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tv   Campaign 2018 President Trump Rally in Indianapolis  CSPAN  November 2, 2018 7:18pm-8:34pm EDT

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>> and here in indianapolis, waiting for president trump and vice president mike pence. they were earlier in west virginia, making their way over to the vice president's homes they. traveling here for a rally, campaigning on behalf of republican candidate including republican mike braun who is trying to unseat the incumbent democrat joe donnelly in the u.s. senate. well we wait for both of them to arrive here -- cameras are going up. there is the vice president. watching live coverage on c-span.
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♪ >> well, hello, indiana. it is great to be back home again in the hoosier state. just a stones throw away from
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where karen and i raised our kids, right here on the south side of indianapolis. and just four days away from place all across america where we send republican majorities act to washington dc. and i got to tell you, it really is great to be here. and the man that indiana van -- voted overwhelmingly to make the 45th president of the united states of america, president donald trump. i am here today because i stand with president trump. and i am here today because we
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stand with the great conservative leaders that have supported our agenda in the hoosier state. like to future congressman, jim baird and greg pence. we are here because president trump and i stand shoulder to shoulder with the next great senator for the state of indiana. it is the greatest privilege of my life to serve as vice president to president donald trump. he is a man of his word. he is a man of action. and is only one way you can describe the last two years in america under his leadership.
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been two years of action, two years of results, two years of promises made and promises cap. but we are just getting started. the president promised to fight for american workers, american businesses, and american jobs. and president trump delivered. we cut taxes across the board for working families and businesses in indiana. we rolled back red tape. we fought for trade deals that were free, fair, and reciprocal like the new u.s.-mexico canada agreement that puts indiana workers and indiana farmers first. and the results have been huge.
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i don't know if you've seen the jobs report today. in the last two years, 4.5 million new jobs created. in manufacturing alone. paychecks are growing at their fastest rate in a decade and the unemployment rate is now at a 50 year low. jobs are back. confidence is back. in a word, america is back. and we're just getting started, indiana. and thanks to the support of republican majorities in congress, we have been doing more than just jobs. ourave been rebuilding military and restoring the arsenal of democracy. we take the fight to terrorists on our terms on their soil. isis is on the run, their caliphate is fallen and we will
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soon drive isis from the face of the earth. we have been standing with the men and women of law enforcement , without apology, giving them the resources sanders act they deserve. and under president trump's leadership, we have enforced our borders, and our we already started to build that wall. and as another migrant caravan is making its way north, president trump has already deployed 4000 troops to the southern border.
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we are taking steps to close the .oopholes in our law we made it clear to this caravan that they will not be allowed to enter the united states of america illegally. i couldn't be more proud to stand with the president to stood without apology for all the god-given liberties in our declaration and our constitution. like the unalienable right to life and the right to keep and bear arms. the second amendment of the constitution. you know, with the strong support of senator todd young, we have been appointing strong conservatives to the federal courts at every level. doing justice to the supreme court of the united dates, justice brett kavanaugh.
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but for always done -- all we have done, i got to tell you, i know him well. this is what this president calls a good tart. that is why president trump and all i need indiana to reelect strong republican majorities on capitol hill and we need indiana to vote to elect mike braun as your next united states senator. mike braun is a job creator, building businesses here in the hoosier state. he will fight for indiana jobs and indiana values every day in our nation's capital. will stand braun with our president. he will put indiana first. not what you can say about senator joe donnelly. hoosiers, you deserve
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to know. when the time came to repeal and replace obamacare, he voted no. even when the time came. well, indiana, the time has come to vote no on joe. the time has come to elect mike braun. we can make it riot -- happen in just four days. i keep hearing about this blue wave coming across the heartland.
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all of a do all we need to do between now and election day, i think that blue wave is going to hit her red wall right here in the hoosier state when we send mike braun to the united states senate. thank you for the honor you have given me to serve the state and serve your nation as the vice president. at the greatest honor of my life. karen and i will always be grateful for the support of traders of the people of indiana. , we feelt you to know them every day. looking out at all of you tonight, i just know. with your continued support, the strong conservative leaders representing indiana, congress, and at the state level.
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braun in the senate, president donald trump in the white house, and with god's help , i believe we will make indiana safer and more prosperous than ever before. will make america great again. it is my high honor and distinct myvilege to introduce to you friend, the 45th president of the united states of america, president donald trump. ♪
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applause]d [chanting "u.s.a."] you,dent trump: thank indiana. thank you very much. and thank you for giving america in mikeamazing person pence. he's a great, great man and a great vice president. thank you, indiana, thank you. great. be back in this great state with thousands of hard working american patriots. ourre here to celebrate amazing achievements together. how were those jobs numbers today?
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how were they? [cheering] president trump: how were they? america'se sure incredible comeback continues speed ahead, in just four days, the people of indiana to send mike braun to the united states senate. making america great again. thank you this election will decide whether we build on the extraordinary prosperity that unleashed or whether we let the radical democrats take congress and take a giant wrecking ball to our economy and to our future. it's not going to happen. has the best economy
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in the history of our country. this?you believe can you believe this? schedule.of and if i would have said that during the campaign where i days and nights with you, and i was with another ours, bobbynd of knight, who's going to be speaking in a couple of minutes. the great bobby knight. would have told you the kind of numbers that we've achieved, nobody would have it and they would not have let us get away with it but withuld have gotten away it anyway. we would have gotten away with it. it turned out we were underestimating as opposed to overestimating. in the last month alone, we added another 250,000 jobs and 600,000 americans returned to the work force.
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it.dy would believe we've created 4.5 million new jobs since the election. that. would have believed the unemployment reality just fell to the lowest level in more years and more americans are working today than ever before. that?out that statistic? of all statistics -- in the history of our country, think of more americans are working right now today in this country thishave ever worked in country before. that's going to be fun in the stage when we debate one of the lefties. whatre going to be saying
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a good job they're going to do by raising your taxes and we're we have morebut people working now than ever worked. you know, i think we're going to debate. hispanicmerican, american, and asian american all reached have the lowest levels in the history of our country. and in case you haven't noticed, the great state of indiana, workersutting our steel back to work at a level that nobody thought possible. stories, one of the great stories -- you know, we taxed all of the steel from other countries that don't exactly have us in mind. we taxed them at 25%, and guess what, our steel industry hottest industries
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in the country right now. like indiana, steelin dynamics has just announced a investment in million city and a $400 investment in terre haute. you know that, right? a lot of money. ago,ust three months united states steel announced a $750 million investment in a gary, indiana. the fact is, after years of countries, weer are finally rebuilding our country. it's about time. it's about time.
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[crowd chanting "u.s.a."] president trump: republicans fored a massive tax cut -- weg families and and he will soon follow it up with theher 10% tax cut for middle class. under republican leadership, america is booming. thriving, and america is winning like never before finally putting america first! [cheering] if nancy trump: but
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pelosi and the legendary maxine waters, if they take power, they and try to erase our gains eradicate our progress. can't let that happen. the democrats want to raise your taxes. restore job killing regulations. they want to shut down your steel mills, and that will happen. they want to take away your real healthcare and use socialism to into venezuela, lovely place, lovely place. [crowd jeering] president trump: and democrats totally open borders. how do you like that sound? come on in! everybody, just come on. [crowd chanting "build that
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wall"] president trump: you're right. and we're building the wall. $1.6 billion. $1.6 billion.r a third $1.6 billion coming but build it quickly at one time. we don't want to do it piecemeal it's started. it's doing well. we want the money now from the democrats. votes. their or, an easier way, elect more theiricans, we don't need vote. [cheering] president trump: the democrats to invite caravan after caravan -- and you see we have forming.vans you do see that. gee, i wonder how that happens. i wonder how.
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i think they overplayed their folks. this one, because between justice caravans, youthe people are energized. want these caravans for illegal aliens to flood into our country, overwhelming your schools, depleting your yourrces, and endangering communities. borders,ns want strong no drugs, no gangs, and we want caravans, thank you. the choice in this election could not be more simple.
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a republican congress means more jobs and less crime. bad.s not think of that, how beautiful. more jobs, less crime. nice. how nice. but how do you get elected when crime, let's say, less veryfolks, eats -- it's simple. we got to stop the crime. we got to close up the borders. people to come into our country but they have to come in legally and they have to come in merit. in througho come merit. 3.7%y the way, at unemployment, a 50-year low, we need people to come in because we have companies coming back our country. some of them left years ago. and they're coming back into
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and michigan and ohio and north carolina and south pennsylvania and florida and every state. they're pouring back in because, you know what, as two of the ago,tives told me two days we want to be where the action is. that's right. we have, now, the hottest economy in the world. did you hear that last? so vote republican. are thrilled to be joined tonight by an indiana legend, a become a friend of mine, who truly knows what about, and i have to say this quick. sorry. it's bobby knight, he's the greatest, ok. to tell you, i have
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to tell you -- so before i ran name was being thrown out. i get a call, great story. i get a call, and my secretary comes in. sir, do you know somebody named bobby knight? said, well, i don't know him but i know of him, he's a great, coach, if it's the same guy, but it's probably not. sir,out, they say, yes, it's the coach. i said, let me check it. so you get a lot of crank calls figure -- 90% are crank calls. i pick up. hello, trump? this is bobby knight. i said, that's him. imitate that. nobody. knight, and you got to run for president. i said, i'm thinking about it. before.he year i'm thinking about it. he said, you got to run, you'll
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the only oneu're that will turn the ship around, you got to run for president. what, bobby, iw am thinking about it seriously, and if you could, how about me your number and i'll call you if i decide to do it, especially when i come to campaign in a place called indiana, right? right? so i said, bobby, could you give me the number and he gives me the number. i write it down. bump, bump, bump, i write it down. and on my desk, i'm a hard worker, i'm doing deals all over the place before this whole got started and i have two or three piles of paper, two or three feet high each. i write his number, i put it on the pile. or so goes by and now i'm running, i'm doing well. never left centerstage. that means we never lost a debate, we never lost centerstage.
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some of the guys being pushed left, being pushed right. we never lost centerstage, right? [cheering] alwaysnt trump: and i said to the people running the debate, i want an odd number in center and i don't want an even number because two people are in center, right? left centerstage and i'm doing well and i'm going and we had competition but it was everything's -- and now am getting ready to come to place called indiana and a friend of mine who's also a of mike pence, calls me and said you're doing really well in indiana, you're blow anyone away but you ever know a guy named bobby knight? and i said, yeah, i mean, i don't know him but he called me he reallyar ago and wanted me to run. said, if you could get bobby
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knight's endorsement, you would absolutely seal the great state of indiana. desk and i have these stacks -- honestly, there are thousands of pages. i can't even tell you. had this massive desk because it keeps a lot of stuff. thousands of pages. and i said, i hung up isaid, let his number.can find i remember i wrote it down, i put it over here. hisme see if i can find number and i go over here and i take stack number one, which is or three feet up in the air. pages -- thousands. i go, let me see. and i lift it in the middle. there's this little index card and it says "bobby knight" and the phone number. thing.rdest
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the weirdest thing. i look up and i say, thank you, god, thank you. was from god. it's amazing. i didn't look, i didn't thumb through -- i just lifted it up and there it was. it was the craziest thing. bobby, i called up knight, ding, ding, ding. he picks up. go, bobby, he says, i have been waiting for you to call. that was the beginning of a great romance. it really was. a tough cookie and you know what, i just took out something. me -- look, we know he's a great coach. but we don't know how great a coach. bobby knight, as you know, he coached in a place called indiana. how it's doing since he left. i won't ask. but it's going to do well and i you have a very good coach.
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i hear you have a very good coach now. is that true? goodr you have a very coach. olympicoached the u.s. the --n 1984, won the gold medal. titles at a ncaa place called the university of indiana. the hall of fame in 1991. last coacht was the to have an undefeated season and me. surprises that surprises me. bobby, i just asked him, i said, why is that? how come -- you think with all -- you have some of these teams, they're great, guys leave freshmen, they play in the nba, they're great. why? play so manyyou games, if one guy has a little bit of a cold hand, you lose a
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or if one guy has a hot hand for a good team, you could lose the game. play calvet games. that surprised me. the last coach to have an undefeated team. want, ifbby, if you you want, bobby, this has nothing to do with politics but it's interesting. of you people like sports. you like basketball. i said if you want you can tell the larry bird story. i don't know if he likes me but care.t really i think larry bird was a great basketball player. do we agree? i think we agree. he has a great larry bird story. listen to this. knight won 902 games. he's third all-time. this guy -- and i'll tell you, longer. have gone years he could have gone years longer. he is a tremendous guy. but he was with me before i started. he was with me literally right likethe beginning and i'd
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to ask the great bobby knight to come up. thank you. [cheering] thankknight: i want to all of you people from indiana hell of a lot a
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playing.with indiana you know, there was a great ago, harryany years truman. public got a little thing to let him know how much him.appreciated it was something called, like, give them hell, harry, give them hell, harry. i'd like you to join with me something -- oh, he's already given them hell. [cheering] knight: i want you to join else.saying something just like they said it to harry great, who was a
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president, and so is he. say ist i want you to -- go get 'emis donald! -- go get 'em donald. three! go get 'em donald! 'emwd chanting "go get donald"] coach knight: one thing i would done, it takes great defense to win in basketball,
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defense. i think i'd have had to wait on donald for a little while until great defender. and that's what he's been. he's been a great defender of the united states of america. [cheering] chanting "u.s.a."]
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president trump: what a great guy, what a great guy. winner, he's a winner. we like winners, right? winners. we like well, that's special. butknow, don't tell bobby, he left his pad up here and his pen. to keep it because i money.l it for a lot of thank you, thank you very much. a lot of love, a lot of love in this room. a lot of love on this stage. we are honored to be joined many terrific indiana republicans, including a man who an incredible job, and to follow mike pence. governor eric holcomb, you have
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a great job, governor, thank you. thank you. great job. eric.job, and a congressman who i've gotten to know and he has a great style. is a gentleman, he's a champion. wilkiti, he's here. great job, todd, thank you. thank you. with us tonight are two terrific republican candidates. office,et them in please go out and vote. they're terrific. beard and greg pence. does anybody know greg pence? thanks, thanks. thank you, fellas. thanks, greg. good genes in the pence family, don't they?
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if you don't want to be saying the words "speaker pelosi" for two years, you've got to go out and vote for greg and republican congress. we need it. it's going to be a very interesting day. veryay is going to be a interesting day. they're not going to beat the day from two years ago but it's be interesting nevertheless. we had twogreat time years ago? [cheering] president trump: finally, i'm proud to introduce the next states senator. i'll tell you, before i do, before i bring him up, i want to that mike braun is not a career politician. he's a very successful patriarch whod a
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single day fory the people of indiana. he's a fighter. he's a winner. he's a very successful guy. he didn't need this. i didn't need it, either, by the way. but we're having fun. you know why? we're winning, we're winning. mike braun is tough on crime, great on jobs, and he will always support our wonderful our lawr military, and police.ent, our and a vote for mike's opponent, is a vote to make crying chuck schumer the senate majority leader. we can't do that. vote for any democrat this november is a vote to put the radical democrats in charge of house, the senate, and every congressional committee that's good for indiana. country.good for our
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the center foro effective law making -- listen to this. you have to listen to this. this is very important. joe donnelley has been rated the effective democrat in the united states senate. think of that, rated the least -- the least effective. that's why they call him you got to get out -- just get and vote. we don't have to do this. just get out and vote. donnelley voted against your tax cuts and he joined the vote against, to justice brett kavanaugh. nobody, was ever abused like then judge kavanaugh. nobody was ever abused. what they did to him, what the
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is arats did to him disgrace, but he's going to be on the bench. the uniteding to be states supreme court along [cheering] not only voted to get everywhere felt to illegals and joined every other senate democrats to sponsor dianne feinstein's open border bill. [booing] you remember her, right? the people of indiana do not have a one-week woman -- memory cycle. indiana have a 60 year memory cycle. [applause] was that horrible? did you leak it? right? said, did you leak it?
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no. now. -- no. i don't think so. no, no, we didn't make it. that was the worst body language. john cornyn. one simple question, did you we get? she choked. no, no. i don't think so. [laughter] in other words, she leaked it. she leaked it. disgrace, what we watched. right? what we watched up there. it is no supplies joe donnelly is holding a rally this weekend with barack. [booing] h obama. barack obama.
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[booing] i watched him speak today. he had a small crowd. they do not talk about that. they never talk about how big are crowds are. [cheering] say, when i get home to my first lady melania -- [cheering] people love the first lady. be first it is easy to lady when you are married to me? [laughter] our first lady. i always say, honey, let me ask you, how did the crowd looked tonight?, she says the sound is amazing. [applause] in houston, we had 22,000 people
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in the arena and housings outside for ted cruz was doing well. you don't hear about it anymore. we have the rally. you haven't heard that anymore. he is doing great. mike brought is doing great. [cheers] maybe what i will do is ask the media to turn the camera and show the room. would you do that? they don't want to do that. [cheering] [chanting usa]
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they do not like to turn the camera. we had big crowds. centerstage, big crowds from the beginning. were fixedhe cameras and they cannot turn. maybe it cannot turn because it has so much stuff are who knows and they would never turning. then we had a couple of people who were noisy. they caused a problem and they were backed in a corner and the camera turned like a pretzel. that is when i realized. they wanted to make us look bad. when they had a little bit of a ,roblem in a corner of the room i had never seen a camera turn at that angle upside down and backwards. [cheers] what they can do with modern
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equipment. i said, the reason is the cameras cannot turn. we were wrong. obama gave a rally in front of a small group of people today. [boos] in the rally, he talked about other things, how we has to be honest. ,e said you can have your plan you can have your doctor -- how many times has he said that/ --? let's stay pleasant. right? let's stay pleasant. because we do not want to go back to the obama days of low risinghigh unemployment, crime, open borders, less judges, oppressive regulations, deals, disastrous foreign policy. look at the mess i inherited in north korea and look at how well we are doing now. [cheers]
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terrible health care. you want prosperity for your family, safety for your children, and security for your country, vote for mike braun. mike,,. mike braun. come up. [cheers] [applause] never in my wildest dreams did i
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think i would be on a stage with the president of the united states, the vp, and bobby knight. [cheers] how to make it better, only in america, only in indiana. [cheers] when i decided to do this 14 and a half months ago, -- [cheers] it,ver would have done would not have wasted my time if .his man did not do what he did
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my wife and family are over there but i will never forget the night i turned the tv off at a quarter after 2:00. i thought it would go later, went to bed, i only get five hours of sleep. the president gets by on less. i will never forget getting up the next morning and what i saw trump tv, president-elect -- [cheering] that is the reason i am here. if it had not happened, i would have hunkered down in southern indiana wondering how to survive. and goodness. -- think goodness.
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--thank goodness. my opponent who calls himself the hired help, i think you need to do more than that to deserve to be reelected. thank you. [cheers] he is the least effective democratic senator, sounds like retired help. [cheers] he takes all of his marching orders from chuck schumer. let's retire joe donnelly. thank you. [applause] [cheers] thank -- president trump: thank you,
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mike. very successful guide. thiss done a great job and is what he wants to do and he is going to be very successful at doing what you want to do, a lot of great things. i want to thank you. mike, we want to thank you for doing this because it is not easy. thank you, mike. [cheers] if democrats get the majority, one of their first projects will be the socialist takeover of american health care. the democrat plan would obliterate medicare and eliminate medicare advantage for more than 360,000 indiana seniors who totally depend on it. republicans will protect medicare for seniors who earned it and have paid for it. [cheers] republicans will always protect patients with pre-existing
8:11 pm
conditions. [cheers] democrats plan to destroy health care and rating medicare to fund benefits for illegal immigrants. i'm sure you do not mind. does anybody mind? nobody minds. speak, democrats are encouraging millions of illegal aliens to violate our laws, overrun the borders, and bankrupt our country. that is what is going to end up. [booins] they want to sign a legal aliens up for free health care, free welfare, free education. what do they really want? they want them to vote because they are going to vote for democrats. [booing] illegal immigration caused american taxpayers more than $100 billion every year, more than three times the in tiger
8:12 pm
state budget of indiana. -- entire state budget of indiana. we need to use our resources to help fellow americans who respect our laws, not a caravans who break into our borders and break our laws. [cheers] democrat immigration policy is not only drain our treasury but threatens our communities. nearly 100% of heroine in the u.s. enters through the southern border, along with roughly 90% of the cocaine, the majority of methamphetamines, and a substantial portion of the altra lethal fentanyl which is killing our youth all over the country. [booing] destroy the lives of hundreds of thousands of americans and 70,000 americans
8:13 pm
every year i from these drugs. last year alone, our brave ice more thanrrested 137,000 criminal aliens. they want to get rid of ice. [cheers] can you imagine? yes immigrants want to abolish ice. these are great patriots. these are great people. these are people that do a job that nobody in the room wants to do. . i don't want to do it. they want to turn america into a giant sanctuary for violent predators and ms 13 killers. [booing] a blue wave would equal a crime rave -- wave.
8:14 pm
a red wave equals jobs and security. [cheering] republicans believe our country should be a sanctuary for law-abiding americans, not criminal aliens. republicans will always stand with the heroes of ice come aboard a patrol, and law ice, border-- patrol, and law enforcement. border security is also a woman's issue. women want safe neighborhoods for their families, great schools and health care for the children, and they want criminals to be in jail or thrown the hell out of our country. [cheers] dohring the election, my election. i do not think he is going to do
8:15 pm
well with women. i love women. i like them much more than i like men. i love -- here is the thing. -- they won, they said did not know what was going on. they said he did unbelievably well with women. [cheering] now they are saying the same thing, but they say a weekly because they want to say it quickly, i do not think he will do well with women. but we tried this two years ago. we did so well. we will do well with women again because they want security. they want security. they do not want these people coming into our country. you saw the report. the caravan, more than 300 andle have criminal records
8:16 pm
have serious problems that we do not want to get involved with. we want people coming in, but they have to come and legally. i'm sorry. [cheers] this election is about security and this election is about prosperity. for years, you watched as we let foreign countries plunder our wealth, shutter our factories, and steal our jobs. those days are over. [cheering] we have added half a million manufacturing jobs since the election, soon to go to 600,000 including 32,000 manufacturing just the last month. do you remember the previous administration? we will not get manufacturing jobs. everyone said really?
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tell that to your governor. [cheers] you are getting them here, governor. these are high paying jobs, talented jobs, talented people. we are replacing the horrible nafta deal, one of the worst trade deals -- [booing] what an incredible brand-new u.s.-mexico-canada agreement. is a victory for indian of farmers, manufacturers, and dairy producers. you know how good it is. [cheers] every time they said no, i said ok, we will give you a terrorist -- tariffs on your cars. we have taken the toughest action to crack down on china's abusive trade practices.
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i spoke to president xi today. they want to make a deal, but we have to have a fair deal. we have to have a deal that is fair for the u.s.. china has to open up their borders for a companies. america is being respected again. do you notice? america is being respected again. is promisesth us made and promises cap's. we made a lot of promises, but we did better than those promises. we have performed a lot better than even the promises we made. we have taken bold action to reduce the price of prescription drugs. you are going to see that and you have already seen it. to help clinically ill patients get life-saving treatments. we passed something they have been trying to pass for decades called the right to try where they can try our drugs that are
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looking promising that are in our pipeline. [cheers] hopefully you do not have to worry about that. hopefully nobody in this room will have to worry about that. it is a great thing for people. the cost of health care is finally coming down. you see that. by the way, we got rid of the mandate. [cheers] we got rid of the individual mandate, the most unpopular part. we decimated obamacare. a properly and premiums are not going off -- up. so many people have thanked me.
8:20 pm
you had the privilege to not pay the fortune for health care. not too good. it is gone. you do not have to pay not have health care. [applause] think of it, you paid not to have health care. great. last month, i signed the largest bill to fight the opioid epidemic in american history. [cheers] it is giving veterans the right to see a private doctor and the landmark accountability for the veterans to ensure anyone who mistreats our veterans can be accountable and immediately we look at that person and we say, you are fired. get out of here. [cheers] we secured $700 billion and $716
8:21 pm
billion to rebuild the u.s. we gave our warriors of their largest pay raise in more than a decade. working with mike pence, the pentagon is now working to the sixth branch of the american armed forces called the 's. called the space force. defense, offense, that is where it is all going. i withdrew the u.s. from the one cited iran nuclear deal. [cheers] today, we announced we are opposing all sanctions lifted under that ridiculous deal that should have never been signed in the first place.
8:22 pm
we will have in place the .oughest ever sanctions negotiate a real deal, a fair deal, a deal that lets them thrive. we want them to thrive. we have recognized the capital of israel and opened the american embassy in jerusalem. [cheers] together, we have made extraordinary progress and we are just getting started. [cheers] the democrats want to turn back the clock's, put american reverse, and give power back to a corrupt, selfish ruling class that only looks out for itself. i know them well. we are not going back.
8:23 pm
we are going forward. vote for ato republican house and a republican senate so we can continue this incredible movement, the greatest political movement in the history of our country. it is. wasn't, and i said that, i would have problems. it is the greatest movement in the history and it is about you, not about me. it is about you. not bad. [laughter] not a bad job. it is about you. keep winning. we are going to keep winning. this is a movement built on love for our nation and a love for our fellow citizens. with your votes, we will keep cutting your taxes, reducing the regulations, and raising your
8:24 pm
incomes. we will protect medicare and social security and remember on the debate stage i would defend social security. we have not touched social security. [cheers] defend your right to free speech, religious liberty, and we will continue to confirm judges who will interpret the .onstitution as written [cheers] we will fully secure the border, past case law, stop sanctuary cities, stop catch and and the lottery and and chain migration and we will keep the criminals, drug dealers, and terrorists the hell out of our country.
8:25 pm
[cheers] [applause] we will lift millions of our citizens from welfare to work, dependence to independence, and poverty to prosperity. [cheers] as yourrs you watch leaders apologized for america. now you have a president who is standing up for america and i always will. we are standing up for your values, for indiana. we are proudly standing up for our great national anthem. i am asking every citizen from every party and every background and every race and color and support so we can
8:26 pm
continue to deliver help, opportunity, and justice for all americans. [applause] i need you to get your family, get your friends, your neighbors, your coworkers and go out and vote republican. this tuesday, i need the people of indiana to send a message to chuck schumer, nancy pelosi, maxine waters, and the radical democrats by voting for mike braun he will be a winner. [cheers] [applause] senator that you currently have. sleeping joe. he was last on the list.
8:27 pm
i am speaking more to the television cameras than to you, is anybody going to vote for donnelly? [boos] not too many. loyal citizens like you helped build the country and we are returning power to you, the american people. built by some of the top is to men and strongest women ever to walk the face of the earth. patriots defied the dangers to build a life and a home with their own two hands. they did not have a lot of money. they did not have a lot of lecturing. they -- luxury. they love their families. you know that.
8:28 pm
you do know that. they love their families. what else do they love? their country. and they loved their god. [cheers] [applause] these courageous americans did not shed their blood, sweat, and tears so we could sit at home while others try to erase their legacy, tear down our history, and destroy our american heritage. it is a proud american heritage. [cheers] for the sake of our freedom, and for the sake of our children, we are going to work, fight, and win, when -- win, win, we will not bend, will not break. we will never given.
8:29 pm
we will never give up. we will never back down. we will never surrender. we will always fight on to victory. always. [cheers] because we are americans and our hearts bleed red, white, and blue. we are one people. one family. one glorious nation under god. [cheers] and indiana, together, we will make america wealthy again. [applause] we will make america stronger -- strong again. we will make america safe again. [cheers] and will make america great again. [cheers] thank you, indiana. thank you. ♪
8:30 pm
['you cant always get what you want' by the rolling stones plays]
8:31 pm
♪ >> tomorrow, president trump will campaign for republican
8:32 pm
candidates in florida at a rally in pensacola. coverage begins at 7:30 p.m. eastern. you can watch on or listen on our free radio app. c-span, your primary source for campaign 2018. ♪ c-span's washington journal is it live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. will talkorning, we with college newspaper editor and chiefs from around the country, including university of florida's alligator. and university of pittsburgh's journal and the minnesota daily about youth engagement and the 2018 midterm elections. be sure to watch washington journal live at 7:00 eastern saturday morning. join the discussion. ♪ >> which party will control the house and senate? c-span's live election
8:33 pm
night coverage starting tuesday at 8:00 p.m. eastern as the results come in from house, senate, and governor races. here victory and concession speeches. wednesday morning at 7:00 a.m., we will get your reaction to the election and take phone calls live during washington journal. c-span, your primary source for campaign 2018. earlier today in miami, former president barack obama campaigned with florida senator bill nelson who is running for a fourth term. he is being challenged by warmer florida governor, rick scott. the race is listed as a tossup. the tallahassee mayor was at the rally running against former congressman ron desantis for the governor seat. polls and that rias show mr. gillam with less than a three point lead. welcome senator bill nelson. [cheers


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