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tv   Campaign 2018 VP Pence in Georgia  CSPAN  November 1, 2018 9:16pm-9:59pm EDT

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education and technology. buses have posted close to 8000 events and connected his nearly 40,000 teachers and hundreds of thousands of students. we have had 1.5 million visitors. our mission continues with a new high-tech bus, providing a hands-on, interactive experience. >> with five days until the election, vice president pence traveled to georgia to campaign for republican brian kemp who is running for governor. kemp has a high over stacy abrams, just over 40 minutes. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2018]
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pence: what a great crowd! they do so much -- crowd!emp: what a great thank you so much. for the future of our state and you all are a big part of that. thank my family. they has been on the road. we would not be here without them. they are not here with us. they are doing the security suite for the vice president of savannah, georgia. thank them for their hard work. they have been chopping wood out
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there. i also want to thank president donald trump. [cheers] kemp: and our vice president, mike pence. [cheers and applause] brian kemp: this tour has been just like it will be in his savannah, georgia tonight. -- in savannah, georgia tonight. we will win because we will get the vote out. are looking forward to welcoming president trump on sunday for a huge rally. it is going to be big. i want to take a moment to
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extend my craddock to do to our president, our vice president, president,e to our vice president, for all the work they have done and the great response they gave the state, especially in southwest florida, in response to hurricane michael. please help me thank them for their efforts. applause]d south florida was literally devastated. more proud ofeen georgians than to see the response on the ground. appreciative, from the federal, state, and local level. we will rebuild stronger than ever. they are continuing to stand strong with georgia. we are appreciative of that. thank you. [applause]
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this race is a fight for our future. literally a battle, for the soul of our state and who we are. my opponent has run the most dishonest campaign that it georgians have ever seen. there is a reason why. she is trying to hide her extreme agenda. she wants higher taxes. bigger government. she wants a radical government takeover of health care. these are her so-called moderate positions. give taxpayer to freeits, welfare, and college to those that are here illegally. she has even been encouraging those that are here illegally to be part of the so-called blue-wave.
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not even california is that liberal. you, brother. vote, you can stop this craziness. i will invest in public education as your governor. we will give teachers a well-deserved pay raise. [cheers and applause] jeff, duncan, and i will cut your taxes this year. next year.rase that, me,porter always tells don't put the cart before the horse. we will cut your taxes again next year, just like we've done last year. we will lower health care premiums and we will absolutely
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fight to protect scholarships and not give them to those here illegally. [cheers and applause] know as a father of three teenage daughters, we will continue to work to keep your kids safe in school. [applause] battle for the soul of our state is also a battle for our conservative values. to stand upt on us and fight for those conservative values, including our second amendment. [applause] we are going to work together with president trump and vice president pence to keep georgians working. we will do our part to continue to make america great again. [cheers and applause]
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we are now in the fourth quarter. i need you to do like the dogs did and go down and hunker down one more time. [cheers and applause] i need your vote. i need you to go get 10 more. go get 10 more for us in these closing days. that, we will put a red wall around this great state. and say no to that blue wall. i am going to ask you guys to hunker down one more time. keep chopping out there. win on tuesday and when we do, i will be a governor that will always put you first. [cheers and applause] tuesday, itin this
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is my honor to introduce a great man, who i have learned to respect even more than i did several weeks ago. he has certainly been a great friend to the state. he is unapologetic and a conservative like me. he is a man of principle and rocksolid faith. [cheers and applause] you have to be in this environment. we need to strongmen that will stand on that rock, in places we need to fight for us. i hope you will help me give a warm, loud, columbia county welcome thomas -- welcome, to my friend and our vice president, mike pence! "all right now" ♪
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[cheers and applause] vice-president pence: hello, georgia! it is great to be in the peach state, five days away from another great victory across the state of georgia and across america! i am here for one reason.
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georgia and america need brian kemp to be the next governor. [cheers and applause] brianow is actually kemp's birthday. it is. i asked him what he wanted. four more wanted years of strong republican leadership at the statehouse! [cheers and applause] speaking of strong republican leadership, let me bring greetings from a friend of mine. let me bring greetings from the
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man people in georgia voted overwhelmingly to make the 45th president of the united states of america -- president donald trump! [cheers and applause] it is the greatest honor of my life to serve alongside the president, to fight for the promises he made to the people of georgia and the people of america. president donald trump delivers! kemp becomes your next governor, he is going to deliver for georgia, just the same way! about what we've done in the last few months. new jobs report just came out. jobs created,w
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and unemployment is at a 50 year low. [cheers and applause] we set a new record. the lowest unemployment rate ever recorded for african-americans and hispanics americans and women's unemployment is at a 65 year low. the american dream is back! [cheers and applause] this president also delivered when he announced we had tradingated our relationship with our partners thehe north and south, u.s.-mexico-canada agreement puts america jobs, american workers, and american farmers first. [cheers and applause] promisesident kept his
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to see strong principled conservatives appointed, when we saw justus brett kavanaugh brettmed -- to justice kavanaugh confirmed to the supreme court of the united states! there is only one way you can describe the last couple of years, two years of action, results, promises made and promises kept, but we are just getting started, georgia! that's why we need brian kemp as your next governor! it's been amazing to see what has been happening to the state of georgia, with strong, republican leadership. to governork you g deal for a job well done?
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i want to thank one of the great partners in the united states senate, a man who has stood strong with the president and the agenda of the people of georgia voted to advance, sen. and we are also grateful for our supporters in the house. congressman rick allen, congressman jodey hice. and i'm a little partial to number two, so let's hear it for jeff duncan, the next lieutenant governor of the great state of georgia. really been incredible. georgia has been on a roll. this state is home to some of the world's greatest companies, like delta airlines, home depot,
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coca-cola, great companies like mercedes have moved their headquarters, and for the last five years in a row, georgia has been ranked the best state in america to do business. we have to keep it going. we have to keep georgia growing. we have to have brian kemp as the next governor of the great state of georgia. i want to talk to you about this man. i want to talk about the progress we've made. but i also want to talk to you about the choice you face. first, the man. i would be here campaigning for brian kemp if he was unopposed. brian kemp is georgia. [applause] vice pres. pence: i mean think about it. lived in athens his entire life, his wonderful wife, we were with her and the girls, started his business with nothing more than
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a pickup truck and a shovel and created hundreds of good paying jobs here in the state of georgia. he's lived the american dream. felt a calling to public service. he fought against higher taxes and more regulation. he's made your government more effective and accountable and he's done it all by saving georgia taxpayers millions of dollars. that is the kind of leadership you need in the governor's office. he's a proven leader. he's a man of integrity and faith who lives out his values every single day. brian kemp would make a great governor for the state of georgia and in five days we have to make it happen. [applause] vice pres. pence: you just heard
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it again. brian kemp has an agenda and ambition for the state of georgia, just like this president. think about the progress we've made. of your strong support senators and these conservatives in the congress, we've been putting jobs and opportunities and growth first. this president has signed more bills rolling back federal regulations than any president in american history. incredible. we've unleashed american energy as never before. we got out of that disastrous paris climate accord and now we're exporting energy at record levels all over the world. not only that u.s.-mexico deal, we cut a new deal with south korea, and this administration and this president even put china on notice, that the days of massive trade deficits are
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over. [applause] we've beenpence: standing with farmers as never before. bringing real prosperity to rural america. we've had some great help along the way, including georgia zone secretary of agriculture, sonny perdue. and finally, right before christmas, this president kept one of the biggest promises we made when he signed the largest tax cuts and tax reform in american history. we cut taxes for working families. we cut taxes for businesses. and we cut out the core of obamacare. the individual mandate is gone. promises made and promises kept.
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since the advent of this administration, literally almost from the moment after the election was called, you could feel it. confidence is back. jobs are coming back. in a word, america is back. and we are just getting started. that is why we need brian kemp in the state house. [chanting] as importantnce: as jobs and opportunity are, this president has also been , and ashard to provide of a united states marine, i couldn't be more proud to serve with a president who stands so solidly with the men and women of our armed forces and their
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families. trump, with these conservatives in congress, president trump has signed the largest increase in our national defense since the days of ronald reagan. we are rebuilding our military. it is not just those in uniform today, but this president and this republican congress have been working to provide for our veterans. those of you who have worn the uniform of the united states, put your hand in the air and let us thank you one more time. thank you for your service. thank you for your service. trump has been delivering for our veterans. we have all new accountability at the v.a. we are removing men and women that don't give our veterans the world has health care that you
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earned and now we have veterans choice, where our veterans can have access to real-time health care. and this president has been standing solidly, just like brian kemp will, for the principles enshrined in the constitution. including the freedom of speech,, the freedom of and the right to keep and bear arms in the second amendment of the constitution. [applause] vice pres. pence: and just like brian kemp, president donald trump and i have been standing without apology for the sanctity of human life at home and abroad, and we always will. so it is about security. it is about our common defense.
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it is about the rule of law. it is also about safety for our families at home. i remember the years before this administration came into office were pretty tough on the men and women of law enforcement. it seemed whenever tragedy would , there were many in the national media, many even in politics that were quick to blame law enforcement first, but this administration and brian kemp stand without apology with the men and women of law enforcement, and we always will. as your governor, brian kemp will give our law enforcement officers the resources and the respect that they deserve every single day. you know, last saturday the
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hearts of the american people broke with the word that 11 americans in the jewish community in tree of life synagogue had been struck down in a terrible attack. six others including four members of law enforcement were injured. let's be clear. when those police officers ran into danger without regard for their personal safety, they did so in the highest tradition of law enforcement, and they saved lives. [applause] as thees. pence: president and i made clear, this attack was not just criminal, it was evil. i want to promise you justice in this case will be swift and severe. we will not allow violence or anti-semitism to take hold in america. not now, not ever.
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[applause] vice pres. pence: in the days ahead, we will work with leaders at every level to bring these senseless acts of violence to an end. we will work to rise above the division,d past the and embrace our common destiny has americans, and we will do it standing with the courageous men and women of law enforcement at every level. we will make georgia and america safe again. with that renewed support in law enforcement, we've been removing dangerous gang members off our streets in record numbers. we've been rounding up drug dealers that are poisoning our kids and causing them to be trapped in drug abuse and addiction. and we've been enforcing our
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,aws and securing our borders and we already started to build that wall. [applause] [chanting] vice pres. pence: we are building the wall. the need for border security has maybe never been more obvious than in the last few weeks. you all know what i'm talking about. migrant caravan, thousands of people, made their way through guatemala, now making their way north in mexico. as president trump has made clear, this is nothing short of an assault on our country. the president has directed more than 5000 american forces to the border to reinforce our border and support the customs and border patrol.
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our message to those who are moving north in this caravan is simple. turn around. go home. to come not be allowed into the united states illegally. [applause] is, pres. pence: the truth this caravan was organized by leftist groups in honduras. it was. and human traffickers who have no regard for human life. these caravans are also being driven by the dangerous policies supported by the national democratic party. think about this. they don't want to build a wall. they don't want to close the immigration loopholes that human traffickers use to entice
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vulnerable families to make the long and dangerous journey north to our border. many of the leading voices of the democratic party today actually say that we should abolish immigration and customs enforcement altogether. i'll make you a promise. with brian kemp as your governor and donald trump in the white house, we will never abolish ice. we will stand with those men and women and give them the resources and support they need. that brian's --onent, stacey abrams actually said that law enforcement officers who work with ice are terrorizing families. which should come as no surprise, because she said she wants illegal immigrants to get taxpayer-funded benefits here in georgia. i even read where she said that
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blue wave that is supposed to be coming to georgia, she said the blue wave coming to georgia on election day is comprised of "documented and undocumented." let me tell you something. if that is the blue wave, it is going to hit a red white and , november 6.sday i'll make you a promise. you elect brian kemp as your governor, you send strong conservative majorities back to capitol hill, we will secure our border. we will close the loopholes. we will end this crisis of illegal immigration once and for all. we will do it.
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so it is about the candidate. it is about the progress we've the midst of the challenges that we face today. choice that georgia faces today couldn't be more clear. kempy abrams and brian just about couldn't be farther apart on the issues. brian kemp is going to cut your taxes. stacey abrams says she is going to raise taxes. brian kemp is going to cut regulations. stacey abrams has promised to grow government in georgia from her words, cradle to career. brian kemp is going to fight for farmers, ranchers, and producers , who were just hit so hard by hurricane michael. she actually said, people shouldn't have to go into agriculture to make a living in
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georgia. brian kemp is going to stand with the men and women who want to go into agriculture as a career in georgia, and agriculture is going to be bigger and more prosperous than ever. and while brian kemp is getting support from hard-working people all across georgia, we all see the stacey abrams campaign is being bankrolled by hollywood liberals. you heard about it? is in therah winfrey state today. will ferrell wasn't here too long ago. remind stacy and , i'm kindwill ferrell of a big deal too. [applause]
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vice pres. pence: and we've got a message for all of stacy's hollywood friends. this ain't hollywood. this is georgia. and georgia deserves a governor who will fight for georgia's values. so that is the choice you are facing. it is a choice between more jobs and more mobs. it is a choice between tax cuts and tax hikes. a choice between less government and more freedom and more government and less freedom for businesses in the city and on the farm. it is really a choice between keeping georgia growing and keeping georgia going.
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so we have to keep a decision right here right now. choppingng to keep until the polls close and make sure that brian kemp is the next governor of the state of georgia. i love that. but here's the thing. it is not going to be easy. conventional wisdom says the party in the white house has a challenging time winning elections in the first midterm election, right, after a presidential election. that has been true for the republican party over the last 100 years. every midterm election except for two. that is the conventional wisdom. but i think we all know what president trump thinks of conventional wisdom. history in 2016 and we
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going to make history again in 2018 when we reelect republican majorities and send brian kemp to the state house. but it is going to take all of us to do it. i would like to ask you to do three things. and then i've got a plane to catch. we're headed off to savannah next. miles to go before we sleep. first and foremost, i want you now,cide right here, right if you haven't done it already, that you are going to vote to make brian kemp the next governor of georgia. and remember, friends don't let friends vote alone. find a family member. find a neighbor.
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grab them by the elbow and make sure you get out to vote. these elections are always won by the people that show up. we have to show up. we really do. second thing i would like to ask you to do is go tell somebody. agoep thinking of two years , when there wasn't a pundit in the world, maybe one or two, that thought the president and i that thought we were going to be oving to washington, d.c., but georgia thought different, and america thought different, because the american people were talking to one another. knew weican people could be strong again. they knew we could be respected in the world again. they knew that we could be growing again. so they said yes to strong
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leadership. i want you to head out today, got some time even before dinner, find somebody and say, i ran into mike in augusta, it took him like a half hour to go through the top lines of what we've been able to accomplish, and he said you ain't seen nothing yet after we make brian kemp the governor of the state of georgia. tell them about that choice. tell them we cut their taxes. promotingwe've been freedom and opportunity at home and abroad. tell them we are standing with our military. them the forgotten men and women are forgotten no more. you go tell them that, georgia. because it is the truth.
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number one, you are taking notes, you are going to vote with a friend, right, you are going to tell somebody, every chance you get, about the progress we've made, and it is the progress we've made -- among friends, i can tell you, the times i've witnessed this president make a gentle correction of friends is when people walk up to him and say, thank you for what you've done for america. he stops and said, it is what we've done. and i promise you, we've only just begun. for real. so make those decisions. get out, tell the story, and one last thing, if you are so melined, it really seems to
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like there's more division in this country than any time that i remember in my lifetime. every time you turn on the television, it seems like somebody is talking about what divides the american people. you know what the president and i believe, what brian kemp believes, there will always be more that unites us in these united states of america than will ever divide us. chief among that is faith. chief among that is our faith. , faithth in one another in the boundless capacity of any american given the opportunity and the freedom to prosper and live the american dream. i hear it everywhere i go. people that reach out a hand and grabbed me and look at me, the sweetest words i ever hear, i'm
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praying for you. this is a nation of faith. so i encourage you, if you share that conviction with brian kemp and mike pence, avail yourself of that wellspring of strength that has nurtured and strengthened the people of georgia and america. on this one i'm actually not asking you to pray for a candidate or a cause or a party or even a campaign. i'm just saying, in these divided of times, just pray for america. just pray for all the people of america. [applause] vice pres. pence: i really do believe in those ancient words that americans have always clung to, if his people who are called
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by his name will humble themselves and pray, he will do like he's always done through the long and storied history of this nation, he will hear from heaven and he will heal this land, this one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. so pray, pray for america. it will make a difference. [applause] vice pres. pence: thank you for coming out today. thank you for being out for this good man and this great republican team. but time is wasting and you've got people you can talk to before dinner. but i leave here today with a grateful heart. ,y first chance to tell you all on behalf of my little family,
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this small-town guy from southern indiana, grandfather immigrated to this country, thank you for the privilege to serve as your vice president. it is the greatest honor of my life. [applause] vice pres. pence: and with a grateful heart i leave here with renewed confidence. with brian kemp in the state house. with renewed republican majorities on capitol hill. with renewed republican leadership at every level across this country, with president donald trump in the white house, and with god's help, we will make georgia and america more prosperous than ever before. we will make georgia and america
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safer than ever before. and to borrow a phrase from a friend of mine, i promise you, we will make america great again. thank you all very much. god bless you, god bless georgia, and god bless america. [applause] ♪
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