause] wait a minute, i have to do that again. i have to do that again.
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wonve nebraska, you know we iowa, we won nebraska. but they said sir, you are speaking in iowa but we will have people from nebraska. [applause] like i said, nebraska. [applause] we have both great governors here. [applause] case, so,that just in ready? we will go iowa first then i will go nebraska. i just want to see who the hell i am speaking to. that was a little shocking what i just heard. i am curious, iowa.
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[applause] nebraska. [applause] they said, sir, you are speaking in iowa and there may be people from nebraska. great going, fellas. i will tell my staff, great going. it does not matter, we love both, who cares? [applause] all i know is you have a lot of farmers in both, right?
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[applause] and my administration is protecting ethanol. that is what you want to hear. unleashing the -15 to fuel our country all year long. [applause] the dems will end ethanol, they will take it away. they will find a way to take it away. you better get out there and vote for republicans. [applause] we have also received another historic victory for iowa farmers and ranchers by replacing the job killing nafta
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with an incredible brand-new u.s.-mexico-canada agreement, the usmca. [applause] but if democrats take control, they will try to reverse our amazing progress, and plunge our country into gridlock, frankly into poverty, ultimately into chaos. this is what will happen. we have never had it like it is now. we have never had it like it is now. look at all the money you people are making, what are you going to do with it? democrats want to raise your taxes, impose socialism, dismantle law enforcement, eliminate ice, and get rid of american borders. you want to get rid of the borders, right? i have been saying this, and i mean it.
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democrats are the party of crime. [applause] republicans are the party of safety. we are also the party of jobs, jobs, jobs. we are thrilled to be joined tonight by a number of terrific republican leaders. king.ongressman steve where is steve? where is he? [crowd cheers] where is he? wish he could get a little more conservative. be the world's most conservative human being. [crowd cheers]
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supported him long before i became a politician. do i have to use that term? mia politician? thank you, steve. another great gentleman, congressman jeff fortenberry. [applause] .hanks, jeff great job. thank you. they are always with us, those 2 . another friend of mine, got to know him during the primaries, during the election, we took this state by storm will stop helped, but i did even better than him. you still need a product, right? love the people of iowa. we took nebraska equal leave by a lot. that was not close.
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i would gop chair, friend of mine, thank you, jeff. thank you. thank you, jeff. great job, jeff. get ready, we are coming back soon. from nebraska -- [applause] where is tom osborne? [cheers and applause] i don't know tom osborne. is for years all he knew how to do is win, win, just win. how good a coach was that guy? i don't know, never met him, but it is called no talk, all
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actions. what did you do every year? you won. better get going, nebraska. [laughter and applause] we have a governor who has done a fantastic job. so many different things, including cutting your taxes. we have him with us. governor pete ricketts. pete? [cheers and applause] great guy. great. i think they like you, pete. vote for ricketts. that doesn'tonent have what you need. you never know, you have to get out there and vote. right, pete?
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bacon.sman don incredible guy. .reat job he is always there. he is always there. thank you, don, great job. every time we have needed him he is there. chair, thank you , dan. what a great group. i am especially thrilled to introduce a person to come up and say a couple of words because she has become a real star in the republican party and politics. kim reynolds. she fights every day for the people of iowa, and she always does she havewow
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my endorsement. she is incredible. kim, come on up. kim reynolds. [cheers and applause] mrs. reynolds: this is amazing. thank you all for being here. welcome back, mr. president, to the great state of iowa. on behalf of all iowans i want to say thank you for cutting taxes, for eliminating senseless regulations that stifled and jobs, for standing strong with justice kavanagh and appointing conservative judges to the court. [applause] usmca.ou, thank you for
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mr. president, thank you for year-round e-15. iowansmers thank you, thank you, and we are grateful. promises made, promises kept, the midwest has a partner in the white house with president donald trump. whoo! [applause] it is an incredible honor to serve as the 43rd governor of my story istate and the iowa story. it is a reflection of the opportunities that exist here. a small-town girl, daughter of a factory farmer who waited tables, checked groceries, and never gave up on her dream of
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getting a college degree is standing before you as the first female governor of iowa. [applause] i understand the challenges that owans facei because i faced them myself. i am glad we are cutting taxes, addressing health care needs, and creating strong and safe communities. iowa is working, the midwest is working, and we are getting things done. second lowest unemployment. wages are going up, taxes are going down, our budget is balanced, and we are going to keep iowa moving. [applause] help.d your we need republicans --
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republicans need your help. we need your support. we have to show up. vote.e to go if you do that, republicans up and down this ticket will be a partner for our great president to keep the midwest moving .orward to keep the united states of america number one. god bless you, god bless iowa, and god bless the united states of america. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: wow, good energy. 's opponent is a radical dem named fred hubbell. [crowd boos] he has some problems.
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on crime, he is weak on borders, he doesn't want any. he wants to raise your taxes, he wants to take away your ethanol. what i am giving you, he will take quickly. he wants to devastate your farms and businesses with an avalanche of job-killing regulations we just got rid of. everyone get out and vote for governor reynolds on election day. [applause] i want to introduce another great iowa republican. congressman david young. see david, he is a great guy. he is another one that is with us all the way. when you sent david to congress taxes and take
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care of our veterans. our veterans, we love them. , we got veterans choice after 44 years, we got veterans choice. he voted to secure our borders, stop the visa lottery horror show. imagine? this is legislation. they put names in a bin. do you think they are putting their finest? a lottery, can you believe? system.a merit we don't want a lottery system, we want a merit system. we are going to get it and we are on our way to get it. we need a few more votes. we need republicans. this is somebody, he is not into military, but we are. we are into the american
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prebuilt military. of thes a true champion military. he loves our military, he loves our vets. get up. get up here, david. a vote for david is a vote for and our agenda to make america great again. david, come on up. [applause] young: thank you for showing up tonight. for years presidents have made year round.ut e-15 he did it. thank you for keeping your promise. economy.he ,.2% growth, 3.7% unemployment
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incredible things are happening. allowing hard-working iowans to keep their hard-earned dollars. opportunity, the american dream, thank you mr. president. [applause] military andr signing into law the largest pay increase for our military in almost 10 years. thank you, mr. president. [applause] securing our border, mr. president, thank you. and thank you for getting us out of that focus iran deal. [cheers and applause] and thank you, mr. president, for finally moving our embassy jerusalem in to israel. [applause] lookingident, you are out for veterans.
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thank you for that. elections are about choices. we can keep moving forward or allow nancy pelosi and her hand -- [crowd boos] hand-picked candidates to take us backwards. we cannot go backwards to higher taxes, more government, a weaker military. i need your support, we need your support. talk to your friends. november 6, vote. you, mr. president. god bless you. god bless this great country. god bless iowa. god bless you. thank you. [cheers and applause] thank you, david. a vote for david's are left opponent, cindy tax me, remember
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that name. cindy tax me. it is a very good name for her. that was so easy. i don't know if anyone thought of that, but it is a natural. it is a vote for the radical pelosi, schumer, and maxine waters. she wants a socialist takeover of health care. axneill destroy -- cindy is controlled by extreme washington liberals who are totally bankrolling her
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campaign. to stop nancy pelosi from becoming, can you believe this, the speaker of the house? [crowd boos] for davideed to vote young, who is a terrific, terrific guy. terrific guy. [applause] to vote for aeed great friend of mine who really, through force of will got us to put up millions of dollars to build a dam to stop your flooding in a very important part of iowa. --gressman congressman blum. is fighting to reduce crime and continuously cut your taxes. ours opponent abby think in
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-- who is that? whon extreme liberal supports mass amnesty. anybody like amnesty? says "no"} amnesty and wants to take away your health care. e,u have to vote for rod blum david young, and these 2 characters. they are learning so much, i wasn't even going to bring them up. get out and vote anyway, just in case. you never know. you never know. a majority of house democrats have signed up for a socialist
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health care plan that would obliterate medicare and eliminate medicare advantage for 20 million seniors. republicans want to protect medicare. we are protect it for our great seniors who have earned it and paid for it all of their lives. right? [applause] americansways protect with pre-existing conditions. we are going to protect americans with pre-existing conditions. the democrat agenda is radical open borders. the new platform of the democrat party is to abolish ice. what a great idea. [crowd boos] do you know why? that people that work for ice. they love our country, but they
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are very tough people. that is what we need to take care of ms 13, all the gangs. [applause] you don't want to do it. you don't want to do it. even you don't want to do it. i don't want to do it either. they're fantastic people. they love our country. for them it is a day in the office. other people want no part of it. turn america, these democrats, that's what they want, into a giant sanctuary for criminal aliens and the ms 13 killers. that we are getting out of the country, by the way, by the thousands. [applause] towns in taken over rhode island. literally, it could happen in your community. they have taken over towns in
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long island. towns i grew up right next to. i know every one of them. fear,o in, they have no and they take care of the situation. they get them the hell out of there or they put them in jail. they liberate, can you imagine, we are saying this about places in our country, we ar they liberate them. have liberated. how said, how pathetic. if we didn't have ice, it wouldn't happen. we have to protect our law enforcement. [cheers and applause] emigration policies aren't just wrong, they are lethal. republicans believe our country
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should be a sanctuary for law-abiding americans, not criminal aliens that sneak into our country. proudlyblicans stand with the brave men and women of ice and border patrol and our great law enforcement, including your great local law enforcement. [applause] want to have safe communities, if you want to have a border, then you must organize . remember this, if you don't have a border, you don't have a country, let's face it. let's face it. we are doing things incredible outside, but things are happening -- you will see. you will see what is happening. north korea, we were getting ready to go to war with north korea, now we are getting along nicely. [applause] .ook at iran
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before i got there a ron was going to take over the middle east in 12 minutes. now they are trying to survive. you have riots in every city. want to keep up what we are doing and keep this country -- we have tremendous potential. doing well, but we have tremendous potential to grow incredibly when we get rid of these horrible, disgusting trade deals with china. over the past 5-6 years we have to $500ing $300 billion billion a year. no one even knows what the hell it is it is so much. it is ending. it is ending. [applause] it is not just china.
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we protect both the countries for nothing. for nothing. would you say saudi arabia is wealthy? yeah. i said to the king, you have to pay. if we are going to protect, you have to pay. you have to pay. i have friends in the audience that are good businessman, they say -- good businessman, they say yeah. japan is a wealthy country. by a minister abe just won landslide, but i said we are protecting japan. they are making a fortune. millions ofding us cars. we can't send them cars. they pay a essentially no tax. we subsidize their military. i'm not talking about 2%. we pay for 70% of their
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military. nobody knows this. i said to the prime minister, who is a great guy, i said "how come?" he honestly says, "nobody ever asked." there are many countries like that, many, many countries. we should protect people that can't protect themselves and are getting slaughtered. it's ok. it's ok. that's ok. now building, by far, the strongest military we have ever had. the reason is -- [cheers and applause] is when you have the strongest military ever in the history of this world nobody is going to mess with you. these people know it. i don't want to use our
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military, but this is a very dangerous world. this is a sick world in many ways. it is a very, very -- i see things as president you don't want to know about. the things i see you don't want to know about. we have to be on guard for really treacherous people that are running some places, and we are so prepared you have no idea. we are so prepared. we are so prepared. [applause] election -- this election is about security and prosperity. -- goode election looking guy over there. seal teams, they are great. since the election we created, nobody believes this. i would have said this when i
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came to iowa, many times, or nebraska, many times -- [applause] with fewer governor. if i said we would create for .2 million jobs the fake -- 4.2 million jobs, the fake media. look at them, it is like the academy awards. [crowd boos] what he news would say says? guess what, we created 4.2 million jobs since the election. [applause] we lifted over 4 million people off of food stamps. how good is that? [applause] we have added nearly half a million manufacturing jobs. african-american unemployment
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has reached its lowest rate ever recorded in the history of our country. [applause] african-american poverty has reached its lowest rate ever recorded. [applause] kanye west, who gets it -- [applause] how do you brown, think he is doing in the nfl today? he is coming over to the white house, we will have lunch, but they get it. the democrats for 100 years have been promising african-americans, hispanic americans, asian, they have been promising everything, nothing happens. here we are less than two years, the best numbers they have ever
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had in virtually every category. every category. [applause] hispanic american and asian american unemployment rates have also reached all time lows. how'd you beat us in 202020? governor, do you have any ideas? numbers everest recorded. those debates i look forward to. i said we were going to do that. the remember, what the hell do you have to lose, do you remember that? do it,we were going to but now we have done it. how can someone do better? we are going to do better than that. women's unemployment rate held to 3.6%. [applause] more thanhe lowest in 65 years. the only reason to vote democrat is if you are tired of winning.
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we have finalized a new fair korea thatfor south no one talks about, it is a big deal. we did a deal, manufacturers, farmers. the deal was so bad it was a hillary clinton deal. she was secretary of state. [crowd boos] she made a statement that doing a tour, her and her husband or something -- [crowd boos] she made a statement, something ridiculous, that is why she lost the election. she has never gotten it. she said we will create 250
6:29 am
thousand jobs and everyone was excited. she was right, but it was created in south korea, not our country. deal, check it off. another horrible deal. we will create 250,000 jobs -- if she would have said for south korea, at least it would have been honest. we have renegotiated under the guise of massive tariffs. if you are not going to do it, we are just going to put tariffs. they said let's do it. we have opened up for your farmers, your manufacturers, we have taken a horrible deal and made it a good deal. we are opening up for something where we do even better, but we are going to open up japan for trade and the european union, which is brutal. they are brutal. sounds so nice, so nice, the
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european union sounds so nice. they are brutal. that is because they have had to takey in order advantage of us on trade. most of those countries in the european union. areany is paying 1%, we paying 4.3% to protect europe. explain that. the numbers are horrific. nato byre paid into other countries. this year will be more than that . that is why i tell you our country has such incredible potential. i could go through so many things, just the same thing. they were going to build the embassy in israel. as you know, we got approved. [applause] document to get
6:31 am
rainy to spend over $1 billion to build a building. i said how do you spend $1 billion to build a building? it is probably one story. i said maybe we can get a building, renovate it, and fix it up real fast, who knows? our great ambassador to israel said we have the best site in jerusalem, there is a beautiful building on it, and we can take a big corner of that building, fix it up, and instead of waiting for 25 years we could have it in four months. [applause] i said, what do you mean the site is the best? he said we have had the site for many years. the building is good, but we have to renovate. billionll spend one
6:32 am
dollars and probably never get it open. if we spent $1 billion, it would tobably be 2 billion dollars $3 billion. i said how much will it cost and how good is the site? the site is good and the building is way back, which is good for purposes of security. you don't want it on the can't imagine why. he said it is a great site and we can do other things later. i said how much will it cost? you said, sir, it will cost about $180,000. true. $180,000. first time in my life i have ever done this. first time, don't get angry. . said, david, it is too cheap it doesn't sound good. i never did it before. i like to save. air force one we gave up a
6:33 am
contract. i said to boeing, i am not going to pay that price. i said i am not paying it, cancel the contract. i am not paying it. i held a line. i said you have to take off one $1.8 billion. they called and said what if we took off $1.6 billion? thei said ok. i actually wanted it cut in half. i said $180,000 is too cheap. it doesn't sound good. it is not going to play well. we took it from $1 billion to $180,000? david, you know what? use it $400,000 and
6:34 am
jerusalem stone. stone.t beautiful probably the most expensive stone when you bring it here, but you are in jerusalem. they should have plenty of it. i said use jerusalem stone and let's do it. we opened it for months later for $400,000. it is open. it is open. [applause] you many of these stories. i could tell you so many of these stories. i have 30 more we could talk about. should i give you one more of those stories? [applause] korea. south we've got 32,000 soldiers over there. thank you very much come united
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states. they don't pay. they don't pay us, but they are very successful. the obama administration gave this incredible -- [crowd boos] it's all right. don't worry. it has been mostly dismantled. [applause] mostly dismantled. office i get in there and i noticed this incredible thad system to shoot down rockets, shoot down missiles, i think they have a 97% shot at it. the company likes to say if you send up 2 missiles you get 100%. that is too expensive, do it with one. i get there, brand-new, put in. i said, just out of curiosity who pays for it. he is nota general,
6:36 am
in business. he is into winning wars, but not business. i said, let me ask you something. how much does that system cost? sir, i don't know. , if you are aan good businessman come you know what i'm talking. how much does that cost? sir, i don't know. who pays for it? sir, i don't know. timewas at the border, a when we were having a little problem at the beginning. a lot of people thought we were going to war, but we are doing nicely now. i said we shoot down rockets shot from north korea to south korea, ok. so we are protecting south korea ? why aren't they paying? immediately go and find out who is paying for it and how much.
6:37 am
he comes into my office. we are an ally of south korea, therefore we are paying for the system, sir. i thought -- [laughter] i said, all right, give me the bad news. give me the bad news. how much? , $1 billion. whoa. whoa! system weting in a pay for and it is going to cost $1 billion in order to protect wealthysely country that makes all of your television sets. samsung, lg, i ordered a lot of them from south korea. i am trying to figure that out, steve king.
6:38 am
this, and i say go back to the country. renegotiate that deal. but sir, the obama administration has already agreed to it. i said, i couldn't care less if they agreed to it. i don't care. [applause] that is the second or third story. i could go on all night, but i want to get the hell out of here. , thought i was coming to iowa and there are more people from nebraska. [cheers and applause] right, pete rickets? .overnor rickets we love you both. rebuilding other
6:39 am
nations, i could give you 30 stories, i could give you 100 stories like that. we are finally rebuilding our nation. that is what we are doing. being takenot advantage of any more. america is being respected again. [applause] with republicans in congress, we the biggest package of tax cuts and reforms in american history. so important for the farmers and save yournesses to family farms and ranches. we virtually eliminated the estate tax. now, if you like your children or love your children you can leave your beautiful farm to your children and they will not
6:40 am
have to pay any taxes. they will not have to go to your local banker, borrow money, and end up losing the farm, which was happening. that is a big deal. jeff, steve, deal, and everybody. that is a big deal. people are leaving their farms, and the kids end up going through hell and losing their farms. now you won't have to borrow money and put a mortgage on. your kids orlike love your kids it doesn't have any impact. sell your farm and don't give them anything if you don't like them. don't give them anything. the price ofng prescription drugs to help critically ill patients access life-saving treatment. to try.d right we all know what it is.
6:41 am
we have right to try now. for years, people wanted to access some of these cures that work but can't get approved because of the long process we have cut way down. they were terminally ill and could not get treatment of something that may work. we just signed right to try. these guys helped a lot, steve, jeff, everybody. they helped a lot. david was great, david young. right to drive. people used to travel all over the world. if they didn't have money they would go home. no now they can sign a document. they tried for 40 years to get that passed. right to try. i love it. we passed veterans choice giving our veterans the right to see a private doctor. [applause]
6:42 am
big thing. 44 years they try to get it passed. people were waiting in line for days.s, 20 days, 28 people aren't that sick by the time they see the doctor. they are terminally ill. they couldn't see a doctor. letwe have the right to them see a private doctor. we pay for the bills. it is great for them. it is actually saving for us. 44 years. 44 years. 44 years. i thought it was my idea, but then i said what a great idea. they said we have been trying to get it passed for 44 years. how simple, right? 44 years. because of guys like this, governor, you were incredible. , you helped so
6:43 am
much. landmark va accountability .aw you couldn't fire anybody. they were sadists working for the va. horrible people. you couldn't fire them. i hate to say it. union problems, all sorts of problems. pretty strong lobby. we got it passed. 44, 46 years. thatwhen we catch people are not taking care of our , you arewe say jim fired. get out of here. [applause] [crowd chants "trump"]
6:44 am
they don't spin the cameras. they don't want to show how big these crowds are. i am telling you. they don't want to show it. they don't want to show it. they are not spinning. do you see one camera turning? they don't want to show all these people. [crowd boos] i don't see -- look. i don't see one camera turning. they don't want to show it. i comeat first lady, home and say did they show the crowd? no, but it sounded massive. an iowa state or
6:45 am
nebraska football game. that is what it sounds like. [cheers and applause] like.s what it sounds my wife would say they didn't show the crowd but it sure as hell sounded big. when you have crowds like this, you can't cheat on the sound. they cheat because they would never show the crowd. billion to$716 americanur great military. the pentagon is working to create the sixth branch of the american armed forces, the space force. very important. very important. [cheers and applause] done,got to get that congressman. everybody wants that. so important. for years you watched as your leaders apologized for america.
6:46 am
now you have a president who is standing up for america. [applause] are standing up for your values. we are standing up for iowa and nebraska. [cheers and applause] up forproudly standing our great national anthem. [cheers and applause] [crowd chants "usa"] by the way, speaking of the nfl -- [crowd boos] it is ok.
6:47 am
for years the nfl had a problem with canada, the super bowl -- it is complicated. it doesn't matter. on ae dealing with them bigger issue and the nfl is a great american company. i told my people get the damn nfl problem solved. it took them about 2 minutes. i got a call from the commissioner. i thought he was calling about the flag, calling to say we are going to stand with our hands on our hearts. he didn't. he called me to thank me. do you know why i did that? nobody told me to do that. i knew we had a problem and it is a great american company. if we like it or don't like it, it doesn't matter. we got it done. now the players will be paid more money and they will still
6:48 am
hate me. they will still hate trump but get paid more money. that is why guys like jim brown like me. to continue our incredible momentum, you have to get your friends, get your family, get your neighbor is coming get your coworkers and get out for early voting. get out and vote for early voting. [applause] vote for governor kim reynolds. i thought you were coming here as my guest, pete. come on over, pete. vote for pete ricketts. [applause] i didn't know you were bringing half of nebraska, pete. [applause] congressman rob blume
6:49 am
and congressman david young. don't bother with these two guys, they are going to win. vote for them too, please. that's right, steve. they are going to vote for you guys. vote for republicans. you are doing the right thing. a vote for us is a vote for lower taxes, less regulation, and more products that are made right here in the usa. that is what we are doing. [cheers and applause] it is a vote to respect our borders, respect our constitution, and respect the heroes of law enforcement. [applause] a vote for republicans is a vote
6:50 am
to reject the democrat politics of anger, division, and destruction. you know what else? you know what else? and weakness, because it is a weakness. and reclaim our magnificent destiny as americans. to everyone in this great room tonight, to every citizen watching across our land, and there are a lot of them, this is your time to choose. you have to vote. it will be taken away if they get control. they will start appointing supreme court judges you won't want. we will have justices that you will say, how did this happen. get out and vote. decide if you want to turn backwards to the failures and frustrations of the past, or continue forward into the path of american greatness. [applause]
6:51 am
forget in 2016 we had the in the historynt of our country. they won't challenge that. they even admit that. they aren't happy about it, they aren't happy, but that was the greatest movement in the history of our country. it is not up to the media, or the fake news, or the pundits to decide your fate. it is up to you. you have the power. with your boat you can do so much. you can defend your family, defend your community, defend your country, your rights, your faith, and your dignity. [applause] you, iowazens like and nebraska, helped build this
6:52 am
country, and together we are taking back our country. returning power back to the american patriots, which is you. [applause] these states were settled by tough pioneer men and strong pioneer women. the women were actually stronger than men, but i don't want to get into that. i don't want to get into that. women are stronger than men, i have said it for a long time. sorry men, you know what i'm talking about. they are all nodding. you are right. who braved the wilderness and defied dangers to build a life and home here. they didn't have a lot of money, they didn't have a lot of luxury , but they had one thing in common. they loved their families, they
6:53 am
loved their country, and they loved their god. [cheers and applause] in these courageous hatreds did not shed their blood, sweat, and tears -- these courageous patriots did not shed their blood, sweat, and tears so we could erase their legacy and destroy our proud american heritage. for the sake of our freedom and for the sake of our children, we are going to work, we are going to fight, and we are going to win, win, win. [applause] bend.l not we will not break. we will never give in. we will never give up. we will never back down to stop we will never surrender. we will always fight on to
6:54 am
victory. [cheers and applause] americans, and our hearts bleed red, white, and blue. we are one people, one family, and one glorious nation under god. [applause] make americawill wealthy again. we will make america strong again. we will make america safe again. america greatke again. i will.u, thank you, nebraska. thank you. get out and vote. ♪
6:55 am
[rolling stones "you can't "]ways get what you want. ♪
6:56 am
6:57 am
>> here is a look at our live coverage on wednesday. consumer on the u.s. data protection. campaign 2018 coverage continues with the debate for north carolina's ninth district house seat. the candidates for new jersey's 11th district face-off. questions, 7:00 eastern time on c-span2.
6:58 am
later in the day at 7:00 p.m., president trump holds a rally in in support of lou barletta, who is challenging democratic challenger bob casey. a senate hearing on security threats in the u.s. with homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen, fbi director fbi director wray . >> fox news tucker carlson ofcusses his book, "ship falls: how i selfish ruling class is bringing america to the brink of revolution." why we elected trump and i could not get past the idea that the country voted for donald trump. why would you do that? is a balance is --
6:59 am
of several things, but you would not elect trump and must you really, really want to send a message. happy countries do not elect donald trump, desperate ones do. what is the message? glenn both sides screwed up. >> sunday at 8:00 eastern. your calls and comments. -- several secretaries of state on what they are doing to ensure election security. virginia security of state matt warner. ,t 9:00, denise merrill
7:00 am
connecticut secretary of state who will talk about the issues facing her state as part of c-span's 50 capitals to work along with governor dannel malloy. washington journal is next. ♪ host: good morning. it is wednesday, october 10, 2018. the senate is in at 10:00 a.m. with the first votes set for 11:30. we will begin with the unexpected announcement yesterday that u.n. ambassador nikki haley will step down from her post at the end of the year. she has not said what she will be doing next. the one-time critic of president trump says she has no plans to run for office in 2020 and plans to campaign for trump's reelection. we want to hear