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tv   Campaign 2018 Arizona 2nd U.S. House Debate  CSPAN  October 13, 2018 12:58pm-1:59pm EDT

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gonzales. we appreciate it. thank you for watching. debate coverage continues. in wisconsin, we are live at 8:00 p.m. eastern. in ohio, sherrod brown debates cleveland. in at c-span.orgine and on the free radio app. 24 days until the election, c-span is source for campaign 2018. next, a debate in arizona second congressional district between democrat ann kirkpatrick and leah marquez peterson. the district is located in the southeastern corner of the state, they are running to replace the current
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representative who is running for the senate. mrs. kirkpatrick is leading by seven points. >> welcome to the your vote congressional district 2 debate presented live from the tucson jewish community center by arizona public media. and the arizona republic. >> welcome to tonight's debate. i'm the political reporter at arizona public media, and there is nothing like election season. we will spend an hour discussing concerns of the people of the second congressional district with the two women vying to represent that district. let's get to it. let's give a welcome to ann kirkpatrick and leah marquez peterson.
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[applause] thank you for joining us tonight. here on the stage, the host and coproducer of arizona 360, and steve goldstein of our sister station in phoenix, joe ferguson of the arizona daily star, ron hansen of the arizona republic. before we begin here are the rules for tonight's discussion. each candidate will get a 92nd -- a 90 second opening statement and one minute closing statement. our panel of journalists ask questions from a list they have prepared. and the candidates have not seen yet. the questions will be directed to one candidate who will have one minute to respond and the other candidate will have 30 seconds to rebut. if one of our journalists has a
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follow-up question to both will have 45 seconds to respond. we will alternate who gets a question and strictly enforced the time limit. we may give extra time to the other candidate in an effort to balance opportunities for the audience to hear from both. a note to our live audience. we are broadcasting this live on tv, radio and the internet. interruptions take away time from the candidates who we came to see. disruptive behavior will not be tolerated and may result in security asking you to leave the room. now for opening statements. based on a drawing beforehand, miss kirkpatrick, you have 90 seconds. miss kirkpatrick >> --
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kirkpatrick: i was raising the apache nation. i came to tucson to do my undergraduate work at the university of arizona. after graduation i taught school for a while here and went to law school at the university of arizona. in law school i clerked for the pima county attorney's office. i was a law clerk for our current county attorney. i was also a law clerk for john rall. many of you will remember he was killed in the shooting at the safeway in oracle in january 2011. i'm honored to be here tonight with my opponent. to answer your questions, give our positions see you can be an informed voter. where to tell you, every i go into son, whether it is the grocery store, or the gas station, people come up and expressed to me concerns, their fears mother worries in this election. seniors are afraid they're going
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to lose medicare and social security. women are afraid they're going to lose their right to choose. lgbt couples are afraid they will not be able to marry. these are the issues we will be addressing tonight. i look forward to our questions. >> thank you. mr. peterson you have 90 seconds. ms. peterson: great to see so many friends and supporters here. i have been a small business owner for several decades. i have been the president of the tucson hispanic chamber to the last nine years with offices in tucson, douglas, i'm a mom. my family is of different generations. i have lived here for 40 years. i have grown up in this community. i attended the university of arizona and i remember when craig clark ross was a two-way road. i am running for office because
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this is my home. i want to see political reform. i support term limits. i want to see no budget no pay. if washington doesn't pass a budget they shouldn't be paid. that is probably how your own family and businesses operate. i want to tackle wasting -- waste in government. people are tired of career who moved like ann, to flagstaff and then from phoenix to tucson to run for this office. she has violated her term limit pledge. she is not one of us and has moved here to run in our community. i would like to represent our community and be strong. >> thank you for your opening comment. onto the questions. the first round will explore partisanship in the politically diverse district. the first question goes to miss kirkpatrick from lorraine the -- lorraine rivera. >> political divisions play a large role in elections in the district. independent voters decide this
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district. how will you represent such a diverse district? >> you have one minute. ms. kirkpatrick: i grew up and a bipartisan high household. my mother's family were republican ranchers and my dad were democratic businessmen. two large families. it made for interesting get-togethers. everyone had their political opinion. at the end of the day we were family, we were all arizonans. we were all americans. i value that upbringing now than ever. it is given me the temperament and experience to go to congress and get to know my colleagues. legislating is about building relationships. i'm able to do that. that is how you get things done. find people, find their story, regardless of party, find that common ground. i did a lot of legislation for veterans. that is not a partisan issue.
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there are many members of all parties who have served our country, our veterans and care that veterans get benefits they have earned. >> you have 30 seconds to rebut. ms. peterson: i have not been a politician before, this is my first time running for office. i have ever be tatian as a -- i have a reputation as a problem solver. i have been running one of the largest chambers of congress in our stay. working with whoever it will take to get the job done, whether democrat, republican or independent. many issues we are facing are not partisan. i think they are issues we can talk to others, we can collaborate and work closely to get things done. i'm focused on finding the best solutions. dark old -- >> our next question is from steve goldman. >> arizona's relationship with mexico is vital. how do you think president trump has treated the relationship with mexico overall?
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if you were to win this street -- this seat, would you address them directly? ms. peterson: it is interesting. as the chamber president of have -- having the opportunity to address the trump advisors on the relationship with mexico. i have not always agreed with the comments he's made but i have made sure to explain to him the perspective i have. of how important relationship with mexico is. they are number one trading partner for the state of arizona. 110,000 jobs depend on trade with mexico. i have close relationships and have worked with the governor collaboratively with our partners in mexico and bring bring thatntinue to perspective to president trump and the administration when elected that office. >> you have 30 seconds if you wish. >> it is so important we have a good relationship with mexico. a third of our economy comes from mexico. i visited with the mayors,
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-- the mayors of douglas, sierra vista even republican business , people. they don't want to wall. the wall is not the answer. we need comprehensive immigration reform that protects dreamers and daca recipients. but not a wall. >> our next question is from joe ferguson. it is for ms. kirkpatrick. you spoke to -- he said he had not spent his life in the district like you had. now you talk about your time in pima county. why shouldn't voters look at this as you being an opportunist? >> after the 2016 election my daughter in residency here gave birth to my second grandson a month early. he had to be in the newborn icu. my daughter and her husband are able to spend time in the hospital but that left a taking
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-- that left me taking care of his 18-month-old brother. i have always said running a competitive senate race pales in comparison to running after an 18-month-old toddler. we came down here to help her finish residency, help that family. i would go over every morning to help her get ready for work and get my other grandson off to preschool. that is why we were here. i voted for the affordable care act. when martha and excel he voted voted for- mick sally that deadly bill that would have kicked millions of people off of health care, i said i can't stand on the sidelines and watch this happen. i'm going to take her on. she is not running anymore. and i have missed marquez peterson as my opponent. >> 30 seconds. ms. peterson: it is opportunistic. she has moved four hours north to move to our community to run
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and represent us. with her past race with jonathan payne she said someone had to have a lifetime of service in the community to truly represent. i have that lifetime of service. having lived here 40 years. raising my family here. i think it makes a difference that we have someone running with the community at heart. i'm running to represent my home. >> our next question from the -- from ron hansen from the arizona republic. we are through this segment. this goes to ms. peterson. >> you have largely ignored media requests for interviews leading up to election day. while serving the hispanic chamber of commerce you make yourself available regularly before. why the change? >> i think what i have done is be strategic about outreach and beyond tucson, focus on talking to voters in sierra vista and
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wilcox, green valley, this district is broad. i have made myself available to voters that want to talk about particular issues. the important issues have been jobs and the economy, support for military. health care. border security. and hearing their perspective so i can represent them. >> my opponent has not been accessible to the people in cd 2. during the primary her forms -- forums were closed-door events. they would let joe ferguson in to report on it. she hasn't met with the media. she is running a closed-door campaign. this is one of the problems why martha was so vulnerable. people wanted to see her and have town halls. my opponent said she is not going to do any town halls.
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>> thank you we are on tour next question, it is for ms. kirkpatrick. pelosi toed for nancy be the speaker of the house and she helped bankroll your campaign. many democrats are urging for a change in the party leadership. will you support nancy pelosi speaker of the house and 319? -- in 2019? >> if democrats are successful taking back the house and in the majority we are going to be taking on really hefty legislation. that is what we did last time. it was a large caucus. we had the progressives. we had blue dogs. we have hispanic caucus. the african-american caucus, women's caucus. we debated vigorously in our caucus room. nancy pelosi was able to bring us to a consensus on legislation that we could actually pass. she never took a bill to the floor when she didn't have the votes to pass it.
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no modern speaker before or since has been able to do that, especially paul ryan, the current speaker. >> you have 30 seconds. ms. peterson: i believe she will vote for nancy pelosi. she is voted with her 90% of the time. i think if she's elected to the seat we will see tax reform rollbacks, all the great there progress we have seen will roll back. will be a detrimental effect on southern arizona. >> our next question from steve goldstein. >> as with most congressional campaigns there's been outside money and involvement. have you agreed with the actions and advertisements on your behalf? ms. peterson: absolutely not. i have not run for office before and it is surprising to see the lies that can we put in mailers. this mailer was sent out that
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said i took $50,000 in special interest group money when in fact she had taken $3 million in special interest group money over her career. the hypocrisy and the craziness that goes in the political advertising. additional lies that have been told, i would eliminate social security and medicare. that is not something i stand for. , that i wouldone make sure that people receive what they have promised and paid into. >> you have 30 seconds. ms. kirkpatrick: i am running a positive campaign. there are outside groups that may come in and run negative pieces from my opponent. but that's not me. if it doesn't say i approved it or i paid for it, it is not my ad. it is illegal for me to have anything to do with those outside ads that come in. i want the viewers to know that unless it has my name on it.
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it is not my ad. we are running a positive campaign. >> time for follow-ups. joe ferguson you have a follow-up. please indicate which candidate you are indicating the question to. both candidates will be given an opportunity to answer all follow-up questions. joe? >> would you like donald trump to join you on the campaign trail? >> having any president would be an honor. i have not requested his attendance. i'm running on my own regard. i think it is a matter of making sure people understand my experience as a problem solver, taking initiative, being involved in my community. i'm involved in visit tucson. i chair the board of st. mary's i served in the capacity of many different
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community boards because i love and care about this community. i'm going to be an independent voice in this district. >> you have 30 seconds. ms. kirkpatrick: my opponent brought speaker ryan to tucson. she will follow his agenda. she is not independent. he has his agenda of privatizing social security. she has said she will privatize social security, get rid of medicare. she does not support a woman's right to choose. those are the things that will happen if republican stay in power. they will privatize social security and cut medicare benefits and get rid of a woman's right to choose. those are the issues that are at stake. my opponent is not being truthful and forthright about where she stands. >> thank you. we are about to change a sub jects. i want to thank both candidates at this point for keeping to the times and the audience for being
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respectful. we turn our attention to issues related to our most precious resource, water. the first question is from ron hansen. >> what should be the federal government role for congress's role in a drought contingency plan that serves multiple states in the colorado river watershed? >> we have a water caucus. it is primarily western states. it has to be a regional solution because we are in this together. we've got to find solutions for the west. we have a serious problem here in congressional district two. i was down in sulfur springs valley recently. i recently heard a story of a family there who bought land with a home, they were from the midwest. they didn't think to ask about water. they turned on the spigot and out came stand and mud. the water table there has been sucked out by large foreign agriculture farms. we have to address that problem. we have to have hearings. it affects so many people.
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there is a solution. we can come out with a drought plan that affects all of the western states and addresses the lack of water in the colorado river. those are tough questions we need to deal with and we can. ms. peterson: the role of the federal government is certainly in planning. however, some of the drastic conditions we are facing need to be a partnership between local jurisdictions and the federal government. one of the first things we can do is appoint a director of bureau and land management to relate to the water situation. i think decisions about water need to be made locally by local jurisdictions. >> our next question, for miss marquez peterson. >> how do you prioritize federal
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versus private land use? and water conservation policy? >> it is about having a seat at the table, engaging in committees that react to those issues. i am interested in the energy and commerce committee. that is my background. being able to provide perspective and an independent voice in congress on these issues is key. that is how we will get things done. >> i was on the transportation infrastructure committee and plan to be on that committee again working in southern arizona to improve infrastructure and get funding for projects. working with mayor rothschild and local mayors to improve that critical infrastructure, which we need to do to improve our economy. it is important we have good roads, a working water system,
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that we have good paying jobs and a quality education for children. those are all infrastructure projects. terkel arnett -- >> our next question comes from steve goldstein. >> coming back to what mr. patrick said -- miss kirkpatrick said, people out of state stepping in there. >> i talked to folks throughout the county, lennar development companies, and sully folks with different opinions. i'm going to stand by the fact that we need a local jurisdictions at the table. it needs to be a local solution. federal government can provide support and planning but we need to rely on folks to solve this problem and not step in as the federal government to solve that government tries to solve that
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problem. >> that question was supposed to go to you. we'll give you a full minute to answer. >> water is so critical. i know that senator kyle and senator mccain were working closely with me to come up with a strategy for arizona. one of the things we have to do is have a statewide drought plan. we are in a drought and we need to be working together off the same blueprints to preserve water. that includes more efficient water tanks. water sinks. using graywater where we can. conservation measures. perhaps collecting rainwater to garden. so many things we can do that we aren't doing. it takes leadership like senator mccain was providing to do that. i plan to provide that in arizona and throughout the west, not only in congressional district 2.
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>> our next question comes from joe ferguson. and it is to you miss kirkpatrick. >> should congress step into local water decisions? a subdivision in service to -- fear this to with several valley homes -- with several homes if it threatens the profit , or profitability is? >> one of the concerns i had was approval of the subdivisions without looking at a water source for those subdivisions. that would save this family a lot of problems. it has to be a joint effort between the federal government and state governments working together to make sure we've got checks and balances in place, so people are not sold houses that don't have adequate water. i feel for that family. they invested their life savings into that property and now they can't sell it because they don't have water sources. >> you have 30 seconds.
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ms. peterson: this has been top of mind as you are aware. they have not pulled a housing permit and a long time. -- in a long time. having that discussion, having the local state weigh in on the determination of that subdivision can be approved is key. the federal government can provide guidelines but those decisions should be made at the local and state level. >> we have a follow-up question from ron hansen. >> ms. peterson, do you accept the science of climate change? what are you willing to do to act on that body of knowledge from climate scientist. ms. peterson: it is a delicate balance between growing a company and the environment of -- the environmental regulations
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put in place for not having them overreach but i think it is a delicate balance that must be met. >> miss kirkpatrick you have 45 , seconds for the follow-up. let's hear from the candidates. >> i believe the science behind climate change. the defense department believes it. it has been said it is the biggest existential threat to the planet. we should have done something about it 20 years ago, but we really have to do something now. we have to lower fossil fuel in emsions -- in missions -- issions. tucson is a great place for this. we should be using alternative energy. we should be the solar capital of the world. gabby giffords was working on that. i want to pick up that effort because we can do it. let's stop using fossil fuel. let's convert to wind, solar and natural gas where it makes
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sense. >> we are almost halfway through the evening, hard as that is to believe, and we are changing topics. our attention to questions related to border security and immigration. we begin with a question from lorraine rivera for miss peterson. >> should daca recipients the granted citizenship? what do you say to thousands of immigrants who are waiting for their citizenship request to be processed? ms. peterson: i support dreamers achieving legal status. i do not believe it should include a pathway to citizenship. we need to focus on immigration reform. immigration reform means something that is merit-based that includes a family, and border security. i do support the wall where it makes sense, surveillance technology resources. increased border patrol. i think all of that should be done together because it is a
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complex issue. but i support legal status for dreamers. >> i support daca recipients. i support dreamers. i had an immigration working group to address immigration reform. i always started my meetings with testimony from dreamers. daca recipients. three or four of them, different ones each time. their stories are so emotional and impactful, and in so many cases, tragic. i thought if capitol hill could hear these stories we would get immigration reform done. i introduced legislation to allow dreamers to work on capitol hill, i want to do that again. >> steve goldstein, question for miss kirkpatrick. >> the latino community is not monolithic. as a group they tend to oppose president trump's plan for a border wall. how specific would you be to those who see bigotry in the white house? ms. peterson: the borders only secure when the people who lived
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there feel that it is secure. ranchers along the border who feel the policies are inflaming the issue. the policy of separating children from their parents is horrible, horrible, gut wrenching, painful policy. a black eye on our country. for the rest of our history. i have three grandchildren under the age of three. the fact that they would ever be separated against their will from their parents and put in the hands of a stranger, i can't bear to think about that. i don't know how they are coping with it. we have to stop that policy and pass border policies that are humane and legal. what this a is doing is inhumane and illegal. ms. peterson: i have spent time
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with sheriff dannels and ranchers. has not left -- met with the sheriff yet. the sheriff and others talk about the fact drug smuggling and human trafficking is a real at our southern border. we need to protect our families along the border. ranchers tell you they have fear related to people that might be coming through the desert with guns and terrorism issues. i think it is important we do secure the border. for me, that is a wall where it makes sense. surveillance resources and increased border patrol. and it is also resource for our sheriffs offices who are choosing to. >> you are over time. thank you. our next question from joe ferguson. it is a question for miss peterson. >> president trump says nafta is one of the worst business in modern history. you worked closely with this
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organization in mexico. do you think the new agreement is an improvement over nafta? ms. peterson: i was a pro, -- proponent of nafta being upgraded. it was 24 years old and we did not have internet when it was written. i expressed concern to the trump administration while he was renegotiating it. we did not want to see nafta go away because of the jobs i mentioned previously and the billions of dollars of trade. i support the u.s. mexico canada agreement put in place. i think we have been able to see president trump regardless of the relationship with mexico negotiate a win-win for the united states and mexico. it is a great opportunity for businesses and those who do trade in southern arizona. we are dependent on our relationship with mexico so i applaud the effort to get the agreement in place.
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ms. kirkpatrick: we have to look at all of our trade agreements and re-examine them. are they fair? every trade agreement has a winner and a loser. it has to be a transparent process so people can know what is in the trade agreement. how many know what trump plans to do with nafta? i have not heard anything. that is the problem with this administration. my opponent is going to be lockstep with the administration to address problems in a non-open transparent manner. >> our next question is for miss kirkpatrick and it comes from ron hansen. >> explain your view on how the sheriffs departments in border counties should support or work with federal immigration and law enforcement officers. ms. kirkpatrick: when i was serving on the homeland security committee i met with the border patrol, local law enforcement.
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at that time the border patrol didn't believe they have the -- had the resources they needed to do the job. i'm a former prosecutor. i have zero tolerance for the criminal activity at the border. i introduce legislation in 2010 that would give an extra $700 million to the border patrol. this allowed them to hire more agents. use drones, and block of war criminals. things are operating better. thatt is really important we have that dialogue with people who are actually in the field, trying to make these areas safe. i think the sheriffs have done an incredible job for providing resources for border security. i support that continues. i would have supported stone
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garden funding if pima county had not put that away. upt something is share for to cover with his own budget and i think that's a shame. we need all the resources we can get. i think it is vitally important. >> we are finished with that segment but we have a follow-up. >> miss peterson we will begin with you. we have already discussed the family separation policy. what other border issue is nuanced that washington meets to understand given that we are on the border. >> you have 45 seconds to answer. our ports of in entry is important. we need investment in the port in our area. more than a billion dollars is spent. there is so much more we could be doing with additional port of entry funding. >> thank you. >> >> we needed to pass
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commonsense legislation. in 2012, the farmers came to me. agriculture is big in arizona. they said we have an immigration bill we think congress can pass. if someone can show they have a job, they have legal status. and then they have a couple of years to choose whether they want to be in a guest worker program, or pursue citizenship. a very simple plan. i thought we could get that done. here we are again. with the republicans in control, and they haven't addressed immigration reform. john mccain got it through the senate in 2013. but it could not get through the republican house. >> for the remainder of the evening we will ask questions covering a variety of issues facing the nation. we begin with steve goldstein, and the question for miss kirkpatrick.
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>> another closure is coming in 2021. what specifically would you try to do to ensure it remains a -- to ensure that the fort remains a viable asset for the u.s. military? a we have the fort which has cyber command center and the air force base which is home for the a 10. i cosponsored the legislation to save the a-10. those bases combined bring about $5 billion to southern arizona. i would fight any effort to close down one of those bases and would work to make sure they have resources they need. i want to be on the appropriations committee. we don't have anyone in arizona on the appropriations committee. i want to be on the defense subcommittee to make sure that we protect the fort and the air
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will work very hard to do that. ms. peterson: i have been part of the southern arizona defense alliance. which our community leaders that have gathered to fight against bracken southern arizona. also a member of a support group in our community, here you need community outreach and support. we need additional missions and to do all we can to support and protect the fort and the air force base. >> our next question for miss marquez. it comes from joe ferguson. >> we all know the history of the a-10. protect theu do to air force base after the a-10 is no longer flying. ms. peterson: you are right. we need to continue to look at additional missions.
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that is something i've would continue to do to work to see what she has done. >> you have 30 seconds. >> i have talked and they have told me it is one of the best they have flown. it is more agile in the air than the f-35. i believe we should keep the a-10 in the fleet. the airig part of what force base does. i want to keep the base open, and will continue to fight with cap big efforts -- and continue the fight that gabby giffords started. >> thank you. the next question comes to you from ron hansen. >> we have heard conflicting answers regarding president trump and impeachment. to be clear do you think , president trump has committed impeachable offenses?
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would you support articles of impeachment against him at this point? ms. kirkpatrick: i never interfered with the investigation as a prosecutor. i let them complete their work and bring their report to me. i would look it over and make a judgment as to whether or not i would issue a charge. congress needs to do that same thing. there needs to be a hearing. we need to let mr. mueller do his investigation. with no interference from the administration. see a report at the end of the day. look at it, have hearings. make sure they know what is in -- the public knows what is in the report and then make the decision. it has to be a thoughtful and careful process. >> thank you. ms. peterson: we need an investigation. it is one of the reasons i was my opponent and the former prosecutor was caught on tape saying she would impeach
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president trump. without any kind of judgment. if you want to hear the audio you can listen to that audio and hear her say without any investigation she would impeach the president. >> our next question, it comes -- is where ms. peterson and it comes from lorraine rivera. out tax cutdark package is expected to add $1 trillion to the national debt. do you support cutbacks on those -- on medicare and medicaid, or are you willing to accept the higher debt? >> i do not support cots in social security. i believe we have made promises to folks who have paid into the system and they need to be honored. in terms of the nationally debt -- the national debt, we need a robust economy. the tax and jobs act it has been beneficial and led our economic prosperity we are seeing in our region. the average family will receive $2000 a year.
1:39 pm
consumer confidence, small business confidence is at the highest levels in decades. we need to let the economy tackle the debt we'll be facing. >> you have 30 seconds. ms. kirkpatrick: my opponents endorsed the massive tax cut for the wealthy and the corporations. paul ryan came to tucson for her and said how are we going to pay for it? we are going to have to look at social security and medicare. believe me under his leadership , she will cut social security and medicare. the committee to come -- protect and preserve social security and medicare, that is because i fight to keep those programs. they are not entitlements. they are earned benefits. our seniors deserve to have them. >> thank you, our next question is from steve goldstein for miss kirkpatrick. >> i want to return to the topic of immigration reform.
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comprehensive immigration reform has been tossed around a lot, but not as much now. do you think it is possible to have a humane policy that includes border security? >> if we pass comprehensive i if we pass comprehensive immigration reform we free at up the border patrol to focus on -- free up the border patrol to focus on the criminal activity, stop the cartels, stop the human trafficking. families who want to come here to work or to make a better life for their families should have a legal way to do that. it's a top priority. when john mccain ushered through that legislation in 2013. i thought we would have it done by now, i really did. but we are going to push for it until we get it done. >> you have 30 seconds. >> i spoke about immigration reform. we need to tackle this now.
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people know the system is broken. we need immigration reform that includes something merit-based that includes family and border security which includes a wall where it makes sense, surveillance, resources for our sheriffs. it is something we need to tackle now. it can get done? do you think this congress is ready to make it happen? ms. peterson: i have seen generations of bills worked on by senator mccain or senator flake in the past. i think there is a will to get this done. >> would you like 45 seconds on that follow-up? >> yes. i would like to put together working groups on various issues. i talked about my immigration working group, i want to do that again. it is a way to engage the community to give me good ideas on legislation we can pass.
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i really believe the people in the trenches know best. this is an of approach from the bottom-up rather than me imposing my ideas. i look forward to setting up the immigration working group. we will have other working groups on the problems we are facing. >> we turn to joe ferguson for miss marquez peterson. any significant areas where you differ from martha amick sally -- mcsally? >> i have been an advocate for four tariffs -- four tariffs -- for tariffs. i'm not clear on what her role has been. we have small businesses within our chamber of commerce that have been dramatically impacted.
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even when there was a threat. i gave that perspective and had a seat at the table to explain those effects on our businesses as he went through his negotiation. those are areas in which i have differed. ms. kirkpatrick: i see areas where my opponent and martha mcs ally agreed. they want to privatize social security. they do not support a woman's right to choose. they don't believe in being accessible to the public. there is a movement that started. take a stand. where is she? we can't see her, she doesn't speak to us, she doesn't do town hall. my opponent has said the same thing. she has not made herself open and accessible to the community and she will do that. >> our next question is for miss kirkpatrick. >> in three terms in washington you were the sponsor of three bills that became law.
1:44 pm
one took care of to property -- of two property owners who had a badlands survey in 1960. another involved renaming a post office. the third involved a financial break for native american veterans seeking housing assistance. what can the residents and constituents of cd to expect you to accomplish in your next term if you get one? ms. kirkpatrick: what they can expect is somebody who will listen to the problem and figure out a way to solve it. i passed that legislation with an arizona republican congressman. we decided who would run against me and beat me in 2010. we decided to put our differences aside for the good of arizona and work together. i look forward to working with arizona's congressional delegation. democrats and republicans, to get legislation that is significant southern arizona passed in a bipartisan way. we will be listening to folks
1:45 pm
who say we need this legislation to address border security. we need is legislation to address education. we need to protect social security and medicare, and put them on a sustainable path. ms. peterson: i've never run for office. we have more than 60,000 veterans living in this district and we need to focus on those who will impact the quality of -- the service, the timeliness of the service, and constituent services i think our key. commit to our veterans that we can do all that we can to have consistent services. we have 10 minutes left and for both of you i have a question. ms. peterson you will get to
1:46 pm
answer first. this district is a split evenly, one third, one third, one third, republicans, democrats, independents. knowing your district is split, if you are elected, what is one district you would reach across the aisle to pass? miss marquez peterson. ms. marquez peterson: i have been running our tucson hispanic chamber which is nonpartisan and includes people from all different parties. an issue of top importance to them is health care. the current affordable care act has not been affordable. it is something most small businesses cannot afford to provide insurance. we are now down to one insurance company in the state servicing us. we need a bipartisan solution for the affordable care act or obamacare. we need to figure out something that is going to work, looking for ideas, insurance across state lines, association plans. we need to figure this out in a nonpartisan way because we
1:47 pm
cannot do without quality health insurance. moderator: ms. kirkpatrick, we will give you one minute. ms. kirkpatrick: health insurance is important to families in arizona and across the country. repealing obama care or the affordable care act is not the answer. an arizona we have many places where we only have one insurance carrier in the marketplace. my idea is to let people buy in to medicare. medicare is a system people like. it works. and this is also paid for, because there would be a premium, like an insurance premium, paid for the coverage. but it would give people a choice, where they only have one other insurance company to look to. i also want to talk about education. we haven't talked about how important education is an arizona. i am a product of arizona public schools. there are three federal programs that funding needs to be restored. head start, secure rule schools and payment in lieu of taxes. arizona is unique.
1:48 pm
over 80% of our land is public land. we fund education on property tax. payment in lieu of taxes is meant to make up for that lack of private property when we have so much state and federal private land. moderator: our next question is to you ms. kirkpatrick, and it comes from lorraine rivera. lorraine: could you name to -- specific improvements to two drastically change the health care system. ms. kirkpatrick: we need to require medicare to negotiate prescription drug costs. i hear that from people more than any other issue, that prescription drug costs keep going up. so that is something we can do. we also need to address the opioid crisis, and we need to make sure pharmacists are part of the care team for a person who is being treated for pain.
1:49 pm
and in order to do that, they have to be able to be reimbursed by medicare to work on that process and be a part of the care team. those are changes that come to mind right away that we can get done. moderator: mr. marquez peterson. ms. marquez peterson: if you have heard ann on the campaign trail, she has set her vote for the affordable care act was her proudest moment, which to me seems out of touch with cd 2. we were promised choices we do not have. the doctors we wanted to keep we cannot use. i think we need more choices, more insurance companies. this needs to be something that makes sense for the companies and the patients so we can get the coverage we need. for me, changes would be changes across state lines, association plans and other innovative ways to provide coverage to people. moderator: our next question is for miss marquez peterson from steve goldstein. steve: we have a history of republican members of congress
1:50 pm
who are less inclined to bring projects back to arizona. i want to know, again on how you are based -- inking of how you think of the deficit are there , things you would advocate, or would you be ok competing with other states for certain products, or do you view them as pork? ms. marquez peterson: we need to bring federal dollars back to arizona, whether it is education dollars, we need to ensure we get our fair share back. ms. kirkpatrick: we had a very transparent process. we collected projects in arizona, listed them on our website, took public input and made decisions which ones the public thought most should be funded. we have small towns in this district that need sewer, wastewater treatment plants, the water issue infrastructure.
1:51 pm
, they can't find it locally without federal dollars. moderator: our next question is for you, miss kirkpatrick, and it comes from joe ferguson. joe: can you talk about your record with the nra? you once had an a rating and now you are back to my gap big -- backed by gabby furred, -- and now oh gun reforms, can you claim what has changed? ms. kirkpatrick: i used to hunt with my dad. i grew up in arizona. it was part of our way of life. gabby giffords was a mentor in congress and i was a law clerk for john role. he visited with me right before the shooting. i was devastated when gabby was shot, when gabe simmerman was killed, when john was killed. so i have changed my votes to -- my vote, my way to address
1:52 pm
gun violence. i'm part of a program called mom's demand action. there are moms here tonight. thank you, mom's for being here. i'm interested in a program that teaches parents before you schedule a played it, to call the other family and say do you own guns? do you have them in your house? where do they keep them? if the parents are not comfortable with these answers, they don't schedule a play date. we have to do common sense, sensible things to stop gun violence. moderator: miss marquez peterson. ms. marquez peterson: i am pro-second amendment. i don't believe we should penalizing lawful gun owners. we need to focus on keeping guns out of the hands of bad people, those that hurt themselves and hurt others. we have a lot of work to do in terms of databases that don't speak one to another, mental health, behavioral health, criminal activity databases that need additional resources, and we need additional education around that. but i am pro-second amendment. moderator: our final question
1:53 pm
goes to ms. kirkpatrick from lorraine rivera. lorraine: the population of cd2, is in the metro tucson area, the largest landmass of the area is in cochise county, a rural area. how do you balance the needs between these communities? ms. kirkpatrick: i listen to the people. my ranching background resonates with people in cochise county, but my previous district had the northern suburbs of tucson and also greenlee county. so i start with a base of being known in cochise county and also in tucson. we had an office in oral valley, volunteers coming in to get me elected by working. so i started as a known quantity and we are building on that. i have six offices open, we have
1:54 pm
hundreds of volunteers going out talking with voters about what , is important to them. i knock on doors myself. i like to continue having those conversations. as i mentioned in my opening, people come up to me now, and express their worries concerns, , anxieties about what is happening to this country, and how important this election is to our values and principles. moderator: miss marquez peterson. ms. marquez peterson: this is not a new issue to me. i have lived in more than 40 years. my chamber operates in cochise county and pima county. arizona's economy is on fire. we are doing great things. maricopa county is growing dramatically. we have not seen that same lift in pima county. and i'm aware of that. more than 94% of our businesses in southern arizona are small businesses, less than 25 employees. that is the type of community i've been working with and am very familiar with challenges facing rural arizonans. moderator: we are going to
1:55 pm
closing statements. you will each have one minute. miss marquez peterson, you have the first minute. ms. marquez peterson: it is clear people are tired of politics as usual, tired of the nastiness, washington and politics. i showed you the flyer that was a clear example of that, put out against me and other candidates related to $50,000 in special interest money, when ann has taken more than $3 million from special interest groups. i'm running to represent our community and she is running simply to get back to d.c.. this is her third race in four years, and she has violated her own term limit pledge. it is time we have someone representing us in the community. i would be honored to serve my home as your congresswoman. moderator: thank you. ms. kirkpatrick, you have one minute. ms. kirkpatrick: i want to correct a couple of things my opponent doesn't understand.
1:56 pm
she talked about people having separate accounts for social security. that's not the way it works. it is not an ira. you don't pay into social security and it goes into your own account. it just shows how unprepared she is for this job she wants to put social security in the hands of wall street. we saw what happened when the greedy wall street bankers look out for themselves, and we had the great recession. imagine how bad it would have been if seniors had their social security managed by wall street. she does not support our right to choose, and she supports paul ryan, who came here for her fundraiser. my opposition has spent over $40 million attacking me. mainly on my health care vote, which i am proud of. it was the right thing to do. i voted for the affordable care
1:57 pm
act in spite of being told that i would lose my next election. i did. but it was the right thing to do. >> we have reached the end of the congressional district to debates, presented live from the tucson jewish community center. thank you for hosting us this evening. and thank you to our panel of journalists, including lorraine rivera from arizona public media and our partners in tonight's debate, steve goldstein from our npr sister station, joe ferguson , ande arizona daily star ron hansen of the arizona republic. to the candidates, ms. kirkpatrick and miss marquez peterson, thank you for observing time and answering our questions. thank you for taking the time to run for office. and to our viewers and listeners, thank you so much for tuning in. if you are in arizona, remember, early ballots go out tomorrow.
1:58 pm
it's time to remember what they said and begin voting. for those who do not get early ballots, election day is november 6. have a good night. [applause] c-span campaign 2018 debate coverage continues, tonight, senator tammy baldwin debates .ive a clear -- leah voukmeer and congressman brown and renee and another debate in ohio will take place tonight. we have 24 days before the election, c-span is your primary source for campaign 2018. wrapping up our campaign 2018 coverage today, we had to cedar city, utah, for debate between mitt


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