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  Campaign 2018 President Trump Rally in Indiana  CSPAN  November 5, 2018 6:18pm-7:29pm EST

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[ cheering ] [ ♪ ] >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen. 46th e welcome the president of the united states, trump.dent donald
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[ ♪ ] president donald trump prurm /* /- president donald trump president donald trump whoa, whoa. hello. it is great to be in indiana. not ad a big victory here so long ago. i'm thrilled to be back in the heart land. something t to see special? take a look outside at the thousands and thousands of that wanted to get inside. you got lucky. got lucky.
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incredible time for america, jobs are going, wages optimism is sky rocketing. and more americans are working ever before in our history. [ cheering ] . president donald trump: tomorrow the people of indiana going to send mike to indiana to keep you full speed ahead. he's a great guys, successful guy. wonderful guy. knows he went to harvard business school and did well. i shouldn't mention harvard, have to. at least it shows he has high aptitude tests, and that's okay. a good thing, he's a
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smart guys, a great guy. indiana. the people of indiana. mike braun. created the have best economy in the history of this is the single best economy in the history of our country. it is the hottest job markets on the planet other, buts achieved is e have everything. morrow, because they can take it apart it. as fast as we built but i don't think it's going happen based on what i'm seeing the if the rascal democrats take power, they'll take a wrecking ball to our economy, and the
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economy. f our when you go to the voting booth a simpleay you'll make choice, a vote for republicans is a vote to continue our extraordinary prosperity. [ cheering and applause ] president donald trump a vote nt donald trump for the democrats is a vote to boom down. conomic the democratic agenda will socialist nightmare. republican gender is delivering the american dream, optimism, the american dream. alone we st months jobs. 250,000 brand new they couldn't believe it, the news media, they were very
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upset. upset. very they were very upset. better dn't happen at a time. friday. election on tuesday. the he way, that's despite numbers, two unbelievably always hurricanes devastate job numbers, despite 250,000 new jobs. the unemployment race is now at the lowest rate in 50, 5-0, 50 years. 4.5 million new jobs since election day. nice an a
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[ cheering ] >>. beautiful november day, were you all happy on that day. icular they were among the highest still s ever television, didn't make them happy, and they were miserable. had as the only time they great ratings, and they were unhappy about it. lifted 3.4 million americans off of the food stamps. [ cheering ] . president donald trump: african americans. american, asian american, unemployment have in ched the lowest levels country.tory of hour [ cheering ] . president donald trump: and despite the fact that they said we passednot be done,
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a massive tax cut. indiana history for workers, for the entire country, and we will soon up with a 10% tax cut class.e middle and to protect your rights and freedom we overcame the democrats' smear campaign and newest member of the united states supreme brett kavanagh. [ cheering and applause ] president donald trump:stb 2 must in case you didn't know it, one of his accusers came out friday and said she never met him, it didn't happen, she lying, it was a false
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accusation. false statement. a disgrace. - i remember r when that phoney statement came were sayingf people he must immediately abandon - years, know what, for 10 everyone said brett kavanagh - i didn't know who he was. the intellect. skill. think of that. saying she e out story. p the [ crowd boos ] [ crowd boos ]
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president donald trump: and they have to look at the other ones - take a look at the other and they have top: look at the other was also, folks. take a look at the other ones, folks. you know, when i gave him a phone call. could i meet you? i met him at the white house. clean-cut, nice guy. i said judge, he was a judge, had an incredible record. not a problem in his whole life. best the student, best everything. a perfect family and beautiful kids. . wife, everything. i said, i want to nominate you for the united states of america. sir, this is the
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greatest honor of my life. i said, let me tell you, this is going to be a piece of cake. you.e said, thank and then he sat down and a lot of bad things started being said. and i will tell you what, it was, i will tell you what, it was a disgrace. one guy, you know who that is? the great vietnam hero, write? -- right/ ? you know all about that, except he never went to vietnam. and he stood up and said i do not want any lives, i want the truth. this for 15d about years, right? when i was climbing up the hill. and my soldiers were going down left and right. and he never saw vietnam. he was in the reserves. not bad, there is theirs.
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he never -- the reserves. he never saw vietnam. bullets left and right. my buddies going down. then he wants honesty. this is the crack we have to -- crap we have to put up with. and dianne feinstein. [boos] pres. trump: right? young's friend. senator cornyn of texas looked at her and said, did you leak? and she got scared. he is a pretty tough guy, right? did you leak? and she goes, "uh, what?
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" we went through this. the worst body language any human being has any user saying. in other words -- seen. in other words, she leaked. that is just the beginning. what they did is a disgrace. oh no, are they good ones or bad ones? good or bad? good or bad? [boos] pres. trump: look at the cameras everybody -- cameras, they everybody. they are finally turned. they are finally turned. they are finally turned. [cheers] usa.a, usa, usa, usa, [crowded chanting]
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pres. trump: the cameras turned like a pretzel, did you see that? but they want turn to show the huge crowds. they never want to show the crowds. you have to see. i just left ohio. it was incredible. this is incredible. outside is even more incredible, because it is more people. but they never show it. they keep it on my face, which i do not like, and about five people behind me. [cheers] pres. trump: somebody there is going to be a star. i do not know who it is. you may have better seats, but you know what, honestly somebody will be very famous back
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there. but they don't show the crowds. could you spin the cameras around and show the crowd? come on. [cheers] [whistling] pres. trump: they don't turn them. they don't turn them because they are fake news. [boos] pres. trump: they don't turn them, they are fake news. they never turn them. my wife always a says, how was the crowd? i say, didn't you see it? she says, no, they never move your face. they do that because they do not want people to see how big the crowd is. [boos] they don't want to that. obama -- no, he
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was in miami or someplace. and in the big basketball arena that seats 18,000 people, he had 1000 people. [laughter] pres. trump: not person i thought reported that. if i had one of the seats in the corner right there, hello, folks. if there was an empty seat, that would be a front-page story that we are not drawing the crowds anymore. [applause] pres. trump: right, coach? coach. they don't turn the camera. that is about the first protester i have seen in a long time and the first time the cameras like pretzels -- boom. they think it is a bad thing for us to have a protester.
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and tomorrow you will have on television, protests. was it one person or two? one person. the contrast in this election could not be more clear. by the way, is there anything like a trumpet rally -- trump rally? [cheers] pres. trump: governor. [cheers] usa, usa, usa, usa, usa. [crowd chanting] pres. trump: democrats produce mobs. that is what they are doing. but we are winning. republicans produce jobs. it is very simple. very simple. a vote for any democrat tomorrow is a vote to hand over power to crying chuck schumer.
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you know crying chuck, right? he never cried before. i have known him a long time and i never saw him cry, but that was an appropriate moment. right on schedule. nancy pelosi. [boos] pres. trump: the legendary maxine waters, a real genius. and their extreme job at killing agenda. that is what it is for. they want to raise your taxes, the democrats do. restore crippling regulation. shut down your new steel mills. take away your health care. and put illegal aliens before american citizens, that is what they want. democrats are inviting caravan after caravan of illegal aliens to pour into your country,
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overwhelming your schools, hospitals and your communities. if you want more caravans, if you want more crime, vote democrat tomorrow. [boos] pres. trump: if you want strong borders, you see what we are doing, we have the worst laws because they want give us the votes. if you want strong borders and safe communities, no drugs, no caravans, vote republican. [cheers] pres. trump: get him out of here, please. out. go home to mommy. go home to mommy. look at the cameras. look, the cameras are right on him. they are right on him, folks. can we have our law enforcement
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take him out of here, please. [cheers] pres. trump: the funny thing about this stuff, here is a guy who is a weak person with a weak voice. nobody here is him. our guys are going crazy. but we love our guys. what can we do, we love them. we are thrilled to be joined tonight, and he just spoke a little bit ago, but he has been a friend of mine for a long time. an american football legend who truly knows winning. my friend coach lou holtz. lou? [cheers] [applause] [boos] boo-hoo-hoo.
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lou, what a coach. and what a great guy. we are also grateful to be joined by many terrific indiana republicans, including a man that has done an excellent job. he followed a very tough act, vice president mike pence, right? [cheers] pres. trump: very tough act. and he has done a phenomenal job. mike was telling me what a great job governor eric holcomb has done. [cheers] [applause] pres. trump: and we also have here someplace, it is tough to find him. they should tell me where are they -- look at this place, i am supposed to find somebody. a great person, a friend of mine, helped us in every single thing we passed and nobody has
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done better than we have in the first two years of office, that i can tell you. senator todd young. there he is. [applause] pres. trump: great person. hard worker. hard worker and a winner. thank you. thank you, todd. and congressman jim banks. big help. [cheers] pres. trump: thank you, jim. great people. they have helped us with a lot. if you do not want to be saying the words, "ladies and gentlemen, speaker of the house nancy pelosi" for the next two years, you have to get out tomorrow and you have to get out. you have to get out -- jim, are you ready?
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vote for jim and all of those great congressman. vote for all of those great congressmen and women. great congressmen and women. and again, something is going on. something is going on. maybe i am wrong. there was something going on two years ago. there was something going on and i felt it. and i feel it again. [cheers] pres. trump: so i want to introduce three people that probably you have heard of. said,just left ohio and i i will never imagine the word beautiful when referring to a woman. no man in this room will ever again say a woman is beautiful, because it is not politically correct. [boos] pres. trump: but i have a daughter who is very smart. her name is ivanka. and she is here. ivanka, come up.
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[cheers] [whistling] ivanka: wow. hi, indiana. [laughter] ivanka: we love you. we really love you. and we are fighting for you each and every day. and tomorrow, we want you all to turn up and help us fight back, so we continue to keep this rolling. this moment of opportunity unlike anything that this country has ever seen. truly, it is a golden era of opportunity. my father mentioned the job numbers. people are coming into the workforce, off of the sidelines, unemployment at a record low across all categories.
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it has never been a better time to be an american worker. and that cannot stop. so get out and vote tomorrow. and thank you for your love. we return it. [cheers ] ivanka! [chanting] usa, usa.a, usa, usa, pres. trump: and she is a very nice person, i can tell you. and very smart. she went to the wharton school of finance and they say that she was very, very smart. >> and beautiful. pres. trump: he goes, and
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beautiful. no, i do not say that. don't ever say that. i have two other great women with me. you have never heard of them. they are very shy and retiring. they want to keep it that way. kellyanne conway and sarah huckabee sanders. [cheers] sarah: thank you, indiana. you will have to forgive kellyanne and i, we are maybe a little speechless. we are not used a friendly
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crowds. [cheers] >> we love you. sarah: it is an honor to be here with so many incredible people. mostly it is an honor to be with you mr. president, thank you for giving us the privilege of a lifetime to work in your historic administration and to do incredible things and literally change the course of our country. a lot lot of people know me in my official capacity, and it is one of the greatest honors of my life to serve in your administration, and one of the most important jobs i will ever have. but the greatest job i will ever have, and to the greatest title i will ever have is that of a mom. and that is why -- [cheers] sarah: that is why i work for this president, because i care about my kid's future and the future of our country. and i want somebody i know who
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will protect their future, protect this country, and make sure that they have the best america possible. and that is why we will keep making america great again. thank you very much, indiana. [applause] kellyanne: i love me some hoosiers. let me just say in my personal capacity, because this election is very personal to me -- joe must go. [cheers] out.anne: get him go, joeust go, joe must must go. [crowd chanting] kellyanne: it sounds like 13,000
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people saying that, mr. president. pollstert need to be a to know how to count. this place is filled to the rafters. [applause] kellyanne: this president's policies have helped the job creators, the job holders and the jobseekers. and if you think your vote does not count, if you think that it does not matter to have a small majority in the united states senate, you did not live through the brett kavanaugh hearings. it matters. elections have consequences. and your vote tomorrow is so incredibly important. that's right. ladies and in him and, thank -- gentlemen, thank you for being here. you have to get everybody you know how to the polls tomorrow or it doesn't matter. you have to get them out. grab a friend.
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get a colleague. tell them it matters. we need to keep this going. mr. president, i am reminded of the 2016 crowds. -- looked an awful like lot like this. it is feeling the same. but my favorite thing mr. president, they say, we see the crowds. but will they vote? [cheers] kellyanne: no, they stood in the rain for hours, but they are not going to vote. so you tell me, but will you vote? [cheers] kellyanne: god bless you, indiana. god bless the united states of america. [cheers]
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chanting]hant usa, usa.a, pres. trump: i saw them standing there and i said, get them up here. i used to say, i remember in new hampshire, make it a speech. it was 25 degrees below zero, they were there for 24 hours and their clothing, i do not know who makes it bit must be the greatest in the world. and the media was saying, yes, they waited for 24 hours in subzero temperatures, but will they vote? the vote took about 15 seconds. will they vote? the answer is they voted in new hampshire. they voted all over. and here we are, folks. here we are. tomorrow, the people of indiana
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are going to elect an outstanding man. he will be a great, new senator to work along with todd. a vote for mike braun is a vote to keep your jobs going, to keep your wages going up, and to take you once and for all -- look at the wall street journal today, the editorial, they say we haven't gotten the credit for what we have done to health care, including by the way getting rid of the worst part of obamacare, the individual mandate. [cheers] pres. trump: we are taking care of health care. it is a vote to keep your family safe. and to keep criminals, traffickers, and drug dealers the hell out of our country. we want them out. [cheers] pres. trump: mike's opponent is
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an extreme liberal democrat named joe donnelly. [boos] pres. trump: now, he has gone rogue on the democrats, because now he likes trump a lot. he loves my border policy. they have to come in through a process, legally, i do not know if he said the wall yet, that he will be saying it soon, i suspect. and all of a sudden he is talking about what we have been talking about. here is the problem. there is one problem. we will have the election tomorrow and on wednesday he will be totally against us. he will never vote for us. he whenever, ever vote for us -- will never, ever vote for us. i'm popular in a lot of states, can you believe this? we won states by more than 42 points, can you believe it? so when you guys think you are
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doing well, i did well in a lot of -- and all of a sudden we see these senators of veering to my words. they say, did they turn republican? but on wednesday they go back to who they are. and we will never get a vote from joe donnelly. when we come in with the health care, with whatever we want, we whenever because it is obstruction. their whole campaign is named resist. resist. we do not want to resist, we want to get things done. we want the opposite. so -- [cheers] pres. trump: a vote for joe is a vote to put chuck schumer in charge of the senate, and put dianne feinstein in charge of the judiciary committee. remember, joe donnelly voted against your tax cuts. and he joined the democrat mobbed in voting -- mob in voting against justice brett
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kavanaugh. you know that. despite what he is saying this week, i was surprised but not that surprised. he also supports open borders. he voted to give free welfare to illegal aliens. and he sponsored diane feinstein's bill to expand catch and release. [boos] pres. trump: joe donnelly was rated the least effective democrat in the entire united states senate. that is why they call him sleeping joe. no, but look at this, look. he had a chance -- you had a chance to put mike braun there. he sleeps about four hours a night, or less. strong and tough. he will work like hell for you. he has given up a lot to do this. he has given up a lot. he has given up a lot.
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[cheers] [applause] pres. trump: joe wakes up primarily when chuck schumer calls. [laughter] pres. trump: yes, sir. this is the way i want you to vote. yes, sir. if you want a senator who will always be loyal to the people of indiana, he will do what is right, vote tomorrow. get out tomorrow. you have got to do it. mike braun, he will be a great senator. mike, come on up. [applause] [crowd chanting] mike.e, mike, mike, >> get 'er mike.
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braun: fort wayne, allen county, the heart and soul of conservatives in indiana. that is what you are. [applause] [cheers] mr. braun: the president is right. i am doing this for the right reasons. not the pay and the perks. not to nestle in in d.c. i signed a term limits pledge. it is to help somebody who is shaking up washington. [applause] [crowd chanting]
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mr. braun: so when my wife and i decided, he is right, we live down used for two years. we moved back to our hometown and we of been there ever since. she has had her business in our downtown for 40 years, i have had my own for 37. and you learn a lot in the world world. these folks that go there and do it for the pay and perks nestled in and -- nestle in and nothing gets done. i remember 2016. we all watched with amazement that year when this new guy came on the scene and took on the establishment. yeah. [applause] [cheers] forget,n: i will never i did go to bed at a quarter
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after 2:00 and i do get by with five or six hours of sleep, but i went to bed, got of the next morning about 5:30 a.m. i turned the tube on and ic president elect trump -- and i see president elected trump. [applause] [cheers] so you have all done it before when you have heard great news, i am jumping up and down. my wife had another hour to go. i got her out of bed and we were both hooping and hollering. what a big day. so, this is a rare opportunity. with -- we've got tax reform that has already come down the pipe. we are sharing those benefits with our employees. we raised 401(k) benefits, lowered family health care plans, took on the health
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insurance companies 10 years ago. my employees have not paid a nickel more for good insurance in 10 years. that is what you're going to get out of me. [cheers] mr. braun: we finally got an opportunity. we need more reinforcements from the real world, people who have done something. you will see in the next two years, once the president gets reelected there are going to be more people like me who come on board. [applause] so, do this for me. family and friends, get them out to vote. help me send a joe donnelly to the early retirement he deserves. thank you so much. [cheers and applause]
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pres. trump: thank you. wow. he's going to be great. he's going to be great. todd, i think you like very much a prospect of working with that man. thank you. that will be a great team. that will be a great team. if democrats gain power on tuesday, one of their very first projects will be a socialist takeover of american health care.
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get them out. >>[chanting] usa. usa. usa. [booing] pres. trump: i don't know what it is about indiana, but i'm not surprised. i haven't had one of these things have been a longtime. now i have three of them tonight. that's indiana for you. that's indiana. mom. back home to the democrats plan will
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medicare advantage for more than 360,000 indiana seniors who depend on it. republicans will protect medicare for the great seniors who earned it and who, by the way, paid for it. they did pay for it. and republicans will always protect patients with pre-existing conditions. please remember that. [applause] pres. trump: democrats plan to alsooy health care includes raiding medicare to fund benefits for illegal immigrants. not something that indiana is really thrilled about. [booing] your taxes will triple. speak, democrats are openly encouraging millions of illegal aliens to break our laws
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, violate our borders, and overrun our country, and they want to sign them up for free welfare, free health care, -- free education, and most importantly, the right to vote. they want them to vote. they want them to vote. that's what they want. that's a big deal. so that people like todd young will never see the senate again. that's not going to happen. i have a feeling. there's only one way to stop this. off of american sovereignty. you have to vote republican tomorrow. you have to. cost ourmmigration country more than $100 billion every year. think of that. that is a very, very low number.
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i am using that low number so they can't criticize me. billion, you0 know, if i'm off $.15 on the high side, they will say donald trump exaggerated the number. i go real low and i cut it in half. $100 billion and that is a really low number. the's more than double budget of indiana, tennessee, and georgia combined. i mentioned that those other great places because we had great races in georgia. we have a big one in georgia, big one in tennessee. marsha blackburn is great. brian, you will have a new governor. he's going to be great in georgia. we have to get it right to make the country great again. we have to get it right.
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these dangerous policies drain our treasury and threaten our --munities nearly 100% communities. inrly 100% of the heroin the united states enters through the southern border. people don't know that. along with roughly 90% of ,ocaine, the majority of meth and a substantial portion of deadly fentanyl. these drugs destroy the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and 70,000 americans a year die from these drugs. brave icealone, our officers, who the democrats want to fire -- [boos] pres. trump: they are great. they are tough, they are strong, and they take a lot of abuse. 127,000 more than illegal aliens with criminal records.
7:06 pm
including those charged or convicted of approximately 48,000 assaults, 12,000 sex crimes, and 1800 murders. you believe it? and did you see what i put on this week? at the rough guy screaming the judge that he's going to kill everybody, but the second one wearing a hat. he wanted to come into the country. he asked for a pardon. the announcer, the young woman doing probably some kind of a reporter, what is it for? it was in spanish. murder? you want a pardon for murder? this was one of the people in the caravan. once -- wants a pardon for
7:07 pm
murder. or attempted murder, to be exact. we don't want that. we are making our country great again. we don't want that. we don't want other countries problems. other countries that we pay hundreds of millions of dollars to a year and then they allow caravans to form. that will not go on too long. but the democrats want to abolish ice. to be a giantica sanctuary city for drug dealers, gang members, and ms 13 killers. republicans believe america should be a sanctuary city for law-abiding americans, not criminal aliens. withe will always stand the heroes of ice, border
7:08 pm
patrol, and law enforcement. you have great law-enforcement in indiana. they are all over the place. great law-enforcement. great governor. this election is about safety and this election is about jobs. for years we watched as we let foreign countries plunder our wealth and steal our jobs. those days are over. in case you haven't noticed, our country is respected again. very much respected. we are respected again. we have added nearly half a sincen manufacturing jobs the election. jobs that the previous administration said could never come back. you remember that?
7:09 pm
we need a magic wand to get them back. we found the magic wand. [applause] pres. trump: last month alone, we added another 32,000 manufacturing jobs. that is 1000 new manufacturing jobs every single day. they were never going to come back. they are all over the place. companiese many coming back to the country. i was with prime minister abe of japan carried great gentlemen. just got a tremendous vote. he said that he gave me a list of the names. i want to know specifically which ones we are talking about. they do very well with the united states. for years, japan does very well with the united states. i told him, he's a friend of mine, we have to talk about this. this is no good. too unfair. sending manye are
7:10 pm
companies. we have companies going to ohio and indiana and north carolina and south carolina and pennsylvania. and florida. companies.ful car we like the cars when they are made here. i just like them better. they have a better feel. they have a better feel. i like them made in the usa. you are starting to hear that because we are bringing back new companies, including foxconn in wisconsin. governor scott walker did an incredible job. foxconn, they are friends of mine. good luck. i handed it to them. there are very few people. governors, i think your governor could have pulled it off.
7:11 pm
there are very few governors that could have taken that complex deal and quickly made it into one of the most incredible plants i have ever seen in my life. they make apple equipment at the highest level. they make robots. they make things you wouldn't believe. it's like a new age. we brought them into wisconsin. they are all pouring into our company. they are coming into the country at every level. they want to be where the action is. they say it. country is the hottest country anywhere in the world. that is where they want to be. [applause] pres. trump: i recently announced that we are replacing the horrible nafta deal with an incredible, brand-new
7:12 pm
u.s.-mexico-canada agreement. great deal. it is a tremendous victory for indiana farmers, manufacturers, and dairy producers. everybody in the country is very happy about that deal. they had studied at closely. we have taken historic action to bring back american jobs by cracking down on china's very abusive trade practices. that's going to work out. taking in billions and billions of taxes from china. never happened before. they want to make a deal. that is good. i like their president. we are going to make a deal. a fair deal. there's a difference. deals. after years of rebuilding other countries, we are finally rebuilding our country and we are dealing with american steel.
7:13 pm
[applause] ournks to ou meal -- the steel mills are coming back. here in indiana, they announced investments in columbia city and a $400 million investment in terre haute. just three months ago, u.s. steel announced a $750 million investment in a place called gary, indiana. do we have a doctor, please?
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doctor in the house, please. thank you. take your time. no problem. take your time. dr., please. thank you doctor. thank you. take your time. take your time. take your time. that is one of our good fans. let's just hope everything is fine. we have 20 of time. time.nty of [applause]
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thank you, doctor. good. thank you. [applause] [shouting] pres. trump: we have water right here coming out. water coming out.
7:16 pm
looking good. looking good. looking good. looking good. looking good. thank you, doctor. great job. thank you. looking good. with our great people. he will be back in about 10 minutes. that was good. every day it is promises made, promises kept.
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we have also taken bold action to reduce the price of prescription drugs. i want to thank pfizer, novartis, and others. they didn't do the increase. so we want to thank them. but prices are coming down now for prescription drugs. we pay more than any country in the world. nothing good about that. we have offered new affordable in indiana plans that caused nearly 60% less than obamacare. proudly for our veterans we passed a choice. we just passed choice. the veteran has a choice to go to a private doctor rather than waiting in line for days and
7:18 pm
fors and months and we pay that private doctor. they have been trying to pass that for over 40 years. we got it done. we are good at getting things improve. that landmark the a accountability plan to ensure that anyone who mistreats veterans can be immediately held accountable. you're fired. get out. [applause] secured $700and we billion and $716 billion over two years to rebuild the united states military and we gave great warriors the largest a raise in more than 10 years.
7:19 pm
at my direction, the pentagon is now working to create the sixth branch of the american armed forces called space force. very important. i withdrew the united states from the horrible, one-sided and ran nuclear deal -- it ran -- iran nuclear deal. it was a catastrophe. capital ofgnized the israel and opened the american israel and jerusalem. together we have made extraordinary progress. go out and vote. this is the greatest. this is the greatest political movement in the history of our country. i don't even think it is close. if it was, they would be knocking it.
7:20 pm
let's see, what was better? i don't think too many were better. this is the greatest in the country. there's never been anything like this. what's a bigger movement than this?let's keep it going tomorrow. let's keep it going. two years ago, we shopped the washington establishment and stunned the entire world when we punditshe -- defied the and elected a government that finally puts america first. it's about time. every day since the failed old ruling class have been trying to trying totheir way, claw back their way into power. they are not having an easy time.
7:21 pm
i shouldn't say this, because i want to unite. , do eventually want to unite but the fact is we are driving them crazy. they don't know what to do. they are going loco. that's all right. hopefully it will all come together one day like a beautiful puzzle. they have been on a shameless campaign to obstruct, resist, demolish, defame, and destroy. they have. it's ridiculous. but you can stop them with fewer votes tomorrow. -- your votes tomorrow. we will not be intimidated by mob rule because our movement is america's movement. dads and sonsnd and daughters, students and workers, farmers and soldiers. follow our laws and give back to the communities and raise your
7:22 pm
children to be strong, upstanding citizens. you are loyal and faithful to your country and now you finally have a president that is loyal and faithful to you. [applause] pres. trump: for years, you watched as leaders apologized for america. you have seen it many times. now you have a president who is standing up for america and it is my honor to do so. we are standing up for your values. we are standing up for indiana, and we are standing proudly for our great national anthem.
7:23 pm
i am asking every citizen from every party, every background, and every race, color, and to reject theeed democrat policy of division and unite our crowd and righteous destiny as americans altogether. altogether we are americans. to get your family, get your friends, get your neighbors and coworkers, and go out and vote for a republican ande and republican senate republicans that every level of government. and i need you to vote for mike braun tomorrow. [applause]
7:24 pm
pres. trump: devoted citizens like you helped build this country and together we are taking back our country, returning power to where it belongs to you, the american people. this great state of indiana was andt by tough frontier men strong pioneer women who braved and build a home with their own two hands. they did not have a lot of money thingury but they had one in common. they loved their families. they loved their country. and they loved their god. [applause] these courageous americans did not shed blood, sweat, and tears
7:25 pm
othersonsider home while try to a litter -- erase their legacy and destroy our proud american heritage. from the farm fields of indiana montana, from of the deserts of nevada to the red coal of arizona, from the mines of west virginia to the steel mills of ohio and in every city and town across our land, we are going to work, we are going to fight, and we are going win.n, win, [applause] we will not bend. we will not break. we will never give in. we will never give up. down and wer back will never surrender.
7:26 pm
onto onelways fight thing. what is that one thing? it is victory. because we are americans. andhearts lead red, white, blue. bleed red, white, and blue. family,ne people, one and one glorious nation under god. and indiana to get there will make america wealthy again. we will make america strong again. we will make america safe again. and we will make america great again. thank you, indiana.
7:27 pm
thank you. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪
7:28 pm