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  President Trumps Remarks at Future Farmers of America Convention  CSPAN  October 27, 2018 2:59pm-4:29pm EDT

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president and to watch any of go -- you know, before i an for office, i watched incidents like this with hurches and other things, i say, what a shame. what a shame. it is even tougher when you're president of the united states and you have to watch this kind of thing happen. so sad to see. we'll see you at the -- with the farmers. a lot of them out there. can do ere anything you -- and we're back live in indianapolis where president trump is getting ready to speak the future farmers of america convention. live coverage here on c-span. >> i'm here to tell you she has exemplary representative here. wonderful to be with you
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in indianapolis again. it is an honor to be here just as it was last year, and i hope have many more times to visit together in the months and years ahead. minutes you're going to hear from your special donald j. president, trump. cheers] justu heard a lot about -- one. he took that one step that made a difference for you and for all us americans, he decided to run for president. f.f.a., he u and knows it takes a focus and and you know what else, he gets agriculture. he knows -- he knows the culture, he knows the character the work ethic of the american faerm.
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nowhere in america is that more dis-- more on display than it is right here of blue jackets across this field house proudly character and tradition of f.f.a. everywhere i go, i tell f.f.a. members that the future is now. a lot of people will tell you that you are our future leaders f this country, and that is true. but do you know what, you all are leading right now in your and your schools. you're making a difference there in your schools and communities. to wait for the future. chapters ver 8,500 with 650,000 members in all 50 puerto rico and the u.s. virj -- islands -- virgin islands, f.a.a. is making difference. enjoy f.f.a., our future is now
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on you.future depends president trump has been enacting policies to benefit you nd all americans, including agriculture in our rural communities. he knew that in the area of america has trade not been getting a fair deal. negotiations n sometimes you have the courage to show that you're willing to walk away. of the north american fair trade agreement. well, the president thought it be better and he made it better. we now have a mu agreement. new agreement with our friends in canada and mexico. it is a better deal for farmers workers than it ever was before. that is not the end of the good news on trade. build on that success and continue to brighten the future for farmers and young farmers in around the world. now if you come in -- let me ear you from the corn-growing state. anybody from the corn-growing ?tate in do you know about ethyl nol and
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ethanol and e-15 president e-15 allowed the sale of year round. that will increase the demand for corn than is good for agriculture. the president's cutting red tape and regulations that has strangled family farmers, the wares one called of the u.s. rule. because president trump knows what farmers know, that puddle is just a mud puddle. the president's policies are economy is red hot, and that is good for everyone, including agriculture. this president knows that our foresters, chers, and producers feed, fuel, and clothes the world many each year farmers take a risk when they put their hands in the soil and plant a new crop. that takes character, strength, and will and the president knows that. and you won't be here if you
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didn't know that too. it is my honor to be here with the national f.a.a. convention. may god bless you. may god bless the f.f.a. and may god bless the united states of america. u.s.a.]hanting ♪
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>> we're live in indianapolis, we're waiting for president speak here at the future farmers of america convention. ♪
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>> ladies and gentlemen, the resident of the united states, donald j. trump. [crowd cheers].
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♪ president: wow. when you thank you hear the word future farmer, that's a very, very important term. very smart doing that, future farmer. i hear some people who want to industry.siness or i say i won't want to do that,
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but i would like to be a future that i can tell you. know, earlier today shooting a horrific targeting jewish americans at tree of life synagogue in pittsburgh, pennsylvania. he shooter is in custody and federal authorities have been dispatched to support state and and conduct a full and thorough federal investigation. this wicked act of mass murder pure evil, hard to believe, frankly, something that is nminimum wageable -- un-imaginable. shockedon and world are and stunned by the grief. this is an anti-semitic act. won't think this would be possible in this day and age,
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to learn t don't seem from the past. comprehend the cruel hate and twisted malice to could cause a person unleash such terrible violence ceremony.aby naming this was a baby naming ceremony house of worship on -- on an holy day. anti-semitism and the wide spread persecution of jews the ugly yefs of ugliest and dark -- this confronteddemned and everywhere and anywhere it appears. tolerance for o for semitism in america or racial of religious or
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hate red or -- hatred or prejudice. know that very well. you know that very well. you're outstanding people. incredibly ught up by outstanding parents, in most to thank i just want you for your understanding with one unified voice evil of n the historic anti-semitism and every other evil, and unfortunately wel comes in many forms, and come together as one american people. ahead.just spoken -- go we should. .applause)
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president trump: i spoke with he governor of pennsylvania, who i have been dealing with quite a bit with hurricanes and things, tom wolfe, to ssure the full and complete resources of my administration n the investigation of this attack. we are praying for the families f the victims, and our hearts go out to the wounded law nforcement officers in pittsburgh, very badly wounded nd very brave, the results and the facts will be put out very hortly, but these were very brave officers. hese are incredible people of law enforcement and law enforcement does so much for us
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-- so much for us. (applause) they really do. they do so much for us. really -- they are unsung heroes. hey don't get the credit they deserve. i have always given them credit. patriots, ncredible incredible people. we mourn for the unthinkable life that took place today, and we pledge in their name to fight for a future of safety, tolerance, love.ty, dignity and we must all rise above the hate, move past our divisions and embrace our common destiny as americans. doesn't mean that we can't fight hard and be strong our mind, but on
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thosee to always remember elements. we have to remember the elements respect nd dignity and and so many others as we hold great vania and the people of pennsylvania close in prayers.ts and i am glad to be here today in wonderful state of indiana. we love indiana. some people that re going to be so successful, the future farmers of america. especially after i open up all of those countries trade with those great deals. you had the most one-sided, trade deals, and they are falling one by one.
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you know that. mexico and canada and south korea. them ip and ning --'re -- opening them um and them up and you're doing better. i was looking at your numbers three, four years ago. they were going in the wrong irection, but now you're going in the right are direction. air force one. has anyone heard of air force one? see, anything can happen. if i can fly on air force one, then you can be a really, really successful farmer, right? that's what it is. but, you know, as i was flying n air force one, i said to my people because of the horrible tragedy -- i mean i almost shouldn't say this, but people have done this and do this for a living, tough living,
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that went in as first responders, police officers, law that have seen many crime scenes, they said this is seen.f the worst they have they have seen many horrible crime scenes, they said this is ne of the worst we have seen, nd we're going to have to come out with very powerful punishment for these people who do these horrible things. come out with the ultimate punishment. it is time. we can't let this happen. it is time. happen, they have to pay a very big price and it has quicker, not ten years of legal wranging. wrang ling -- wrangling. i said on the plane that i'm going to see these young, brilliant, -- you , and beautiful know you're not allowed to say
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that anymore, but i'm saying it anymore. handsome -- i'm not supposed to say handsome, but you are handsome. and i'm not supposed to -- i'm not supposed to say beautiful, beautiful.e so i guess i'm just old fashioned. but i said on air force one that would like you to call into indiana -- indianapolis, want, indiana, and i wanted to see if you could rabbi and pastor to say grace. said, i know we have a tremendous crowd. i think they would all understand it. love k most of them would it. e found a highly represented rabbi benjamin sendo and tra
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great pastor. given about eight minutes notice. it is like, can you get over here immediately? o leery ve pastor tom from the area. look at that. know him over there. and i thought i would invite them on stage. them a big round and grace, them each say say a prayer because today's a we can use a great prayer from a pastor and a rabbi. come up. please. >> close your eyes and open your pray with me today. father in heaven, we don't why crazy rstand things happen in our world, but
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this earth ed that we live on will never be as heaven and never as horrific of hell, but we get heaven and hell. in -- it is in this moment that love, for your comfort, grace, and peace to be upon the victims and their family and this families and community of faith that we stand up for. god, i pray for the police families thatheir were affected. and, god, we pray for protection for our police officers. we honor them today. god, we pray for protection in america. that your wisdom and favor would be on our president, president trump. celebrate that every heartbeat is a gift. thank you that you're a god of grace, and mercy, and love. it is in jesus's name i pray.
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amen. rabbi benjamin. >> our father in heaven, our hearts are heavy today with sorrow. day, which from the beginning of time you declared holy, the sanctity of the ay, the prayers, the praise were shattered by the sound of gun shots. first pray that you should speedily ete healing to the injured and send strength and comfort to the families of survive. did not we pray today for moral clarity. us not dismiss this as an ct of insanity but let us see
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it for what it is, an act of evil. who is written -- those love god hate evil, and this is nation that loves its god and this is a nation that hates evil. continue under the leadership of our president who tirelessly to fight evil at home and around the world. we join him in that fight and may we always remember that evil esence of a few people among us does not define this country.
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we appreciate the fact that you them to watch very much. one of the questions that i was thank you.we said one of the questions i was
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asked, will i come to this event? and i said future farmers, young farmers, i'm coming to this and then i was asked whether or not i was going to another event later on in which was more or less a political rally. thinking, t i was i'll cancel and then i said, you change can't let evil our life and change our schedule. we can't do that. go and do whatever we were going to do otherwise we them too much credit. often.e them too and you go with a heavy heart, but you -- you go. want to change your life. important.ake them these are bad people. to dominatelow them what we do so i'll go. not that i want to go, but i
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think that i actually in reverse an obligation to go. i remember when we had the manhattan, we opened that stock exchange the next people were shocked. a great group of people. head of the new york stock exchange is just a fantastic guy, dick, and he -- he opened up, got it open. everybody was standing proudly with him. and the purpose wasn't financial. had nothing to do with financial. standing wase proudly with him, and the purpose wasn't financial, it had nothing to do with financial. don't want to let people that are evil change our lives. so i think when i'm finished with this i should go to
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illinois. illinois, and we'll keep our schedule the and t's supposed to be in theld all do that meantime it's my honor to be with you right now. thank you. [applause] >> okay. now we get down to the business of farming. to talk ody want about farms and farming? [cheers and applause] president trump: and ethanol, that i just you.oved for [applause] president trump: and for the country, by the way. people group of that are so ambitious, i saw that level, i came over, i i would shake one quick hand and run up to the
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podium, and i saw that level ambition, i said, they are going to be very successful people. side, said to this this great musicians, they would never be that way, and they had the same ambition, in the they rushed the podium. [applause] president trump: a lot of talent. music, by the way. i heard that backstage, i said, that's good music. but my administration is fighting for our farmers every single day. we're replacing unfair trade deals. you have very unfair trade deals, folks. if you look at farming over it's a 15 years steady decline. there is no reason for it. it's now going to be a steady incline. no reason for what happened to farmers. redible people -- incredible people. we'll be opening up new markets for exports. job-killing egulation which is we've already done in record
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numbers. no, record numbers. we'll be ending impressive federal intrusion. families know exactly what that means. we'll be cutting your taxes, i promised, we're ensuring that ethanol part of in a vital america's energy future with at the last week, absolute urging of your great secretary of agriculture, mr. purdue, he knows more about farming -- [applause] president trump: i don't know where he is, where is sonny perdue? more about farming than any human being i have ever seen in my life. is he? is he backstage? he loves farmers and farmers. when i picked the secretary of agriculture, i eight ewed seven or people and one was great politically and one was great some other way and something that was fine, i guess, but i
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kept saying what do you know said, i rming, he know nothing but i can learn. my staff was saying, oh, hire him, he's perfect. said, but he doesn't know anything. and then another one came in other had some talent, but farming wasn't one of them. then a third one came in and said, let me ask you this guy seemed to be a total novice. to a ou ever been farm? no, sir. but if i get the job, i thing i do first is i'm going to visit a farm. and i think the future wouldn't be too happy, and then this guy purdue walks in. e was the governor of georgia for eight years and very popular. [cheers] president trump: he was the governor of georgia and he was a popular governor. have been would there forever, i guess, but limited.rm it's always nicer than when somebody loses but he was a popular governor. popular governor and a great governor, and he
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walked into my office and he for an hour. i learned more about farming had at one hour than i in my whole life. in he was not perfect certain ways. but when it came to farming, he was so good, i have never like it.hing olitically speaking, aw, farming speaking, but he loves his farmers and he's job.some great perdue, thank you very much. [applause] you.ident trump: thank my administration is working very hard to help all of our farmers in georgia nd the florida panhandle impacted by the recent hurricane. we do love that panhandle. what. you that panhandle got hit hard
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and a piece of georgia got hit. went there, and i saw farmers who were so incredible. with melania, the first lady, she's doing a great job. [applause] we had t trump: and cotton farmers and pecan farmers and timber farmers, are beautiful people that were devastated. nd a cotton farmer was standing in line, there must have been 40 farmers, all of them really badly hurt. some devastated. ped out.hd out he was crying. he said this is the best crop i had ever grown. he was explaining to me about cotton. too much about cotton other than i know i in to grow a lot of it this country but he was explaining how, and he's
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mean, like this, i it's the best crop he ever sir, d in five hours, i had nothing. i was wiped out. i said to our man, sonny sonny, we help so many people, but we don't help our people. we don't help them like we should. we've got to help these people. he was wiped out. he wasn't asking for anything. wasn't even thinking about it. and he got wiped out. season, had a rough as you know, last year, with level of ller storms but still a rough season. i said, sonny, we've got to these people out. that's what we're going to be doing because we help people out and we help don't es out that even appreciate it. we give billions and billions of dollars all over protect , we countries with our military, they don't pay us. so much for so many, nd here we have a cotton
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offer who works his ass his whole life [applause] [cheers] send ent trump: and i checks for billions of dollars, don't worry, a lot of it is being cut back, about it when these all of protests from people and we give billions of dollars to places and they don't even us at the united nations. it's unbelievable. they vote against us on things that are very popular, they vote against us. it's called no respect. but they do vote now that i'm president. voting very n nicely, thank you. [applause] president trump: unfortunately, unfortunately, the way i not hey would keep voting for us, okay? these aid, sonny, eople in the panhandle,
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florida, and georgia, and and you're not talking about -- and, by the way, how about north carolina, south carolina, they got hit. duster. a big water that was a bad one. you had two opposites, massive water in south we get itand then from the other side, with essentially a tornado that was massively wide. that was the world's biggest tornado. i have never seen anything it.e to the shore we saw houses where the were gutted. devastation. i said we have to help these farmers. their crops have been destroyed. pecans, we had
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i learned so much about this that day, trees and it takes four years before they start. eight years, and in 10 they really productive. -- for two ive million hurricanes and they see a hurricane coming and go boom. ever see it. boom-boom. knock those suckers over. see where weer come down. i see it in palm beach miami, where i have a lot of stuff. i put up certain trees. beautiful and then we get hit by a big storm or even a small hurricane. everything is gone. said, what happened? it's not acclimated. it wasn't meant. every s pretty, but time you have a storm you might as well forget it.
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ut every palm tree is standing. there is nothing you can do to those suckers. and that's sort of the way, you think of it, that's what you do, but i said to said sonny , i request, you're authorized to work with these farmers to get them back and help know, we're ou talking about a lot of money, but we're talking peanuts. peanuts compared to what we give to the world. industry, nut right? that's right. [cheers] president trump: jimmy carter, the peanut grower. oh, by the way, who is a very nice man. peanut farmer, right? but i learned a lot about it and i said, let's help them out. to help them out. those farmers that i met, we're going to be helping you out. be helping e'll you out and it's going to be my honor to do it. know, the interesting thing with farmers, i've had many meetings with farmers
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office. they don't want any help. they just want to be able to do their thing. others are always asking for, give us money. e want -- they don't want help. i can tell you stories where i offered things and they what sir, that's not we want. that's not what i'm about. it.aid, i can't believe first time i have ever heard it. so we're going to help out those folks that i met and in florida, and in georgia, and in a little that got alabama hit very hard, and in south carolina, and in north carolina, we're going to help those people out. to really do everything we can to help them out. [cheers and applause] president trump: so -- i ant to thank two very special people that have been unbelievably helpful to me as president. you know, we cut your taxes. e got rid of regulations, we're building up our military to a level that is
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higher than it's ever been everything is being built in the usa, right? military. [applause] president trump: and during these times especially when you see horrible things to have a ave strong military. and the stronger it is, the ess likely that we'll have to use it, right? you understand what that i think. you folks understand. the stronger we are, the ess likely we have to use it, but two congressmen that have been incredible, they been leaders, they have een strong, they are from essentially around the area, they love the farm business, hey respect farmers like i do. i want to introduce banks and jim congressman trey hollingsworth for being here today. i don't know where they are. there they are. you.k come here for a second. [applause] president trump: these guys fight for the farmers.
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i think they like their farmers. come here. [applause] farmers, huh? words.ay a couple of >> how are we doing? [cheers and applause] > isn't it great to have this president, who cares about farmers, about agriculture, the future of all of you stand forks right here in indiana, at your convention. great is that? [cheers] [applause] >> serving in this congress with this president is the life. of my we've made a big difference for this country, by the military, growing a strong economy, serving our veterans, better ever been ave served before. and it's all because of this man right here. you very much, mr. president. [applause] wow! where are the hoosiers
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the house? [applause] >> i'm so excited to be here nd i'm so excited to work along side the administration every single brighter, ld a stronger, better future for america, and that's what his president has been about from day one all the through to today. mra [applause] i know that there were some dark times that we felt like america had once lost its way but today, we can reassuredly tell the american people that the future will be brighter and century will be another for can century american producers, american manufacturers, and most importantly, american farmers. mra [applause]
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out an vote for them. and i'm going to be very nice, i'm not even going to i won't tell you that they are aligned with nancy pelosi. so i'm going to be nice. get out and vote for those with you aat are hundred percent. extend my e to very special thanks to ffa brie holbert. mrauz mra [applause] president trump: what a job, brie. you, board chairman, somebody said i love you, brie. i love you,ump: too, brie. board chairman, dr. steve
3:46 pm
brown. steve? [applause] president trump: thank you, steve. job, steve. mark, good job, thank you. faa foundation president, molly ball. molly, great job. [applause] president trump: and all of the outstanding teachers who pour out their heart and soul to make the faa such a organization. look what they have done today. look at this. [cheers and applause] president trump: great job. great job. president trump: no one
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spirits the american like the members of the faa, and frankly, all of the that are in this room with us today, and the you know, was founded by farmers. in fact, if you look at the command, president, vice president, i don't know exactly where the secretary but it's ture is, right up there at the top, because we really were about arming and we still are about farming, and nobody does it even close to a ter, so, it's tremendous honor to be here. our independence was won by farmers. our frontier was settled by farmers. every day our people are fed, clothed, and sustained by the american farmer. [applause]
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president trump: somebody just said your hair looks different today. under i was standing the wing of air force one doing a news conference arly this morning, a very unfortunate news conference, and the wind was blowing and he rain -- and i was soaking wet, and that's what ended up with today. least you at know it's mine. [applause] president trump: i said maybe i should cancel this i have ant because bad hair day. was, he bad news somebody said actually it looks better than it usually does. that's in response. before i took office our were ible farmers being crushed by an nslaught of massive taxes, crippling regulations,
3:49 pm
urdensome federal mandates and unfair bad trade deals but those days are over. a president who is fighting for you. e're fighting now for the farmer. we don't worry too much about the globalists, we want to take care of the but we have to take care of ourselves worrying start about others. [applause] president trump: and we will work with the globe, but we ave to remember, this is about the united states of america first. we have to take care -- and, you know what? care of to take their countries first, too. it's not like any other way. take careit, they of themselves. we take care -- and i'll pit us against any country in when rld, and then everything is perfect, we have people. we have to help people and that's good. care of ve to take and our ole usa, farmers.
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[applause] president trump: in the two leading up to the election, agriculture products, and please this, our exports, $23 ed by nearly billion. think of that. agriculture exports. his is before i took office. before the election. dropped. by $23 billion. wants to say that but i say it. now they are up by more than $14 billion, and that's before these great trade deals kick in. the election, american farmers saw their plummet by 1/3. net e have increased farm incomes, and this is during negotiations of these tough deals. by $4 billion. think of that. [applause] resident trump: no one wants to say that. the farmers say it but no
3:51 pm
one wants to say that. very hardfighting or a terrific farm bill that includes work requirements for food stamps. we want to do something with work requirements. [applause] president trump: we want to have work requirements. worry about the farm bill. the farm bill we can sign. i could have signed it three onths ago but we're trying to make a good bill. is it okay if i take a i havelonger because these people. [cheers] president trump: it doesn't matter. remember, they were saying, oh, you have to air canada, you have to make the deal. when negotiating with canada and mexico, and politicians saying, you must say this, you must make the deal. and i keep telling them, i make a deal i or not. i'm telling this to the two countries. i couldn't care less if i deal.the and then i got politicians, he must make the deal with mexico. the deal with canada. and i'm telling them, i
3:52 pm
couldn't care less if i make the deal. these guys absolutely make it tough, but it doesn't atter because we made a wonderful deal and hopefully it will be great for mexico and hopefully it will be great for canada. i know one thing. it's great for us. lose.'re not going to [applause] president trump: we're not going to lose our companies going to other countries, because there is a big distance. nafta we lost millions and millions of jobs. thousands and thousands of mexico s moved to and canada. to a lesser extent but they to mexico. car companies and other companies. illions and millions of jobs, not going to happen anymore, because now you have a big disincentive, as before, you had this ridiculous incentive to move. they are not moving anymore. they are not moving. hat was very important to me in these deals. we recently announced we're
3:53 pm
replacing nafta with a u.s. mexico-canada trade agreement that will ncrease exports for corn farmers in indiana. wheat farmers in kansas, wisconsin, s in poultry farmers in georgia, nd farmers and producers all across the country. all across. export e able to your product now to places you never even thought about. s part of this tremendous victory, for american farmers, canada agreed to their massive trade arriers to the american dairy industry. you saw that. [applause] president trump: we love canada. i love canada. i love the people. i love canada, but they were $275% tariff. which basically is saying to t sell your product canada, right? 200 -- i don't mean like 2%, hey were charging 275%
3:54 pm
tariff to our dairy farmers, and you can't do that. you can't do that. canada also agreed to give wheat eatment to our farmers. they will now grade american wheat just like they grade their own wheat. now, you people know what that means. i don't know what the hell it means but i heard it was big concession. i have no idea. [applause] resident trump: i have no idea what that means. but everybody is saying, sir, could you get the wheat same way they grade their wheat? i said, all right. whatever the hell it means, it, okay? that was supposed to be a big deal. that's why you have to know business. you have to be in a business but i have great people, great negotiating people and sonny and a lot of great farmers, and they know, that's what we have to do. you have to know who to use. we're pursuing fair trade around the world. we opened argentina to
3:55 pm
american pork exports for first time in 25 years. [applause] opened t trump: we india and morocco. they both opened their to our poultry exports. etting india, a big country, 1.5 billion people, that sounds like a good market, right? u.s. beef has been shipped to brazil for the first time ever. and i opened china to our beef a year ago. i haven't checked recently how we're doing there because we're in the middle of a pretty nasty dispute we will win. we will win. it.e going to win [applause] president trump: but china was taking our beef, first since the year 2000 when they ended it but i went to the president and he it and it was great and it will all work the etween china and united states. they have been doing very
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well against us for 25 or 30 years. they have been doing beyond well. taking taking $500 billion per year out of the united states. corn.s a lot of that's a lot of wheat. that's a lot of soybeans. can't do that. can't do that. so we're in a trade dispute. i want to use that word ecause it's a nice soft word. but we're going to win. you know why? we always win. applause. president trump: we always win. we're american. always win. although i must say with your past leaders you did win.always you never won. how we got put into this position in the first place ridiculous. japan reopened its market to exports of meat, from sheep and goat for the first years.n over 14 anybody in that business? [applause]
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president trump: first time in 14 years. japan. don't forget, japan sends us cars.ons of so now we send them some goat. [applause] so far theyump: are winning. -- sending them a goat. they are sending us millions cars but they are a great people and have a great leader. he understands. he understands. we're opening up japan. we have to. cars. don't take their it's very simple. i mean, it's not like, oh, gees, this is a tough one, or we compromise and put a cars riff on their which i actually like better. cards. have the we have all the cards. don't forget, we're the piggy bank that everybody from. to steal everybody. we have all the cards but no ne has ever chosen to use those cards. hobb honestly, no one has
3:58 pm
the cards, we hadn't got it but we get it now. we've taken the first steps historic negotiations to permanently open markets or american farmers in japan and the european, which has barriers up to the european union send us the des benz, bmws, by millions. take a piece of corn. they won't take wheat. our product nt but we take their product. to how that's not going last, do you agree? the e.u. has been very
3:59 pm
restrictive. they don't take a lot of not farm products, medical roducts, and yet we take theirs, and when they do take our product they charge us massive tax. massive. a tariff. massive. and we take their same product and charge them nothing. does that make sense? they, they make a car, send the car to the united 2.5% but hey pay they don't pay. because there are ways it.und they pay nothing. we make a car. china, number one, they don't take it, barrier,they have a they don't want our cars. they want a made in china. them if they get away with it? but when they do take them 25%.charge us nothing, ge them
4:00 pm
they charge us 25%. omehow, that doesn't work too well. and that's what's happened. they expected to be called the next day, you don't do that. think of it. we charge them nothing. they charge us 25%. that does not work out too well for us. we are changing it. we have taken tough action to stand up to unfair trade largelys from china, responsible for rebuilding china. inon't blame president xi the leadership in china, and i don't blame china.
4:01 pm
i blame our country and our leadership for allowing it to happen. we should have been so smart to do what they are doing. tried toompanies have steal our trade secrets, and the trade secrets of the american agricultural businesses. who would have known? you have incredible secrets on growing. you have unbelievable. i looked at it. i couldn't believe the level of sophistication. this isn't what it was 25 years ago, but china has taken many of those great, brilliant things that you have come up with and stolen it. has banned imports of u.s. agricultural products such as
4:02 pm
andtry, cutting our farmers ranchers off from their market, but we will get it opened up again, or we will just be a ourle tough, because we put $250 billion worth of product, charging tariffs, on $250 billion. this never happened before. they say, where did this guy come from? where did he come from? ,fter decades of economic abuse we are fighting back as a country. , toill not take it anymore help american products compete and win around the world. we passed the biggest tax cut reforms in history. family cuts will save farms and small business owners and the deeply unfair estate tax
4:03 pm
, also known as the death tax, so your farms will stay in your families without mortgaging your farms so you can pay off the tax. [applause] pres. trump: this guy with the horn, he stood up so fast. tax onill be no estate these farms. that is the difference between saving it. if your kids are bad -- he is good -- if your kids are bad, don't leave your farm to the kids you don't like. are there any parents in the room that do not like their children? sell them. there is one hand up.
4:04 pm
can you believe it? i should bring him up and interview him. it would be very interesting. you have a farm. you work hard. the parents are so proud of the farm. , all of a sudden something happens and you get tremendous taxes, tremendous, and you go to the banks and borrow money and have a downturn and you end up losing the farm. nobody talks about this. there is no more estate tax on those farms and businesses. it is a great thing. congratulations everybody. you just became very rich. [applause] way, one of by the the greatest businessmen in the world is in the audience. hoosier,anapolis, a one of the great businessman in
4:05 pm
the world. thank you, steve. i appreciate it. have liberated our farmers and ranchers from an avalanche of federal regulation. you know that very well. we have removed more job-killing regulations than any administration in history in less than two years. , for years,ation eight years, or more in one case , has done nearly as much. year, the u.s. department of agricultural eliminated eight burdensome regulations, saving nearly $400 million for farmers, and regulatory reduction by the usda are projected to save americans another $1 billion this year alone, and much more into the future. [applause] since the day i
4:06 pm
took office, we had freight moved, delayed canceled, or withdrawn more than 2200 planned federal rules and regulations. these regulations don't just destroy jobs, they limit your freedom, sap your resources, interfere in your businesses, and they undermine your way of life. we are ditching one of the most ,idiculous regulations of all except it has the most beautiful name, the title. going to sign this because i know how bad it is. , and iing to get killed didn't because everybody knew how bad -- it has the most beautiful title. the disastrous waters of the united states ruled. do you know what that is? [applause] pres. trump: maybe not.
4:07 pm
it means you could inform your land, build houses on your land, do anything with your land. , it wasad a puddle considered for purposes of that rule a lake and you came under restrictions and regulations that made it impossible to go anywhere near it. honestly, it was insane. it was ridiculous, except for that beautiful title. too, the parisne accord. that drained us. that drained us. that would have cost us hundreds of billions of dollars, the environmental accord. we right now have the cleanest air and cleanest water, which is what i want. i want immaculate air and crystal, clean water. that is what we all want. we now have the cleanest we have ever had. [applause]
4:08 pm
government has no your rainicromanaging ditches or puddles in your backyard, putting farmers out of business, taking away your profits, putting you in the red. they have no right to do that. we are rebuilding our borde theastructure, upgrading waterways that of the lifeblood of american agriculture. in places in the midwest to come we are helping you with your internet systems where you have such poor access. [applause] we are removing roadblocks to cutting-edge biotechnology, freeing our scientists to innovate, thrive,
4:09 pm
and grow. there is no one like you. there is nobody close to the american farmer. and we have the greatest equipment in the world. nobody makes the equipment like our great companies make the equipment and whether john oro, case,obson, t so many others. i am not reading this. i buy too much of it. i buy a lot. these are great companies. these are phenomenal. nobody has companies like that, nobody, and we have to protect them too. we can't let others take advantage of our companies. it is jobs. it is technology. we have to protect our great companies. we are lifting restrictions on four straight so you can log more timber and export more renewable sources to other countries. [applause]
4:10 pm
mean, think of it. we are importing lumber, timber, and trees from other countries, and we have 10 times more than they have. explain that one. it is all being brought back. part of our campaign when we won two years ago, the greatest movement in american politics, it was based on common sense. common sense. [applause] pres. trump: to support incredible programs like the ffa , my administration -- apprenticeships, i love that on thepprenticeships job, training, and vocational education. [applause] we are providing more than $1 billion annually to keep vocational education and
4:11 pm
in ourture education public schools. how about that? [applause] pres. trump: good music. good music. you are a hard crowd to figure. i thought that would be good, but i did not think that would be a standing. see, i just don't know the farm business, i guess. but it is true, we will help you out a lot, thanks to our america first. everybody like america first? [applause] pres. trump: it is about time. during aoming of age new era of american prosperity.
4:12 pm
we created more than 4.2 million jobs since the election, and we have lifted 4.2 million americans off of food stamps. [applause] pres. trump: more americans are working today than at any point in the history of our country. as a sound bite when i am debating one of these characters? i will be debating a democrat. you saw that. gone.y be she may be gone. what a sad thing happened to her. it turned out that i had more indian blood in me than she has. [laughter] event,rump: what a sad and i have none. we can't resist. can we resist?
4:13 pm
no, but how good is that as a soundbite? you are on a stage and you save we are right now having more people working in the united states than by far than ever before, today, right now. [applause] pres. trump: that is a good soundbite. the unemployment rate just fell to the lowest level in more than 50 years. that is another good soundbite. here is one that i love, the hispanic, hispanic american, african american, kanye west. was he great? he did me a big favor. kanye. [applause] [laughter] people like him. asian-american unemployment have reached the lowest level recorded, african-american, hispanic american, and
4:14 pm
asian-american, the lowest ever. i have let the women down. because women's unemployment, i have been waiting for this to change and it does not change, women's unemployment has only phone to the lowest level in 65 years, as opposed to history, as opposed to historic, the best numbers and 65 years. can you imagine? by that disappointed because everything else is historic in history, but that will be changing, as soon as the next graph comes out. no one is better prepared to live the american dream than the young americans here today. you are amazing people. amazing. [applause] pres. trump: you are amazing people. your time with the ffa in the field, on the farm, in the lab and in the classroom has not
4:15 pm
only prepared you for a stellar, great career in something you love, it has taught you the central truths about life and about the world in which we live. know that success only comes through hard work and perseverance. you know that very well. nothing compares to the satisfaction of an achievement earned and built with your own sweat, your own skill, and with your own two hands, you know that. [applause] pres. trump: true, true. just one,ow that justice. [applause] just one.p: that is interesting.
4:16 pm
termis a pretty popular and a pretty great group, but you know that just one person taking one step, seizing one opportunity can change a life, can change a community, or even change the world forever, you know that. just one. [applause] took wasmp: all it just one iowa farm boy to change in course of human history the last century, you know that. where is iowa here. [applause] was dr.ump: his name --rman boer lo
4:17 pm
very important life and man. he never gave up. he was known that he wouldn't give up. his teacher said norman will not and heated by difficulty burned with missionary zeal. after he failed his college entrance exams, he failed them. he was devastated, but he kept , earned a forward phd, developed a revolutionary variety of high-yield week and and won the nobel priest -- can you believe it? he won the nobel peace prize. they probably will never give it to me. you know why? because they don't want to. [laughter]
4:18 pm
pres. trump: but norman got the nobel peace prize and how about that? [applause] pres. trump: and he got the congressional gold medal and the presidential medal of freedom, our highest award after, in my opinion, after the congressional medal of honor, and i have given some of them out. these are brave, brave, incredible people, incredible people. [applause] his innovation saved millions of lives around the world from starvation. power ofhe awesome just one courageous american farmer, and that is the legacy each of you inherit today. that is an incredible legacy. you have no idea how important .he farm and the farmers are
4:19 pm
it is so important. people take things for granted. you are truly great and important people, doing a service that is incredible, but also doing something you love, farming. [applause] pres. trump: i want to recognize three special faa members caring on that legacy. the winners of this year's american star award, who are with us today. stand up or come up. if you want. if you want to shake my hand, i will shake your hand. [applause] pres. trump: austin is from missouri. come on up.
4:20 pm
[applause] pres. trump: you know i said,, p or if you want. come up. they jumped up out of that seat so fast they were up. it was like rocket ships. austin bought, 600 chickens to diversify the family farm. [applause] pres. trump: austin, i assume you know this? you do know this. he knows you. look at them. they won't it down for you, austin. no, no, stand up. you deserve it. now he owns more than 15,000
4:21 pm
chickens and sells aches to local restaurants, grocery stores, and even his own university. wow. that is fantastic. congratulations, austin. [applause] pres. trump: wow. n fromith us is be illinois. [applause] hey, ben.p: afteroing to illinois this. i will drop you off. i will. we will take him in air force one if he wants to go. [applause] pres. trump: i don't know. i don't know. he may have to travel for two days after he gets dropped off, but you are invited to come with us. thank you. ben gained the
4:22 pm
mechanical and marketing skills to transform his metalworking hobby into a very successful business. now as a student at purdue university, a great college, a great school. what a great school. [applause] pres. trump: he makes tractor grapples, mounting plates, and other agricultural equipment. ben, great job and congratulations. fantastic. [applause] pres. trump: great job. colin from we have minnesota. [applause] these are popular people. throughout high school and college, faa experience involved working on his family farm, bailing hay, planting corn, harvesting soybeans, and operating very heavy machinery.
4:23 pm
today, he is the fifth generation to work on his family's farm, and that is really something incredible, and he is doing a great job. you are doing a great job. [applause] pres. trump: and he is doing better than any of the predecessors, right? congratulations. that is really fantastic. [applause] pres. trump: great people. thank you very much. [applause] very successful. america's future depends on young leaders like you who are proud of who you are, proud of where they come from, proud of the american values we all hold dear. you to creed has taught
4:24 pm
believe in self-reliance and honest dealing, to never give up , and asace of hardship farmers, you have it both ways. you have hardship. and you have great, great, great success. that creed promises that if you will hold true to the best traditions of our national life, if you cherish our freedom, our values, and our country, there is nothing you cannot achieve, nothing. [applause] beautiful.: [applause] pres. trump: beautiful. [applause] pres. trump: great people in this room. from the green hillsides of virginia to the fertile valleys
4:25 pm
-- and we are trying to get you a lot more water. [applause] pres. trump: by the way. you know what i am talking about, right? where has all that water gone? sir, we sent it to the pacific ocean. you have some great republican congressman working hard. farms as make those good as it gets anywhere in the world. and from the plains of our heartland to the peaks of the west, the future farmers of america will lift our nation to new heights. that is what you are going to do. you will make a amazing new feats, carry on the traditions passed down by generations, and
4:26 pm
you will do it with the skill, grit, heart, strength, and pride that make america's farmers by far the best in the world. [applause] pres. trump: the greatest and most important days for the american farmer are yet to come, and you will take us there. you will take us to new levels. you are the ones shaping our industry, the ones who will shape our destiny. you are the ones writing our history, and you are the future farmers of america, the ones who will help truly -- you have heard my expression -- make america great again. you will make america great again. [applause] pres. trump: thank you.
4:27 pm
god bless you. bless the american farmer. and god bless the united states of america. thank you. thank you. incredible people. ♪ [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2018]
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