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tv   Campaign 2018 Nebraska 2nd District Debate  CSPAN  October 31, 2018 5:59pm-7:02pm EDT

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thought was a great liberal campaign. somewhere along the line, we objective. announcer: two-time pulitzer author on his biography of presidential candidate wendell willkie. >> here's was an internationalist, great civil civil rights convictions that would have obama, perhaps. a liberal man who was and at the same time accessible to the role of government and economy but only to a great degree. all the things about him were appealing, and his honesty. there is a part in the book roosevelt asking
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willkie to consider being his vice president when he wants somebody knew and willkie says no it. night>> don bacon faces democrc opponent kara eastman for a debate in nebraska. this is one hour. , adon bacon, kara eastman debate between the candidates vying for the congressional seat. over the next hour, here is brian from downtown omaha. good afternoon and welcome to our live coverage for the second congressional seat. we are coming to you with the omaha press club. we are 22 stories in the air.
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thank you for joining us. i will be your moderator for the next hour. let's give you a quick blow of what is going to happen. the league of women's voters are the sponsors. the order of things is simple. a minute and a half to answer the question and then each will have 30 seconds for a rebuttal. each will have two minutes for closing arguments. let's be respectful in our cheers and jeers. .his will be the time to cheer we are going to bring the candidates. the challenger, kara eastman. [cheers and applause] and the incumbent, don bacon. [cheers and applause]
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thanks to both of you for being here. we appreciate it. we did a coin flip to determine the order. the first question goes to don bacon. health carerdable and does it matter if it covers pre-existing conditions? mr. bacon: thank you for being here. kara.ognizee and i appreciate everyone showing up today and being involved with this. i have my son, some family members on vacation. i want to recognize the mayor. i appreciate her friendship. and her endorsement. we have every single mayor's endorsement of district 2. i like to work with them to do what is right. needr health care, we affordable health care.
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we passed legislation that would reduce prisons by 20% depending which analyst looked at it. we have pre-existing conditions protected and we had an amendment because we heard concerns and complaints. we had other amendments. if you are catching up on insurance, you get penalized for that. the other side said that was going after pre-existing conditions. we allowed states to innovate. they are great at innovation. come up with something new. you have to protect pre-existing conditions. we have it written in that bill to protect it. it is important for the country to protect pre-existing conditions. moderator: kara eastman. ms. eastman: thank you.
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i want to start by saying i believe that health care is a human right. in the wealthiest country in the world we can afford to provide affordable high-quality health care to every american citizen. my opponent, with his giving innovation to states, what he yes ton he voted hell repeal the affordable care act and was going to take away health care said states would be to raise prices on people with pre-existing conditions. we know some the people in our district suffer from pre-existing conditions. people have diabetes. the idea that health care would cost more for them is un-american and is not the way we should be developing our health care system. there is a solution, a number of solutions. we could be making prescription
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drugs affordable by a public option. i am running because of my mother's prescription drugs cost. a pill was $2500. i have talked to people every day who are telling me they are dealing with the same thing. they are looking for their policymakers to put out a vision of what affordable health care looks like. that is what they deserve. that is the system we should be supporting. the only way they could charge more if they refuse coverage. we don't want to game the system. they would be charged the same rate as a healthy person. let's talk about losing health care. my opponent said if you had health care through your employer, you would lose it. 70% of our country likes their health care. we need to work on the 30%.
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i have never said people would lose their health care. they would gain health care, which would be a boon to the economy. employers are drowning. they should not be in the health insurance business. for thea talking point republicans. government-run health care. this is publicly funded and privately delivered. my opponent has benefited from socialized medicine. that should be offered to all american citizens. moderator: the next question goes to kara eastman. we are seeing one of the lowest unemployment's rates in decades. the soaring stock market, sometimes. isn't that something to celebrate? absolutely. there are pieces of the economy that should be celebrated. we are lucky the eight years
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before president trump have continued to show a booming economy. that is fantastic. we are aware, and there is more data every day, the tax bill the republicans passed was a handout to the very wealthy, billionaires and to corporations. acknowledge that fact. we need policymakers who are going to flip the tax bill so the middle class people in and theget a benefit wealthy corporations are paying their fair share. we know from our president the wealthy do not pay taxes. at a fair rate or even at all. it would be great if the president would release his taxes. we need to fight for regular working people. it comes to unemployment,
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unemployment might be down. i am tired of seeing people struggling. acause they don't have livable rate. we need to support people and understand why the unemployment rate might be down, it is increased for people of color. and to stop lying to them and telling them this tax bill was for them. on health care, i have had nine union endorsements. one of the major issues is they will lose coverage under kara's plan. two years ago economic growth was 1.2%. president obama said 2% is the new normal. you need a magic wand to go above that level. we passed tax reform that gave 90% of the people tax reductions. also our businesses were being as tod double and triple
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other countries. you can't ask companies to compete when you're charging them double and triple the rates. we are one of the very few countries that has overseas limits. $3 trillion is being left offshore. we change that. so far 1/10 of the money has come back. apple has committed $350 billion. 20,000 new jobs. growthtrict, we see because of tax reform. track, adding 60 people because of tax reform. a truck company is giving every driver it what $400 raise. doing $15 minimum wage. because of tax reform. fuel theelping economy. the lowest unemployment in 49 years and the best ever for
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african-americans, hispanic americans, women. first of all, we have to stop talking about my health care plan. it is not mine. it is a policy position. it gives everybody health care. that idea is false. many of the companies congressman bacon talked about our supporters of his campaign. what he has done is given a benefit to the very wealthy that come back to him by his acceptance of corporate pac money. he is selling to the public he is acting on behalf of them. the unions think they are going to take away her health care. businesses support my campaign. the economy is growing. 3.4%.over inflation by
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this is good for america. her policies will derail and grind our economic growth to a halt. moderator: don bacon, what does the me too movement mean to you? i support the me too movement. five times.nded one of the commands i had was an airbase where i was a mayor of 55,000. we had one of the highest assault rates in the air force. i worked hard to reduce those rates to develop a strategy. we did. in the airognized force. this is what we learned. most of the accusations are true. not all. you have to respect those who come forward and give them a asnce in a hearing, respect
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most are true. you have to have due process. i think under chairman grassley, he gave both a chance to speak. for dr. ford to make her case and also for the judge to also say his position. i think it was actually done correctly. we should have been more respectful to both sides. this became about a supreme court justice and the lack of respect toward judge kavanaughte or dr. ford is unacceptable. this anger, this win at all cost, cannot happen. we have to be better than that. we can disagree agreeably. , if youhis anger support him, all sides have to be better about working together. ms. eastman: we have to understand the me too movement has grown out of a history of women being treated in a manner
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that does not respect our rights and debases women over and over again. what we saw with the kavanaugh hearings brought this issue up for a lot of women. it was interesting to be canvassing and hearing from women over and over who were triggered by those events. it is interesting where we have a sitting congressman who has not been willing to stand up when the president publicly humiliated ms. ford in front of the american public after her testimony of coming forward. she was not on trial. this was a job interview. he me, kavanaugh displayed was not fit to be on the supreme court by his actions. not the past allegations, the way he comported himself. we need a person who is going to stand up for women. one thing that has happened is
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congressman bacon and his allies who funded a paid stalker has been following me and my daughter. how can somebody say they support women when you would condone such behavior in a political campaign? let's start to there. about bringing civility back to politics. i have not funded or condoned any trackers on kara. i have no connection with that. moderator: can you tell him to go away? i've had trackers in washington. i think it is wrong. i've had trackers in my career. we can do better. one other thing, we've had troubles in congress not acting appropriately. i was working with congresswoman spears and said if you're guilty
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of harassment, you've got to pay. again, the: congressman is saying he does not have anything to do with this. they should goid away. he has never talked to his friends to make it go away. there is a difference between being a woman and being followed, especially with my daughter, by a man. there is a difference. moderator: the next question goes to kara eastman. mid 40's. a lot of my friends do not plan on social security being there. the millennials, 33% they are worried social security will be gone. bankrupt. are they wrong? told me in: my aunt should not be saving for my i should beollege,
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saving for social security. she is worried. interesting for my aunt to say to me. the issue with social security is it is not becoming insolvent. it is designed to not become insolvent because it relies on workers contribution. look at what is happening on the republican side. they are threatening to compensate for the tax bill, the billionaire handout, by cutting social security. 100% ofent has voted the time with his party. i believe he will vote to cut social security. these are earned benefits. people have paid into these systems. it is their money. not for the government to play with. people rely on the money to retire and to live. people onpeople have paid into e disability also rely on it. we have to fight for one of the
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more successful programs we've had. this is the people's money. we can't do it. we can fund the program. that is what we should be doing. mr. bacon: in the last debate, ms. eastman said i was going to privatize social security. that is not true. i will not vote to cut social security. says insolvent. that is not my words. that is the budget office. if you're getting paid through social security, you're going to take a reduction. that is because more is going out then coming in. founded, the retirement age was similar to
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the life expectancy. i do not think that was good. over time it is going up to 84 years old. .e have to make the math work i think we start with those under 40 and a gradual adjustment. idol like inflation. social security was never designed to be a wealth redistribution system. that is what kara eastman is recommending. 13%ng people an additional and talking about raising taxes for those who are wealthy. put that together, the rates are not right. they are not american. spending,k at the $.56 on every dollar going to government under her plans. that lifen: expectancy number is lower, 78. my opponent has talked about raising the retirement age.
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, igine for all the people have union support, by the way. for all of the union members who are thinking about when they are 68 years old and on a ladder doing manual labor. if you are a banker, raising the retirement age is not a big deal. for people who perform physical labor it would be. that is not the right solution. we cannot play with retirement than if it's. -- benefits. the life expectancy today is 79. for those under 40, it is 84. we have to make adjustments for the long-term health. if you add 13% additional taxes on,eastman wants to put going to be eisenhower tax rate, that is a double taxation. $.56 on every dollar going to
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government is not america. moderator: next question to don bacon. cameweek president trump to the metro to give nebraska and iowa farmers a boost. it was thes summer opposite 20 president imposed tariffs. have the tariffs benefited nebraska in any way? couldn't congress step in if lawmakers are fired up about this? mr. bacon: congress needs to take back article one trade authority. we gave it away. articled be zealous for one. i would say tariffs have not helped. that is not the goal. the goal is to fix and balance the unfair trade practices. we've had that. you look at the history of the trade agreements, we were
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helping countries rebuild. we give them advantages. in the cold war, we wanted to keep them close. do not makeantages sense. we need to renegotiate. we are making progress. i would have done a sequential tariff plan. he is getting results. agreement isa signed. we have an agreement with mexico and canada. we are making progress with the do for what we need to free trade. we are making progress in japan and other countries. china.ot to deal with for every five dollars they export, we send one dollar over there. it is unfair. they devalue their currency. they steal intellectual property. we have to play rough with them.
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our producers deserve a fair shake. ms. eastman: so when it comes to the trade agreement, i believe that a lot of the agreements needed to be renegotiated and modernized. what we know is that one in four jobs in nebraska is related to our agricultural economy. the tariffs are hurting farmers. this is a policy that is not working. the fact anderson bacon said it was not designed to work for it was a tactic to level the playing field is not putting farmers first. we have to understand it is not just free trade we need. it is fair trade. that takes workers into consideration. that takes the environment into consideration. reliant on the healthy food supply coming into our community.
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this is an issue. we need to be investing in regenerative farming practices. away from arvests depletion of our food supply. the tariffs are not helping. i hear from people that have seen the grocery bill goes up. if you are not budgeting, maybe you do not feel that. to people i've been talking the last 12 years feel that because they have to budget for their grocery bill. she mischaracterized my position again. right now we have an unfair trade rule with other countries. the president has done these tariffs. he has done them to level the playing field. they are not helping right now. they are designed to help the future. they are having success. we have improved the u.s.-mexico-canada trade agreement. the eu has agreed to concession.
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we are having an effect. we have to wait and get it right. ms. eastman: we don't have time to wait. our farmers are losing business. this is going to impact our district. this is not something we can look at the long-term. we need somebody who is going to stand up for our economy in nebraska. moderator: the next question to kara eastman. today joe biden cautioned democrats to slow down any talk of impeachment even if the house wins in november. do you agree? what are you doing to help a divided nation come together? the molarn: i support investigation. we need to allow him to do his job without interference from the president or anybody else. the president's continued
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attacks are not helpful. the president has surrounded himself with criminals. we need to allow that investigation to continue. we should open a few other investigations. impeachment is the answer. we don't have enough information to decide whether we are going to impeach the president. we need somebody who is going to get things done in congress. we know congress' ability to get things done is afforded -- rted by the house. if we work together, which is my area of expertise. what i have been doing, working with people, forming coalitions, getting things done. that is what we need in congress. not just vote with my party 100% of the time. that is why we need new
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leadership in this district. we need somebody who is going to fight for people. not just for the very wealthy or his own party. way, the: by the herald fact checked that. it is wrong. conservative. i ran on tax reform, military. i followed through on my promises. i have voted with how i have campaigned. we talk about impeachment, our colleagues have demanded two impeachment votes in the house. we've had talks about getting rid of ice. kara is talking about more investigations. it is all about gridlock and anger. the election won
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fairly. we are going to have another one. the investigator comes back with any kind of high crime, we will hold the president accountable. impeachment is on the agenda on the democratic side. gridlock, resistance, investigations, disbanding ice. that is what we are looking for if speaker pelosi takes the gavel. you continue to use that word vitriol, which means hate. i'm running because of love. love for my country. that is why i'm not calling for impeachment. i have not called to abolish ice. we need people who are going to be thoughtful. if you are saying your voting record has not been 100% with your president, what has it been? mr. bacon: i don't do the math. [laughter] ms. eastman: right. mr. bacon: 100% or not?
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ms. eastman: 100%. mr. bacon: you are called out on it. ms. eastman: 97 .2%. i stand corrected. i campaigned on conservative principles and defeated the only incumbent democrat. i have stood by those principles 100% of the time. i am a conservative. in thisest are district. the other side has voted for impeachment twice. kara has called the president treasonous. that is not how we lower the vitriol. we need a more middleground approach. we can disagree agreeably. , let'sor: to don bacon talk immigration. is spending billions to build a wall a wise use of money? mr. bacon: it is for where it is
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needed. the president campaigned for a full wall. the border patrol says they need 700 miles. to put theirm manpower in the right spot. i believe in supporting border patrol and recognized this was a thepriority and he did win election. we are going to have to compromise if we want to make our country better for immigration. . support physical security want they i want to expand legal immigration. i support that. i have voted for it. i also support a compassionate way forward. i have voted twice to secure our border and expand legal immigration. those votes would have gave legal residence for daca.
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the other side opposed it. they would not allow a single brick in the wall. that is not how this is going to work. we need to work together. moderator: kara eastman. ms. eastman: i agree we need to move forward on immigration. we need comprehensive reform. the system is broken. what has come out of that are immoral and despicable policies from the current administration that separates children from their families at the border and puts babies in cages. this is one of the things i am having a hard time with. that anybody in congress and a sitting president would have allowed this to occur, built on the foundation of welcoming immigrants. i support dada recipients. we have a number of dreamers. they are afraid.
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they have been living here their entire lives. they work here. they are afraid they are going to get deported for no reason. that is similar with the tps people who are worried all of the work they have put in, the homes, their families are going some destroyed because of republican ideology that vilifies immigrants. we need to stand up for people of color and immigrants. the $25 billion border wall is not the right solution. tell me how we pay for it? thank you. i am a cosponsor of tps. this is the right thing to do for folks who are here working hard. just say, i voted for bills that would have secure the legal and provided residence and a pathway for citizenship. we have had -- we would have had
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this done. unanimously voted against it because of the wall. you've got to give and take. for our dreamers, we need to pass a clean dream act. we have seen they are used as political playing cards. the reason the democrats don't support the border wall is because it is not the right solution. how do we find it? mexico is not going to pay for it. moderator: for kara eastman, campaigns can be heated, exhausting. when you have outside money coming in, it can get worse. what trait do you admire about don bacon? ms. eastman: i admire his service to our country and the fact he risked his life for our country in the air force.
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that is something that is admirable and something he should be commended on. same question to you. not yourself. [laughter] mr. bacon: ok. my humility. no. [laughter] appreciate ms. eastman's work ethic. hard-working. she has a good team. i also applaud the courage it takes to get involved in a race. i had never run for anything in my life other than eighth grade student council. it takes courage to jump the ring. especially if you are not a career politician. of what you have to do to run a campaign. especially a congressional race. it takes courage to do that. i relate to it.
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in these debates, i have never debated before. this is a challenge. she defeated someone with a huge name recognition. ms. eastman: thanks. [laughter] i agree. i have worked hard. [laughter] moderator: we can move on. the next one is for don bacon. the u.s. military considers global warming to be one of the greatest threats to our national security. do you agree? what are you doing about it? mr. bacon: i think it is a threat. i would not compare it to russia, isis, it is something we need to work on. it did happen under the previous administration. one area i did vote against my party, the other side of the , asked for my support to effective on the most
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rising water levels. i supported that. we need to know. leading to more flooding. how are we going to respond? i agree there is climate change. we will say it that way. how much is it man-made versus cyclical? you can look at the cycles going back centuries on this. regardless of where the ratio is that, let's make our planet cleaner. keep moving forward. i was the advocate for wind energy tax credits to sustain that. i like renewable energy. i like all of the above. i don't want to import energy. i think it is a national security concern. we are now the largest energy producers in the world. moderator: kara eastman. ms. eastman: so climate change
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is the number one moral issue facing our kids right now. we are leaving this to them to clean up. it is a disaster. catastrophichas ramifications. if we don't do something now, we know in 12 years the effects are irreversible. every state talks about being a steward of our planet. every religious faith. we need to honor that by recognizing the fact we don't have time for policymakers to come around to believing the science about climate change and its effects. we have low hanging solutions. nebraska could be a champion in wind and solar. you can see that. congressman bacon has said he is a champion for those. the league of conservation
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voters gave him a 6% rating out of 100. he has not been a champion. i've been working in energy-efficient housing with the planning department, outside groups, who have come in. we need to be investing in renewables. we need to get to 100% renewables. --can also in based in invest in healthy housing to address climate change. and provide a thriving workforce so that people in poverty are not paying outrageous prices. says she: ms. eastman is for cap and trade. every time you pay utility bill, i oppose that. oft is one of the agendas the far left groups on this. i would oppose it. i have been the champion for wind.
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it was my advocacy that got us back into the tax bill. i have advocated for solar and geothermal. i have been a advocate for batteries so we can take advantage of solar. likeastman: well, policies cap trade have been proven they would save money over the long run. this is a time where we have to stand up. we can't allow our kids to be in an environment where they don't have access to clean water, air. we don't have time to wait on this. to talk about the fact we can't afford things, we should be investing heavily. the united states needs to become a leader to adjust climate change. moderator: next question to kara eastman. let's talk hemp. same species as marijuana.
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it seemses, nets, poised to move forward in the farm bill. should it? ms. eastman: it absolutely should. land ripea we have for growing hemp. it can be used for renewable energy. so we don't have to turn to venezuela. this is an area we can be leaders in the nation. the fact it has been bill and is wrong.llainized it is an area we could be thriving. it would help people in the district. hempongly support adding to the farm bill to make sure we can be leaders in this. we should be taking the charge. our economy is suffering. we see this because public education is cut at the state level.
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we need to boost our economy. mr. bacon: and i have. i have been the cosponsor of this legislation to get hemp. it is right, for the same reasons kara stated. this is a huge part of their economy. i have cosponsored this legislation. i think it is the right way to go forward. i've got my name on those bills. i have been one of the leaders of the farm bill. i am proud of what we have been able to do. i've been advocating for affordable crop insurance. i was raised on a farm. --now the importance of i've been the leader of foot and mouth disease prevention. that was something we have not
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done prior to this. i have a five-year plan to do it. outbreak, it would devastate the economy. beef, pork, the green sector. the vaccine to get bank started. it is going to be done incrementally. we kind of agree. bill, theout the farm problem i have with the farm snap.s the inclusion of i'm not sure people know snap, the supplemental nutrition assistance program, provides food and supplements to people in this district. they rely on it. so many people are having to work two or three jobs and can't afford the food. we have to be careful about a
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farm bill that works for everybody. people working two or three jobs will not be taken off snap. a record low unemployment. 49 year low. yet we have many folks who need to get technical training to get back to the full-time sector. week, youk 20 hours a are preserved. if you have no kids under six, no handicap, we expect you to work 20 hours. that is what this does. moderator: president trump has called the press the enemy of the people. have you done anything to counter that? roseann.: i spoke to i have been public about this. it is a mistake to call the media the enemy of the people.
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we want to respect and defend the first amendment rights. you can critique the media. we can critique and be more civil about it. enemy of the people is not appropriate. that is not the right way to go. i said it on tv. roseann asked me about it and i told her. this is one area where the united states president is acting more like a dictator than a president of a democracy. he is trying to undermine the .edia in his own defense basically two separate americans and make us even more divided and is creating an atmosphere where people don't believe in the free press anymore. this is fundamental to who we are as americans. to protect the first amendment.
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we need to be advocating for free speech. we have to stop these attacks on the press. it is not healthy. this divisiveg culture this administration and this republican-controlled .ongress perpetuates i am tired of watching my country between a part. mr. bacon: i have been a defender for our first amendment rights and will continue to do so. to critique the media. those words are not appropriate. what is worse, the previous administration would prosecute reporters until they gave up their sources. that is worse. that is a violation of the first amendment. they are both wrong. i think we need new leadership all around. we need people who are going to promote the free press, advocate on their behalf.
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all of the ridiculous conversation we have right now. we have so many americans that are distrustful of the media and do not believe the things they read or see. that makes it hard to move forward and get things done. after florida, las vegas, mass. the country pulls together for a common cause for gun control. what makes you think if the democrats were back in charge the outcome would be different? the day after the parkland shooting, my daughter came to me and said she was afraid to go to school. she is a senior at central. i had never experienced a that as a kid. it was hard to hear first a that and to encourage her to go back.
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young people are much braver than our policymakers when it comes to common sense gun safety regulations. was one of the organizers of the march for our lives. we see young people grow up knowing there are commonsense sense solutions in front of them that do not violate the second amendment and acknowledge there are responsible gun owners. we can of laws that make sense in terms of regulating the way people have access to guns in this country. fore's widespread support many of the positions i've taken around common sense regulation. universal background checks. 86% approval. republicans, there is bipartisan support. we need to move forward on this issue. the issue is that special-interest groups like the nra have funded the republicans on this issue.
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my opponent has funding from the nra. he is bought and sold by them and will never take action. we have thousands of nra members in this district. and democrats can scorn and mock them. they are law-abiding people. we have a disagreement about the second amendment. florida have seen things most active duty military members have not seen. my heart goes out to them. the stop school violence act. i was a cosponsor. i have to go back, it was dedicated $900 million to help schools become more secure. we stopped the loophole where felons could give guns. likely sign texas, we closed that gap.
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said, to the chief and what is the one thing you need me to do? stop these straw purchases. they are behind most of the crimes. legally,one buys a gun and gives is somebody who is not allowed to have that come, they are used in war crimes. the person who bought the gun is not prosecuted. we've got to use that. working a bill and i'm to do it, against the nra. they do not like it. again, i have never mocked the nra. i don't like the fact they are able to buy and sell policymakers. policymakers do not stand up to them. you have a high approval rating from the nra. you've been unwilling to take action that would protect my daughter in school. i'm tired of this. and enact we stand up
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commonsense regulation that protects children in this country. mr. bacon: i believe in supporting the law-abiding citizens' rights. they should not have the rights taken away. that is the principle. those who are violent should get their second amendment rights taken away. multiple times ms. eastman has said we should rewrite the second amendment or amending the second amendment. i think that is wrong. not is an agenda that is even what nancy pelosi says. getting close to closing arguments. just a couple of questions. this one to mr. bacon. you have one minute to respond.
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a little curveball. what is the one thing that as far as being mischaracterized? mr. bacon: the media has been fair. kara said i wanted to privatize security. that was not the case. i would say getting mischaracterized is the bad part of what we do. i stand up. if i think it is wrong, that is what i have a doing. we have a free media. i like that. look throughes to the cloud and all the smoke and get to the truth. by and large, the truth is coming out. moderator: same question to you. how are you mischaracterized the drives you nuts? ms. eastman: i have been
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mischaracterized throughout this campaign by congressman bacon and his allies in all of the attack ads we have seen. congressman bacon gives a tax break to billionaires who fund all of these negative ads. we've never seen so many in our district. the names they are calling me. the things they say about me. me wasire ad about false. mischaracterized. i continue to see memento and support because by knocking him people's doors and talking to them and laying out who i am and running with integrity, i have shown people who i am and what i stand for. i have been, the stuff they say is outrageous. making up lies and personally attacking me. i have stayed strong., george
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soros is helping out kara eastman. i have funded zero dirty advertisements. it is not my ad. i'm not there to defend it. $1.4 millionhad dedicated to an attack at. they pulled out. that is part of this campaign. she does have support for did notman: we said we want those negative ads. that is not the demurrer ask away. nobody likes those ads. we did not need them to help us. we are doing fine. look at our numbers. look at the 90,000 donors. the $19 average donation rates. people are investing in this campaign. we don't need outsiders to help us out. i have disavowed those negative ads against my opponent and that is why they left. moderator: time now for closing
6:53 pm
arguments. kara eastman will go second. 81% of those donors are from out of state. not from the local folks. 53% of my donors are from the state. thank you for being here. we have the best economy going back five decades. the best numbers we've had. hispanict for americans and women. we did do tax reform. compete. businesses we did regulatory reform so we were more predictable. we have stood up our military. only three were able to deploy. we fixed that. done reforms toward we put money toward opioid crisis.
6:54 pm
i have passed eight priorities assigned by the president, a very good performance for any freshman. protecting gold star families. care. tbi getting the bases off of russian energy. along thosebills lines. three more in the senate. this is the issue we have to address, we have issues ahead of us. we have a health care cost we need to lower. we need to fix immigration. we need to do workforce reform and welfare reform. the question is, if you want a in thean conservative top third of the entire congress for bipartisanship, or someone whose policies align with bernie sanders, the socialist philosophy, that will grind our growth to a halt.
6:55 pm
i ask for your vote. we've made great progress. i look forward to continuing. my finance director rated your statement about the finances false. i am a social worker. nonprofit executive who has spent time in this community and dedicated my life to fighting for racial, social, environmental justice. i am running for congress because of my mother's outrageous health care cost. i do not want to see any american family have to go through what my mom went through and having to make a decision not to be able to afford medication. she could not leave the house until she died a year ago. i don't want people to have to hire a lawyer to deal with all of those bills. in the wealthiest country of the world, we can afford to provide health care. it saves the government money. the government is projected to
6:56 pm
spend $50 trillion in health care. we can't afford that. a boldtem i laid out, solution will actually solve that problem and save the government money. as a nonprofit leader, i am a fiscal conservative. i know what it takes to raise money. i have to be a steward of those donations. we should act accordingly. my opponent has voted almost 100% of the time with his party. he has put his party over the needs and wants of the people of this district. this is a swing district. he has not been representing me. i live here. i am a democrat. where has his allegiance been to anything i stand for? i will fight for quality education, health care, a livable wage, making sure people don't have to work multiple jobs.
6:57 pm
taking sure our kids have access to water. making sure communities are free from lead. i will fight against racially politicized policing and making sure our environment comes first because we don't have time to wait. i would be honored to earn your vote on my birthday, november 6. moderator: kara eastman, don bacon, thank you for your time. thank you to the omaha press club. get out and vote on november 6. we will see you next time. [applause] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2018] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> six days to go before the election. our debate coverage continues this week on c-span. tonight republican representative tom mcarthur and democrat and he came meet for a debate in the race for new third congressional
6:58 pm
district. that is live at 8:00 p.m. eastern. on thursday, we will bring you the final debate in west virginia between senator joe manchin and republican patrick morrissey. that is live at 7:00 p.m. eastern. following a debate from new york's 22nd district where claudia tenney is running for reelection. >> president trump campaigns today for candidates at a rally in florida. that is live beginning at 7:00 p.m. eastern on c-span2. your primary source for campaign 2018. this weekend on american history tv, saturday at 6:00 p.m. on the civil war, peter carmichael talks about reaction to photographs of the dead at the battle of antietam and the
6:59 pm
soldiers' perspective. >> the people were under a eyes ofspell in the dead men. he said this was a terrible fascination with death. he says the photographs satisfied this morbid satisfaction. >> arizona state university professor kyle longley on lyndon johnson and the vietnam war in 1968. >> one of the most powerful presidency that has transformed the country, giving up power to search for peace. that is pretty big. a major step. it relates to what? what is the issue? vietnam. presidency, the ronald reagan's attorney general
7:00 pm
talks about president reagan's views on communism and his relationship with john paul iii. >> you you had to leaders, one in the secular world and one in the religious world with parallel interests. when those interests were obvious, as what happened in poland where they were under attack, if you will, it was logical then for ronald reagan, particularly with his ideas of defeating communism, to cooperate. >> the world war i centennial. american history tv airs every weekend on c-span3. elections,erm determining the control of congress. election day is tuesday. see the competition for yourself on c-span. watch the debates from key house and senate races. make c-span your primary source
7:01 pm
for campaign 2018. >> the candidates in the illinois 13th congressional district, incumbent rodney davis and democratic challenger betsy inksen londrigan faced public debate. it runs an hour. >> from the university of illinois, a debate between candidates for the 13th congressional district. brought to you by illinois public media. >> good evening. welcome to the 13th congressional district debate. onm host of the 21st illinois public media. this district is one of the largest in central illinois. it stretches from east central illinois to the mississippi river in the west and down to the suburbs of st. louis. tonight incumbent republican representative rodney davis faces his democratic challenger, betsy dirksen londrigan.


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