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  President Hosts CE Os Making Pledge to Americas Workers  CSPAN  October 31, 2018 2:43pm-3:17pm EDT

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state. but we've also seen for the first time, republicans are as ally a minority, as far registration goes and they've callovertaken by those who themselves no party preference voters. o what we've been watching, if you watch registration numbers, really california has been oving into the democratic column. although we're not absolute majority, democratic state, as you can see. over 50% democratic. but we are democratic, at least overall, the top number of democrats registered. what we see is playing out is here in southern california, in last few decades, republicans have had an dvantage, democrats have been slowly overtaken. trump.ka [applause]
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>> welcome, everybody, i'm larry hooked up, i i'm believe i am. the we're here to celebrate actually. a t is what we'll call this, celebration. new american workforce, is what it. calling the new american workforce, in middle of an economic boom. gone around the championing, crusading, can be every worker listen to this word, one of my favorite words, reskilling. reskilling.
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we've all -- later on, i'm going reskilling, all broadcasters and directors and more. anyway, the headline here is you have a new announcement now. this is private sector, okay, rivate companies, no government, no government money, but dealing with the american workforce, so it can fit in the issing links between job openings and folks who want to work. ivanka trump, tell us about it. ivanka trump: thank you, larry, thank you for this opportunity. room today g in a surrounded by companies who have committed to investing in their and workers who benefited and students from those programs. that we have an incredible economy, a robust that's because of deregulation, because of tax first time in the
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history, we have more vacant unemployed have workers to fill them. this represents an enormous to think y for us about making sure that every american worker is ekwiched with skills they need, whether in high school and looking to raduate and have a job ready for them upon graduation or mid to late career worker looking learn a portunity to new skill or learn a new trade. we've been doing that, the july, nt, back in announced a call to action, he to ed the private sector step up and start taking responsibility and take commitment for investing in own workforce. they did that back at the end of uly, we announced 3.5 million jobs created by companies such fedex.le and microsoft and walmart and many others. 120 that period of time, additional companies signed our and e to american workers
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as larry noted, no federal funds re involved in this at all and they are committed to retraining, creating new jobs, creating enhanced career opportunity, apprentice much opportunities, several employers us today.ith we have c.e.o. from techstrong, who is -- has committed to 22,000 opportunities to train workers in the aviation sector. much for that commitment. ford motor company is committed 55,000 new jobs and pportunities in the automotive sector. at&t committed to 200,000 new ipc, nd opportunities and john, the c.e.o., thank you so much. association represents electronic assembly industry, committed total of 1 million new jobs and training opportunities. incredible. please. please, yes. pau ause]
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pause [applause] ivanka trump: and -- headline is, you are up to -- trump: up to 6.3 million new jobs. >> incredible. [applause] ivanka trump: and if you think context, that represents 5% of the current workforce. so it's really remarkable and really this is that call to sector, to the private to invest in the current and the future workforce and we're going to have the private and agreen our pledge to making this type of investment. last event hile the and last time we were here announcing the launch of the really wanted e to focus on the workers that benefit from it. travels and i've been
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to job training programs in now country, across the and really seen the best in class things happening on a state level. thank you, governor, for all that you are doing and on rivate sector level, i've met remarkable people, many of whom are in the room. 'd like to briefly introduce eric, i was in eastern kentucky with, who went from a job in the mining industry to now cnc instructor. he was so good they wanted to keep him to train their other maybe eric, if you wouldn't mind standing and elling us a little about your story. eric: coal miner, i worked in 30 years. for i worked my way through it all was laid ician when i off. found myself without anything to with, what am ily i going to do? unemployment is not going to do it. to be retiredough
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yet, i got to work every day of my life. the opportunity to thanks to the office that gave me the cnc school that painesville.up in went through the first class and 16-week course. took to it, understood it, become a part of it. me there ed to keep and i help with other students, on the third class now. working in le louisville, winchester, all around the surrounding area. guys want to come home, too, and work in the area. with the ng that school and the jobs we're creating, will bring industry in and we'll all flourish, bring it on. [applause] >> thank you. i saw firsthand eric is and the
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work that he does and the so ruction he's given to many in that facility, really amazing. stasia, i met you in houston training is currently to be an apprentice and is valdiva isedictorian of her class, career as a rd to pipe fitter. i should mention, you are a marine corps veteran. would you share your story with us, sasha? >> my name is sasha from houston, texas, proud mother of boys and i'm a marine corps veteran. also a marine. following my career in the myself orps, i found unemployed working dead-end jobs. i was looking for something more job. just a i wanted a career. i was approached by snb for winners apprenticeship
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program. kind of ime, i was discouraged because the only not an industry that has a lot of respect for women and has a lot of respect for females. so i went and spoke with my pastor and my pastor gave me advice.ds of she told me, be the change that i want to see. go out and hat can make the difference, that can earn respect. agreed to the program from snb. are a 16-week course, we on o11th week. mrs. ivanka said, i am the valedictorian of the class. have a job now, and a career, i career i can lean on and look will take me further. [applause] >> thank you. trump: that's amazing. amazing.
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congratulations. lastly, i'd like to introduce anna. anna, i met in pittsburgh, in robotics row. anna and i see several of her of thetes, they are part first robotics team and -- hi, ladies. doing just incredible things in the field of stem and pennsylvania h in and internationally and are eally next generation of entrepreneurs, engineers, innovators and inspiring. you share your goals and your story? > my name is anna, i'm a sophomore in high school. a part mrs. trump said, of girls in robotics, you see on our team irls right over there. robotics team around 50 girls from the greater carnegieh area meet at
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mellon university and built a six we then go to international competitions and we compete with a game that is first designed. hese teams are more than about robotics. go on a business team girls siness subteam, write a business plan and next day of the week welding and it on our y teaching girls team and on the programs similar skills that l world you cannot get from sitting behind a desk in a classroom. that i learn and been mpowered to try for girls of steel that will shape my future. yeah, i'm really thankful for that we've hades through the after-school programs in stem. he [applause] thank you.p: well
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sharing your story, i thought that would set a nice tone for a broader iscussion about the economic opportunity that has been being created by president trump and this administration. larry, i'll kick over to you now. kudlow: young lady, robot people are ot worried about the future with robots. somebody has to build them, them, keep them going, there are a lot of jobs there. you illustrate an important point. >> yeah . yes, girls of steel and all robotic programs, scholarships them and you come out of the meetings feel like you know more than you went into, that empower you to join the stem workforce. i know tina, who is sitting over she's interested in going
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into robotics, when she started wanted to gol, she into history. the it really does empower you out of ew things, go your comfort zone, things girls need. thank you.w: terrific stuff. mr. president, nobody wants to anymore, t the economy let's talk about the economy. all right. you beat your critics, you beat growing 3% plus, we just had a record, 18-year consumer confidence, i think yesterday or the day before. how did you do it? message here? pres. trump: we did it with a lot of good thought and we did people, a lot of great like we have here today and some are going into different fields. mining ay, the coal field is doing well right now. some people will go there and that, it is go into frankly, as you know, you see what is happening, it is doing great. have the governor of kentucky
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with us, he has been -- please matt blevin. please. [applause] and he's -- he can tell you how well it is doing. we have other industries that doing, you have your choice. you didn't have your choice a few years ago and now you have choice. our markets are so strong. the job market 3.7% is lowest in years, best unemployment numbers we have in 50 years and that is wonderful, but we need workers now. that is good thing to be saying been said for 't many decades and we want people to come in, you have been about the immigration situation with caravans and all. into the ople coming country, we want them to come in legally. they want to come through a set up and we have we're setting up well. they want to come in and we want in through merit so they can help these companies, ecause we have just in japan alone, six major car companies
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oing to open up new plants and coming in to michigan and coming to ohio, coming to a lot of different places. lot of car companies coming, a lot of companies, oxcon, in wisconsin, an example. and all of this is just led to cheerleaders, e that's a big part of it. cheerleaders for our country, for our system, we are getting of a lot of bureaucratic blocks and a lot of regulations, larry, which you know are important. before tax cuts and tax cuts are a big factor. did massive tax cuts, biggest we've ever done, we did cuts, quite a bit before and the economy was really going very well and then that the tax cuts and other things that we have bill.n the reform and the end result, we have an conomy that is hottest economy right now in the world and i guess the stock market is up to 50%, if you e to think about it, that is
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incredible, since the election. in fact, i hear today, it is doing well, up 400 points. 450 points yesterday. it is just doing well. i will say this, they are results of the midterms. if the midterms for some reason republicans, ifor think you i think you will lose a lot of money. they are waiting to see what happens for them in terms. if it comes out good like we think it probably will -- isaiah american men and women and business and the workforce are crushing it. we are the hottest economy in the world now.
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let me ask you this, very unusual, when you look at the statistics, god forbid we should use a factoid, we are experiencing record blue collared employment increases. the likes of which we have not seen since the middle 1980's, when i was a cub scout for reagan. we are looking at blue-collar wage increases, they are rising faster than white-collar. white-collar,st but this is the blue-collar middle class trump economy. how do you account for that? remember theif you previous administration said there will not be any more manufacturing jobs p it you will need a magic wand and all of that. we had the magic wand. we have almost 600,000 manufacturing jobs since the election. it will go much higher than that. these are among our best jobs. if you like a jobs, those are great jobs. high-paying jobs. people are being trained for those jobs.
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companiesook, i think coming and coming you have some of the great companies, and i appreciate your top people coming from these great companies. i feel like they can train people far better than the government can train people. igo specifically to that company. i don't think there has been a way that we can go as a government and train people like you can train them for your great companies. i also know that what happens oftentimes is people that do not know too much and they go in, get trained, they do phenomenally well within the company. they go up in rank. they go up like a rocket ship and go up in salary and pay. even ownership in many cases where they have stock ownership and options and everything else. i just want to appreciate, these are great companies that are with us. you have done a fantastic job. thank you, all. [applause] larry kudlow: during the campaign, you made it very clear -- pres. trump: which one?
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[laughter] pres. trump: there have been a lot of campaigns. larry kudlow: 2016. during that campaign, i thought you made it very clear. you were speaking to people all across the country, the workforce, the entrepreneurs, business owners. thatught you made it clear the war against business is over. the war against energy is over. the war against success is over. if you succeed, you can keep more of what you earn. almost from the day after you a falling consumer confidence index started to rise, and rise, and rise. the day before yesterday, 18 year highs. the thing has not stopped rising. the same is true for small businesses. have you changed the attitudes? have you changed the psychology? go outu said two folks, there and take a rep at the bold? pres. trump: i'm a believer of this country.
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i am a believer in the system. i also, i said it before, we are cheerleaders. if you look at what is going on in certain states and if you look at what is going on in certain areas of the world, for the most part, the ones that are doing well are the ones that are in favor. nobody is hot like we are. there is no other country on this planet that is hot like the united states. a lot of people said this can't happen because we are big, a big country. if you look at comparing us to come as an example, china, we are going way up and china has been hurt over the last number of months. they will be fine. let's see what happens. but we have a chance to make a fair deal because china has been hurting us. trade deals have been hurting us. we changed it with mexico, canada, south korea, we have a new deal. we are negotiating with the european union which has been absolutely hurting the united states. they don't take our product, your product.
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they don't take our product, they don't do a lot of things. they charge tremendous tariffs. we don't. has been very difficult dealing with the european union. we are now negotiating with them from a position of total strength because if they don't treat us fairly, we will not treat them fairly. the same goes for many other countries around the world, including china. people come in, prime minister's come in, presidents come incoming kings and queens, everybody comes in, the first thing they say is congratulations on what you have done with the economy. we are literally the hottest country in the world economically. it is a great thing to see. i think we have a long way to go. i really believe that. i think we have a tremendously long way to go. larry kudlow: ivanka, you have roughly 7 million job offers. in the hottest economy in the world. you are re-skilling exactly at the right moment. ivanka: it is critical that we an alignmentre is
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between the jobs in demand and the modern economy and the skills being taught in our classrooms. our technical schools, and that is what this administration is committed to. it is also really important we work with the industry and governors. as part of this pledge, we had a governor sign a pledge saying they would prioritize this in their states. they do rescaling. they know the needs of their local marketplaces better than the federal government does. this president come after this legislation languishing from -- modernizeda decade, it, this is money that goes to the states that enables the government to invest and fuel the growth, jobs, training programs that are actually working. governor bevin who is here with us today is working very hard to attract businesses because the skilled workforces there. you really do need this whole pairing of the industry, the
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skills labor, and of course the government's commitment. we do that well in this country. ais room is absolutely testament to the fact that our greatest resource is the american workforce. pres. trump: larry, you do need what ivanka said coming you need help from the government to get it started in the right direction. one of the things i am proud of is the steel industry. the steel industry was as dead as a doornail. we were not going to have one in two years. it used to be our great industry. united states steel was our biggest company big it -- many years ago. it was a juggernaut. a powerful, powerful company. you look at what has happened to our industry. it has gone down the tubes. we literally, and you need steel. there are certain industries we can do without. but you have to have steel and aluminum. i put a very substantial penalty
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on what was happening because other countries were destroying our steel industry. in addition to collecting a lot of money which we are collecting on the terrace where we put tariffs on the dumping of steel and aluminum, 25% on steel, 10% on aluminum, these industries, it is incredible what is going on. u.s. steel is building many plants and expanding plants. these are new plans in many cases. these are big, beautiful plants. we will be using the iron or from minnesota and other places. minnesota is booming because of that, whereas the previous administration shut it down, for environmental reasons they said. they shut it down. it was collapsing. we were not going to have a steel industry. if you look at it from the standpoint of defense, if you don't have steel, you don't have defense. you will not be buying your steel from a foreign country in case you have a problem, which hopefully we will not.
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you have to have a steel industry. you have to have a strong aluminum industry. you take a look at what has happened to those industries. but steel is the talk of the world because they are saying the steel industry -- you used you know, the steel industries are coming back. like almost, i can say this, it will be at a level that people will not believe in a short period of time. you look at what the plans are many.s. steel and so others, where they are building plans. eventually, this prices will end up being low because everything will be made here. we taking everything right from our mines. that is great for our miners. we are doing it here. we don't need outside for that. nor should we. the other thing is the quality is much better. we were having garbage dumped on our shores. it was say. it was all sorts of rock in it. it was bad steel. it was not structurally good. -- creating aing
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fine quality steel. which to me is a very important thing. what we have done with the steel industry in a very short period of time, over the last year, is -- they talk about it all over the world. we have a steel industry again. it is really roaring. it has really been able to transpired. the cutting of the corporate rate, the cutting of the individual rates, repatriation of money back from overseas, back to our shores, 100% capital expensing has been a tremendous boom for the economy. one of the elements that we have talked about a lot in this room that is very exciting and that treasury secretary mnuchin just put out guidance on, in tax reform, there was also opportunity. that was passed. that will uplift and the governors have designated over 3900 opportunity zones. the stressed, urban, and rural
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communities. it incentivize investment in those communities. the private sector to go and be incentivized to invest where otherwise they would have avoided. in addition to tax cuts, that is another element that will help of left the american economy and fuel the boom we have been expensing. larry kudlow: i was going to say, well done on trade reform. it will be very progrowth. that is what you are saying. pres. trump: we were losing a tremendous amount of money. unfortunately, it is a number toody can believe it close 800 billion dollars a year. when you hear that number, you can't be proud of our representatives from the past. we are making them fair and equitable. and for the other countries too. they have taken advantage of us on trade. they have taken our money, jobs. we are stopping that. care -- i have the expression, america first. we have to start taking care of our own country. we were taking care of other countries and we were letting our country go to hell.
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in trade, and in so many other ways. we can't do that. with immigration, with the borders, with trade, so many different ways. we are changing that. we are making great trade deals from horrible trade deals. if they don't want to do business with us, that's ok. they can't come in and take the wealth from our country. it is a great transfer of wealth. we have had at one of the greatest transfers of wealth in the history of the world. it has been taken from our country, and it has been brought to other countries, and it was only because we had people that were not watching, or they did not know, for they did not care. when i see some of these deals that were made, i say, how could anybody have agreed to it? it is basic. it is literally, first grade business. it is so simple. to end result is is tougher get out because they have been so used to making so much money off of our country.
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we can't let them do that anymore. we will start paying down debt. we have a lot of debt. we will start paying down debt. we have such potential in this country. when i tell you about deals that were made that were so grossly incompetent, they should have never been allowed to be made. they never changed them. everyone knew they were bad and they never changed them. we are changing them rapidly. our country is whether they are allies or not, have to treat us fairly. and they have not been. larry kudlow: more of a personal question, ivanka was talking about initiative and leadership and hard work, along with reskilling. an unbelievable career. you were in construction, you were a real estate, you very famous television host, and that you happen to be president. did you go through reskilling a long way -- along the lake? pres. trump: i never thought of it that way, but i guess i did.
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i have been in a lot of different jobs. i love building, i love the real estate industry. i think i have been good for it. i always pride myself on building on-time, on budget. ideally i had of time and ahead of budget. have learned a lot. when you build a building, it is almost like every trade. you are involved in the unions, you are involved with labor, so many design, different things. in many cases, you are involved with international concepts and deals. you learn a lot. i did the apprentice, which became a great show, a very successful show. tremendously successful. 14 seasons, 12 seasons. so successful they put it on twice sometimes. soon as that -- as soon as i left, that show went down the tubes. just one of those things. i don't know if i feel happy or sad. i have never figured that out. i don't know if i would want to leave, the show became more
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successful in almost could not have been more successful. it was a tremendous success. i learned a lot from that. i have certainly learned a lot. we hear almost two years -- we are here for a most two years and i think we have put a lot of talent to work. good, wele are not make changes and have to do them maybe faster than other people would. i can figure it out pretty well. we are doing fantastically well as a country. a lot of great things are ahead. our best years are ahead of us. i believe that. larry kudlow: yes. i love that. i want to and on that. you are the quintessential optimist. the best years of america have yet to come. president trump, thank you so much. [applause]
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pres. trump: thank you, everybody. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] campaign 2018 coverage continues with six days left until the midterm elections. tonight at 8:00 eastern on c-span, live coverage of the debate between the candidates in new jersey's third district u.s. house race, republican representative tom mcarthur and democrat and he can. thursday, the senate race in west virginia, democratic incumbent joe manchin debates republican patrick morrissey. that is live from morgantown, thursday at 7:00 eastern. following that in new york's 22nd congressional district, claudia tenney faces democrat anthony brenda c in a debate.
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