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tv   Campaign 2018 Obama at Rally for Nelson and Gillum  CSPAN  November 2, 2018 2:18pm-3:38pm EDT

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the gubernatorial campaign. it's one of the arguments that andrew gillam has made a lot. many more affluent communities are worried about affordable housing picture -- housing. made that when he tried to become the nominee. it caught a lot of attention. it hasn't really dominated to the degree democrats wish it had. mary is in louisiana. good morning. question or comment? caller: senator bill nelson at the >> i think i know the
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outcome on tuesday. i want you to know, one of the things you don't know is that i've had the privilege, when a new senator came from illinois to the senate. i brought him to florida for the first time. i will never forget this. we had a joint townhome meaning -- townhall meeting. the only place that would hold a big congregation and so many to see senatorut obama that day that they were hanging for the rafters.
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later he's coming back .o help some more of us he's doing it because he knows it's so important. the legacy he has had and what they are trying to do to undo his legacy. and all the true things that are the former president feels him him that feels politics ought to be about honesty and integrity.
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and he of all people can stand to what we contrast see in the occupancy of 1600 pennsylvania right now. what this election comes down to his trust and honesty. trust? nowwho do you more than ever, the country, , needs people it can trust. needs leaders who know right from wrong. [speaking spanish]
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from the day i was sworn in as a lieutenant from the army. until the day i flew into this space. until today in the senate. [speaking spanish] me as areat honor for public servant. i believe that a public office is a public trust. the people have responded very generously to me over the years
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by placing their trust in me. i'm proud you now have a real choice in the senate election and my the record of me opponent. my opponent has cut education, i support education. i have tried to protect the environment. my opponent has savaged the environment. and you see the results of the green algae and the red tide. i have tried to protect health care. not for one year but for seven years to repeal the affordable care act.
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now he has allowed the state of four -- state of florida to go that's tryingourt to declare your protection. to declare that unconstitutional. this is what we are up against. you have given me the privilege of standing up and working on the jobs for the future. our aerospace program. ladies and gentlemen, we are going to mars. those high paying jobs, the spinoff on the new achievements , it translates to american leadership in space.
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and the jobs right here in florida. let's don't forget what mitch mcconnell said just the other day. he said because of the big tax , now he have to find revenue. now he's going to cut medicare and social security. not on my watch as long as i'm around. come election day we have a lot at stake. it means voting for leaders that really care about people they represent. and it means voting for leaders that really care about our state.
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i asked for this opportunity to come introduce you to someone i , as they as a young man student body president at florida an them. my wife and i had asked andrew to come talk to a gathering we have annually. on the issue of values. that young man has been one of cityarliest youngest commissioners in tallahassee and now a great rain as mayor. he is going to be the next mayor
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of florida. mayor andrew gillum. >> what going on, everybody? what's going on? away -- goodod enough. are we ready to flip your blues? i have to tell you, it is such a beautiful site from up here. if we can hold the election up here we would run away with it miles ahead of our opponent. even our republican friends who
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are joining us today. ready to flip florida blue for the first time? i believe we are going to do it this time. you have heard me as i've moved around this wonderful state of hours for 21 months. do my best to introduce myself to you. francesabout my mother who birthed us in jackson hospital right down here in miami. my mother frances was a school bus driver for the miami school system. a construction worker. when my dad didn't have construction you would find him on the screen corner -- street
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corner. and selling flowers to bereaved families. between my mother and father they are the best examples of hard work that i know to this day. i am so very honored to have my mother here with me today. whatsapp? i love it. she's getting used to it. she's giving the royal wave. we are a long way from richmond heights. we find ourselves in this moment where we sit on the precipice of something great.
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put thertunity to voices of everyday working people of our state back at the centerfold of public policy and decision-making and results that come out of tallahassee. florida to askth you for the only thing in life my mother ever told me to ask for, and that is change. i want a chance. i want a chance to be your next governor. i want a chance to get to tallahassee is your next governor so we can work to pay teachers what they are worth for the most difficult jobs. teachers,king about who i have to admit i would not be standing before you. and certainly not as the democratic nominee for governor of the state of florida.
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those individuals who work overtime on my behalf. they encourage me, they inspired to do the work that i thought i couldn't get done by myself. reachncouraged me to beyond my limitations. them awhy we have to pay wage they can live on. along with all of our support staff who make this possible. i want a chance. i want a chance to be a governor who will go to tallahassee and will actually believe in science.
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it's more than a notion. we have so become used to denying the effects that become so used to denying the effects of global change. -- used to denying the effects of climate change. it has a direct impact on the future of this state. i want a chance to go to tallahassee and achieve real here in justice reform the state. not only the kind of reform where once you have paid your debts to society and you reenter our communities, you ought to have your right to vote. you have to have your constitutional right to vote. you also ought to be a beginner and have your right to work,
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your right to earn a decent wage and aren't a living for yourself and your family. we are going to reform the criminal justice system in a way that gives people a lift and -- makes a stay for state. -- a safer state. working to expand medicaid for over 800,000 of people in our state. i want that chance. it is not only important we expand medicaid to those who don't have access to insurance, it's important we do for those that do. who want to be able to see , increasingexpanded year over year over year. we can do better than that. when we win this race we will do better than that.
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i want a chance to go to nraahassee to take on the and let them know. i want to let them know that their time of running tallahassee has come to an end. i want them to know that the value of our children's lives are worth standing up for them. parents -- no parents onto have to send their kids to school wondering whether or not they would pick up alive or in a body bag. no neighborhood deserves to be so ravaged -- so ravaged by the everyday violence that pervades our neighborhood. expect that we can respect the second amendment and protect our families.
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if you want to carry the power on your waistband you ought to have a background check. if you're a convicted to mystic violence abuser you should not have access to weapons. if you want to shoot a gun that can fire 60 bullets in 60 seconds you want to join the military. weapons have no place in everyday society. y'all, i don't know how many of you saw the debate. if you saw the debate you saw ant my opponent missed incentive with repeated opportunities to tell people of
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the state what he wants to do with them. getting my name out there, it was yummy thing coming out of his mouth. the people of the state of florida deserve to hear what he wants to do for us. unfortunate he fails the test that is most important. he couldn't be honest with you. he couldn't let you know he voted over a dozen times to repeal obama care. opportunity to send them both a message on november 6. let me put some more on that, we have a chance to send them an unapologetic message. one that will not confuse them that their brand of politics is no longer acceptable in the state of florida at all.
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i want you to know that my wife and i we are going to put everything we have into this. to be joined by this mission with the woman who is definitely the wind beneath my wings. she is here today. will you please stand up? if you don't like the, vote for me because she could be your first lady. we are willing to go everywhere. we travel to red and blue counties. we have seen crowds were we didn't have enough room to hold everybody. we've been all over this state. i want them to know that i want to be there governor to.
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know that when elected governor i'm going to be a governor for all the people of the state of florida. i want you to know that none of this will be possible unless we do our job. we can't just tweet about it. we have to go to the polls and vote like our lives depend on it. the truth is our lives do depend on who the next governor is of the great state of florida. we have to bring this thing on home. some of you have heard me talk about bringing it home. i want to do it here before i bring out the next speaker.
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you all know, because my mother and father would have to get up so early in the morning and head to work, they would load me and my siblings up in the car and drive to my grandma's house, where she would let us sleep a little bit longer before getting us ready for the day. two rituals,r had she would get a bottle of oil -- sometimes it was cooking oil. the greasy's thing she could get. she would put across on our forehead. then her mantra would be, boys, go to school. mind your teachers. get your lesson and one day bring it home. she would say bring it home for your little brother, your little sister, that little boy down the street you play with. bring it home for your mom and daddy who go out there every day
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to some of the else's job to keep a roof over your head and food on the table, bring it home. i learned what my grandmother was communicating wasn't just about me. it was about all of us. life we wouldin all do good in life. under trumps america they are trying to brainwash -- brainwash us and to thinking the only way we do good is wishing for the failure of the person next to us. i reject that brand of politics. i reject it. i believe we are all in the same boat. we ought to row in the same direction. we all do better when we do better. we have an opportunity to send a message not just to the state of florida but across the nation,
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that kind of derisive politics have no place anymore. that message will resonate outside of our state around the nation and around the world that america is still america and common sense can win out. i want you to join us in bringing this win home not just for me. fornt you to bring it home the faces i cannot recognize, the names i cannot call. the communities and neighbors who need their fair shot at life as well. god knows i've been blessed over the course of my life. we need to make sure we create the kind of thing that works for everybody again. organize, we and can have that kind. we cannot do it without you. let's bring it home. let's bring it home.
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now i have the opportunity to -- you have stage to let me get his name out, please. i want to now ask you give a south florida welcome to our forever president, barack obama. [applause] ♪ mr. obama: hello, miami.
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i'm all fired up. i'm fired up. miami. good to see all of you. upst and foremost, give it for your next representative. a leader that we are going to
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send back to the united states senate, my friend bill nelson. and give it up for an outstanding mayor. one of the most inspiring and gifted candidates running this year it the next governor of the great state of florida. andrew gillum. let me make a confession. there are a lot of good reasons. started getting a little cooler back in d.c..
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falling, the winds getting a little brisk. around this time of year you start thinking, i wouldn't mind being in miami. ocean, you got a good cuban sandwiches. you got very nice-looking people. there are lots of good reasons to come to miami. >> obama. obama.
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obama. obama. obama. mr. obama: this is a night i look forward to come having a few hecklers. you always have to have a few to know you are on the campaign trail. these are all the reasons i've come down to miami. this tuesday may be the most important election of our lifetime. this time it's actually true. the stakes really are that high.
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america is at a crossroads. the health care of millions -- hold on a second. sir. come on. hold on a second. here's the deal. if you support the other candidates, then you should go
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support the other candidates. don't be here. one of the things i never was why if you are supporting the other guy you come to my rally. go to their rally. don't come hollering here. where was i? america is at a crossroads. making sure working families get a fair shake on the ballot.
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maybe most of all the character of our country is on the ballot. we have seen attempts to divide us. designed to exploit our history. that pits us against one another. order willieve that somehow be restored if it that't for those folks don't love like we love. or pray like we do. >> bring him home.
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a bring him home. bring him home. bring him home. >> is an old playbook. it's one the powerful and the privileged turn to whenever count -- whatever power and control start slipping away. they will get folks riled up just to protect their power and privilege. even when it hurts the country. even when it puts people at risk. in four days, in four days florida you can reject that kind of politics.
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in four days you can be a check on that kind of behavior. you can choose a bigger, more prosperous and generous vision of america. where love and hope conquer hate. people whatever we ,ook like, whoever we love however we choose to pray. we can come together to shape our country's course. that's what andrew gillum stands for. that's what bill nelson stands
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for. that's what you can do when you vote on tuesday. we've been a crossroads like this before. each time we made the right choice not by sitting back, not by waiting for history to happen to us but by mobilizing and and voting to make history happen. that time we abolished slavery in this country, that time we overcame a great depression. that's what made the story of
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america for ordinary people doing extraordinary things. progress never comes without a fight. for every two steps of progressive change we take two steps back. every time we start pulling ourselves closer, endowed by our creator and an inalienable rights. folks start pushing back. you have the right to make a union. somebody comes around. you win a higher minimum wage.
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then congress decides we won't raise the minimum wage for decades. you win the right to vote. they try to make it hard for you to vote. making this country better has never been easy. i love you too. 10 years ago i was campaigning for president. i was in a shake back then. now on not used to talking this much. 10 years ago we had gone through --eriod republicans had been cutting taxes for the rich.
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when he had gotten hit with the worst financial crisis in our lifetime. the democrats had to come and clean up. he remembers because he was there. of democrats like bill nelson we got the economy growing again. we covered another 20 million people with health care. of cleand the amount energy. we cut our deficits by more than part by making sure the wealthiest pay their fair share of tax. time we left office the
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-- the economy was growing. i have to make this point. the economy is so good. started?you think that we talk about how many jobs we created. jobs in the last monthshs than in the 20
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of the current one. at the time i was saying how terrible the economy was. we will get to that. we didn't get anything we wanted to do. we couldn't reverse economic trends. you couldn't eliminate all the inequalities that has built up. everything that bill and i tried to do. now republicans have been in control for two years. everything in washington, white house, house, senate. what have they done with that power?
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it's not true they haven't done nothing. othey cut taxes for the rich. they stripped out rules to protect our air and water. deficit.up the they know none of this is is why last time they are trying to keep disenfranchised voters from voting. they are resorting to the same tactic last time. scare just like they did the last time. let's take a look at what they have been up to.
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they promised to take on corruption. instead they have racked up enough indictments. just thought that is how you are supposed to do things. they claim to fight for the little guy. one pointey doled out $5 trillion in tax cuts aimed at billionaires and corporations. [crowd boos] boo, vote. republicans can't hear you blue, -- can't hear you boo, but they
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can hear you vote. so they didn't pretend to pay for these tax cuts and deficits shot up. just two weeks ago the republican leader in congress said, now that we got our tax cut passed we are very disturbed by the deficit. we need to bring them down. we are going to have to cut programs like medicare and medicaid and social security. don't take my word for it. look it up. that is what he said. in fact, look up anything i say today because i promise, i believe in a fact-based [applause] -- the point is that cutting medicare and social security and tax cuts foray for
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folks like rick scott does not sound like fighting for the little guy to me. [crowd cheering] [crowd chanting] actually, hold on the second, there is an interesting observation i want to make. hold on, hold on, hold on, [crowd boos] thats it that the folks one the last election are so mad all the time? [crowd cheering]
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it is an interesting question. like, when i won the presidency, at least my staff felt pretty good. i don't know why, it tells you something interesting. even the folks who are in charge are still mad, because they are getting ginned up to be mad. that is the mindset. somebody who is actually going to work for working people? somebodyllum is the for working people. andrew's mom is right here.
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that is where he got his good looks from. by aw was raised construction worker and a school bus driver, had to work his way up the hard way to become mayor of tallahassee. he knows the promise of this country, so he is not going to work for people who had it handed to them, he is going to work for people who had to work their way up, just like his parents did. lived the american dream, and if you give him your vote he will fight to make sure every child in florida has the same chance that this state and this country gave him. [applause]
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let's talk about health care. ago democrats passed the affordable care act. cover almost 1.6 million people just here in florida. that law made it illegal for the first time for insurers to discriminate against folks who had a pre-existing condition. young the way, for the people here, you may not think about pre-existing conditions, but when you get to be 57, because insurance companies, they categorize all kinds of things as pre-existing conditions. might not asthma, you get insurance, or it might be really expensive. if you had cancer, they might
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not give you insurance. just being a woman was considered a pre-existing condition, because they would charge women more than men for when you thinkh, about it makes absolutely no sense, because the condition women have is the power to give birth to us, [applause] you wouldn'tto me want to charge somebody more for bringing us into the world. that is just my opinion. so we put in a law that said no, you have to treat women the same as man, you can't discriminate based on pre-existing conditions -- ok. great. [applause] way, on that vote, not a single republican joined
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nada, zilch, goose none, none of them supported us. now, suddenly it is election season, and what happens? republicans out there saying, we will protect pre-existing conditions. [crowd jeers was bracket ] let's look at the record andrew's opponent was in gengress and voted to sabota or repeal daca, and protections for people with pre-existing conditions, every chance he got. opponent rick scott boos]
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boo, vote -- rick's opponent is working to overturn pre-existing conditions as we speak. republicans voted over a dozen times to get rid of protections for people with pre-existing conditions. last year they fell one vote short, one vote. if they win this tuesday, they will finally succeed. if they keep control of congress, you better believe they are coming after your health care. lorna, -- florida, we can't let rick scott become the deciding vote on pre-existing condition protections. in all of his time in office, rick scott could've extended medicaid and covered 800,000 more floridians with health care, 800,000. those are families.
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desantis wouldn't even try. so if you want change, andrew gillum will expand medicaid coverage. if you vote for him and vote for democrats, your vote 800,000 floridians, just like that, the security of health care coverage. democrats are not going to let yourlicans gut pre-existing conditions protections. democrats are not going to let republicans get your medicare to pay for their tax cuts. they are going to protect your care, period. wantere's the main point i to make. if republicans thought their tax cut for billionaires was popular, they would be campaigning on it. you don't tear up people about don't hear people
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talk about it, you don't hear a peep about it. if republicans thought their endless votes to take away your health care was popular, that is what they would be campaigning on. from themhear a peep about that. right at election time, suddenly republicans are saying they are going to protect your pre-existing conditions, when they have been doing the opposite. jeers] that is some kind of gall. that is some kind of put chutzpah. let's call it what it is. it is a lie. they are lying to you. former republican congressman david jolly just cast his vote,
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he voted for andrew gillum. [applause] the reason is simple, it's because i have served with ron desantis. whome tell you, if somebody served with me in my party voted for the other guy, i would feel bad. congressmanine jolly and mayor gillam agree on but maybe day, just like all of us, agree there is something bigger than politics. and that is on the ballot right now. what kind of politics do we want? do we want politics were people yelling at each other, making rude gestures in front of the children? mmmm. can't do that in front of mama.
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look, throughout human history politicians have made promises that turned out to be harder so theyy expected, talked about the good things and downplayed the stuff that didn't work out. they tried to put a positive -- we are ok -- they tried to put a on it's not just politicians that do that, you will do that too. i am at home and i do the dishes and i say honey, look, i did the dishes. and she says, that is the first time in a month you've done the dishes. don't brag about it. i'm putting a positive spin on this area then she asks me, what did you do wrong? otherwise, you wouldn't be doing the dishes. a positived to put
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but what we have not seen as the way we are seeing right now, politicians blatantly, repeatedly, falsely, shamelessly lying, just making stuff up. that is what they are doing right now all the time. and by the way, it is not the first time. they do this every election cycle, try to terrify folks, and then the election comes in the problem suddenly, magically vanishes. you never hear about it again. in 2010 they said bill and i were setting up death panels to kill your grandma's. that?er in 2014 they said, ebola is going to kill all of us, shut
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the borders. in 2016 it was hillary, they were all wound up about that, and the mainstream press picked up about that, this is scary. you know they weren't worried about that because if they were then be worried about the hisent president talking on cell phone while the chinese are listening in. they didn't care about it. they set it to get folks angry and ginned up. now, in 2018, they are telling you the existential threat to america is a bunch of poor refugees 1000 miles away. they are even taking our brave troops away from their families for a political stunt at the border. and women of our military deserve better than that. [applause]
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so they are just constantly fear mongering to distract from the record. the administration says they are doubling down on the outdated which hurts families and entrepreneurs trying to open up the cuban economy. we need to get back to politics that support the cuban people to make their lives better. that's change. that's what bill believes in and what andrew believes in. stuff up is, they make but also the problem is, too often we fall for it. too often we fall for the distractions. you all remember peanuts right, maybe some of you are too young. brown and lucy with the football, and she would say i'm holding it, you can kick it, and brown would say, ok, and then
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she would pull the ball away and he would fall on his back. but he kept on doing it every time. don't be charlie brown. [laughter] okey doke,for the don't be bamboozled, don't be hoodwinked. [laughter] because when you get distracted, while you are distracted with all this stuff they are making up, they are also robbing you blind. look,ill be look, look, over there, and even tax cuts to billionaires. look over there, and then they let looters poisoned your air and water. take healthsolutely care away from millions the first chance they get, while you are distracted with stuff that is not true.
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it's like the can't wear a door-to-door salesman -- it's door to doorere a salesman says you need a security system, while his partner sneaks in the back to steal your stuff. you have a policy where words don't mean anything, were to doesn't matter, where people can lie with abandon, democracy can't work. in our own lives, our marriages if consistently the people we are dealing with can't believe what we say, if our children see that it doesn't matter that you actually accomplish things, all you do is just make stuff up whenever it is expedient, society doesn't
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work, democracy does not work, and that is what is happening at the highest levels. and the only check on that behavior is you. [applause] the only check on that behavior is you and your vote. you can vote for a politics that is decent and honest and lawful and plans to do right by people. [applause] if you are a democrat, you had better be voting for andrew gillum and bill nelson and the whole ticket. if you are not a democrat, you should still be voting for them, because it shouldn't be democratic or republican to say
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we don't lie with impunity. it shouldn't be democratic or republican to say, we don't punish our political opponents and try to use a justice system, that we don't threaten they freedom of the press -- threaten the freedom of the press because they say something we don't like. [applause] it shouldn't be democratic or republican to say, we are not going to target certain groups based on what they look like or how they pray. it shouldn't be democratic or republican to know that climate change is real and threatens our kids' future, and florida is going to see some of the worst effects of climate change, unless we change course right now. i know republicans may think that government should only perform a few functions, but one of those functions should be
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taken care of folks after a hurricane in puerto rico. [applause] i know there are conservatives that think we should be fiscally but there is nothing fiscally responsible about $1 trillion deficits. i know there are sincere conservatives who are and must think there is nothing compassion about ripping immigrant children from the arms of their mothers and fathers. i am assuming that they president --t it that a president doesn't get to decide on his own who is an american president and who is not. [applause] that's not how the constitution of the united states works. that's not how the bill of
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rights works. that's not how our democracy works. [applause] people who think it is wrong to spend eight years trying to take away people's health care, and then spend the final days you -- final daysesa pretending you are mother teresa or florence nightingale. people must get upset when they see folks who spend all their time vilifying others, questioning their patriotism, calling them enemies of the people, and then suddenly pretending they are concerned about civility. and we don't need more mealy ,outh elected officials who say i'm concerned, or i'm terrible faxed, by this bad behavior -- d by this bad
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behavior, but there's nothing i can do about it. up,eed leaders to stand leaders who fight for the american spirit like andrew gillum and bill nelson, folks ,ho will stand up for anyone somebody else's kids getting bullied, who will stand up when they see their gay friend getting arrested, who will stand up for a guy to worship without of usthat is what all need to stand up for, with clarity, patriotism and purpose. the values that bind us to our fellow citizens no matter who we are, no matter what we look like, that is what americans do. that's what america is.
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that's what andrew gillum believes. that's what bill nelson believes. that's what you believe. [applause] . better vision of america and that is why i am hopeful, florida. i'm hopeful we will cut through the lies, block out the noise, and remember who we are, and who we are called to be. i'm hopeful that out of this ica greatdarkness, awakening of citizenship all across the country. i can't tell you how encouraged i have been to see so many people getting involved for the for the first time in a very long time, marching and organizing and registering people to vote.
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inspiring,dible, parkland students. [applause] saw some of the families transform trying to unspeakable grief into a better world. young veterans of iraq and record numbers of women who are running from his, you know what we need more women . [applause] of citizens who may be never had much interest in politics but they said, this time it is different. too time, it is important to sit out. they are lacing up the marching clipboard,bing a
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because they believe in an america that is kinder, that looks out for one another. the antidote to government by is governmentew by the organized, energized many. [applause] antidote to a politics based politicssion, is a based on a sense that we are in it together. that is what this moment is about, and i have to tell you, florida, one election won't fix everything. sometimes i hear young people saying, i don't know, all politicians are the same, nothing changes. it is true that one election is not suddenly going to eliminate
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poverty in this country. eliminateon won't racism or sexism or homophobia. one election will not suddenly give everybody health care all at once, or ensure that every child in florida gets the kind of education they deserve. it's not going to happen in just one election, but it will be a start. [applause] it will be a start. it will make things better. start down that path of making things better, momentum starts to build, and then it gets even better and it gets even better. so don't just sit back. is goingn't like what on right now, don't just complain, don't get anxious and
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freaked out, don't throw up your hands in despair, don't boo, don't hash tag, vote. when you vote for an attorney theyal and state reps, will have the power to protect our voting rights and make sure the criminal justice system treats everybody fairly. you have the, power to make sure we strengthen laws that protect women in the workplace from harassment or and makes sure there a is the same as men for doing the same job. [applause] you have the, power to make it easier for a college student to afford and harder for a disturbed person to shoot up places where our kids learn, and where our seniors gather to
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worship. you have the, power to make sure a family keeps their health insurance. you can save somebody's life. that power rests in your hands. and if you get involved, if you knock on some doors, if you talk with some of your slightly trump-like friends, you get some souls to the polls. if you turn out on tuesday to vote for this whole, incredible florida ticket, i promise you something powerful happens, change starts to happen, hope starts to happen, [applause] and with each new step we take in the direction of fairness and justice, equality and
3:28 pm
opportunity, that hope spreads, it starts rippling. it enters into each of us. we get a sense of what is we remindand ourselves of those better angels of our nature. it's up to you. let's make history happened right here in florida. [applause] let's go vote. god bless you, miami. you, god bless the united states of america. ♪ [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] ♪
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["we take care of our own" playing] >> we take care of our own we take care of our own flown r this flag's we take care of our own from chicago to new orleans from the muscle to the bone shack to thegun
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superdome ♪ there ain't no help cavalry'sy -- the state home there ain't no one hearing the bugle blown we take care of our own it would take care of our own a wherever this flag's flow we take care of our own ♪ where the eyes, the eyes with the will to see where the hearts, that run over with mercy ware's the love that has not forsaken me
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that sets myork hands, my soul free that'llthe spirit reign, reign over me the promise, from sea to shining sea where's the promise, from sea to shining sea wherever this flag is flown where of this flag is flown wherever this flag is flown a we take care of our own we take care of our own we take care of our own e take care of our own wherever this flag's flown we take care of our own ♪ ♪
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♪ ht" playing] >> i picked up my bags, i went looking for a place to hide when i saw old carmen and the devil, walking side-by-side >> later today, president trump and vice president pence heading to indianapolis for a campaign rally at 7:15 p.m. eastern. c-span, your primary source for campaign 2018. >> which party will control the house and senate?
3:34 pm
watched c-span's live election night coverage tuesday at 8:00 p.m. eastern as results come in from house, senate and governor races across the country. here victory and can -- hear victory and concession speeches from the candidates. and on wednesday, reaction with your phone calls live during washington journal. c-span, your primary source for campaign 2018. the c-span buses traveling across the country on our 50 capitals tour. in concord, new hampshire, we asked folks which party should control congress, and why. >> republicans should retain their majority in both houses of congress. president trump is doing a great job with some policies he has enacted. congress and leader mcconnell and speaker ryan are playing their part. due to the economy and strong
3:35 pm
gains in the judiciary, foreign policy, world affairs, they are doing a good job. although speaker ryan will be retiring, it will be interesting to see who is taking over the helm if republicans maintain their majority in the house of representatives. with the gains they have made the country is doing quite well. president trump should be given a chance to continue to work with a republican majority that is doing so much. thank c-span for visiting new hampshire. new hampshire does democracy better than any state. people are active and in aged -- and engaged and informed. democrats are going to take control. if control of congress changes that will greatly impact me, my family and my students. there are many issues right now i care about, one of those being health care policy. been greatly affected by health care policy, and if democrats regained control of congress i fear that
3:36 pm
family and many other americans will benefit for the best. >> what happens of congress changes? have a wonderful chance to win the house. that's very significant. i'm not sure about the senate race. case the senate, best 50-50, worst-case 52-48 in terms of republicans. it's anybody's guess. forthk some efforts put by the president have really got to be stopped, and it will take a congress made up of democrats in order to do that. i think the country is at risk. >> the effects of the midterm election, depending whether it housees from a republican to a democratic house, will affect me and members of my generation significantly. i'm really proud to see all the,
3:37 pm
not just members of my generation but young people in general stepping up and running for offices, especially here in new hampshire. there is so many of us. ♪ partices from the states, of c-span's 50 capitals tour. next up, candidates from new york's 22nd congressional district, facing each other in debate last night, republican democraticney and challenger anthony brent d.c.. the debate is about one hour. >> a shout out to students who have gathered at watch parties.


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