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tv   Campaign 2018 Arizona Senate Debate  CSPAN  October 15, 2018 8:59pm-10:02pm EDT

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midterms. be sure to watch washington journal. join the discussion. coming up live, tuesday come the house comes in for a brief session at 10:00 a.m. eastern. at noon, the heritage foundation discussion on whether hate reach should be outlawed -- speech should be outlawed. republican congressman faces democratic congressman conor lamb in pennsylvania's 17 district race in the evening at 7:00. republican senator ted cruz meets his democratic challenger live in san antonio at 9:00. season two, a on conference on medicare with the administrator. the senate holds its session at 12:00 p.m. eastern.
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a conversation on election interference with senate intelligence committee >> we go live to phoenix for more debate coverage. democrat kiersten cinema debating republican representative martha mcsally, vying for the seat currently held by retiring republican senator jeff flake. live coverage out from phoenix. ♪ >> good evening and welcome to this special election 2018 debate between u.s. senate candidates martha mcsally and kierstin cinema. the only live debate between these two candidates. by arizonant effort pbs and the arizona republic. i'm ted simon. the political reporter for the arizona republic. we are broadcasting to you live
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from the studios at arizona pbs and the walter cronkite school of journalism at the downtown campus of arizona state university. tonight's debate is being live streamed. >> the ground rules for the debate our as follows -- once we ask a candidate a question, they will have 90 seconds to answer without interruption. the other candidate gets 45 seconds for a rebuttal. >> they will then have up to two minutes for an open discussion on that topic. at the end of the debate, utah candidate will have one minute for closing statements. >> topics were chosen from journalists from arizona pbs and the arizona republic. questions from the public are included. let's now meet the candidates. >> martha mcsally is a republican and has represented congressional district to since 2014. she is a native of rhode island in the first woman to fly in combat in iraq.
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ma is asten sinem democrat. she served in the arizona house and senate. she is in arizona native. whoe drew numbers to see will have the first question and that goes to congresswoman martha mcsally. >> you were once a critic of president trump. you now are a more vocal supporter of the president. the question is, what changed? rep. mcsally: nothing changed. i take issue with your premise. i was representing my district in 2016. i was running my own campaign and i never endorsed anyone for anything, whether president or dr. hatcher. og catcher. as the president of the united states, we have this historic opportunity to move america in a direction and we have done that. we have cut taxes. we have rolled back regulations.
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we are working to rebuild the military. so many opportunities we have in front of us and i built a good relationship with the president. the first time i was invited over there, i talked to him about the warthog and how we saved it. the last administration tried to put it in the boneyard, but how important it was to keep it flying. i talked to him into becoming an a-10 fan. working with his administration related to sanctuary cities and ms 13 games. so many things we have to work on. because of the republican-led senate and the house working with this president, we see more opportunity for people in arizona. i am going to keep working with him. ke air host him at lu force base on friday. important and i will keep working with him. >> 45 second rebuttal. rep. sinema: it is an honor to
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be with you tonight. martha, good to see you. we are going to have a good conversation on the issues that matter the most to arizona families. health-care costs, protecting medicare and social security and keeping our country secure. some differences you will see. i have been laser focused on issues that matter most to arizona families. while martha has run a campaign and falseasty smears attacks and i expect he will see that this evening. arizonans know i have never been afraid to do what is right and i will always work with anyone to get things right in arizona. that is the approach i have taken in the united states congress. >> did you want to respond to any part of that? rep. mcsally: absolutely. we have her these talking points a lot already. talking specifically about the campaign, i had over $15 million so far of attack ads from the against her.
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over $2 million was spent --inst me by in organization it was a sneak attack. george soros and chuck schumer were behind them and now up to $50 million. what everyday arizonans care about our job opportunities and we have been able to work on that and provide opportunities. we have more jobs right now, more jobs opening than people are looking for jobs and this is providing more opportunities for people in arizona and we will keep working on that. obamacare has failed and we need to make sure we provide affordable available health care. >> i ask congresswoman excelling regarding what -- mcsally regarding what changed. many remember you as being more liberal than you are now back you were in the state legislature. now, you vote more often than not with president trump. what changed?
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rep. sinema: i have been lucky and privileged to serve this great state in the state legislature and now in congress the last six years. over the years, i am proud to say i have taken the time to learn and grow and occasionally change my opinion. when i served in the u.s. congress for my first several terms with congressman salm on, we worked on a variety of issues. protecting trade. over time, i think it makes sense for individuals were willing to learn and grow. the difference between martha's approach and my approach is that martha opposed many of these issues before running for senate and changed her mind very quickly. i have been serving for many years in the united states congress and the legislature and have over time than able to grow and become better in my job. folks know in arizona, i will always put their interest first, never party. i often do vote against my own
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party and that is something that arizonans depend on. they want an independent voice in the united states congress. what they want in the united states senate is someone who they know will stand up for them, not just what party leaders tell them to do. >> have you changed? have you changed over the years? rep. sinema: absolutely not. 18eft my home at the age of into the military. i was looking for an opportunity to get an education. i chose to serve in uniform for 26 years. i put my life on the line for the country. rep. mcsally: 325 combat hours. i'm now serving in congress and i have been leading on the issues of supporting our military, securing the border and providing more economic opportunity. i have been consistently doing that serving in congress and running for the senate. my record is clear and consistent, unlike my opponent. >> real quickly, you mentioned
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president trump this week. are you proud of the way president trump has conducted himself in office? rep. mcsally: president trump ran for president one time and won. he is a disruptor. he went to d.c. to shake things up and he is doing that. we are seeing the results. not a lot of people want to do telik the challenges of north korea getting access to a nuclear weapon. not a lot of people wanted to address updating bad trade agreements that would help americans. he is disrupting things in washington, d.c. but providing more opportunities for americans and arizonans while ensuring we are safe and secure. >> you are proud of the way president trump has behaved? rep. mcsally: i am proud he has gone to the white house in leading our country in the right direction. i am proud to be working with him, to provide more opportunities and make sure we keep our country safe. he did not need to be doing this. i have gotten to know him and he loves america and he is fighting
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for americans every single day. i will keep working with him to provide more opportunities for all of us. rep. sinema: i think this is an area where we have a difference of opinion. arizonans deserve a senator who calls the balls from the strikes and does not agree with their party leaders. martha has a 98% voting record with her party and president, which i think demonstrates she is not willing to do what is right for arizona if the president is wrong on an issue. recently, the president instituted very harsh tariffs and started a trade war and that is devastating for arizona's businesses and agriculture community. cottonnow, kotte bushels are selling less than they were before. we have seen gary farms, five of which sold because of these harmful tariffs. business leaders here in arizona create tools for medical
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device manufacturing and they are spending 20% more on taxes on aluminum steel. perhaps worst of all, in lumber yards, a family-owned in flagstaff, they will have to pay more for cans of beer. that is something we should all agree on, beer should not cost more. this is an area of difference because martha has said the small businesses that will be hearurt are collateral damage. i don't think the 97% of businesses in our economy which are small businesses should ever be considered collateral damage. they are the lifeblood of our economy. i believe it is our duty to stand up against the president doing something wrong and joining with him when he is doing something right like working for veterans. we should be calling the balls and strikes, not just blindly following what party leaders tell you to do. rep. mcsally: let me first say, 97% voting with rolling back
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regulation and providing more opportunities for our military to be able to keep us safe -- i am proud to do that. has voted 13%. here are some key votes. i voted to cut your taxes, provided the opportunity for about $2000 per arizona family. more money in their pocket instead of going to washington. we are seeing because of that that our economy is on fire right now. i voted for the farm bill. she is talking about farmers. she voted against the farm bill, in a partisan move because that is what nancy pelosi told them to do. another bill that i hope we get to related to immigration, to secure the border. the really important compromise bill that president trump supported. given the opportunity, kyrsten sinema voted no. 60% with the agenda that is showing more opportunity for everybody is a failing grade in any school.
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arizonans want to be with the agenda we are working on with president trump. the alternative right now is her party, chuck schumer is in charge, it will be open borders, government run health care and abolishing ice. there is a lot at stake with the selection and people need to make sure they know the full record of our background and i hope we can talk about tariffs because i believe in free trade. >> more topics we will get into later this evening. the second question -- the senate confirmation hearings for brett kavanaugh were extremely charged. if you are a sitting senator at the time, how would you have voted and why? rep. sinema: i was incredibly disappointed in the way the senate behaved during this confirmation hearing. it was a circus and it was not befitting the importance of a decision like this. i was disappointed in people in both parties. i was also disappointed that
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within hours of president trump nominating judge kavanaugh that politicians in both parties tweeted out their fervent opposition or solid support for someone we knew very little about. martha chose to endorse judge kavanaugh out of the gate. i said i wanted to reserve judgment because this decision is so important. a lifetime appointment. i think it is one of the senate's greatest duties. i recommended individuals take him to learn about judge kavanaugh's record, to read his decisions, to understand his approach to jurisprudence because the candidate that is going to the supreme court should not be evaluated on whether or not he or she is conservative or liberal. they should be evaluated based on character, integrity, and their approach to deciding the law without bias or favor. i was disappointed in the method the senate handled this and i felt like it really denigrated the work the senate should do. as united states senator, when i
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pledge to do is evaluate each nominee based on his or her qualifications and character and approach to jurisprudence, not based on political leanings. >> your rebuttal. rep. mcsally: i would have voted yes on now justice kavanaugh. he is highly qualified and he has shown what we need to looking at for judges and justices -- they will not be activists but interpret the constitution and the laws we make in congress the way they are intended to. if you look at what happened and what the democrats did to dr. ford and brett kavanaugh and his family, it was disgusting. i'm a survivor of sexual abuse myself. she clearly had been through a trauma. what happened to her, by holding her name when she wanted to be anonymous and not even knowing -- her not knowing that they offered to fly out to california, it was disgusting. we have seen the mob rule in washington in arizonans wanted a
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yes vote on justice kavanagh. i can be for survivors and for justice kavanaugh and my opponent shows that the mob rule and the anti-kavanaugh, they don't want to have someone on the supreme court. >> that is 45 seconds for the rebuttal. your response? is. sinema: i think martha mistaking is the partisan exercise that was engaged in. the reality is senators should be evaluating each of these nominees based on their approach to judicial decisions. not based on these partisan attacks. martha used language just now that was incredibly partisan to describe this process and so did many sitting senators. i believe the senate is better than that. the senate should not engage in that type of behavior. it was disappointing to see. if i am elected, arizona can count on me to evaluate each nominee thoroughly and carefully
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without political bias. >> using the criteria you just outlined -- i know you said earlier you signaled you wanted to reserve judgment to wait until you are able to review the record and the other things you mentioned. now that you have had the time to do that, would you have voted yes or no? rep. sinema: i had several concerns with justice kavanaugh. i was concerned about the partisan nature of some of his comments during his second testimony. concerned he appears to have lied under oath with some of the questions that were asked in that testimony. prior to that, i had questions to ask i were a senator him -- his approach to privacy. in arizona, we take our privacy rights very seriously and judge kavanaugh had as a circuit court judge ruled on a number of decisions concerning the privacy of arizonans. this is an area where martha and i have a difference.
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martha supported a bill in the united states congress, introduced by senator flake, that would allow internet companies to sell your private data, including social security numbers of children. if that were the case to go to a court, i would want to ensure a justice would protect the fourth amendment privacy rights of americans. >> we need to get a response to that but before we do, we have not gotten an answer -- no answer from you. rep. sinema: i would have voted no. i did put out a statement saying such. i was disappointed the senate would not release the results of the fbi report after saying they would take the time to do an investigation. they did not share that with the arizona public and we deserve transparency. given the fact i did not have the same information the united states senators have, the decision i would have made based on lying under oath would have been to vote no. >> did you put our privacy at
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risk voting to let anyone buy or sell private information online, because you received money from internet companies? rep. mcsally: what are you even talking about? of course, i did not do that. this has been debunked. this is what this campaign is about -- coming out with the lies and attacks. i'm a privacy hound. my friends and family make fun of me because i won't use location services on my phone. i'm tirelessly advocating for a privacy. this is an absolute lie. we wanted to make sure the fcc basically had a level playing field and that privacy was protected for everybody whether you are a constant managerr or an internet service provider. it is a privacy thing that they are taking totally out of context to scare people. rep. sinema: the facts are very clear. we had a vote on this bill. i voted no and martha voted yes along with senator flake and the
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bill became law. it jeopardizes the security of children's social security information. i have been working to help protect children from the threat of social security fraud. earlier this year, i partnered with the republican colleague of mine of florida and we passed legislation that provides greater protection for children who are targets, victims of social security fraud. working together, we can actually solve these problems and keep our children safe and secure and protect their privacy rights. unfortunately on this piece of legislation, martha voted yes. toi think we need to move on other important topics because literally this has been debunked. rep. mcsally: if you want to talk about protecting children, less make sure we don't take donations from she took $53,000 from owners and it was not until she was put under
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pressure while they were under investigation that she was finally shamed into giving it back. when she was in the arizona legislature, when they were tried to hold jobs accountable for going after victims of child sex trafficking, she was advocating, saying girls, 12 and 13-year-old looked older than her. these are her words. ask people to go to the real to find out the facts. people deserve to know what her record is, what her past is and the facts are. >> do you honestly believe she was protecting adult men who were molesting children? rep. mcsally: i would ask people watch the whole video. she was a defense attorney so i guess this is where it comes from. >> you believe that? rep. mcsally: in that discussion and later on in 2010, based on her concern, 15, 16 and johns in that
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bill have an affirmative defense saying i did not know they were 15 or 17 years old and that was the bill that was changed. in 2010, watch the tape. tirelessly advocating for children. in an argument with representative sinema, because she is asking what changed? they are getting off with less than a traffic ticket. i ask the voters -- there is so much at stake. and you can see for yourself. rep. sinema: i actually voted yes on both of those bills, and work hand-in-hand with my colleague to make sure the legislation had penalties against the bad guys than engage in this horrible activity.
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something that is important for folks to know about me is that this has been my entire career. my first job was a rape crisis counselor. since then, i have committed my life and career to protecting women and children from abuse and from assault. my record is strong. the013 when we passed violence against women reauthorization act to give better tools to law enforcement to crack down on these kinds of heinous crimes, i lead that effort. just last month when a vote came up to reauthorize this for the long-term, martha voted no to give a long-term reauthorization to the violence against women act. i would encourage folks to go look at the votes. as i heard this morning in the arizona republic, this is ridiculous. we asked people to look at our vote record because it speaks for itself. rep. mcsally: it does speak for itself and that is absolutely a live. procedural vote that has nothing to do with
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three authorizing. please do not believe that. >> going back to congresswoman sinema in the original question about brett kavanaugh -- one of the main sticking points on both sides has been discussion about whether just as kavanaugh would support overturning roe v. wade. where do you stand? rep. sinema: i think important decisions like that should be made between the woman, her family and her doctor free from government interference. rep. mcsally: i am pro-life and i have a strong pro-life record. >> so you would support overturning -- rep. mcsally: i'm focus when it comes to judges on how they interpret the constitution and how they interpret the laws we make. i have a very strong pro-life record. >> so you would support the overturning? rep. mcsally: i would support appointing justices -- this has nothing to do with what congress is working on. i would support appointing justices that are looking
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independently at the constitution and at the laws we make. and they would have a good decision-making process based on that. >> all right, let's move on to health care. lly, howwoman micsa much should government be involved in health care, especially when it concerns folks that find it difficult to get health care, specifically those with pre-existing conditions? what is the government's role? rep. mcsally: thank you for the opportunity to debunk another attack from my opponent. i have voted to protect people with pre-existing conditions to make sure insurance companies will force to give them health care. no caps on insurance. that is a flat out lie. we cannot go back to where we were before, obamacare, where people were one diagnoses away from going bankrupt because they could not get access to health care. although it was, trying to fix it obamacare, was the wrong
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approach. $1 trillion in taxes. medicare by $716 billion. that werend penalties intended to go after those falling through the cracks who did not get health care from an employer. it ends up 7% of people and falling through the cracks. they are still falling through the cracks because i met in entrepreneur last week who decided to start her own business who has braces and conditions but because of obamacare and skyrocketing costs, she has no coverage right now. more people paid a penalty last year than actually bought insurance on the obamacare action just. we have to address the issue and protect people with pre-existing conditions. the obamacare model has failed. we move forward with an approach that gives people tax credits and give them options to stop around -- shop around. more small business support. more opportunity for people to
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give to health savings accounts. it still can provide affordable health insurance for them which is not working right now. we have to protect it. at the federal level, there should be a part but it is best managed in the state where there is more options for them to be innovative because what works in california does not work in arizona. rep. sinema: i am so glad we are talking about health care because it is the number one issue i hear from folks both on the campaign trail as i travel the state and in my office in the united states congress. arizonans are very worried that they will lose coverage for those with pre-existing health conditions. nearly 3 million arizonans with a pre-existing health condition. one example is a woman named leslie in scottsdale. she was diagnosed with diabetes in high school and she has been taken five insulin shots a day for 47 years. when martha voted last year to repeal existing law, it would have eliminated the protection
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for people who live with pre-existing conditions in our country today. she also voted to repeal that same protection in 2015. the reality is that arizonans are worried about losing access to this critical coverage and martha voted to take that protection away. rep. mcsally: that is a flat out lie. these are classic fear tactics. you turn on a tv all over the country right out. the democrats have nothing to run on so they are choosing to play with fear. i voted to protect people with pre-existing conditions. as we were moving forward and nothing was moving through the senate related to this issue, 14 of 15 counties in arizona, only one choice last year. that is not a choice. the premiums have gone up over 100% year-to-year. there are so many people right now with the existing conditions that cannot get access to health care because the obamacare model does not work. when things came to a standstill and we were watching these individuals still not able to get access to health insurance,
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i sat down with my democratic colleagues and the problem solvers caucus. we sat down to see if we can find any common ground to help these people get access to health insurance. we came up with a plan. me and a couple of other democrat colleagues with a whiteboard at my office. we know what we can disagree on but if there is something we can find to stabilize this market as it was collapsing, and we came up with a plan that 23 democrats and republicans, the majority of the group agreed to. we showed we can break through the gridlock, solve the problem actually help people get the insurance that they deserve and get the care that they deserve with the conditions they have in their family. >> government's place in health care. rep. sinema: one thing i think americans can agree on is we cannot go back to what time when people could not get coverage when they had pre-existing health conditions. while martha talks about a working group and the problem solvers caucus which i am a proud member of, the reality is we took the vote. during the vote, martha voted to
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repeal these protections. they are the protections that arizonans count on every day. that same vote also took away protections for people ages 50 to 64 and would have allowed states to begin charging them as much as five times more for their coverage. that is just not fair. finally, that piece of legislation she voted for what have increased premiums by as much as $1500 per year per family. while we all can agree ther health care system needs to be fixed, the solutions martha has voted for actually makes the system worse and hurts arizonans. she avoided talking about this issue during the campaign because she knows her vote hurts arizonans. instead, chosen to have attacks against other issues. rep. mcsally: that is an outright lie. i voted to protect people with pre-existing conditions to ensure insurance companies cannot deny coverage if they have a pre-existing condition.
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person in the senate campaign who voted to cut your taxes is me. options for everyone to get access to affordable, valuable obamacare washat done. specifically for age 50 to 64. i personally lobbied to make sure an additional $90 billion added to the bill and so a tax credit.000 was in the bill and move away from the phase of obamacare for that is more options for people to get access to affordable hasis gone up over 300% in arizona since oh bam whatcare. a better pathare to give people choice and make decision between them and the
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family by insurance that fits their needs. we domentioned earlier, have questioned submitted by the likec for you and we would to you answer this one. where do you stand on strengthening social security and hed care for senior citizens? >> i am so glad you asked this question. because this is personal for me. was widoweder,who at young age in tucson, raised three young kids on her own. worked at first cafeteria. when she retired years ago, security and med were all she had to depend on so i am committed to protect social security and medicare for current and future generations. privatization fees such as those that martha has supported. said she wants to privatize. i oppose that. the that is the wrong answer for seniors. i also oppose raising the age which spar that supports and i believe after a lifetime of hard work it is not workto ask someone to
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another get the benefittest this worked so hard for and they earned. turning i believe that medicare into a system is risky. allows wall street to make what our future health care looks like. in fact, is such a risky "the wallhat even street journal" said that turning medicare into a voucher know it.uld end as we this is an area of great difference between nar and i. i do not support making the cuts, but just last year, martha cut $500 billion for medicare. my own grandma depends on medicare and social security every day and the constituents that i represent and i will hope represent in the united states senate will depend on the benefits that they have earned. to protect them for future den rages. up.e cannot make this may, these are just more lies. our seniors have been working and they haveves been saving for retirement and they have been paying in to andcare and social security
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they deafer to have the benefits that they have paid into. protect medicare and social security. for those that are at retire president and the next to come.ns so the only person who has voted to actually cut or support medicare in the senate race is obamacare cutting $700 billion for medicare robbing it for the one price fits all washington, d.c. approach so thats the real difference here. you knee this the medicare trust securitythe social trust fund are doing bet are now because of the tax cuts and jobs act more people are working. people are pay night. that is going to actually sustain id. you know, if we do nothing for generation, like 2026 the medicare trust fund is going to dry up. and by 2034 the social security. sit together,e kyrsten to find solutions to nextct us for the generation. want to privatize
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social security? >> absolutely not. absolutely not. that is a flat-out lie. we have seen attacks for many, many years. have anything to run on. so basically, republicans are cliff.g yanni over this the voters are not going to believe this. we got to make sure we come up bipartisan way for us to strengthen it and presifter for the next generation. want to turn medicare into a private voucher system? not, ted.ely what i want to do is strengthen medicare for us and for the seniors that are there in the next generation. i totally support hed care inantage which is popular arizona. we got so many sen areas that want to have options for them to while we preserve pled care as we know it. i tell you the only thing going as we know it's the agenda of her party. if the democrats take over and the senate and the house, then, they are going to push through a government run health care.
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which literally will end med care as we know it. votes "the wall street journal" in 2011 i was serving overseats the time. congress. you can't make this stuff up. she is saying she doesn't want to privatize social security. vouchers forant medicare. you buying that? things.aid those think think is just a pattern that we have seen through the campaign unfortunately. that nar has changed her opinions very rapidly when she the dee sided to run for united states senate and say anything she will do anything to get elected. take arage voters to look what she has said. she has offer many times she privatizing social security and has said she wants to raise the retirement age and then said she wants to turn medicare into a voucher system. take a look at the actual votes. 500 billion to cut from medicare last year. so take a look at the vote
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records. >> moving on to the next topic. immigration and border security. know congresswomansy nema you to a 21st century problem. would you support allocating border wall if it included a path to citizenship for dreamer space to am so glad you asked that question. we actually voted on issue last year.this i voted for $1.5 million of border security which included for president trump's border wall. he am fine with physical barrier total solution. but i believe that simply noting for a border wall is sufficient. the dangers we have around border security are too great to allow for 18th century solution so 21st century program. that is why ventured this legislation called the u.s.a. ac bipartisan bill that would increase funding for smart border technology.
9:37 pm
ground, drones, night vision cameras, in thenology so we a vo dict dangerous cartels such as m116 drugs buting in smuggling in human abusing the folks sometimes trapping them in victimizing hem. so to come boon the efforts not the physical barrier but with smart technology. a path.a. act provides to citizenship for dreamers who are young people who came toll fault ofry through no their own and deserve a path to citizenship. they served our country in our military. they have gone to our colleges and schools and they are americans. betweena difference martha and i. in 2012-she first ran for opposed for dreamers. it but she supported then decided to run for senate and now oppose it again we actually don't blow nar stanes on issues of immigration. know where i stand. lead everything this
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to secure the border. i represent this generation in 80 miles of the neared are tired of the targets that are trafficking food and into our come thins. it is created an opioid crisis. carrying 116 americans every single day and the policies of the vast failed because of my leadership, i am the border security subcommittee given before and never anyone from arizona and look reality is the border ranchers like jim killton and john lda d and all of them on endorsing, they are me because they know i am the one who is going to lead to keep us safe. of the borderent patrol council that theysents $15,000 agents offen endorse democrats looking congress andin mine at four and decided that they were going to endorse the bell day andry sin down on the line putting their lives on the line to keep us
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safe. the talk.isten to i have been leading on issue and she had the opportunity to vote a bill. s so $38 billion of border security ending family towardion and moving us the merit-based system and providing a legislative solution daca. here p when came down to it, all democrats including kyrsten voted now on the very important plo plies bill. president trump supported it and given the opportunity to vote yes and she voted no. please.nd >> well, i lost my party over the years to fight our border. folks from east coast and far away don't understand the doues of the border like we but i was born and raised in tucson leaving around the border my life.of this is real for us in arz that is when tups came to work across rightsle toll do what is for our state, i was willing to back the party so i supported our0 billion increase for cust customs and border patrol and gainst $5 billion increase
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agents in have voted for legislation such as law and the removal act which allows us to crackdown harder on these bad guys who are committing felony and utter people in our community. is, this is issue i have been working on my entire career that should not be a partisan issue ain't not a partisan issue. only when some people coast this aznar haze hasn done does it become a fight in the united states concompress. >> congresswoman, did you pull recognizing america's children's act earlier this year? andh part of the dreamers supports dreamers. you were for that and you pulled the name off half. what is that about? i was willing to do something on daca but we have to secure the borders am we have to address the root causes of why we have a population in the first mace to make sure we don't make as mistakes of the past so we were, wog on this issue. when the president kicked back appropriately, a
9:41 pm
couple of other republicans came up with legislation that would solve issue, securing the board, issue ofdress this daca. and when it was brought it up a voted know n and then another compromised bill which border billion for security the president supported it in a pathway to citizenship lap theilut closed a the cartel were taking advantage of now and in the midst of this discussion. looked like some people were going to force a vote on just related toone bill daca. i wanted to mcsure it was clear. border.o secure the learned to do something on daca but we got secure the border and close the loopholes of the cartel and trafficking people into the communities and the opioid crisis that is killing every single day. i jumped on the issue and then kyrsten give in the opportunity to vote yes or no in the second
9:42 pm
tol and plus a pathway citizenship for daca and ending family separation and does this vote mo. >> do you support a partial fund aent shutdown to border schnall. >> i don't support shut downs for anything. i zen military. i. soon the devastating results of. shutdowns. washington d.c. needs to be able get their act together. and they need to be and able to fund the government and the military. know, give in the opportunity last year when there was a lot of pressure from the to address tissue. she voted with chuck schumer to down the government and has to chasing over the troops in a and talks a good game at working and when give in the opportunity to actually issue, she left our troops hanging. talk aboutinues to very partisan bills and very partisan activities but the reality is that during this discuffings talking about immigration of how to solve our have bipartisan
9:43 pm
lemmization. the bill you mentioned that nar moved her name from. i am cosponsor of that legislation. i was actually the first democrat in the country to join congressman of miami to sponsor that legislation. original cosored poncier of the bill called the u.s.a. act which i mentioned secures the border and provides a path of citizenship for dreamers. martha has chosen not support that bipartisan legislation and instead toos chosen to support supported byion one political party. and i believe arizona deserved better. so whence there was an opportunity for folks to get very partisan which they did. and they do on a regular basis, i was part of the bipartisan that trying to solve problem. we offered our bill to the u.s.a. act. up fortunately, partisan leaders both parties rejected our proposal. mcsally, youman mentioned family separation at the border? trumpu support the
9:44 pm
administration so-called zero anycy policy inare there circumstance under which you are okay with families being separated that by this because of the laws that are on the books was put into the situation situation where they had to either enforce the law or keep families together. we need to do both. bill thatd the second kyrsten end voted no. providedhave opportunity to keep families together while the process for illegal trin or process for asylum. we also increased funding for judges, so we could end the catch and release. look, realities know that cartels know right now. you show up with a kid, you will be let go. a call this track with the mayor saying he was panicked that 200 or more every single were going to be let go to yuma and didn't have the capacity because they showed up a kid and were seeing activity in crease every single border they cross the
9:45 pm
illegally they know they are going to be let go and also cases the border patrol is us about where people are not the child of the person who is bring thing. this is increasing the incentives to traffic children across the border. legislativelyes and had the opportunity for us to enforce the law and keep families together and now that was the way. you shouldn't talk about the bill. one she had a chance to foette vet on. was compromise this president trump supported he to fix dakota and secure the border. kyrsten voted to cut ice and dangerses on this issue and immediate to make sure we secure the boat. seconds.s 90 rebuttal please. >> nar shared a lot of information now that is frankly not accurate. the realities the trump administration made a decision separate families in am attempt to try to provide deterrents thats the wrong
9:46 pm
decision. it is not reflective of american values. we can both secure the border country safe and secure without taking children away from their parents. are ways do this quite easily. by monitoring families and processhem through the of ejudecation more quickly but nar has chose ton move down the road, again, very partisan as she says we have compromised legislation and i think she means compropliesed with herself no bipartisanship in avenue in the discussion which is arizonians.g for the reason there is no bipartisanship because manse pelosi decided that democrats in.not going to join you think about it. president trump supported this bill and took a lot of flak from direction.h trading, securing a border, moving tooopholes, toward the merit-base system.ion i mean that is definition of a compromise on tissue.
9:47 pm
agree, we gotans secure the border. and family separation and issues.other i have a confidence building measure to was addressing the of thecurity issues and cartels that are trafficking through the come-this is is not just hypothetical. four strands of barbed wire at the international boundary. you saw it yourself when you went down there. you got secure the border now. >> was family separation as your opponent says a choice that the could have made to keep these families together as opposed to what you say is the where we had no choice? >> well, the law on the books is law and so, the was put in an situation either enforce the law or keep families together. think we can all agree. families shouldn't be separated. think we can also was agree, we need enforce the law.
9:48 pm
border security is national security the definition of a country that is we can control who is coming in and out of the borders. >> sown forcing the law super seeded keeping families. >> concompress immediates to ted. this, it is our job to fix the law. that what is we agree, we doingnforce have been that is what i have been leaning kyrsten voted no on the bills that would end family separation. >> the there is a law. difference of opinion between the two of us. nar has chose ton be in a apologist and support anything that the party put fos ward. where as i have been ranked the most pent member of congress and ranked the third most bipartisan member of congress. and i base i am willing to stand up against my party to do what is right. and when it comes to the issue border security, i worked with congressman matt and others delegation to increase the employees the custom and by 170patrol and members. i also have been endorsed by the custom and border protection agents in arizona. now, nationwide.
9:49 pm
well, i have sheen willingness to stand up tooned what is right when others are doing what the party tells them to do. so while nares trying to find for theor apologies behavior, the realities, we should just call the balls on the strikes when the president is doing something right, support him. when is doing something wrong, >> let's go to the economy now. congresswoman, we just heard, today, the budget deficit has grown $113 billion in fiscal year 16. that is up 1p% with 3.9% of the gdp. many were saying it base of the tax cuts. you support the tax cuts. also alsoember support deficit spend mooing well, the revenue is actually up year, ted. that is actually not accurate. it is not because of the tax cuts and job act which i proudly voted for. to cut the taxes of arizona's hard-working families. to make sure they have more money their paychecks so
9:50 pm
mortgage or saving for college or whatever it is to fix their car. privileged tond be able to vote for that. the revenue is actually up right now. the economy is doing so well. historic 3.8% unemployment rate. the lowest for hispanic history and rate in african-american employeement lacerate as with. there is so much opportunity for people. we have to get some people retrained hooped the jobs comingout but revenue is in at higher rate this year and than last year. ishave a spending problem the shore you. we supported and we fought for the biggest we have military increase in the spending over last year than year i and i hope to get to the weitary here soon before wrap up because there is important issues. what we got to do is a doctors spending and every family, every small business has to sit down and identify where they can find ways to address cutting their spending while onre seeing the economy is
9:51 pm
fire right now. we are seeing american jobs and coming home. it going going to deep because that is where ha america is all about. >> all right. billvoted no on that tax last year for several reasons. deficitt cranessed the by what we thought would be 1.9 trillion. turns out from that report this morning, that could be higher. but more importantly for arizona other day lives the bill he jeopardizes spending from hed care and social security. and after this bill was passed, many of ma that's doll colleagues said well as soon as done, we'll just go back and cut medicare and social security. that is not right. is wrong to try and balance your budget on the backs of seniors who worked so hard their entire live force the benefits. my last concern about that was it didn't provide permanency of tax cut class family or small business bus last month the house took a vote to in those compcuts for
9:52 pm
is in a voted yet. because small businesses and middle classn the deserve a tax cut. >> please. forhis is another example kyrsten where she was against something before she was for it. trump, theresident senate and hout, our economy is doing amazing. 4.2% gdp growth and every single opening around arizona i talked to small business owners who are in investigation in equipment and vesting in training employees, hiring new people, the optimism is like we have seen before. and we got to keep it going. so this is where right approach taxes, lower back regulation and make it permanent small businesses individuals and for companies. the economy is doing great. arizonians feel it every day. this is what we have been able to do but there is more to do. >> thank you. moving ton our last question. no i we are running out of time.
9:53 pm
congresswoman sinema, with climate change, number one, do you believe it is a manmade program caused by humans? two, what are your plans in terms of combating climate change? particularly with regard to watt earn possible water shortages? thatll, i do believe climate change is real. think it doesn't make a lot of sense for us to spend time we guilty goth the place we're today. what does make sense is for individuals who have the ability a difference moving forward to work together to make that difference. arizona, water is of grave concern to our state. the united states senator, i hope to work with senator jon kyl who has been a leader on the during the time in the united states senate. it is our duty to not only sliprve our own water force the next 100 years but to partner with states and the colorado, new mexico, nevada, california to ensure we have a regional strategy move
9:54 pm
to protect our state in though paw ture years. it is working together republicans and democrats from the state is a cross the region the is how we'll find solution to these challenges. but i firmly believe that as and americans we have the resources. we have the tools. skills and the knowledge. we can address issues of climate change together. ourdo so without harming business prospects and without harming what makes arizona so amazing. know? folks know about me. i am outdoor enthusiasts. goevery morning, i get up, i outside to either run, hike, bike, swim, every day. and i want to make sure that we can protect that beauty while we arizona so much. for our future generations. the can't believe this is last question. main, we do have to address issues of climate and water is for arizona. it other is lifeline. but i worked for senator jon kyl
9:55 pm
i was legislative fellow as major. it is so important that we is my the lead answer mentor be able to move forward to address the really important talk aboutwe have to the military. we have to talk about our veterans. >> quickly, please. we meant >> quickly, please. we meant had any opportunity. >> you have it right now. >> that was what brought me to arizona like 500,000 veteran force our national security treasure as there here. i fought for it to make sure the 1:00 10 was preserved and we fight for air force. advocated to shut down air force base and when we were in harm's way and our troops in a pink tutu and tell you what. disqualifyingot enough. what came out last week, cnn when she was on the radio, you said it was ok join thecans to taliban to fight. >> all right. >> we're running out of time. we have to add. >> women apologize the veteran
9:56 pm
it owes kay.ying >> please, we are running out of time so we got get a response. >> well, we need a response because she owes us apology. >> please. a nar has chose ton run campaign look the one are seeing now. ridiculous atax in smearing my calm pin and trying to cut, cut, cut, not picture. full i have fought thor arizona. have been proud to serve our for over 13office years. arizona has known me. they know my record. honored to fight for them. nares trying to make the senate campaign about me. we know this campaign is about every day arizonaance and fight for them. >> we have to stop it. we have to stop it right there. we got to stop it. also called us crazy here in arizona. the dedee bait. time now for closing statements and we ge win congresswoman kirsten sin team in. >> i know the first hand
9:57 pm
challenges. was born in tucson. my family went through tough timesment for awhile we were homeless. but my childhood taught me the importance of working hard. importance of helping others. i have taken the values with me to congress where even in the of washington chaos, i have been able to get stuff down and just solve problems for arizona anns. we passed a largest military raise for the military in decades. and we raised for congress. veterans,ed the fought for health care access, suspend med cir and social proudly worked with senatoryon mccain to successfully protect $3.5 billion for funding for public education. i have been ranked the third member of congress because i work across the aisle to get things done. deserves a leader in the united states senate who will be a voice for all arizona anns and hopperred to have your vote. >> thank you. for the final closing statement
9:58 pm
to congressman nar mcsally. fighter you know me as but way don't make sure you know why i fight. i lost my dad when ways 12 i was opposed as coach as a teenager these events nearly crushed me. god, i wasgrace of propelled to life service fighting for and protect others especially girl and women. there is a lot at stake in the election. you have a choice. the economy is on fire right now. and where we are rebuilding the military. america is back and arizona is back. thanks to president trump, governor dues yain the republican house and senate, fore is more opportunity everyone. so i want to keep fighting in ae senate and you have choice, wearing the uniform or someone who proto theyed the troops someone who worked to senator schmick cane to save the advocated to sut
9:59 pm
ploun luke i ask you to look at the records. believe and i thought for our country because i care about america, arizona and you. and i would be honored to have because i believe ebb deserves a chance to suck sed and to sut ploun luke i ask you to look at the be kept safe. >> all right all right. you both. candidate. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> that is it. >> thanks so much. election 2018for debate for the u.s. senate arizona pbso you by and the arizona republic. again thank you to the candidates and thank pour watching. >> thanks again for joining us. you have a great evening. >> a couple of debate tuesday. condegreesman faces in pennsylvania's redrawn 16th district race live in the 7:00 eastern her on c-span. the texas u.s. senate debate between ted cruz and democratic
10:00 pm
challenger oh rourke. live coverage from san antonio tuesday night at eastern also on c pan. c-span. >> with election day less less than a month away, the control of congress in question, the for yourself. on c-span. watch the debate from key house senate races. primary sourcer to campaign 201. we stopped in columbus ohio and look forward to the november are askingctions we folk which party should control concompress and why. congress should remain in republican hands after this next election. a couple of reason norse. possibly the largest, one.
10:01 pm
the way too out of sometime mien of a the president's proposed legislation for ill and we want anything to happen. any renlation to pass i think we need a congress to stand behind president. even if it is the less thought ideas. >> i wanted to prove democratic control of the congress and the senate. long overdue to remove trump. seems to be getting dementia and possibly worse he seems erratic. dangerous for the country. part of c-span's 50 capitals tour. sherrod brown


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